Hardcore gay Dylan and Jonny blow cock poke and shower each other

Hardcore gay Dylan and Jonny blow cock  poke and shower each other
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I have a dick and a pussy When I was born, I had regular dick with a pussy right underneath it. A hermaphrodite the doctors called it…or 'Hermie' for short.

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I was male dominate and led a regular boys life. No one could see it in gym class at all. My balls covered my pussy. I could jack off like all the other boys and I could play with my pussy and clit like girls. I really had the best of both worlds. When I got to be about 11 or 12, I started having the usual feelings about wanting to fuck girls.

I jacked off thinking about them, just like my buddy's all did. Secretly though, I wanted to feel a dick in me also. I jacked off with my dick and played with my pussy both. I could cum regular with my dick, and give myself an orgasm playing with my pussy.


I got a dildo and I could jack off and orgasm both then. I got a double feeling if I timed it right. I would cum big as I orgasmed at the same time. I had a 13yr old, younger sister.

She knew about my extras and never told anyone. She had never seen my extras and we never had talked about it, she was just a regular sister. I found I was looking at her fine body more and more. She was getting some nice full tits, a fine looking ass and she was starting to turn me on, more and more. She was a hotter younger version of my mom, who was build very sexy. She was noticing me too. We slowly started flirting with each other, and she liked it when I tickled her, and got a little feel of those new tits of hers.

The sexy looks at each other were getting real hot. One night we both got up to go to the bathroom at same time, about 1am. Our doors both opened together, and we just stopped and smiled at each other. We had to be quiet and walked together down the hall.

There was only a little light in the hallway. Who would get to the bathroom first. She smiled very sexy and whispered: ( &hellip." you can and pee in the sink, but I have to sit down to pee".) I smiled and we both went in quietly and closed the door.

Damn she was looking so sexy, no bra, no panties and a sheer thin night gown. I got a hard on fast. She slowly lifted up her gown smiling at me and my big eyes watching her hot body. She sat down. Boys can't pee with a hard on.

So…I just took out my hard dick and tried. Her eyes locked on my dick as she peed, shivered, wiped but kept her hand on her pussy She whispered: ("…why aren't you peeing?") I explained about boys can't pee with a hard on. She grinned and ask me if she was the reason I had a hard on? I said hell yes, and if you weren't so damn sexy looking, I wouldn't have this problem.

She grinned and giggled a little. I said it’s no use, I can't pee with you sitting there playing with your pussy. She said…"I am not!" I said I know what a woman feels, and yes you are, I can tell by the way you look at my dick.

She blushed a little. She went back to looking at my dick, then said. ' "Can I see it?…your vagina?" I lifted up my dick and balls and let her look. 'wow' she said. "Does it feel just like a regular vagina?" "It sure does" I said. She paused "Can I touch it.?" I said, "First I have to pee, then you can touch me all you want." I pulled her up and I sat down and closed my eyes trying not think how sexy she was looking.

I hummed and tried to think of other things. Soon my dick went down enough for me to pee. ".ahh there", I said. I opened my eyes and there she was with her hand on her pussy, rubbing it and smiling. She whispered: (".we gotta talk sometime, we could have a lot of fun together.") I knew just what she was thinking. She could have a dick and a pussy to play with, both. I smiled big at her. She still unconsciously playing with her pussy.

I whispered: (".come to my room tomorrow night, mom and dad will be out of town.") She gasp a little when I said that, and turned out the light. It was totally black now. I felt her hand start feeling my dick and moving down and feeling my pussy. I felt around and found her new budding tits, and squeezed them. I whispered: (".sweet tits are the only thing I don't have, and yours are driving me crazy&hellip. tomorrow night, ok?" ) She whispered (…"Oh yes!"), and we went back to bed.

The next night I heard my door open slowly. I only had a small light on. I was lying on my bed. She was grinning all excited and came in. I patted the bed beside me. She was so nervous and laid beside me. She had on that long sheer night gown and I had just my boxers on. We talked softly. She started…"you are so lucky to have both a dick and a vagina, if I had that I would be playing with myself all the time." I laughed and said, yes well it does give new meaning to the phrase: "Go Fuck Yourself".

