Young fem gay twink teen boy movies After Zack shoots his load

Young fem gay twink teen boy movies After Zack shoots his load
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Fbailey story number 170 Future Mother-In-Law Brandi was so happy when I popped the question that she jumped up and down shouting, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course I'll marry you." We were in the middle of a fancy restaurant at the time but she didn't care. She ran around the table as I turned my chair sideways to get up but she jumped onto my lap facing me with her legs out behind me. She was not at all concerned that she was wearing a tiny mini skirt and that her bright yellow thong panties were visible to other people because her skirt was up above her waist.

Her entire bare buttocks were on display to everyone sitting on that side of the restaurant but she didn't care in the least. As I ran my hands over her bare bottom and stuck my tongue in her mouth I smiled inside knowing that I was the envy of every man there. The hottest chick in the place was half-naked and sitting on my cock. I was just lucky that she hadn't unzipped my pants first. That would have made quite a spectacle. As I stroked her bare ass and tried to lift her skirt up even further Brandi sudden realized that her ass was exposed.

She turned red and stood up. With everyone watching her she pushed her skirt back down in place and then walked to the lady's room. After a few minutes I asked our waitress to go in and check on her. A few minutes later our waitress came back out and told me that it would be a few more minutes.

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Then she whispered in my ear that she thought that my fiancée was masturbating in the lady's room. She smiled and asked me if I wanted to order a bottle of wine to celebrate with.

I told her to bring a glass for everyone. When Brandi finally returned every eye was on her. She came right to my table, did a little curtsy to her audience, and sat down. She was impressed when every man stood up, held their glasses high, and toasted her upcoming marriage. I even heard a few men mumble 'you lucky bastard' under their breath. That I was!

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When the bill came the wine was marked 'on the house.' I gave our waitress a very big tip. Then we left. Once again all eyes were on Brandi. As we approached the front door Brandi lifted the back of her skirt up high enough to show off her ass to everyone again.


As we walked to the car she couldn't help but smile and laugh. When I opened up her car door for her she lifted her skirt up above her waist and sat in her seat. I closed the door, walked around the car, and got in.

Brandi already had her hand inside her panties and was fingering herself to another orgasm. The first time that she had bared her ass in the restaurant had excited the hell out her because at first she had been unaware of it.

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Masturbating in the lady's room was great but flashing her ass just as she left was even better because that had been on purpose. So all the way home Brandi kept masturbating herself and telling me how great sex was going to be when we got home. She wasn't kidding either. Brandi was hot to trot. She never even pulled down her mini skirt as she walked into the house.

Her clothes left a trail right to our bedroom. She leapt onto our bed and flipped herself over opening up her legs for me. I was right behind her. I too flew through the air and landed right between her legs. I just thrust my cock deep into her open wet pussy. I was just as excited as she was but I hadn't been able to cum a dozen times to relieve myself either. As I fucked my fiancée she moaned and groaned like a porn star.

Then I gave her all of the cum that I could muster. As I recovered and my cum dripped out of her pussy Brandi called her mother to tell her the good news.

While she talked to her mother I sucked on one of her nipples and started to molest her already tender clit making her squirm and moan into the phone. Her mother invited us to come for a visit.

She lived completely across the country. Upstate New York was a long way from Portland, Oregon. We took our two weeks vacation and flew into Syracuse. From there we rented a car and drove for about three hours. Ogdensburg is right on the Saint Lawrence Seaway and it is less than a mile across the bridge to Ontario, Canada. You can't get any further up in New York without leaving the state.

Tanya, my about to be mother-in-law, came right to the door when we pulled into her driveway. Brandi had called her on her cell phone to tell her that we were only a block away. I smiled as I watched Tanya and Brandi smash their tits together. They were both wearing low cut tops and bras but their tittie flesh mushroomed up very nicely.

Brandi was twenty-three years old and her mother was fifty-two years old. They could almost pass for sisters. I could see where Brandi got her youthful beauty and her great figure too.

I would enjoy looking at these two women for the next twelve days. It was late so Tanya offered to make us dinner but we told her that we had already eaten back in Watertown on the way there. Tanya offered us something to drink so we took her up on that offer. Tanya had also taken the two weeks off from work to be with us. So we settled in to get drunk. When Brandi suggested tequila body shots Tanya was all for it. They were alike in so many ways.

