Mädchen den Job Cumshots Compilation Finishing

Mädchen den Job Cumshots Compilation Finishing
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Pussy Barber I am a forty-year-old horny man. Fortunately my wife is a thirty-six-year-old horny woman. We also have three daughters that are fifteen, fourteen, and thirteen years old too.

They are Natalie, Chloe, and Lauren.

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We decided to stop trying to have a son after that and I got a vasectomy. That changed my life. Well something needed to be done, my wife was very fertile and apparently so was I.

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She was pregnant four weeks after we were married and had stopped her birth control pills. Then she was pregnant about six weeks after each of those births.

Well something had to be done. All of her stupid ass girlfriends told her not to let me get fixed because then I could run around on her and cheat behind her back and I wouldn't get caught. She pretty much told them that she would like that because she has her hands full just trying to keep me sexually satisfied as it was.

Well I'll tell you things got even worse after that vasectomy. I had been told that getting a local, that's basically a shot in the nuts, hurts like hell and that you walk around bowlegged for three days afterwards.

So I asked for sodium pentothal and went to sleep. I woke up two hours later and drove home. The stitches in my balls irritated the hell out of me and I was hard constantly. My poor wife got fucked at least eight to ten times a day that week until the stitches came out.

She was so relieved when the stitches came out that she thanked the doctor. However my sex desire had been kicked up a notch. I now wanted sex three times a night and the first thing in the morning too.

I also wanted it about five times a day at work too but that wasn't going to happen. If my wife didn't work I would have gone home at lunch for a nooner but she wouldn't even meet me in her parking lot for a quickie. She told me to take care of it myself and go jerk off in the men's room. I did but it sure wasn't the same thing. When I complained about jerking off my wife told me to find some horny woman at work and fuck her. She wasn't kidding either. About nine or ten years went by and I remodeled our house.

I took one of the spare bedrooms next to ours and used it as our walk in closet and enlarged our private bathroom. Our bathroom was huge! I put in a big bathtub that could easily hold the two of us, a big shower that was also made for two people, and a separate Jacuzzi.

That Jacuzzi would hold six people so that our three daughters could join us too. I put in dual sinks, a toilet, a bidet, and even a urinal. There was plenty of closet space for towels, extra toilet paper, and other supplies too. About that time I had my yearly check-up. The doctor told me that he was upgrading his equipment and replacing everything. I smiled and asked him what he was doing with the old equipment. He was going to sell it off to some clinics.

So I asked if I could buy the table that I was sitting on. He smiled and asked me if I wanted the stirrups to go with it. Of course I did. He gave me a price and said that he would throw in the rolling instrument tray, his stool, and a few instruments too. Deal! A week later I paid him and took the stuff home.

I had it all planned out that I would put it in my bathroom. It worked out great. I placed my wife up on it, opened her legs wide, and gave her an internal exam. That pussy spreader the doctor threw in was simply fantastic. I saw parts inside my wife that I had never seen before.

It was beautiful in there. Then while I had her there I shaved her pussy leaving a cute little landing strip about an inch wide above her slit. To keep as much hair as possible from getting caught in the sink trap I clipped her pubic hair short with a pair of scissors and placed the longer hair off to the side. I lathered her up and shaved her, leaving that landing strip, and not just once either, I shaved her smooth twice just to make sure that I got it all as clean as possible.

Needless to say I was rock hard after that. While I had my wife in position I licked her hole, fingered her clit, and fucked her.


I even rubbed the cum into her pussy lips like an expensive lotion. Then I fucked her again. We went to bed and I fucked her two more times before finally letting her go to sleep. I had worn her out giving her orgasms. It was cool! I especially like it near the end when she looses all control and her animal lust takes over.

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My wife can moan and groan but in the end she howls like a banshee. After that she passes out into a very restful sleep. I slept very well myself afterwards too. After that I made shaving her pussy a weekly event on Sundays. I bought a nice set of barber scissors and a pair of clippers. When a department store threw out an old hand lotion display I grabbed it right out of the trash hopper.

I cleaned it up, mounted it in my bathroom, and filled it twelve different scents of body lotion. My wife's pussy can smell like orange blossom, lilac, rose, or even pineapple.