We both laughed. I did a lot of explaining and told her, her tits were exciting me a lot. She snuggled up to me and said I could feel them all I want, she liked to have them felt. I said let's trade. I'll feel your beautiful tits, and you can feel my dick and pussy.

She reached up and kissed me hot and said…"Deal". We lay on our sides. I lifted up her night gown and took it off.

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She pull my boxers down and off. She got on top of me and we started kissing real hot. Soon our tongues met and we just let them go wild. She and I both were breathing hard now. Damn her naked body felt good on me, as I felt her fine little butt and hot legs.

She pulled up and put her tits right in my face. I kissed and sucked them, and danced my tongue around her nipples. She began to moan and pant for air. I had my dick between her legs as she squeezed it and rubbed her pussy on it. She turned around and we lay side to side with her little pussy right in my face. She only had a small patch of pubic hair, light blond. I felt her feeling my dick all over and my pussy too. Soon I felt her mouth go over the head of my dick and her finger go in my pussy.

She started to squirm. It was a first for her and it was making so hot she began to moan steady. I put her leg up and pulled her wet pussy to me. She smelled like my mom, such a hot aroma to me. I reached down and felt her tits and started licking her pussy. She jumped and started slightly humping my mouth.

She sucked and jacked me and worked another finger in my pussy. I could feel her 2 fingers tremble inside me. She was going to have a climax, I could tell as I rubbed her pussy on my face and started moving her clit to my lips.

She did the same, and reached down to place her thumb on my clit. This caused me to jump like she did when I sucked on her clit to hard.


She got her fingers going in and out of my pussy as she sucked my dick and taking all of my dick deep in her mouth. We could take no more and I moaned and shot a big load in her mouth.

She tried to yell with my dick on her mouth as I sucked right on her puffy clit. She bucked and shook as she swallowed my cum. I squeezed my pussy down on her fingers and she shook as we climax together, moaning and I yelled&hellip. 'OH BABY YESSS', and she yelled…'Oh, OHHH Gezzzz OOOOOO and yelled out my name, over and over. We shook and squirmed for a long time&hellip.that was hotter than any of the girls I had ever fucked before.

We lay quiet. At three in the morning, I woke up with her tit in my mouth. It was so sweet and soft for a 13yr olds new tit. The next morning, my sister came in and sat on my bed as I woke.

She whispered that mom and dad wouldn't be home until late that night, and she would fix us and early dinner and then&hellip.maybe&hellip.if I was a good little boy, she might…just let me touch one of her tits, but with just one finger for only 2 seconds. I smiled and pulled her in bed with me. I felt her clit and said. "Oh my, your clit is growing bigger!

Your growing a dick!!! and tickled her tits until she laughed so hard she begged me to stop. (sisters are so much fun sometimes) -------------------- I was now 15, I had a close buddy and we would sleep over at each others house from time to time.

Late at night we would talk about girls and jack off together. We were jack off buddy's but told no one else. I didn't tell him I was fucking my sister.

Then one time, he noticed me as we jacked off together, holding my fingers under my dick and massaging myself while I jacked off. He thought this was a new way to make yourself cum better.

While I had my eyes closed and jacking, he took a close look and was stunned. He said, your different. You have a slit under your dick. I had been found out.

I made him swear never to tell what I was about to tell him. I explained it all to him and showed him my normal 15 yr old girls pussy I had under my dick. He was impressed and said how lucky I was to be born that way. He got real excited and ask if he could feel it. I said sure. This was the very first time a male had ever touched my pussy besides me.

He and I got really hot as he put his fingers in my pussy and rubbed my clit. It felt so good to have someone else do this, I started jacking my dick and moaned a little as he fingered my pussy.

The more he fingered me, the more excited we got. Soon he started jacking himself too and we both shot at the same time, high in the air.

