Teen masturbating and self recording

Teen masturbating and self recording
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It took a little under a year for news of the WMAF revolution to begin to reach Japanese males in the VR world such as 17 year old Shiro Aikyo. He was in his room but every one of his senses told him that he was sitting with his favourite idol, Misa! (who had her name legally changed to include the exclamation mark) attached to his 5'6 frame. The boy had unkempt dark hair and a body that wasn't fat at all but didn't have an ounce of muscle on it. He lowered his eyes to take in the sight of Misa!

in his lap, giving him a boob job with f-cup breasts leaking milk all over his crotch. A copy of her was at his side, leaking her milk over his chest and with her mouth on his neck, he sat on a third copy who was similarly leaking and massaging his shoulders. Each was heavily modded from the release version of the idol sim, the platinum blonde hair was baseline but Shiro had added the boobs and milk, an impossibly perfect hourglass figure and shelflike ass.

This all looked even more obscene on her small frame, which he had taken 3 inches off of to make just 5'5 in height, it was important she be shorter than him. Each one was letting out little gasps and moans of pleasure, likewise the warmth of their milk and bodies made for a pleasurable cocoon like feeling. 'This is my dream come true' he thought 'and even if it weren't, such an out there experience should be making me feel something strongly but no. Maybe my rig is broken. Or maybe I'm depressed, pining for something' these thoughts of other places brought back the news he had heard about the real world.

'Have you heard the news about the white men?' he said, looking around at his friends in VR chat, most were similarly engaged in sexual fantasies and not much interested in the chat aspect. His all Japanese group of friends looked just like him despite their situation, the possible issue of players becoming so absorbed with the games that they hardly moved and became fat was neatly dealt with thanks to players becoming so absorbed they forgot to eat. 'Oh yeah, they finally perfected a game to appeal to women, apparently its about importing loads of white guys who breed them like crazy' said one who Shiro thought may or may not have been in a sexual fantasy, the image of a woman was dutifully staggering backwards under the flailing of his weak fists.

'Its not a game' Shiro said sharply 'I'm pretty sure its a game' replied his friend as he delivered his knockout punch 'and it doesn't matter to you even if it isn't, were you planning on having love blossom between you and some dumb cunt? I bet it's been years since you spoke to a female' this wasn't entirely true, he had spoken to his mother a year and a half ago, this contradiction felt like it was only reinforcing the point though so he kept it to himself.

'Doesn't it bother you at all?

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these are the women of Japan and we're Japanese males but we have this relationship with them. There might be a population boom and none of us at all one day' perhaps he shouldn't have been surprised at his friends lack of concern he reasoned but he was nevertheless. They never had to leave with their schooling being done in the virtual world too so loss of connection to reality was to be expected.

'And what would you do?' his friend said, angry now and stamping on the face of the woman he had knocked down 'I bet its been years since you had an erection' again not entirely true, years of over-consumption of pornography and desensitization tended to leave males impotent by their mid-teens. Shiro was different though, his 4 and a half inch dick (the biggest of his friends) still sometimes got hard, he looked at it sadly now though between the breasts of the object of all his desires and completely limp.

'Do you have an erection right now?' his friend pressed on 'No' replied Shiro. 'You bragged to me that you can get it up, Shiro' another friend piped up 'I can, it's just I'm having some trouble right now but-' he was cut off 'I think I see what's going on here, you're sad that you're impotent and thinking of all those things you can't do now, well don't worry, you were never going to do them anyway' before he could reply his other friend piped up again.

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'It might be because the cocksleeve on his rig was made when he was erect and doesn't fit anymore' he babbled 'I had the same problem once I became impotent where the extra small was too big but they make them to order and I think they're even stocked on the main site now'. 'Well, whatever it is, I can tell you my friend that you're not going to find anything better or more real out there' his angry friend said as he finally succeeded at putting his tiny limp dick in his bloodied bombshell of curves, the image of a woman of course orgasmed the moment he put it in.

Shiro's eyes narrowed but he said nothing, he had spoken about real sex with his mother many years ago and he didn't remember it sounding like this.

