Rita faltoyano boat threesome sex and cumshot

Rita faltoyano boat threesome sex and cumshot
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POV: Rose I walked around my room rather quickly and rubbed my face. "I swear, I love my mom, but she is just a sexual and loving nightmare," I whined, putting my arms out. "Why did I have to have sex with her? Is it just because I love her so much?" I questioned myself before I halted and paused. "I don't know. Now that has been a few weeks, but all of a sudden." I said, clenching my fists. I bit down hard on my bottom lip and just vibrated a bit too.

I couldn't wrap my head around her exactly; she just seemed to be a sexual witch. "Crap, I cut her off, but I cut myself off too. We had that date and passionate sex too, but it just felt too right," I pointed out, sitting down on my bed.

"It would definitely be wrong for her to cheat on dad, but now she like infected me with her virus. I didn't even know about it when I rejected her, how did that happen?

I knew I loved her as a mom, but I thought I'd be fine with that. I couldn't hurt dad like that; it wouldn't be fair to him. He married her and deserves a wife who will be faithful to him.

She can't call herself that if she is having sex with me. It is incest and still wrong even when it was completely consequential. I just want her back, but I still know I can't do that," I explained before covering my face. I kept it covered for over five minutes and shed numerous tears too.

I didn't speak a word and just tried to console myself. "I can't even talk to Lil about this, because that's my mom's best friend. Now I'm just sitting here naked, and I'm hot as hell for my mom," I groaned, dropping my hands. "I want to eat that sweet pussy of hers again, scissor with her, kiss her and fucking everything else too.

I want her, probably just because I shouldn't have her. It would be wrong, but steaming ill-tempered though," I mentioned before hitting my palm. "This just like the most conflicting thing I think I've ever gone through in my life: do I hook up with my mom again to satisfy my needs or try to move on because she is married?" I didn't get my answer, but of course, the moral police in my head was shouting it.

I failed to stop torturing myself for over twenty minutes as I had locked in my mind somewhere deep. I also seemed to throw away the key, trapping her there. "Shit, this is completely unfair," I whined hitting my bed. "My mom wanted to have sex with me, how was I supposed to deny her that?

I'd have to be a cold-blooded tart to do that, especially because she loves me so much. It shouldn't matter if she somehow found out about my video, as soon as she saw it, she should have just closed it," I said, prior to sitting back down. "How many times could she have watched it, so she wants to have sex with me? I want her because I did have sex with her, but she just saw me have sex with some MILF on her computer screen. She should have stopped the circumstances that led here." I just lied down and attempted to comprehend everything.

No matter just how much I wanted to have sex with my mom again, I felt that I wouldn't let myself do it again. I cried a bit more and shook slightly more, but after a couple more moments, I slowly placed my right palm on my pussy.

It held still for a few seconds. "I hate you and love you so much right now, Mom," I let out before I began rubbing my cherry. I licked my lips slowly, but continuously for a moment, I failed to think of anything.

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I just enjoyed the physical pleasure for the time being, but shed a couple more tears. "Oh," I moaned, giving my slit a long rub. "Do you want me, Mommy?" I asked before a gap. "Fine, take me then. Use me for your sick, cheating, lesbian, incestuous pleasure then, slut. Do it, and I'll enjoy it with you. Fuck, you suck so much, but I can't get over just sexy you are.

You are my mom, but we had sex, just you and me, and you definitely cast your spell on me. Of course, after the sex, I couldn't just allow myself to be with you, but maybe in my imagination, we can fuck each other.

Let your horny daughter see that body again. Take off that dress and let me see some skin right now." My hand went just a little bit faster and my mouth opened as widely as possible.

Of course, my cherry dispensed out a lot more juice at the thought of my mom and I having sex. I couldn't help it, but it seemed the more wrong I thought it was, the more I loved it. "I'm already naked for you, Mom, so help yourself to my twat. It is wet and ready for you.

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So go ahead, satisfy your needs," I moaned before letting a couple of fingers up in there. Regardless of what I thought of her cheating, I loved the idea of us being together. Nothing and no one could take away my feelings; I just had to figure out how to deal with them in the best way.

