Sultry girls getting lay strong manhood for joy

Sultry girls getting lay strong manhood for joy
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Ye, I know I had made a few mistakes in the last chapter. I don't pretend to be a professional writer. Just an amateur, who enjoys it. Hopefully some of you will enjoy the read. That's what its all about. Please read the first chapter before starting here, otherwise you will miss a few important details on how things are in little Kelly's world.

Thanks. "Hello Kelly, how was school?" "Hi Granddad, it was OK I'll be happier when I don't have to go any more" "Well it shouldn't be long now before you can be home schooled. Just be patient, there isn't many 12 year old girls who get to leave early. Besides its Friday tomorrow so no school for two days." "Thank god." Little Kelly jumped up on to her elderly Grandfathers lap and nestled her little bubble butt in to the lovely thick lump that was in his pants.

The thick lump that the petite girl loved. In fact the only one she had ever seen but treasured what it would do inside her. Her Grandfather would only get the thick 8 inches out for her maybe twice a week.

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Yet only if she was good. He would use it as bribery when she became a naughty girl. "You wont have Percy to play with this week, if you don't get your chores done." That would usually have her running away to do what she had to do. But some times when she was feeling hormonal or tired she would be obstinate and still refrain from doing the right thing. The next day she would be pleading for Percy. Her Grandfather would then have her crawling on all fours naked begging him.

Sometimes he would ignore her for an hour before he relented and sat in his favourite chair and release Percy to the delight of a very happy and eager girl, as she reached her small hands to feel its fleshiness. Caressing it lovingly, coaxing it into life. Then as soon as her hands only wrapped around half of its thick circumference she would leap on to his lap and begin the extreme penetration of her already moist sensitive young hole. The slow yielding stretch of her petalled lips and the feeling of thick flesh invading her slender belly made her quake with pleasure.

Some times it would take 15 minutes of swirling and bucking on it before she would feel that magic fuzzy tingle as his pubis hair nestled into her bare hairless pussy. Her internal organs shifting inside her belly making room for the long shaft.

She and her Grandfather both new this was what Kelly yearned for. For it was then that she new she would receive his squirt deep inside her.

"C'mon Kelly stop daydreaming, go and get yourself changed. Then get some laundry on, that school uniform ain't going to clean itself." "Oorrr! Granddad, cant Percy come out first.

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Just for a bit. Pretty please?" Kelly dropped her eyes, giving him the poor puppy eyes. "No! But if you get that laundry on I will let you web cam later with Charlie." "Oh, OK That sounds good." Kelly jumped up happy and bounded off up stairs.

She had only webcamed with her boyfriend Charlie twice before since she had become his girlfriend. As it was one of her grandfathers friends. Well actually an older friend. Charlie was 10 years older than her Grandfather who was 70. but with Charlie being a friend. Kelly was able to be naked and do lots of fun dirty things to herself following Charlie s instructions. She new if she had boyfriend at school, it would have been boring. Kelly felt very happy and lucky to have Charlie as her boyfriend.

As she watched her self in her mirror removing her clothes, revealing a young slender petite body, she began daydreaming. Dreaming of the day when they would finally meet for real.

She didn't care he was in a wheelchair and didn't have much hair apart from a few wispy bits sticking out of his blotchy scalp. She turned and picked up his picture by her bed.

A skinny frail old man looked at her, wrinkly face and spidery fingers. She didn't care. He was so nice to her, so exciting on the web cam He had sent her beautiful frilly girlie dresses. Not quite for her age, more like age 6. if they weren't so short. Then there was the. what did Granddad call it? 'A choker' . Made of pink leather,with a ring at the front and a padlock at the back. We she saw it she thought it was for a dog, but her Grandfather explained a choker is what some ladies wear for there husbands, to show they would do anything for them.

This made Kelly's heart skip a beat. Was she going to be Charlie s wife? She looked at the photo again. White dresses and churches flashed through her mind. She looked at her self in the mirror, at the leather thing that was no longer hidden around her slender little neck, her soft naked body. her small cone like breasts, her narrow waist,and the raised hillock nestling above her little pleasure box. "I love you Charlie, I do," then kissed the photo of the frail old man. Putting the picture down, Kelly began picking up her dirty clothes.

When she retrieved her panties from the floor she was shocked to see a blood red patch in the gusset. Terror and shock began creeping over her until she remembered some thing her Grandfather had said a few weeks ago. Kelly still naked ran down the stairs eager to share the news with him. "GRANDDAD ITS HAPPENED." "Whoa!


Calm down, what you shouting for?" "Sorry, I'm so excited. My panties have got red in them, look," Kelly shoved the soiled garment under his nose." "Ahh yes.