'I only have sex with Asian boys, never white men' chirped Misa! 'Misa! silent mode' he replied. This real girl was, unusually, the object of his fantasies and the physical pleasure her simulated for gave was good but the chat was lacking at the best times and he definitely wasn't in the mood for a conversation with these idols now.

'Try getting the penis attachments for futa, it's actually not gay if it's a woman's penis' said a friend who was being spitroasted by futas but took his mouth of the dick in the front of him to speak. No one replied. Shiro's crotch felt damper and he looked down to see Misa! silently orgasming and spraying milk like a fountain.

Who knows what I did to cause that he thought, probably nothing, his shuffling also set off the one at his shoulder who sprayed him in the face. He had downloaded these mods and enjoyed them many times but he wondered how he ever had, in this moment it was only irritating him. The spraying carried on, as well as his friends chattering, becoming so irritating he snapped.

Taking the incredible step (for him) of turning off everything, no VR or even AR as he usually had when moving around 'off' he surprised himself by saying in his real voice.

He disconnected himself from the thing pleasuring his body and beaming things into his head to rise slightly unsteadily to his feet. Gaining momentum though he threw on a t-shirt, jeans and shoes, almost running out of his unkempt apartment full of toys and posters. With the vague objective of going out.

somewhere, anywhere. While making his way down his apartment block to street level, some sights and sounds which were produced by what was happening below reached him but he was only confused by these sounds, opening the front door and stepping out on to the footpath made things clearer however. The boys eyes were hurt by the sunlight so he was only able to hear at first the squelching sounds of the girl metres away from him dully humping a street light with half lidded eyes.

As Shiro's eyes adjusted and he made his way nearer, he looked over the girl who was his own age and a touch taller than him, she had makeup running down her face and her long pink hair was matted with white fluids. In fact, her whole body seemed to be slick with them, the innocent of real world sex boy might have thought she'd been swimming if there were any water nearby.

She wore what seemed to have once been a pink lolita dress but was now almost unrecognizable, it was stretched taut everywhere by the sheer maternal force of the teenage girls pregnant belly and leaking e-cup boobs, Shiro marveled that she must have been at least 9 months pregnant with twins.

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The material of the dress, bought a month ago, was also ripped or missing in places as a result of the rapidly growing body which it was even making little sounds of protest trying to contain and by the rough treatment of the men who had been using her holes. Feelings of concern rising in the boy and his own need for some answers to the confusing sight overcame his fear of speaking to girls 'Miss, are you okay?' it sounded wrong even as he said it for the odd sight in front of him but he couldn't find more fitting words.

It didn't seem to matter though as the girl stayed intent with an oblivious expression on generating squelching sounds against the light and heavy mouthbreathing, her extremely needy pussy being exposed thanks to her dress riding so far up her fat body. Looking at her pussy now he saw the same white fluid forming rivers down the girls legs and felt a fool for ever wondering what it was.

'Miss?' he attempted again, placing his hand on her arm but taking it back in surprise at the feeling of it sinking so far into her soft flesh.

She did turn at this though, fixing him with the vacant happy look which she generally gave things that didn't immediately promise sex or the deprivation of it she said something that he didn't understand. Not that he much noticed, he was overcome with amazement at how her whole body jiggled with the movement of turning her head 45 degrees towards him. The double chin completed the picture, every inch of her had been hit hard by her pregnancy.

The state that the once slight, meek girl's mind was in only in part came from the lust overload that Shiro suspected, the main cause was the drugs pumped in to the air by personal order of the Prime Minister.


These drugs had been made with great care to attack parts of the brain deemed unnecessary for breeding, thoughts of permanent effects on the women and the babies which they carried were hoped to be as strong as possible and masturbated over by Junko.

Doing her best to work her addled brain the girl focused her eyes on this boy in front of her and smiled anew, he smiled back, finding it nice in a bizarre way. The nice moment ended with a big shift in her expression to excitement at something behind him. Turning, he saw the white men he had heard about approaching. There were two of them, they were 6'2 and 6'4, each about 300 pounds of rippling muscle with half hard cocks reaching their lower thighs.

