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Sunny leone xxx story sex stories 2019new
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Colonels daughter, Compny whore. Somewhere in the South of England in the summer of 1911. She looked at me across the Officer's Mess with complete disdain, as if I was something she had trodden in, as was her right as the daughter of the Colonel of the 2nd (Home Service) Battallion the North Dorsetshires while I was a mere sergeant She wasn't an exceptional beauty, or even voluptuous., She just had that air of haughtiness that made me want to push her against a tree rip her things off and show her exactly what I thought of her with nine inches of honest non-commissioned British meat.

To leave her exhausted broken and wanton and full of my juices so she knew her proper place.

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Tall, willowy aristocratic. Sill making the transition from schoolroom to womanhood.

Her long dark hair still in childish ringlets. For all her hoity toity airs she was no better nor worse than the local whores. Women who were brought in on 'Dining In' nights for the benefit of the officer to 'Round off' the proceedings after a few hands of cards.

They dined in on Wednesday nights, the regiment, tradition you understand. Drinks followed by dinner followed by drinks. All the officers were expected to attend. Officers you understand, not non commissioned officers, NCOs like the likes of me. Oh no I knew my place, and they saw my place as outside with the common rabble, where as in my mind eye my place was between Miss bleeding Camilla Fitzwilliams thighs.

Fucking her like a fucking rabbit till her cunt was red raw and she screamed like a she cat. "Ah Sergeant" the Colonel said patronisingly, "What brings you here!" he asked. "Why aren't you down the pub with the chaps." "Begging your pardon sir." I said awkwardly knowing I fitted in about as well as a polecat in a hen coop.

"There are a couple of young ladies at the front gate sir, asking after Lieutenants Cowdray and Allington sir." "Get rid!" he said abruptly. "There's a good chap," he said softening, "It's entrapment, don't cha see!" "Miss Frieda Copshaw and Miss Eliza Drace sir," I explained.

"Harry Drace, the Lord Mayor of Darroby's daughter." "And your point Sergeant?" he said. "They are respectable girls sir, not riff raff." I said. "By your standards Sergeant," he said. "Not mine, see them off there's a good chap!" I just stood there, I saluted of course, said "Yes Sir," and marched out seething, how bloody dare he! I fumed.

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The girls were still at the gatehouse, it seemed Cowdray and Allington had somewhat rashly pledged their devotion some time previously and now Miss Eliza had a swollen belly as clear evidence of that devotion.

"The Colonel sends his compliments ladies but I'm afraid the gentlemen are indisposed." I explained. "Oh," Eliza said, "I thought." "They had their fun and now you been caught they don't want to know," Frieda said pointedly.

"Sorry," I said, "I did ask." "They thinks we're a couple of whores," Frieda said, "I don't know what that stuck up Colonel would do if it was his daughter." "That would be a how'd you do and no danger!" Private Ellers laughed from the corner of the room where he was having a crafty cigarette.

"Come back tomorrow, noon maybe." I said, "Perhaps you'll have more luck." Major Fergusson came striding along, "Ah the whores have arrived I see!" he said mistakenly. "No sir, His worship the Mayor's daughter and her companion sir!" I said awkwardly. "Look like whores to me Sergeant," he said drunkenly. "Come away Eliza," Frieda said, "There's nothing for us here." and she slipped away. Now had I been blessed with a brain I would have wooed the unfortunate Eliza and had her father for my in-law and maybe made something of myself but no, my thoughts were of Miss Camilla Fitzwilliams and retribution as I saw it.

I held my own council, and that very evening as the ladies were sent away for the ladies of the night to attend I did my rounds. Checking the grounds around the Barracks and Mess. My boots crunching upon the gravel path and as I did so there appeared before me Miss Camilla all alone and unchaperoned.

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I stopped and stood to attention, and by doing so I suppose I blocked the path. "Excuse me Miss," I says, "Begging you pardon miss." "Sergeant, this is most improper, let me pass!" she said brusquely.

"Indeed Miss," I said as I stepped aside, "A word if I may Miss, only perhaps you might help?" I asked. "With what?" She asked. "A young lady Miss, Miss Eliza Drace Miss," I informed her. "Very respectable Miss, only Lieutenant Cowdray or was it Mr Allenby plighted his devotion and Miss Drace wishes to meet the gentlemen Miss." "With child no doubt?" Miss Fitzwilliamss sneered.

