Chubby mature gets poked in the butt

Chubby mature gets poked in the butt
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Mike Harding was lost, he'd been stuck in the woods now for at least an hour, it was starting to get dark, the sun slipping down below the tree line casting long shadows as it descended. Mike was getting nervous, he looked at his watch, it was a little after 9.00pm his parents would be wondering where he was, especially his over protective mother, Sarah.

Sarah looked up at the clock she'd just unpacked it from the boxes and put it on the wall, it had just gone 9.00 pm and still her son Mike hadn't shown up. Sarah had almost finished unpacking the stuff they'd brought with them on this trip. Sarah, Mike and her husband John had decided to rent a log cabin high in the mountains during Mike's summer break so they could spend some time together as a family.

Sarah looked at the clock again, she was getting worried now, it was almost dark outside and Mike was still a young man at 17, he'd never really been out the city before, what if something has happened to him she thought. Mike could hardly see his hand in front of him now, the moon had risen but the light from it hardly made it through the trees, he was getting really scared now, he was a city boy, he'd being a fool to wander so far from the cabin, he walked on almost blindly, then, in the distance he could just make out some light, it's got to be the cabin Mike thought, then he heard the flapping of wings and little high-pitched squeaks and suddenly he felt something bite down on his arm, then his neck, then more flapping, Mike felt hairy skin touch his face, he began to scream.

Sarah swept a hand through her light brown hair, pushing it back off her face, she was still a very attractive women at 43, her wrinkle-free face made her look slightly younger and her trim, sleek frame and largish tits which she kept in shape by exercising made her the attention of men whenever she went out, her husband John knew this, they'd married just after Sarah had left university to go and work at the company where John was a manager, rather than love at first sight it had been lust at first sight they could't get enough of each other to begin with, constantly fucking but now with John 13 years Sarah's senior there sex sessions were not quite that frequent, once a month at best, John had seemed to lose interest about five years ago and Sarah certainly missed that aspect the most from their marriage.

Mike started to run, the squeaks of the bats surrounding him as he ran towards the light of the cabin, only some 100 yards away now. Sarah went into the living room of the cabin, describing it as a cabin made it sound small Sarah thought as she stepped out the kitchen and walked down the hall to the living room, the cabin was state of the art, and it was huge, with indoor swimming pool, sauna, games room, it was really meant for groups of ten or more, but John had got a good deal from one of his pals.

Mike almost tripped on a tree stump but managed to keep his balance, he reached the door of the cabin, opening quickly he slid inside keeping the gap small enough just to squeeze through then slammed shut the kitchen door quickly behind him, he heard a loud thud as something hit the door hard from outside then silence.

Sarah went into the lounge, John lay fast asleep on the couch, the t.v. showing Jay Leno in the corner, it had been a long day with the drive up here and John wasn't a young man no more. Bang! Sarah jumped when she heard the noise, it had to be Mike she thought as she left the lounge and went back towards the kitchen quickly. Mike leaned againest the door, breathing hard from his running and panick. "Mike!

Oh! What happened?" his mother said as she came into the kitchen, her son leaned againest the kitchen door, blood dripping from a couple of nasty cuts to his neck and hand, he hair matted to his forehead and his eyes were wide open in fear.

"I.I.was.was attacked mom.something attacked me." Mike stammered. "Oh! You poor baby." Sarah said as she stepped over to Mike. "What attacked you Mike?" Sarah asked. "Thi.think it was bats." Mike said, he was sweating madly.

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"Quick, we better sort those cuts out.were you bitten?" Mike's mom asked, she took Mike's hand and led him to the kitchen sink. "Not sure." Mike replied. "O.k. you'd better take your shirt off, sit here, lets have a look." Sarah dragged a stool out from under the dining table and moved it over by the front of the sink, Mike unbuttoned his shirt but left it on, his tanned chest showing slightly, then he sat on the stool.

"I'm gonna need a first aid kit for this." Sarah said looking at her son's wounds. "Saw one under the sink I think." Sarah muttered, she turned round and bent down opening the cupboard doors under the sink to see if that was where the first-aid kit was.

Mike watched his mothers firm ass rise into the air as she bent over in front of him, she was wearing a mid-length summer dress, but the material had tightened around her round, curvy ass as she leaned over, he could see her panties outlined throught the thin cotton of the summer dress, his mother leaned further forward looking into the back of the cupboard, the dress lifting higher to show the backs of her tanned slender thighs, Mike sat there his nasty attack almost forgotten about as his eyes traced the outline of his mom's round ass cheeks through her flowery dress just in front of him.

Mike felt his cock getting hard as some dirty thoughts crossed his mind, he looked down to see a slight bulge building in his muddy pants, he felt his heart begin to race again, he'd always thought of his mom as an attractive women but never really thought of her in a sexual way before now.

"That's it, I knew I'd find it". Mike's mother said, she straigtened up again, smoothing down her dress over her round hips as she turned around to face her son, first-aid kit in hand and smiled sweetly. "Your gonna be alright honey, mommy's gonna fix you up" Mike smiled weakly.

Sarah ran some water into the sink, then taking some tissue she dipped it in the water and turning back to Mike began to wash the blood from his neck, droplets of water started to splash down his chest into the few hairs he had on his belly.

"Your first day here and look what happen's, you're attacked by some bats." Sarah did't want to tell him off, it was hardly his fault he'd got attacked, she watched a droplet of water run down his neck onto his tight abdominal muscles, Mike worked out alot becuase he was captain of the school swimming team.

Mike grimaced slightly as Sarah bathed his cuts. "Sorry." Sarah said seeing the look on her son's face. "That's o.k. mom." Mike replied, his mother was leaning over him slightly as she rubbed off the blood from the side of his neck, her dress was quite low-cut and her could clearly see the tops of his mother's firm, round breasts barely inches from his face pushing out the cotton of her dress, she wasn't wearing a bra and her round, pointed nipples pushed out slightly through the material.

Mikes cock grew even harder, pushing his trousers up into a tent, he'd never gotten erection from thinking about his mother before and what he wanted to do to her, he swallowed hard, his eyes taking in her round curves.