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Brandi and I had played this body shot game before. I sat my shot glass right down into her cleavage and nestled it into her bra. I licked her exposed tittie flesh and poured salt on the wet spot. Of course some of the course granules fell into her bra. Then it was time to take a deep breath, lick the salt, drink the shot without using my hands, and then biting into the lime wedge that I had placed in her teeth.

Surprisingly Tanya wanted me to do it to her too. So I placed the shot glass in her cleavage making sure to tuck it in as well as I had with her daughter. I licked her exposed breast and salted it real well. I placed the lime in her mouth so that the rind was facing her. Then it was time for the show. I took a breath, licked Tanya's breast again, drank the tequila, and bit the lime wedge. I enjoyed licking her breast, I enjoyed feeling her breasts on my cheeks as I took the glass out, and I certainly enjoyed touching my lips to hers as I took the lime.

Then it was the girls turn. Brandi took my shirt off and opened up my blue jeans in the front. She always does that to me when it is her turn.

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Brandi licked my nipple and salted me then she placed the shot glass down the front of my underwear. I placed the lime in my teeth and she was all set. She bit my nipple as she licked the salt, she pulled my underwear out when she took the shot glass, and she kissed me with the lime still in her mouth.

Tanya loved what her daughter had done to me and tried to duplicate it. She bit my other nipple and pulled my underwear down even further and then she kissed me just the same as her daughter had. Surprisingly Brandi didn't get mad about the kiss she just laughed about it. Since I had had two drinks they each wanted another one. This time Brandi pulled my underwear down far enough to expose the head of my hard cock before placing the cold shot glass against the head.

Tanya did the same on her turn but she kissed the head of my cock before setting the shot glass in there. Again Brandi just laughed about it. For my next shot I removed Brandi's top leaving just her bra in place then I opened her jeans up in the front. I did to her just what she had done to me only I bit her exposed tittie flesh and pulled her panties out to get at my drink. Then I turned to Tanya and smiled at her. She didn't bat an eye when I reached for her top and removed it or when I opened up her jeans either.

She didn't even mind it when I looked down her panties as I sat my shot glass in there. Then I bit her breast and took a drink. Brandi then used her mother as I had then it was Tanya's turn to use Brandi. For Brandi's second drink she almost pulled her mother's pants off tucking that shot glass down in there next to her pussy. Then Tanya did the same thing to her daughter. After four shots each in less than an hour I was feeling pretty good so I removed Brandi's bra and licked and salted both of her nipples.

I removed her jeans and her panties and then I sat the shot glass in her open pussy lips. The moisture and her lips held the tiny glass in place. The lime wedge went into her belly button. That drink was great. Tanya just smiled at me as I unhooked her bra and removed it.

Then I removed her jeans and her cum soaked panties as Brandi cheered me on. I licked both of Tanya's nipples and salted them then I nestled the shot glass into her pussy lips after I opened them up. I took my time licking the salt off her nipples as they hardened and then I drank the shot. Then I bit the lime wedge, licked her pussy, and nibbled on her clit as Brandi cheered me on.

The girls removed my pants and underwear so that I was just as naked as they were. Brandi licked my rigid cock and salted it all over. The shot glass went down below my balls.


Tanya and Brandi kept taking turns doing shots and I let them. I like it when my women are more drunk than I am. When I wanted another shot I placed it in Tanya's belly button and licked her open pussy lips before salting her. I had to smile when Brandi did her mother that way too.


Then to my delight her mother did that to her too. Soon the girls were just licking each other's pussies without drinking. It turned into one of the nicest sixty-nines that I had ever seen. Well actually I had never seen one in person though but I had seen quite a few on the DVDs that I rent. I just could not resist fucking my future mother-in-law while she was licking my future wife's pussy. When Brandi saw my cock coming at her she knew what I was going to do and even opened up her mother's pussy lips for me.

I was pleased that she didn't mind me fucking her mother. I had never fucked a mother and her daughter before and it was very exciting to slip my cock into her mother and slap Brandy's forehead with my ball.

I fucked my future mother-in-law pretty well before I cum in her. Then I sat back as it all dripped in my future wife's mouth. Brandy took the time to smile up at me and thank me for the protein. Needless to say the rest of our vacation went very well. The two women tried to fuck me to death and I tried to wear out their pussies. Brandi and I are even thinking of inviting her mother to come out and live with us in Oregon.

The End Future Mother-In-Law 170