Ryan Riesling Tattooed Minx Gets Anal Fuck

Ryan Riesling Tattooed Minx Gets Anal Fuck
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I need to get home. Damn, I still don't like being out in the dark even though I'm 21. Even though I was told vampires and werewolves are just myths, I still think there are evil things lurking out there. Tonight is even worse, it's a full moon, and it's giving me goosebumps, I wasn't planning on leaving town this late, but when there's a sale in Ann Summers I can't help it.

I get absorbed by all the sex toys. That makes me sound like a nymphomaniac. Anyway, so it's dark, and my house is just over the bridge. Not far to walk now. But I can feel someone behind me. I don't like this, really don't like this. I walk faster but I know they are gaining on me. Closer to home. Closer. I'm in the alley way behind my house and can feel a hand on my shoulder. I knew I shouldn't have been out. Now someone's going to find my body 10 miles away from my home or something.

My heart is beating fast, and I don't know what to do. He's obviously going to be bigger than me, so I might as well give in to what he wants. Be easier in the long run. I stop still, just feet from my house and the pressure lifts from off my shoulder. Turning round, I see the last person I expect to see. Ian. The hot guy who lives next door.

We only really see him around winter and late at night, strangely when the sun is weak or not out at all. But when we do see him, it's hard to stop watching him, with his perfect abs, sky blue eyes and the gorgeous black hair and stubble. He is just perfection, the amount of times I have fantasized about him. "You scared me" "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to, I just saw you and." "Yes?" Damn, his voice. It was making me wet listening to that deep American drawl.

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".and thought I'd say hi". "Oh. Well. Hi." I smiled, well I thought I did, my whole body was numb, from shock, and admiration, and well, I was trying so hard not to say "fuck me now, goddamn", it was easier just to freeze.

I heard him giggle at me and he put his hand on my arm. "You're cold". Way to state the obvious, its 10pm, dark and yeah, cold. "Yeah, I should get inside".

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I looked him straight in the face. "Want to come in?" Really. Isn't that the oldest chat up line in the book.just without the coffee?

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"Ok". I was so not expecting that. Why would he want to come in my house?


With me. I mean, what about the blondes over the road; they are much hotter than me. I'm just.me. I opened the gate and led him into the house. He must have saw me physically relax when I reached the door.

"You don't like the dark?" I didn't answer, just raised my eyebrows at him. I was beginning to lose all sense of speech, what was the guy doing to me? I stepped into the kitchen and reached the sink, dumped my bags on the worktop and turned round.I didn't move far though.

There he was, right in my face, hands placed on the worktop either side of me, pinning me in. "You smell so good".


I didn't know what to say to that. I've never been complimented on my aroma before. Damn he best not look down, white skirt, and now I am wet, very wet, and no doubt it's near the point of showing. Why did I choose the white skirt?! His hands moved from the counter to my hips.

"You are perfect you know. Those blondes do nothing for me. But you." As I watched him, his eyes turned from blue into deep red.

I stared helplessly. What was happening? I tried moving but his grip was vicelike on my hips. I couldn't hold his eyes anymore; I moved my eyes down to look at his lips. He smiled. Revealing not normal teeth, but fangs that weren't there moments ago. "Do you believe in vampires now?" I nodded, I didn't disbelieve before, I was just waiting for proof of their existence. Ian smiled his strange smile. Despite the fangs it was still cute, and turned me on to no end.

"Bite me" "Are you sure?" He didn't wait for an answer. I already had my head back, he lowered his down and I felt his lips brush over my throat, moistening the spot over my vein. Then I felt the teeth pierce the skin, forcefully pushing their way through the flesh. I didn't scream, it wasn't painful at all, as if the fangs contained some kind of numbing venom.

I moaned as I felt my blood drawing out of the two wounds against its will, it wasn't an unpleasant feeling, I was kind of enjoying it.

I relaxed into the sensation, after 5 minutes, I felt the teeth retract back out of my neck; he licked the wounds left behind. "They will disappear within the hour. Our saliva heals supernatural wounds, that's how us vampires don't get detected.

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And I guess you're wondering why it didn't hurt? It only hurts if we want it to, if we want to cause our victim pain, only then will it be beyond agony for them." I couldn't say anything; I was paralysed to the spot, leaning against the kitchen counter. "I should go. Let you recover." "NO!" I think I shouted it rather than spoke. "Don't leave. You've no idea how much I wanted you to notice me. Now you are here, and I let you feed, please, will you." I didn't finish my sentence. He lifted me as if I was a piece of cloth onto the worktop.

He was tall, and sat on the counter I could easily kiss him. His eyes, now back to blue, locked onto mine and I saw the smile in his eyes. Speaking in his soft drawl, "I'm sure I can think of something to keep you entertained" he breathed against my skin. He lifted one hand off my hip and put his fingertips under my chin, and placed his warm lips gently on mine, I was hungry for more, but as he pulled back, his smooth lips brushing against my nose, I knew I wasn't going to get any kissing heavier than that.

Not yet anyway. He lifted me back off the work surface and held me in his arms.

