Pretty blonde enjoys cowgirl riding a massive cock pornstars hardcore

Pretty blonde enjoys cowgirl riding a massive cock pornstars hardcore
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Husband showdown My name is Jon and I'm a 35 year old investment banker. I have been married to Suzan for 8 years. She is a very attractive, slender with long blonde hair and almost clear blue eyes and somewhat creative mate but I recently had an experience that will stick with me forever. Every week or two Suzan meets up with some of the women in our community for drinks. They are all married and everyone makes pretty good money.

They also have a lot of time to kill as most of them don't work. One Tuesday night she came in from one of their gatherings. I greeted her, asked if she had a good time and where they went. She responded positively and told me they had been at Joe's. I always found it odd that they went there as it is a bikini bar with really hot women. I had often visited it with many of the husbands of Suzan's little club. I then asked what they had talked about, just making conversation.

She proceeded to tell me that they were entering into some sort of wager and she would need my help to win. You must understand that some of these women are quite wealthy, so a wager could be large.

When I asked her what kind of wager, she just said, "We'll talk about it in detail Thursday night." After probing her a few minutes she quickly distracted me when she said, "Let's go upstairs and get your clothes off. I've been relaxing all evening and want to have some fun." She always knew how to change the subject. The sex was great, as usual. Thursday rolled around and I was curious as Suzan had still said nothing about our upcoming "conversation".

After dinner she asked me to go upstairs and wait for her in our bedroom for a few minutes. She was usually a somewhat playful tone. This usually meant good things for me but it was still quite early and she was acting differently.

After waiting in the room for a little while Suzan came in wearing a small, white nighty.

She looked amazing. Her 5'9", slender frame was barely covered by the sheer piece of white fabric. Her slightly curled blonde hair fell on her exposed shoulders and draped over her pert breasts. The nighty covered very little of her slim, athletic legs as she closed the door behind her. "Hello sexy", I said standing to approach her. "Just a minute there baby", Suzan said, raising her hand to me. "I need to talk to you first." "If you are wanting something from me, you sure know how to get it", I responded playfully.

"You remember Tuesday night when I was with the girls", she said. "Yes", I responded slightly puzzled. "You said something about a wager". I braced myself. "How much is it?" "Oh", she dismissed the thought, "I'm only in for $500". This was less than she spent on her last purse. "but we can win $5,000.", she finished.

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"And how are we going to do that?", I said as my confusion grew. "Well, here's the deal", she responded, moving her hands like she was selling something. "We were there at Joe's having a drink and Nancy started talking about how she was going to need to get home because Frank was horny and texting her to meet him at the house.

This led to an expanded conversation about sex and marriage and stuff like that.", Suzan continued but now was touching my arm and shoulder in a somewhat seductive fashion, "So a couple of the girls that work at the bar joined in on the conversation. There were some fun stories relayed back and forth but then it started turning into a little bit of a contest and you know how competitive these women can be.

So Linda pipes up and says that she bets $1000 that Tom is sexier and better in bed that any of the other husbands. I took exception to that because I know how good you are in bed." Now she was close to me and speaking softly in my ear.

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"Anyway, by the time the conversation was over there was $5000 on the table and a set of rules." Keeping her mouth close to my ear she lightly brushed her hand across the front of my pants. "Are you up to the challenge?", she whispered. By now I just wanted to have sex, but winning $5000 sounded good too. "So how much of it do I get?", I asked without really thinking it through.

"I'll give you all of it if I can have my $500 back and get bragging rights among the girls." Her breath filled my ear and chills went through all of my extremities. "Sounds like a deal", I said now thinking only with my cock.


She stood up straight moving slightly away from me. "Ok, here are the rules", she said very business like and completely opposite of how she had just been talking. I could tell she really wanted to win. "The only way we can determine a winner is proper documentation and impartial judging." She moved to the bedroom door and opened it. "You remember Megan right?".


At that point I saw the familiar face of one of the waitressed from Joe's Binkini Bar. I remembered her well.

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She was about 5'11" with curly, shoulder length brunette hair. She had an athletic build, dark blue eyes and pretty good sized breasts. This was the first time I had seen her in more than a string bikini but my mind recalled her long legs and plump breasts clearly.

She was in a pair of tight blue jeans and a snug v-neck t-shirt with some sort of logo on it. It hugged her flat stomach well. She smiled and stepped into the room. "Hey there", she said in a slightly uncomfortable tone. "Megan is a film student, so he has been hired to video the activities", Suzan explained still in a business tone.

"This way none of the videos are a higher quality than the others. Three of the other girls from Joe's will be reviewing all of the footage and passing their judgement", she finished. "Wow." I was still shocked at the 21 year old hottie in my room, "You guys really thought this out didn't you?" "We just wanted it to be fair", Suzan answered me and then turned to Megan. "Is the light ok right here", she gestured toward my side of the bed.

"Yea, that's as good as the other two I've already shot", Megan responded indicating that two of the couples had already put on their show for her. As they conversed I started putting this strange conversation together. It appeared my wife was going to have sex with me while being videotaped by a sexy Bikini Bar waitress that I had gauked at many times and then show it to three other young sexy women to judge. Before I could put it all together I heard Megan speak.


"Ok, we're rolling", she said in a smooth tone. Suzan approached me with a smile on her face. "Let's get this off of you", she said unbuttoning my shirt. As she unbuttoned she began to kiss down my chest. I opened my eyes and just a few feet from me was Megan with camera in hand then I felt my shirt sliding down my arms and falling to the floor.

