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All my life, my mother has been a very strikingly, beautiful woman. At forty five years of age she still doesn't look a day over thirty five. For over eighteen years, my mother has been the best mom I could ever ask for. My mom, Ann, is my best friend. She is a nurse. Mom is an RN, but she doesn't work on the floor anymore. She's in charge of hiring new nurses at the hospital. She loves it because she works more normal hours. My mom's had a tough life though. My grandparents, mom's parents, separated when she was little.

Mom's older brother, my Uncle John, died of pneumonia when he was only twelve. I guess that's why my grandparents liked my dad so much, because he made her happy and treated her great.

Tragically though, daddy died about two years ago. My mom's had a tough time; we both have. Daddy was a Baptist minister and nearly two years ago he was killed when a drunk driver ran a red light and hit his truck. I was fifteen when it happened. Our family and friends were there for support but it was still tough on both of us.

Slowly I started to learn how to continue on with my life but it was tougher for mom. She and dad had been married for nearly eighteen years and now she was all alone except for me. About a year ago I could tell she really needed a break and it was summertime and I was out of school so I suggested she take a few days of and we go to my grandparents or something; just something to get away.

She's a workaholic and didn't really think she should at first, but a couple of days later she told me she'd taken some vacation. She said it was in two weeks and it was for two whole weeks. Actually she planned it around July 4th and she only took two weeks of vacation but with the holiday she ended up getting two and a half off. Plus it was kind of a birthday trip to, because I'd turn eighteen while on our vacation.

She asked me what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. I didn't really come up with anything and then she suggested a cruise or a vacation in Cancun or the Bahamas.

I was definitely for that and we eventually decided on the Bahamas. She set it up over the internet that night. I was so excited; we were going to have a blast. I think she was really looking forward to it. I think she realized she never really took a break after dad died and knew that she was due for one. Mom even took me shopping before we went.

I got several pairs of new shorts and a few new t-shirts and mom and I both got some new bathing suits. We had a blast at the mall. It was the first time we'd been shopping together in awhile and it was fun. Mom got three new bathing suits and I got two. She had become distant somewhat after dad's death but that day we were like best friends again.

I was even able to talk her into buying a bathing suit that was a little more revealing than she'd been use to. But like I said, my mother is a beautiful woman and I knew she'd look great in it. It was just made for her. She's tall; she's got a gorgeous complexion, and she's been able to maintain her curves despite having a kid and despite being in her early forties. I definitely got my complexion from my mom, as well as my sandy blonde hair, and my long legs.

We're both about 5'10". However, at a 34C, I'm no where near as voluptuous as my mother. Mom wears a 38D and I always roll my eyes when I hear her complaining that they make her back hurt. She also tells me that she doesn't like the attention they draw sometimes. I think she's crazy. I think they're beautiful and I hope I'm as attractive as she is when I'm her age.

Eventually the big day came and everything was packed and ready to go. The 4th was on a Sunday and the hospital had given her that Thursday and Friday off before the weekend. She took the next two weeks off so she had a whole two and a half weeks off from work. Mom took off that Wednesday at noon and after she got home and got changed, we headed to the airport. We took a taxi to the airport and unlike most taxi cab drivers, this driver was cute. My guy friends always call me a tease because they say I flirt with guys a lot but then when they try to make a move I get all shy and run.

I was flirting with this guy pretty hard I think. He was too old for me, probably close to thirty, but it made the twenty minute ride to the airport fun. And besides; we were on vacation, we're suppose to have fun. We got to the airport and he helped us check in our bags curbside and mom paid him.

As soon as we got in the terminal, mom asked me, "What do you think you were doing?" I just laughed and said, "lighten up mom, we're on vacation, were suppose to have fun, remember." That was the end of that. The flight was a few hours but it wasn't too bad.

I remember trying to take a nap, but I was too worked up, excited to be going on vacation. We took another taxi to our hotel and once we got there I could tell my mom was very relieved. She was worried the hotel would turn out to be some dump. She said there's only so much you can tell by the pictures on the internet. We actually ended up having a booking problem when we checked in.

Turns out they'd given our room to someone else, but they were cool and put us up in a nicer room for the same price. We got our keys and went up the elevator to our room. It turned out, instead of just being your traditional hotel room with two beds; it was a suite that actually had two separate bedrooms with two separate bathrooms. It was about 5:30 and I wanted to go down to the pool before going to dinner.

Mom laid down on her bed and rested for a moment while I went in my room and unpacked. After unpacking I went and put on my bikini. I got ready and then went to get mom. She was still lying on the bed and was nearly asleep but I told her to get moving so we could go check out the pool area before dinner. I helped her up and she changed.

She wore one of her new bathing suits but it wasn't the one I picked out, it was a one piece. There was actually an outdoor as well as an indoor one. I told mom I wanted to lay out for a little while. I told her she could take a nap out there and rest. We found two lounge chairs by the pool and laid down. I remember it being a beautiful day and the sun felt great. I could tell it felt great for my mom to finally get to relax.

A few minutes later a waiter came over and asked if we wanted drinks. Mom got us two waters. After he left though, I asked mom, "Hey mom, why don't you get us some fruit drinks………some daiquiris or something. Shelly's mom said the drinks were great down here." I could tell she was a little hesitant to buy me alcohol, but she said "ok, but just one." When the waiter came back, he handed us our waters and mom asked him, "Can you get us two strawberry daiquiris also?" He said sure and went to get them.

The drinks were great and after we'd been down there about an hour we decided to go back up to the room and clean up and decide whether we were going to go out for dinner or just fix something in our condo. After we got upstairs though, we just decided that since we were both so tired from traveling, we'd just order room service.

There was a menu on the TV and after finding what we wanted, mom called and order our room service. I talked her into ordering us some more drinks too.

While she was on the phone I went and showered. When I got out of the shower, I could hear my mom in the shower in her bathroom. Eventually I heard mom get out and start blow drying her hair. Then I heard room service knocked on the door. I figured mom probably didn't hear the knock so I went and answered the door.

I looked and saw her bathroom door was shut so I figured I'd have a little fun with the waiter. My hair was still dripping wet as I went to the door. I was completely naked, just holding my towel to my chest, covering my front, but just barely.

When I opened the door, the look on the waiter's face made me smile. I surprised him completely. He just stood there with a shocked look on his face. I smiled back; maybe I was a tease. Then, behind me, my mom came out of her bathroom. She was in her robe, and when she saw me at the door, just holding the towel in front of me, without it even wrapped around me, she blurted out, "Christy!" I remember I just turned around as if nothing was wrong.

When I turned and faced her, her anger and shock grew, she knew as well as I did that my backside was completely exposed to the waiter standing in the door.

"Christy! Go to your room!" I remember I egged her own more and did like she said but didn't even cover up as I did. I'm sure my mom shot the waiter a stem look for admiring my ass as I walked away into my room. When he left, my mom came in my room and scolded me for acting that way. I pretty much ignored her though as I got dressed. I put on some panties and a t-shirt. And I took my dinner and my daiquiri out on the patio. After mom got dressed, she joined me.

While we were out there eating though, there was another knock at the door and my mom immediately said, "I'll get it." It was the same waiter. He had two more drinks and started apologizing for his rude behavior earlier. He said the drinks were on the house. He set them down and retreated in a hurry. Mom and I looked at each other. Then mom just shrugged her shoulders and said "what the hell." She brought the drinks out on the patio with us and we sat and ate.

We talked and gazed at the amazing sky full of stars. She didn't seem to be mad anymore about my little stunt. About half way through what was her third drink, I started to think; damn my mom can't take very much alcohol. I could tell she was feeling it pretty good. But then suddenly I started feeling a little odd. I felt dizzy and mom said she was too. Both of our eyes were getting heavy and when I looked I could tell mom's eyes were dilated. She said my pupils were too and I asked mom what was wrong.

I could tell mom looked worried and that made me worry. She stood up and tried walking back inside. She said she was going to call the hospital. She said, "Something isn't right. Something is wrong.

Something was in those drinks." I followed mom and we staggered inside frantically looking for the phone. Then I looked up and saw our hotel door open.

The waiter and three other guys were standing in the doorway. "Mom," I said and she came and looked. The next thing I remember was waking up in a dark room. I had an incredible headache and I was all disoriented.

It took awhile but my eyes slowly started adjusting to the dim light. My whole body ached, I was so sore. Then I began to panic when I realized my hands were tied up above my head. I was standing but my toes were barely touching the floor and the rope tied around my wrist was basically holding my weak body up.

I was pretty much hanging from my wrists. I started getting really scared. My legs were wet. I looked down and noticed that I must have peed on myself. There was a puddle on the concrete floor at my feet. Then my eyes started to adjust more and I saw my mom. She was also hanging by her wrists less than five feet away.

I started crying, "mom where are we?" She didn't say anything. Again I cried out, "Where are we? Mom I think I peed on myself! What's going on?" Mom told me I'd obviously lost control of my bladder while I was asleep. She said we must have been drugged but told me not to worry; everything was going to be ok. Then we heard a door open behind mom. It was a small oriental woman and some big ugly guy.

They walked over and stood beside me and I squirmed to get away from them. Mom blurted out, "Where are we? Let us go!" But then the woman walked over to my mom. She looked up and started running her hands on my mom. Mom struggled and tried kicking the girl. Then the guy went over behind mom and grabbed her ankles. He yanked her legs apart, spreading them out. I started crying as mom struggle with him. She was so exhausted though, no telling how long we'd been hanging there.

The woman ran her hand up inside mom's shorts. She started touching my mother. Mom tried to get away, but the woman just looked up at her and smiled.

She told mom, "You better calm down, you better get use being touched, that what he bought you for." When she pulled her away, mom yelled at her, "What?

What the hell are you talkin' about?" The woman just laughed and looked at her partner and said, "American's." Mom yelled, "Dammit let us go!" Then the woman came over and got right in my ear. She said, "What's your name sweetie?" I hesitated until her partner started moving my way and I blurted out, "Christy." "You see little girl…… you and you mom like most Americans.

You Americans live life oblivious to rest of world. " I cried out, "What are you talking about?" "I'm talking 'bout rest of world Christy. Rests of world do things different. I'm talking bout how you and me going be together for while." Mom said to her, "What are you talking about?

Where are we?" She just smiled. She said, "You and you daughter on boat. You on cargo boat. Cargo boat headed to Thailand. Me for Thailand. You make me big bucks in Thailand." Mom suddenly became very frantic and it just scared me even more. She struggled, but this whole thing was too much, the exhaustion and the lingering effects of the drugs were too much, and mom lapsed back into unconsciousness.

I just cried as they left me there hanging. The two of them left but a little while later, they came back in. My mom was still out and he took her down and carried her away.