She really likes the pussy massage that follows her trim and shave on Sundays. Me too! When Natalie turned fifteen years old my wife suggested that she let me trim her pussy for the summer. Of course Natalie would have nothing to do with it. She wasn't about to spread her pussy for her father and certainly not without any panties on. Chloe my fourteen-year-old daughter was very interested though.

Lauren my thirteen-year-old daughter was sort of interested too. So that night after dinner my wife took Chloe up to our bedroom. A while later she came down and sent me up to do my job. Chloe was totally naked and lying on my barber table with her feet already in the stirrups.

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I smiled at her and she smiled at me. I asked her what she had in mind and she said that mommy had suggested a heart at the top on her mound and that the rest be shaved bald. Again I smiled. I trimmed the long hair shorter keeping the clippings off to the side as I always do. Oh by the way, I keep some of the pubic hair. I put it in those cardboard coin holders with the plastic windows.

I staple the three edges closed and write my wife's name and the date on it. Shaving her ever week though doesn't give me anything to keep after the first time. During the winter she sometimes wants some hair down there just to know how it feels.

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However in the summer time she wears skimpier bathing suits every year, so do our daughters. I have seen pubic hairs sticking out of my daughter's suites before. It excites me. Well then again everything excites me according to my wife! Anyway there was my fourteen-year-old daughter Chloe with her pubic hair clipped short.

Using my fine clippers I shaved around the heart that she had requested and then using a disposable razor I shaved her pussy smooth. I found it very exciting. I was harder than I usually am when I shave my wife's pussy but then again this was my daughter. I finished and then rubbed some lotion into her pussy lips causing her to have an orgasm and I hadn't even touched her clit yet. Chloe said, "Oh daddy that was good!

Mommy said it would be! She said that you would lick my pussy and give me a few more orgasms too! She said that after that I would have to pay you for your services!" I just looked at her not knowing what my wife had told her. Chloe continued, "Mommy checked me out before you came up with her dildo and its okay! My pussy can open up enough to get your cock in me! Mommy said that was how she pays you!" Oh my ever loving God! Had she just said that!

Of course she had! And my wife had put her up to it! My cock was sending continuous signals to my head saying, "Fuck her! Fuck her now!" I tried not to let Chloe know just how badly I was shaking with excitement.

I leaned down and slipped my tongue into my fourteen-year-old daughter's virgin vagina. It tasted so good that I wanted to put a straw in her pussy and suck every drop out. I decided to stimulate her clit and prime the pump. She didn't disappoint me either. I masturbated her clit for her and had a steady flow of her cum coming out of her virgin pussy.

My head was swimming, I felt lightheaded, and I felt weak in the knees. Chloe snapped me out of my trance with a pat to the top of my head, "Daddy aren't you going to fuck me now! I really want you too!" Fuck her?

Hell yes! I might even ravish her! I might give her more than she bargained for! But fucking her was all that was on my mind at that moment. Chloe still had her feet up in the stirrups, her ass was on the edge of my barber table, and my pants were on the floor at my feet. When I looked down my cock was already in her. That goddamn thing had crawled up her without any help from me.

I hate it when that happens. However he was very well trained. I should know! I trained him myself. So I fucked Chloe to her delight. She absolutely loved having my cock in her. She was right too; it did fit very nicely. She had a few orgasms before I cum.

Then I fucked her again and gave her more orgasms. At the end of our third fuck she howled softly and fell asleep just like her mother does. She was her mother's daughter! I cleaned Chloe up and looked inside her cute little pussy. I decided to take some pictures of her like that. I took one nice one of her heart shaped haircut. Then I carried Chloe into her bedroom and placed her in her own bed.


My wife saw us and came in to help cover her up. Then we went back to our bedroom to talk. My wife was pleased with everything that I told her especially about the soft howl at the end and passing out. We made love but only once that night.

However it took her two fucks in the morning before she could get me out the door. After work that night Natalie asked me to shave her pussy. It seems that Chloe had shown off her heart haircut to her sisters. Natalie wanted a triangle that pointed at her pussy. She even blushed when she asked me for it. She said that it might be cute to give the boys directions as to where their pricks were to go.


