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Hot Ass Brunette Pornstar Dogstyle Fucking
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Prt. 3 This night just kept getting more and more screwed up as it went on, and to top it all off, when I had my doubts and guilt about the whole situation Ali told me that Sara came home with a hickey on a night that I was not with her.

"That bitch was cheating on you!?" Ali said, seemingly almost more angry than I was. "Yeah I think she is." I said quietly. "Like for sure? She is for sure cheating on you?

There is no way you gave her a hickey on that day?" Ali asked desperately. "No, on monday we hung out at Hal's place then came here and we never got time alone to do anything.

Tuesday she wanted to have a girl's day with Caity. Wednesday I only saw her at school, and she wore her hair down with collared sweatshirt." I explained. "Back when we almost broke up, I took a long shower at my place and Sara was convinced I was whacking off wile I was in there." "Were you?" Ali interrupted. "No, I wasn't, I swear I was just day dreaming.

It happens, I space out in the shower. But anyway, I come out and she is sitting in your mom's car, waiting for me to come out and she calls me a perv and takes off." "Wow, what a bitch." Ali said quietly. I took a moment and just looked at Ali and figured that in all this I was glad I was with her. She had made me feel amazing tonight in more than just a physical way, she cared about me, I could see it in her face.

Her beautiful face. I continued on with my story. "So anyway she text me later that night and told me that she would get ahold of me and not to call her or anything. Three more days go by, and I hear nothing, she doesn't say hi at school she doesn't even look at me.

She finally calls me and says sorry, and then I get the guilt trip for a few hours and I end up apologizing to her as stupid as that was.

The next day my friend Hal tells me he saw Sara at a birthday party but she left with Micha. I fucking hate Micha. It has to be him if its anyone. I asked her about it but she said that it was nothing and she didn't actually leave with him back at the party.

Week later I swear I see her texting him, but she had recently started using a password on her phone saying that you kept taking it from her." "oh what the hell, I did not, I don't mess around in her business." Ali said. I gave her a look. "Okay so I did tell you about her and.

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video tape her, but technically you actually got me involved. Even if it was an accident." She said with a half smile. "And now we cheated on her. we went farther than I meant this to go." She trailed off. ".I'm sorry for what's happened to you tonight." Ali's eyes looked to the floor, and then to the front of her pants where my cum had dipped on and dried.

She looked like she was going to say something but stopped short. Seeing her like this, Ali was feeling guilt, for hurting me. She actually cared, and seeing her sad like that boiled something deep in my chest. All I could imagine was everything I wanted to do, I wanted to beat Micha into the ground, I wanted to make Sara drink from that thermos and more, I wanted to fight back against my fucked up mom. Something in me snapped in that moment.

. I wanted revenge. I put my hands on Ali's shoulders and turned her to face me. "No, don't be sorry. I'm not sorry at all. I'm done feeling bad about any of this. It's time we change things.

This has been a horrible night, but I love every bit of it because it brought me to this point with you." I said. Ali's eyes lit up, she hugged me so tightly and with such force we ended up falling off the couch and onto the floor. She landed on top and buried her face in my neck. She began kissing my neck all over.

She pulled my face to hers and we kissed with a tenderness that could have melted any glacier. Her breath was warm on my face, I slid my hands under her shirt and hugged her skin, I rolled on top of her and just looked down at her beaming freckled face. Her eyes looked puffy and red, I noticed tears growing inside them. "What's wrong?" I asked. She shook her head and smiled.

"I just thought that maybe after you over and you got off, that you would just freak out and hate me. Then you would just go back to her." Ali muttered fighting back cry she knew would eventually prevail.

"No way. I'm never going back, tonight has shown me I've been with the wrong one all along. I knew deep down it was always you first. You could always make me smile, and you were a friend to me, a real friend. I want you, I want you in every way I can have you. Your beautiful." I confessed. Ali suddenly laughed a sweet release as a few tears swept down her face. "Thank GOD! Zach! I have waited for this, I have hated Sara. She treats you horribly but you need to be treated amazingly.

