Three horny coeds amateurs love facial

Three horny coeds amateurs love facial
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She is Hot…and now knows it Now that my wife Sherry KNOWS how sexy she is, she has become a different person than the one I have lived with for 30 years. She has begun to dress sexy all the time.

Her tops are lower cut, her jeans a little tighter. When she exercises, she has wears short shorts. Dresses and skirts have become more prevalent, and she shows a lot of leg. Everything is more revealing and sexier than before her realization.

It was early summer, and Sherry had a nice tan. Today was Saturday, and she planned to lay out on the patio to catch some rays. She was going to wear the new bikini she just bought.

I was stunned when Sherry came through the patio window in her new suit. This was not the bikini I expected…even with her new attitude.

This was tiny. A patch of material covered each nipple and her pussy, connected together with string. The triangles just barely covered each areola, and the patch on her crotch was so tiny, she must have shaved or waxed completely. She looked HOT. Sherry pranced and posed all day, teasing the shit out of me.


I spent the day oiling her ass cheeks, and bronzing body, while sporting a nonstop hard on. I had begged her for years to wear skimpier suits, but never dreamed she'd ever wear something so sexy. After a few hours, Sherry was pleased with her new color, and I was about to explode. Sherry headed for the shower, and I followed, seeing if she might want to let me join her. She had also gotten very horny, knowing the effect she had on me all day, and knowing the neighbors had gotten a great show.

As we got into our room, she shed the suit, and stretched out on the bathroom floor. Lick me! She growled. I settled in between her legs and dove into her slick pussy. She climaxed quickly, but wanted more as she had 2 handfuls of hair, and was smashing my face into her sex.

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She was on fire and came several times, gushing and screaming. When she seemed sated, she got up and hopped into the shower, ignoring my throbbing cock.

That will have to wait dear…I need a shower- alone. You can watch if you like. She loved to see how devoted and interested I was in her sexiness.

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She put on quite a show, lathering herself, bending over, stretching and posing for me. After she got out, and rebuffed my advances again, I got into the shower, and spun the dial to COLD.

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We had dinner plans, and Sherry got ready, and wanted privacy. I can't have you begging for sex… I sat in the family room, my cock finally back to resting state, when Sherry made her entrance. She had on a white dress with a hem that ended just below her round butt. The top of it was basically a ribbon that criss-crossed over her breasts and tied at her neck.

Her boobs were basically naked, with a thin white strip trying to cover her aroused nipples. WOW. She had on strappy high heeled sandals, and nothing else. Maybe you should bring a jacket, I suggested…not believing I was saying this.

In the past, she covered up a much more conservative top, despite my encouragement to go without.

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She passed. The air conditioning in the car stiffened her nipples as we drove. She was pleased, and rubbed and pulled on them to make them even more pronounced. We got quite a look as we checked in at the hostess stand.


The place was packed, and every eye was on my hot little sexpot. Sherry was in her glory, loving the attention. She rubbed my crotch, to check on the impact she was having on me, and cooed.

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Nice baby… As we sat at the table, Sherry alternated between rubbing her pussy, and offering her fingers to me…she didn't want me to forget my favorite thing to eat. I wanted to take her right there on the table in front of hundreds of people, I was so horny. She pushed her sandal into my crotch at one point, and I just about shot off. She kept up a sexy dialog as well, teasing me with what she had in store for later. We got to the car, and I hoped to get some relief, pulling her to me and groping her tits and pussy.

She allowed me to rub her to a quick cum, but said, I wasn't horny enough yet…she wanted to go dancing. We went to a club nearby. It was early, and not very crowded, but we certainly got noticed as we walked across the room to take a seat at the bar. Hard not to notice a drooling guy with a tented wet spot on his crotch walking with a gorgeous babe in a slutty dress.

The cat calls and whistles assured Sherry they liked what they saw. She took a seat, and proceed to show her pussy to several folks sitting at a nearby table as she crossed her legs. Since it was not crowded yet, it was cold, and Sherry's nipples threatened to rip through the thin material covering them. We ordered drinks, and Sherry pulled me to the dance floor.

It was show time. We dance and Sherry worked the room. She had every guy and most women lusting after her as she shook and shimmied. She was working up a sweat.

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We stopped after a few songs…I went to the bar for refills, while Sherry went to freshen up. As she made her way back, she drew more catcalls from the appreciative onlookers, and she loved it.

She was beaming. She chugged her drink quickly, and fished out an ice cube to rub on her nipples through the top. This puckered her nipples, and made the material translucent …like she wasn't sexy enough already.

We danced another couple of songs, and Sherry was rubbing her sweet ass against my crotch. I was dazed with lust, and really thought I would cum in my pants. Fortunately Sherry wanted to leave, and we headed for the door.

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As we got to our car, a woman called out from behind us. She openly hit on Sherry, and Sherry seemed interested…follow us to our house Sherry told her. In the car, Sherry rubbed herself madly as we drove home. She had had a couple of experiences with another woman but not for a long time. She wanted this one, however, and I could wait to watch, but needed my own relief and hoped I would get to join.

When we got to our place, I was asked to make drinks, as the girls went upstairs to change. Linda was about the same size as Sherry, about 5'2" with a great shape. Her blond hair and light skin contrasted Sherry's dark hair and olive skin.

They came down the stairs with matching leather bustiers, and thigh high boots, Sherry's were black, Linda's red. They looked HOT.

Linda and I decided that we need a slave tonight, so strip slave, Sherry said. I was naked, throbbing, and about to be the sex slave of 2 hot domes…dreams were about to come true.

Since you have been teased all day slave, we better tie your hands behind you back, so you can't jerk off. I was bound tightly, and they started to torment my cock and nipples.

They brought me to the edge of orgasm, and backed off several times. I was begging to cum, but they had a different idea. I was tethered to the coffee table, and got to watch the girls kiss and grope each other, before they took turns sitting on my face.


I made each cum several times, while they played with each other, but my cock was ignored. It remained stiff, and had turned purple. Gobs of pre-cum hung from my cock. I was left alone as the girls went off to another room. When they returned they had some toys. I was untied, but quickly repositioned so that my legs were pulled up over my head.

They each had a vibrator, and went to work using them on my swollen cock and balls. Lube was poured on me, and rubbed all over the buzzing toys. Sherry shoved her toy into my ass, and Linda ran hers all over my cock. Want to fuck now, Slave? Of course I did…but when I saw Sherry with a big strap on, I knew it wasn't me who would be fucking…I would be fucked.

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Sherry pounded away, while Linda kept running her toy on my cock and balls. Both of them pinched and twisted my nipples. They were getting very turned on using me, and suddenly stopped to engage in a 69 together…laying right next to me.

They brought each other off several times, before they decided it was finally time for me to come. I was untied, and told to fuck Linda, while Sherry watched…and fucked me from behind. I had not fucked another woman in 20 years, so I was amazed at the newness, and almost came immediately.

Don't cum in her slave Sherry warned…you cum is mine. After Linda came, Sherry pushed me down and mounted me cowboy style and rode me to a screaming climax, and urged me to cum with her. I pumped stream after stream into her, enjoying the most powerful climax of my life. What a day.