At last, well done Kelly," pulling away slightly from the panties that were about to be worn by his face. "But look my titties haven't changed and my belly feels the same." "Have patients girl, you want everything now don't you?

Why don't you go and have a nice bath. I've got some things to sort out here." As he watched the stunning little butt disappear back upstairs, he reached for the phone. "Mabel? Its Tom your brother. Its finally happened. She has started." "." "Yes, I will bring her round tonight Might as well start straight away, we don't want to miss the optimum window. Yes you can still have your fun. Fill your boots woman." On the way later that evening on the surprise visit to Aunt Mabel, the young girl was sore at her Grandfather about missing her webcam date with her Charlie.

"Now just stop it Kelly. If your a good girl for your Aunt I will arrange for Charlie to visit. Maybe he might stay awhile. Would you like that?" "Oh yes please," Kelly sat up in her seat excited. A broad grin spread across her pretty face.

"I think Charlie has some thing he has to ask me." "Really? What would that be? Baby." "I think he wants to marry me." "OK, that's nice. Well you will have to make sure you do everything he tells you to do, because he wont want to marry a disobedient naughty girl, would he?" "Oh no and I will Granddad." "Good girl, that's why he bought you that pretty choker.

Girls with chokers always do what there told. So you will have to be good for your Aunt or Charlie wont be coming to stay with us. But remember what I said about your Aunt?" "Yes Granddad, she always wanted a baby girl." Kelly understood now why she had been given the little pink cute dress to wear, which laid high on her slender thighs. With a matching bow in her hair and white ankle socks with pink frills at the top and flat white buckle shoes.

Kelly looked about 6 years old. Her short height didn't give a clue to her real age. What Kelly didn't understand, was why her Grandfather had given her strict instructions that she was not allowed to speak at her Aunties house.

Not ever. An hour later they arrived outside the home of her Aunty Mabel. Holding his hand tightly for support, Kelly trembled when she saw the large old woman dressed in a tent of a frock. towering above her. Just under 6 foot tall and just as wide. Aunt Mabel was a tall fat woman. "OH HOW SWEET !" boomed the old woman. "You look such a beautiful little girl Kelly." she clapped her hands excitedly at the little vision before her. "Now you just come here and give your Aunty a big cuddle." The large woman bent down placed a hand either side of Kelly's narrow waist then lifted the petite girl clean of the floor.

Kelly felt one arm slide round and under her dress, a hand eventually holding her up on her firm little butt, forcing her little legs up and around the wide waist. Aunties other hand slid round and pushed the side of Kelly's face into the over large covered breasts of the 69 year old woman. Afraid to move Kelly remained perfectly still. All that she could see was the wrinkled cleavage of the old breasts. As her Aunt and Grandfather spoke on the doorstep.

The young girl felt her cotton pink and white panties being gently caressed The same to her hair, as the large woman stroked Kelly's long blonde curly locks. Very slowly Kelly began to feel unafraid. Her Aunt felt the lithe little body relax against her. Then slowly become heavier. The large woman turned into the house and quietly closed the door with her foot. As she carried the her little bundle through the house she began whispering words of assurance and comfort.

Before she had taken 10 steps Kelly's eyes had closed and was in a world of safety and peace. By the time they had reached the main room, little Kelly was in a deep tranquil sleep. Aunty Mabel was overjoyed with her new little girl.

Her little baby was perfection. Sitting down in her large chair she carefully pulled open her dress revealing one side of the huge maternity bra. Unclasping one of the cups a heavy wrinkled breast spilled out.

Gently moving her little one as she manoeuvred a languorous Kelly in to a little ball. Then fed a thick knarly teat to the young girls lips. A minute of apprehension set in as she waited for the little girl to accept the offering.

"Come one baby, fill your little tummy. That's a good little girl." instantly Auntie was pleased to witness her sleeping little girls lips part and begin sucking on her old breast. A tear trickled down the old woman's cheek, she had been breast pumping herself for the last 30 years, just for this moment.

She gazed at the pretty little face, unusually long eyelashes on her sleeping eyes, a button nose and soft lips squashed against her blotchy old breast flesh, as the little cherubs cheeks sank inwards on each strong suckle on the old ladies mammary. While stroking the blonde curls, the old woman looked down the petite figure of her great niece. She could sense the pre-womanhood in the young girls body. Even though she new Kelly was having her first period, she also knew that she would never lose her child like figure.

Just as her mother had never lost hers. The old woman stroked her leathery hand down a soft milky white leg, her fat hand straightened the leg out and let it gently fall to one side.