Suzan wasted no time as she began to unlatch my belt. Megan continued to circle around the side of the bed, changing her angle. I could see how her jeans hugged her butt tightly. Suzan lightly pressed her hand against my crotch while unbuttoning my pants. She looked up at me with those pale blue eyes and smiled as I was growing slightly hard. My pants hit the floor and now I stood only in my boxers sporting a slight bulge in the front.

"Is this really happening?", I thought as I saw the sexy bikini waitress move within two feet of me, then I felt a tug on my boxers. There I was completely exposed with Megan zooming in on my partially erect cock. She was so close, I wondered if I could feel her breath on my cock. Looking down I saw Suzan on her knees reaching her hand up to touch my hardening member.

"Not to shabby, huh?", she said to the 21 year old. Megan hook her head, "This might be the biggest one yet." Like it wasn't enough to have a hot blonde disrobe me in front of a sexy young brunette. Now they were having conversations about my cock size. It was at that point that I really started to grow. "Oh, he's just getting started", Suzan said with pride in her voice.

She proceeded to play with the precum on my tip and then gave me a good firm stroke all the way to my pelvis. Her touch sent pulses throughout my body. Suzan then leaned in, wrapping her lips around my tip and sucking lightly. She gave me another good stroke as Megan spun around to the other side of us, giving her the clearest view of my cock. On the next stroke Suzan held my skin tight and removed her mouth holding me straight out. The cool air from the room hit my wet cock.

"This is definitely the biggest one yet", Megan commented without being asked, "He's quite a load", she finished her thought. She inadvertently licked her lips while staring at my cock. It got harder with every word she said.

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"And he knows how to use it", Suzan bragged. "Hold it down a little further", Megan said gesturing toward my crotch, I want to get a good representation of it's size. Suzan shifted how she was holding me. "No, more like this", Megan said reaching toward my cock and then stopping. "Oh, do you mind?", she asked Suzan. "Go ahead", Suzan said sending me into shock. She had just given Megan permission to touch my fully erect cock.

How much longer could I hold out? "Like this." Megan reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock pushing me down and pressing her palm firmly agains my torso. She looked up at my face. "Damn, you have a really nice cock", she said looking me right in the eyes, then she released me and stepped back holding her camera back up. Suzan wrapped her hand around my cock mimicking what Megan had just done, "How's that?", she asked.

"Perfect", Megan responded while looking at her camera screen. "And I mean perfect", she said again looking me in the eye. "Great", Suzan spoke up, "Now for the really fun part". She spun around me, hopping up on the bed. She then proceeded to open her legs revealing the fact that she was wearing no panties. "C'mon big boy", she said playfully, "let me have it". I proceeded to bury my cock deep inside of her. "Wow", Megan said as my throbbing cock vanished into my wife.

Suzan just moaned. I drew out and thrusted hard into Suzan evoking deeper moans but I also heard Megan let out a small sound as well. She was at the foot of the bed biting her lip as the camera filmed our activities. With only a few thrusts Suzan was almost ready. I on the other hand had been holding on for quite a while and couldn't last much longer. Suzan's moans grew louder. "You take that girl!", Megan spoke up as if she couldn't control her own words. At that Suzan began to convulse with pleasure as orgasm flooded her body.

That was my cue and I blew my very well prepared load deep into my sexy wife. I cried out as Suzan peaked, then a calm quiet fell over the room only interrupted by heavy breathing. I pulled out of Suzan and rolled over on the bed. When I opened my eyes Megan was now right net to me with the camera on my still erect, very messy cock. "He looks like he could go again", she said, observing my member. Without delay Suzan, still breathing heavily, was on top of me and my cock was deep in her messy pussy.

"Damn,that thing is big", Megan said as my cock penetrated Suzan. Suzan started bouncing on me like I was a bucking bronco. Her hair was flying around and her breasts were bouncing in rhythm inside her thin nighty.

I quickly wrapped my hands around them fondling them as she moved. I could tell she was already getting revved up again, but I wasn't sure I had it in me. I laid my head back on the bed and saw Megan now behind me getting a good frontal view of our activities. Her hard nipples were showing through her tight t-shirt. Her breasts looked so firm and perfectly shaped and her shirt was bunched up slightly at the wasted revealing a slight amount of midriff.

As I gazed at her my mind recalled how she looked in that string bikini and I felt pleasure well up inside of me. Suzan continued to ride me. The pressure against my cock grew. I was about to go. I let out a moan again and arched my back lifting Suzan into the air.

My cock pumped Suzan's pussy full again. As my orgasm began to wane I could hear that Suzan was climaxing again, so I continued to hold my cock deep inside of her. She finally quieted and fell onto my chest breathing hard.

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I couldn't believe what had just happened but there was no denying that Megan was now turning off the camera. "How was that?", Suzan asked her as she rolled off of me, leaving my cock once again exposed to the bikini waitress. "That was amazing", Megan said while looking at my cock and licking her lips again. "i'm looking forward to my time in the editing room", she continued. "I'll have to go over this one very closely." She smiled at me.

"Thanks for the help", Suzan called out to her, still short of breath. "Yea, thanks", I said feeling left out of the conversation. "It was my pleasure", she said smiling at me again. "Let me walk you to the door", Suzan continued as she stood up still in her nighty. As they walked out of the room, I could hear them talking. "If you ever need help with that", Megan said, "Just let me know." And then they moved out of earshot.

I laid back amazed at my experience.