I want you too." Ali almost shouted She hugged me tightly again and squeezed my neck. ".I finally beat that bitch." Ali and I got up and lay on the couch together cuddling. "No WE haven't beat her yet. You won me, but we still can do so much more." I said with a smile. "You have learned well my apprentice." Ali said with a wink "So i'm the apprentice now?" I asked "Zach. really? Who was a ninja and got the tape of Sara?" "You did." "AAAnd who's idea was it to make her drink your cum?" ".okay yours." "and who is about to get their dick sucked?" Ali giggled.

"okay hopefully not you." I laughed in surprise. "No not me, but if I had one it would be huge, and that would make you still my apprentice." "I would argue with you on that one, but I won't" I smiled. "Good, then that leaves more time for fun." Ali said.

Ali bounced up off the couch and pulled me by the hand to the master bed room where she crawled onto the bed, I watched her butt cheeks move back and forth as she crawled. She must have been doing it on purpose. She crawled under the sheets and patted the spot next to her. I crawled in beside her and all I wanted to do was pull off her pants and ravage her with every ounce of passion I could. I wanted to hear her moan, and scream my name, and watch her cum.

I wanted to see her perfect breasts and suck on them like I was a starving child. I got into bed and thew off my hoodie and my shirt.

"I hope you don't mind." I said smiling. "well look at you mister beefy." she winked. And then she pulled her yoga-pants off and threw them off the bed. "i hope you don't mind." she said and before I could reply she reached back and undid her bra and slid in out from her shirt.

It was light pink with a tiny bit of lace on the top. She threw that to the floor as well. "Oh now your just being mean." I said. "Hey those things are not comfortable after a wile." she defended herself. "Now come here." Ali motioned with her fingers to come closer. I wanted her to suck on me badly but as I looked into her waiting eyes I had an idea. I was tired and emotionally drained and laying back and being pleasured by Ali's sweet little mouth sounded like all I could ever want but I had to try one thing first.

I moved in close to her but turned her away from me so that we were spooning. She gave me a confused look. "Trust me" I whispered to her. I gently rubbed her hip and thigh as I kissed her neck. I could feel the goosebumps rise on her butt. I could feel she was wearing booty shorts. She started to look back to say something but I kissed her cheek "Shhh, don't worry, I wont take advantage, I was just thinking about earlier, about how I came but you never did, I left you hanging." I kissed her ear, and then her neck "And as much as I want you to pleasure me again, I want to do something for you." I slid one arm under her shirt as I caressed her belly and the other over her shirt gently massaging under her C-cup breasts that looked to plump and ready to be suckled.

Ali's white v-neck was tight and hugged her boobs making every jiggle and bounce visible with a large amount of tan cleavage exposed for my enjoyment. As I caressed her body I kissed her neck and ears and moved back down to her shoulder with tenderness.

"You're getting me so wet Zach." She breathlessly said. I turned her onto her back and moved almost over her. "Thats the idea.

I know your tired so you wont have to do anything." She looked at me with dreamy excitement. As I kissed her lips and then down to her neck. Ali shuttered underneath me, I moved down and kissed her collar bone and then her chest as she closed her eyes leaned her head back. She pulled her shirt down to expose her cleavage, and I stopped and took in the moment, I reached up and cupped her breasts with both hands and I kissed down in between them, I gently squeezed them and she let out a soft noise of approval.

I used my thumbs to find her erect nipples and I pressed down on them and rotated them in circles. Ali sucked in a deep breath and put her hands on the back of my head guiding my face to her left tit. I pulled her v-neck down to one side and let her breast flop free with an arousing jiggle. It looked soft as a cloud as her natural tan eased into the pink edges of her nipple. I kissed it all over and around her nipple gently licking the edges. Moved one hand down to her thigh and started to massage it.

I looked up to see her writhing her head back and forth.

I then went down and grabbed down on her nipple with my lips and as it protruded into my mouth. I began flicking it with my tongue. Ali let out a slurred "oh my god." as I sucked on and toyed with her nipple.

I moved my hand up and pressed my thumb against her clit, I could feel the heat coming off her pussy. I decided it was time. I let go of her tit and licked its underside.