"O.k. all done here, I think you'll live, maybe get a doctor to have a look at this in the morning lets have a look at that hand now." Mike raised his hand up to his mother, who began to wipe the blood from it. Mike's head was swimming with dirty thoughts, his heart beat faster and faster, his cock was fully erect trying to push out from his pants, what was wrong with him?

he thought, having such depraved thoughts about his mothers sexy body. Sarah cleaned the last of the blood from his hand, then leaned closer to look at it. "looks like you were bitten, theres a puncture mark, did they get you anywhere else?" "No mom, that was it I think, I think I'm getting a headache mom, I'll have an early night I think" "O.k.

honey you rest up, your dad's already crashed out on the sofa" Mike stood up, he went to give his mom a goodnight kiss on the cheek like always when he thought different, he quickly took hold of his mother, wrapping his arms around her back and pulling her towards him, his still erect cock pushing into his mother's lower body and he kissed her firmly, full on the mouth, forcing his tongue inbetween his mothers pouty lips. Sarah was taken by surprise by her son she felt something hard digging into her, just above her pussy mound then Mike's hot, wet tongue pressing into her mouth as he moved his hands down her back and took hold of her ass cheeks, one in each hand, he squeezed slightly as he pulled his mother forward towards him.

"Ummph!" Sarah felt her knees weaken slightly and she let out a muffled squeal as her son took hold of her firm ass, she felt what had to be his cock pressing even harder into her skin, rubbing againest her lower belly. Mike took his lips away from his mother's and moved round to her lower neck by her collar-bone, planting some light kisses onto her smooth, brown skin. Sarah took a few seconds to regain her senses, when she did she swung her hands upto her son's chest and pushed him away firmly.

"What the fuck are you doing!" Sarah screamed quite loudly. "Jesus mom, I'm sorry, I don't what came over me, I just went kinda nuts for a second." ".Giving your mother tongue is not right Mike, look I know you've had a bad experience tonight so why don't you go to bed and we'll forget all about this incident" Sarah said angrily looking at her son, she looked down at his chest, his hard abdominal muscles stood out through the gap in his open shirt, and then she saw the obscence bulge in his pants, they were quite wet and the material clung to his groin showing off the length of his cock as it pushed out from his pants to the side.

Sarah swallowed hard, through her surge of anger she felt her pussy tingle slightly. "Sorry mo-" Mike said sheepishly. "Just go to bed." Sarah said her eyes still drawn to her son's big bulge in his trousers. Mike turned and left the kitchen and took off for his bedroom, the encounter with his mother had left him very horny and confused, why had he done that?

He thought, for a split second he seemed to have lost his mind. Sarah watched her son leave the kitchen and shut the door behind him, once he was gone Sarah sighed heavly and sat down on the stool behind her, what had just happened between her and her son?

She thought, Mike's never acted like that before, he was generally a shy boy, who even if the word sex was metioned in his presense would blush a deep red, and there he'd been grabbing at her ass, his cock pushing againest her.

Again a shiver of sexual excitment swept through Sarah's body, she felt her heartbeat quicken slightly as the image of her son's long, hard cock showing through his wet trousers crept into her mind.

Stop! she told herself, what the hell am I thinking? she thought, he's my son. Sarah stood up again and went into the living room, her husband, John still lay fast asleep on the sofa, She didn't want to wake him just yet, she went over to the t.v. in the corner and tried to turn it off, accidently pressing a wrong button as she did, now on the screen appeared a couple fucking wildly! The woman was being taken up the ass doggy style, the man leaning over her, pushing his cock in and out of the woman as she clawed at the carpet with her fingernails.

Sarah stood there watching the screen as the man frantically rammed his cock between the woman's quivering ass cheeks, the woman's moans of pleasure running in tandem with her parteners strokes. Sarah could't look away from the screen, it had been a few years since she'd seen a blue movie and she'd never really got into them but watching these to lustful lovers had started to excite her slightly, she could feel her pussy getting hotter, filling up with her juices, and instictively moved her hand to her pussy mound, pressing on it slightly through the material of her dress.

The man on the screen increased his pace, he took hold of the womans shoulders pushing her ass back onto his rigid cock, the woman moaned loudly as he did, she raised he head, her hair flying down over her face. Sarah pushed harder onto her pussy mound, she took in a small intake of breath as the erotic sensation ran through her whole body. "C'mon.Ughhhh!.Fuck me it.Oohh!" Screamed the woman on t.v.

Sarah hadn't felt this horny for quite some time, she pressed her forefinger hard againest her pussy lips. "Ohh!" Sarah moaned, the pressure againest her pussy lips producing a very nice feeling.

>From behind her Sarah heard her husband moving about, panicking she quickly moved forward and turned the television off, she turned around, but her husband was still fast asleep, he'd just turned over on the sofa. Sarah let out a sigh of relief, and a slightly guilty feeling came over her, fancy standing there watching that blue movie she thought.

Sarah decided to go for a bath before bed. As she climbed the stairs she could see the light coming from under Mike's bedroom door, maybe she should have a quick word with him about what had happened in the kitchen she thought, she needed to find out if theres was anything troubling him, Sarah and her son had always been quite close and usually had a good mother-son relationship.

Sarah knocked on Mike's door. "Come In." Mike said. Sarah opened the door and looked into his bedroom, Mike was standing with his back to her by the full length mirror in the corner, he was looking at the top of his thigh in the mirror, his trousers were round his ankles, he had taken his shirt off and thrown it on the bed, all he had on was a pair of white boxer shorts.

"I'll come back later." Sarah said as she saw Mike in only his boxers. "That's o.k. mom, I was just looking at this cut on my leg, must have caught it on a tree branch or something.what did you want?" Mike asked.

Sarah stepped into her son's room, he only had the one desk light on and the room was bathed in a dull orange glow, she looked over at her son, he was still turned away from her and examining his leg, Sarah could't help but admire her son's hairy muscled thighs and his fine, slim ass encased in his tight boxer shorts, the material barely covering the bottom of his ass cheeks.

