Rough lesbian bondage in amateur scenes along sexy babes

Rough lesbian bondage in amateur scenes along sexy babes
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It was Saturday morning an Veronica was taking her time getting out of bed. When a knock came on her drums door Veronica pulled herself out of bed and opened her door.

Six masked figures obviously female rushed in punching her back into the room and onto the bed. Before she could say anything she found herself being injected with something and everything went black.

When Veronica woke up she found herself strapped down naked and spread eagle on a queen size bed. A nude masked woman stepped from the shadows around the bedwell Roni time to show the college boys what a slut you are always acting so pure but fucking that crip and his black friend.

Now everyone will see your true self as she pulled out a large vibrating dildo and indicated the cameras set up around the room. No please Veronica begged I'm not a slut I'm still a virgin. Laughing the woman saidsure you are well we shall see in a bit. Looking over Veronica's naked form she admired her physique. Veronica was about five foot six inches slightly plump but the extra padding was very well placed.

Her skin was soft and smoothonly slightly tannedbut showing her Cuban Latina ancestry.

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Veronica had below the shoulderssilkywavydark brown hair with well maintained eyebrows and long lashesover dark brown eyes and a small nose. Her lips were pinkfull and luscious her body was fully exposed to her sight as she took in her magnificent fullplumpwell rounded breasts with dark half dollar sized aureoles topped with dark pink eraser sized nipple.

Her gaze traveled down over her fit but padded stomach then on to her clean shavensmooth pussy with the folds of her cunt fully opened like the petals of a flower in full bloom that is morning touched by dew. She had nicelongtoned legs and petite feet with manicured and polish coated toe nails that matched the polish on the nails of her long fingered hands.

Veronica asked her captor what nowher answer was now you get fucked. The masked woman's hands slowly explored Veronica's body caressing her breastspinching and tweaking her nipplesgliding over her abdomen and down to her crotch where she started stroking Veronica's pussy bringing Veronica to full arousal as she began moaning in pleasure.

Her pussy dripping lubricating fluids and her nipples so hard that they could cut glass.

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Laughing the girl said you told everyone you were nineteen years oldsmart it sounds correct for your first year of college but what would your friends say if they knew the truth. You are a child prodigy and all the fake ID's in the world won't change the fact that your only thirteen years old you still carry your childhood baby fat.

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Sobbing Veronica asked how do you know thatwe know everything about you answered the woman. The woman motioned a young black boy forwards and as he stepped up she guided him between her legs positioning the naked twelve year old between her legs with his stiffening cock at Veronica's puffy lipped cunt. Please Veronica said I'm a virgin don't do thisgrinning the woman shoved the boy so that his hard cock drove into her vagina breaking her cherry and hitting her cervix and passing through into her womb the boy shuddered as he ejaculated filling her womb with his sperm.

Oh God thank God I'm on the pilloh the woman said you mean those sugar pills you've been taking for the last two months.

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Nono Veronica said I'm fertile now yes we know laughed the masked woman and said next up. At that Noah was led forward naked but out of it putting him up to her pussy they started him pumping into her until he continued on his own thrusting into her until he ejaculated and even though she tried not to she orgasmed.

Leading him off like some zombie they pushed Preston up to her in his wheelchair he said I'm so sorry Veronica as they hoisted him up on her put his cock into her and jacked him off so that he ejaculated in her taking him away the masked woman said let's help you out and sliding her hand into Veronica's cunt made a fist and started punching her vagina until she came. There she said is that better bitch or do you want more of it.

Oh she said I know what you want as she motioned another young Asian boy forward.

She got Veronica flipped over on her abdomen with her ass up the boy started slapping Veronica's ass cheeks alternating between cheeks and occasionally slipping his fingers into her cunt. Veronica's pussy was getting increasingly wetter and the Asian boy could feel that every time he felt her cunt between slaps. He spanked her until both her ass cheeks were glowing a bright hot red.

Veronica's cunt poured forth her orgasmic juices until they dropped onto the floor and her body shuddered through another climax. The boy finally stepped back and disappeared into the darkness. Veronica was released and the masked woman handed her a certificate allowing her to have an emotional support animal and a leash that was clipped to the collar of a large black furred male mastiff.

Veronica took the paper and led the dog back to her college apartment.

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As soon as she got in she stripped and took a long hot shower getting out the dog followed as she dried off and walking back to her bedroom he shoved her across the bed and once she lay on the bed with her knees on the floor the dog mounted her. Veronica sobbed no but that didn't stop him from entering her cunt and fucking her to a climax then stopping to rest he resumed fucking her after fifteen minute he started fucking herhe did this a total of ten times before laying down in an exhausted sleep and Veronica cried herself to sleep whispering to herselfI'm such a slut I loved that dogs dickas she fell to sleep.