Beautiful lesbo masturbating before oral

Beautiful lesbo masturbating before oral
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I was on holidays with my family and my uncle also came along. He was always very quiet and reserved and never had much to do with my sister or myself. One day I heard my parents talking about him and my dad said he was gay and only liked men. Mom said do you think he will touch or do anything to Tony. Dad said no way would he do that. The next day I hadn't seen my uncle and didn't know where he was and thought he had gone out. My parents went to friends place for the afternoon so I thought this was an ideal opportunity for me to strip off and masturbate in the nude.

I then began masturbating in my bedroom. After about five minutes of wanking myself I heard a noise and my uncle had opened my door and had been watching me for how long I didnt know. He closed the door again and walked away. I sang out its ok you know what I was doing its ok you can watch if you want.

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I don't mind. Then I went down stairs to see if I could find him and he was in the yard.


I said hey I don't mind I am happy for you to watch I know all about you. Dont worry I wont tell anybody come up to my room and we can talk about doing it. Dont worry I wont tell anybody. He said I am so sorry I didn't know you were home I hadn't seen you for hours and thought you were out.

When your parents went I had an opportunity I thought to have some private time to myself and I wanted to be sure nobody else was home. I said don't worry come on up and talk to me I want to know all about it.

I heard dad tell mom you were gay I think I am too. I have never talked to anybody else about wanking nobody will admit doing it but I am sure everybody at school does it. When we got to my room he had his clothes in his hand and his cock had gone soft like mine. He was still naked though. I said dad said you were gay are you? He replied yes I am I do things with other men I don't touch girls.

Would you masturbate with me I would enjoy doing it with somebody else. He said if your father and mother ever found out he would kill me. I said don't worry I wont tell. By now my cock was getting hard again and I said could I feel his, I had never felt one as big as his. He said no at first but after I said I have wanked a couple of other boys off and they had done it to me he said well just for a second.

I took it in my hand as it was getting hard and I got to feel his getting really hard. It is about 7 inches long and thick enough for me to get my hand right around it. Mine s only about 5 inches long and much thinner than his. I said gee that feels good I hope mine gets as big as this. He said thats enough take you hand away now.

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I said please can I do it to you, I relly would like to do it to a nice thick cock like yours. He said no we shouldn't but he made no move to remove my hand or move away. Then I began to stroke it and I looked him in the eye and said - please. He didn't say anything but let me keep going.

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I was really enjoying the feel of doing it to him and pretty soon he was liking me do it to him. My cock was hard too and he put his hand on it and he started to do it to me. I said shit that feels good keep doing it. The two of us were there naked wanking each other. Then he put his arm around me and played with my nipples and I never realised how good that felt. I did the same to him and he just smiled at me and we wanked and squeezed each other nipples as we wanked.

I was in seventh heaven. He was very good at it and pretty soon I wanted to cum. I said I am going to cum - go faster go faster and he did and I spurted cum all over the floor. He looked at me and smiled and said I gather you liked that. I said it was awesome now can I make yours cum too and he just smiled and let me go. I changed position so I was right in front of him and I stopped for a minute to look at his cock close up. I got down really close and when I did I kissed the top of it which had some pre cum on it.

He pulled back and said no not that just pull me. He lay back as I continued to wank him and I said will you tell me when you are going to cum and he nodded.

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I worked on him and changed my hand hold a couple of times just to get another feeling of doing it. He was enjoying what I was doing and after about ten minutes of me doing it with each hand and different holds he said I am going to cum I can finish it - and went to put his hand down and I said no no no I want to. As he sat up as I worked on him I leaned down and did what I had planned and put my mouth over his cock and kept wanking and he came right into my mouth.


It took him by complete surprise and said fuck why did you do that. I said because I wanted to. I love doing it. I have done it to all my friends and they love me doing it to them. I am a real cock sucker and cum swallower.

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I love it. You were great I got more cum than ever before and it tasted great just like my friends but only more of it. As I stood up he stood up too and came to me and wanted to kiss me. I said NO I wont go that far. I am happy to wank and suck you but not kiss.


A friend did it to me once and I hated it. Then he said I am sorry I wont do it again. I said I don't mind sucking and wanking but kissing I cant do. He said ok I don't think we should do anything like this again.

I said why not we have done it once now and I am happy to do it with you any time you like and I hope you will do it with me if I ask you to. He said let me think about it. I said before you go can we do it to ourselves and watch each other. I would be happy to do it again right now.

He said you drive a hard bargain and the two of us wanked each other and I got him to tell me what he does with other men as we pulled on our cocks. I really enjoyed talking to him and after a while he realised I was like him and enjoyed wanking with other boys. He was surprised about me liking sucking the other boys cocks and drinking their cum.

He said they are really lucky having somebody like you to do that, a lot of men wont swallow cum. Then I said there is something else I have done but I don't really like it but I have done it a few times. He said whats that.

I said I have fucked them up the bum and they have done it to me. He said why don't you like it. I said its when they cum in me I don't like that and it hurts a bit.

He said you can fuck my bum any time you like I am happy to do it to you and I promise I wont cum in you. I said not now dad and mum will be home shortly after dinner we could go down to the park and do it. He said no I have a better place if you want to meet me at the corner at 7.30 and we can go somewhere I know and we wont be seen.

At dinner I said I am going out to my friends place after tea. Dad said don't be late home will you. I looked at Uncle as I said I will be home by 10.30 and he smiled he was happy. Dad said no later and I said no problem. That night my uncle and I fucked each others bums and we used a lubricant he bought with him. His cock was pretty big up me and it hurt just a little bit when he got it in but after that it was great the lubricant helped a lot.

He used a condom in me so he could cum in me. It was good feeling him cum but not getting his cum in me. From now on I would let my friends fuck my bum but they would have to use a condom and lubricant.

By the time I got home we had fucked each others bums and sucked each other off. I sucked him off twice and he said I was great. He called me his new playboy and we would have a lot of fun together. When we got home he would talk to his other friends and see if they would let me join in having sex with them he said don't get too excited as my age was a bit of a problem and they might not want to get involved with me. In the meanwhile he and I would have sex together as often as we could, but I still wouldn't let him kiss me.

It was a great holiday. I must have cum 50 times. When we got home my uncles friends wouldn't let me join them because they were worried about my age. I still fucked and sucked with my uncle heaps of times and also with my friends they were happy that they could fuck my bum and use a condom and cum in me.

I liked it too. They also liked the lubricant. I still hated kissing though and I would not let anybody kiss me.