I begged to leave her alone and pleaded to know where they were taking her, but they just ignored me. The next time they came back in the room, the woman had a laptop computer and was setting it up on the table. The guy had a video camera and was hooking it up to the computer. He set it up on a tripod and pointed it at the oriental woman. Then they left again. A few minutes later they came back.

The woman sat down at the computer and the big ugly guy came over and stood beside me. To see him staring at my body was disgusting. I felt horrible. I could see the computer and when she turned it on, I saw my mom. She was in another room and was tied up in a chair, sitting at a table. She was waking up from her unconsciousness.

When the woman started talking, it startled my mom. There was a computer, not a laptop just a computer and monitor in front of mom too. They could obviously see and hear each other. I watched and listened as she started telling my mom, "Ann. Now that you back wake let me explain. Ann you do what I say, you and your daughter don't get hurt.

" Mom yelled back into the computer microphone, "Fuck you. You burn in hell bitch!" But then the woman gently smiled and swung the camera towards me. Mom got quiet when she saw me still hanging there with that big ugly guy standing next to me.

The woman then swung the camera back to her and she told my mom, "Ann. You do exactly what I say or my friend gets to have fun with daughter. Ok." I could tell my mom was furious. Her face was turning red and I could see her clinching her fist. But she didn't say anything. Then the woman told her, "Put on earpiece." Mom picked up the earpiece off the table and put it on.

"Turn off monitor." Mom looked in the camera and said, "Now how the hell am I suppose to do that? I'm tied up!" "Use button in your hand." Mom looked surprised. Through the whole thing I don't think she'd realized they had put something in her hand. Then mom's monitor went black.

She told mom to stand up and hop over to the wall and to face it. Mom did and then I watched as two men came in the room with her. They untied her and then took her away.

Another girl followed them in, another Asian girl, and followed them with the camera. I watched on the screen as the girl took the camera as she followed them taking my mother into another room. There was a large curtain on one side. They put a metal collar around my mom's neck and hooked it to a chain that was bolted to the floor in the center of the room.

Then someone else came in carrying the computer and monitor. They sat it in a corner at the end of the curtain and turned it on. It was video of the room I was in. Mom yelled to let us go again, but the woman told her to shut up. She said, "Member, you listen to me in earpiece, you do what I say or daughter gets it." Mom agreed with silence. "Now stand up and face curtain." Mom did and then the curtain started opening and lights blasted in her face. A huge roar went up in the room; mom was in a room filled with a huge crowd of men.

I could tell my mom couldn't see much because of the lights, but she knew where she was. Then she told my mom through her earpiece, "Take clothes off. Take all clothes off." Mom hesitated though, and when she did the woman pointed the camera at me and the guy came over to me.

I squirmed and tried to get away, but mom was forced to watch him reach up under my skirt and rip off my panties.

I cried as he held them up for the camera. Mom's head sank. Then a guy came up behind her and yanked her shorts down around her ankles. "Now take panties off." Mom didn't hesitate this time; she just closed her eyes and pulled them down. "Throw panties in crowd." Mom took a deep breath and reached down and picked them up and tossed them into the large crowd of men that were now right in front of her. The crowd roared and scrambled for my mom's panties. "Take off blouse. Take off bra." I felt horrible as I watched mom start to well up in tears.

But then he came back over to me and took my shirt. He just ripped it right off me. He tore it right down the middle. I cried as mom saw the whole thing. The crowd could see her but they couldn't see the monitor and didn't know what all was really going on. Mom wailed out in tears as she started unbuttoning her blouse.

But the men cheered. After mom took off her blouse, the woman told her, "In crowd, throw in crowd now." Like a zombie, mom did and I watched as the horrible men fought for it. I saw mom glance over at the monitor and when she did the woman reached back and yanked my bra off me. Mom closed her eyes and unhooked her bra and flung it into the crowd in front of her. Mom folded her arms across her breasts, but then the guy left me and went over and shouted in the microphone, "put your arms down bitch!

Let's see those titties!" Reluctantly, mom did as he said and put her hands down at her sides. The men roared even louder. When they finally started to quieten somewhat, she told my mom, "Show men how high you jump." Mom looked confused but just did as she said and made one little hop.

Then stood there waiting for her next humiliating command. But then the guy went back over to the mic and said, "Don't stop. We wanna see those titties bounce. Those guys like you. They wanna see those big titties bouncin'. Hop for 'em. Hop up and down for 'em bitch!" Mom closed her eyes again, took a deep breath and then slowly started to hop up and down.

My mom's breasts bounced up and down for them, just like the horrible creatures in the crowd wanted. The men's' roar seemed constant now and I could tell my mom felt like she'd die of humiliation. She kept jumping up and down and looked into the monitor just long enough to see me still hanging there naked, with nothing but my socks on.

But then mom watched closer. She kept hopping but she looked closer. That thug was down at my feet. He was spreading my legs out and was tying a bar in between my ankles. I was so helpless, but then so was mom. I started crying again when he raised up and started kissing me between my legs, flicking his tongue in my pussy.

Mom went wild with rage, but it wasn't until the woman started talking again that her partner stopped taking advantage of me. She told mom, "Turn around. Go to table. Get shoes and put on. " Mom walked across the stage to the table in the back. The chain that was still hooked to the collar around her neck was barely long enough to reach the table.

Mom put them on but I could tell they were so high that she had a hard time standing in them. After she balanced herself she walked back to the center of the stage. "You spread legs now. You squat. You masturbate for crowd now." Like a zombie, I watched my mother start masturbating in front of that huge crowd of men. Mom closed her eyes, she was trying to block out everything around her. She continued until the woman got back on the mic and spoke into mom's earpiece, "Stop." Mom did and stood up.

"Handcuffs. Go back to table. Get handcuffs." Mom rolled her eyes and then slowly walked back to the table.

When she picked up the handcuffs, the woman told her, "Take cuffs to box." Mom looked around and then walked over to a box that was open but was placed over something, just covering it up. She told mom to remove the box and handcuff her hands behind her back.

Mom took a deep breath and then pulled the box off. Mom's look of horror was the same as mine. It was pipe sticking straight up from the floor. It was a solid pipe coming out through the wooden floor. Both of us knew exactly what mom was about to have to do. Reluctantly mom closed her eyes again and started handcuffing her hands behind her back.

All the woman said was, "You know what to do." By now I had almost toned out the loud roar of the men watching my mom, and all the dirty things they were yelling. Mom started crying again and whimpered, "I can't." But the woman told her, "well how 'bout I give you incentive." Mom looked at the camera, at me. Then another woman came in the room with me. She was carrying an enormous rubber dildo.

I started squirming away as she walked up to me. It was huge. She handed it to the guy and he started spreading some kind of lube on the end of it.

The monstrous thing frightened me. Then they told my mom, "I think young Christy might like this." I yelled back, "Fuck you! Fuck you, you bitch." The woman said to mom, "Wow she feisty one. But you better do your thing now. Guys waiting." Mom looked away and then stared down at the pole.

It looked to be stainless steel. It was shinny and polished and about seven or eight inches around. From the camera it looked to be between two and three feet tall off the floor. With mom's long legs and those monster heels they were making her wear, she had no problem walking over and straddling it. When she did though I could tell she was having a hard time keeping her balance with her hands handcuffed behind her back.

I watched as mom got in front of it and sort of tried to kind of sit back on it. Mom spread her legs a little wider and then slowly started to lower herself on it. She kept jerking, having trouble keeping her balance with her hands behind her back. Unfortunately I could see mom's long legs straining to keep her balance and to keep her from impaling herself completely with the huge pole.

Mom was having a hard time. She wasn't wet and it didn't want to slid in her. The woman told her, "We're waiting." Mom glanced at me in the camera and then with her fingers in her mouth tried wetting the pole with her spit. The crowd yelled even louder. Then she positioned herself right on top of it. She hesitated for a moment and then I watched as she closed her eyes and then dropped.

I watched in horror as she dropped down on it, impaling her, causing her to involuntarily open her mouth. The crowd went crazy and the look on mom's face was horrible. She had taken a tremendous amount of the huge pole. It was huge and mom just froze with it buried deep inside her. Not the whole pole of course, but a large portion of it. I could tell from the look of pain on her face that it'd bottomed out inside her.

Slowly I could tell mom was starting to adjust to its size and it also looked like it helped her balance a little better as sick as that is. Mom just sat there. I watched in horror. I didn't even have any tears left.

I couldn't cry if I wanted to. They let her sit there and gather herself for a moment while the huge crowd of men continued to cheer her on. Before they got back on the mic to talk to her, they told me, "Guess what sweetie.

We didn't tell your mom, but that thing she's sittin' on vibrates. Yep, here's the switch right here." He showed me and then said, "It heats up too.

But don't worry it doesn't get too hot." Then the woman got back on the mic with my mom. She softly told mom, "Good girl. Good girl Ann. You keep this up, Christy won't have problem. Ann did I tell you my name?" Mom shook her head no in the camera and then the woman told her, "Sung Li.

My name is Sung Li. You want to know who men in crowd are?" Mom didn't move, but the woman told her anyway, "They crew.

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They crew of cargo ship. You know how long before cargo ship reach Thailand? Again mom didn't do anything, just listened. "One month. Cargo ship reach my country in one month. You know what you do for the rest of month?" Mom knew and her head dropped. "That's right. That's right American woman. You give show ever night. You give cargo ship crew show every night or daughter don't become show. My horror grew at the realization she might have to do this ever night and the horror that I might have to.

Mom's horror was even worse though I know. Then the woman that called herself Sung Li, flipped the switch to the pole inside mom. I saw my mother jerk. It surprised her when it turned on. Mom started to look worried. She was looking around scared as the crowd got louder. Then the guy in the room with the woman and me went over to the computer mic and told mom, "Sweetie I think they want you to ride that thing." Mom looked into the camera but he didn't answer.

Reluctantly mom started. She started slow at first, easing herself up and down on it. With her legs spread wide as she went up and down on it I could see the muscles in her legs straining. How long would she be able to keep up this charade before her legs gave out?

Then Sung Li turned the knob that obviously turned up the speed of the pole. It obviously started vibrating faster and I could see the look of concern in mom's face. Sung Li flipped another switch and I started crying out, begging them to stop torturing her when I saw the pole start to rise and extend farther from the floor. Mom was closing he eyes and riding it for the disgusting crew as they yelled for more and by the time she finally noticed too that it was getting higher, getting longer, it was too late.

It was too late and mom was now standing fully erect with her legs almost closed. It started to go up at a slower pace, but it did continue to extend even farther. As it ever so slowly went higher and higher, the look on mom's face become more and fuller of fear. I was pleading for them to stop and that's when they came and slapped duck tape over my mouth.