"Yes, Mommy, just like that. Use that tongue right inside my pussy lips and lick that clit for me. Be a great mom and pleasure your daughter in a way you shouldn't, but do it anyway.

Drink my juice too, get it all." My whole body was as slick as ice, and I hadn't even made myself have a full orgasm yet. I just seemed to love fantasizing about my mom. "Oh, incest sex, it might be best," I moaned, moving my hand even faster. "Just because we already love each other, who knows. Fuck, I know that my mom is quite the sight and I absolutely want to get her back into bed. Why, why, why do I want her though?" I stayed silent for the time being, but I heard the weird sounds of juice moving as I pleasured myself ceaselessly.

Every part of my body below my neck was maneuvering at least a little bit. The sexual aroma was hovering in my room, and I loved it to no end. "Yes!" I screeched as softly as I could. "I'm cumming, Mommy. I'm cumming for you." I let my juice fire out of my pussy, and it certainly submerged my sheets right below.

I had my eyes closed, and I was quite busy in my head, so I wasn't sure just how big of an orgasm I had, but I assuredly loved every single second of it though. While I had my eyes closed, I let my fingers off my twat, and I calmly brought them to my mouth. I opened it up and allowed those fingers to seek shelter in there.

I moaned as I began to suck off my juice. 'You like that, Mom? Do you?' I shimmered a bit and cheesed as much as possible too.

I enjoyed my sexual high and placed my hands on my cherry. My hand became drenched, but I had to begin to rub it again.

I got off all I possibly could from it at one time and placed my palms flat on my stomach. I maintained my position for over a half hour in silence and kept my naked body out. The door was closed, but I still felt out there to some degree. Possibly due to the fact of what I was doing as my dad had no idea about it.

Soon after that, I got up and got dressed too. I went to my door and opened it. "And someone is knocking," I said before I calmly began strolling towards the front door. After a moment, I made it to the door and peeked out the small window. "And the best friend is knocking?" I pondered before I grabbed onto the handle. "Hey, Lil and Maria. What, are we in a bizarro world where you two knock now?

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As far back as I remember, I don't recall either of you ever knocking. You walk in like you own joint." "Well, not this time, I guess, dear Rose," Lil answered, slanting her head down.

"Mom, are you blushing?" Maria pondered. "Yes, babe. Rose has that effect on me from time to time, that's all," Lil added, peeking her way. "Anway, Rose, is your mom here?


We were hoping to take her out to lunch or something." "Oh, I don't know where she is right now, she might be out and about already with my dad. I can let you know that you stopped by though," I answered, raising my eyebrows. "What, Rose, you look skeptical?" Lil wondered. "It is nothing; I haven't ever heard of this either. You and my mom are like sisters, and tell each other everything, but now all of a sudden, you don't know where she is, and you want to know if she is available for lunch on a Saturday afternoon?" "Yes, smart-ass," Maria replied before pushing me slightly.

"You aren't the only one that likes your mom, you know, Rose," she mentioned, prior to winking at me. I suddenly placed my hands on my hips and peeked at Lil. She couldn't make eye contact with me and seemed to have an embarrassed look on her face too. The verdict wasn't in quite yet, but I found myself skeptical as Lil put it.

I put my right hand up, but I bit my tongue and looked away for a moment. 'Maria may not know, but she now has me wondering: did Lil tell her about my mom and I having sex?' They just looked at me for a moment in silence, and I just waited for them to say something. After a moment, it did get slightly awkward, and their smiles did fade away somewhat too. "Fine, I told her, Rose. She knows about your video and what you did with your mom too," Lil confessed, putting her palms out.

"Please forgive me." I glanced at Maria, and she angled her head down. "Are you blushing, Maria?" "Yes, you are hot as hell, Rose and you certainly know how to please a woman. Your video is wonderful, are you ever going to make another one?" I took a deep breath.

"Probably not, Maria," I answered, vibrating a bit. "You haven't let my dad know about it though, have you?" "No, of course not, Rose," Maria responded, coming towards me. "Your mom already knew, and it seemed like the kind of thing that you just didn't tell your parents, meaning don't let your dad know," she said, taking her hands in mine.

