Male indian twink nude movietures first time I explained to Kyle that

Male indian twink nude movietures first time I explained to Kyle that
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Sunday morning brought a pleasant surprise. The night before was so warm, Jim spread a blanket on the ground for him and Jeannie to sleep under the stars and enjoy the gentle breeze. The smell of morning coffee woke him and he realized he wasn't the "First to get up." Looking towards the picnic table, he could see Jeannie seated there in her thin nightie and it was raised to her hips. From behind, he couldn't tell who was on the bench before her, but he would soon find out.

As he strolled over for a cup of coffee, he glanced to his right and instantly froze in his tracks! "My God, it's CJ and she's tongue deep in my wife's flower!" he thought to himself. A thrill rushed over his body and tingles traveled through his cock. He remained quiet, as he drank in the view. He had always wanted to bring another woman into their bedroom, just to see how Jeannie would react. Yet here she was, with her legs spread open and CJ was eating her out. As he sipped his coffee he thought to himself, "Today is going to be a special day." Trying not to ruin the moment, Jim refilled his cup and quietly walked away.

As he took a seat on a fallen tree, he noticed Ted climbing out of the van. He waved his hand at Ted and brought a finger to his lips, as if to say, "Shhhhh Ted." Ted's eyes widened, as he took in the show on the picnic table. Grabbing a cup of coffee, he joined Jim on the tree trunk. Lighting his morning cigarette, Ted leaned over to Jim and whispered, "Looks like we're late for breakfast?" They smiled at each other and remained quite.

As CJ continued bobbing her head, she placed both of her hands under Jeannie's ass and raised her up slightly, to get a better angle at working her clit. As her tongue worked at Jeannie's hard button, she removed one hand and slipped it inside her gown, taking her right breast into her grip. As the guys continued to enjoy the show, Jeannie suddenly let herself lay back on to the table, while raising both of her feet to the bench.

CJ reached up with her right hand and took hold of Jeannie's left tit and began working them both. Jim lit a cigarette and spoke softly to Ted, "Much more of this and I'm going to fuck one of them!" Ted turned to Jim and replied, "I'm with you on that.

But, I don't know what I'd rather do, feed your wife my morning wood, or hammer that sweet ass of CJ's!" Jim whispered, "Why not do both?" As Jim finished his cigarette, Ted stood up and walked toward the table.

He paused for a short moment, deciding which way to go. As he reached the table, both girls heard his footsteps and turned their eyes to him and smiled. Then they continued on. Ted looked down and watched CJ shoving her tongue into Jeannie's bald pussy. As her tongue darted in and out, Ted made his decision. Walking up close to CJ's head, he started opening his jeans and brought out his rock hard shaft. He leaned his head next to hers, pushing her gently away, as his mouth went to Jeannie's cunt.

As he sucked her pussy lips into his mouth and jammed his tongue into her hole, he placed his hand behind CJ's head and pulled it to his throbbing cock. When Jim saw Ted's cock disappear into CJ's willing mouth, he decided he'd had enough watching.

He started walking to the table, while pulling out his hungry cock. He looked down at Jeannie's head hanging over the edge of the table and watched her licking her lips.

She was moaning now, from the thrill of Ted's talented tongue, as he continued sucking at her hole. Jim guided his cock to Jeannie's mouth, she instantly took him inside. As she began sucking his cock like a pro, Jim fought off the urge to blow his load into her mouth.

He wanted more.

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Suddenly. Ted pulled his cock out of CJ's mouth, pushing her gently to the side. Getting a grip on his cock, he guided it to Jeannie's wet pussy and shoved his entire length inside her.

CJ leaned forward and licked the side of Ted's cock, each time it came out of Jeannie's gripping cunt. CJ raised to her knees on the bench and lifted Jeannie's nightie to her armpits, freeing her breasts to everyone's view. Her rock hard nipples were irresistible and begging for attention.

