Neue Jungen fms Freak my shit Homosexuell Musikvideo

Neue Jungen fms Freak my shit Homosexuell Musikvideo
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The year was 2045. As first world culture grew, advertisements and television shows began to have more and more sexual themes. From the time of the mid 1900s to the 2000s, clothing especially for women had become more and more provocative, covering less and less skin.

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By 2030, laws of censorship for movies and advertisements became more and more lenient until naked people displayed in public was condoned. If you went to a beach, hardly anyone wore bathing suits and men and women alike would walk around in the sun completely naked. As nudity became normal, so did the tolerance of displaying sex openly. In movies the sex scenes became more or less pornography and public sex was common. The entire idea of sexuality was revolutionized and the boundaries of straight versus gay were blurred.

Sex became common between people that were in no way emotionally tied.

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Businesses and restaurants featured waiters and waitresses that would preform sexual favors for a price. In a nice restaurant, after ordering the food, men could pay 20 dollars and have the waitress, who is usually already naked except for the small black belt that was used to carry their notepads, would climb on top of the guest and ride them, allowing them to blow their loads deep inside the pussy of the attractive waitress or the tight ass of a waiter for an extra five dollars.

Chairs could recline for women and girls over the age of 18 to receive a nice fucking from the large cocked waiters or lay back to have their pussies licked to climax by a sexy waitress. In the year 2025, scientific breakthroughs eradicated stds, do there were no need for condoms. At this point in time I was 19 years old. Through the years I had had many sex partners both male and female and through sports I had developed nice abs and a nice round ass with an eternally tight asshole.

The football team was also the place that I learned how to fuck guys and ride cock.

After a good win we would all crowd into the showers to celebrate and have a team bonding orgy. I was one of the more attractive of the team so I was often the center of a circle of guys, with one ramming my hole with his cock and one getting fantastic head from me in front.

After high school, I lived in New York and shared an apartment with my friend Peter, who worked as a lawyer in the city. I had just moved to the city and was looking for a job while I attended NYU.

My job hunt began one Saturday morningwhen I woke up and went into Peter's room. I was horny and was dying to get a load off. Our daily routine consisted of me waking up and either going into his room to fuck in the bed, or going into the shower to have him join me shortly after. As I entered the first think I saw was his huge morning wood, 8 inches long (this was partly why I agreed to room with him).

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I went over to the desk and applied some line to my asshole and climbed onto the bed, strataling him. He was still asleep as I took his cock and placed it at the entrance to my hot hole, and slid myself down onto him.

I went up and down and he began to moan, waking up and realizing that I was riding him. He rubbed his eyes and said good morning, and once he gathered the strength he sat up and wrapped his arms around me, and rolled us over into missionary position.

He began to fuck me faster and faster and we both were moaning. I was saying "that's it.


Thats it fuck me faster. Fuck me hard and shoot that load deep inside me". He fucked me like that for about 10 minutes and as I jacked my cock and shot a load all over myself, he busted his seed deep inside my ass. He rolled off of me and as we laid there breathing heavily, he sighed, "man I never get tired of that ass." I smiled and rolled out of bed, and walked into the shower. We showered quickly and got out to make coffee and begin the day.

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He left for work in his suit and tie and I slipped my shoes on and left the house in just a tank top. The first place I walked into was Drake's Restaurant and Bar, which was only a few blocks from our building and at which I was a regular.

I had talked to the manager and he had offered me a job there as a toy. A toy was a term used for men and women who worked in high class restaurants and bars that basically serviced customers in any way they wished. I went into his office and we chatted for a while, discussing the details of my employment. We agreed and settled the deal with me kneeling on the floor and taking his cock in my mouth, deepthroating it and swallowing his seed as casually as you would shake your bosses hand.

Working boy My first day on the job was interesting. Regulars at the bar were excited to see a new toy walking around. Most men had particular toys that they enjoyed, usually one of the sexy girls that would service them in any way required.

A Night At The Bar

This left me mostly tending to the women. What was most common, which I preformed twice in the first 2 hours was me sitting in their chair and having the usually older woman sit on my cock.

Supporting herself on the arm rests that were built in for that very reason. I would hold her hips and fuck her until she would cum all over my cock, usually before I had a chance to blow my load. This I would hold in and if my rcock began to strain too much under the pressure of the lack of ejaculation, I would either find a customer interested in taking my seed or get sucked off by a co worker in our downtime when there were no customers requiring my services.

