Gelled and willing to screw

Gelled and willing to screw
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A while ago, my high school debate team went to a debate conference at a college. We go to a few of these each year, and the conference lasts a few days. We stay overnight in a hotel, and the trips are usually quite fun, and when a couple of my friends on the team suggested that I try debate and go on the trip, I said sure. I didn't really know much about debate and wasn't very good, but my friends told me not to worry about it. My friend Jack told me, "It doesn't even matter whether you try or not.

Some of the kids from other schools are so good that they always win the awards; we don't have a chance. Let's just have some fun there and not worry about it. Besides, the real reason to come is for the dance." After a bus ride that took about four hours, we arrived at the hotel.

Our school only had brought about 30 people to the conference, but looking around I saw that there must have been a couple thousand high school kids in the hotel. We checked in and headed up to our rooms. I was staying in a room with Jack and a couple other friends, Chris and Alex. We had a few hours to waste until the conference started, so we mostly just sat there and chilled in the room. I thought back to what Jack had told me and since Chris and Alex had also been in debate for a couple years, I asked them what Jack had meant about the dance.

They just laughed and told me, "Well, it's not like our school dances. Not at all." Now, we lived in a rather small town that was pretty conservative, so there wasn't a whole lot of sexual activity between us and the girls. The school had strict dress codes, and even when we weren't in school the girls dressed pretty formally.

I had only had one girlfriend so far, but we never did anything more than kissing, as was the normal for kids our age. Chris piped in, "The girls here aren't like the girls we know. Just look at them—I've never seen anyone looking so slutty.


Short skirts, tight shirts, they come from a whole different part of the world. And they grind like hell. They'll dance with anyone, and do so pretty exciting stuff." I was still a little unclear about the situation, but I decided I would see what happens when the time came. The next couple days went by rather uneventfully.

I did pretty badly in the debate competitions, but it was my first time and I didn't care much about how I did. Before I knew it, it was the last night of the conference, and the dance started after we ate dinner.

Everyone from our school went out to a nice restaurant, and we talked and laughed about the events of the weekend. As we headed back to the hotel where the dance was held, my friends told me, "Get ready for the night of your life." When we got back to the hotel and stepped into the ballroom where the dance was, my eyes opened in amazement.

The room was almost pitch black, and I heard the music playing extremely loud.

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The room felt more like a nightclub, definitely nothing like the dances back home. But what caught me the most was the way people were dancing. It seemed like every girl had a guy grinding on her. The girls stood with their ass pressed against the guy, and some of the guys were even groping the girls.

There would have been suspensions for behavior like this at home, but here at the dance no one seemed to care. Jack turned to us and said, "All right, let's go get some of them." Obviously I wanted to get in on the action, but I was still a little shell-shocked by the scene. "But how in the world do you convince them to dance with you?" I asked.

He just replied, "Watch and learn." I watched Jack walk up to a pretty nice looking girl dancing with a group of friends. He went up to her and yelled (because of the loud music), "Hey, do you wanna dance?" She smiled and said "Sure." With nothing else said, she turned around, and Jack pressed up behind her.

They started swaying back and forth to the music with his hands on her hips. They danced like that for about a minute, then he stopped and said he had to leave. Jack walked back over to me and said, "Just like that. Nothing could be easier. Now, I just chose any girl to give that demonstration, but if she had been a little sluttier or hotter, I might have gone a little further.

But don't worry yet, first we've got to get you comfortable…See that girl over there? Go try her." I took a deep breath, went up to the girl, and asked, "Do y-you want t-to dance?" Dammit, I always did stutter when I was nervous.

The girl turned to me and said, "Sorry, but no thanks." This was pretty demoralizing, and I went back to Jack with my head hung.


"Hey man, listen. Don't worry about her. I've been rejected loads of times.

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You'll get one eventually. The thing is, though, you can't be nervous about it. Girls pick up on that, they want someone confident.

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So just go up to the next girl like you've done it before, and I promise she'll say yes. Jack's words gave me confidence, so I saw another girl dancing, and went up to her. Sure enough, she agreed to dance. I grinded with her for a couple of minutes, but I felt pretty awkward doing it.

I also started to get a boner, which was much more awkward because Jack was right there. Eventually, the girl said she had to leave, and even though it hadn't been ideal, I now felt confident with the girls.

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Jack congratulated me and said, "It looks like you've got the hang of it. I'll leave you alone now and go do some work myself." So after he left, I stood around for a couple of minutes looking for someone to try next. A lot of the good-looking girls were already taken, but I finally saw a pretty hot girl dancing alone.

She was pretty short at around 5'4, had brown hair, and some decent size C boobs. She was also wearing a pretty short and tight black dress that showed off a good amount of her boobs and a good amount of her thighs. I walked up to her and asked her to dance, and we started grinding. It was just like the first girl, not too eventful, but then I decided that I should take things further. This was only one night and I would do as much as I could. As we danced, I slowly began to move my hands away from her hips over to her stomach.

From there, I started to slide them down toward her pussy, just waiting for her to stop me, but she never did.


Before I knew it, my hands were pressed against the outside of her dress on her pussy, and she started to grind me harder. I applied some pressure here and there and felt her body respond each time. My dick began to get hard but that just made her grind harder; we were both getting pretty horny. Just when I thought the night couldn't get any better, she turned her head around and kissed me.

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We slid our tongues into each other's mouths and did so while still grinding, and after a couple of minutes of that broke away and whispered "Keep going." I didn't need to be told twice.

I briefly removed my hands from their position in order to pull up her dress. As I moved back to her pussy, I felt a pair of warm and fully drenched panties. She started to moan as I rubbed them, and I quickly slid them aside to gain full access.

Without a moment's pause, I slid my fingers into her. Luckily, nobody standing around noticed the full extent of what we were doing; it just looked like some intense grinding.

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It seemed like hours that we danced there, my dick ramming her ass, my fingers penetrating her pussy, her body convulsing. Just as I was about to cum, she stopped grinding, grabbed my hand, and pulled me along with her. She led me out of the ballroom and down a flight of stairs.

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"Let's go, one of these rooms must be unlocked," she told me, referring to the rooms where the debates had been held.

Sure enough, we tried one that was out of the open and entered. We closed the door and in two seconds we were making out and feeling each other up. I slid off my shirt and jeans while she ripped off her dress, revealing a black bra and panties. We then took off the remaining clothes and lied down on the floor, fully naked.

She pulled out a condom that she had carried with her somewhere and handed it to me. I got the message and slid it on. Before I could take another breath, I straddled her and drove my dick straight into her pussy. Being rather inexperienced with girls and having been constantly aroused for the last couple hours, I already felt myself about to cum after a few thrusts.

I pumped harder and faster, and then I had the best orgasm of my life. After it finally ended, I pulled out, exhausted, but I saw that she was still on the edge.

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Despite my exhaustion, I repaid her favor and fingered her. She started to moan again and rock her body up and down until she finally had an orgasm which seemed to be just as powerful as mine. We laid there for a while afterward, then saw that it was already curfew time. We dressed ourselves and kissed one last time before heading off to our respective hotel rooms. It was an amazing night that I would never forget.