Mature stocking femdoms threeway facial

Mature stocking femdoms threeway facial
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Convent of Sin The convent was probably the wrong place for Sally. She was a well-developed and curious girl, often up to mischief.

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As one of several new arrivals in the spring intake, she had not yet even reached the status of novice. Right now she was feeling very guilty and knew why she was being summoned to the Mother Superior's study.

One of the Nuns had seen her in the town when she should have been in class. So now she had been called to Sister Leslie's study to be punished for missing a whole day at the school. Sally knew that she would get Sister Leslie's cane and she dreaded it very much. She knocked nervously on the Mother Superior's door and waited.

Inside the office, Sister Leslie was seated in a large leather chair behind her desk and her black habit was pulled up around her waist. Her legs were wide apart and hooked over the padded arms of the chair. She had been stroking the tops of her thighs above her black stocking tops and occasionally pulling her wet red panties aside to show her pussy to her very good friend, His Grace the Bishop of Oxbridge. At the age of forty-five, he was an incredible stud who liked sex in all its forms with girls and women of all ages and type.

He had even told Sister Leslie about a secret trip to a boy's seminar. This escapade nearly got him defrocked but he got away with it as usual. He got away with it because he had plenty of sordid information to blackmail his accusers with. For the past ten minutes though, Sister Leslie and The Bishop had been indulging in one of their favourite games of mutual masturbation. On hearing Sally's timid knock, Sister Leslie waved the Bishop away to hide in an alcove behind a curtain. When Sally responded to the stern command to enter, she found a very prim, proper and cross Sister Leslie glowering at her from behind her desk.

At thirty-five years of age, the nun was quite young to be a mother superior and she had performed many sexual favours to get where she was today. Now she was at her sexual peak and constantly lusted after her young charges.

'Well Sally,' began the depraved nun, feeling the glow of excitement at her power over this delicious young girl, 'not for the first time I have to punish you for absence. You could be dismissed you know and I imagine that your parents would be very angry wouldn't they?' 'Yes Sister,' said Sally weakly. She really didn't want her parents involved. Watching from his hiding place, the Bishop was also excited. His cock began to harden in anticipation of the wicked things that he knew the nun would attempt to inflict on the young girl.

'I think six of the best would be appropriate don't you? And then we won't have to tell your parents.' Sister Leslie leaned forward and said conspiratorially. 'It will be our secret.' Although Sally hated the thought of the cane she decided to accept and nodded her acceptance. 'Right then girl,' said Sister Leslie standing up and taking a thin, cruel-looking cane from the shelf, 'bend over the back of that chair.' As Sally reluctantly obeyed, Sister Leslie took hold of the hem of Sally's grey pleated skirt and pulled it up over her back.

'Oh Sister,' exclaimed Sally standing upright. The Bishop had been treated to a brief glimpse of Sally's firm young bottom encased in tight white panties.

'Now Sally!' Sister Leslie admonished. 'I will not cane you through your skirt; you won't feel a thing. In fact,' she continued, repositioning Sally over the chair and lifting her skirt 'If we take your panties down as well I will reduce the punishment to three strokes.' Before Sally could make up her mind she felt Sister Leslie's left hand pull at the waistband of her panties.

The Bishop watched with delight as the material was pulled slowly down revealing Sally's soft pink bottom. Sally was red in the face with embarrassment, and with the effort of bending over the back of the chair.

'Please Sister,' protested the girl turning her head to look up at Sister Leslie. The nun bent forward and in a quiet voice, said, 'Now Sally you be a good girl and take your punishment and I will try not to hurt you too much.' As she spoke her clenched right hand rested on Sally's left buttock and it was as if from the effort of leaning forward that she parted Sally's cheeks.

The Bishop, cock throbbing in hand, was able to see Sally's tight pink anus and the start of her pussy before Sister Leslie allowed the delicious crack to close again. Without warning Sister Leslie brought her cane down in a whistling stroke onto Sally's bottom. As the sound of the cane smacking the soft flesh reached the Bishops ears so also did Sally's cry of surprise.