"Stupid girl, stupid whore, daddy says any girl that has relations unwed is a whore and should be in the whore house or work-house." "And if forced?" I asked improperly. "Forced, pah!" she sneered. "Daddy says all that is required is a knee in the mans appendage and the assault must surely cease forthwith!" "Oh?" I said, "Indeed?" "Absolutely," she agreed. I stared at her, hate against disdain. I imagined her against the big oak tree behind the Mess, skirts around her waist, her silken pantaloons down and myself stood before her with my fly unbuttoned and my meat inside her sad dry little cunt.

Forcing my meat ever further into her as she screamed silently into her pantaloons. My dream was wrong, I was one pair of pantaloons short, one round her ankles and one in her mouth, my cap perhaps, or just let her scream.

Suddenly without conscious thought I was upon her, restraining her like we had been trained an arm twisted up her back showing her how easily she might be ravished. "Sergeant!" she said timidly, "You're hurting me!" I had my hand on her wrist and I was pushing her arm up her back, "One swift kick eh miss!" I chuckled, "Go on then!" "No, oh god for pities sake no!" she wailed and I propelled her forwards, forwards off the gravel path to where the crisp dry grass crackled underfoot as we walked across the parade ground.

"You've no idea have you, you stupid arrogant little bitch." I explained and I pushed her down, pushed her head down into the dry grass and dragged her skirts up and her pantaloons down, she wore knee stockings so there was no undoing suspenders or anything and then I held her head down and started to undo my belt, "How should Miss Drace fend off a Lieutenant if you cannot even dissuade me, Eh?" I demanded.

She was scared, her whole body trembled, I almost stopped but I unbuttoned my fly and once my tool met the cool air I was lost I just had to have her. My tool swelled painfully almost, I never experienced such a hard one before, the veins stood out black in the moonlight, my foreskin almost painfully tight over my shaft and then I rolled her onto her back, her legs obscenely wide apart but her womanhood in deep shadow as I guided myself within her, soft warm, wet, willing, a thousand angles kissed my tool as it slid in on gossamer wings into her heaven.

She was all I ever dreamed of and more, gentle, unhurried, as willingly she pulled me tightly into herself, grinding her whore's nub against me as she milked me to orgasm. Her breath rasped in her throat as we wordlessly took each other to a different plane of existence where the pallet of colours was purple and red and my world was compressed to sex. My senses shut down except for my tool which was flooding my brain with the most incredible sensations I had ever known.

She looked confused, overwhelmed almost, but her usual confidence had somehow crumbled and the shell of invulnerability had fallen away as she lay helpless to stop herself racing towards an orgasmic climax which came in a flurry of gasps and whimpers as if catching her unawares and with it I reached the peak of Kilimanjaro, the edge of the Niagra falls and plunged over in a torrent of rushing pumping cum as I filled her with my juices.

"Ohhh," she wailed, "Rape," she was sobbing now, though her eyes were wide with excitement, not filled withe tears, "Get off me!" she wailed though she still ground her crotch against me and held me to her. There were shouts, an electric torch stabbed the darkness picking us out, and then it struck me, she was no virgin.

I had taken her so easily. She was no virgin, my mind reeled.

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My mind was still mired in sex when someone grabbed my shirt collar and unceremoniously dragged me away from herr. "Sarn't Allenby!" Major Garth shouted. "For gods sake leave the young Lady alone Man," he pleaded, and then he exclaimed, "Miss Fitzwilliams, Camilla!" "He, he jumped me!" she protested.

"Saw her lead the Sarn't by the hand sah, begging your pardon sah!" Private Ellers said as he appeared from nowhere, "Thought she was one of Madam Wazzo's tarts sah." "What are you blethering about man!" Major Garth demanded.

"Madame le Wazzo, 'tis French for bird sir," Lieutenant Parker interjected. "Saw it all sir, well not all but the leading sir!" Ellers continued as more officers arrived at a brisk trot, the Colonel leading "Allenby," the Colonel enquired, "So what was the meaning of your appalling behaviour?" he asked, "Bunch of roses, dinner, Theatre, that's the way to woo my Camilla, not drag her away, strip her half naked and play hows your father on the parade ground !" "Sorry sir." I agreed, "Mistook her for a tart sir!".

