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Lustful old dude licks and fucks a teens hot bald pussy
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that's it Rolo, move that." Hands gripping the young assassin's waist, moving them in time with the thrusts that were pushed into him, their skin meeting with an audible slap with every thrust.

"Ah- that feels so good Rolo, don't stop." His husky voice, laced with lust and pleasure sounded like the most beautiful sound to the younger boy as he moved, driving the hot, hard length even deeper into his body, throaty gasps and moans leaving Rolo's own parted lips as pleasure coursed though him, and he could feel his climax approaching.

"Ahh.Nii-sama." "Yes Rolo.come for me." Rolo woke up with a gasp, his body shuddering from the aftermaths of the orgasm that tore through his body. He found himself quite breathless, his heart beating hard against his chest as if the encounter he just had in his dreams were real. "God." These dreams really had to stop. It was hard enough as it was facing his brother in the morning ever since he had started to develop these feelings, and these erotic dreams didn't make things easier.

He looked down in dismay at his wet pyjamas and hoped it had not soaked through to his sheets, had. Damn it damn it damn it. The teen slid out of bed, sighing as he tugged the sheets off his bed, glancing at the clock. His alarm clock hadn't gone off. He was fretting about where to put the sheets when he heard his brother coming up the stairs and panicked, rushing into his en0suite bathroom taking the offending sheets with him, closing the door in time to avoid Lelouch letting himself in after a brief knock.


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You're going to be late for school.oh." Lelouch found his brother's bed was empty, and looking a little ruffled as if the boy had got out in a rush. He sighed, smiling a little to himself as he made the bed properly, realising it was sheet less. What in the? "Rolo.are you alright?" he asked, speaking toward the closed bathroom door. "Yes.I'm fine Nii-san I didn't notice the time.I'm sorry I'll be right down!" ".alright then.

I'll be downstairs okay?" "I'll be as quick as I can!" Rolo breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the older boy leave, and could hear his steps descending the stairs. Thank god. He peeled off the damp clothing, wondering what in the hell to do with it.

He guessed he would worry about it later as he turned on the shower and stepped in, washing all traces of the dirty dream from his body.

This was all so unlike him, but he couldn't seem to stop it. The more he tried to fight it, the worse it got, like he was trapped in quicksand, sinking rapidly,deeper and deeper into the obsession that was Lelouch.

However, it wasn't such a bad thing, as Rolo had started to realise. His brother did indeed love him, from the bottom of his heart, Geass or not and that was all the assassin could ask for. It was happiness, of the normal, regular kind that a lot of people took for granted. Having family who cared for you unconditionally, simply because you were related by blood. He was aware Lelouch would probably never feel for him beyond that of a brother, but it didn't matter.

Blood is a strange substance. It was a bad idea from the start- Rolo didn't like the sound of it the moment he heard it. "Babylon tower, Nii-san?" he asked looking up from his breakfast that fateful morning, after having rushed his clothes on and bolting downstairs. "It's dangerous there." "I just need a lift- Rival is busy till evening, and by that time I want to be back here." ".B.but." "You don't have to come in, just drop me off.please?

I know I'm a bad brother for asking you, but I don't see any other option." ".F.fine Nii-san." It was Rolo's weakness. He just couldn't say no to his brother, even if all his senses were telling him it was a bad, bad idea. "Thanks Rolo. I really appreciate it." iThat/i smile again.


The one that made the young boy's heart slowly melt into an unrecognisable puddle. He knew somewhere inside he would do anything for that smile to be reserved only for him.


Anything xXx Of course, Rolo ended up following his brother into the damned overgrown gambling den, nervously looking at their surroundings, he felt like they stood out, black in a sea of colours- their uniforms too bold a colour, too prim, almost too child-like in this "adult" world to blend in.

He tried to tell himself it was because it was his job to keep an eye on him (It was, it was his mission) but in reality, it was because he relished any time he had with the former prince. It was one more memory they would share, one more truth within the long intricate lie the world had woven for them- one Rolo had helped create, but somehow he had ended up tangled in it as much as Lelouch had.