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Stroking back up the milky slender thigh she pushed the short dress up so far to reveal the little belly button.

Gazing at the soft flat belly, she ran her chubby fingers in circles marvelling at the narrow waist. Her hand virtually covered the young girls belly. Dreamily the old woman imagined this tiny area moving, the soft young flesh being kicked from within.

Her little baby girl with child.

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For the first time in years the old woman's pussy was no longer dryer than the sahara desert. Seeing her babies white and pink panties covering her little girlie bits, the old woman couldn't help herself. Placing two fingers under the elastic she eased under lifting the tight cloth up. She took a gasp when she saw the dewy wetness in the cotton.

Even though slightly tinged with the young girls first bleed. It was obvious she was having a wet dream. Sliding a finger between the little pink butterfly of her neat folds, the old lady though to herself how she had never seen such a beautiful little pussy before. The sound of a gentle sigh brought her eyes back to the happy little girls sleeping face, with her little mouth open, a trickle of her milk slipping from the side of her mouth it was possible to see her thick teat just inside.

It made it a glorious sight for the old woman. With a motherly insight taking over she freed her other breast and moved Kelly over. As soon as the fresh nipple touched the young girls lips, she latched on with a "nnggmmmmmm". As the strong suckling recommenced the rapid movement of her bottom jaw drew the warm milk from the large droopy and pale old breast.

Suddenly the little puppy eyes flicked open and looked up at her Aunt. The suckling never ceased for one moment. The old lady looked down at her and smiled lovingly. "Therethere baby girl. You just lay still and feed." Little Kelly brought a hand up and placed it to the side of the fat old breast, then pushed it while opening her mouth to take more of the breast flesh in, her young pink lips squashed against the old ladies wrinkled gland.

Happy and contented the pretty eyes closed. Never before had Kelly felt so calm and loved. Kelly had bonded subconsciously. No thought entered her head when she felt her panties being removed. A trust like the one between a mother and child had been made. Only this one was better, when she felt a thick finger push inside her.

Her feeding stopped momentary as a sigh of pleasure escaped her dribbling milky mouth. As the finger twirled inside her Kelly opened her mouth wider and sucked in more breast, her lips virtually covered the wide area of areolar, the thick rough nipple now pushed to the roof of her mouth by her tongue as the heavy squirts of milk drenched her insides. The young girl had never in her life tasted human milk. But now she had, she didn't want to ever stop. The closeness she felt to her aunt now, was undeniable.

She had never been this close to any one before. Not even her Grandfather. Little Kelly soooo loved her Aunty. "Hhmmm", Kelly lost her thoughts as she felt a second thick finger force its way passed her yielding pussy lips. Her Aunt felt her baby girl tense up, as she gently pulled them out half way then forced them home again.

"Sshhh, just relax little one, take your bedtime feed. You wont get another one till the morning." The large woman continued sliding her chubby fingers out then slamming them in hard.

"Then when you have finished Aunty will take you up to your special room and get you ready for beddie byes." The old fat woman cupped her hand, on each harsh thrust her palm slapped into the young girls now rigid little clit.

"Hhhmmmm, Gnnnnmm" Kelly began humming and groaning, pushing her pretty face into her Aunties naked droopy breast. Dribbles of milk slithered across covering the young girls face. Kelly's senses became overloaded as it smeared across her button nose. A strange feeling of love towards the fat motherly milk givers, swept over the lithe young girl, as she nuzzled into the now soaked breasts.

Little Kelly began to lose her pre-teen individuality. Laying on her big Aunties fat tummy feeding is what Kelly was all about. In total acceptance of her new situation, baby Kelly opened her thighs. Aunty Mabel had given in a big way to her. Now Kelly would accept and give what ever Aunty wanted from her.

She was Aunties little baby girl now. The fat old lady felt her little girls opening relax, she ceased her pumping and slapping of the tiny hole. "That's it baby, well done.

You are a clever girl," this brought a smile to the milky face of the, now very happy girl. Kelly had just discovered how wonderful it felt to please her Auntie.

Kelly felt a third finger begin to push up into her, a spasm of pain rippled through her core. She could take her Grandfathers cock easy enough. But Aunties three fingers were much wider. "Owweee, it hurts, Auntie," In pain, yet the fragile girl never attempted to close her legs to stop it. "Hush now baby girl, it needs to be able to stretch when it is required to." Little Kelly threw her petite mouth around the nearest teat for comfort, drawing down her milk.