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CJ took Jeannie's left nipple into her warm mouth, as Jim sucked her right nipple into his. As Jim looked up and watched Ted's cock continue to pound his wife's pussy, he LOST IT! His cock started pumping it's morning load of cum, into her sucking lips.

Her body began shaking and her orgasm hit. She was bouncing like a rag doll, as Ted finished her off. When her body came to a stop, Ted removed his cock and turned to CJ saying, "Taste her juices from me Baby!" She did as he asked. He only allowed her to suck it for a minute or so, then walked around behind her. Jim and Jeannie took a seat beside each other on the bench. He lit a cigarette for her and placed it between her lips.

"Thanks honey," she whispered.

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Jim smiled and lit himself a smoke, as they relaxed to watch Ted's approach to mounting CJ. With a quick yank, he lowered her shorts to her knees. Gripping her hips, he leaned forward and pushed the thick head of his cock slowly into her waiting flower. He could feel how wet and tight she was, as half his length slipped inside her gripping pussy. "My my, I think CJ is ready!" he said with an evil grin. He began giving her long, determined strokes. He reached around her ribcage, taking her bare mangos into his hands.

Gently twisting her hard nipples, as he continued pounding her tight hole. As Ted's hands went back to her hips and he pulled her to meet his thrusts, Jim and Jeannie reached inside her top and fondled her tits.

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Griping and massaging, they thoroughly felt her up. CJ could feel Ted's big cock starting to throb, as her orgasm rapidly approached. Ted felt his big balls tighten and his desire to fill her cunt grow. Jim's cock had returned to attention and he couldn't resist the chance. He stood up and directed his fully hard cock to CJ's waiting, smiling lips.

She sucked his total length inside and began drawing on it hard. As she exploded into a full blown, pounding orgasm, Ted released his thick wads of man seed into her gripping cunt. Jeannie watched in awe, as the guys filled both of her orfices with their cum. When the cumming stopped, Jeannie leaned forward, planting a french kiss on CJ's mouth.

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"Mmmm, you taste like Jim," she purred. CJ did a quick flip onto her back and opened her legs wide. She stared into Jeannie's eyes and said, "Come around here and taste Teddy from me?" As Jeannie seated herself between CJ's thighs, Jim's heart began racing.

He never dreamed he would ever see his wife eating another woman's pussy. Jeannie leaned forward, sucking CJ's pussy lips into her mouth.

"Oooh, that's a familiar taste too. That's Ted's cum, I've swallowed it before. Let me have it all Baby," and Baby did! As Jeannie started sucking hard on the contents of CJ's pussy, she flicked her tongue over her clit repeatedly. This shot CJ into her second major orgasm, screaming out, "Yeeees Jeannie, Tongue fuck me. " << A Few Hours Later >> After the four of them had enjoyed a warm shower together and had eaten a real breakfast, they sat back down at the table.

Having a little more coffee and enjoying a couple smokes, they just talked for a while. Then Jim heard his cell phone ringing in the van and ran over to answer it. From the table they heard Jim say, "Hello? Hey Peter, what's up? Well, Jeannie and I are out at the lake with a couple of friends. Sure, that would be great! OK. See you then, bye." Returning to the table, Jim told them, "That was a guy I met at the pool hall a few weeks ago.

Peter told me that he and his wife Karen were hooking up their fifth-wheel and joining us here for the night. They both have the holiday off tomorrow and Peter said it sounded like fun. He said they would bring their grill, some ribs, corn on the cob and extra beer and wine." Everyone agreed, the more the merrier!

It was starting to get warm and Ted suggested they all should take a dip in the creek? All were in agreement, so they grabbed some towels and headed out for a swim.

At the creek, they all stripped down, no need for modesty at this point and they got in. Instantly, the cool water caused the gal's nipples to rise.