There was nothing I could do. Mom was standing on her tiptoes now as she tried to keep the pole from rupturing something inside. She couldn't move. Then some guy came up on the stage with her. He took the chain that was hook to her neck collar and to the floor and unhooked it from the floor. He took it and climbed up a ladder and hooked it to a metal loop hanging from the ceiling above mom.

When he got down, the chain suddenly started getting tighter. It was being raised and mom, who was already standing on the very tip of her toes, was struggling to somehow keep it from choking her. When it stopped and was tight, her feet were barely in on floor, just the tips of her toes.

She was frozen in that position now and then horror went through my entire body as I watched the pole she was now helplessly impaled on start to move up and down all by itself. The creatures beyond the lights from mom watched as Sung Li's homemade device raped my mother.

It started out slow, but soon it began to move up and down faster and faster. I could see mom's face begin to flush and turn red. It went on and on for awhile. I wanted my father more than ever before. He could stop this. This would have never happened. Eventually what I know was mom's greatest fear began to happen. I could see in her face her body was beginning to betray her; beginning to betray her mind.

I felt so bad for my mom, the horror and shame she must have felt knowing that her body, but not her mind was starting to react and enjoy it. But then suddenly I saw her face change.

It changed to a look of determination. Then all of a sudden she started to grind her hips into the pole a bit and then let out faint moans. She couldn't move much but she was definitely grinding back. Then suddenly her hands went between her legs and she cried out. She was having an orgasm.

The crowd roared louder than before. But then Sung Li got on the mic and told mom, "Nice try Ann." and she reached over and turned the switch even higher where it would vibrate even more.

She hit another switch and I was forced to watch the pole pump at even a longer stroke. The man hovering over Sung Li turned around and said to me, "your slut of a mother just tried to fake an orgasm." I just closed my eyes for a moment in complete helplessness. Mom was frantically trying to shift her weight and rise off the pole, but there was no way. She was squirming frantically trying to get away. Then she just stopped trying.

I watched her close her eyes and seemingly give in. The huge pole pumped in her faster and faster and Mrs. Sung Li kept teasing mom with the vibrations. Mom was getting louder and louder. Mom had completely given in and appeared to actually be enjoying it a little. Then Sung Li asked her, "are you 'bout to cum Ann." In horror as she looked into the camera and shook her head yes.

I guess she wasn't enjoying it just a little. Then suddenly the chain hooked to her collar loosened and the pole just dropped out of her and back down to its normal height above the floor. Mom was left with her body still thrusting in mid-air. Mom cried out when it suddenly pulled out of her and her eyes flew open.

Mom looked into the camera with a look of lost and confusion and Sung Li simply told her, "Go ahead." I watched as my mom immediately looked down, then spread her legs, and then dropped back down on the pole. There was no hesitation. Mom just plunged down on it again and started furiously fucking it. Mom's eyes were closed but mine weren't and I watched in shock.

She'd given in. Mom completely let herself go. She frantically drove herself down on it time after time, devouring more and more each time. Mrs. Sung Li had taken it away from mom and when she said go ahead my mother jumped back on it and fucked herself like crazy. Then suddenly I watched as her legs began to shake. Mom's breasts quivered and her breath came in quick little gasps. I watched as my mother orgasmed. I didn't know what to think. But then suddenly, in mid-orgasm, Sung Li flipped the switch bringing the pole back to life.

Mom had to move quickly to stand up before it lifted her off the ground. The chain attached to her collar went tight again and snapped her head up again. It was starting all over again as mom's orgasm continued to rip through her. Her legs were shaking all the way down to her feet. Her whole body quivered and yet the machine didn't let up. It kept driving in and out of her. I could tell mom desperately needed to stop and rest, and I wished I could have helped her, but the pole and collar held her fast in the grip of a continuous orgasm.

She was now letting out a low guttural moan that built into a primal scream like I'd never heard before. Then suddenly the pole stopped inside her. Mom was allowed to catch her breath. She was given a chance to let her body to relax for just a moment and then sadly the pole came back to life again. Mom instantly orgasmed again and let out yet another ear splitting orgasm. The crowd was in frenzy.

Mom was squirming, grinding her hips, and fucking it like her life depended on it. But it did, in fact both of our lives. But I couldn't believe she could actually let herself enjoy it.

It went on and on and I had to watch all of it. Eventually men even came on the stage with her and sprayed her down with water. The sons-of-bitches even made sure to keep the pole sprayed down and slick. They made my mother orgasm countless times until she finally collapsed in exhaustion and lack of air.

She was so tired she'd nearly hung herself by the collar. She was hanging limp by the collar and two men came on stage and held her up so the pole could be withdrawn to a level they could get her off it.

The chain to her collar was given slack and the men placed her on the floor in an exhausted heap. They left her lying on the floor. I was still standing though with my hands still tied above my head. Mom laid there for a few minutes. Everything, even the crew, was silent. Then suddenly mom snapped back to full attention and the crowd came to life again. Then Sung Li and her partner took me down and carried me out of the room. I tried to fight but my body was too tired.

I was out in a hallway and they strapped some of those high-high heels like they'd made mom put on. Fear came over me. I was so scared I was next. I fought as much as I could with them but to no avail.

They handcuffed my hands behind my back but untied my ankles. They told me though, "if you try and run, mommy dearest gets another session." I complied and that's when they led me out onto the stage where my mom was still lying.

Sun Li led me to the center of the stage. I felt so horrible. Not only to see what my mom had just gone through and know I was probably next, but to be so exposed and naked in front of all those disgusting men. Sung Li forced me to the center of the stage and made me face the crowd. With my mouth still duck taped I couldn't yell for help but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have done any good anyway. Sung Li yelled out to the crowd, "Who ready for nother show!" The men roared in approval.

They were even throwing money on the stage at our feet. The crowd went into frenzy. Then she looked at my mom and smiled. In an evil grin, she asked, "you want to spare daughter? You want to save daughter?" Mom nodded her head yes and pleaded with Sung Li to let me go. To release me. That I didn't do anything wrong. Then Sung Li had the two men pick up my mom and lay her on her back with her head near the stainless steel pole.

Mom looked completely exhausted. Then a naked little oriental girl probably about my age came out on the stage carrying a long flexible rod. She handed the rod to Sung Li and Sung Li told the girl to stand over my mom. She told her to spread her legs and squat on sit on my mom's face. Mom screwed her face in a disgusted look and Sung Li immediately laid the rod across behind so hard it brought instant tears. The crowd yelled. Mom was horrified, but Sung Li yelled at her to, "LICK!" When mom hesitated, Sung Li gave me another welt across my naked ass and then glared down at my mom.

Mom did as she said. Then Sung Li leaned close to the young girl's ear and softly told her to lean forward and lick the pole clean. The girl did as she was told right away. Without hesitation. Without any look of fear in her eyes. Sung Li hissed at mom, "See!

She listens the First time!" Mom was trying to her best to spare me from the pole and soon the girl was bucking and squirming and leaning forward to lap the drying fluids from the pole.

Then girl came in a tremendous shudder and moan. She fell forward unable to support herself. Then the two men moved in and grabbed me and made me stand next to the pole. Then they picked up my mom and made her do the same. The crowd started changing, "POLE.POLE.POLE.POLE." Mrs. Sung Li waved her arms to encourage the frenzy even more and the she motion at the two men and they took me and forced me to stand over the pole.

I was crying and mom wailed in protest. Mrs. Sung Li just looked at mom and shook her head. She asked mom, "would you like take place." Mom's head hung down but then she shook her head yes. They moved me aside and then grabbed my mom. They un-cuffed her wrists but then put another set of restraints right back on them. Then they pulled down the cable from the ceiling that had been attached to mom's metal collar earlier and attached it to her tied wrists.

They moved mom back over the pole and then the young girl came back out with Mrs. Sung Li's control box that ran the pole.

She flipped a switch and mom was hoisted up off the ground by her wrists. She could just barely touch the ground if we strained with her toes. The crowd started chanting, "FUCK HER.FUCK HER.FUCK HER." Then Mrs. Sung Li turned on another switch and the pole started climbing upward. Soon it was easing up between mom's legs and mom spread them.

She spread them wide. She wasn't as gentle to start off this time, Mrs. Sung Li made the pole go up higher and higher until it eventually started lifting mom off the ground. She went higher and higher into the air and then she suddenly made the pole drop down a few inches.

That took the pressure off mom and her weight made her come down on it. All she could do was try and hold herself up with her arms, her feet weren't touching. She flipped on the switches and everything started all over again. The pole immediately went to full power. Mom's body immediately started to react. Her nerves had become so sensitive. Mom was kicking and swinging her legs, pulling up with her arms trying to get off of it. But couldn't. Mrs. Sung Li laughed and waved her arms for the crowd to chant louder.

I could do nothing but stand there and watch as my mom's arms gave out and she began to just hang from her wrists, her feet dangling just inches above the floor, as the pole continually went in and out of her.

Sung Li even had the other girl get in there and lick and tongue on my mom's clit as the pole went in and out of her. Mom didn't last near as long this time and she closed her eyes and yet another orgasm ripped through her. This one so intense and so deep, mom even let fly with steam of piss that reached the edge of the stage. I felt horrible for her. Mom looked so humiliated. Mom was exhausted and began to beg Mrs.

Sung Li to stop. The evil look she gave mom though was one that filled us both with doom that this was going to continue.

Mom squirmed and franticly started kicking, but it just caused another stream of "ejaculate" to come out. It surprised mom and she stopped fighting. Then she passed out losing consciousness. They put my mom in a small room and left her lying on a mattress on the floor.

They put me in a small room next to her's and left me. They never came back until what I'm guessing was a few hours later. When they did come it was Mrs. Sung Li and two men. They took me and led me into the room where mom was at. They handcuffed mom and sat her back down on the matress. Mrs. Sung Li brought in a small chair and table and sat down.

"Ann you make quiet a show. Thank you. The men love you. I want make deal. Since you did like I tell you, I spare daughter 'til she eighteen.

You have to continue be top performer though. Now I give you moments with you daughter." She got up and the two men followed her out leaving just me and my mom. As soon as they walked out and the door shut behind them I hurried over and sat down on the old mattress with her. I wanted to hug her but they left us handcuffed behind our backs. We both broke down in tears. Then my mom snapped back to reality and told me to be quiet and listen.

I listened. Mom asked me, "Christy did they do anything to you?" I told her, "other than just feeling on me, they didn't do anything else mom." Then they came back in. Mrs. Sung Li uncuffed my mom and softly spoke with her. "Remember, you do what I say, daughter don't get hurt. You perform, you keep her safe." Mom just hung her head as they took me out.

While out in the hallway one of the guys told me, "Don't worry sweetie, mommy there is gonna be ok, she keep ridin' that pole like she did tonight and she'll be fine, you don't worry, your mom's gonna get to ride that pole every night 'til we get to Thailand. Hell by the time we get there ya mom's gonna be asking us to ride it.