'Oh dear,' said Sister Leslie consolingly, 'I seem to have made a nasty red mark on your bottom. I don't think that I will cane you any more, but we will have to think of another punishment won't we.' As she spoke, Sister Leslie dropped the cane and rested the flat of her hand on Sally's bottom and with her left hand on Sally's back she held the girl in the bending position. Sally's mind raced as she felt Sister Leslie's hand start to stroke her buttocks the touch was very light and, far from being unpleasant, Sally found the stroking of the nun's fingers quite stimulating.

Sally recalled the many rumours among the girls about Sister Leslie, "Sister Les," she was often called, but no one had ever admitted to a first hand experience. Sally did not know how to react to what was happening. Her sexual experience had so far been limited to some furtive masturbation. Her mind went back to the previous evening when she had pleasured herself in the shower. Now however she was jerked back to reality by the touch of Sister Leslie's fingers, which were gently stroking the insides of her thighs, only a few centimetres from her pussy lips.

This was so unexpected that Sally did not know how to react until she felt Sister Leslie's middle finger slip into the crack between her buttocks and touch her anus. It was like a small electric shock causing Sally to stand bolt upright.

'Sister Leslie!' she cried. Before she could utter another word Sister Leslie took her by the shoulders and said 'Sally! Now you be a good little girl and do as I say and life will be very pleasant and easy for you around here. If you want to be difficult, then you will see that I can be difficult too.' And then to add weight to her words she added, 'My cane likes difficult little girls.

Especially naughty little girls who have been touching themselves in the shower.' Sally was horrified to know that she had been seen masturbating and wondered who had seen her and reported it.

What she could not know was that the Bishop had installed a two-way mirror opposite the showers. He spent a lot of time with the Mother Superior ogling the young girls. Now with another reason to feel guilty, Sally did not resist as Sister Leslie pulled close to her so that their chests were pressed together and their were faces almost touching.

'Don't be difficult my sweet.' Sister Leslie breathed into Sally's face and then lightly brushed her lips against Sally's. Then feeling no resistance she pressed her lips on Sally's and hugged her closely to her. Gently Sister Leslie pushed her tongue into the young girl's mouth. Sally was too shocked to react as the nun began to explore the inside of her mouth with her tongue.


At the same time, her naked bottom was squeezed and massaged by Sister Leslie who had slipped both hands up her skirt. The Bishop by this time was ready to explode. He could recall many times being so turned on by visual treats such as these. Sister Leslie was one of his more depraved friends and was now sitting on the chair in front of Sally and starting to unbutton the girl's blouse. 'Oh please don't do that Sister,' protested Sally clutching at the nun's hands.

'Behave yourself!' Sister Leslie snapped, 'Unless you want a real good spanking.' Shaking off Sally's hands, Sister Leslie pulled the now open blouse out of the waistband of the grey pleated skirt and quickly unclasped Sally's bra. Then as she slowly lifted the material upwards and outwards, Sally's beautiful, firm, young breasts bounced into view.

Sally immediately put her hands over her naked flesh but Sister Leslie pulled her hands away quite roughly. 'Mmm! What lovely big breasts this nice little girl has,' cooed Sister Leslie. Then cupping them gently, she leaned forward and brushed her lips over a hardening pink nipple. 'Oh!' whined Sally half in pleasure, half in dismay. The Bishop watched as Sister Leslie sucked on the girl's nipples.

He licked his lips longing to join his lover in her salacious game. Sally tried to back away but found that Sister Leslie's desk stopped her escape. 'Oh! Please Sister you mustn't,' she sobbed, 'please stop.' Sister Leslie looked up at her young victim, 'If you are a good girl, I will show you some of the delights of womanhood.


I'll start by showing you my bosom. You would you like that, wouldn't you?' Without waiting for a reply, she took Sally's hands and pressed them to her chest. Sister Leslie never wore a bra and Sally could feel the firm flesh and hard nipples through the nun's black habit.

