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All Good Things part 2 Disclaimer: This story contains sexual descriptions between consenting male and female parties. I would appreciate feedback on format, storyline, and anything else you want to comment on. m/f, oral, story ____________________ I have to say, things were not all fine and dandy. My younger sister was walking around knowing that a girl sent topless pictures to my phone. I wasn't sure what whether she was going to just tell mom outright, or if she would try to blackmail me, or what.

The next day at school, I found Kaylee during lunch and enjoyed lunch with her. After French class I walked with Kaylee back out to her bus, she told me that her parents wouldn't be home until after 5, and invited me to come over to swim.

I told her I didn't have a swimsuit, but I did have my gym shorts. I hopped on the bus with Kaylee, and sent my mom a text telling her that I would be home late due to afterschool activities. We made it to her house, and she said she was going to change into her swimming suit, and invited me to grab us both a drink from the kitchen. While she was upstairs getting changed, I stepped into the bathroom and changed into my shorts.

When she came downstairs I was waiting with two cokes, and she led the way outside to her pool. She was wearing a red two piece swimsuit, although it was still fairly conservative for being a two piece.

It did however give me a chance to check out her rockin body. She stood 5'9" tall, and weighed maybe 130 lbs soaking wet. And if I had to guess, (also because I'm making it so) she boasted a tight 33-24-34 body with a 32A bra size. We were playing around in the pool, when her mom came out of the house through the back door, she made it to the side of the pool before we even noticed she was there, 'lucky we weren't messing around right then' I thought.

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"Kaylee, hun, your dad is going to be home a little late tonight, so dinner won't be until around 8," She says. "Okay mom." Kaylee responds, putting some distance between herself and I. "Kaylee, hun," Her mom began again, "will your friend be staying for dinner?" Kaylee cast a glance over at me, I replied, "No, Mrs.

Holt, I will be leaving before then. But thanks for the offer." Kaylees mom turns and heads back inside, I get closer to Kaylee and we resume the "totally innocent" conversation we had paused when her mom came out.

After a few minutes, I told her that I should probably get going, but right as I was getting out of the pool, Kaylees mom came back out in her bathing suit, and jumped straight into the pool, taking only a few steps between the door and her dive. Directly behind her, but dodging the pool at the last second, was a beautiful adult golden retriever, who ran a couple laps around the yard before investigating something on the far fence. When Kaylees mom came up for air she let out a shrill shriek, followed by a breathless comment on how cold the water was.

When she noticed that I had gotten out of the water she made a pouty face. "Leaving so soon?" She asked coyly, "But we've only just met." "Sorry, no… If you want me to stay that is," I replied, "I do have to go at sometime though" This whole time Kaylee had not stopped laughing, half in shock, half embarrassed at her mothers entrance.

"Well my name is Mary, Mary Holt." "My name is Josh, Josh Carey. Nice to meet you." I walked over to the side of the pool to shake her hand, and when she had a hold of me, she pulled me straight over her head, and into the water. This sent Kaylee into another fit of laughter. We all played in the pool for a short while, when Kaylee and her mother both got out and lay down on the deck chairs to dry.

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I got out as well, seeing as there was now nobody left in the pool, and when I got out the dog seemed to notice me. So while Kaylee and her mother dried on the lawn chairs, I ran around the yard with their dog. Eventually, I decided it was time for me to go home, and Mary (Mrs. Holt) offered me a ride home, which I accepted seeing as I was a couple miles from my own home. When I got home, I was met at the front door with a press conference of questions coming from my younger sister, Annie.

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"Where have you been?" "Who was that?" "Why is your hair wet?" I, of course, ignored every single question, and headed straight to my room, texting Kaylee all the way. At the dinner table, I could hardly set my phone down long enough to eat my food, and occasionally I would recieve a text from Kaylee which made me laugh, often with food or drink in my mouth, that I then had to avoid spitting everywhere.



No phones at the table!" My mother told me, "We're having dinner." To which I replied, "I'm done, I'll be in my room doing homework if anyone needs me." And I headed to my room. Of course, I didn't get very much homework done.

All I really accomplished was to hold a text conversation with Kaylee for so long that my phone had to be plugged in. I found her on Facebook, and sent her a friend request, and it didn't take her more than 45 seconds to accept it. I immediately began going through her facebook feed, and all her old photos, complete recon and intel mission. I could only assume she was doing the same to my facebook feed. Fairly late into the evening, she sent these texts.

*From: Kaylee, 11:36pm* "Well, I should be getting to sleep." "Still have school in the am" "*smiley face with gun to head*" *To: Kaylee, 11:36pm* "okay, goodnight." *From: Kaylee, 11:48pm* "Does this mean I'm your girlfriend now?" I have to be honest, I didn't know how to respond. And after what felt like hours, but according to the text timestamps was actually less than a minute, I did respond.

*To: Kaylee, 11:48pm* "Yes. I'd like that." "I'd like that a lot" *From: Kaylee, 11:48pm* "Yayy!" " :* :) :* " *To: Kaylee, 11:49pm* "Goodnight, girlfriend." *From: Kaylee, 11:49pm* "Goodnight" "Boyfriend" The next day at school, we sat together at lunch, as our group of friends began to form around us, we sat together in French, as our teacher began to realize that we would be a problem, and we sat together on the bus to her house, where it could just be us.