"Less of the insolence, Allenby," he said, "Now I understand that my daughter took you by the hand and led you to the parade ground and invited you to ravish her?" "No sir, I dragged her entirely against her will sir." I insisted "Balderdash, a swift kick in the goolies and you'd be out for the count," he insisted, "No very noble and all that Allenby but for heavens sake man you're a bloody sergeant, an enlisted man, no room for chivalry in the sergeants mess Allenby, no, now you get yourself back to the guardroom, leave this to officers and gentlemen." "Sah!" I agreed, and I saluted, well what else could I do.

I went back to my duties. I only found later what transpired, when Sergeant Alan 'Bill' Bailey came to relieve me, "Well there's a how d'you do," he said "I never thought I'd see the like." "What's that Bill?" I asked. "The Colonel," he said, "His daughter." "Right," I agreed, "Bad business." "You know?" he asked. "I poked her." I said. "And me," he said, "Old Colonel he ordered C company out, ordered us to the officers mess he did." he continued, "Full kit!' he said, so we went in full kit and there was his daughter crying her eyes out." Bill continued "My daughter claims to have been ravished gentlemen, 'He said." Bill continued imitating the Colonel, "But we are men of the world, we know how easily the female can wound us, we are not swayed by the testimony of a devious little whore who wishes a man inside her then claims she was forced, well gentlemen, my so called daughter is a whore and her mother was a whore and as a whore she shall serve the regiment." Bill laughed, "Poor old bugger was so drunk he could hardly stand, and the old bugger said, "Strip the whore sergeant,' and I just stood stock still, 'With your bayonet if you please!' he said." Bill chuckled, "I done it John, I took me bayonet and while a couple of lads held her I slipped it beneath her gown going in down by her neck cutting down and down and cut everything down to her skin, she got lovely skin John," he said, "And then I cut down and down and it fell away John and there she was all pink and screaming, and the Colonel he shouts!" Bill laughed, "He shouts," he says, "On the table with her lads, tie her down,' and we did as he bade, see there's holes for straps in the table and we strapped her down legs wide and blindfolded her see and the Colonel he orders, 'C Company, ten- shun," Bill told me, "Course the lads come to attention, must of been eighty of us in there, and the Colonel says, 'C Company Trousers, wait for it, Trousers down, Fucking the whore by numbers begin, lowest service number first, begin!" "What?" I said.

"Yes, CSM Maguire had first poke, Colonel said 'French letters must be worn!" Bill told me, "Ten pokes each and move on!" he said. "Bloody hell Bill!" I said.

"Yes eighty blokes fucked her John, bloody eighty blokes, and then," Bill said, "He sent her to Madam Wazzo's place to be a whore, he disowned her completely John, she's been chucked out with nothing!" "But I ravished her Bill!" I said. "Was she pure?" he said, "Unsullied?" "No," I said, "That she wasn't." "Ah well, " Bill said, "Lieutenants Cowdray and Allington was laughing, I reckon one of they been there." Cowdray and Allenby, the pair as had relations with the Misses Copshaw and Drace.

Suddenly I saw Miss Fitzwilliams's demeanour in a different light, it was sarcasm that led her to say a man might so easily be fought off not bravado, I felt such a fool. "This Wazzo," I said, "Where does she reside?" "Why Dock street of course, by the Napoleon pub," he replied as if all sergeants frequented such places. "Then I have business," I said and I went to the armoury and drew a pistol, five chamber colt revolver, thirty eight calibre and then I went to the Officers Mess.

Allenby and Cowdray had rooms on the upper floor. Private Teague was on guard duty. "What you doing here sarge?" he asked instead of "Halt who goes there." "Message for Mr Cowdray," I says and blow me if he didn't just open the door for me. Allenby had his name on the door, I knocked. "Ah my bloody tea, about time!" he railed and then said "Oh!" "Message for you sah," I said, "Begging your pardon sah," "What is it?" he said in a superscilliously bored manner.

"Begging your pardon sah," I said, "If you don't make Miss Drace an offer I shall shoot off your bollocks one by one before I put your appendage in a mangle and flatten it sah, begging your indulgence sah." "What?" he asked uncredulously.


"Bollocks sah," I explained, "Easily removed, but a bugger to sew back on." "Are you threatening me Sergeant?" he asked. "Yes sah, good day sah!" I said and I took a step towards the door and showed the gun, whereupon he crashed to the floor senseless in a complete funk. Cowdray was made of different stuff and I am sure he fouled his breeches when I threatened his appendage at point blank range.