'Undo the buttons,' whispered Sister Leslie as she guided one of Sally's hands to the top button under her white bib. Sally was feeling very excited and at the same time frightened as she fumbled nervously with the buttons. And then with a bit of help from Sister Leslie, she was soon fondling the soft warm flesh of the Mother Superior's breasts 'There's a good girl, lets just be nice to each other. There now, do you like touching my breasts?' Sally nodded as she stood obediently in front of the lecherous nun.

Sister Leslie could tell that Sally was aroused and so she continued her seduction. Pausing and looking up she said 'Now Sally be a good girl and hold up your skirt so I can examine your most secret place.' Slowly and reluctantly Sally obeyed and as the skirt was lifted up Sally was also encouraged by Sister Leslie to step out of her panties, which had been gently slipped down by the nun to Sally's ankles.

Sister Leslie made Sally stand with her legs apart and she paused for moment to admire the wisps of blonde pubic hair, which adorned Sally's secret valley. From his hiding place, the Bishop could also clearly see the cleft of Sally's plump, quim which, Sister Leslie was now beginning to gently stroke.

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Sally's legs trembled; her face was hot and flushed. She was very aroused and very confused. Looking up at the young girl's face, Sister Leslie said 'Be proud of your sexy young body my sweet.' And she pushed her forefinger gently up between Sally's plump outer lips causing the hapless girl to moan.

The sound reached the Bishop as he watched from his hiding place, where he massaged his hot throbbing prick. What a sweet, vulnerable and most erotic sight, thought the Bishop.

He leered at Sally, as she stood obediently, blouse open, breasts exposed, holding up her skirt while the depraved nun gently examined her sexual parts with her fingers and her lust filled eyes.

Sally bit her lower lip and was on the verge of tears, but she could not ignore the feelings of arousal that the prying fingers of the older woman were causing.

'Oh what a sweet little pussy you've got,' murmured Sister Leslie, 'and it's beginning to get quite juicy.' As she spoke, the nun was sliding the tips of her fingers along the length of Sally's wet inner lips. 'Be a good girl and I will make it really nice for you.' So saying Sister Leslie increased her attention on Sally's clitoris, which elected a soft moan from the schoolgirl. 'Ah! Please, please,' groaned Sally, not sure if she meant, please more, or please stop.

Sister Leslie stood and supported Sally with one arm while she skilfully brought the young girl to a climax with her fingers. 'Mm!' Squealed Sally causing both Sister Leslie and the Bishop some concern. But soon the orgasm was subsiding and Sally collapsed onto Sister Leslie's knee on the chair. Sally began hugging Sister Leslie, kissing her face and finally her mouth in frantic gratitude for the intense pleasure she had experienced at the older woman's hands.

Sister Leslie decided that there was no time like the present, and waved the Bishop to come out of hiding.

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As he appeared with his trousers undone and his big erect penis in his hand, Sally's pleasure turned once more to fear. 'Oh no!' she exclaimed, trying to hide as much of her naked body as she could. 'Well Mother Superior,' said the Bishop sternly. 'Looks like you have a really naughty little girl here.' In his rapacious lust he pulled roughly at Sally's hands to get at her breasts.

He managed to grab her soft right breast and pinch the nipple between finger and thumb before quickly lowering his head and sucking it into his mouth. 'Ouch! Please stop,' whined Sally. 'That's enough! You rough old bastard,' said Sister Leslie in mock anger, 'Leave her alone, let her rest and she can watch us for a change.

Come child and relax for a while. She kissed Sally on the mouth and then sat her behind the desk in her big leather chair. Having casually removed the girl's blouse and bra and skirt, this left Sally in only her knee length white socks. As Sally sat in the chair she felt the cold leather on her warm, bare bottom and she knew that her wet swollen sex lips were smearing the seat.

Sister Leslie now guided the Bishop round the desk beside the chair and said to Sally, 'I won't let this randy old bugger hurt you but I want you to watch closely and learn while I show you what to do to a man.' So saying Sister Leslie dropped to her knees in front of the Bishop. Grasping his erection in one hand and cupping his balls in the other, she proceeded to lick the smooth helmet of his cock. She licked and sucked, never taking her eyes off Sally, and she smiled at her, when her mouth was not full of throbbing penis.

