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Blonde ho gulps bbc jizz
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The sunlight is poring through the curtains in Ellie's small studio apartment. She wakes up, and rolls over, completely forgetting that her and Clark had sex the night before until she sees him still lying there, completely naked, and only covered by the small throw blanket that was originally on the back of her couch.

She turns over on her side to look at him. Still, almost thirty, he still looks somewhat like he used to. Now, instead of occasional acne, his jawline is starting to show some brown stubble. Those baby blue eyes are still just as beautiful, and so are those full lips she used to trace with her finger when she was fifteen. Everything about him somehow is changed, yet still the same. It's like meeting a new person, even though you know every single dark secret about them.

He's still in ways the same old Clark, Clark who made stupid jokes that made you laugh, Clark that always tried to make you the bad person in the argument when really he is the main cause, Clark, who cried with you the day you had to leave him to live with distant family when you were teens.

I love him, but I'm just happy he's happy without me. There's a faint buzzing sound, Ellie strains to hear it, but after a few seconds, it goes away. Then it's there again, it sounds like vibrations, a cell phone. She gets out of bed and walks around trying to hear the noise to see where it's coming from.

Next to the front door is Clark's cell phone. She picks it up, and it starts to buzz again, "Julia", is the name on the screen. Oh fuck&hellip. His wife. Ellie hurriedly puts the phone down and runs to the bed, shaking Clark awake.

"Clark, Clark, your wife has been calling you like crazy." He opens his eyes almost as fast as he jumped out of bed to answer the phone. "Hello…&hellip.yeah, hey&hellip.hey- Honey……I'm okay, the meeting ran a little later than I thought and I had a few drinks, so I just stayed with&hellip.No!

Julia, I'm fine&hellip." Clark is pacing around Ellie's house naked while trying to explain to his wife what he was doing last night and why he didn't come home.

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Finding a nightie, Ellie slips it on and sits on the bed waiting for Clark to get off of the phone. God, was I that fucking nagy&hellip.yeah, probably. "Okay&hellip.I love you too," Ha Ellie thinks to herself.

"I'll see you later today…alright, bye." He lets out a long sigh, looks down and finally realizes he's still naked. "Oh, where are my clothes?" Ellie, lying casually on the bed admiring the view offers, "Well I was going to get in the shower& you want to join?" Clark takes a few seconds to think about it, catches himself a few times, probably trying to make the better decision, "Well, I've already cheated and lied to my wife so, um, I guess." Heading into the bathroom, Ellie switches on the water to heat it up, while taking off her nightie, she glances in the mirror.


"Really, really fucked up hair Elle, Nice pun too." She laughs to herself. Clark walks into the bathroom, "Who were you talking to?" She gives him one of those Really?

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looks, "The ghost." Ellie steps into the shower first, then Clark. They both wash for a few minutes, trading spaces without saying a word. Watching Elle wash herself starts to affect Clark, so he turns around to try and make sure to solve the problem before it starts. "Hey, can&hellip." Ellie trails off after she discovers Clarks malfunction when he turned to look at her. A small plan starts to form in her head; maybe just one more time won't hurt.

"Do you remember that old fantasy you had about having sex in the shower?" He knows where this is going, but he doesn't know if he wants to stop it or not. He nods. "Did you ever try it with your wife?" "Uh…no. Julia's not much of a&hellip.she doesn't really think outside of the box.

" "That must be hard, with the sex drive you have." "It slowed down after a while." "I wish that were the case when we were younger." They both laugh. There's a silence for a few minutes again.

"Do you miss it?" Ellie asks. "Miss what?" "You know, that you don't really do any of the freaky shit anymore?" he looks like he's thinking for a bit.

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"At first, not really. It was just sex, sometimes she complained about how rough I was, but I guess I just slowed down everything after a while." He chuckles, "And what 'freaky shit'?" "Clark, don't start." She turns, "You know exactly what I'm talking about, I don't think we need to spell it out." "I want to hear you say it, come on." She moves so she is standing in front of him, but turned toward the shower wall.

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Leaning back a little, she brushes her ass up against his semi-erection. Turning around, she grabs his cock, and slowly starts to stroke him.

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"That I do this," she bends lower to get on her knees in front of him, the water from the shower head cascading down her back. She leans forward and takes him into her mouth. Pulling back, she sucks back and forth, zigzagging and circling her tongue around the head, the tip of her tongue making sure to pay attention to the very sensitive spot that makes him moan.

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After a few minutes, she stands back up and turns to face him. Placing one foot on the edge of the tub, and her back up against the shower wall, she grabs his neck and pulls her to him. He wraps his arms around her hips so she doesn't fall. "Or that I used to let you spank me, and fuck me as hard as you wanted, no matter what time or day of the week." She starts grinding on him with the support she has, trying as hard as she can to try and coax him into sex one more time.

She feels him start to respond by placing himself at her opening and sliding in as slow as he can. "Mmmmmm," She moans, throwing her head back with a smile.

He pumps in and out of her as easily as he can with how little space and support he has to work with, finally, his biggest fantasy coming true.

Her finger nails start to rake up his back and he moves in and out with precision. She slides her hands down to his forearms for better bracing, she sees that he has some tattoos, something that she missed seeing last night. Since the back of the tub is at a 90 degree angle, it was easy for him to move her so that his back is in the waterfall.


He thrusts harder and harder until he hears her little squeals of pleasure, then he slows it down. She whines in protest, and hangs her head as best as she can while at this angle. She's begging for him to go faster, but he just continues to go slow, torturing her mad. Then he slams into her hard enough for her to bang her head off of the wall behind her, "Ow!" She laughs. At this angle, it's hard to fuck her thoroughly, he gets out of the shower with her in arms, with the water still running, and lays her on the bathroom rug, and starts to plow into her as hard as he can.

Ellie's cries for god become louder and louder until her back arches and she reaches for the edge of the rug behind her head.

"AHHHH!" Biting her bottom lip hard she lets out these cries, these loud high-pitched squeals of pleasure in repetition, "AH, AH, AH, AH, AHhhhhhhh." After a few more thrusts, Clark floods her insides and she lay there taking a gulp of air trying to catch her breath while coming down from her orgasm.

Just like always, she closes her eyes, and her breathing gets slower and slower. "Elle, you can't fall asleep, we're in the bathroom." She just smiles, naked and beautiful with her legs wide open and cum slowly dripping from her core, a sex angle. Clark gets up from the floor and switches off the water. He picks her up from the floor as she's dripping wet and she opens her eyes just a little to close them again.


He pulls back the duvet and lays her on the bed. After covering up, he's on a search for his clothes, when he finds all of them, he quickly dresses and puts on his shoes.

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He doesn't want to leave; this was the perfect getaway of this stressful life he built for himself. But he has to, he has to go back to his wife and job and people who annoy the shit out of him, because he used to think that's what made him the happiest. That was before Ellie came back into his life.