Lela star de secretaria follando con johnny sins

Lela star de secretaria follando con johnny sins
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It didn't take long for Chris to cum in my ass. He took his big dick out of me and stuffed it back into his zipper.

Billy Anderson had already put on his clothes and was heading down the bleachers. "Hey, wait up," Chris said as Billy was heading out of the gym door.

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I put on my shirt, grabbed my backpack, and started to make my way down the bleachers as well. "Chris, I need to talk to you," I said. He ignored me. I hurried to catch up with him, grabbing him by one of his broad shoulders to make him stop.

"Chris, I said I need to talk to you." "What about, B?" he asked. We both exited the gymnasium and headed out to the parking lot. The night was approaching quickly. I needed to get home before my mother came from work. Billy walked ahead of us, heading out of the gates. "Yo Billy," Chris said, "I'll hit you up later." "Alright," Billy yelled back and disappeared around a corner. Chris strolled over to his big, white truck, which was parked off campus, way down the street. I followed behind him.

"Will you wait one fuckin minute so that I can talk to you?" I said. "You can talk and walk at the same time, can't you?" Chris asked. "Why did you tell Billy Anderson about us?" Chris didn't say anything. He walked a bit faster. "Stop!" I yelled. "What the fuck do you want, B?" Chris halted, turned around, and gave me an annoyed glance.

"I wanna know why you told Billy Anderson about the two of us." Chris walked up to me, close enough that I could smell the alluring scent of his sweaty body. "I told him you gave me head a few times, nothin' special. He asked me if you would suck his dick and I said told him probably." A part of me couldn't believe that he was saying that to me, and the other part was mad at me for not thinking that he wouldn't say that about me. "Is that all you think I am, Chris?

The little gay boy that sucks your dick?" Giving me one of his trademark cocky grins, Chris told me, "What else would I think bout you, B?" I wanted to knock the shit outta him right there.

"And what are you so mad about anyway?" he asked. "I saw you suckin Bill's dick, eatin his ass out. You know you liked it. Neither one of us forced you to do anything you didn't want to do. Don't be mad at me cause you feel all guilty now." "Who said anything bout me feelin guilty?

It's about you disrespecting me." Chris shrugged. "Well, I don't respect you, B. You don't respect me. Thought that shit was already understood." He took another step forward and grabbed my dick through my jeans, giving it a firm squeeze; it started to harden.

"We fuck. We don't hug and kiss, we don't go to the movies, we don't call each other on the phone and say stupid shit to each other.we just fuck. You're not my boyfriend. You never will be." "I don't want you to be my boyfriend," I told him, snatching his hand off my crotch.

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"I don't want shit from you." Chris squeezed my ass. "Oh yeah. You want somethin from me." "You're not as tight as you think you are," I told him. Again, Chris shrugged. "Maybe you're right, B. Maybe I'm not." He still wore that same arrogant smile. "And you can cut out all that passive aggressive shit," I said. Chris turned and walked away from me. "I don't know what you're talkin about, B.

See you tomorrow in detention." I watched him, mad as fuck, as he got into his truck and drove away, leaving me lookin like a fuckin idiot, alone on the sidewalk. I angrily began to make my way toward the bus stop. I didn't get home until after seven o' clock. My mother was in the kitchen making dinner. "Brandon, where the hell have you been?" she asked. "Was at the library," I said. She didn't know that I had been having detention for the past week and a half.

"Food is almost ready," she said. I really wasn't feeling hungry. I went to my room, closed the door, and plopped on my bed. I tried to do my homework, but I kept thinkin about Chris; tried listening to the radio, but of course, all I could do was think about Chris. Thinkin about him was buggin the shit outta me! I reached under my pillow and took out Chris' jockstrap, the one he had worn the first time he had come over my house and we had fucked on my bed.

It smelled just like him, just like his sweaty balls. My dick got rock hard as I continued to sniff the crotch area of the jock. Pulling down my zipper, my cock popped out and I started to stroke it. It was still sticky from before and still smelled like Billy Anderson's hot ass.