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So Natalie went up to our bedroom, undressed, and got up on my barber table. She told me that her mother had already shoved the dildo in and that it fit.

So once again I got to trim one of my daughter's pubic bushes. I enjoyed designing Natalie's arrow for her and shaving her clean. Twice! I applied some lotion, looked up inside of her pussy, and licked her moist hole as I fingered her clit.

I fucked Natalie three times giving her many orgasms. She didn't howl in the end like her mother but she sort of grunted like a little pig before falling asleep too. I took my pictures and put her in her own bed. My wife woke Natalie up for dinner and told her to just wear one of her short sexy nighties without any panties to the dinner table. After all she was going to show her sisters her pussy and she and I had already seen it, so what was the harm.

All during dinner Lauren talked about nothing else except getting her pussy shaved too. She didn't have as much hair as her sisters had but she wanted to be shaved. She wanted to be licked! And Lauren wanted sex too! My wife suggested that Lauren keep everything above her clit and just shave the lower half. She liked that as did her sisters.

So right after dinner it was her turn. Lauren got clipped short, shaved clean, had lotion applied, got licked, and was even fucked twice. She made that little pig sound too as she fell asleep. That night I could only make love to my wife once but she was happy.

In the morning I actually passed on sex. That was the first time in about ten years but she knew why. That night I fucked my wife five times and twice more in the morning.

She had created a monster and she knew it. That day when I came home from work there was a pretty women waiting in our living room. My wife introduced her to me and said that she was here for the pussy barber. I smiled and escorted her up to my bathroom.

The woman removed ever article of clothing and got up on my table. She wanted a doughnut shape on her pussy mound. It seems that her current boyfriend was a police officer, hence the doughnut! She knew exactly what was going to happen because my wife had already told her. I took before and after pictures.

I took one of her wide open pussy too with her cervix showing in the back and her piss hole in the top near the front. I trimmed, shaved, and licked her before fucking her twice.

I could have gone for a third time but my wife called me to dinner just then. I was still sexually frustrated and figuring that I would really give it to my wife later. The woman thanked me and said that she would be back next week for a touch up.

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When I told her that my price was the same for a touch up she just smiled and said that was what she was hoping. We dressed and went downstairs. My wife invited her to eat dinner with us then introduced me to my next customer. Just as soon as I finished eating I took her up. She just wanted a clean shave with nothing left at all.


That was way too easy but I certainly got paid well for it. She had a very talented pussy but the third time she asked for anal. I'm not really a butt fucker but I sure couldn't turn this woman down.

It was very nice and I pumped her for quite a while before I finished. I watched her play with her own clit while I fucked her asshole. It really was nice. That night I made sweet love to my wife only once and then just once in the morning.

Every evening that week I had two customers and on Saturday she booked me with six to see if she could wear me out. She did too. I tried to just fuck each customer once but some of them were so damn beautiful or sexy as hell that I just had to get a second fuck in them.

My wife was so happy that night when I passed on sex with her, but I promised her one in the morning. She had news for me on that too. She got up early and let my first customer in. This little dolly climbed right in bed with me to pay for her trim in advance, twice. Then I got paid afterwards too but just once.

I had five more customers that Sunday. At bedtime I was ready to just cuddle and fall asleep. So was my wife. Monday morning our three daughters came in and got into bed with us. They were all as naked as we were too. It seems that they were jealous. They wanted me to fuck them too instead of all of those other women. My wife just laughed. She thought that she had finally calmed one sex maniac down but instead she had created three more.

Life in our house was sure interesting after that.

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Other than our own daughters she insisted that all of my customers be at least sixteen years old. She also suggested that I lower my rates to just one fuck per customer.

That way I might have enough left over for my own family. During the next years I managed to shave and fuck most of the female members of my family, my wife's family, and the women that we both worked with. I think I shaved and fucked every woman within a six block radius of our home too and most of their daughters. I remember one Saturday when my six customers were all in the same family. I did grandma, her two daughters, and her three granddaughters too. She only brought the three granddaughters that were over sixteen.

I couldn't wait until the rest of her granddaughters got old enough. The End Pussy Barber 86