We both said It was the best cum we had ever had ,&hellip. Except,… I got double feelings, one in my dick and one in my pussy.

He asked me if I felt the sex high in my dick and my pussy both, I said yes.

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We continued to be jack off buddy's and kept it quiet. We wanted to try more things with my extras. One night, I just knew this was coming…he wanted to eat my pussy while he jacked himself off.

I said sure, I get double pleasure out of it. I opened my legs wide, for him.

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He was really excited getting on his knees to eat my pussy. I watched him lick and feel my pussy. My girl urges were feeling so hot now. He soon found my clit and sucked on it…oh man, that jolted me and felt really good. My dick was rock hard and wanting to cum.

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He was jacking him self and eating my pussy on his knees. He was shaking he got so hot and reached up and started jacking me too. Now I was getting my pussy licked and a hand job both. Soon I began to moan with double pleasure in my dick and pussy both.

My dick shot a huge cum in the air as my pussy climaxed hard. I shuddered and moaned loud. I looked down to see him putting his dick in my pussy. It felt wonderful.

My first ever dick in my pussy. He closed his eyes and must have thought about a girl he wanted to fuck, and then he yelled and moaned…and I felt his hot cum fill my pussy over and over. My girl urges went crazy climaxing hard with my pussy's first fuck ever. ----------------- About a year before, I realized I had female urges too, and found myself wanting to suck on a dick, like a girl would want, and wanting to feel a dick cum in my mouth like a girl would want.

I found I could instantly switch in my mind from male to female desires, or both at the same time. My jack off buddy felt so lucky that it was him that had a best buddy he could jack off with, eat pussy and fuck pussy, all in one guy.

We wanted to do more in the future. At 15 we had a lot we wanted to try. We both had fucked a few girls and were always look for more, The girls I fucked never knew my secret.

I kept my balls over my pussy just right and they never saw or felt anything unusual. The next sleep over we both wanted to try something new, that only a 'hermie' could do. -------------- My sister came in my room all excited and closed the door.

She kissed me all out of breath and felt my dick. Mom and dad were home, and she was taking big chance doing this. She closed her eyes and put my hand on her tits. I wanted to fuck her right then, but of course couldn't. She started to whisper: (&hellip."oh god, you won't believe what I found out at school today…there is a girl 'hermie' that lives here in our town.

I contacted her today, and she is all excited to meet you!"…) She was right, I was stunned. A female dominant hermie. I had to meet her.

Her shaking hand gave me her phone number. My sister was all hot thinking about it, and rubbed my hand on her pussy and moaned. I said: (" we can't do anything right now, but tonight come back to my room and we can sneak some fun in. I owe you sis.") She squeezed my dick, kissed me hot, and said: ("Oh…she's single and 24yrs old.") &hellip.and then left, smiling real sexy at me and still rubbing her pussy as she backed out and closed my door.

My mind was racing with thoughts. I was 15, and she was 24. What it be like, would she like me? Would she just treat me like a kid? It was making me crazy thinking about it. I called the number. She answered. I told her who I was. She said: "Oh my god, thank you for calling.

I thought I was the only one around this whole state. Can you come over, we have a lot to talk about. I said I don't have a car, I'm only 15. She said she would come pick me up. Can you fix it with your folks? I said yeah, I'll tell them your a soccer coach, and your taking me to a practice. Can you wear sports clothes? She said yes! And she is familiar with soccer, her brother plays on a team.

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Soon I see a SUV pull in the driveway, and off I go. Wow, she was a short redhead and good looking. Nice big tits, hot figure and sweet face. We dove to her place. We sat on the couch and started talking. We liked each other right away. She lived alone and finally said: "What are we waiting for, let's take a look at our 'extras'.

She stood up and slipped off her jogging pants. There it was, a good sized dick right above her red bush. It had red pubic hair around it too. She said she could cum with it, her balls were inside her though. I stood up and showed her my pussy under my balls. We neither one had seen another hermie, in person. She got on her knees and looked at my extras.