I laid flat on my bed, with Chris' jockstrap still in one hand, and proceeded to jack myself off, thinkin about all the times that Chris and I had fucked. The thought of his massive, eleven inch dick driving hard and fast up my ass made me start to sweat.

I pulled off my shoes, pants, underwear, completely. As I played with my balls, I imagined Chris Green's full lips sliding up and down my shaft, covering my nuts, his tongue wiping my asscrack, entering my hole, tongue fucking me. My mouth watered at the thought of swallowing his hot, hard big cock, him raping my mouth, me drinking his sweet and sour cum, of him drinking mine. When I was ready to shoot my load, I covered my dick with Chris' jockstrap, spilling my cum all over the front of it.

Stuffing the strap under my bed, I put on my pants and left my room for dinner. The next day in detention, I made sure to sit as far away from Chris and Billy as I could. Both of them kept looking at me the entire time, whispering to each other and then laughing.

Whenever I would look over in their direction, Chris would wink his eye and Billy would lick his lips and they both would burst out laughing. I tried to ignore them, to act like they weren't bothering me. But they were, especially Chris. He always knew how to piss me off. After detention, Chris and Billy left together, laughing, probably about me.

I was almost out of the door when my teacher, Ms. Navarro said to me, "You don't need to come in tomorrow, Brandon." I turned around. "What?" "This is your last day of detention. You don't need to come in anymore." "What about Billy and Chris?" "They still have to be here tomorrow.

But not you," she said. "Why not Chris?


He's had detention as long as me. How come he has to stay longer?" Ms. Navarro gave me a sharp look. "Do you really care that much?" I didn't answer her.

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I just left the classroom. My cell phone rang later that night about twenty minutes after midnight. I didn't want to answer it, but it kept on ringing and was driving me insane. Sitting up in bed I answered it: "Hello?" "It's me." For some reason I didn't recognize the guy's voice, partly because I was half-asleep, and the other part because he was whispering.

"Me who?" "It's me you dumb ass--Chris." I rolled my eyes in the dark. "What the fuck are you calling me for at twelve thirty at night?" "Wanted to see you. Come outside." "What?" "I'm outside your house," Chris said.

"Come out here." I didn't really believe that he was actually outside my house, so I got out of my bed and headed over to my window, looking outside onto the dark street. Sure enough, I saw Chris' white truck parked along the sidewalk, headlights on and everything. "Are you serious? What the fuck are you doin here?" "You know why I'm here. Just come outside." I was annoyed and still sleepy, but I wanted to see him anyway.

"Give me ten minutes," I told him and hung up.


I took a two minute shower, brushed my teeth, some wrinkled clothes, and I headed outside to Chris' truck. "Took your ass long enough," Chris said as I got inside of the truck. "I can't believe you came to my house at midnight." Chris turned on the engine and we started to cruise down the street. "I was thinkin bout you." "No you wasn't. You just wanted to fuck." Chris chuckled. "That too." He took one hand off the steering wheel and used it to reach inside of the sweatpants I wore to grab my thickening dick.

"You wanted to fuck too." He massaged my nutsack with his warm hand, before taking it out and sniffing his fingers. "Love the way your balls smell, B." I placed my hand on his dick, and I felt it growing beneath his baggy jeans.

I unbuckled his pants, pulling down the zipper. He wore no underwear so it was easy to find his giant stick. It felt really warm in my hand, and it grew and hardened until all eleven inches were revealed.

I wet my palm with my spit and rubbed around the big head of Chris' dick. He groaned lightly at first and then more as I start to go up and down the long, thick shaft. I bent my head down toward his dick to suck it, but Chris stopped me. "Not yet, B. You'll make me crash into somethin." "Where are we going?" "You'll see when we get there," Chris said. I continued to stroke Chris' dick. His precum was dripping on my fingers and I licked it up. "Don't even know why I'm goin anywhere with you, especially after what you said bout me today." "What did I say?" Chris asked innocently.

