Eis que vc vai fazer um desafio

Eis que vc vai fazer um desafio
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It's a warm day of early summer. The sun's shining and occasional perfectly white clouds glide in the sky. The beach is a large, isolated one with birch trees lining the sand. We arrive at the end of a dirt road that leads to the beach, park the car and hop out. There are a few other cars, I count five. I look at my watch, it's six thirty.

"We're right on time." I grab the towels and icebox, you the food.

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We make our way through a winding path between the black and white trunks and see the beach stretching out in front of us. We're not alone there, but it's only a dozen or so other people, that have found the place as well.

I choose a spot directly under a birch's branches, still on the sand. I feel it hot under my bare feet, it's been soaking up the sun's heat all day. I spread the towels next to each other, creating a square to lay on.

"Fancy a drink?" I open the icebox and pull out two ciders. We sip on our drinks for a while, marveling the weather and the slowly descending sun in the horizon.

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It's still warm, and being next to you is making me feel even warmer. I look at your figure, admiring how your cyan bikini is bringing out your hair color.

"Let's go for a dip!" I take hold of your hand and pull you up. Hand in hand, we run down to the waterline and stop. I try the water with my big toe, it's still warm enough to swim in. A wave brushes past our ankles and you jump and squeal when the cool water hits your skin.

"Come on, let's go!" I start wading deeper into the lake.

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The water is up to my hip and you're still ankle deep. I use my hand to motion you to come further, and you oblige. Once you reach me, I give you a light splash of water. You yelp again, and splash me back. I run ever deeper, until I'm already swimming. I notice my blonde hair floating on the surface and wet them to keep them under control. You join me and we bob in the waves, enjoying each other's company.

As I look back at the beach, I notice a lot of people have left and the ones that are left seem to be packing up.


I look at you with a smirk and swim closer. I swipe your auburn hair from your face and embrace you. I see you looking at the beach, worried. "Don't worry, no one's looking at us." I lean closer to you and meet your lips in a kiss.

Moving my lips slightly, I let out a small moan into your mouth. Both our eyes are closed and we just stand there, my feet barely touching the bottom. I awaken from the trance your lips have put me and look you in the eye.

Without a word, I start half swimming, half wading back towards the shore, you tightly behind me. When we get back on dry land, I notice the beach is already abandoned, and my mind starts spinning possible scenarios for what might happen next. I keep them all to myself for now, and give you a towel after shaking the sand off of it. I dry my skin and walk a bit from you, deep in thought.

I look into the sunset, wondering what you're thinking. I feel your hand around my waist and turn my head to smile at you.

I wrap my arm around your shoulders and pull you ever so slightly into me. My skin is dry, but I notice you haven't dried yours yet, so you leave a damp spot on my side.

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I get a better grip of my towel and walk to behind you. I envelop your torso in the cloth, leaning my head to rest on your shoulder.

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I pull on the neat ribbon at the back of your cyan bikini, making sure the towels stays on. You put your hands up and I slide the top off of you with one hand while the other keeps the towel in place. I gesture you to hold the cloth in place, while I use my fingers to comb your hair back, and then onto your chest from the left side of your head.

I cross my fingers on your stomach from behind you and kiss the nape of your neck. I move to caressing the right side of your neck with my tongue and lips. I feel your muscles slowly relaxing, and your head tilting to the left.

Your skin feels so soft from the fresh water and the sun, I can't help but to close my eyes and enjoy your feel. My tongue moves with deliberate sloth, finding every part it can reach. My lips try their best to convey as much of my feelings towards you as they possibly can.

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I decide they aren't adequate, so I stop kissing your skin. "I really like you", I whisper, my mouth less than an inch from your ear.

I feel your body stiffen at my words, but then relax again, so I resume kissing you.


Your right hand travels up and I appreciate your palm on my neck. I use my hands, which are still holding your abdomen, to tighten the fuse between us.

The sensation of your body so close to me sends shivers up my spine, and I fully enjoy the moment. I decide to see if you're in the mood and start moving my hips in a sideways motion. My bikini bottom slides across yours and I can hear you letting out a sigh. I want to make you feel as good as possible, and now I realize I'm only enticing myself by grinding myself against you. I make up my mind and whisper, again close enough to you for you to feel my breath whirling around your ear, "This is neither the time nor the place.

Let's head home to mine, shall we?" As we walk back to the car, we leave tall shadows on the ground. The setting sun is burning red behind us, yet never even dreaming of competing with the glow emanating from you and I.