My mouth opened a tad, and I shook a little bit more. 'She does have my panties wet, but I'm not sure why. I never thought of Maria like that before, but I have had sex with her mom before.' "I know this is a little forward, Rose, but may I kiss you?" "What, why?" I inquired, backing away. "Do you have a thing for me now, Maria?" "I might, but I'm off the market, so it would just be a kiss. Nothing serious between us anyway, Rose." I looked at them going back and forth a few times.

"Lil, why the hell are you smiling as your daughter wonders if she may kiss me?" "Well, when you have a video on the web where you fuck a ravishing MILF, and someone comes across it, you have to prepare yourself for them to like it, Rose," Lil pointed out, coming right behind Maria.

"Trust both of us when we say: you are a seductive angel. You give that little preview of that body, and you hook them." "Flattery will get you everywhere, so sure, Maria," I said, prior to swiftly placing my hands on her butt and pressing my lips onto hers. "That's hot, you sexy bitches," Lil moaned. I had to smile somewhat, but after ten seconds, I parted my lips from hers.

"Happy?" "For now, but if you ever want to join us, feel free to come over any time." "Wait a minute, did you say 'Us.', Maria?" I questioned, pointing at Lil. "You said you were off the market a minute ago, are you telling me that you are sleeping with your mom?" She slanted her head down and smirked for a moment.

Then Lil lazily turned Maria around and left her hands on her thighs too. Maria did the same, but then Lil gradually moved her lips over onto Maria's.

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"Oh, motherfucker," I griped, stomping my feet. "Is this for real? You two are actually hooking up?" They failed to let their lips separate, and their bodies even came closer too. "Oh, fuck me, you two suck. Wow, you are hot as hell. Shit, I even have juice flowing down my legs now." They just kept going, and I felt my entire body shake nonstop the whole time.

I also slathered my lips and was sure that I was dreaming. Although, then I shook my face back and forth and rubbed it afterward. "Wow, okay, you two are the real deal, and I'm speechless now," I let out, dropping my hands.

Then their lips parted, and they both turned to me. "Just tell your mom we stopped by, pretty please. Remember, come over any time," Lil offered before blowing me a kiss. "And please keep our secret too, Rose. We'll certainly do the same for you," Maria added before they both nonchalantly turned back and began strolling away. "You aren't the only one who loves her mom way more than they should." My eyes widened as I saw them hold hands on the way back to their car.

I even watched them drive away as I didn't move much at all. I loved the emotional feeling I got from them, but of course, I had to bite my bottom lip. I went back inside and took a shower. The whole time, I had my mom and those two on my mind.

I placed my entire palms on the front wall and let the water hit me. I pictured myself fucking the shit out of my mom over and over again, and Lil and Maria kissing too.

"I don't even have to touch myself; I can feel my pussy letting out the juice like a faucet on full blast.

Fuck me, I was already down with the 'mom' sickness, but now I have Maria and Lil in there too. I didn't even see them have sex, just watching them make out made me even sicker. I'm one jaded chick. I'm like obsessed with incest now, well, at least lesbian incest.

I never thought of dad like that, but maybe if the opportunity came up, that might change my mind. I don't know; everything is all topsy-turvy now.

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Up is down, black is white, and every woman wants 'A' cups instead of 'D's. What the fuck?" No one else was around to answer, and I couldn't resist, but to place my right hand on my twat. I rubbed it slowly and didn't utter another word. I tried to fathom all the sick and twisted thoughts that went through my mind. I just couldn't, but I knew I loved the idea of Lil and Maria together, as well as my mom and I having fun too.

The actual picture of Lil and Maria having sex never came into my mind, I just thought about them kissing each other. "Oh, Maria, you are kissing your mom as if she is your girlfriend, you sick bitch. Wow, I never noticed before, but you are quite enticing too. I must thank you for your compliment, and I now find myself gladly returning the favor. I wonder what you are doing now, are you on your stomach with your mom's pussy right in your face?

Could you be eating her twat right now? I've eaten my mom's cherry before, so if you are fascinated with incest too, then I can envision that you'd love to eat your mom out, wouldn't you?" I moaned, playing with myself.

My whole figure shimmered a bit, and I made my boobs jiggle a bit in the process. In no time, I felt my wrist become hurt a little bit, but the sexual thrill I was giving myself appeared to be amazing.