"You basically said that I was your cum bucket and that you didn't like me." I squeezed Chris' dick really hard and his hips jerked upward. "If I didn't like you, B, I wouldn't be comin' over your house at twelve o clock in the morning.


You wouldn't be in this truck." "Maybe you was just desperate and couldn't find somebody else to fuck." "I can always find somebody to fuck, B." I looked outside and realized that we were back at our school. "What are we doing here, Chris?" He took my hand off his dick, put it back into his jeans, and pulled up his zipper.

"Just come on, B." Chris parked the car on the sidewalk, stopped the engine, and got out of the truck into the dark night.

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Reluctantly, I did the same. We entered the campus and I followed Chris as he made his way toward the football field. Because the moon was out, there was enough light for me to able to see where I was going. The football field was almost unnaturally quiet. I was so used to hearing people shouting, and people running all over the place, that it seemed unreal that we were the only two people on campus.

It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be; there was occasional breezes, but I was fine without a jacket. I followed Chris to the middle of the field where we stopped and stared at each other. "So." I said, "What now." Chris tugged me by the waistband of my sweat shorts, close to him.

His large hands immediately found their way to my ass and he squeezed it tightly. He lowered his head, brought his face close to mine, and kissed me, hard and long. His wet, hot tongue dove into my mouth and our tongues clashed and caressed each other. Both of our dicks were super hard and poking against each other through our pants. I unzipped his jeans again and tugged his big dick out of my pants as we still kissed each other wildly.

His dick felt so hot in my hand that I thought it would leave a scorch mark on my palm. Chris lowered my sweatpants mid thigh, so that my dick and ass was revealed. With one hand, he squeezed my nutsack, and with the other he placed it in my asscrack, and started vigorously rubbing around my asshole.

I moaned deeply. Chris turned his baseball cap sideways and got down on his knees in the grass before my hard dick. He was still jerking me off with one hand, while his finger was forcing its way up my hole.

The head of my dick rubbed up against Chris' wet lips, and a tingle ran down the back of my legs to my feet. He lifted my dick, resting it on his nose, and started to lick my balls. My ass clenched tight, trapping his finger in my buttcrack. He sucked one nut into his mouth, and then the other, and then both at the same time. My whole body felt like it was charged with electricity or somethin. Chris continued to lick my balls for about another minute or to before he started to lick the underside of my shaft.

He started at the base, and slowly, very slowly, dragged his tongue upward, towards the head. Chris stopped right quick to lick his fingers, and then he shoved his long middle finger up my ass and devoured my dick at the same time.

the duel sensations made my knees buckle and I tossed my head back and howled to the moon, like a wolf. Chris took my dick all the way down his throat, keeping it there for a while, wetting it with his fiery spit and warming it up with his humid breath.

I put on hand on the top of Chris' hat-covered head as he took my dick partway out of his mouth. Chris took his finger out of my asshole, grabbed hold of my hips, and forced me deeper into his mouth. "Oh goddamn it," I yelled out. "Don't scream so fuckin loud," Chris said.

I pushed his head back onto my dick. Chris expertly slipped my cock in and out of his mouth, drowning my dick with his spit, making my toes curl with the way he caressed my cock with his tongue. Each blow job Chris gave me was better than the one before it. He pulled my pants down all the way to my ankles. Kicking off my shoes, I took my pants off completely. Chris stood up, grabbed the hem of my shirt, and yanked it over my head, leaving butt naked in front of him.

I forcibly took off his shirt, exposing his super muscular chest. It was incredible the way the moonlight shone on his hard pecs and his tight six pack. I mashed my face against Chris' chest and began to suck on his hard nipple. Chris growled lowly, and when I started to bite him, he groaned very loudly. His dick was poking against my stomach, seeping his sticky cock juices on my skin.