Don't worry though, we'll let her. Hell, we'll even add tricks to the show." I just tried to ignore them and didn't say a word. Later that night they actually uncuffed us and actually put me and mom in a cell together. It had a sink and mirror and two twin beds with clean sheets.

The next day they left us alone and my mom slept most of the day. She was so tired. That morning they came and brought our luggage.

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That bastard at the hotel in the Bahamas had sold us out and even gave them our stuff. But at the time I was actually grateful to have it. I got to brush my teeth and comb my hair and put on some clean clothes. It was nice to put clothes on period. I tried to wake mom and tell her they brought our stuff but she just laid there completely exhausted and worn out. After they fed us dinner that evening, it started all over again.

Just like the previous night my mother was going to have to go through it all over again. This time though they put me on the side of the stage and sat me in a chair.

They didn't tie me up but they made sure I knew that I couldn't try anything. When they brought her out on the stage the first time I was disgusted in them.

They'd dressed her up like some tramp. She had some knee high black leather boots with a red skirt that was so short her butt was halfway sticking out. She had a tight see-thru black lace top with no bra.

The crowd immediately errupted when she walked out. Mrs. Sung Li followed her out and came over and sat in a chair next to me. Then out came three men onto the stage. They all went over and everyone watched as they started peeing on the pole.

Mrs. Sung Li had a headset on linked to mom's earpiece and when the guys were done wetting down the pole she told mom, "There you go, its already wet for you." Mom took a deep breath and then slowly started taking her clothes off. This time she didn't throw them in the crowd though.

She wasn't wearing panties or a bra though. Then mom walked over and positioned herself over it. She closed her eyes as she slowly eased herself down on it. With her eyes clinched shut tight, she slowly eased down on it farther and farther.

Then she started riding it and the crew went crazy. I felt horrible, they all started yelling, chanting, "SLUT.SLUT.SLUT.SLUT." Mom continued though, getting faster and faster. Mom would hold her large breasts trying to keep them from bouncing so much but the crow would boo and Mrs. Sung Li would make her put her hands down. For the next two hours I watched my mother be raped again and again by this evil woman's evil machine. Again she started off trying to fight it, but even tonight she gave in, this time much quicker.

Again I was forced to watch that machine turn my mother's body against her and make her do things that she would never think of. Again I was forced to watch my mother slowly give in and finally end up embarrassing herself and shamefully but uncontrolably begging for it by the time it was over. That night they had to actually pull my mother off it, they had to pull her away. After two hours she was still begging for more.

As they carried her away, she kept screamming, "NO.NO.DON'T.DON'T.I WANT IT.I WANT IT.MORE.PLEASE!" I felt so bad for her, she didn't know what she was doing, she wasn't herself. When they put us back in our cell together, I tried to console her, I tried to hold her, but she just cried herself to sleep. Again the next day, mom slept mostly. And again that evening she started trying to prepare herself. Then after they brought us our dinner and mom and I were eating, a bunch of men came dragging this guy in.

Behind him was another guy carrying in a young boy. They put them in the small cell across from us and then locked them in and left. The man was screaming and fighting.

The young boy was crying and looked terrified. After the kidnappers left, he eventually began to calm down and consoled the boy. Mom got up and asked them, "Hi, you ok? My name is Ann. This is my daughter Christy. Who are you?" "My name's Wally. Wally Tacon. This is my son, Billy.

Where are we? What'd they do with my wife? Where's my girls?" "It's ok. Calm down. Your on a cargo ship and I'm afraid to tell you, but you and your family have been kidnapped." "Where are they taking us?" "I think Thailand, at least that's what they told us. We've been her three days. " "What about my wife and my two girls? Where'd they take them?" "I don't know.

I'm sorry." he was pacing back and forth. Mom tried to calm him and his son. Mom asked the little boy, "Billy how old are you? Where are you and your daddy from?" The little boy told mom, "I'm ten and a half. We live in Atlanta." Then mom asked his father, "Do you know how you got here?" "Well, we were on vacation. We were in Cancun My wife and Billy's two sisters were out shopping. He and I were back at the hotel.

I remember I got this strange call and was asked to come to another room two floors down from ours. I went to check it out and left Billy in the room and that's the last thing I remember until we got here and they were pulling me down here and they were taking my wife and daughters into this other room. " Mom looked at me and I knew what she was thinking.

She asked him, "Did you see the room they were taking your wife and daughters in?" "Yeah. It was a big room. It was dark but I could see these curtains, kinda like a movie theater." Mom looked at me and then told him. She said, "Wally I hate to be the one to tell you this, and I wish your son didn't have to hear it, but this boat is filled with a lot of very bad people. Evil people Wally. Very evil. They are going to make your wife do things. Wally I'm sorry but they are going to do very evil things to your wife and I just pray that they don't make you watch like they did my." "What are you talking about?

Where are they? Were is my wife?" He was panicing. Then the kidnappers came back in. Mr. Tacon struggled with them but they eventually got him handcuffed covered his mouth with ducktape. They put chains around his ankles and then led him out. They told his son, "we won't tie you up if you promise to do what we say.

Little boy if you try to run, we will hurt you mommy and daddy. Ok?" They boy couldn't speak, he just nodded his head. Then two more came and took me and mom away. They handcuffed us both with our hands in front. When they led us both into the stage area and sat us next to each other, I think my mom was relieved that she was apparently getting a night off, but we both knew who would be taking her place.

I remember say a quiet prayer for little Billy and his family. Then they brought Mr. Tacon in.

They were practically dragging him in. They sat him right next to me and tied him to his chair. His son, Billy stood beside him looking up at the two men guarding us.

Billy's dad was struggling, but then when they brought in what was obviously Billy's mom and his two sisters, his dad froze and Billy started to weap to his father, wanting to know what was going on. Billy's mom was naked and as they led her in, out to the center of the stage, her two daughters, who appeared to be identical twins, were following her.

They were both stripped down to their panties and bras. Mom immediately turned to him and asked if his daughters were eighteen. He nodded his head yes. Mom and I both looked at each other in fear for him and his family. Mr.

Tacon watched in shock. His family looked so terrified. His son looked so frightened. I felt so sorry for his beautiful family. His wife was very petite with short curly brown hair. She had a great figure. She was a beautiful woman. The two daughter's looked just like their mother. They were identical twins and both looked very much like their mother.

Also, I immediately noticed Billy's sisters were both very voluptuous. I also noticed though, that they didn't appear to be real. They just looked too big for their tiny frames. They were big and perky, probably a full D-cup. Then Mrs. Sung Li walked over and suddenly yanked off the bras of both of them.

Mr. Tacon was frantically trying to get out of his restraints, but I knew there was no way he was going anywhere. Then tragically the curtains began to open and Billy's dad froze again.

Stunned he watched as the huge crowd of men immediately began to cheer for his naked wife and daughters. Mrs. Sung Li got on the microphone. She said, "Quiet, quiet please," and once the men did quieten down she said, "Ok ok. I want you meet someone. This Vanessa. This is Vanessa daughters. Mia and Naomi." The crowd roared. Then she motioned for my mom. Oh no, I thought to myself. Mom got up and walked out on the stage. Mrs. Sung Li spoke again, "now member Ann right?" and the crowed cheered for mom.

"Member Ann daughter too," and I was forced to walk out on the stage with my mom as the crowd yelled even more. Then Mrs. Sung Li asked the crowd, "who crew want tonight? Crew want Vanessa? Crew want Ann? orrrrr.Crew want Mia and Naomi?" The men roared and began to chant, "TWINS.TWINS.TWINS.TWINS." The their mother looked confused, and scared.

But, mom and I knew what it meant though. Mrs. Sung Li told me to go sit back down. They two men came and lead Billy's mom away crying. They pulled up another chair and sat her next to her husband. Billy immediately hugged her though her hands were still cuffed behind her back. We sat down.

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Mom was still on the stage with Mrs. Sung Li and the twins though. Mrs. Sung Li told mom something and then mom walked over to her chair beside me. Mom didn't sit down though. She started taking her clothes off.

Mom took off her bra and her shorts and panties. All she left on was her shirt and socks. Billy clutched his mother and my mother tried to pry him from his mother. She finally pulled him away and took his hand to lead him out on to the stage with her. His mom started yelling, "No Billy!

Don't. Don't you take him you bitch!" I could tell mom felt horrible but before she said anything I leaned over and I told Billy's mom, "Ma'am I'm sorry but she has too. Please.these people are making her. Please just do as they say, they are very bad people." She still looked reluctant and I told her, "they will hurt your kids if you don't.

Miss, they'll take it out on your daughters if you don't do as they say." She looked at me and reluctantly gave in. Mom held Billy's hand and led him out on the stage with his sisters. We had no clue was about to happened or what they were going to do. Then Mrs. Sung Li got on the microphone again. She asked Mr. Tacon's daughter Naomi, "Little girl. How old you?" The girl whimpered but answered her into the mic, "eighteen." "So you and you twin sister eighteen.

You have job before you come work for me." The girl looked confused and answered her, "What?.no!" Mrs. Sung Li didn't like the tone the girl gave and she motioned for the men to take Billy away from my mom. They jerked him away from her. Then she said, "Be nice little girl or we not be so have no job before working for me?" Then she put her hand under the girl's right breast and made it bounce and said, "then how you pay for these." The girl looked away in shame and didn't answer her.

Then Mrs. Sung Li moved over and then did the same thing to her twin sister, this time taking both hands and squeezing them together as the crowd yelled louder. She asked her again, "how you pay for titties? How sister pay for titties? How you pay for not one pair titties, but two pair titties?" Still the two sisters didn't say anything. Then Mrs. Sung Li asked them, "daddy pay for titties?" They didn't answer. Then Mrs. Sung Li slapped Naomi and her twin sister, Mia, immediately answered her saying, "yes!

Yes! They paid for them! Our parents paid for the surgery." Mrs. Sung Li stepped back again and then said, "Parents?

You mean daddy. You mean daddy don't you? Daddy bought daughters' titties, didn't he?" The girls tried ignoring her but then Sung Li pulled my mother over and as she started unbuttoning the front of mom's blouse. Mrs. Sung Li started telling them, "You want see titties! You want see real titties!" and she ripped open mom's shirt and said, "These titties! These real! These big girls 38D. This real woman." She pushed mom closer and then took Billy's sister, Mia, by her hair and shoved her face down in between my mother's breasts.

The crowd errupted. Billy's mom did too, yelling and pleading for her to stop. Mrs. Sung Li did but she also motioned for them to ducktape their mother's mouth shut. Then a door opened in the back and a group of men came carrying in a big cage.