"Yes, Lil, make your daughter feel good. Let her know how much you love her, please her and make her feel that she can do no wrong in your eyes. Tell her you love her, kiss her and use those lips and fingers down on her snatch.

Maybe I will come over some time, just so I can see how the sexy action, you two. The carnal sexual pleasure I know both of you will be giving each other," I moaned, moving my hand even faster.

I had the hot water hitting me, but I was confident that my slit was steaming because of my masturbation session. I also felt my juice running off my arm and with each passing second, I knew I was a bit closer to losing it. "Holy shit, I'm tingling all throughout my body now.

Shit, I love you both, and I haven't even seen you together yet. I want to get back into your panties, Lil, and I certainly want you to invite your alluring daughter too.

I want to fuck both of you senselessly. Whether I pound you both with a strap-on, finger fuck you both, or just use my lips on both sets of pussy lips." "Good to know, babe," I suddenly heard my mom say. "Mom!" I shouted, jerking away from the opening. "What are you doing in here?" I questioned, placing my right palm on my heart.

"I'm watching my ravishing daughter masturbate, that's all. It isn't a crime, is it?" "And you are naked, Mom, why?" I pondered, checking out her body.

"You haven't seen me in a while now, so I thought you'd like to see this nude figure," she answered, reaching into the shower with me and placing her hands on my hands. "And I swear, you've just become even more beautiful. We had amazing sex, and I saw your body that night, but it seems like you are getting sexier by the minute. And as you can see, I've kept it trimmed down there too." "Mom," I whined, taking my hands back.

"Lil told Maria about us and my video, why would she do that?" "I don't know, babe. They are mother and daughter, and they talk to each other too. It is nothing to be ashamed of, you know. I know Maria, and your godmother will not tell your dad. She loves you as if you were her daughter, so don't worry. How did you even know she told Maria." "They both came over here looking for you. Lil and Maria wanted to take you out to lunch, but I had no idea where you were.

And they dropped another bombshell: they are hooking up too, Mom? They let me see them making out, and even admitted after a couple of minutes that they were sexually intimate. What the hell, Mom? Did you ask them to do that, was it just a ploy to get me to be with you?" "Oh, that's hot, babe, but no," she answered, breaking eye contact and smiling. "What, Mom? It seems like you are quite happy hearing that?

Were you looking forward to hearing from them? You are smirking as if its Christmas morning," I pointed out, crossing my arms. She stayed silent and didn't look at me at all. 'I'm certain she has something on her mind, but it doesn't seem like she wants to share.' I waited for her over a moment, but not a word dropped from her mouth.

Although, she did peek at me. She mouthed 'I love you.' and calmly leaned towards me. Her head came in and got wet, but for a good reason, as she brought her lips to mine.

'Oh, crap,' I thought before I nodded. She pressed her lips to mine, and we kissed each other as lovers rather than mother and daughter for about twenty seconds. Neither of us touched each other, but it was quite a pleasurable kiss and loving gesture too. After a moment, her lips from mine.

"Would you mind if I joined you? Let another mother/daughter combo enter this town?" "No, Mom," I protested, backing away. "A little not so motherly kiss is fine, but if you came in here naked with me, I'm pretty sure you'd start cheating. You are tempting me now, and I can't fault you for that, but I'm rejecting that idea," I warned her, shaking my head no. She licked her lips and scanned my body for a moment.

I didn't talk or disturb her in any way, but I had to put my foot down. 'Shit, stop looking at her naked body. Damn, she is going to sway me,' I thought before my eyes halted on her knockers.

'Holy crap, she is one heavenly woman.' "Well," she muttered, bringing her face towards mine again. "Whether I'm married or not, I'm always ready and willing to have fun with my daughter. We could get so close; you'd know that my left nipple is, in fact, more sensitive than my right one." "I already did know that Mom," I let her know, looking back at her.

"So, is it fair to say that you have a crush on Maira and Lil now? You were thinking of them in that way." "Maybe, Mom." "Well, if you won't invite me in, I'm just going to head out. I'll see you later, Rose," she said before she smooched my cheek. "I love you." "I love you too, Mom." I watched her slowly back away and then walk out the door backward. I instantly placed my hands on my face. "Fuck me; I've never wanted to fuck my mom more than right now.