"You hurt your leg as well? Let me have a look honey." Sarah stepped across to her son. Mike turned round to face his mother, he stuck his leg out straight, pointing it towards her. Sarah bent down to examine the deep cut on his upper thigh, she thought now would be a good time to mention what had happened in the kitchen.

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"Mike, about what happened in the kitchen befo-" "-I already apologised about that o.k. mom?" Mike said rather irritated, Sarah couldn't remember her son snapping at her like that before.

Mike felt a wave of anger sweep over him and he wasn't quite sure why, he looked down at his mother as she bent over to examine his leg, her breasts had swung forward, the summer dress now barely containing them from spilling out, he watched as his mother moved slightly, her breasts jiggling from the movement.

Mike felt his cock hardening again. Mike didn't even think about the fact that it was his own mother any more, the bites from the bats earlier were beginning to take effect, the bats poison seeping through his system, changing his thoughts, overtaking his brain. Sarah finished looking at the wound and stood up. "I think you'll live, Mike what happened back there in the kitchen?" Sarah asked. Mikes anger had faded away and was being replaced by some horny urges, he ran his eyes down his mothers body, trying to imagine her body through her summer dress.

"Mike?" Sarah asked, she saw the way he was looking at her, but she wasn't quite sure what the look meant. Mike's cock was starting to move upwards, pushing againest his tight boxer shorts, he was now only thinking about one thing - fucking his mother.

Something caught Sarah's eye and she looked down her son's body to his groin, his long, hard cock was pushing out againest his boxer shorts, she could even make out the deep purple colour of his cock-head through the thin, cotton material. Sarah felt the now familiar tingle of her pussy which swept through her whole body. "Mike.err.I'm going to leave now, maybe you should talk to your dad about these things your going through in the morning." Sarah took her eyes away from her son's swollen bulge in his boxer shorts and looked back up to his face, Mike was smiling slightly.

Mike took a step towards his mother. Sarah took a step back, she knew if she did't leave now something very wrong was going to occur. "Mike, whatever's a matter.I'm sure your father will sort it out." Sarah's heart was beating faster, she looked down at her son's rigid cock, pointing towards her, stretching his boxers right out, a drop of pre-cum had stained the front of them.

Sarah swallowed hard, she turned to go out the door. Mike stepped quickly across the room, he moved an arm either side of his mother, pushing the bedroom door shut and pining her between it and him. Sarah turned round quickly to face her son, she was getting angry, what the hell was he doing? She thought. Mike looked at his mother, her body pressed back againest the door, she had nowhere to go, his strong muscular arms making sure she couldn't duck out from under him.

Sarah's heart was beating very fast now, small sweat-beads had formed on her brow. "Mike let me go this instant!" she said angrily.

"You don't mean it've got something I need." Mike said casually, his head was swimming with dirty thoughts, just 2 hours ago he would have never dreamed he could act like this but now the bat's poison was taking effect turning him into something very different. Mike dropped his head down slightly, opening his mouth he bit down lightly through his mothers dress onto her right breast, his tongue darted out wetting the material trying to locate her nipple.

Sarah looked down at what her son was doing, she moved her right hand to his forehead trying to push him away, she succeded for a moment and Mike pulled his head back but quickly returned again using his tongue tip on his mothers hardening nipple.

"Uumm!" Sarah couldn't help but let out a slight sigh, she felt her nipples harden from the touch of Mikes tongue. Mike began to run his hot, wet tongue over the now firm nipple, her thin cotton dress now wet through where he'd been licking at it. "Ohh!" The stimulation had gotten to Sarah and she let out a little moan, her body had started to respond no matter how much she tried to fight it. "Mike.please Mike." Sarah closed her eyes as a wave of sexual pleasure shot through her.

Mike moved his attention to her other breast, again biting down onto the tip of her tit and licking the hard nipple with his tongue. Sarah felt her knees wobble a bit. Mike stopped his licking and raised his head again to face his mother, the smile on his face even wider now. Sarah opened her eyes, her son was looking at her. She now knew what that look was in his eyes, pure lust. Sarah panicked, she raised her hands to her son's chest and tried to push him away but Mike stood fast pushing his weight back againest his mothers body.

"Please Mike, whatever it is your thinking we can't do it, I'm your mother Mike, please just let me go, look, I promise I won't tell your father about this if I can go now." Sarah promised. Mike just smiled back, for a moment he looked like some innocent school boy, then he leaned forward kissing his mother full on the lips, quickly while she was taken by surprise he took his hands from her sides and pulled down the shoulder straps of her dress, guiding them down her arms, the top of her dress fell down, the material sliding down over her round, firm breasts, exposing the large, hard red nipples which stood out againest the creamy skin around them.

Mike quickly moved his hands back, pining his mother againest the door again, he lowered his head, taking her left nipple into his mouth, he started to suck on it, his tongue running over it intensly. "Ohhhhh.Nooo.Stop!

Mike.Stop!" Sarah begged. Mike hardly heard her words, he took the dark red nipple between his teeth, chewing it lightly, then he gave it a gentle suck all the time running the tip of his tongue across it.

"Umph!" Sarah moaned, she threw her arms back againest the door as another fantastic sensation pulsed through her body. Mike sensed his mother wasn't about to run away now and took his hands away from her sides, he pulled the straps of her dress down further and moved his hand under her right breast, pushing it up towards his waiting mouth, he ran his other hand down the left side of his mothers body and onto the top of her thigh. Sarah had her eyes closed tight, her head tilted back againest the wood door feeling every erotic sensations as her own son, teased her nipple making her shiver with sexual delight.

Mike moved his hand to the inside of his mothers thigh, he gently guided his hand upwards lifting the front of her light cotton dress up, his fingers touched on the front of her slightly wet panties. "Mmmm!" Sarah gasped, she felt Mike touch the front of her panties and pushed her ass back againest the door, away from the touch of his fingers, trying to resist him.

Mike moved his hand forward again, this time pressing his forefinger and index finger againest his mothers white panties. "Ooh God!" Sarah murmured, she threw her head forward, her forehead brushing againest her sons left shoulder, she raised her left leg off the floor and began to rub the inside of her thigh againest her sons leg.