The musk of these hairy masculine bodies hit Shiro like a slap in the face as they drew close and made him feel like he was being pressed on from all sides, to say nothing of the fear he felt at the sight of them. The girl seemed to love the musk though, breathing deep to drink it in and exhaling increasingly excited chipmunk like sounds as they drew towards her with cool expressions. The men stopped suddenly before reaching the pair, looking at Shiro with confusion at first but realization soon lighting up their faces.

Some words were exchanged about ways to communicate with a Japanese speaker other than the Japanese for 'bend over', Shiro understood none of this conversation but then one looked him in the eyes, making him flinch and said 'Ching chong ching chong' which he understood well enough as an insult.

The other joined in, wondering why he had cared about communicating in the first place and they started laughing as they repeated 'Ching chong ching chong' like it was the funniest thing they had ever heard. The pair of white men were much less affected by the drugs in the air, it was race targeted by design, but they were affected still, this along with boosters to increase their sex drive, stamina and aggression left quite a low IQ all told.

Their laughing was cut off as the girl began shouting 'Ching chong' at full volume with mentally disabled laughter that put the jokesters to shame.

She seemed to be imitating and to not actually get the joke which was some comfort to Shiro who wasn't sure whether he should be grateful. Unnoticed by everyone she had taken the initiative and begun to waddle towards those the white cocks, the things she had spent so long thinking of. They all watched in silence for long moments, interested and slightly hypnotized by the pendulous way this creature moved, along with how wondering how long she could find the joke funny.

Reaching her goal brought another surprise from her, some old discarded notion of flirtation found it's way to the surface of her marshmallow like excuse for a brain. She turned around and made an attempt at seductively rubbing her bare ass against the bigger man's leg, even that complex display on par with her ancestors coded fan signals turned out to too much for this world.

As she backing up the momentum of her own unfamiliar body took her and she slammed her full weight into the unfazed man, she was prevented from taking the cock in her still drooling slit only by being so much shorter. Thankfully so, as she probably couldn't have stayed on her feet for the fucking she was now inevitably going to receive. Realizing this herself by the protests her legs were crying out and with her body only just beginning to settle down from hitting the man, she was now attempting with much jiggling, shortness of breath and the occasional ching chong to find her way to the ground.

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Her burst of mental might seemed to have finally run out as for some reason this was a confounding thing, she was saved by a foot being placed on her head that pushed her firmly but without unnecessary cruelty on to her back. A great rip appeared along the front of her dress at this action, setting her belly free and bringing a long 'Mooooo' of relief from the happy girl, Shiro realized what the sound before had been.

Satisfaction which was short lived, a longing look played across her face directed at the man in front of her, her cunt's perpetual state of arousal now accompanied by slight opening and closing as it anticipated trying to grasp a superior cock that hadn't yet been put in her.

The slab of muscle knelt down, grabbed her thick hips and slammed his cock home in one quick motion, making the cow-girl-things body quake again before it could settle. What the young boy took notice of however was how her eyes crossed and very a low moo came up right from her diaphragm.

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The front of her dress held on for a split second until it exploded open with the powerful fountain of milk which her orgasm caused to come forth from her udders. The lowing girl had just crested, still coming down this climax that had been worth the wait but the men didn't even pause.

She was gasping for air from the effect of the orgasm on her unfit body and by the man just beginning to pound her cunt but had a cock shoved down her throat anyway. Shiro began to walk away, sensing there was no place for him here, but could still hear the sound of hear her porky body making clapping sounds as it wetly slapped against itself and the men. Along with the obscene sounds coming from both holes as she built towards another climax. Dejected and with his notions about a man being so good that he could cause an orgasm just by putting it in shattered the boy kept walking.

He walked around in a daze through the streets of his homeland, finding the same situation wherever he looked, the real world seemed to revolve around that act. High pitched moans and low grunts were everywhere while he was silent and ignored. It was impossible to turn away from the sight of powerful white cock thrusting into pregnant Japanese women.

Many females took shots of the drugs willingly but they hung thick in the air regardless, to aid breeding and to help the cultural integration of women who had voted against the revolution. The air thick with sex and other things clung to Shiro, along with fluids gushing on to him from the many orgasmic releases he had walked past, all told he was becoming quite damp.

