Schatz es tut nicht weh

Schatz es tut nicht weh
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Fbailey story number 393 Happy Father's Day My wife died before my daughter married, had a daughter of her own, and then got a divorce. Needless to say, she had to move back in with me so that I could help her raise her daughter. She nursed her five-month-old daughter right in front me and I got to see her bare breasts several times a day.

It didn't seem to bother her at all but it sure bothered me a lot. I started jerking off to thoughts of my twenty-two-year-old daughter. At forty-five I wasn't supposed to have those kinds of thoughts. However, I was still a fairly young man.

For a six-month celebration I took her out to dinner and we had a good time. My granddaughter ate some homemade veggies that we heated up in our coffee cups then she nursed her in the car before strapping her into the car seat in the ride back. On the way home my daughter saw a small park with a baby swing so I pulled over and parked. I had learned to become spontaneous and I had learned to carry a camera with me at all times too. My daughter was in a very pretty but plain dress that came to her knees.

It was soft and cotton.

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It was sleeveless too and was nice in the warm sun. After playing in the swing and setting her on some of the things that were too big for her we went over to the grass. There she sat her daughter down and squatted behind her.


I stood up and took a few pictures from the side. As I came around to the front I noticed that my daughter's knees were together but that her feet were spread for stability. I also noticed her bright white panties that covered her pussy.

I saw a wet spot on them too that seemed to be growing. She was not aware of the great view I had so I took a couple of pictures of my granddaughter before zooming in to get a couple of great pictures of my daughter's crotch.

When we got home I was sure that I had gotten away with it until I went to bed that night. There on my pillow was that pair of bright white panties and a note that read, "I thought you might like to keep these. Happy Father's Day. Your present was in these, but obviously I unwrapped it for you.


Cum and get it." I had forgotten that it was Father's Day. I was in a state of turmoil trying to decide what to do. I had probably the best invitation that any man my age could receive but I wasn't sure that I should accept it. We were both mature adults with sexual needs to be fulfilled. We were certainly attracted to one another and we were certainly in love too. If she weren't my daughter I wouldn't have hesitated a second…but she was.

After a grueling five minutes I went to her room to thank her for her kind offer but that I would have to turn her down. When I knocked she said, enter.

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When I opened the door there on the bed was my daughter. She was wearing the neglig?that my wife had worn on our wedding night. It was white, it was long, and it was so sheer that it looked invisible. To top it off she looked just like my wife had looked on our wedding night.

Her right leg was flat on the bed with her left knee up and her foot behind that leg. Her right arm was bent and supporting her head while her left arm was bent and her hand was resting on her left hip. I must have floated across the room loosing my clothes as I went, because when I got there I just lay down in the bed next to her. Her hand and was on my hard cock, she was pushing me onto my back, and she was telling me that she was going to give me my present.

With that she swung her knee over me, straddled me, and then shoved her pussy down onto my cock. As our pubic bones ground together she arched her back and cried out, telling me that she was having an orgasm. Once she calmed down a bit she removed that nightie and then she really went to work on my cock.

She bounced and she thrashed until I felt wet. I realized that she was leaking and that her mother's milk was squirting all over my chest. I reached up and played with her breasts while she went faster and faster on me.

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I didn't have the heart to tell her that I had cum when she first sat on me. However, I had hardened again inside her and was about to cum in her for the second time. In fact we cum together in the greatest climax of my life. Things were different around the house after that. We were no longer sexually frustrated.

We lived as husband and wife sharing the same bed. We drifted away from our old friends so that they wouldn't find out about us living as man and wife. Then one day one of my daughter's old friends confessed to her that her 'husband' was actually her father too. After that day we had a new set of best friends.

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They understood us and what we were going through. Eventually our group of friends included two other couples where the mother and son were pretending to be married.

Amazingly it seems more proper for an older man to have a younger wife but not for an older woman to have a younger husband. We are growing older together and caring for her daughter. She knows that I am her grandfather but she calls me daddy anyway.

I often think back to that special Father's Day and wonder how things would have been if she hadn't left her panties and that note on my bed. The End Happy Father's Day 393

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