Mike began to slowly rub on his mothers panties, feeling her wet pussy mound sticking to the cotton, he continued to tease her right nipple with his tongue, swirling the tip back and forth across the hard nib. Sarah's mind was filled with pleasure, her sons eager rubbing on her cunt was sending her crazy sexually, but still a small part of her brain kept telling her this was very wrong. "Mike.Ohh!.Hon.honey.please you have to.t.Ummm!.STOP!" Sarah just managed to spit out, the erotic sensations exciting her to the point of not be able to talk.

Mike wasn't listening he continued his two-finger rubbing, pressing her panties harder againest the raised pussy mound.

"Ummph!.Ohhh!" moaned Sarah Mike let go of his mothers tit, and took his hand away from her wet panties, he raised his head to look at his mothers beautiful face, she was biting her lower lip, her hair matted across her forehead. Sarah felt her son stop and a wave of disappointment swept over her, she had become aroused by Mikes actions and had not wanted it to end.

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Mike, seeing his mothers disappointed face gave her a dirty smile, he moved his right hand back down to her panties, grabbing hold of the elastic waistband holding them up, he hooked his fingers underneath, pulling the elastic away from her body slightly. Sarah stood there, she felt her son take hold of her panties. "What you waiting for?" she gasped. Mike pulled on the elasticated waistband hard, a tearing sound filled the air as the elastic stretched then snapped followed by the rest of the cotton panties ripping down the side.

"Ohhh!" Sarah gasped, the force of her sons actions made her slightly unsteady on her legs and she fell forward againest Mikes hard body. Mike pulled the panties away and threw them across the room.

Sarah looked down her son's body, he still wore his boxer shorts, and she could clearly see his cock sticking out, fully erect, stretching the material.

Mike smiled as he followed his mothers gaze. "Does mommy want my cock?" he asked Sarah stared at her son's long, thick cock as it pushed out his boxers, she moved her hands to either side of his body and began to push his boxer shorts down, his round, bulbous cockhead came into view first, dark purple in colour it pointed up at her as she slowly revealed more of his shaft. >From down stairs the phone started to ring.

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Sarah's heart skipped a beat, she thought of John asleep on the couch, the phone almost certain to wake him up. The phone continued to ring. Sarah let go of Mikes boxer shorts. "I'll have to get that." she said looking at her sons disappointed face. Sarah pulled her dress straps back up covering her beautiful breasts, she smoothed down her dress and turned to go out.

Mike let her go, he also knew the phone would have woken his dad up, and also the mood had been broken, the sexual spark had gone, for them few moments he'd almost managed to seduce his own mother.

Sarah opened the bedroom door without looking back, her sexual urge had subsided in her urgency to get the phone that was still ringing, she ran down the stairs, as she did she felt the cold air of the house on her wet pussy lips and remembered what Mike had done to her panties.

The phone was just at the bottom of the wooden staircase, Sarah picked up the receiver.


"Hello?" She asked. A voice spoke on the other end. "Oh hi mom.yea we got here this morning." Sarah started to tell her mother about their trip to the cabin. Upstairs Mike pulled his boxers back up, he smiled an evil smile, he was sure he'd have another chance to fuck his mom. Mike woke up with a start the next morning, he had been having some kind of weird dream which he could't remember, but he was left with the sense that it had been quite erotic and had involved his mother to some extent.

He lay in his bed for a few moments thinking about what had happened the previous night, he felt no guilt or shame about what he'd try to do to his mother, in fact as he thought about, and his mothers horny body he felt his cock begin to harden, pushing up againest his bedsheets.

The poison in Mikes system was making him sense things he could't before, he felt full of energy and confidence, but most of all he felt horny. Sarah was putting some cornflakes in a bowl in the kitchen when her son walked in, she looked across at him, he was only wearing his pyjama bottoms, his tanned, muscled upper body catching the morning sunlight as he walked to the fridge, looking over at his mother as he did, Sarah turned away feeling ashamed, she'd awoken that morning and had been overcome with guilt of what had occured last night and hadn't been looking forward to this moment.

"Hi Mike." Sarah tried to sound casual and relaxed, her husband John was sitting at the kitchen table, a big stack of car magazine's he was catching up on spread out across the surface and he was thumbing through them slowly. Sarah did't want him to know anything about what had happened between her and Mike. Mike looked across at his mother as he walked into the kitchen, she was wearing her full-length pink bathrobe tied tight around her slim waist, her long, brown hair flowed around her shoulders shining in the sunlight, she didn't have any make-up on apart from a little lipstick, she looked at him for just a second then quickly turned away, he smiled slightly.

"Morning mom, dad, sleep well?" He asked innocently "Hey son, Slept great, especially after that long drive yesterday." Mike's father didn't look away from his magazine as he spoke, he was engrossed in some big car story, Mike's father liked his cars.

Sarah said nothing, she was waiting for the kettle to boil for her coffee and looking out the window ignoring her son. Mike poured himself some orange juice and sat opposite his father at the table, he pulled one of his fathers magazines across the table and sat there studying it. Sarah made her coffee and turned to sit down at the kitchen table, she was going to sit down next the her husband but he was occupying his half of the table with his car mags, if she didn't sit at the table her husband would think there was something wrong then he would be pestering her trying to find out what it was, John didn't like arguments or fights in his family, he was quite sensitive and always became upset if his family weren't getting along.

Sarah took the seat next to her son on the opposite side from her husband. Mike looked across at his mother as she sat down, the bottom of her bath robe had come apart slightly exposing the length of her left leg, tanned and slender, Mike felt his cock grow hard just from looking at a bit of his mom's bare flesh. "So what we going to do today?" Asked John, not looking up from the magazine he was reading. Mike turned back to his magazine and pretended to read it while slowly taking his right arm of the table and casually dropping it to his side.

"I don't know dad, haven't really thought about it." Mike replied. "John, you and Mike should go fishing, theres a big trout farm just down the road I was reading about in the guid." Sarah's words trailed away, she felt something slowly running up the inside of her left thigh and looked down to see her sons hand lightly wrapped round her exposed thigh, his fingers rubbing on her skin.