I want to eat that sweet pussy and make her cum all over my face. Crap, she is pure evil. Pure sexual evil," I moaned before my hands slipped off.

"You really suck, Mom." I stayed silent and contemplated once again just being with her. I bit my bottom lip frequently and felt my wet pussy dispense out more juice. I couldn't resist the urge to touch my twat again, so my hand zoomed to it and immediately began assaulting it.

"Oh, Mom, you are some woman. A gem, but a broken one I guess. Fuck, I don't know, but she is beautiful and great in bed. Being a great and loving fucker is a phenomenal mix.

Fudge, Mom, I can't believe I'm saying this, but why the hell do you have to be married? I love Dad to death, but now I'm not sure I could envy him more. He gets to fuck you whenever he wants and even gets to see your breathtaking body whenever the hell he wants too. That lucky bastard, oh, what I wouldn't do to be in his place right now." I jiggled around a bit and grabbed onto the bar of the shower door and held it tightly.

I couldn't help it, I declined to be with her, but it made me want her more. "Oh, you witch, Mom. I'm having trouble containing my lust for you, but all the sudden, you showboat your nude body to me. You just allowed me to see those boobs, your stomach, arms, legs and to top it all off, your incredibly sexy little patch on your pussy too that you've kept trimmed. I don't think I've ever hated and loved someone so much at the same time.

Wow, Mom, you pulled it off flawlessly. I have no idea how Maria and Lil started doing it, but crud, the idea of that is unbelievably sexy. If you did talk them into being together, then bravo. I'd have to give you props for that." I felt myself cum at least a few times, but yet, I just kept going. Between Lil, Maria and the ringleader: my mom, I found myself in a state of endless sexual nirvana where it seemed that I couldn't be satisfied.

"Fuck, I must have her," I moaned before I turned off the water and opened the door. "You fucking suck, but how can I resist the temptation you put right in front of me?" I pondered, grabbing a towel. I dried off and went right out the door. I ran right to my bedroom and peeked out the window. "And you are leaving now, maybe you are going to see Lil and Maria," I theorized, prior to sighing.

"I'm not sure, but I'm going to find out." I got dressed, hurried out to my car and headed out. I was next to positive I knew where she was going, so I didn't worry about her being out of sight. The whole time, I felt my pussy getting drenched and leaking out my skirt too. I bit down on my bottom lip and shook a little bit to keep myself alert as I drove. "I'm not sure what I'll find once I get to Lil's house, but I'm more than ready to find out. Regardless of what the possibilities are exactly, I want my mom and I must have her." After a ten minute drive, I arrived at Lil's house, but parked a couple of houses down.

I lazily got out and strolled down to her home. I stopped on the sidewalk in front of the door. "Well, there is my mom's car," I observed before nonchalantly began walking up the sidewalk towards the door.

I slathered my lips as I envisioned the possible sexual outcome of my adventure. I stopped in front of the door and gently pressed the right side of my head on it.

I didn't hear anything back, so I brought it back and clenched my fists. I took in an extra deep breath. "Son of a bitch, I know something is happening behind this door. Whether it is in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or even just a closet, something has to be happening right now.

It can't be a consequence that Maria and Lil came looking for my mom earlier and confessed their incestuous relationship, and after that, my mom comes over here.

Would she do it with them though? I can't actually speak to her sex life with my dad, but she isn't getting any from me," I explained before hitting my palm. "There is only one way to find out, and my pussy is begging to find out at this point," I said before I grabbed onto the doorknob. I opened the door slowly and didn't make a sound. I wasn't sure where to check first, but I just shut the door silently, and my head turned back.

I inhaled deeply and found myself tingling and shaking a bit. I peeked at the living room opening, but didn't hear anything. I shrugged my shoulders and started tiptoeing towards that room. The closer I got towards the room, the more I just felt like taking off like a rocket. 'I don't hear anything yet, but they could just be having quiet sex. My heart is beating hard now,' I thought, approaching the living room. I licked my lips one more time before I gently placed my palm on the wall before the opening.

