Inked submissive restrained and pussy dildoed

Inked submissive restrained and pussy dildoed
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My sister in law Jenn just moved into her new apartment she was getting a great deal splitting half the rent with a 15 year old student who was living her away from her mom in California. Dana was young but had an attitude most teenagers come with, she wanted to be older than she was. I would hear Jenn telling my wife that Dana would go out and come home in the early morning hours and that she would ask Jenn not to tell.

I heard thru my mife that Jenn and Dana along with Jenns friend Liz were all going out to dinner and to talk about her behavior. I myself am a pervert who has tried to see my sister in law naked and has made dirty phone calls to her and her friend Liz from pay phones.

I just cant help myself. I told my wife I was playing cards and I would be home late.


I took my sisterin laws keys to her place and thirty minutes later I found myself in her apartment. Waiting.

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1 Hour later I was naked in Danas room jacking off, looking at her small panties and b cup bras, she was 5 ft 5 115lbs smallish body with reddish brown hair. My sister in law was 35 with black hair 36 c tits a little belly and a round fat ass.

I was so curious to know if she had a big hairy pussy like my wifes, she doesnt shave. Liz was blonde 5ft 4 with a big ass of her own and huge 44 dd tits they were so round, Liz was much smaller but had put weight on.

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I heard them come thru the door and Dana came straight to her bedroom, I waited as she shut the door, my hand went around her throat and I squeezed enough that she just stopped, I told her to be quiet and to do what I said or I would choke her to death, she nodded as tears came down her face. I released my grip and had her turn around and I blindfolded her. I told her to strip down, she hesitated until she felt me grabbing her throat again, she then removed her clothing, I caught myself staring at her tiny little teen ass.

Wondering if she has ever had a cock, if she has ever even seen one. I then came up to her ear and told her to ask jenn to come to her room for a second. Dana was now naked blindfolded and her hands cuffed behind her back. Jenn entered the room and as she did I hit her on the back of the head, the blow forced her to the ground where I proceeded to get control and cuffed her and blindfolded, she was crying so I put my hand over her mouth and nose and told her to behave or she would not leave this room.

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I then went out to the main part of the apartment where Liz was watching tv. I came up behaind her with the blindfold and put it around her throat. She gagged and struggled, I took control of her in a matter of minutes as I guided her don the hallway, her hands now cuffed and her eyes covered I threw her on the floor next to Jenn who was still dazed and just laying there. Dana was in the corner curled up in a ball, no one speaking.


I went out into the apartment, I locked all the doors, and shut the apartment down getting ready for a night that would satisfy my sick mind, My sister in law who I always wanted to fuck, I huge titted whore who would be doing everything I wanted sucking on my cock and licking both the other girls pussy, and the 15 year old who would be doing things in her life for the first time.

I entered the bedroom. My cock was hard as a rock, I didnt know what to do 1st, I located some scissors from the kitchen, I asked Dana to stand up, she didnt move I went over and grabbed her by the hair and said I wouldnt be asking questions a second time from now on. I made all three girls understand that I wouldnt put up with their bullshit. I told them exactly what was going to happen, I was there to use their mouths,pussy and asses to make myself cum, if they did what I said when I said they would get out of this situation.

I told them to talk it over to make sure they understood if one of them fucked up they all would pay, so they depended on each other. I promised if they gave a 100% in trying to make me cum that I would leave once I blew my load, but it could be a long day if they werent into it, I gave them 5 minutes.

I could hear them talking, Jenn and Liz saying what should we do. Dana saying she was a Virgin only playing with a cock once. Liz asking if they should just lay back and let me fuck one of them, avoid the anal, Liz said she had done it once Jenn on several occasions. What about a Bj Liz asked. They were everywhere. Jenn told Dana they would protect her from doing anything. Now I had a plan. I walked in the room they said that Jenn and Liz would take care of me.

Could I leave Dana out of this because of her age.

i told them I agreed but had no intentions of not feeling a 15 year olds pussy around my cock. I dont have the biggest cock but its 6 inches and very thick and it can choke a throat.

I had Liz and Jenn stand up. I removed both girls Jeans and panties, I then turned Jenn around and i uncuffed her, I wanted her totally nude. I watched her pull off her sweater and then unhook her bra, her nipples were hard and had trhe little bumps all over them, she had a hairy pussy that was trimmed on the sides but very hairy.

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I had her get Liz up and uncuff her, I told Liz to remove the rest of her clothes, Huge tits with nice soft pink nips and a light brown curly bush. I then brought Dana over and all three were now on their knees in front of me. My cock semi erect. I asked who wanted to be first. Jenn opened her mouth and I slid my cock to the back of her throat, she tried to pull back but I grabbed her hair and pulled it so hard she screamed. I said my way now open. She opened and took me all the way in.

I fucked her mouth like a cunt until her saliva coated my cock, the thick liquid was all over her face and her eyes were wayering. I looked at Dana who was staring at my cock and what it was doing to Jenns mouth.

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I decided it was time to switch. I moved my cock over to Liz, I told her to start jacking me off while she sucked my balls I was squeezing her giant tits as hard as I could and pinching her nipples, she was furiously jacking me off trying to get me to cum. I pulled back and smacked her tits so hard it left my hand print. Dana, just staring at me, I couldnt help it I walked over to her, the other girls started to distract me to come back to them, I told them to shut the fuck up, I wanted to ask Dana questions, has she ever seen a cock up close, she shook her head, I stood over her and watched her stare at it.

I started to let it barely touch her face. When out of no where Liz was trying to sneak out of the room, I was crazy with anger, I grabbed her and threw her down on the ground, I told jenn to mover her hairy pussy over here,I pushed Lizs face deep into Jenns pussy I wanted to watch her eat it, in the mean time I put liz on all fours and brought Danas face and laid it on the small of Lizs back, I started to fuck Liz doggy style as hard as I could while she ate Jenns cunt, I was fucking her so hard that I brought myself to close to blowing I pulled out and started soraying cum all over the 15 year old bitches face long white ropes of cum splashing her face, I then moved my cock close to her mouth and she opened without me saying a word my cock just laid in her mouth draining, she wrapped her lips and sucked me clean.

I was pissed and wouldnt leave, I wanted to fuck Jenn and Dana, I wont leave. Part two - if you guys like