Screens floated in every street which gave no release from the sights, some were advertizing clothing brands specially tailored to sexually appeal to ''Aryan gods'' these seemed to be popular as he recognized the pink lolita dress along with the sexualized parodies of business suits, school uniforms and the like which many of the women lying around wore.

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Others were educational videos with slogans like ''breed right, breed white'' and the general benefits of being knocked up by white men as well as recommended prep for the first time. Apparently there were many help forums online and optional classes at school for Japanese girls who might be struggling to accept white supremacy.

The screens took special note many times of females who might have taken a nip cock and wrongly assumed a white one would be similar, this assumption made for a high priority to contact for re-education the boy heard with a black expression. The last genre he internally sorted the many videos he saw in to was testimonials and there were more of than these of any, all with very happy women talking about their experiences with Aryan cock and their journey to accepting the new world order.

One who didn't look like she was out of school yet spoke of how she had her mouth pounded so hard that the force of the man's thrusts had broken her nose. Another who looked like someone's mother spoke of being so exhausted and oxygen deprived by a marathon session with five men that she had slipped into a brief coma and still fucked despite this for some hours by the uncaring men. A particularly young one spoke of how she been scared of what was happening all around her at first, partially because of the great difference between her cunny and the cocks she was told it was her duty to take.

But her mind had been changed by the drugs that her obscenely pregnant little body was so bad at metabolizing and the females in her family aiding with her being raped until she liked it.

Shiro had to concede that it was all rather effective and he was right, it was effective despite some issues with the original PR campaign being headed by the increasingly extremist (even for her peers) Tomoko.

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The action around was beginning to take hold of him more deeply and his little penis was straining at his pants. I don't belong here, I should go back was what echoed through his mind before but now he was playing on repeat what he saw on the screens. What the drugs in the air would do to a Japanese male hadn't been considered but here was a test subject to settle the matter.

Saving him from this spiral of thoughts was a woman who caught his eye, she was simply drinking a can of something and looking about while not covered in semen, but seeing someone else who wasn't participating in the action was a special thing indeed at that moment. The woman was pregnant like the rest but only four months along, she was wearing one of the parodys of a business suit which managed to make her seem more nude than a nude woman.

Walking close and knowing with all his heart that he wanted to say something but not knowing what, Shiro came out with the most emphatic 'Uh' of his young life.

The dark haired woman who he guessed was in her mid twenties and much taller in her heels looked over, for a moment in confusion and then recoiled seeming to realize what he was.

This girl had woken up late and was about to get going, any notions she was pure were misplaced. Her expression changed again to a sneer though as she said 'Hi, I'm Claire' surprised by the western name but relieved he replied 'I'm-' but was interrupted 'You must be tired after your long sleep but you're up at last' smiling big now 'Here, something to drink' the can was offered.

Grateful, he drank deeply until he heard piercing laughter from the woman. He looked at her confused but no explanation was put forward so he looked carefully at the can instead. ''Ingredients: Aryan cum, carbonated water, sugar'' it said, now even more so with his moment of hope gone the boy was too deflated to summon up the disgust he thought he should feel.

'Figures' he finally said. By small way of consolation this seemed to spoil the fun of the girl who he was pretty sure hadn't been calling herself Claire up until recently. The look of excitement that her expression changed to now gave him some hint at what was coming. He felt a hairy and very muscular arm wrap around his neck 'Oh, a newbie, its been a while' Shiro understood none of what this man had said but he tried to pull away in panic, the veiny arm didn't move with his struggling.

A note of concern which the boy picked into the voice behind him 'Come on, it might hurt at first but I promise you'll love it real soon and it'll fatten up this little body of yours real good.' the struggling didn't stop 'I guess you cant understand me but that's okay, I'll show you' Claire was frozen not knowing what to do as it hit her what was happening. The man spun his girly prey around to look at his face, they looked at each, both liking what they saw and the smaller one noting with happiness the genuinely kind face behind the beard.

Tears welled up in his eyes at the waves of confused emotions that were rocking him, before he knew what was happening he felt himself being drawn into an embrace that was meant to help some with these feelings.