"You're mad Sergeant." he said, "Quite mad!" "Bloody livid sah!" I said. "If you'll excuse me sah, make an offer sah, not much future for officers with no balls if you get my meaning sah!" "I'll have you court martialled!" he said, "Insolence." "Make you a laughing stock sah, I don't think so sah," I said.

"I could always shoot one off now as a warning sah?" "Just get out!" he railed but he shook as he said it. I took the pistol back t the Armoury and signed myself out at the gate and caught a Daimler horse-less omnibus to town, and from there walked towards the docks. I found the Napoleon pub easily enough but no Madame Wazzo.

I asked the chap at the Pub, "It's next door, spelled frenchie way with an Oh," he laughed, "Oiseaux!" "Stupid bloody French!" I muttered, "Thanks!" and I went next door. The top half of a stable type door was open, "We're shut!" says this sleazy stinking unwashed bearded bloke who was no more French than I was. "I'm looking for a girl," I said. "Their a bloody sleep," he says, and I heard a muted cry.

" Except her," he said, "Colonel's daughter she was, so they says, been fucked by half the regiment. Colonel his self sent her for a whore. Got a cunt like a wardrobe she has. You flops around like a mop in a broom cupboard." "Really?" I said. "You could always poke her if your desperate," he said. "Trying to teach her to suck but she's a stubborn little bitch!" "Colonel's daughter?" I said, "She'll do!" I said.

"Shilling?" he said. "Threepence?" I countered, we met half way with a sixpence and he opened the door and let me through. Miss Fitzwilliams was in a side room with Madame Wazzo and a girl and some ugly French brute. She was crying her eyes out and quite naked, and not just naked they'd shaved her and you could see all her womanliness, all the lips and nub everything, of course I got a powerful cock stand straight away.

I got a look at her tits too, all high and pert like a lady not big and saggy like a whore. "Oh!" she gasped when she saw me, "You!" "Yes Miss, me Miss, thought you might like to finish off where we was last night Miss," I says. "Is she really the Colonel's daughter?" Madame Wazzo asks. "Was," I said, "She fucks all comers, all C company last night so they say." "She is useless, she has the vagina of a cow," Madame said.

"Beg pardon?" I said. "Vagina, how you say, cunt," she explained, "Marcel says she is like he fuck a letterbox." "Fucked nicely last night Madame, very nicely, very nicely indeed." I said. "We teach her to suck," Madame said, "You like her to suck?" "She might bite it off Madame!" I jested.

"She refuses me!" Marcel announces and he steps back and there is the most filthy diseased cock you ever saw on him, five inches at most poor devil. "Maybe if you had a wash," I said and I turned to Miss Fitzwilliams, "Now Miss, you suck my cock nicely and I wont hurt you." "And if I don't?" she asked.

"Don't ask," I said, "A bowl of water if you please!" "But she is clean," Madame protested. "For me!" I said, "Where's her pleasure sucking a tool that stinks of piss?" They couldn't see it but the girl fetched a bowl and I hauled out my tool and started to wash him. "No wonder she is so loose!" the Frenchie said, "My god." I never thought was well endowed, but I suppose Frenchies are made different, shorter, but I wiped myself and advanced upon Miss Fitzwilliams.

"Open wide, I shan't hurt you," I says and I leant against the wall with one hand, trousers round my ankles and guided me tool at her mouth with the other as she sat on the leather couch. "Open your bloody mouth please Miss!" I asked, "Mmm!" she snapped. "Right I'll fuck your cunt!" I said. "Ah no, we have just, with the needles, she is with child just." Madame explained.

"No!" Miss Fitzwilliams exclaims and that was all I needed to slip my cock between her lips. "Suck!" I said, She tried to choke inflaming my passions as I pressed home right to the hilt so my entire length was within her throat and I was transported to heaven with the angels playing on my shaft, she struggled for breath, "Just breathe through you nose," I said reassuringly, "I'll not harm you!" Her hands were on my ass now.

"Pull out, she chokes!" the Frenchie said but I was in heaven and nothing would induce me to release her until I had her swallow my entire wad and then swallow and suck me clean. I gripped her and held her tight as I shot me first bolt and the second and third and she gurgled and I wrapped her long dark hair around my hand and held her against me until she had to swallow every drop.

"You are lovers yes?" Madame asked. "Only done it once," I said. "It is in her eyes Sergeant," Madame said, "She is no use as a whore of she has eyes only for you." "And if she is no use as a whore?" I asked. "The workhouse perhaps, I cannot feed useless mouths," she said, "You may as well take her now." "But where are her clothes!" I asked.