Ted reached over and grasped onto Jeannie's breast. "Glad to see me Jeannie?" he asked. She pushed his hand away saying, "Don't start Ted, I'm worn out and could use some rest!" "Boy.

that's gratitude for you," he answered. She smiled at him and said, "Oh, I'm grateful for sure, just tired right now." "Maybe later?" he asked. She just smiled. << A Hour Later .


>> They finished their swim, grabbed their clothes and walked back to the campsite wrapped in towels. Jim grabbed a couple beers and wine coolers from the fridge and they all sat back down at the table (Jeannie next to Jim and Ted across from Jeannie, next to CJ).

Chatting and telling a few jokes, they passed the time. As Jim got up to get replacement drinks, on his return to the table, he noticed CJ had her hand on Ted's towel covered lap. Jim sat back down and took a big swallow of his beer. As Jim looked across table, into CJ's eyes, a "Cheshire Cat Grin" covered her face. Jim noticed her arm was moving and he took another sip of his beer. After a five minutes or so, a glazed look came over Ted's face and a sigh escaped his lips.

After a big swig of his beer he said, "I don't fuckin' believe it!" Jim asked, "What?" Ted smiled wide and answered, "She just fuckin' jacked me off!" They all chuckled. Then Jeannie looked under the table and said, "Nice shot asshole.

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I thought my legs were sweating, but it's your cum running down my shin!" They went into a belly laugh, except for Jeannie. As Jim and Ted took another drink of their brews, Jeannie reached under the table. She looked over at Jim and said, "You think it's funny?" As she wiped Ted's cum on Jim's leg and smiled. Jim leaned over and planted a deep kiss on her lips, while gathering the cum with his fingers. As he pulled away from the lingering kiss, Jeannie said, "Thank you." "No.

Thank you Honey!" he said. Then he shoved his cum coated fingers into her mouth. The joke would be on him. Jeannie licked her lips, looked at Ted and said, "Damn Ted, you taste great!

Can I have seconds on that later?" As the laughter erupted again, Jim just shook his head. Then Peter and Karen pulled into the space next to them. Ted and Jim wanted to help Peter level up his fifth wheel, just to be neighborly.

Wearing only a towel, they figured the better slip their shorts on and the girls grabbed their clothes and headed into the van to dress. The guys dropped their towels and were just pulling up the shorts, as Karen got out the passenger side of the truck.

A quick glance in Ted and Jim's direction, left a wide-eyed look on her face and a sheepish grin. Jim looked at Ted as they slipped on their sandals saying, "Well.

So much for being discreet?" Ted smiled and answer, "Not to worry buddy, I saw her smile." So they walked over to greet them and help out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Just to bring my readers up to speed, let me tell you about Peter.

Jim and Peter would make great neighbors! After getting to know each other a little, over a few beers and a little pool playing, Peter shared a little information with Jim about Karen and his' marriage. He told Jim that they were very much in love, but that lately they both had 'Talked out their recently growing fantasies'. He said that he told Karen how he had fantasized about watching another man fucking his wife and she said it sounded like a fun idea! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ted and Jim walked up Karen.

Jim stuck out his hand and said, "Hi, you must be Karen, I'm Jim. Peter has told me that you were a beauty, he was right." She blushed and thanked him, as he pointed to his left. "Karen, this is my best friend Ted." She smiled and said, "Ted, a pleasure I'm sure." Ted gave her a little 'hug greeting' and said, "It's MY pleasure Karen, believe me." The girls came out of the van and Karen went over to introduce herself, as Ted and Jim greeted Peter. Jim could hear the cackling as the hen-fest started up.

"The girls sound as if they are hitting it off well? You were right Peter, she is a looker. Do you think Ted and I will get to know her better?" Peter smiled, "Call me Pete! As far as your question, let's just SEE how things go?" They got the fifth-wheel leveled. Pete grabbed them each a beer and three wine coolers for the ladies and they went over to join them.

After all the 'meet and greets' were over, Jim offered to show them around the area. "We'll be back in a hour or so?" Jim told the three of them. Ted stayed behind to entertain CJ and Jeannie. What a guy? :) Jim, Pete and Karen headed off for the walking path, with drinks in hand and Jim with a towel over his shoulder.

