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Pleasing StepSister Kinky Role Play
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FANTASY REALIZED She was in pain. She deserved it. She had been foolish, her desires had fogged her common sense and lead her to acting impulsively. She had met him online and even though from the start her instincts told her he could be dangerous but when he described how he would use her he excited her masochistic desire and she could not resist the temptation. So she had gone to where he had told her and then done what he told her to do. " When you get there you will see a black van.

Open the back doors, climb in, close the doors. On the floor you will see a blindfold, gag and handcuffs. Put them all on, cuff your wrists behind you. Get on your knees, put your head to the floor, spread your legs.

" Even as her instincts screamed at her not to she had followed his instructions. She was also dressed as he had instructed. She wore a dress, no bra, no panties, no stockings and sandals.

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Once in position in the van she was completely accessible and vulnerable. Soon after she completed his instructions she heard the doors of the van open then the pinch of an injection in her ass then&hellip.nothing.

Now she could tell she was nude, hanging by her wrists, legs held wide. Her mouth still gagged but not with the one she had put in herself, this one was a ring gag holding her mouth open. She was still blindfolded.

She felt weight pulling on her nipples. She was afraid and in pain. Her shoulders hurt from dangling there. She was also excited and her cunt begged for use. Her clit throbbed. Suddenly she felt hands on her hips. Something spread in her ass, lube, then a cock forced inside.

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The lube helped but the suddenness of its entry still hurt. She moaned. It went in all the way and paused. More hands and a cock rammed into her cunt. Now they began to fuck her, hard. Obviously going at the rate and rhythm that pleased them. She felt clamps ripped from her nipples. She screamed but with the gag it was muffled.

The cock in her ass came and was removed. Then the one in her cunt did the same. Her wrists were unchained from above her and she was dropped to the floor. A collar was wrapped around her neck and a leash attached. A tug told her to move forward. Two sets of hands lifted her onto a low table.

Her wrists and ankles were attached at the corners. Using the collar and leash her head was chained so it stayed up. Then something was shoved in her cunt. It was big, hard and cold. Then a cock shoved in her mouth through the ring and another into her ass. They came. Then another in her mouth. Whatever was in her cunt was moved to her ass and a cock fucked her cunt.

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Over and over she was fucked. All three holes constantly kept full.

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If not with a cock then a toy or object. A bottle was shoved into her cunt the long neck of it poking her cervix. It hurt so badly she would have curled into a fetal position if she could but she was restrained and could not. She realized she must have earplugs in because she never heard a sound. She felt thick fingers enter her cunt. One at time another was added until she was stretched and filled by an entire fist.

Her cunt burned from being stretched by what was obviously a large hand. Yet still she dripped. Her mind swam with sexual need. She suspected that whatever they had drugged her with was partially responsible. The thought that she could be like this on her own,that her own sick masochistic brain might be causing her to react like this terrified her.

Still she knew it was possible. It did keep her in a sort of calm haze.

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She couldn't think of anything but what was being done to her body. The hand pulled out, became a fist and punched into her. Cruelly battering her. She screamed in pain. It did so over and over. In spite of the pain she felt an orgasm build.


A hand slapped her face as the fist punched her womb. A huge dildo was rammed into her ass. Something started sending shocks through her nipples and clit. Everything alternated so each pain stood alone for a sec then came the next. Every sexual part of her was being tormented, tortured and still the orgasm built. Then it suddenly crashed around her. She nearly fainted. She might have but the torture continued.

The fist and dildo were removed, the shocks stopped. She was unchained and flipped onto her back.

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She was reattached to the table. Her legs spread as wide as they could without breaking.

Clips were attached to her cunt lips then used to pull them open and held that way. Then she screamed. Something was whipping her cunt and clit. Over and over fast. She was on fire. Yet still she dripped. She throbbed. She desired. The pain didn't bother her as much as the intense desire. She came. Over and over. The orgasms wouldn't stop. She thought she would lose her mind.

It occurred to her that she probably already had. Why else would she have put herself in this situation. The beating stopped. Something was rubbed on her cunt, inside and outon her clit and asshole.

Her cuntlips still held wide open by the clips. If she had been in her right mind she might have wondered how but she wasn't and didn't. She was taken off the table. The ring gag was removed. Then she was led. She felt assorted hands reach out and touch her but none touched her sexually. Then she felt herself pushed forward. She knew she was between a woman's thighs, knew without being told what to do. She began to lick.

She was a fucktoy as she had told him she wished to be and whether given to a man or woman she must please. She licked and sucked the clit. She stuck her tongue as deep as she could in the cunt.

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Finally she felt it gush on her face. She didn't stop licking until she was removed from it. A cock pressed against her lips so she opened them. Through the hands on her head and the movement of the cocks owner she knew what was required of her.

She licked the shaft, the head, balls. She felt an ass against her face, stuck out her tongue and rimmed the ass hole she tasted. She hated that. It was clean but the thought.if she had been capable of thinking. Then the cock was back at her lips and she was being face fucked. She felt &hellip.paws on her back! A dog! She had told him of the fantasy. The humiliation of it. Being treated as nothing but a fucktoy. She had told him that her deepest desire was for him to use her to fulfill his deepest darkest desires.

Having his fucktoy fucked by a dog, in front of a crowd and videoing it, that was, he had said, part of his. At the time she had shivered thrilled wondering about the other parts.

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She could tell it was a large dog. His cock filled her already and wasn't done growing yet. The cock in her mouth went into her throat but kept moving so she could breath but not scream. The dog pistoned in and out of her hard and fast and as he came his knot grew and entered her, filling and stretching her. Then stayed knotted to her. The one in her mouth came. She swallowed his cum and licked him clean. Another came to her lips. She was so spaced out from sexual overload at this point she licked and sucked it on auto pilot.

The dog finally unknotted and pulled out. Again she felt paws on her back but also hands on her hips. As the new dog tried to find her opening the hands directed her ass! She shrieked!


This finally broke through her demented sexual haze. Not her ass! A knot in her ass could permanently damage her! She had told him that was a hard limit! She struggled. Through the earplugs she heard in her ear… " You are nothing but a fucktoy. You are an object.

Objects have no limits beyond physical capabilities. No one cares what you want or like or do not. You are a thing, a fucktoy. You belong to me.


I can use you, abuse you, damage you, modify you, give you away, sell you, discard you as i choose. You are only as valuable to me as i decide you are and like most toys, when you bore me i might forget about you. Leave you where i last put you and not come back. You said you wanted to be my fucktoy. Now you are. But don't worry, i have many ideas of how i wish to use you and have you used. So many sadistic, humiliation ideas. Remember what they say, fucktoy, careful what you wish for.

" Then she heard him laugh as she felt her ass tear as the dog's knot was forced within her. The words"Careful what you wish for" ringing in her head as she screamed.