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Extremely hung guy fucks gay twink full length A Cum Load All Over
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It was my freshman year in college, and I lived in the men's dorms.

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I was paired up with my roommate just because we were both a little older (22) than most of the other freshmen. Also, we were both pretty studious, and didn't get into the party scene very much. It was a tiny room with two beds, two desks and a micro-closet where we piled our clothes.

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There was no place for privacy in the room, so it was common to see one another in some state of undress. We were both modest to some degree--we didn't sit around nude, but often in just our underwear.

I have always slept in the nude, and each night I slipped off my underwear before I got into bed. I should say at this point that I am a serial masturbator. Ever since that time when I was 12 and discovered how good it felt to touch my penis, I've been hooked.

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I love to masturbate, sometimes daily, and I still find exquisite pleasure in it. One evening, during the first week of the semester, after we had turned out the lights, I was lying in bed, wide awake, holding my erection and trying to jack off as quietly as possible. My knees propped up the blanket and formed a little tent where I could quietly stroke myself. The closer I got to cumming, my breathing became more rapid, and even though I tried to keep it all quiet and control my breathing, I wasn't very successful.

I could hear a movement from my roommate's bed, and he asked, "are you beating off?".

There was no denying it. "Yes," I answered, stopping mid-stroke. There was a long pause. I was so close to cumming. Should I continue?


What to do? Then he said something that I did not expect at all. "Can I watch?" I was mortified at being busted jacking off, but I was incredibly excited by the thought of someone watching me masturbate. "Yes," I replied, and he turned on the reading light over his bed and pulled back his covers.

He slept in his boxer shorts, but I could see his erection pushing out the fabric of his underwear and starting to poke out of the fly. He sat down on the edge of my bed and I pulled aside the blanket that was covering me. Although my cock had lost some of its hardness, I still had a firm hold on it and I was watching his face.


Very slowly, I started to move my hand again up along the shaft of my penis. By that time, I could see that his own erect penis had worked its way through the open fly of his underwear.

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It was hard; the veins stood out on the sides, and the glans had swollen. That is when I did something that surprised me then, and still does today. It was an impulse, but I wanted to touch it.


I wanted to feel its hardness in my hand. This was so unlike me. I never considered myself gay. I had a girlfriend and we had a very pleasing and active sex life. In fact, I had seen her that very morning and the memory of my cock buried deep inside her cunt, ejaculating my fluids into her wetness and warmth was fresh in my mind, but here I was, reaching over and placing my hand around another man's cock.

It was so hot, it brought me to a heightened state of arousal. My head was spinning. What am I doing here? My roommate responded to my touch with a deep moan, and he moved his hand over onto my penis. There we were, holding each other's cocks and slowly stroking each other.

His penis felt strange in my hand. It was bigger than mine, and his hardness made it curve up.

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His glans was swollen and he trembled when I touched it. I tugged on his underwear and he stood up to remove them.

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I could see his scrotum, dark colored and shriveled so that his balls looked like a compact package pulled closed up to his body.

His penis was hard and bounced as he pulled down his boxers. His pubic hair was dark and thick. I moved over as he found a new position on the bed, leaning back against the wall. During all of this, we had not exchanged a word, but it was clear to both of us what we were going to do next.

His hand found my penis and began to stroke it, slowly, with long, smooth movements. At the same time, I cupped his balls in my hand, and lightly touched that area behind the scrotum that I find so sensitive myself. It didn't take long for me to cum, an eruption of semen that sprayed all over my chest, and even splashed on my cheek. It was so intense, the orgasm sent me into spasms, and with each spasm, another load of cum would erupt from my penis and flow over his hand.

During my climax, I held his penis, and once I had returned to my senses after my own orgasm, I began to stroke him, slowly at first, and then faster as he came closer to his own orgasm. I could feel it coming as his dick seemed to swell in my hand, and he groaned when long strings of semen began to spurt from him.

It landed on his chest and flowed down his belly into the forest of pubic hair. We lay there for a while, breathing heavily and holding one another by our sexual organs, each of us covered in our juices. After a few minutes, and, using his boxers, he cleaned himself up and slipped back into his bed, turning out the light. We still had not spoken, and I laid there in the dark thinking about what happened, what I did, what it means. As I replayed it in my mind, I started to get aroused again, and could feel my penis start to harden.

There were still little puddles of cum on my belly. I rubbed my belly and and pubic area, covering my hand in semen, and then again started to stroke my hard on.

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I don't know if my roommate was awake or listening, but I didn't care. I didn't cover myself or try to be quiet about what I was doing and worked myself into a splendid orgasm that was no secret from anybody in that room.