I started to move downward, with my tongue, down his smooth warm skin to his navel, down to the thin trail of hair that led to his bush. I yanked Chris' jeans open, almost tearing off the button, and pulled them down to his ankles. Getting on my knees, I looked at his giant dick, only an inch or two away from my face. I had sucked Chris' dick many times before, but this time, I planned on making it being the best head service he would've ever gotten.

I opened my mouth, grabbed Chris' tight, bubble round ass, and wrapped my lips around the large head of his cock.

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Chris' lower body trembled. I opened my mouth wider and stuffed as much of his dick into my mouth at the same time as I could. "Shit," Chris whispered, "You suck the best fuckin dick, B." I started to move faster, taking Chris' dick in and out of my mouth at rapid speed, covering each inch with thick, hot spit, swallowing the precum that landed on my tongue.

I ran my hands over his hard abs; Chris swiveled his hips slowly, shoving his dick deeper and deeper into my mouth, almost until it was hard for me to breathe; but even then, I continued to deep throat him, loving the salty taste of his precum, loving the way his musky nutsack smelled, loving the fact that his colossal eleven inch dick was in my mouth, and that I was giving him the most fiercest pleasure. I wanted to feel that big dick of his goin in my ass; I wanted Chris to fuck the shit out of me, just like he did the first time we fucked in Ms.

Navarro's classroom. Taking his dick out of my mouth, I lied down flat on the slightly damp grass, looking up at Chris as he stood over me, jacking off. "I want you to fuck me," I told him. "Hell fuckin yeah," Chris said. He got down and covered me with his beautiful body.

We were both sweating and breathing heavily. Chris kissed me for a while, before he began to lick down my chest to my navel. I thought he was gonna put his mouth on my dick again, but he didn't. Instead, Chris rolled me over on my stomach. My heart was beating extra fast. Chris started licking at the top of my neck, and trailed downward to my back. His tongue felt like wet fire going down my body. He kept going, licking downward, past my lower back, to the very top of my asscrack.

Once he reached my ass, Chris grabbed each sphere tightly and then smacked my ass so hard that it echoed on the field and made me bite my lower lip. "You got the best fuckin ass I ever seen in my whole fuckin life," Chris told me. Again, he gave me another slap on my ass, just as hard as the first one, but for some reason it felt better this time.

"Fuck," Chris whispered, "I can never get tired of this ass." With that, he pried my ass open super wide with his big hands, and then I felt his hot breath going inside my asscrack.

I arched my back and lifted my hips upward slightly, so that my ass was pressing more against his face. Chris massaged my ass cheeks as he started to lick my asscrack. He started at the bottom, lifting his tongue upward along my crack. Chris gave my asshole a quick poke with the tip of his tongue and kept moving upward.

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By this time, my skin was burning up. I exhaled deeply and Chris jammed his tongue into my asshole. I was so surprised and filled with powerful sensations that I screamed out loud again, very loudly.

Chris didn't tell me to shut the fuck up that time, he continued to eat out my ass, very quickly and roughly. When he was finished my asshole was wet, warmed up, and ready for his fat dick to rip it open even more. "I'm bout to fuck you so fuckin good," Chris yelled. "Oh fuck, I'm bout to tear this pretty ass open." Chris got on top of me, his stomach mashing against my back, his big dick pressing up against my asscrack. I closed my eyes as he positioned his dick into my asscrack.

I felt like I was on a fuckin roller coaster, at the very top of the hill, waiting, anxiously, excitedly, and impatiently for the big drop.

Chris pressed the head of his dick against my asshole, and I swear somebody probably could've heard my heart racing ten blocks away. Chris wrapped his arms around my chest, squeezing me very tightly so that I couldn't move, and with a light groan, he shoved his mega huge dick into my ass. The sweetest pain filled my body and every nerve felt like it had been electrocuted with the best shock in the world.

I didn't scream out loud, but my body was screaming with pleasure, and my mouth was open so fuckin wide. My eyes were still closed, and I was adjusting to the incredible sensation of Chris' dick in my ass. Even though he had fucked me before, more than once, each time he jammed his cock into my ass was like a brand new experience.