"Wow, it's beautiful here Jim," Karen said softly. Pete smiled and winked at Jim, as he could tell Karen was warming up to the place. and Jim. He could tell he'd made the right decision bringing her here. Jim started acting like a 'tour guide', pointing out all the points of interest to Karen, as Pete just listened in. As they reached the creek. Jim placed his hand gently on the small of Karen's back and pointed. "Karen, this is 'Bush Creek' and it runs all the way up to that hill side, where the waterfall is located.

It is so private there, hidden in the trees." Karen asked him, "How did they come up with the name 'Bush Creek?' " Jim just looked around Karen and smiled at Pete saying, "I'm not sure Karen. I'm guessing because it washes through the bushes that are in here." She gave him a confused grin and they continued on toward the waterfall. <<< Back at the Campsite >>> The three of them were seated at the table, with Ted furnishing a fairly rapid supply of drinks.

CJ was starting to get a little 'buzz on' and she said, "Hey. Big Teddy, where's the music? I'm in the mood to dance my strut, where's my 'shining pole?'" Ted looked at Jeannie, as if in a question? She just scrugged her shoulders. Ted walked to the van and checked out Jim's supply of CD's. "How about Garth Brooks?" he asked. "Nah!" CJ answered. "How about Elton John?" he asked. "YES. that's the ticket!" CJ replied. As he fired up the CD player and as "Good bye yellow brick road" came on, CJ began to move.

God, did she move. Ted watched her grind and turned to Jeannie saying, "Look at her teasing with her grinding hips. Why don't you join her, so I can watch both of your sweet asses move!" Jeannie got up and did just that. Strolled her firm little ass over to join CJ in a dance, while Ted studied her ass as she went. <<< Back to the tour >>> Jim had let Pete lead the way up the path to the falls. Followed by Karen, so Jim could enjoy the view of her lovely ass in those royal blue silk shorts.

The short white tank-top she was wearing, left a lot of bare flesh to drink in. By the time they arrived, Jim felt a tent begin forming in his shorts.

As Karen kicked off her sandals and tip-toed into the water, Pete and Jim leaned up against a big cedar tree, lighting a smoke and just watching her. Further and further, she dipped into the water. Her clothes were soaked and clinging to her beautiful frame, as she turned to face them. Jim could see the fullness of her breasts and the proudness of her nipples, as she asked, "Aren't you two going to join me?" Pete grabbed the bottom of his shirt and removed it, hanging it on a branch of the tree.

Kicked off his sandals and started to wade into the water. "Wait a minute sweetheart!" Karen called out. "Shorts too!" Pete retreated to the tree, removed them and headed back into the water. Jim lit another cigarette and watched to see where this was going?

As Pete reached Karen, he went around behind her and put his arms around her ribcage. Jim heard Pete say, "Honey, if I'm naked, you're naked!" He reached down into the water, removed her shorts and tossed them to Jim. "Hang those up, would you buddy?" Jim did.

Jim took a big drag on his smoke, as Pete raised Karen's tank top up and off, tossing it to him for hanging. As he hung it, he picked up on that sweet musty scent, escaping her silk shorts in the gentle breeze.

His cock rose to full-staff and was throbbing so hard that it hurt. Pete called out, "Come on Jim, join us, I think she's ready to be washed?" Knowing his stalling was over, Jim took a last puff on his smoke.

He 'field-stripped' his cigarette, as he turned towards the tree. Removed his shorts, placing the butt in his pocket, he hung them on the branch. <<< Back at the Campsite >>> Elton's "Don't let the sun go down on me" came on in the van. As the girls continued to dance, Ted seated himself down on that 'fallen tree' and began singing loud, in his 'made up verses'.