'Let me fuck her,' said the Bishop to Sister Leslie, his tone almost pleading.

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Sally was shocked to hear the crude word from the Bishop's lips and frightened to think about what he planned to do to her. 'Me first, then her,' said Sister Leslie standing up and still smiling at Sally, she put her hands under her habit and began slowly pulling her panties down. Violent lust had now taken control of the nun. Lifting her habit she stood in front of Sally with her legs apart and peeled her vagina open with her fingers 'Here girl look at my delicious hole.' Sally stared at the wet pink flesh 'I want you to watch closely while his Grace gives me his Holy cock.

Then she leaned back against the desk and the Bishop presented his hard cock to her wet, open crack. Sally saw the throbbing member stretch the nun's pussy-lips as it pushed slowly in.

And as the Bishop began to pull outwards, Sister Leslie lay back on the desk and drew her black-stockinged legs up high around his back. Now Sally had a view of the nun's anus, which was being kissed by the Bishops balls as he thrust his prick into her crack as far as it would go.

'That's it, fuck me hard, I'm coming!' Sally watched the older woman's face in fascination as she came. 'Squirt you fucker!' she hissed, 'Fill me with your spunk!' But the Bishop had other plans for his spunk and as Sister Leslie came down from her sexual high, he whispered 'Now I want to fuck the girl.' They took hold of Sally's arms and pulled her out of the chair.

They positioned a protesting, but semi willing, Sally on her back on the desk, and pulling her legs apart the Bishop stood between them, cock rampant and beside himself with exquisite anticipation.

'First let me taste her,' said Sister Leslie bending forward, tongue reaching. Sally was both frightened and excited.

As the nun's tongue touched her wet pussy-lips the excitement won and she submitted to the pleasure of the Mother Superior licking her virgin slit. The nun used her tongue with great experience, pushing it into the girl's vagina as far as she could and then flicking it across the swollen clitoris. Then she moved her head back and lifted Sally's legs up so that both she and the bishop could admire Sally's puckered pink anus. Then she gave the bishop a wicked smile before reaching forward with her tongue and touching the tight wrinkled hole with the wet tip.

Sally shuddered and her anus tightened and then relaxed. Sister Leslie gently licked and probed and Sally responded with soft whimpering sounds of pleasure. Moving forward the Bishop placed his prick at the fleshy pink portals and Sister Leslie took hold of the throbbing member so that it made a slow, gentle entry.

It was very tight in spite of all the attention and Sally felt her virgin lips being stretched as Sister Leslie slowly fed the Bishop's throbbing, prick into her. The mother superior bent forward and kissed Sally's naked breasts while the Bishop remained perfectly still, knowing that if he moved he would come.

He watched as Sister Leslie sucked the girl's nipples and then kissed her hard on the mouth, her tongue thrusting into the young girl's mouth. Then Sister Leslie climbed onto her desk and stood briefly her full height straddling Sally's head then lowered herself to a squatting position with her gaping vagina above Sally's face.

'Lick me girl!' ordered Sister Leslie, 'Come on hurry up and lick my cunt.' Sally looked up and saw the wet open sex lips and pink puckered anus of her teacher. She could feel the Bishop's hard cock throbbing in her pussy and in a daze she took hold of her teacher's buttocks and pushing out her tongue she started to lick.

Slowly at first and then as she felt Sister Leslie react she found that she was enjoying the taste of Sister Leslie's juices. She licked and sucked with increasing fervour. Her tongue found Sister's anus and she tried to force her tongue inside, then she pushed a finger into Sister Leslie's slit to moisten it before slowly pushing it fully into the nun's tight orifice. 'Oh!

My God,' groaned Sister Leslie, 'This girl is fucking incredible! I'm going to come.' 'Me too!' hissed the Bishop, the final trigger for him was seeing Sally's tongue lapping round Sister Leslie's pink fleshy sex lips. Is this the young virgin schoolgirl who was so demure and embarrassed only a few minutes ago? He wondered. He looked down at his cock, which was gripped tightly by Sally's almost hairless pink crease.