"Ruined," Madame confessed, "But I have some rags here that she may borrow, for a small consideration!" "No, Madame I shall try harder!" Camilla cried. "Is no good child," Madame spoke, "The lord has given you the vagina for children not for pleasure, go with the Sergeant, be the regimental whore my child." I searched for my purse, "I will make arrangements," I agreed, "That would be the best solution, for a small consideration might she stay until nightfall." "Threepence!" she said, "And three more for the clothes, or a shilling for some warm winter clothes." I gave her sixpence, and buttoning my tunic I went forth.

I knew I had to do something for the girl, and so I went to find her a lodging, and at the Station Hotel I found her a room, and paid for three nights in advance saying it was for the Colonel's daughter who was arriving shortly, then I was away back to our barracks. The Misses Copshaw and Drace were at the gatehouse and Sgt 'What' Tyler was trying to get rid. "Talk some sense to these two will you?" he said thinking I was to relieve him.


"Bloody Lieutenants' Allington and Cowdray," I said, "Seduced you with pretty words, flowers eh?" I said, they blushed. "They was really nice, now they won't see us and Eliza has to see them." Frieda said awkwardly.

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"So which gentleman done it?" I asked, they blushed, you must know surely. "I'm not sure." Eliza said nervously. "Allington has the bushy mousache and sort of a half beard," I said. "Ah, but see," Eliza said. "We swapped," Frieda added. "We was all in bed together see." Eliza admitted. "Bloody hell, them two ravished Miss Fitzwilliams as well," I said, "So which one's it to be?" I asked.

"Either," Miss Eliza said. "What wait till its born an see if it has a moustache?" I said angrily, "Name give me a name, choose!" They couldn't decide no more than fly to the moon. "Leave it to me," I said, "In fact," I said, "I'll take you to the Colonel myself right now, you just agree to what ever I says, alright?" "All right," they said awkwardly. "Careful John," says 'What' "Careful, I already threatened to blow them bastards bollocks off with a thirty eight." I said and spotting Pte Wardle loafing around and ordering him to come along I set off for the Officers offices.

The Colonel was in conference, and could not be disturbed, Pte Walker stood guard, "Can't go in sarge he's busy," Walker said with a smirk.

"Why?" I aked. "He got a tart in there!" he said. "I'll bloody see about that!" I said and I flung the door wide to find the Colonel ass high with his head beneath the girl's skirts as she lay upon his desk. "Begging your pardon sah!" I said, "An urgent matter has arisen." "And you think this has no urgency, be gone fool!" he said, "Wait outside!" We waited, "Tis the french way I suppose," I said for I recognised the lady as one of Madame Wazzo's tarts, and then we was called in, the Colonel seemed relieved, refreshed and the girl sat prettily beside him at his desk.

"Now Sergeant," he said for he knew what he done were a court martial offence. "Sah, Lieutenant's Cowdray and Allington ravished these young ladies sah to their detriment sah." "Look old chap," He said patiently, "If they didn't want attention a swift knee in the balls and all is resolved." "Pincer movement sah, like on exercises," I said, "Perhaps the young lady would oblige," I said and as she stood I said "Walker you take her right hand and I'll take her left, then we'll take her ankles and lay her down," I said, "And Miss as soon as we grabs you you resist all right." "Dacord," or something she said so I gave Walker the nod and we grabbed her arms and then grabbed her ankles and laid her gently down as she wriggled and fought but her legs was too spread to harm us and she was on her back legs spread.

"See, all I has to do is fall around her leg like so," I demonstrated as I rolled atop her, "Bare her, bare myself and the deed is done!" "Well upon my soul," the Colonel said, "Was it thus for Camilla?" "She told me of it sir, I'm afraid." I said. "Sarge, if you ent going to poke her can I have a poke?" Walker asked. "Shut it Walker!" I snapped. "Bad business," the Colonel sighed, "Never thought two chaps, you know, not buggers are they, quietly?" "Could be sir," I said, "Need a couple of wives sir, drain em dry of a night if you get my meaning sir." "Yes, dismiss Sarn't, Parade seventeen hundred hours in the Drill Hall C company, and bring the ladies please and you had better bring Camilla." =========================== We went as ordered, the girls went home giggling, I went for Camilla and with what money I had I bought her some respectable attire and brought her back to the barracks at least looking respectable.