Aunt Mabel already had experience of young pussy which hadn't been trained. Little girls might be able to have babies growing inside them. But if their little pussies haven't been trained then the babies cant get out. Which means cutting open their pretty belly's to get the baby out. Thus spoiling the pretty little baby girls.

Just like Kelly's real mother. The three fingers worked in the tiny hole kneading and stretching. The baby girls sex fluids poured out lubricating the thick penetration. After a few minutes more the tight whitened pussy lips began to give. Letting the three move freely in and out at their owners will. "Oh you are doing well. I am so proud of you baby girl." Little Kelly paused on her comfort glands and looked down between her slender little white legs. She gave a smile to her wonderful Auntie, who smiled back.

The three thick fingers were sliding in and out easily, the little abused pussy lips being pulled outwards as they reluctantly gave up the wide invaders. As they became fully inserted, filling up the young love channel, the cute girl gave an involuntary gasp. Abruptly the fat old Aunt shoved the three fingers in hard, watching the mix of pain and pleasure erupt from her little girls face.

"Aaghhhh." Little Kelly opened her eyes and looked sheepishly at the large wrinkled face. "Keep your eyes on mine baby girl" The fingers shoved hard and deep. Her face screwed up, mouth open in painful bliss. Then all the way out. Leaving the little hole gaping. Kelly's face became vacant like her juiced up hole.

Her Aunt left her hanging for just two minutes. It felt like thirty. Her aunt just stared into her eyes. Kelly, eager to please her Aunt kept her eyes available. "Don't you like it all empty?" Kelly shook her head briskly.

"Would you like me to put them back?" A sharp nod with an added smile. "Then take your dress off." her Aunt declared with a stern look. Kelly immediately jumped off her Aunt and swiftly threw her dress off. Not sure what to do next, stood upright. Her hands behind her back. Toes pointed inwards. The fat old woman took in her baby girls young beauty.

Her slender lithe form, in little white and pink socks and a bow in her hair. Slight budding titties adorned her small chest. Swollen pussy lips poked out from between her young narrow but firm legs.

Her whole naked body now pink with sexuality. For 10 minutes Kelly stood rigid, her pretty face covered in dried breast milk. "OK, my little pink blossom, get back up here, you can have more of your feed. But use your hands to keep your legs open wide for me." Little Kelly quickly obliged, eager to get her lips around a lovely fat teat.

After her Aunt showed her how to keep her legs wide with her arms. Kelly was cuddled in to a fat breast, held tightly and locked in by one arm of her Aunt. As Kelly began the wondrous suckling she hardly felt fingers probing her wet impatient pussy. The three fingers gently slid in. her young pussy seemed to remember the thick shape of the invading fingers. Very quickly the fingers speeded up. The young girls hips swaying to the rhythm Kelly felt like she had arrived in heaven.

Rapid waves of pleasure rippled through her body as she tasted her most favourite thing in the world. Her young pussy pumped by her Aunt. Very soon the straight fat fingers went faster, they began pummelling her tunnel, in,out,in,out. They speeded up faster.

Kelly began whining on the breast flesh. The waves of pleasure turned into rapids. Unable to move a muscle in her Aunts tight embrace. In,out,in,out. The whines became louder. The fingers were moving in a blur, banging in to her insides. The young girl clenched on to the breast taking in as much as she could. Trying to suck her milk, her little body shuddering in the forceful fat finger fucking. The milk drooled out of her mouth down her body, over her little titties. In,out,in,out. Faster.

In,out,in,out. Harder. Her whining grew higher in pitch, louder. The whole of her little body jiggled about from the hard force of the rapid fingers, loud squelchy noises echoed around the room. As the baby girls climax grew to a crescendo a long loud mewing came from her face squashed into a fat breast. Just then a fourth finger was pushed straight up and deep inside.

Kelly came off the breast gurgling a shriek of pain through her orgasm. As her pussy convulsed its orgasm, the little girls bladder lost control. Piss erupted from the hole.

Spraying out a few feet across the room. Aunt Mabel looked down at the trembling semi unconscious girl. The occasional tremor flitted through her naked body. Aunt Mabel sighed. Her baby girl was so beautiful. The old lesbian could feel herself falling for the little tyke. She began to wonder how she could make sure her little baby would be hers for ever. She lifted her little angel up and carried her upstairs to her baby room.

It had taken her five years to make it.

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Laying her on the changing table, it didn't take her long to inject the first of the daily semen doses into her womb. Next she quickly put her in her diaper. Not just a boring one, she had little teddy bears all over it. Then placed her in her bed.

Slipped a large baby pacifier in to her mouth, then lifted the side rail up on the large cot. "Good night my sweet. See you in four hours for your feed. I love you.