It was huge and it took ten guys to carry it in. They sat it down in the center of the stage and the crowd looked on quietly in anticipation. They pushed it around getting it exactly where they wanted it and then they left. Then a big black curtain was dropped over it covering the entire cage. It drapped all the way to the floor. Then Mrs. Sung Li came and took Billy's hand and led him through a door in the cage and underneath the curtain. I couldn't see what was going on, no one could.

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She didn't have her mic with her but I could hear her faintly talking to Billy who was crying. Moments later, she came back out and locked the cage. Then she went over and took the two twins and led them over to the edge of the stage, just beyond the outreaching arms of the disgusting crew. Then a trapdoor open up in the floor behind them and two contraptions came rising up from underneath the stage floor.

I couldn't really tell what it was at first and the two girls looked as confused as I was. It looked kinda like a couple of dentist's chairs but not quiet. There were stirups. Then from the floor came two long poles. They were just like the one that had tortured mom and that's when I saw mom's head drop in shame.

The crew grew even louder. The girls began to weep. Then the men came back out. They uncuffed the twins' hands and unshackled their ankles. The girls fought and struggled as the men picked them up and put them in the two chairs and locked their ankles in the stirrups. They took their arms, raised them above their heads and locked them into some leather straps that were bolted to the metal chairs.

The chairs were stainless and slick. The girls were having a hard time not sliding down. They weren't going anywhere to far cause of the restraints but there was enough slack for them to slip down the back of the chair. It had no bottom. Their behinds were hanging off the end of it. They were laid back at what was probably a forty five degree angle.

Mr. and Mrs. Tacon looked on in horror, unable to help their daughters, who were begging and screaming for help. The crew cheered on as the two girls squirmed and twisted trying to get out. Then, high on the back wall of the stage a projector screen came easing down. Everyone looked on. The twins were facing it, their backs to the crew.

They could see it too, over the top of the cage. Then the projector was turned on. It was from inside the cage. It was their little brother Billy and he was sitting on a bicycle that was lifted up off the floor and had no back tire.

The chain was routed from the sproket down through the floor. Billy had on a headset and it appeared he couldn't hear the crowd yelling. During all this, Mrs. Sung Li had let mom come sit down beside me and Mrs. Tacon at the side of the stage but she didn't let her put her clothes back on and she made her sit in Mr. Tacon's lap. Mrs. Sung Li was walking around the two girls running her hand across them. Then she took the mic, "can you hear me Billy? Can you hear me in headset?" Everyone looked up to the screen to see Billy inside the cage nodded his head yes.

Then she told him, "Ok Billy member what we talked about?" Billy shook his head yes again. "Ok Billy I want you start peddling." Billy immediately started peddling as fast as he could. As if his life depended on it. And from the way he was peddling I knew it must depend on something.

However, as he peddled the two stainless steel rodes started going up and down. The two were at an angle like the twins and as Billy peddled the bike, the two poles when up and down, one up while the other was down. Naomi and Mia started fighting their restraints again, begging and pleading.

Then she told Billy to stop. He did and his sisters began to calm down. But then Mrs. Sung Li's workers come back over push the chairs towards the cage. Closer to the two poles that were attached to Billy's bicycle. They moved it slowly until it locked into position and the stainless rod on Mia's side was just barely pressing at her in between her legs.

As the men walked off the stage, Mrs. Sung Li told Billy, "Ok Billy. I want you to start peddling, but start peddle SLOWL." He did as she said and as he did the two large rods attached to the bicycle he was riding, slowly started to move.

One pushed its way inside his sister, Mia as the other went down. Mia cried out as her sister, who laid right beside her, turned her head trying not to watch, knowing it was coming for her soon.

The two long rods were enormous, very big around and Mia squirmed her way up the back of the metal chair contraption as much as he restraints would let her. But it kept going higher.

Her parents looked on in horror as it burried deep inside their daughter. But then it started going down again, easing out of her, and her clinched face relaxed a little. But that meant the other pole was going back up.

Up towards her sister's spread legs. Naomi squirmed, trying to get away, but then cried out as he pushed up inside her. It went deeper and deeper up inside her and she kept crying out, "STOP BILLY.STOP.STOP BILLY.NO." But he couldn't hear his sister's pleas for help. Then Mrs. Sung Li told him to peddle a little faster. He did and soon it was coming out of Naomi and going back in Mia. Then back to Naomi. Then back to Mia. Then she told Billy to peddle faster. He did. The poles would barely come out of his sisters and then would ram back inside them.

She kept saying, "Faster Billy.Faster.Faster.Faster." Their mother just wept. She could do nothing. The crowd of men continued to yell for more. Billy was on the big screen peddling as fast as he could without any clue what he was doing to his two sisters.

The two girls were screaming as the rods pounded inside them. Crying, they begged and pleaded for him to stop, begged for someone to stop him. Both, trying to hold themselves up as high and far away from it as they could to keep it from burrying in them so deep, but they started to tire. Mia first.

Soon her legs began to weaken and her arms started giving out. She eventually slide down the back of her chair, just hanging helpless and exhausted from her wrists as her little brother unknowingly peddled the huge rod in her time and time again. Naomi was still trying, but was slowly starting to tire and would soon give out too.

Then Mia's cries for help subsided and I looked over and saw that she had passed out. Mia was unconscious and the enormous stainless steel rod continued to drive in and out of her limp body. Her mother went basurk. She franctically fought her way up and tried to walk herself and the chair she was tied to out on the stage, but she made one small step and feel flat on her face right in front of mom.

Seeing the twins' mother laying there naked and helpless, I watched mom, close her eyes, take a deep breath and then bolt up out of Mr. Tacon's lap and run out onto the stage. She was running out with her hands cuffed in front of her, yelling, "NNNoooooooooooo." She yanked the curtain down off the cage revealing Billy who was still peddling as fast as his tired legs could.

He was directly facing his two naked sisters with the enormous two stainless rods driving in and out of their spread legs. He couldn't hear her but when his sister, Naomi, told him to stop, he could tell what she said and he did.

When he stopped peddling, the two pumping rods stopped, and horror came over him and he began to cry out. The kidnappers came back up on the stage and took him out of the cage and he ran over to his mother. He helped her back up.

Then the kidnappers unstrapped his two sisters. They led Naomi out the door in the back and drug her unconscious sister behind her.

Mom was down on her knees beside the cage, weeping. Mrs. Sung Li walked over to her and said, "Ann, you dispoint me. That was not good thing to do. You make Mrs. Sung Li very upset." The crowd was silent. Then she helped mom up to her feet. They stepped aside and the men came and moved the cage back a little. Then to our horror, the pole came back up through the floor. Mom just closed her eyes, she knew what was in store for her.

She knew that bye ending Billy's sisters torture, it began hers. Then men came back onstage and lead mom in the cage. They pulled cable down from the top of the cage and attached the brackets around her wrists. Then they took two more from the bottom and attached them to her ankles. Then they pulled tight and lifted mom up off the floor and above the pole. The crowd was still silent though.

Then Mrs. Sung Li went into the cage with my mom and looked up at her. She said to mom, "you ready? You want me wet it down first." Mom just nodded yes. Then Mrs. Sung Li and reached up under her own skirt and rubbed herself. She used her own wetness to wet down the pole for mom.

She started walking around mom, reaching up and running her hands up and down mom's legs as she hung there. While she circled mom, the men carried just a plan wooden chair into the cage and set the control box in the chair and then went back out the back door of the stage.

Mrs. Sung Li went over and turned the box on. Then she stepped out of the cage, leaving the door to the cage open and then walked to the front of the stage and spoke into the microphone. "How you like show so far?" and the crew broke open in a loud roar. "You want more show?" and they yelled even louder.

Then Mrs. Sung Li told them, "Ok. But show upstairs.

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Show on deck of ship." As she said it she looked at mom and smiled. She was letting mom off. She was just teasing her, torturing her to make her thing she was going to have to go through that again. The crew started making their way out and as they did the curtains began to close and the lights went dim. Mrs. Sung Li's workers came and took Mrs. Tacon and her son Billy away.

Three more came and got her husband. They took Mrs. Tacon and Billy out the back door of the stage, but they led me and her husband down the stairs on the other side of the stage to follow the crew. We waited as they filed out. They were grabbing at me, trying to get my clothes off. As the last one walked out, Mrs. Sung Li, shut the door. "You two are coming with me." Her and her workers then led us through another door, and down a hall and into a dark room.

In the dark, they held Mr. Tacon down on the floor. As they struggled with him, they told me to take my clothes off. I told them no though. But, they slapped me and then started ripping my clothes off. "Say no to me again bitch and that pussy's mine!" one of the guys whispered in my ear with a fierce voice. Then they made Mr. Tacon undress. The fuckers left me naked and him in his boxers just to put it to me.

Once they had us both uncuffed, they told us to stand and face the wall. We did, and then they left us, locking the only door in the room behind them. Mr. Tacon went right over and flipped on the lights. I immediately covered myself as much as I could, "Excuse me!" He turned around and realized I was standing there naked and he quickly turned back around and turned the lights back off.

He pulled the tape off his mouth and said, "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't know." I just shook my head and said, "It's ok.guess it's not that big a deal anymore, everyone of those fuckers out there's seen me." Besides even with the lights turned out, I knew he could still see me a little from the light leaking in the room through the curtains over the two windows.

He had surprisingly calmed down. He probably had nightmares running through his head about what might be happening to his family, but maybe not having to see them, allowed him to somewhat ignore it a little, or maybe put it in the back of his mind. Maybe it helped him convince himself that it was all a bad dream and that it wasn't for real. Once my eyes adjusted to the low light, I started looking around the room. There was a tall table, I think they call it a pub table, with two stools on either side.

As I sat down on one of the stools, Mr. Tacon started looking around the room and then peaked out of one of the windows. He consciously tried not to open the curtain too much so that it didn't brighten the room and reveal my nakedness again.

"It's your mom!" I immediately jumped down off the stool and ran over to the window. Without any thought, I ran over and yanked the curtains open and started banging on the window, screaming, "MOM.MOM.Over here.Over here." She was still on the stage, still locked in the cage, but they'd let her down thankfully and unhooked the cables that she'd been hanging from when they took us away.

As much as I banged on the window, she never looked my way. She was too far away. "The window's too thick," Mr. Tacon softly said behind me. I gave up. She couldn't hear me. Then it hit me, I was standing naked in front of the window naked and the open curtains had lit the room up. I slowly turned around and found Mr. Tacon staring down at my naked body. It took a moment, but when I crossed my arms, he woke up from his daze and quickly looked away.

I closed the curtains. I peaked out at mom, but she couldn't see or hear me. She was by herself though. She was safe. I went over and looked out the other window, but it was just dark I couldn't see anything. We were stuck and helpless. Trapped. I just went back over and sat on the stool. Mr. Tacon was still calm but he hadn't given up, he was trying anything to pick the lock of the door. But was having no luck.