With no hope of resisting and liking the warmth and strength of being in these arms too much to care, he relaxed and nuzzled up against the big bear of a man. 'There you go' was said softly but not comprehended by him. He could see what that mooing girl saw in this smell, it was overpowering but the problem is he had been resisting it he realized, being wrapped up tight in it's power felt good. The man's huge muscular chest radiated heat and seemed hard with power coursing underneath but so soft he could nuzzle in the soft hair that covered it for days at the same time.

And the cock he didn't even want to think of how good the powerful organ felt to be in contact with. The man was enjoying similar but opposite feelings of the smooth little body in his arms, nipples standing to attention on her little boobs he noted but something else. The half-formed thought struck him with such force he said it aloud without thinking 'A chick with a dick!

those cartoons didn't lie, I wonder how knocking you up works, if I-' the man drew in a sharp breath and looked up at the sky, staying like that way for the what seemed like the moment ever he stepped away, Shiro felt terrible loss but didn't attempt to hug the man again, only looking down at his feet. The piercing laughter of ''Claire'' broke the scene. Laughter directed at Shiro but which the man had a strong reaction to all the same.

Moving quicker than his massive body seemed like it should he was in front of the woman before she knew what was happening and delivering a punch to the side of her face that sent her flying. She had hardly landed before half her face was covered in blood gushing from the cut on her face and one eye was closed, turning an angry shade of purple. Shiro didn't know much English but knew enough she was rapidly gabbing away please, sorry and thank you over and over again around a newly crooked tooth.

The man was unmoved, with a dark look he ended her gabbing with his length being shoved down her throat, it bulged in a way a human throat probably shouldn't.

Then his thrusting began, with her head banging into the concrete on every thrust the poor woman was already seeing stars and making unhealthy sounding choking noises as her erstwhile victim ran away but she had a long way to go. Shiro ran and ran directionless, until he found a random supermarket in his path that he ran through the open doors of without without pausing, the very supermarket where Misa!

was doing something ambitiously called a meet and greet in support the government. The more densely packed Dionysian display didn't faze him until he heard one voice that he recognized crying out with a note of pleasure that he knew well from her songs. He stopped dead in his tracks and whirled around to take in the sight of the idol, his idol.

Misa! was offered up as an example to all, naked on a bed atop a dais apart from her trademark headphones, boots and gloves, her flat chest expanded to the leaking f-cup of his fantasies. Her belly looked fit to burst with half white triplets, in fact her whole body was in a similar way, fatter than the cow he had first met (gloves were straining with fat fingers and someone had unzipped the boots) she was slick with the sex sludge and had large foreign men pumping her holes like every Japanese woman.

The slight, overwrought figure walked towards like a zombie past the people on the floor unnoticed by anyone, even when standing by her side. Misa! he now saw had a braindead look on her face like none before, with tongue lolling out and panting, he guessed this was from the orgasm that had produced that one beautiful note.

'I love you, Misa' as he said it, it dawned on him that saying this to her had been what he was hoping to reach when he had first ran out of the VR world. Shiro's heart skipped a beat seeing the idol's head jerk in his direction at these words, eyes without a glimmer of light behind them met his lit up face. He wondered if dreams really do come true as her face took on expression and purpose, like she was readying to say something. His mind was still buzzing with words of comfort about loving her despite it all when she let loose an enormous belch right into his face, from deep within her semen overfull stomach.

This seemed to momentarily satisfy her, Shiro meanwhile collapsed to his knees with the secondhand cum residue and tears beginning to stream down his face. This last moment of hope being crushed by seeing that mind and body devolution before him was the end for the boy but just the beginning for Misa!.


She belched again, snorting and wheezing more urgently like the big fat sow she had become. That one note had been a fluke, the sounds she made now were all that could be expected from her. Electric shocks of pleasure shooting through her lower half were washing away her exhaustion.

Knowing what was happening the assembled men turned their attention to her upper half. The snorting was finished by the first orgasm of her labour hitting her being like a thunderclap, a waterfall of her water breaking, white cum and her own ejaculation came surging out, her breasts too gushed with renewed energy to fill the mouths on the two smaller girls sucking on them with buzzing cunnies who hoped to be just like Misa!.

This was not just the beginning of hours of bliss for the sow but also the coming of the population boom, she had been one of the first to become pregnant 9 months ago with the revolution, there were many more to come.