Mike looked across at his mother, she turned to look at him, a shocked expression on her face, Mike grinned evily and moved his hand further up the inside of his mothers thigh. "Read what dear?" Asked her husband. The touch of her sons fingers as he worked his way up the inside of her partly open thighs sent a bolt of sexual electricity through Sarah, she sat bolt upright and looked across at her husband, he had looked up from his magazine wondering why Sarah had stopped.

"Sorry?" Sarah asked, trying to look calm. Mike pulled his mothers robe apart more under the table exposing more of her thighs, he glanced across, his mothers robe was wide open now from the sash down and Mike could clearly see she wasn't wearing any panties this morning, he placed his hand again near the top of her thigh, moving his fingers in a gentle circular motion upwards towards her exposed pussy lips.

"What did you read in the guide?" John asked slightly irritated. " that it was the, around, thats ALLL." Sarah's voice shot up in pitch as another erotic feeling surged through her body, she felt her hands shake slightly, cuasing her to spill a little coffee from the cup she was holding.

"Really?" John said hardly bothered and returned to his reading. Mike was right at the top of his mothers thigh now, he twisted his fingers round and hooking his forefinger and index finger slightly he began to manipulate his mothers pussy lips, strecthing them apart. Sarah bit down hard on her lower lip stopping herself from moaning aloud, her sons fingers were playing with her pussy lips, teasing and manipulating them, making her shiver with horny delight.

Mike knew his mother was responding to his touch, he could hear her breathing get louder and quicker. Sarah began to move her ass back and forth on the chair, rubbing her pussy harder againest her sons fingers, the chair creaked slightly from the movements and Sarah looked across at her husband but he was still totally engrossed in his magazine, she placed her cup on the table and then layed her hands flat on the tabletop as she felt her cunt start to get hot and her pussy juices began to flow.

Mike used his thumb and index finger to spread his mom's pussy lips wide then slowly began to insert his forefinger into his mothers slick tight pussy, slowly rubbing it round the edge as he did. Sarah pressed down hard on the table and threw her head back a little, her eyelids fluttered for a moment as her son began to stick his finger inside her, she moved her ass forward with a quick thrust taking her sons finger inside her, the wood chair creaked loudly.

Mike's finger was now fully inside his mothers wet cunt, he turned his finger in circles rubbing it againest the walls of her pussy as his mom rocked her ass back and forth along the length of his finger.

Sarah rubbed her feet along the floor as her sexual excitement grew, somewhere in her brain it was telling her this was very wrong but Sarah was hardly listening any more, the taboo of her son doing this to her and with her husband not 3 ft away excited her even more.

John looked up from his magazine and looked across at what Mike was pretending to read.

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"How about that new Beetle huh? Isn't that something?" he asked. Mike didn't miss a stroke, he just kept of teasing his moms pussy, trying to locate her clit bud. "Yea dad, sure is a stunner." Mike casualy replied feigning interest, his father smiled and returned to thumbing through his own mag. Sarah looked down and watched as her sons fingers spread her pussy lips wide then let them go, they shook slightly as they came together sending an intense, horny bolt straight through her, she was having to fight hard to control her emotions, her whole body was incredibly horny, her nipples had hardened and were rubbing againest her robe sending small shivers of delight up and down her.

It didn't take long for Mike to locate his mothers little clit, he ran his forefinger over it. Sarah almost lost it as Mike ran his finger across her swollen clit, she pushed her lower body forward sharply, the back legs of the chair left the ground as she impaled herself onto the length of her sons finger, again she threw her head back as the uncontrollable sexual feelings went through her, she closed her eyes tight savouring the moment.

Mike rubbed faster and faster on his mothers clit, his fingers were now slick with his mothers pussy juices as she became wetter and wetter, Mike knew if he continued to tease his mothers pussy she'd be coming very shortly.

Sarah ran a hand through her hair pushing it away from her face, she licked her lips feeling Mikes fingers manipulating her cunt, his wet forefinger rubbing along the inside of her pussy. Sarah looked across at her son, he was looking down at the car magazine pretending to be reading it, she ran her eyes down his big chest and down across his hard abs and finished at his groin, his pyjama bottoms were been forced upwards from the length of his cock pressing hard againest the material trying to escape.

Mike saw out the corner of his eye his mother looking at him, looking at the bulge in his pants, all in good time he thought, he slipped his index finger into his moms hot, wet pussy as well now and started to use both fingers on her clit, rubbing it slowly, then a bit faster. Sarah squirmed on the chair as Mike inserted his other finger into her, she really wasn't going to be able to take much more of this, she was very sexually aroused now, her pussy throbbing wildly, the impending orgasm building inside, Sarah bit her lip again, breathing hard through her nose as another sudder of pleasure went through her.

Mike felt his moms pussy clamp down onto his fingers lightly and then release again, her breathing was ragged and loud from the excitement, she was incredibly aroused he thought, it was time to stop.

Mike pulled both his fingers out from his mothers pussy and ran his hand down the inside of her thigh, leaving behind a trail of pussy juices as he did, then he moved his hand back onto the table and picked up his glass. Sarah felt Mikes fingers slide from inside her and looked across at him, the disappointment showing on her face, he turned to her and grinned evily then stood up, he obscence bulge in pyjamas could clearly be seen and Sarah couldn't help but look at it, her imagination running wild with naughty incestous thoughts, her pussy was throbbing wildly from her sons finger fucking and she wished he would have finished the job, she had almost been about to orgasm.

Mike took his glass over to the sink and washed it under the tap, his hard cock rubbing againest the edge of the sink unit, he knew how aroused he'd made his mother and hadn't finished the job on purpose, he now knew his mom would do little to resist any other advances he made towards her.

"You going somewhere Mike?" Sarah asked, she was looking at her sons tight ass cheeks outlined through his pj's as he stood with his back to her washing his glass, his strong muscualr back rippled as he turned and put the glass on the drainer. "Yeah, thought me and dad could check out that fishing lake, thats if your up to it old man." Mike replied slapping his dad on the back.