CJ and Jeannie chuckled, but took notice to the words he sang. "God make these ladies, go down on me. Make them suck me suck my cock so hard, that I can barely see. Won't you Please? I'll give you anything, if you'll let them go down on me!" They both busted into laughter, but Ted was not smiling.

Realizing Ted meant it, Jeannie reached into the van and turned the CD player off. As Ted lit a smoke Jeannie took CJ's hand and they walked over to Ted and stood still before him. As Jeannie slowly started removing her clothes, CJ followed her lead. Looking straight into Ted's eyes, Jeannie spoke first, "What is it you need Ted? Do you want a 'double-header'? Do you want both of us to suck, lick and nibble on you big, thick man-meat?" Ted swallowed hard and felt his balls been to tighten.

Then CJ added, "Would you take out your big dick and stroke it for us to see? Can we lick off your pre-cum while you stroke it and smear our lips together? Can we Teddy? Can we?" <<< Back to the tour >>> Jim's hardon proceeded him, as he waded into the water. He never took his eyes away from Karen's, as he pressed closer. As Pete reached around her, taking hers breasts into his hands, Jim began stroking on his pounding dick.

Pete's hands slid under the water, he pushed up on Karen's ass, raising her neatly trimmed bush above the water level.

Jim's mouth began to water, as he remembered the 'scent' from her silk shorts, as he hung them. He moved even closer, taking in the beautiful view of her wet mound. With both hands, he took a hold of her legs and raised them at the knees. Jim was so close now, Karen could feel his hot breath with every exhale. Her body began to tremble. Jim looked into Pete's eyes and asked, "Do you mind if I eat your wife's beautiful cunt? Can I taste her? Can I make her cum, while you hold her?" Karen's body shook, just hearing his words.

Pete was speechless, he just nodded his head yes. Jim took her ass cheeks into both hands and pulled her to his waiting mouth. "Oh myyyyy gawddddd," she moaned softly, as Jim's tongue dove into her tight box.

He was using his 'BEST MOVE', curling his tongue up, scraping a her hardened clit, as he devoured her juices. He sucked her lips into his mouth and tried to vacuum her cum from inside. As Jim continued to pull at her orgasm, she started to softly moan, "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. OH YES !!!" Pete panicked as she began screaming, he covered her mouth with his own. As Karen's orgasm eased, she went limp. Jim allowed her ass to lower into the water again.

But, as her pussy passed over his raging hardon, he gave it a few long strokes. Few hell!

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He was pounding into her, like it was his last piece of ass? Pete held her close, as Jim fucked away on his wife. Then suddenly. he stopped!

Pulling his cock out of Karen he said, "I better get back to camp and start the grill for dinner? You kids finish up and I'll see you back there. As he walked out of the water, he stopped and turned around saying, "Come over here Karen?" She waded over to him, his hard cock was at her eye level. "Suck my cock for me? I want to know if you enjoy it and how good you are at it?" She took it in deep, swirling her tongue around and sucking so good.

Jim let her suck it for just a few minutes, pulled it from her mouth and left. As he grabbed his shorts and slipped them on they heard him say, "I'll leave the towel for you.


and Karen? I'll let you finish sucking that later, while Pete and Ted take turns on you? <<< Back at the Campsite >>> It was good that Jim was gone so long, or he would have wanted some of what Ted got. Both ladies taking turns on sucking his big cock. The girls were in the shower and Ted was having a smoke and a Bud-light, as Jim approached to light the grill.

"Hey Jim, how was the tour?" Ted asked. "Tasty my friend, Tasty!" he replied with a grin. Just then the remaining four campers returned. Jeannie came over to Jim asking, "Did they like this place?" Jim turned and kissed her. Then he answered, "Pete thinks this place is great and Karen seems to enjoy the points of interest?

We'll know better tomorrow?" As Jeannie walked over to visit at the table, Jim took a big sip of his beer. Then suddenly he saw a bicycle coming down the road. He thought he recognized the lady rider.

He thought to himself. " Cavi? Is that you? "