She asked if she could feel it. I said sure. She gently fondled my pussy and looked it over. She started breathing in gasps. She asked me to lay down in a 69 position on the couch so we both could take a close up look and feel. We felt each other. I loved her red bushed pussy. It was making me hot and I started get a hard on. When I got hard, so did she.

We started stroking each other. Then next our lips went and started licking. She suck my dick and licked my pussy and I licked her pussy and stroked her dick and my girl urges sucked on her dick.

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We both got out of breath. We both could cum and climax with both our dick and pussy's, &hellip.but she had those big tits I loved right away. She got up and took me to her bedroom and we undressed each other. We got in bed naked. We started in kissing while we felt us up. She said I was a fantasy come true.

She just never thought she would ever meet another hermie like me. I said me either and how hot she was, and it was really was turning me on.

She said …out of breath.she had never been so hot and excited at she was right now. We kept kissing and soon our tongues slipped in and touched. I was really turned on. She was so hot looking, with big sweet tits I wanted to fuck her bad now.

My girl and guy urges were mixing together and I wanted to suck her beautiful dick and fuck her both. She had them to as she felt my pussy and my dick both. She gasp and said she saw a video of two hermies turned so they both could put their dicks in each others pussy's at the same time and fuck. I said let do it, I have to cum real bad now. She turned around on her back, and I got on her face down the opposite way and we worked our dicks in each others pussy's.

OH my…we'd never had both our dicks in a pussy while having a another dick in our pussy at the same time.


Her pussy was hot and wet on my dick and her dick felt so good in my pussy. We got a fucking motion going and started to moan together steady as we both felt two climaxes and cum building up. We lost control and start yelling loud …OH&hellip.OH, OH MY GOD, YES, YES OH BABY CUM WITH MEEEEE&hellip.I…and I went dizzy as my dick shot a mega blast in her as she shot a big load in me&hellip.we both just about passed out from the high…moaning and pumping our dicks in us.

We moaned and gasp for air as the double feeling we both had almost blacked us out. We moaned and shook as we pumped every last drop of cum we had in us. Our pussy's squeezed down so hard on our dicks I thought I had hurt myself.

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I was numb from cuming so hard. She gasp for more air and shook again and again. We just lay there and were so weak we couldn't move. We passed slowly out and stayed locked together. ------------ It was dark outside now, I had to get home so the folks would ask any questions. She was up and handed me my clothes as she got dressed. On the way home she stopped a block from my house.

We kissed with hot passion one last time before parting and she said&hellip."Looks like we belong together, what are you doing for rest of your life?" I started laughing and finally said: "We must part now my sweet, until we can meet again&hellip.She put her hand over my mouth laughing and said: "Don't you dare say it!"… I giggled and started again…"while we're apart"…she tickled me as we both laughed&hellip."while we're apart…go fuck your self!" Shannon, was my new hermie girlfriends name.

Shan, for short. Thanks to my sister Megan, for finding her. Shan dressed down, with sweat shirts to cover her front in case of an erection. She wore special panties that would hide one also. But with me, no need to at her house. I started spending a lot of time at her house and my folks ask a lot of questions about it. I told them all kinds of bull why I was doing it. My mom knew something was up, and cooled it with my dad, and it all settled down.

I had the hots so bad for Shan, I wanted to be with her all the time, and the same with her. My sister Megan and I started talking a lot and compared notes on our personal thoughts, My sister had both male and female urges too.

She could see a girl, and want to have sex with her, then switch in her mind and see a guy and want to have sex with him. Just like me. ------------- Megan liked everything about Shan, the best of both worlds, just like me.

Sis wanted to have sex with Shan, bad. Megan wanted a picture of Shan to look at while she masturbated and dreamed of having sex with her. Megan's guy and girl urges were both working on her.

Shan would never allow any pictures of her naked…ever!, she said. If the picture ever got out, she'd have to live with the public knowing, and live with it the rest of her life. (* see part II, already written)