Chris didn't waste any time; he proceeded, just like he told me he would, to fuck the shit out of me. For a moment, I thought my body would go numb, and I prayed that it wouldn't, because I wanted to feel every thrust of Chris' dick going in and out of my ass. My hands were clenched tightly into fists, my teeth grinding each other, my eyes squeezed so tight that I didn't know if I would be able to open them again.

Chris had never fucked me before like the way he was doing at that moment. "Damn this ass is so tight," he moaned. "You're gonna make me cum a fuckin lake in this ass," Chris said. He gripped my shoulders and forced me deeper and harder onto his cock. My whole body was convulsing every second, and the cum was rising in me so fast. "Oh shit," Chris said, "I'm close." I was closer than close.

Any second now I was gonna bust my nut all over the place. Chris felt so good inside of me that tears were welling in my eyes. And then I felt it-- my nutsack tightened, my inner thighs trembled; I threw my head back, arched my back as much as I could--sending Chris' dick deeper inside of me, and the cum just burst out of my dick all into the grass. If Chris said he was gonna cum a fuckin lake in my ass, then I was cumming a fuckin ocean.

My body went through so many convulsions that I felt like I was having a fuckin seizure or somethin. Right after that, Chris gripped my hips tightly, gave me a super hard thrust, and his nut exploded in my ass. It was the warmest, wettest load that I had ever taken. Chris collapsed on me, licking the sweat off my back. He rested his head on me for a few moments as I caught my breath.

"That was so fuckin tight," Chris said. "I know." And then Chris hopped up and began to put on his clothes quickly. "Get up and put your shit on. We have to go." But I didn't want to move. I could've laid there all night with him until the morning. But Chris was right. We needed to leave. I put my clothes on slowly, and when we were both fully clothed, Chris and I headed back to his truck and he drove me back to my house.

Once we reached my place, Chris gave me another kiss, a very passionate kiss. I didn't know he was capable of that and it surprised me a little bit. "Guess we'll be doin this again tomorrow after detention," he said. My heart skipped. "Oh. Um." "Um, what?" Chris asked. "Ms. Navarro said that I didn't have to come to detention anymore.

She said today was my last day." Chris gave me a disbelieving look.

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"Why?" "I don't know." "What about me?" "She said you still had to come in for the rest of the week." Chris gave me another apprehensive look and I was starting to get a little nervous. "Why the fuck do you get out free and I'm still there?" "I don't know." "What the fuck do you know, Brandon?" Chris asked me angrily. He slammed his hand against the steering wheel and the horn honked loudly. A dog barked in the distance. "Chris, calm down." "Don't fuckin tell me to calm down, B.

That stupid bitch gets on my fuckin nerves." "It's only like two more days," I said. I shouldn't have said that `cause that just made Chris explode even more. "I don't give a fuck if it was just two minutes.

It's not fuckin fair. The only reason she let you go is cause you fuckin suck up to her ugly ass all the time." "No, that's not the reason." "You better fuckin be there tomorrow, B," Chris said. "When I go to detention tomorrow, you better be fuckin be there.

If you're not, I'm gonna be pissed off so fuckin much. I'm not fuckin around with you, B." "Is it that serious?" I asked. Chris looked at me as though I were the most annoying thing he had ever seen.

"What the fuck are you doin in my truck anyway? We're here at your house. Get the fuck out." "No, I'm tryin to talk to your stupid ass." "Brandon." It made me really nervous the way he said that. "Get the fuck out right now. If you don't, I'm gonna push you out." "Whatever," I muttered. I opened the door and stepped out. The night had suddenly gotten to be really cold. Chris lowered the passenger window and said. "Remember what I said, you better be there." Before I could say something, Chris peeled off down the street, making the dogs bark even louder.

I just stood there, watching as his truck sharply disappear around the corner. I was fucking speechless. Slowly, I turned around and headed inside.