At her house, we sat together on the couch and watched a movie. Followed by us putting on swimming suits, (I actually brought one this time), and hopping in the pool until my mother called me, telling me to come home when I got a ride from Mrs. Holt again. Again, at the door, my younger sister was attacking me with questions, trying to figure out what was changing up the normal routine so much, but I gave her nothing. In my room again, as I was working on homework, and sending thousands of texts with Kaylee to the immortal cloud server, Annie walked in (without knocking) and began her barrage of questions.

I tried to ignore her, but she found the golden ticket when she asked; "Is it the same girl as that picture?" "Okay!


Fine!" I snapped, "Yes, it is the same girl as that picture, I've been hanging out at her house after school, she has a pool, and I really like her. Okay? Now leave me alone!" Annies face lit up, and she skipped out of my room and down the hall singing, "Joshies got a girlfriend, Joshies got a girlfriend!" Unfortunately, this did not go unnoticed by my mother, and within minutes, she was at my bedroom door, "What's this I hear about you having a girlfriend?" She asks.

"Nothing," I reply, "Annie is just being stupid." What I didn't realize, as I was sitting on my bed, was that my facebook was still open on my computer, to Kaylees page.

"Is this her?" My mom asked, walking towards my laptop. I quickly jumped up to shut my laptop, but I was too slow. My mom had a hold of my laptop and was clicking through the same pictures I had just last night. "Wow," my mom whistles, "She's a cutie." "Mom!" I shout, "Give me my stuff back." My dad walks into the room. "Congratulations kid, I was beginning to think you were gay!" he says jokingly. "Dad! Mom!" I give up, sit on my bed, "FINE!

Okay? Her name's Kaylee, we met at school in French, and we've been hanging out since." "Is this why you haven't been coming home?" My mom asks. "Yes," I say, "I've been going over to her house to hang out after school. She has a pool, her mom is super nice, and they have a pet dog named Daisy." "Oh," My mom says, my dad finishes, "We should have them over for dinner, Saturday maybe?" "Yes," my mom agrees, "That sounds lovely." "Okay, I'll talk to Mrs.

Holt for you." I say. The following weekend, Kaylee and her parents get to my house around 5, when my dad is getting the grill lit in the back yard, and preparing some hamburger patties, and hot dogs. My dad takes Kaylees dad out back, and they talk, while my mom and hers hit it off in the parlour.

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"So this is your house?" Kaylee says. "No," I reply sarcastically, "We're just borrowing it from some random family." "Oh, well," Kaylee giggles, "This family is wierd, because they have pictures of little you on the wall!" After her adorable giggling dies down, she asks to see my room. I walk her into my room, and she promptly goes and sits on my bed. "This is your room?" "Yeah" "Is this where you jerked off to that picture I sent you monday?" I couldn't possibly be more embarrassed, "NO!" I said too quickly, "I don't, I mean, why, What?" Kaylee giggles, that cute giggle that I love so much.

"What, am I not pretty enough for you?" She says making a pouty face. "No, it's just." I stumble over my words, "I don't know why you'd ask me that." "Relax Josh," She says getting up from the bed, "I'm your girlfriend now, you can tell me." She is now pinning me against my bedroom door, and reaches down to the doorknob, and locks the door.

She smiles seductively, and holds me against the door and begins to kiss me. Now, this is not the first time she has tried to kiss me, we have actually kissed a couple of times since Wednesday, when we were at her house before her parents got home.

But now, against my bedroom door, it's uncharted waters. As she's kissing me, I begin running my hands up and down her back, pausing especially at her tight ass. She is, meanwhile, running her hands around my chest, and shaping the outline of my hardening penis inside my shorts. She breaks the kiss, and slides down my body toward the floor.

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On her knees now, her head is at waist level, and I have a hand-full of her straight blonde hair. She unbuttons, and unzips my pants, freeing my penis from its confined pocket.

And as she strokes it, she lowers her mouth onto its head, and begins to give me the first blowjob of my life. Unfortunately, it was also her first blowjob, so it was very sloppy. But thats okay, it was the best thing of my life so far. Kaylee is sucking my cock, while our mothers are just a few rooms away getting to know each other, and our fathers in the back yard discussing their different favorite sports teams, and their mutual least favorite.

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I don't last long, that's a given. Even with an inexperienced woman sucking me off, it's still so much better than anything I've had before. And before long, I have to warn her, "Oh god, I'm about to cum." I say in a soft whisper. All it doe for her though is that she places the head of my penis closer to the front of her mouth, and begins playing with the bottom of it vigorously with her tongue.

I cum. Spurt after spurt into her mouth. And even with it being her first time, she swallows it all in rhythm. She makes sure to lick me clean, and stows my member back inside my pants. She then rises to a full stand, and hugs me tightly, sighing contently into my shoulder. I begin walking her backwards toward my bed, fully intending to return the favor. Unfortunately, before I even get her to the bed I hear my mother calling, "Josh, Annie, Kaylee, Dinner is almost ready. Come down now!"