I just sat there. I knew we were going anywhere for awhile. Eventually he gave up too and he came over and sat with me at the table. We started talking. He asked me, "do you live at home with your mother?" "Yes sir, I'm only seventeen, I'm still in high school. I'll be a senior when school starts back." I think I surprised him a little, cause he said, "Oh.oh're really only seventeen." "Yes sir." "Well don't take this the wrong way considering the situation we're in, but you're a very beautiful young lady." "Thank you.

You have a beautiful family." "So where are you and your mom from?" "We live in Houston. We were on vacation in the the Bahamas when this all happened. We'd just got there." "Oh really. Well, if you don't mind me asking, what about your father?" "Oh he's not with us anymore. He passed away about two years ago. He was hit by a drunk driver." "Oh I'm sorry." "Oh it's ok." "So yall were on vacation in the Bahamas huh." "Yeah, it was kinda our first vacation since my dad died.

I'd been trying to get my mom to take a vacation forever! It kinda makes me feel a little bad about it now after what alls happened." "Well you can't blame yourself for what has happened. Everything's going to be ok." I said thanks and then suddenly a light came on from the other window. I ran over and peaked in. "Who is it?" he asked. I waited to see who all walked in and then said, "It's Mrs. Sung Li." "Who?" "The woman with the microphone.

The woman that had the men kidnap us. She's with your wife." He jumped down and ran over. It was his wife and Mrs. Sung Li, and two men. He started banging on the window and even though it was a very small room they were in and she was so close to the window, his wife couldn't hear us either. Just like mom. Mrs. Sung Li came over and stood right in front of the window facing us, smiling.

She looked back at his wife and when she wasn't looking, Mrs. Sung Li waived at us. Mr. Tacon kept hitting the window but it was too thick and he later told me it must have been double pained. But then I suddenly realized it was a two way mirror. I told him and he immediately ran over and flipped on the light switch so his wife could see that it wasn't a mirror, but a window. The lights didn't come on though. He tried again but nothing. "Dammit, they cut the breaker." He came back over to the window.

He jerked the windows open, and it lit up our room, but his wife still didn't notice. She couldn't see us. When he pulled the curtains open I noticed a speaker in the wall. I pushed the speak button and said "hello?" But no one heard me. Then I turned the volumn up and tried again, but nothing. However when I released the button, we could hear them talking in the other room.

"Turn it up," he blurted out. I did and we could hear them talking a little better. The room was all white, and about ten feet up off the floor was a railing and their appeared to be rows of seating up there.

There was a door and people could apparently go up there and sit and look down in the room. Then suddenly something bad happened. Oh no. It sounds like a recurring them, but yet another stainless steel pole came out.

It startled his wife. This time though, it came out of the back wall of the room. Like the other, it was seven, maybe eight inches around. It was sticking out of the wall almost two feet.

It was parallel to the floor, up off the floor two to three feet up. Mr. Tacon was trying to stay calm. He just stood there motionless and silent. Then the two men carried in some wooden contraption. They put it in front of the stainless rod and when they swung it open. I suddenly recognized what it was. It was one of those things they us to lock people in, folding down and locking the person's arms and head in it.

They put Mrs. Tacon in it and locked it shut. Bent over she struggled to get free but soon gave up after realizing she couldn't. The two men pushed it back closer to the wall and then bolted it to the floor. Then Mrs. Sung Li left, leaving her locked up, bent over, and with the two men. The huge stainless rod was just inches behind her.

They shut the door behind the door and then one of them sat in a chair as the other walked around. As he paced back and forth through the room, he said, "Vanessa, Vanessa,'re a smart got a good luckin' family.they look happy.and Damn you got two fine ass girls.daddy's money spent well I guess." She just stood there silent.

"Now Vanessa, you've got a pretty ficesty husband there, he's been puttin' up quiet a fight. But I want you to know that it's not doing him, or you and your kids any good. So.we're going to keep yall seperated. Make this go a little smoother." Mr. Tacon and I listened in as they told his wife, "Now, in case you wondering, your family is ok.

We put your kids downstairs. They'll be fine. We're gettin' 'em somthin' to eat. Your husband we had to lock up in a room to calm him down. He's with one of our other know here, she was in the show with you earlier.

Don't worry though, Christy's a sweetie, I'm sure she's takin' good care of him. She's prob'ly suckin' his dick as we speak." "Hey!" I yelled and hit the window. Then I looked up at Mr. Tacon and then back to his wife. "For right now though, we're gonna leave you in hear for a little while." When he said that the door up top opened up and members of the crew started walking in. The seating up there held probably close to twenty guys.

Mrs. Sung Li came in with them and she had a control box in her hand. The two men with Mr. Tacon's wife left and locked the door behind them. Horribly, the machine started. Mr. Tacon beat on the window as Mrs. Sung Li sent the enormous stainless rod easing inside his wife. She cried out, but it kept going in. I looked up and saw Mrs. Sung Li turn a knob and the rod started going in Mr. Tacon's wife faster. Coming out of the wall, it started pumping in and out of Mrs.

Vanessa faster and faster. She was screaming, begging them to stop, pleading, "STOP.PLEASE.STOP." But it only got faster. It went faster and faster and she frantically tried moving, spreading her legs, crossing them, kicking, trying anything to get it out of her.

But she couldn't and it kept driving deep inside her. The men upstairs were cheering and yelling for more. I looked up and Mrs. Sung Li was looking at Mr. Tacon and me. She held up the control box and showed us as she turned the speed all the way up and then turned the vibrate on. Mr. Tacon's wife was crying, and the huge ramming rod got even faster.

When the vibrating started, her eyes lit up and again started trying to squirm around and get loose or at least get it out of her. Mr. Tacon dropped to his knees weaping, "why are they doing this? Why are they doing this to us? Who are these people?" I felt so sorry for him. I felt horrible for him. I still didn't have any clothes, but I knew he needed consoling, so I got down on the floor with him and put his hand on my shoulder. I tried calming his horrors and fears.

Then his wife screamed out again and he stood back up.


I did too. The pole started moving up the wall getting higher off the floor. She was screaming, "NOOOOO.NOOOO.PLEASE." But it continued to get higher. Mr. Tacon and I watched in horror as the pole continued to pump in and out of his wife, and raise so high that it lifted her feet off the floor.

Her back arched, her feet dangling just inches from the floor, and her breasts swaying back and forth, the enormous rod continued to drive in her faster and faster, vibrating inside her the entire time. His wife started shaking suddenly and then she let out one last gasp, and then her eyes shut and she lost consciousness. Mrs. Sung Li continued on until she too noticed Mrs.

Vanessa had passed out. The pole suddenly withdrew back into the wall. His wife's limp body dropped to the floor with a thud and she hung from her locked arms and neck. Wally collapsed and sat on the floor leaning back against the wall below the window with his head in his hands.

I put my hand on his shoulder and said, "I'm sorry. I'm least it's over now though." He was silent. He sat there silent as I went over to check on mom. As I walked over to the other window, the light in our room suddenly came on. I didn't react at all though, I had gotten use to being naked around him I guess. Hell he'd already seen what he was going to see anyway, and beside he was on the floor with his head down.

I knew how he must feel. I looked in on mom and found her pacing around the cage. She was still the only one on stage and no one else was in the room. I watched her, she was acting weird. She kept pacing around in circles in the cage, looking around, rubbing herself. She was acting anxious. I looked around to make sure no one else was in the room but I never saw anyone.

She was just locked in the cage. I watched as she kept looking down at the pole still sticking up through the floor, then looking at the box that controlled it, then looking around the room again. What was she doing? Sometime while I wasn't watching, while I was watching Mrs. Tacon, someone had given mom her clothes back and she put them on. But she was acting weird, just pacing around nervous.

Then she stopped. She paused. Looking around, looking at the pole, looking around, then looking at the pole again. Then mom suddenly started stripping her clothes off. She frantically stripped off her shorts and then quickly pulled down her panties and kicked them aside.

I watched in shock as my mom quickly grabbed the control box and then practically jumped on the huge pole. Stunned, I watched as she started fucking herself, buring it deep inside her. No one was making her this time. She paused just long enough to put the box down on the floor between her spread legs. She reached down between her legs and held the massive pole with both hands with a tight grip as she rode up and down on it faster and faster.

She reached over and flipped on the switch and the huge pole started going up and down again. Bent over, reaching down and holding it, straddling the large rod, she let it go up and down. It was fucking her and she was fucking it. She turned the nob and it went a little higher and deeper, nearly lifting her feet off the ground each time it went up. Mom threw her head back and ground her hips into it each time it pushed up inside her.

Mom kept turning the nob making it go faster and faster.

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I could't hear her but I could see her screaming out. Then I saw her legs start shaking and she clenched it tighter and tighter. Then she collapsed on it, dropping down on it completely limp as it caused a long intense orgasm in her. It was buried as deep in her as it could go and she just went up and down with it. Holding the pole between her legs, barely holding herself upright on it. She struggled to reached down and turn it off.

Mom collapsed onto the floor all curled up, fingering herself. I couldn't believe what I'd just seen. I couldn't believe what I'd just witnessed. I felt horrible. I felt so betrayed. I turned around and found Mr. Tacon looking in the other window again. I walked over to find his wife had woken up again and Mrs. Sung Li was torturing her again. He looked at me and asked, "why are they doing this?" I couldn't answer him. Again his wife was in the same position and again her feet were lifted off the ground as the pole rammed in and out of her from behind.

I couldn't watch anymore, I went over and sat back up on my stool. Mr. Tacon slumped down back down onto the floor. He couldn't watch anymore either. We sat there for nearly an hour trying to tone out his wife's screams and pleas for them to stop. Every once in awhile I'd check on mom only to find her still fucking herself senseless with the huge gyrating pole. Sometimes should would even be just sitting on it with it buried inside her with the vibrate turned up, getting herself to another orgasm.

After about an hour though I noticed things getting quieter in Mrs. Vanessa's room. Mr. Tacon was still sitting there on the floor and I got up and walked over to her window. They were still torturing her. There was a huge pool of fluids below her on the floor. She had given up. She was different though. She'd started moaning. I watched as her hips started to move. She'd stopped fighting it and her body was betraying her like my mom's had.

She stopped trying to fight and I watched Mrs. Vanessa close her eyes and give in. Then Sung Li asked her, "you cumming again Vanessa." When she softly cried out, "yyyyes," Mr.

Tacon bolted up off the floor. He got up, "what? Oh my God, what did she say?!" Then suddenly two men came in an lifted the restrain off her neck and wrists. The pole dropped back down to it's normal height above the floor and stopped thrusting. Mr. Tacon's wife was left with her body hips stil thrusting at the enormous pole. Without hesitation, she looked back behind her and started pushing herself back against it. Now she was fucking it herself!. I looked at her husband and he was just standing there speechless.