He disliked crowded places, they made him feel uncomfortable. he preferred it in the private of their own home, deep within Ashford Academy; Lelouch's cadge, Rolo's sanctuary.

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Peeking into the main stadium, Rolo was quite horrified by the sight of the two Elevens who had been made to fight each other for the Britannian's entertainment. It wasn't really the violence itself that irked the boy- he was no strange to bloodshed, ofcourse not.

It was that they were brothers. it gave him a chilling reminder of what he will probably have to do one day; kill the brother who had loved him, who he had fallen so deeply in love with, for the entertainment of Britannia. All so not to fail the mission.

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He could not be a failure. The thoughts were repeating themselves in Rolo's mind when he felt an arm around his shoulder. He looked up slowly, his light violet eyes meeting his brother's darker ones. "You shouldn't watch things like that if they upset you." Lelouch said gently "You're kind, Rolo, so I know these kinds of things get to you.

Come on, let's go elsewhere, it's not the most tasteful sport in the world, too primitive and barbaric but then you would expect it from the nobles and the like who hang around here.They are all mindless animals." Kind? Only Nii-sama would call him that. His thoughts as he leaned in a little into Lelouch's arm, seeking comfort and showing affection, something that now came naturally rather than the forced act he had to put on the first few days.

Most other people described him as detached, aloof, distant.

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Unfriendly, unlovable, cold-hearted. He could honestly say, he could like himself a little more when he was Rolo Lamperouge. He would never be as popular, charismatic or intelligent as his brother but he still could say for the first time in his life he could like himself, just a little bit.

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A small smile started to play on the blond's lips, his hand that was in his pocket gripping the small heart locket, his precious token of love from his brother. He felt like somehow, nothing else really mattered as long as their bond existed. It was supreme security, and Rolo revelled in it. Unconditional love. What a strange, amazing thing. xXx "Get him!" The moment the dark skinned Mafia boss had barked those words toward the teen, Rolo's reflexes had sprung up from their dormant state.

He would protect his brother no matter what- or so he would have if not for the violent explosion that rocked the building, making him not be able to activate his Geass. Before the young boy knew it, a girl had grabbed Lelouch's hand and was making a fast get away with him. So they have come for Nii-sama. To take him away. I won't let them.

The soft jingle of the small bell attached to the heart locket he always touched for strength and luck rang across the room as Rolo's right eye glowed the familiar shade of red. May he would be lucky enough to escape death from using his cursed gift this time. Enough luck to have the strength to protect his brother from those who wanted to use him.

Black knights or Britannia- they were both the same. They both wanted his brother for their own selfish needs. And he wasn't going to give Lelouch up to those people. Never. Moments later they were running, tearing past people, (past the Knightmare frames, including the one which was trying to invite the older boy in.

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No no, he wasn't going to give Nii-sama back to those terrorists) and before they realised, they were closing themselves into the back area of the tower. At least it looked safe here. "Don't worry, we'll get out. I'll make sure we will." Lelouch's words and ithat/i reassuring smile made Rolo nod, and somehow it felt like maybe they really would get out of here safe, out of reach from those terrorists and Britannia.

Back to their home inside the school grounds, safe and sound. Maybe be scolded by that annoying Shirley, but that was something bearable.

Until that gunshot fired. Until his brother did what he shouldn't have; Protected him. I'm just a tool. Disposable. A failure. Why would you protect me? Is it because you think we are connected by a bond, one of blood? Rolo frantically fired his Geass, even though he knew it was futile. His power couldn't stop the force of gravity, and Lelouch's fingers slipped from his own,and everything seemed like it was in slow motion.

"Nii-san!" Is this the end now? Is this where I wake from my dream? The slumbering prince was finally awoken by the witch's kiss that day- Finally opening his glowing red eye, rousing from the induced sleep, breaking free of the spell he had been put under, he looked around the web of lies that had been spun around him.

He could see it all clearly now. How they had all tried to trick him. And as the prince stood, he vowed revenge. He would play them at their own game, put a spell upon them, as they stood, unaware. The perfect sky was slowly turning a stormy grey.