I stopped again and even held my breath, but I still didn't hear anything coming from the room. "Here goes nothing," I whispered before I calmly let my head poke out.

"Oh, damn it," I groaned, prior to coming out from behind the wall. "I didn't hear anything because they aren't in here," I pointed out before I glanced back down the hallway. "That does leave the bedrooms though." I couldn't resist the urge to investigate even the sexiest and most desirable rooms in the house.

I began strolling. "Well, there is Maria's room, but for all I know, she doesn't sleep in there anymore. If she is, in fact, hooking up with her mom, maybe she even sleeps with her too," I theorized, making my way to that closed door. With every step I took, I felt my cherry become a little wetter; my eyes widened a slightly more and the vibration level increased. I was more than fascinated with the whole situation, and I found myself intrigued that I even went on this little adventure.

'Oh, I think I hear moaning now,' I thought, stopping in my tracks. 'Maybe something is happening in there, but would it make me a bitch if I looked in there even for a second? I don't know, but I know for a fact that my twat is going to decide for me,' I thought, bitting down on my bottom lip. Even as I knew what I was going to end up doing, I held still for a moment and tried to comprehend everything.

"Shit," I muttered, hitting my palm. "I just know once I open that door, I can't undo it," I groaned, prior to closing the gap. As silently as I could, I moved my head to the door and lightly pressed my ear onto it.

My heart was beating so fast; I could barely even tell it was there. I failed to hear anything back, but I couldn't just walk away. 'They could be resting already for all I know.' I kept my head there for over a minute and even let a little saliva onto the door. "Yes, I love you and your daughter, Lil," I heard my mom moan. "I knew it," I whispered, bringing my head back. "I can't see them, but I know it: they are having sex," I pointed out before I nicely grabbed onto the doorknob.


"And now I'm going to find out," I muttered before quietly twisting the knob and cracking the door open. I only let it open a couple of inches, but then my eyes got sight of them. "Wow, my mom is actually having sex with Lil and Maria," I whispered, widening my eyes. "Maria is eating my mom out as she licks Lil's right nipple. You dirty, cheating floozy, Mom. I can't believe I'm seeing this right now; she is committing adultery and helping them commit incest too.

Well, I guess they aren't doing anything to each other at the moment, but they've already admitted it to me though. And you both have elegant bodies too, just as I imagined," I muttered before a pause.

"This is wrong, but I love it," I let out, prior to letting my hand come down onto my crotch. "Damn, Mom, you have your own daughter to eat you out, but you went to them," I cried. My two emotions fought nonstop for a few minutes as I couldn't seem to look away.

I found the three sexiest women in my eyes together, but of course, it was what it all meant that made a few tears form on my face.

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"I know I rejected you, Mom, but you could have fought harder, and just said you really wanted it, or something," I sobbed before a pause. "Fuck, I'm jealous and pleasuring myself while I watch you with them, but I don't even know what I want. I don't want you to cheat on Dad, but maybe I don't want you to do it with them either. I want you to be with me, Mom, and not them. I'm rubbing my pussy and letting my juice leak out, but because of you.

I want you, but." Nothing and no one could absolve my conflicted feelings, but as I realized just how screwed up those feelings were, I shed out numerous tears and looked away just for a moment. 'Maybe I'm a bitch too, because I don't want her to be happy unless it is with me, but I even turned her down too. What sense does that make?

I want to be the only one between her legs, but do I even think she should have sex with Dad? I don't know, but shit, this sucks.

Why did I even have sex with Lil? If I never did that, none of this would have happened,' I thought before I glanced back at them. 'Crap, now you are between Lil's legs, eating her twat like it is a fucking all-you-can-buffet, Mom. I want to do that to be my pussy, not her's.' Despite the tears, and horrible feelings inside me, I still couldn't resist the urge to masturbate to them.

My mom already had the spell cast on me, and Lil and Maria already had their feet in the door too, so it seemed to be hopeless for me. "Get that damn skank off as if she is me, Mom. Make her moan and Maria, finger fuck my mom to make her feel like a whole new woman.

She is my mom, and I should be pleasuring her, but because it is you two, you have to make damn sure you please her like no other woman, except maybe your mom, you fucking hussy. You have your own mom to fuck, and she isn't even married. Shove your fucking fingers in there deep, slut.