John looked up from his magazine and smiled. "Hey, less of the old thanks, I could still whip your ass any day, right honey?" he asked his wife. "Sure John." Sarah replied, she was looking at her sons muscular body as he stood behind his father, watching his abs tighten as he breathed in and his large chest twitch as he scratched an itch.

"O.k dad whatever but lets go catch some fish, see you later mom." Mike said walking out the kitchen casually as though he hadn't just been finger fucking his own mother.

"O.k. son be right there." John said getting up from his chair, he walked around the table to his wife and kissed her on the cheek looking down down as he did. "You better not let Mike see you like that honey." John said jokingly. Sarah looked down, her bath robe was still open, her small patch of wiry hair and still wet pussy lips lay exposed between her slightly open thighs, she quickly pulled her robe across covering herself and looked at her husband, he was smiling at her.

"It might give him ideas, like the ones I've got right now, maybe tonight we could have an early night, you know what I'm saying?" He asked.

"O.k. honey we'll do that, but now you've got to catch something for dinner." Sarah replied, she felt her cheeks redden, she thought her husband had noticed what had just occured right under his nose.

"Yes maam." John said, standing up straight and saluting his wife. Sarah smiled halfheartedly, her pussy still throbbed and her mind was racing with sexy thoughts which made her pussy throb harder. "Bye." John said leaving the kitchen. "Bye honey." sarah said, she stood up and took the dirty dishes to the sink, she thought about her son, what had gotten into him she thought, it's like the devils taken over him, and what was she doing letting him do these things to her, she'd always thought her son handsome and maybe even sexy in some way but she'd hardly thought about it before, he had a certain something about him which attracted women to him, he'd had girlfriends since he was eight years old and since then they'd never seemed to stop coming, and she knew he'd be sexually active since 14 when she found some condoms in his room and confronted him about them, he admitted he had been sleeping with someone but it was until later Sarah found out it was his Art teacher, who was only two years younger than Sarah, the affair was stopped and Mike moved to another school.

Now Mike was trying it on with his own mother she thought, an image of her sons hard cock flashed into her head and she felt her pussy twinge slightly, she rubbed her body againest the edge of the sink unit, againest her pussy mound.

Calm down she told herself, he's your son, exactly said another little voice in her head, wouldn't that be exciting to get fucked by your own young, sexy son it said. No! Thought Sarah he's my own flesh and blood.

That big cock rammed into you to the hilt spoke the voice again. No! Thought Sarah again, I couldn't do it, it would be wrong.

Sarah didn't see her son again that evening, her husband John had arrived home at about six that evening and said he'd dropped Mike in town to get his bites checked at the doctors, John had caught a couple of fish and they ate them for dinner that night then went to bed. In the end John said he was to tired for sex, not that Sarah minded to much, after her husband and son had left that morning she'd managed to finger-fuck herself to orgasm twice, imagining her son had been thrusting his hard cock deep into her, making her moan with pleasure, but afterwards when she had cum she felt ashamed of herself for having such thoughts.

Mike got in at about 9 pm and was surprised to find his mom and dad had already gone to bed, he felt incredibly horny, the doctor had given him a shot againest rabies and taken a sample of his blood but the bats poison was now fully affecting his body, he wasn't quite sure what was wrong with him, he seemed to be constantly thinking about sex and he'd had an erection all day.

Mike sat down in the kitchen eating crackers, when he suddenly had a wicked idea, he got up and taking hold a chair he opened the kitchen door and stepped outside then smashed the kitchen door window through with the chair leg, the sound of breaking glass filled the air, Mike put the chair back and went through the living room and ran up the stairs to his parents bedroom, without knocking he rushed in and over to his father who was fast asleep, he shook him hard.

"Dad! Dad, I think theres someone trying to get in down stairs." Mike said with panic in his voice. His father woke up. "What son, what is it?" "Dad, I heard someone breaking a window downstairs, sounds like someone trying to get in." Mike replied. "What!" His father said jumping up from the bed, he rushed out the bedroom. Sarah had been woken up by the noise.

"Whats going on?" She asked "Don't worry mom, just stay here." Mike said as he left following his father. Sarah sat up in bed slightly alarmed. Mike followed his father down the stairs. "Sounded like it came from the kitchen dad." Mike said smiling behind his dads back. "O.k. son stay behind me." Mike and his father stepped through the lounge and burst into the empty kitchen, John saw the broken window and the glass scattered on the floor.

"Goddamit, looks like you were right son." John walked to the back door and unlocked it, he turned on the switch by the door for the outside light and opened the door to look out. "I thought I heard someone messing about down there by the garage dad." Mike lied.

John looked down at the garage which was at the far end of the garden, he couldn't see anything from here but wanted to make sure. "Mike I'm going to have a look around, you lock this door while I'm gone and go and tell your mother whats happened, I'll knock twice when I come back so you know its me, o.k.?" "O.k dad be careful." Mike said sarcastically, he waited for his dad to leave and then locked the door.

He went back out through the kitchen and up the stairs to his parents bedroom, his mom was still sitting up in bed, the duvet pulled up around her, she looked at her son as he entered, he was again only wearing his pyjama bottoms, Mike walked upto the edge of the bed. "What the hells going on Mike?" Sarah asked slightly scared. "Did I hear you say someone had broken in? Wheres your father, Mike?" "Dads outside making sure there isn't anybody there." Mike said, he took hold of the duvet in both hands and pulled it off the bed.

"Mike!" Yelled his mother, as the duvet flew off the bed, Mike saw she was wearing a longish t-shirt which was bunched up around her slim thighs, her large breasts pushing out againest the material, his mother panicked slightly and tried to jump off the bed and run past Mike, but he grabbed at her round the waist and threw her back on the bed, the t-shirt lifting right up round her waist, revealing her little black panties underneath.

Sarah lay on the bed, she was breathing hard and slightly scared, but she also was getting aroused, she knew what her son had in mind and that excited her, she looked into her sons eyes and saw the same look she'd seen the other night, like something had taken over his body. Mike jumped onto the bed and squatted over his mom on all fours, trapping her body againest the bed, he took hold of the bottom of his mothers t-shirt and pulled it upwards, exposing her breasts, the large nipples pointing up towards him, he dropped his head and ran his tongue over the left nipple.