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Neither of us said anything, but I saw the deliberation in his face, this was a 'couch or bed' moment. I expected him to walk to the couch, but he didn't, it was more like one leap and we were in the bedroom, talk about fast walker. "Hey, the bags I brought in.

Go get them" Within seconds he returned. I was still stood by the bed, where he left me. He walked back over to me holding the bags.

"I'll let you decide if you want to use any of the stuff". He rifled though for a few seconds and pulled up my new vibe. "Might test drive this. Though there is some other tempting stuff in there too" He looked at me for a few seconds before throwing the vibe on the bed.

He moved his head close to mine and whispered "best remove some of these clothes". I giggled at the suggestion but began to obey. He stopped me. Pulling the tight skinny top over my head, and then reaching behind me to undo my bra, gradually lifting it down and letting it fall to the floor. He bent slightly and bit my nipple, it was making me wetter than I was before, damn I couldn't hold back much longer. He licked my tit for a while longer, and knelt down on the floor.

I kicked my shoes off and let him pull my skirt down. He knelt there; one hand wrapped round my thigh, the other gently rubbing my pussy though my underwear. It felt so good. He grabbed the crotch in his teeth, scraping my clit as he did, sending a wave of pleasure over me, and pulled my underwear down.

I kicked them away, and tried replacing my foot on the floor, but Ian grabbed my leg and held it there in the air.

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I could sense what was coming and he knew it, smirking, he moved his head in between my legs, I could feel the stubble grazing the top of my thigh as he slowly ran his tongue over my soaking clit.

It felt beyond good, after a minute, he moved his tongue and probed my pussy hole with it, small gentle prodding movements, god, he was no stranger to turning a girl on.

I couldn't hold back any longer, the orgasm just tore through me, unleashing with it a disturbing amount of liquid. The amount of men I turned off with that, but it didn't faze Ian at all, he grinned and licked up every ounce of juice, relicking my already once licked clean pussy.

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He finally let my leg down. I stood there naked and breathless from the orgasm. He smirked at me and set about removing his clothes. Once he was naked, I pushed him onto the bed.

Something told me he wasn't usually that easy to push over, as he fell easily onto the bed at my touch. "Guess I should repay the favour" I crawled onto the bed, stopping half way.

I sat down and grabbed hold of the already hard 9 inch cock in front of me. God I was looking forward to taking that one. I rubbed up and down his shaft, and heard him groan, after a few more deep groans I decided that was enough, and got on all fours, sliding my tongue over the head and then lowering my mouth as far as possible over his dick.

I felt him put a hand on the back of my head and push me on further, as I was reaching the brink of choking, he let go, and then forced me back down again, and again, and again, before letting me come up for air, but boy did it feel good taking a good two thirds of it down my throat.


"Oi, I though you wanted to use the bullet on me." "Hmmm, I changed my mind." Fair enough, I didn't really care what he did to me, I just wanted him. "I have a better idea" He jumped off the bed, grabbed my hand and dragged me into the ensuite shower room. "I hate lying down for sex, hope you don't mind." I shrugged. However he liked it was fine by me. He turned the shower on, and lifted me up, while stepping into my massive shower.

I wrapped my legs round him and he kissed me. "This is my favourite position" is whispered in my ear. Well I'd never done it this way before. He lifted me higher with one arm, and grabbed his cock with his other hand, then lowered me down slightly, I felt the head touch my pussy, and I felt myself get wetter if that was possible.

He knew how to work a woman. Gently he pushed his cock into me, until he was fully in, then he just looked at me, waiting for me to tell him what to do probably, but I didn't say a word, I just looked back at him, letting him decide which way to play it.

Slowly he lifted me up and back down, gaining rhythm as he bounced me on his dick. The strength in his arms was amazing, I tossed my head back in exhilaration as he pounded me on his cock, it felt so good having him inside of me. He went on for a while longer like that, and then lifted me off his cock, my pussy aching for more abuse.

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Shower still thundering down on our heads, he turned me so I faced the wall and bent me over, I braced myself against the wall, and allowed him to re-enter my pussy. Gaining rhythm again I could feel him getting faster, no man could go this fast I swear, it was amazing, and I was going to explode, I could feel it building. Before I had a chance to unleash another orgasm he abruptly stopped, pulling out of me, and forced me down onto my knees, knowing what was coming, for the third time tonight I tilted my head back, and felt the hot cum slide down my throat, his aim perfect into my mouth.

I swallowed the load down, and he lifted me out of the shower, back into the bedroom and graciously dropped me on the bed "Since your still not done.I don't like leaving a lady half done" Such a gentleman. I opened my legs for him, and let him run his long fingers over my pussy, already soaked beyond belief.

Then he pushed two fingers in with such force I gasped in surprise, he rammed them in and out as I began gasping and moaning more. Not satisfied, he forced another finger into my tight hole, and thrust with such speed that within seconds I exploded all over his arm, bucking into the air as a full body orgasm took me over. Just like before, he cleaned up the mess I made with his tongue, enjoying every drop. I lay my head back on the pillow "Oh my god. That was good. Never have I had sex like that before" "Only vampires can satisfy you like that my love.

I'll come back tomorrow if you like." And with that he got dressed, winked at me and left, leaving me with no doubt that he would return.