Get them in there, Maria. Defile my mom for whatever reasons you have and enjoy that juice too. I certainly hope you." I whispered before a pause. "Yes, suck that juice off those delicate fingers. Now get back to fingering those swollen pussy lips." After a few more minutes, I couldn't help, but to keep fingering myself as well.

Regardless of the real reasons, if any, why any of them were having their sexual adventure, I still couldn't force myself to walk away.

'Seeing my mom with them is like a car accident. It is horrible, but you just can't look away. I don't want to see my mom gratifying another woman, but the sight is just too great all by itself. What can I do?' "Feel better about your daughter rejecting you, Kate," Maria moaned, smooching her butt cheeks several times.

"Don't worry, as my mom said before; you may come to see us anytime you want. We'll make you feel right, even if you are cheating on your hubby. We're not here to judge you, but to make you feel good. If you play your cards right, then you have a royal flush, and you can win the pot now. Literally any time of day, we'll be ready and willing for you.

Just say the word." "Only you and Maria can get me off like this, so you both are remarkable lesbos," my mom praised them. "And what about me, hussy?" I pondered, shooting her the finger with my other hand. "I got you off too, remember?

Don't worry though; I'll cut you some slack because you are in the passion, and you are my mom. Even if you are cheating, you damn harlot. I don't even know what to think of Lil now, she has been a great extra mom to me, but now I just see her in an entirely different light," I mentioned, peeking at her.

"From you confronting to me about my video, us having fun with my mom, and everything else in between. I know now, you are one kinky woman, but I still love you. I love all of you, even you, Maria. Maybe this is just not bad enough for me to stop, so it had the reverse effect and actually made me love you even more. Who the hell knows, this is all just like one sexual wet dream, only I know it is real." I slathered my lips eternally, continued to shed tears and scrubbed my pussy even though I got myself off several times already.

With every passing second, the lust part of my brain seemed to win me over a little more, and the hatred section lost a bit. "Oh, yes, Kate, you are so close to making me cum. Keep going and make this MILF cum right in front of my daughter. Let her see the spectacle up close and personal," Lil moaned, caressing my mom's head. My mom moved her head back and forth rather quickly, so I knew she was pulling out the big guns for her best friend.

So, it was just like pouring more and more lighter fluid on already my sizeable sexual fire that just made my defenses go down steadily. "Oh, please do, godmother," Maria let out, getting onto her knees.

"I'm going to pleasure myself as I watch, Mom, so cum all over her beautiful face," she moaned, assaulting her twat. Even as Lil seemed to be close to shooting, I had to peek at Maria. "Holy sheep shit, Maria, I think you are even more breathtaking than your mom. Oh, that body of yours is quite perfect: great tits, flat stomach and sexy patch down there too.

You are your mom, but a generation younger. I want my mom dearly, but I'd certainly love to take you for a ride." After ogling her for a moment, I calmly glanced back at Lil and my mom. "Get the whore off, Mom, just do it and allow me to see the sight too," I moaned, rubbing my pussy in a little slower, but fuller strokes.

My mouth opened up wide, and my eyes closed slightly too. I felt myself becoming undeniably pleasured and just out of this world. My mom's face only stayed right at Lil's slit and took the hefty dose of her juice.

That babe wants for his long rod

"Yes," I whispered as softly as I could. "Take it all, Mom." I viewed them as if my life depended on it and made sure I saw every single move each of them made.

From how often Maria jiggled while masturbating, how much Lil moved her hands and of course the level of shaking my mom performed as she got her cum. "Oh, Mommy, yes, shoot that juice all over her sexy face. Shit, I'm cumming too, Mom, all because you are with my godmother." Even with Maria's words out there, I couldn't look away from Lil having one hell of an orgasm.

It went on for at least a minute, and I heard Maria moaning in the background the whole time too. Even just that fact made the entire situation hotter. "Fuck me, you all suck in more ways than one," I muttered, shedding more tears. "You are all evil, but I love you all, even you, Maria. Maybe all four of us are just sick and twisted individuals. Who the fuck knows, but I have to talk to you about this, Mom.