"Ohhhmm!" Sarah groaned, she felt Mikes hard cock pressing againest the inside of her leg. Mike kept licking on the nipple as it became hard from the touch of his tongue.

Sarah felt her sons hot breath againest her skin and watched as he kept teasing her nipple, her body shivered as a delightfully horny sensation swept through her and she threw her head back moaning. "Mmmm." She gasped, she didn't try and fight her son off, her two previous encounters with him had made her incredibly horny and this time was no exception, already her pussy was throbbing lightly. Mike moved off his mothers breast and started to run his tongue down her body, running it over her hard, flat belly leaving a trail of wet saliva behind him as he worked his way down through her small hairs on her tummy to her black panties.

"Ooooohh." Sarah arched her back off the bed as her son rolled his tongue down over the front of her panties, the tip of his tongue pushing through the silk material, pressing againest her pussy mound, then he bit down lightly on the front of the panties and pulled them away from her body before letting go, the elastic waistband snapping back againest his mothers skin.

"Mmmm.Mphh!" Sarah cried out, she clawed at the bedsheet as she felt the panties snap back into place againest her sensitive pussy lips. Mike began to press his tongue againest the front of the panties, swishing it up and down, making the material wet.

"Ohhh.Baby!" Cried his horny mother, she parted her legs wider and pushed her ass off the bed and into her sons face. Mike licked on his mothers panties for a moment more then moved his hands to the waistband of the panties and began to pull them down his moms tanned thighs. Sarah lifted herself off the bed slightly so Mike could pull down the panties easily, she licked her lips waiting in anticipation for her sons next move.

Mike left the panties wrapped around his mothers ankles and moved back between her parted thighs and blew againest her red partly wet pussy lips.


Sarah felt her sons hot breath on her pussy lips and she squirmed her ass around on the bed. Mike started to place light kisses on the very top of his mothers right thigh, working his way round to her pussy.

"Ommm.yea!" Sarah gasped, even Mikes small kisses made her more horny, she threw her hands behind her head, stretching them right out and lifting her lower body off the bed a bit as she felt her son move onto her swollen pussy lips.

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Mike ran his tongue over the outside of Sarahs pussy lips, her body shivered with pleasure as he did, she pushed her lower body upwards further, making sure her pussy was right in her sons face, Mike ran his tongue over the hot, wet lips again, this time he could taste her pussy juices as she became wetter.

"Mmmmm." Sarah murmured. Mike moved both his hands upto the inside of his moms thighs and pulled them apart further, he could now quite clearly see his moms wet, swollen pink pussy lips in front of his face, he moved his hands up the inside of his mothers thighs, his fingers brushing againest her skin, reaching the top he moved his fingers onto her cunt and pulled back her pussy lips slowly with his fingers.

"Ohmmm.Mmm." Sarah said biting on her lower lip hard, her knuckles were white as she clawed hard at the bedsheets. Mike stuck his tongue out and ran it againest his mothers exposed pussy entrance, which was giving off a slight musky smell of arousal.

Sarah wiggled her ass on the bed and brought her knees up by her chest as the fantastic sensations zapped through her body.

Mike moved the tip of his tongue further into his mother pussy, he began to lap it back and forth like a kitten with a bowl of milk, his saliva mixing with his mothers pussy juices. "Mmmm.Oh!.Uggh!" Gasped Sarah, she moved one of her hands onto the top of her sons head, grabbing hold of a clump of his hair as she pushed his head down. "Thats it.More!.Ohhh!" She said eagerly urging Mike on. Mike curled his tongue slightly, the tip probing the inside of his moms pussy, his nose rubbing againest the curly hairs around it.

He bobbed his head up and down slightly keeping a good rythmn. Sarah arched her back off the matress again as she felt the sexual sensations run through her, she had her eyes closed tight feeling every movement of her sons tongue as he explored her. Mike increased the speed of his pussy licking, trying to make his mom reach the next level of arousal, he ran his tongue over her small clit as soon as he located, again his horny mom thrashed about on the bed, her ass pushing her lower body back and forth againest his face.

"Ohh!.Yesss!.Ughh!" Screamed Sarah feeling her son start to tease her sensitive clit, she felt the beginings of an orgasm in her belly, she took hold of her sons hair and pulled his head away from the inside of her parted thighs, he looked up towards her. "Fuck me.Now!" She demanded. Mike smiled, his wet lips shining from the light of the bedside lamp, without saying anything he moved back off the bed and stood up, still looking at his mother he took hold of the sides of his pyjamas and pulled them to the ground, his hard, thick cock stood up proudly through his long, curly pubic hair.

the foreskin was pulled back and the big, purple cockhead was dripping with some pre-cum from the japs eye. Sarah lay there, breathing hard and looking at her sons magnificent cock, her pussy was throbbing sending out little sexy feelings.

Mike moved back onto the edge of the bed, and slowly crawled up his mothers naked body. Sarah waited eagerly for her sons cock, she needed to be sexually fulfilled now however wrong it was to fuck her own son. Mike was on all four now between his mothers parted thighs, his cock standing up hard between his legs, he moved forward a little more, lining up his cockhead againest his moms pussy. Sarah moved her hands onto Mikes hard buttocks and dug her fingers into the flesh lightly, she pulled him forward feeling his cock begin to enter her awaiting pussy.

Mike slowly pushed his cockhead in, watching his moms face as she closed her eyes and moved her head to one side moaning as his cock slid in some more. "Ooohhhhh!" Sarah screamed out, she dug her fingernails in harder into her sons buttocks. Mike kept pushing in the rest of his long cock upto the hilt, he felt his moms pussy lightly clamp down all around it, it was quite a tight fit, Mike had fucked some young girls before and they'd always been nice and tight, he thought his mom wouldn't have been the same but he didn't really notice any difference.

Sarah felt her sons meat work its way up inside her, god it felt good she thought. Mike was almost all the way in now and stopped, his breathing hard and ragged, he then slowly pulled his cock out a bit, just a couple of inches then quickly slid it back in, his moms tight cunt rubbing againest his cock sent some horny feeling through him.