We paraded at Tea time, C company was there but I was ordered forward to where the regimental drums was arranged like an altar for a drumhead service on the stage at the one end and we filed in. RSM Boggis, widely recognised as the most stupid soldier in the entire British Empire called attention and then the chaps was stood at ease and the proceedings started. The Colonel was there sitting there with Major Slocombe the Adjutant, and Major Foulkes o/c 3 company, and behind the other officers Lieutenants Allington and Cowdray among them, the Colonel stood to address us.

"This day is a sad day in the history of our glorious regiment," the Colonel explained, "For it fell to a lowly NCO to uphold the honour of our forefathers by exposing two of his superiors as rapists cowards and cads, yes Lieutenants Cowdray and Allington, what say you?" "Sir!" they said for the charge was completely unexpected. "You raped the Misses Copshaw and Drace, do not deny it!" the Colonel charged.

"Hardly rape sir!" they said. "Had relations contrary to the rules for the regulation of conduct 1789," he snapped. "No sir!" they averred. "Then I have no option, read the charge sergeant!" the Colonel railed. Company Sgt Major McLean of B company read out the charge, "Did unlawfully have knowledge of the Misses Copshaw and Drace contrary to the rules for the regulation of conduct 1789," he said pompously and ended, "Sah!" "Now hang on!" Allington exclaimed, "Seventeen eighty whatsit!

that's balderdash." You could have heard a pin drop, "Shall I tell them," Miss Fitzwilliams rose to her feet,"How you ensnare a wenches affection and then pounce like a rattlesnake!" "Hardly balderdash," Major Foulkes added, "Why Harringsby fell on his sword over a similar matter not ten years since, farmers daughter, huge udders, chose falling on his sword over marrying her, don't blame him really, pug ugly don't cha know." "Ah," Cowdray said, "Maybe the Mayor's daughter?" "Toss you for it!" Allington said.

"What, toss me for it, here with the men watching?" Cowdray exclaimed. "A coin you idiot, not toss off," Allington agreed and thus it was settled and after a moments consideration the Padre was called and all witnessed the union of Codray and Copshall and Allington and Drace or was it tother way around for they couldn't agree who was to have the child and losing patience the Padre, who had inbibed copiously of the communion wine said, "I now proclaim you men and wives." "Ah this brings us to the matter of the union of Camilla my erstwhile daughter, now a whore employed by Madame L'Osieaux ," the Colonel announced.

"Regimental rules," Major Foulkes advised, "You cannot preside over your daughters attacker's trial, sorry!" "Hardly the thing,"the Colonel queried, "But so be it." "Miss Fitzwilliams," Major Foulkes stood to address her, "You were attacked in the darkness outside the officer's mess were you not." "Yes, by Sargeant Allenby, but." she said.

"That is all well and good, " Major Foulkes explained, "But the regulations state that the culprit must be identified in the prescribed manner." "But sir!" I protested. "Silence!" Major Foulkes ordered, "So if the ladies would care to leave us," he said, "Not you Miss Fuitzwilliams, then we may proceed." "Now hold on!" I said. "Be quiet Sergeant!" he said, "Or you will lose your place in the proceedings!" "What!" Camilla asked, "Is going on?" "Fetch the apparatus," Major Foulkes demanded.

"Sir," I said, "I admitted the offence!" "Silence," Major Foulkes insisted, "Were you complicit Miss Fitzwilliams?" "No, he ravished me!" she said. "Then you shall identify him, you have admitted you have been ravished so there will be no detriment, on the table with her!" "Desist!" I said. "Silence!" Major Foulkes insisted, and I stood immobile as they took Camilla and tied her down to the great oaken table, her legs wide and then placed a box with a cut awaay for the neck over her head and screwed it down that she might not see.

I stood stock still and watched as this unfolded and then the order was given "Trousers, Down!" and so were eighty and more rampant appendages displayed, and by necessity as any not erect would be taken aside as buggers and as like as not dismissed the service.

The Sergeant's Major had first poke "Ten pokes only, covers on!" Major Foulkes ordered, and after the ten he said, "Ten, was that he?" and she said, "No!" There were some old hands and I think I was seventeenth in order of seniority and I took my turn, nervously I admit and yet as I slid within she said instantly, "It is he!" "Noted," said Major Foulkes, "Next." "But sir!" I said, "She acknowledged me!" "She may be mistaken!" he said, "Carry on." I watched as soldier after soldier despoiled my beautiful Camilla until at length all were done.