I can't just pretend none of this happened. I want you, Mom, but this isn't the time to confront you," I pointed out, calmly tugging my hand out. I let my fingers into my mouth and sucked off the juice from them. "You are amazing, Mom," Maria commended Lil, coming in front of her. "I love you," she said before wrapping her arms around her and kissing her. "I love you too, sweetie," Lil made clear, returning the favor.

I saw my mom watching them together, even as she seemed out of it. 'Yeah, there probably isn't anything else quite like seeing a mother and daughter share their mutual incestuous love for another, is there, Mom?' Suddenly, Lil let go of Maria, and she put a one-foot gap between them.

"I swear I love you more anyone else in the world," she noted before rubbing Maria's cheek. "You mean everything to me. I'm so glad we have Kate and her daughter to talk to about this arrangement." "And, Mom, Rose clearly didn't know about us, so why did we just spill the beans like that?" "Well, she did love it, babe, but I'm not talking about her, exactly," she mentioned, taking Maria's hands in hers. "I love you, Maria, just more than a daughter now.

I've had such a wonderful time being with you. Having you sleep with me, kiss me all the time and spend endless hours together, with clothes on and off." "What are you getting at, Mom?" Lil calmly turned away and went to her dresser.

I could imagine what she had up her sleeve, and there was no way I was about to leave. Lil came back a moment later. "Your father gave this to me a year and a half before you were born, Maria," she replied, opening her hand. "I want to give it to you." "Mom, that's your wedding ring," Maria objected, pushing her hand away. "You can't just give it to me as one gesture. I'm your daughter, and I love you more than life itself, but that is it a memento of your marriage, and the day your life became whole." "Babe, my life became completely whole when you were born.

Then when your dad passed, you were the perfect daughter and helped me enduringly so I could get through it. I knew our bond would last forever, and the fact that we can have such amazing sex proves it. I want you to have it at least and wear it until you meet that someone special. This may sound insane, but I want you, but I also don't want to tie you down forever. Just let me have you until that person presents themselves, or forever if you'll have me.

I don't care, Maria, just at least try this with me. We can still see Kate and Rose if you want, I don't mind at all. It may even make the relationship hotter, who knows?

Just let us be the sexy mother/daughter combo for a while. Do you love me that way, Maria?" She stayed quiet for a moment, peeked down at the ring and shed a few tears too. I couldn't be sure what she'd say, but I waited in suspense for a moment as everyone was silent. "Yes, Mom," Maria answered, taking the ring. She put it on her ring finger and closed the gap between them. "So, you are mine then?" she pondered, encasing her arms around Lil. "I'm here for you, my shockingly lovely daughter.

You've made me believe that almost anything is possible," Lil let out, wrapping her arms around Maria. "I love you, I love you, and I love you some more." I sucked in my lips into my mouth, and I covered my face with both hands. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing at the moment. I didn't know what to think about everything accurately. I heard them making out, but I held my position for a moment and kept the door cracked too. I knew any of them could peek at me, but I didn't leave my post.

I just stayed right there and sobbed. I tried to console myself the best I could without giving myself away.

"You are the best mom in the world," Maria praised Lil. "Thank you, but you are an even better daughter, I swear. I will cherish every single day I get to have in my arms, Maria. And of course every day I get you into my panties, and I get into yours too." Then they all stayed silent again for a moment. I just cried into my hands and let it all out. "Damn, I want that with my mom." "I should probably go, I'm guessing are you going to want some alone time now," my mom said. "Shit, I have to go now," I groaned, biting my bottom lip and closing the door.

I sobbed and slowly made my way to the front door. "Fuck, I just wanted to see if my mom was having sex, not realize that I really do have some big feelings for her," I moaned before opening the door.

"Crap, what am I supposed to do now?" I asked before I ran to my car. I hurried to make my way out, so none of them saw me. I jetted home and went straight to my room for an intense masturbation session. "I have to tell her now. Otherwise, I think I'll regret it forever. I want you, Mom.

Gemeu tanto dando o cuzinho

Maybe you'll be cheating, but I want you. Come hell or high water; your daughter is going to let you know how much you mean to her, satisfy you in a very sexual way too."