As he pulled his prick back the soft inner lips clung to his throbbing tool and he felt the spunk surge from his penis in a series of hot spasms. Sister Leslie was also coming as her groans and obscenities bore testimony. 'Oh you slit sucking little fucker!' she moaned, 'Lick me hard! You fucking, slut.' Smiling obscenely she orgasmed as she writhed on Sally's face, 'I'm coming!' she moaned and fell forward and began to lick Sally's clitoris, which was proudly erect above the Bishop's prick which was slipping wetly out of the young girl.

Very slowly and gently Sally pulled her finger out of her teacher's anus and as the muscles contracted, Sister Leslie's arsehole seemed to wink at her and so she lifted her head and kissed it wetly.

She giggled and licked the puckered anus before playfully poking her tongue out at the Bishop. Sister Leslie struggled off the desk, and then she tenderly kissed, and licked Sally's bruised mouth, 'Thank you darling,' she murmured, 'Thank you my sweet child.' Then as the Bishop watched from the chair into which he collapsed, Sister Leslie staggered round the desk, fell on her knees and began to gently lap up his spunk which was dribbling from Sally's open, ravished hole.

Sister Leslie then lifted the girl's legs up and apart and applied big squelching licks and kisses to Sally's anus. The Bishop was surprised to find that his cock was beginning to harden again. He could see Sister Leslie's anus in the cleft of her buttocks and as she strained to reach Sally's intimate spot her bottom was pushed out further, exposing her parted fleshy sex lips The Bishop got to his knees and aimed his hardening cock between the wet soft folds.

After Sally's tight virgin slit, Sister Leslie's seemed rather slack and the Bishop felt his erection starting to fade until he prised the nun's buttocks apart and saw her anus pouting at him invitingly.

His prick reacted immediately and he pulled it from her cunt and rubbed it wetly over his target. He dipped once more into Sister Leslie's juicy slit before pressing the head of his penis against her anus. The nun knew that this would hurt but still she craved the violation and she pushed her bottom out and tried to relax her sphincter to accept the penetration.

The Bishop watched as his penis slowly slid into Sister Leslie's arsehole. He experienced the most delicious sensation as his cock was gripped tightly in Sister Leslie's bottom.

Sally was now forgotten as Sister Leslie concentrated on the hard throbbing prick that was sliding into her arse. As the Bishop contemplated his approaching orgasm he gazed salaciously at Sally's gaping, wet vagina.

Her legs were still spread wide and her blonde pubic hair was dark with spunk, vaginal juices and saliva. The pink inner lips were wet, swollen and open so that the Bishop could see her distended clitoris above a wet dark hole. Sally sat up supporting herself on one elbow and their eyes met.

Then lifting the finger that had been deep in Sister Leslie's anus, Sally smiled and slowly licked its length before sucking it into her mouth. She watched in a sexual daze as Sister Leslie's mouth began again to suck hungrily on her ravaged slit. She suddenly understood the power of sex as her eyes met the Bishop's and she smiled lewdly as she watched him as he buggered her Headmistress. 'Say something,' he said.

'What?' she asked. 'Something wicked,' grunted Sister Leslie, 'He wants you to talk dirty.' Sally shook her head, pretending that she did not understand what was required but she did. She remembered the excitement of hearing the four letter words used by the Mother Superior. The Bishop knew he was only seconds from coming and a few obscene words from Sally would make it perfect. Sister Leslie came to the rescue 'Say out loud what he is doing child, say what I am doing.' and she began to lick Sally's slit.

Sally took a deep breath and said in a childlike voice. 'Well Sister, you're licking my cunt and he's fucking you up the arsehole!' The Bishop exploded. Every fibre of his being twisted and screamed in pleasure as hot spunk jetted through his penis into Sister Leslie's bowels.

Yes, Sally smiled to herself. Yes now I have some real power.

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The power to get what I want, which, at the moment is pleasure. Sexual pleasure! As Sister Leslie handed round glasses of sherry, Sally began to plan how she would seduce her friend Jill. To be continued…