"So, number seventeen, Allenby," Major Foulkes called at length, "The whore has identified you and you are found guilty as charged, are you wed Allenby?" he asked.

"No sir," I agreed. "Then it is quite straightforward, Padre, wed them if you please." Major Foulkes requested. "Don't be a blithering idiot, enlisted men don't wed!" the Colonel insisted, "No put Allenby in charge and sign her up as regimental whore." "Sir?" Foulkes queried.

"Regimental whore, regimental regulations," The Colonel cried. "Regimental whore, home service one per battallion, overseas one per company, give her the kings shilling man!" "But sir!" I protested. "No argument Allenby, there's a good chap," the Colonel insisted, "Find them a billet Major Foulkes, if you please." "Daddy!" Camilla said sadly.

"Colonel," he said, "If you please, I'll be down to sample you myself later!" he averred. "He can't, he's my daddy!" Camilla said in despair. "I'll think of something Miss," I said more confidently than I felt.

I sat with Camilla for a while, she seemed strangely troubled but only when Private Ballinger arrived to say rooms had been allocated in the officers accommodation ad we followed him thence did her reason for discomfort become clear.

It was a tastefully appointed room, rooms in fact, a sleeping room with an adequate double bed, iron framed and sturdy, a sitting room and a fully appointed whore's boudoir for her work.

Suitable whore's clothing was also provided though several sizes to excess around the bust. We sat on the sleeping bed, "John,"she said, "Did I please you?" she asked. "Indeed miss," I agreed. "John, I don't like you," she said, "You are my inferior in every way but John," she said awkwardly, "But my womb is on fire and my innards are screaming for release from this torment so will you mount me and fill me and take me to heaven and soothe me please?" "I will be honoured Miss," I agreed, "A moment while I hang my uniform." "No now you stupid man, I need you now!" she declared but I took the time to hang my uniform neatly before I turned to her and took her in my arms and slipping my shirt off joined her nakedly upon the bed.

"Beg!" I said. "No, please," she said, "Do not torment me," but my fingers were on the softness of her and she guided my manhood straight into her warmth and I began to hump against her, and there was nothing except her and I that mattered in the whole world. Relief erupted from my loins perhaps too soon, gushing and bubbling and rushing from my balls to flood her very being making her first gasp at its' inrush and then coo with contentment, and then we were still.

"John," she said, "I don't want to be a whore, I just want you." "I know miss, but I am a man, a simple man, not worthy of you miss," I explained. "Damn you!" she replied, "I need you!" "Oh lord, what can we do?" I enquired as I held her gently.

"Stay with me, tonight, see what the morning brings," she suggested. I held her, "Yes, see what the morrow brings." The morrow brought her mother, almost at first light that morning, her mother descended like an avenging Angel, "Guard, seize him!" she wailed as she burst into our room.

"Beg pardon Mrs Colonel Fitzwilliam Ma'am," Sarn't Major Boggis said, "But she's the regimental whore Ma'am." "She is my daughter you imbecile," she cried, "Greville, tell them!" she ordered the Colonel who was following behind somewhat sheepishly and then she turned to Camilla, "My poor, poor girl, has he abused you?" "Yes Mama, and the rest of C company," Camilla confessed.

"Greville, is this your doing?" she demanded. "Someone must have slipped strong spirits into my glass my beloved," he lied. "How on earth can one slip strong spirits into a glass of Scottish whisky?" she enquired, "No you have become very stupid with advancing years Greville, Camilla must perforce marry a suitable officer." "But Mama," Camilla protested, "I own I have a liking for the Sergeant." "No, out of the question," the mother insisted, "No, officers, I did hear a Mr Allenby had a liking?" "He's married Ma'am," I said, "I should be honoured." "Indeed you would," the mother said, "But it will not do!" "But he's in flagrante, Cressida," the Colonel protested, "For heavens sake she may be with his child!" "Then you will have to buy him a Commission!" she demanded.

"No!" the Colonel and myself cried together, "That would never do!" "Don't see why not sir," said Sarn't Major Boggis, "A Sergeant is a non commissioned officer, which is an officer of sorts, " Boggis added using his whole months quota of wisdom in one go.

"Absolutely, get dressed Sergeant," the Colonel ordered, "Marriage in the Mess Twelve hundred hours, dismiss." And that was it. I was done for.