I also had a friend named Alexa who I hung out with often, occasionally engaging in sexual activities. Alexa and I had been friends since we were teenagers and had moved out to the city around the same time. She was the head of a high class gym in the downtown area that featured an indoor pool, basketball court, tennis courts, several different weight rooms, a 50 yard turf field on the roof, and a locker room/bathhouse on the highest floor.

Unlike any locker room I had ever seen, the walls were huge windows, extremely tinted of course, that looked over the whole downtown area.

Some days I would get a nice work out in and go to the locker room, strip down, and sit in the jacuzzi, admiring the view and taking in the relaxing atmosphere. There was also a special feature of in the building located in the basement that was only open to members who were not only high class customers, but we're friends of Alexa.

I had heard rumors about the basement level such as it being a whore house or a sex lounge, but I doubted it. One day I was hanging out with Alexa at my apartment. "How's work going?


I've heard a few good things about you.", she said with a cocky smirk. "Work is great. It's tiring but I'm getting used to it. What do you mean you've heard things?", I asked, very curious as to why any word of my job would make it to her.

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"Oh I've heard many things. What I'm getting at is that I've heard you're an incredible fuck. You last forever, you have a huge cock, tight asshole, and you cum like a racehorse. I'd like to offer you a job." Startled a bit, I asked, "why would this do me any good at a gym?" "I have to go now.

Come to the gym tomorrow at 1 o clock and I'll explain everything. You won't be dissapointed." We said our goodbyes and it was getting late, so I laid in bed and waited for Peter to get home. Once he walked in I called out from the bedroom, "How was your day, Pete?" "It was rough.

I haven't been this stressed out in a while. The Lewis case is driving me crazy", he sighed as he cracked open a cold beer and laid down on the couch. I felt bad for him and wanted to do something to release his tension, so I walked into the bathroom and quickly took off all of my clothes. I looked at myself in the 6 foot mirror, running my eyes over my defined pecs and sculpted abs as if my eyes were hands, caressing my body, running over my abs, down to my shaved cock and balls.

I turned around to admire my round bubble-butt of an ass and began to get confident of my sexiness. It was my day off and the lack of sex left me feeling almost empty, and it was then when I realized how horny I really was.

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I walked out into the living room to see Peter laying on the couch, sipping his beer and watching sorts center.

He said hello but didn't give my nudity much thought as it was common for us to walk around naked in out home. "I'm sorry you've been so stressed out lately, but I think I have just what you need", I said in a provocative tone.

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He didn't even take his eyes off of the television, but smiled in the middle of his sip that told me he wanted it. He was laying in the couch parallel to the tv on his back, with his head turned to the left watching the 3D tv. I walked over and straddled his feet.

The top of his feet and his toes were nearly touching my ass and balls as they hung low under me, as I leaned forward to position my head just above his crotch. He casually removed his shirt and I undid his pants, pulling them off before resuming my original position. I lifted his thick cock up in my hand and sensually licked from the bottom of his balls all the way up to the tip of his semi-hard cock, before I engulfed it all at once deep into my mouth.

I rubbed and squeezed his balls as I moved my mouth up and down his long cock, taking it deep into my throat with relative ease. After about five minutes he was getting close and decided so spring up, pushing me onto my back with my legs on his shoulders. He slid in and fucked me just like that for about ten minutes until cum was covering my stomach from my own cock, and dripping out of my ass from his.

We fell asleep naked on the couch together. Alexa's Gym: The Bottom Floor After sleeping in and finding that Peter had already left for work when I woke, I showered and made myself lunch, thinking hard on the possibilities of what might happen at my mysterious job offer. I arrived at the gym and was greeted warmly by Alexa, who took me into the elevator and down to the exclusive lower level of the building, which was almost two stories underground.

When the doors open I was faced with a fancy desk, with a cute girl working as a secretary, and a long hallway stretching the length of the building in both my left and right, looking like a hotel with the evenly spaced doors that lined the dimly lit hall. "This is the lower level", said Alexa, "the deal down here is that high class men and women pay large amounts of money to have a room to themselves for any desired amount of time.

They request a specific gender, race, and any other personal preferences that they may have out of any of our 33 employees. My offer to you is to make you the 34th. You will be used my mostly women, as the men tend to go for our female escorts that are extremely tempting if I do say so myself.

What do you say.?" Leave a comment with some feedback and there is more to come of this and other stories. :)