Busty ravenhaired minx has her cunt drilled brunette and cumshot

Busty ravenhaired minx has her cunt drilled brunette and cumshot
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Every summer my family had all of my aunt Lucy and Uncle James Over for two weeks. I'm an only child with no brothers and sisters and all I have is my cousins so I love when they all come over. My cousin James is like my best mate and we always talk on facebook and his sister Allison is very shy and only talks when spoken to which is rarely. Last Summer only James came over because Allison was away at summer camp so I hadn't seen her in two years.

I was nineteen and the last time I saw her she was 11 so that would now make her 13. When I last saw her I didn't take much notice of her looks but I knew most of the boys her age loved her. On the morning they arrived Allison and my Uncle John arrived at about 11.

My Uncle came in with the bags saying that James and my Aunt Lucy wouldn't make it till 3 since James had a hockey match.

Allison followed him and what had happened since I last saw her was amazing. The little shy Ginger haired brown eyed 11 year old was now a sexy blonde brown eyed 13 year old. She had dyed her hair and built her face up with make up to cover her freckles even when she was eleven she had about C Cup and they had grown to about a D ( Big Tits ran in my family my aunt having about Es) She was wearing a lot over blush and was wearing a tight tank top making her tits even bigger.

She had a short white leather skirt on and was wearing high heels. I began to get a boner and thought to myself " Paul you can't be thinking over your younger cousin like this she's only 13 and your related!".

But then Allison ran up and gave me a big tit hug her tits rubbing off my chest My dick got even bigger and there was No way see didn't feel it.

I hugged back trying not to bring attention to it and she kept saying. "Oh I missed you so much I really did! Let's talk" She grabbed my hand and pulled me inside the living room which is kind of like my cave where I do all my things Jacking off playing video games bringing girls after dates. She sat down on the couch and started talking about all the things she's done since we last met. I was shocked to see my shy little 13 year cousin talking about things like boys and make up.

"So so How did summer camp go" I blurted out. "Oh fine I totally became a slut that year" She giggled and grabbed my knee. "Oh your not a slut I said" Grinning trying to hold back to major boner I had.


"Oh but I am I lost my virginity to one of the older boys, he was 18 I was twelve but I came onto him" She said adjusting her tits while looking down at them.

"We still fuck from time to time but I've found bigger cocks if you know what I'm saying" she said smiling at me and pulling her hand off my knee. I didn't but I just smiled and nodded.

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I was nearly breathless it was so much info to take in in such a short period of time. My shy cousin was now an open slut and didn't even care to mention why she also seemed to think I needed to know all about it.

Now I was no virgin and I had a girlfriend Sarah who never really put out we've fucked lots of times and have lots of scenarios but she has never done anything but a handjob and straight up sex!

She was also very flat and wore baggy clothes.

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I loved her for her personality but sex wise she was a nightmare. So seeing my little cousin who was 6 years younger who was a lot hotter and putting out was a lot better for my dick. My dick was actually quite big amounting to 8 inches mainly for the fact that I spent 100 bucks on tablets to make my dick bigger to Impress Sarah. For about the next hour we just talked about school and friends girlfriends and boyfriends (none of which where close to Allison age which made me even more excited) but then we were interrupted by Uncle James and my Mom and Dad saying they were going out to show Uncle James the new park that had been constructed over the year.

We declined the offer to go saying we'd watch some TV and I'd show Allison the new kitchen we got. When our parents left the house we sat and talked for about five minuets, well she did I just started admiring her beauty. Her tits were so perfect and waiting to be squeezed.

I snapped out of it thinking to myself that I had gone mental and I was just horny and she was 6 years younger than me! She noticed me looking and said squeezing her tits. "Oh you were looking at these?

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My Mam said I got them from her and I love them.they attracted loads of attention for older guys like you" I smiled and said "There hot" I quickly realized what I said and facepalmed. Allison leaned into me and got so close I could smell her breath and she whispered. "I've wanted you for a while and need a nice hard cock for this next week will you be slave" I didn't know how to react to this but I knew I wanted to so I just nodded. Allison leaned even closer and we started to make out very with amazing passion we leaned back on the couch and she took off her top and Bra revealing her huge tits that bounced up and down.

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We made out some more her hard nipples rubbing off my chest. I grabbed her lift tit and began to play with them in my hand and I fondled her nipple to great moans from her.

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She pulled down my pants and boxers revealing my huge cock which smacked her in the face. "Oh this is a huge cock even bigger than Mr. Jones" she purred at me jacking it off.


I had no time to think who Mr James was as she began to suck my dick. Like I said I never got anything past a handjob and let me tell you this felt amazing her mouth was so warm and her lipgloss felt great her tongue began to roll around the cock and she could deep throat it without gagging. "Oh I love me some meat" she exclaimed and she put my cock in between her two tits.

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My cock felt so warm in between these two boulders of tits and I began to get this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I was going to cum. "I'm g g gonna cuuuuum" I moaned "Already." she huffed and set her mouth right under the cock I sprayed all over her face and tits and she swallowed the rest licking the cock clean. She put her clothes back on and made out with me some more.

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She then got up and left saying. "I hope you'll have more stamina for tonight cause I wanna fuck you silly" She blew me a kiss and walked out. I lay there thinking of the things to come and Oh are they amazing. THIS is a true story so I did only last that long but I last alot longer later and alot more happens So sorry for the bad start I'm getting ready for part 2.

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