Then it suddenly pulled out of her and withdrew back into the wall and she suddenly cried out, "heeeeyyy!" She was just about to errupt when Mrs. Sung Li pulled it away. She looked up at Mrs. Vanessa with a look of complete lost and confusion.

Then on the other side of the room another pole came out of the wall. As soon as Mrs. Vanessa saw it she ran over and turned around. She stuck it in her and pushed herself back on it all the way. She took the whole thing and she immediately started pushing herself on it again and again. She started screaming again, crying out, "OH GOD.OH GOD.OH.OH." She was just about to orgasm again and then it too suddenly withdrew.

Again, "hhheeeyyyy, noooooo!" Then another came out from the floor and she ran over and squatted over it. The door was wide open and no one was keeping her from running but instead she sat down on the huge stainless pole stick out from the floor.

She was rubbing her own nipples as she started bouncing up and down on it harder and harder. "OH.OH.OH.OH YEAH.OHHH YEAH." Mr. Tacon just shook his head. He was devestated. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

His wife was willingly fucking the pole in the floor and was screaming and begging for more. Then to make it worse, his son walked in the room. The door was open and little Billy walked in the room with his mother. "Mommy.mommmmy.mommy stop.stop.stop mommy." She never stopped. She kept going. Little Billy walked up and took his mother's hand trying to pull her away but she wouldn't.

"No Billy.No sweetie.Not yet.Let mommy finish.Let me finish." Billy pleaded with her, "But mommy.mommy stooooooppp.they said you can stop now.they said you can stop." Still fucking the huge pole, she raised her voice to her son, "Billy wait!.Wait outside sweetie!.go wait outside." Billy's head hung as he left and went and waited out in the hall.

Moments later he got to listen to the sounds of an orgasm errupting deep inside his mother. She screamed out. Her entire body shook until the pole suddenly dropped back down into the floor and Mrs. Vanessa just laid there curled up on the floor shaking, panting, gasping for a breath.

Mr. Tacon turned and walked away from the window. I pulled the curtains to, and he asked me, "how could she do that? I can't believe she just did. She did exactly what they wanted! How could she act like that in front of our son!


My God!" I just kept silent. Eventually they came and let us out. They gave me a white bathrobe and I quickly put it on. They took me and Mr. Tacon back down below and locked us back in our cells.

My mother was brought down shortly after they locked me in. Her hair was everywhere and she looked exhausted. I couldn't look at her though. She just came in wearing a white bathrobe like the one I had on.

She came in and without saying a word, just laid down and closed her eyes. She was already asleep when they brought Mr. Tacon's kids in. His daughters were both in bath robes too.

His son was barefoot in a pair of jeans with no shirt. They were all crying and as he consoled them, I quietly laid down beside mom and tried to go to sleep. The next morning, mom woke me up when the kidnappers brought us breakfast. Mrs. Tacon was back in her cell with her husband and kids and her face was covered in her makeup that had run and smeared down her face.

I was starving and we all were quiet as we ate. The men left us alone and while we were eating, Mrs. Vanessa started telling my mom, "We've got to find a way out of here. We've got to escape somehow. I can't take this! We have to." "I know but I don't know how." They talked about it for awhile and Mr. Tacon came up with a few ideas, but the longer we all tried to figure a way out of this hellhole, the more we started to fear there wasn't a way out.

Even if we did get out of our cells, we were on a cargo ship, where would we go. Eventually the men came back and took our plates. The Tacon's son, Billy, asked for more and surprisingly they brought him another plate of scrambled eggs and bacon. While he ate, everyone else sat silently, praying that the men wouldn't come back, praying the torturing was over. My mom went back to sleep, I think exhaustion was taking a toll on her.

Mr. Tacon's wife was quietly talking with her two daughters, trying to keep there mind off the situation we all were in. The tension between her and her husband was obvious. They wouldn't look at each other and they kept their distance; even in the small jail cell. I watched him and I could tell he felt betrayed. He just sat silent in his own corner of their cell as she quietly kept their kids calm.

We sat in our cells until later in the afternoon. The big clock on the wall in the back showed close to five o'clock when the kidnappers came back in. There was five of them. Three of them handcuffed Mr. Tacon and led him upstairs; the other two took his wife and followed them. The little boy was crying as they took his mother away and his sisters tried to console him, but it took awhile to eventually calm him down.

I just sat trying to remember happy times, trying to get my mind off the current nightmare I was in. Everytime they started crying it made me want to cry. After they did finally calm him and he quietened, my mom went back to sleep. I sat there humming to myself until finally I got bored and I got up and struct up a conversation with the two twins, I figured it would get all our minds off the obvious, "Yall were in Cancun right?.How long were yall there before they came know." Naomi: "Well, we were just outside of Cancun.we'd been there about a week.

We were suppose to be going home the next day." "Really? That sucks. I've never been to Cancun, I've been to Cozumel, but not Cancun. Was it pretty nice?" "Yeah it was cool.well, 'til this of coarse." "Oh I know, but it was pretty nice?" "Yeah, we were in pretty big hotel on the beach. We go like every year though." Then her sister Mia asked me, "How long had you and your mom been here before they before we got here?" "A few days I think, I'm not sure though. We were in the Bahamas and one of guys at our hotel and like some other guys, kidnapped us and brought us here.

They spiked me and my mom's drinks we think." The whole time we talked, I'd been leaning on the bars of the cell, and then all of a sudden I felt them move. Surprised I tried the door, it moved. I looked around and then slid the cell door all the way open. The twins bolted up and tried theirs. It didn't budge. The kidnappers had simply forgotten to shut my cell door completely.

Billy and his sisters were starting to panic, they wanted out and were begging for me to get them out. Mom woke up in the comotion and when she saw the door open she jumped up. We looked around for keys to the cells but didn't have any luck. They were panicing and mom was trying to calm them down. Finally she said, "We got to go find them, we got to go find the keys Christy." "No! Don't leave us.please.please don't leave us down here!" they yelled.

"Shhhhhhhh.we have to, they're not down here.we gotta go find the keys.we'll be back, I promise." Mom told them. Then she took my hand and led me down the dark hallway towards the staircase we'd been led out so many times.

The girls were yelling, "Noooo!" as we snuck up the stairs and out the door to the rest of the ship. We crept out into the hallway to make sure no one was coming and mom took my hand again and whispered, "Come on.this way." Just as I went to follow her though I looked back behind me and shockingly found a ring of keys hanging on a hook beside the door we'd just come through.

"Wait.wait mom." She turned around and I showed her and we both had a look of shock. Neither of us expected it to be that easy. She took the keys and we hurried back downstairs to the jail cells. The girls saw the keys and were begging us, "hurry! hurry!" There was a lot of keys though and as mom franticlly went through them one at a time, I kept a lookout. There must have been fifty keys on the ring and we just prayed one of them would fit the lock on the cell door. Mom must have went through half the keys when I suddenly saw a shadow and moments later the door down at the end of the row of jailcells opened.

"Mom?!" She looked up and grabbed me and pulled me back in our cell and shut the door. The twins were panicing, "No! What are you doing! Get us out!" Mom quickly hid the keys under a coffee can sitting in the back of our cell.

We couldn't tell who it was until finally they walked out of the dark. It was their mom. It was Mrs. Vanessa. She wasn't coming down the stairs, she was coming from the back of the large room we were in, way down the hallway.

She was completely naked. She was dripping wet, her hair, her complete body had been dosed in water. Her kids were yelling, "Mom!.Mom!.Where's dad?.Where's daddy!" She was silent and somber. That's when I noticed she had set of keys in her hand much like the ones we'd taken. She stopped at our cell though.

She started unlocking the cell door and opened it. It was obviously already unlocked though but she had no clue. She looked up at my mother, "They want you.they want me to bring you." Immediately I cried out, "No mom, don't go.we got the keys.lets go, lets make a run for it." Mom looked at me and hugged me. She said, "Where?.Where would we go Christy?.We're in the middle of the ocean sweetie." I knew she was right but I didn't want to listen.

I kept telling her no, but she went anyway. They shut door door back and Mrs. Vanessa locked it back. Mom followed her and they walked back down the hallway. I paced back and forth trying to think of something to do. Then the twins both said, "Get the keys!.Get the keys!" Duh! I quickly grabbed the keys and franticlly started going through the set of keys trying to find the one to open my cell. I found it pretty quick and ran over and used the same key to unlock their cell.

I slid the cell door opened and they ran out and immediately looked at me and said, "Now what?" I looked around and then said, "Follow me." I tossed the keys to the floor and we ran up the stairs and out the door. The four of us crept down the hallway trying to find a way out. There was no one around as we checked door after door. Just empty rooms though. Then, at the end of the hall, we opened a door and found their dad tied to a chair. He was gagged and we immediately ran in and started untieing him.

We got him loose and he jumped up and immediately asked his kids, "Where's you mother girls?.Where'd they take her?" They were loosing it and halfway crying in fear so I told him, "We don't know, but they made my mom go too." He stopped a moment to think, he took the keys and said, "Ok kids.let's go.follow me." We followed him, scampering down the hallway to another hallway.

We ran out a door at the end and it led us right out to the main deck of the boat. The bright light of the sun made our eyes at first but once we adjusted we followed him as we ran to the back of the huge ship. All I saw was ocean in every direction as far as I could see. He found a life boat and pulled the tarp covering it back and said, "Get in." His son and the two twins immediately started climbing. He looked at me and when he said, "Come on hide in here.I'm going to go find the mom.hurry," I climbed in and he pulled the tarp back over us.

I peaked out and watched him run back inside the ship. We were all shaking in fear trying to keep Billy quiet. Then we waited. We waited in the dark. We sweated in the heat underneath the tarped as we waited for their dad to come back with mom and Mrs. Vanessa. Hope began to fade though when we noticed it was starting to get dark outside. We started getting scared that he might have gotten caught. We feared the worst. I wanted to go looking for him but Naomi and Mia kept pulling me back saying, " here." I did.

And we continued to wait. We waited for what must have been hours until suddenly we heard a man's voice come over a loud speaker. "Billy.Christy.girls.I want you to come out.I want you to come out from whereever your hiding." We didn't budge, we just looked at each other thinking what do we do?

Then we heard, "We have Daddy kids.come out if you want to see him again." Billy immediately jerked the tarped back and started climbing out, yelling, "No!.No!.Don't hurt my daddy!" I tried to stop him but it was no use. Then two men who were looking for us saw Billy and came running over. One grabbed me and the other grabbed Naomi and Mia. They drug us back inside and downstairs. We were pulled into a large room and then I saw mom.