"Yesssss!!!" Gasped Sarah as Mike started to pump his cock in and out of her pussy, she lifted her legs up and threw them over her sons back, interlocking her feet, her kness pressed into either side of his body. Mike began to push his hips in and out at a quicker pace, his cock sliding in and out of his moms wet, hot pussy with ease, he lowered his head, and took his mothers left nipple into his mouth and sucked on it lightly. "Mmmm.Oh! Baby!.Yes.Yessss!" Cried Sarah her body was awash with horny feelings, her orgasm was steadily building in her as her son's cock bored into her, cuasing her ass to be pushed back into the matress with every thrust of his body, she moved one of her hands off his ass and ran it inbetween his legs and cupped his cum-sac squeezing it gently.

Mike felt his mom playing with his balls and liked it, he could feel the cum beginning to build up inside his sac. Mike pumped his cock faster and harder into his moms pussy, he was stretching over her pushing the whole of his long cock inside her, make her moan with pleasure, the bed springs creaked underneath them as they continued to copulate. Sarah felt her sons cock bore deep into her, his width rubbing along the walls of her pussy and her clit sending fantastic sexual vibrations through her, making her moan loudly with intense delight.

"Ohhhhh!!!.Mmmm.Fuck.Ommm!.FUCK ME!" She screamed at the top of her voice, she held her legs tight againest her sons sides, her body rocking back and forth in time with Mikes thrusts, with her left hand she still had hold of his left ass cheek, her fingernails dug deep into the flesh cuasing a slight trickle of blood to begin to roll down onto the bedsheet.

Mike didn't feel any pain though he was to intent on shooting his load into his moms waiting pussy, he hammered his meat harder into his mother, grunting as he did, like some primitive beast.

"Ohhh.Yesss.Babyyyyyy." Moaned Sarah, she squeezed her sons swollen balls a little harder, feeling them as they tightened up as the cum built up for his orgasm. The bed springs squeaked in time to Mikes thrusts, mixing with Sarahs moans with every thrust of his hips pushing himself deep down into his mothers pussy.

Squeak! "Yessss!" Squeak! "Ommmm.Yess, yes.Ohhh.Yes!" Squeak! Sarah couldn't remember having being fucked as good as this before, her whole body was on fire, her orgasm was almost ready to be unleashed, she wouldn't last a whole lot longer, every time her son hammered his cock into her and out again she came that bit closer.

"Fuck me!.YES!.C'mon.Baby!" Sarah urged, she opened her eyes and looked at her son, he looked very serious and was grimacing, closing his eyes everytime he pushed his hips forward, his muscled arms pushing down hard into the matress either side of his mother, she looked down her body and watched as her sons big cock bore down into her, her own son she thought, and with that she began to feel her first orgasm start.

"Yes!.Ughhh.God.Commmm.I'm.comingggg!!!" Sarah screamed, she pulled her legs up tight towards her and planted both her hands firmly on her sons ass pulling him forwards into her as she began to shake wildly feeling the orgasm flow through her. "Ommm!.mmm.Humm.YES!." Screamed Sarah. She felt her orgasm explode, The pleasure coursing through her naked body made her tight pussy-hole suck and contract reflexively around her son's deeply impaling prick, her trembling hips bucked uncontrollably off the bed as she felt the amazing rush of the orgasm sweep over her.

"Yes.Ohhhh.Ughhh.Yes!" She cried out. Mike kept pumping his mother, as she orgasmed he felt her pussy clamp down hard onto his cock, the friction on his dick was almost too much but he managed to last a few more strokes before he finally felt himself start to come. "Yessss!.Gonna cum!" He shouted as his cock unleashed its sticky, white cum into his mothers wet pussy mid-stroke, Sarah moaned loudly as she felt her sons jizz shoot into her pussy and down into her womb. "Mmmm.Godddd!" Sarah moaned out, she threw her head back and closed her eyes tight.

Mike kept pumping for a few moments as his orgasm kept going, his throbbing cock kept spurting more and more cum into his mothers hot, wet passage, he had never had such an intense orgasm before then. Sarah's squirming pussy squeezed all the cum Mike had from his sac, the cunt-muscles not letting go of his thick shaft, she continued to push her hips up to meet the last of her sons strokes downwards into her.

Mike collasped on top of his mothers body, resting his head between his mothers large, round breasts, he could hear her heart beating loudly, his cock was beginning to deflate but was still buried deep within his mother, her pussy still tight around his shaft he felt the last of his cum leak out of his cockhead as his cock pulsed one last time. Sarah pinched her sons ass cheeks one last time then took her hands away and lay them by her side, she was breathing deeply, her heart beating wildly, she felt her sons cock start to shrink inside her cum-filled pussy, she looked up at the ceiling thinking about what they'd just done when she was hit by a thought.

"Mike! Your father, where is he?" She asked alarmed. "Oh my god! He's still outside I think." Mike replied, he jumped up off the bed and scooped his pyjama bottoms off the floor and put them on quickly, he looked over his naked mothers body, taking in her long, slender legs and small waist which emphasised her larger than average breasts and felt his cock begin to get hard again already.

Sarah lay still watching her horny son pull his pants on, she already felt quite guilty about what had happened, will I be able to look John in the face again? She thought, but she couldn't take her eyes off her body as he pulled his pyjamas on, she watched his muscles flex and licked her lips without thinking about it. Mike ran from the bedroom without saying anything and headed downstairs, he ran through the living room and into the kitchen avoiding the broken glass, through the kitchen window he could see his father huddled up againest the door, he unlocked it quickly and pulled his father inside.

"Jesus christ! I said five minutes son, I've been stood out there for at least twenty minutes, where the hell you been?" John asked angrily, his eyes flashing with anger.

"Mom was upset and scared, I had to.calm her down." Mike said avoiding his fathers stare. "O.k. We'll talk about this in the morning, I can't see anything out there but if there was someone around here I don't think they'll be coming back." John said. Mikes watched his dad leave the kitchen then smiled an evil smile, he'd enjoyed fucking his mother and he knew she had also, already his cock was getting hard thinking about his next move.