Her and Mrs. Vanessa were sitting together at a table in their bathrobes, both of them with tears in there eyes. The men let us go and we ran over to mom and Mrs. Vanessa. I hugged mom and then thats when I saw Naomi and Mia's dad. He was tied to a pole in the center of the room and he was stripped naked. Then Mrs. Sung Li came in.

She walked over to us, "Did you think could get way?" I just looked the other direction. Then she went over and whispered something in Naomi's ear. I couldn't hear her but after she said whatever she said, Naomi rolled her eyes and turned away. Mrs. Sung Li just laughed and then walked over to Mr. Tacon.

He was gagged and he cursed at her when she started rubbing on his thing. Then she got down and put it in her mouth. Billy cried out, "Stop it.don't." but she didn't and Mrs. Vanessa just looked away. Mrs. Sung Li sucked on his dad's dick while she rubbed on herself up underneath her skirt.

Then she raised up and motioned to her men. They immediately came over and untied Mr. Tacon. Right away though they locked his wrists to two chains that went up to the ceiling. Then suddenly he was hoisted up into the air. Dangling from his wrists, he hung naked nearly ten feet up off the floor. Then three men came and took me, the twins and their little brother away.

They led us out the door and once out in the hallway, they made me and Billy wait in the hallway while they locked Naomi and Mia in a room together. The men came back out and led me and Billy into the large room where the stage was.

We were led out onto the stage and put in to wooden chairs and tied to them. A few minutes later they came back. They came back this time with Billy's mom, Mrs.

Vanessa. They sat her in a chair beside us. Moments later they brought my mother in and sat her down. Then the curtains began to open and yet again the crew was cheering us own. When Mrs. Sung Li came in they got even louder. Expecting one of us was in store for more torture we were suddenly shocked yet somewhat relieved when Mrs.

Sung Li brought in a naked black girl. She looked to be about thirty or so. She was very shapely. The men on stage were grabbing and pulling at her huge sagging breasts. She wasn't fat, but she wasn't skinny. Big boned. She was very voluptous and had the typical butt of most of my black girlfriends. Mrs. Sung Li yelled out to the crowd, "Lets here it for Octavian!" The black girl smiled and waved to the crowd as they cheered her own.

Suddenly I realized she was in on everthing. She hadn't been kidnapped like I orgionally thought when she walked out. Then the men wheeled out a big stainless box. It was the size of a table. The woman named Octavian went over and opened up a compartment in the bottom section. She hit some switch and a rod rose up through the top of the metal box.

Then she pulled out an enormous rubber dildo. I turned my head in shame when I saw it. But she took it and screwed it on the end of the pole pertruding from the stainless metal box. Then she took what looked like a lotion or a lubricant and rubbed it all over the huge rubber dildo that looked over a foot long.

Then she looked over at Mrs. Sung Li and Mrs. Sung Li looked over at my mom and with a smirk on her face, said, "Looks like your up." Reluctantly, but knowing what she had to do, Mom got up. The crowd looking own roared. Mom walked out onto the stage and waited for instructions that she probably already knew.

Mrs. Octavian pulled up a stool and helped my mother climb up ontop of the large metal box, or I'll just call it a table. It was probably five feet high. Once she got up there she looked over at me and then over at Mrs. Sung Li. Mrs. Sung Li simply nodded her head and mom took a deep breath and then rubbed the rubber dildo. She took the lubricant that rubbed off on her fingers and rubbed herself with it. Then she moved, straddling over the huge dildo screwed to the rod sticking up from the table and I watched my mother slide herself down on it and started riding it as the crew cheered her own.

Mom closed her eyes as she slid down it. It was enromous and I watched her face cringe as it eased up inside her. She started slow. She was having trouble adjusting to its huge size. Then Mrs.

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Sung Li, I guess impatient, motioned to two of her men and they ran over and climbed up on top with mom. Mom, frightened at what they were up to, she stood up and backed away. They grabbed her and picked her up. With her legs spread they lowered her back down on the huge stiff rubber dildo and my mom cried out, "Wait!.wait!" as they put her back on it and pushed her farther down on it. Her toes curled up. Her feet were still off the floor and the two men were still holding her up.

They started lifting her up and down on it as the crowd got louder and louder. At first mom was quiet, just biting her lip, but then she too started getting louder. She took one glance over at me and then closed her eyes again. When she started moaning the crowd of men errupted. I looked over at Mrs. Vanessa and her son. He was sitting in her lap and she was covering his eyes not letting him watch. I wished I didn't have to watch.

I wished I didn't have to watch them torture my mother and make her do such awful things. They did though. The two men raised her up and down on the huge dildo time after time and each time my mother got louder.

I think she was trying to fight it still even though her body was reacting in awful ways. I looked out into the crowd and men were taking pictures of her. It was horrible. Then Mrs. Sung Li climbed up on the platform with them. She got in behind mom. She reached around my mom and started fingering her as her two men kept slidding mom up and down on the enormous toy.

Mom instantly cried out in passion and her eyes lit up. Mrs. Sung Li was moving her hand as fast as she could and mom was clutching at the two men holding her, grasping at them as the crowd screamed out for more. I'm sure she felt horrible for giving in again, but she couldn't help it. They pushed her down on it harder and harder, going faster and faster. The crew roared.

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Then suddenly mom pushed Mrs. Sung Li away. Again she cried out, "Wait!.wait.move.move." Mrs. Sung Li moved away and mom started squirming getting the two men to lift her up and set her down on the floor.

I think they were a little caught off by her jerking and strange reactions. Once on her feet, mom quickly pushed the two men and Mrs. Sung Li aside and franticlly turned around and straddled the huge dildo.

She immediately reached down between her spread legs and grabbed it with both hands and sat down on it. I hung my head as my mother pushed herself down on it, cried out, and started fucking herself with it. She was completely out of control, screaming OH GOD.OH GOD YES. as she rode it faster and faster. The crowd went crazy as my mom went nuts, loosing all control and sanity. I watched in shame as my mother lost it and completely degradded herself in front of all those men.

Then suddenly Mrs. Vanessa pushed Billy up out of her lap and got up, "Oh I can't take this anymore!" She ran out onto the stage, going to save my mother.or so I thought.

She ran out on the stage though, and tossed her bathrob aside. The crowd errupted when she stripped naked and franticlly climbed up on the platform with my mother who was still completely devouring the huge rubber dildo and fucking herself with it, crying out for more. Billy's mom climbed up though, and immediately grabbed my mothers arm and pulled her off the huge pole. She laid her down.

Well practically dropped her to the floor. Mom was franticlly fingering herself as Mrs. Vanessa made the crowd go wild when she took mom's place on the huge toy. I just said to myself, Oh my God! What is she doing? They weren't making her and in fact Mrs. Sung Li and her men were looking on in shock when Mrs. Vanessa ran over and voluntarily started fucking the huge rubber dildo. Billy started screaming and crying out to his mother as he watched her whore herself out in front of him and everyone else in the room.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, she'd practically sprinted out on stage, pushed my mother aside ending what started out as torture, and jumped on the huge pole like her life depended on it.

But it didn't, she'd just let her body betray her and wanted the enormous fake dick inside her. Mom was just laying there below her still fingering herself when suddenly the curtains started closing and the crowd started booing.

Mom kept fingering herself though and Billy's mom kept riding the huge pole. Once the curtains were closed, Mrs. Sung Li motioned to her men, "Get boy out of here!" Billy screamed to his mother for help when a man came over and picked him up and threw him over his shoulder as he carried him out of the room.

Billy was kicking and screaming but his mother never stopped. I don't think she even heard him. Then they went over and started pulling her down. She was crying out though, pleading, " wait.wait." Then Mrs. Sung Li's men came and grabbed me. They grabbed my mother and Mrs.

Vanessa and started taking us back downstairs. One man was carrying mom in his arms, another man was leading me behind her, and Mrs. Vanessa was behind us holding the hand of a large black man as she pranced down the hallway, one hand in his, one between her legs fingering herself. They took us downstairs and locked me and mom in our same cell. They put Mrs. Vanessa in her cell, she was by herself. Mom was starting to calm down and had laid down on our bed, but Mrs.

Vanessa was still completely worked up and turned on and had flopped down on the metal floor fingering herself furiously as a puddle formed below her. Just moments later the men came back leading Billy, his dad, and his two sisters in. They were led downstairs and found their out of control mother/wife still laying on the floor frantically fingering herself and crying out.

When she saw them she hopped up and when the kidnappers opened the door and made the others go inside, As soon as the kidnappers opened the cell door and led her family inside with her, Mrs. Vanessa got up and was practically pulling her husband in. She yanked him over and as the kidnappers were locking their cell and leaving I heard Mr.

Tacon's wife telling him, "Fuck.I wanna have sex.right now baby.I got to." I was as shocked as Mr. Tacon was for her to say such right in front of their kids. He quickly put his hand to her mouth, "Vanessa, shhhhh.get control of yourself." "What, please.please baby.just fuck me!" She cried out even as he was trying to pull her hand from between her legs, trying to get her to stop fingering herself in front of their kids.

She got mad though and turned around. Looking up the stairs to the door at the top, she started yelling out, "HELLO!.HELLO!.Is anyone up there?" "What are you doing?" Mr Tacon demanded as he tried to keep her quiet.

But she kept calling out, "Hello?.Anybody?" Then two men came in the door at the top of the staircase. "What! .what the hell you yellin' 'bout!" Mrs.

Vanessa, gripping the bars, her legs twitched she said, "I.I need to uhhhhhhhhhh.I need to." Then one of the two men came down the stairs. He walked up and asked her "What?" She looked back at her husband and kids just for a moment and then turned to the kidnapper and said, "I.uhhhh.can I.uhhhh." "What Dammit?" "Uhhhhhhhh.can I go see that woman.can I go see your boss?" Mr.

Tacon immediately butted in, "WHAT! What are you talking about Vanessa?" She glanced back at him, "It's ok sweetie," and then looked back to the two men, "Is your boss still up there?

Can I go see her?" The man asked her, "What? Why?" She took one more quick glance at her husband and then looked back at the two kidnappers not knowing exactly how to say it, "I just.uhhh.Iiiii." They asked her, "Are you sure?" She quickly shook her head yes.

When he barely had the cell door open she was squeezing out past them and running upstairs. The two men locked the cell back and followed her upstairs. Mr. Tacon was very upset and he even yelled out, "YOU FUCKIN' BITCH!" as she left with the two men through the door upstairs. He kept mumbling to himself, whore, and his kids consoled him and eventually he got quiet for awhile. In fact no one else said anything for at least an hour. Mom went to sleep as did Billy and one of the twins.

Mr. Tacon just sat there staring at the floor. The clock up on the wall crept by. Eventually we all fell asleep. I was curled up with mom. ******Please leave feedback I do read them ********