I pulled her shirt up and revealed her unbelievable belly as I kissed it from the top down. Ali was writhing with her whole body now. I looked to see her pink booty shorts with I distinct wet spot covering the front. Her belly moved up and down as I pressed my lips down onto her hip and sucked on the flesh just above her panties. I moved my body down between her legs and I kissed the fabric of her panties.

I could smell her juices and taste them from the fabric. Ali instantly moaned. "I've. uh . never done this. before." Ali said between breaths. Her saying that just got me more excited for it, I reached over and pulled her underwear to the side exposing me to her pink wet pussy lips.

I could see that she had I tiny bit of hair above her vagina but it wasn't much at all. I moved up and put my tongue at the bottom of her lips and licked all the way up just barley putting the tip of my tongue inside of her. She gasped deeply and grabbed my head again and pulled me closer to her pussy as if she wanted to pull my whole face inside. I kissed her lips and licked deep inside her this time and she cried out in pleasure I grabbed handfuls of her ass and massaged it as I swirled my tongue up to her pleasure button.

Her clit was hard I grabbed it with my mouth and sucked it and started lashing it with my tongue. "OH MY GOD. shit. UH . FUCK . uh what … uh are you. doing to. me uh UH!" Ali was bucking her hips into my face and was wrapping her legs so tightly around my head I thought she might break my neck. Her squeezes were getting tighter and I thought I was going to have to pull back but I kept licking her with long stokes and then finished them by quickly massaging her clit with fast stokes.

Ali had about as much as she could take. She squeezed her legs and opened them wide as she arched her back up and screamed out "OOOH!

FUCK! ZACH!.UHHHHH!" as she climaxed. She dug her nails into my head. I squeezed her ass and held her up as her cum began to flow.

I tongued her pussy deeply as far as it would go. She screamed out again and then, dropped down to earth once more as her juices flooded on to my mouth and chin. I kept kissing her pussy lips wile she was extra sensitive and she moaned more softly. Her body relaxed and she sighed.

"Zach, that was the best thing i've ever felt. Where did you learn to do that?" She panted out. I playfully licked her one last time and she screamed and giggled. I got up and went to the bathroom to rinse off my face, it was soaked and my mouth was full of juice. I spit it out and whipped my face off and returned to Ali's waiting arms we kissed deeply again and she whispered into my ear. "Thank you sexy boy." as she bit my earlobe playfully. We kissed earnestly as the adrenaline began to wear off, our highs settled into sleepy eyes.

As we breathed out our exhaustion. I had forgotten Ali played soccer already that night and I had a tough day in weight training at school today, added onto the emotional stress and fatigue. Ali looked at the clock and moaned her disapproval.

"Shit, its 3:30 am Friday morning." the words almost caused physical pain. "Damn I am so tired I don't even feel like walking home." I said as I kissed her forehead.

"Then don't." she said. "I'll set an alarm for 6:55, school starts at 8:00, that gives you ten minutes to walk home 20 to get ready and the rest to do whatever until you go to school. Ill sneak back in my place and no one will even know." "What about your mom?" I asked. "Its her day off tomorrow, she will sleep until 9 at least." Ali smiled and then looked at me with a caring adoration "Besides I want you to sleep next to me." "Yeah id like that a lot." I said as I leaned in and kissed her sweetly.

She returned it with many small kisses circling my lips. "If it wasn't so late, and I wasn't so tired, I'd have some seriously dirty sex with you right now." she said sleepily. Those words sent chills down my spine.

I wish I had more energy, I wish it was only 10pm, because I wanted Ali so bad in that time. Not just in a carnal way, but I wanted to be one with her.


It may sound crazy but I was falling for her fast and falling away from Sara even faster. "Your torturing me." I said We cuddled and kissed each other till we drifted to sleep. * Ali's phone went off and I felt like killing something. I was in the most peaceful sleep i'd had in weeks and a little chiming noise had to go screw it all up.

I realized that I had slept on my back (something I never do unless I'm exhausted.) and that Ali was laying on my chest. Her hair was in my face and her legs were wrapped around mine, her skin was so soft and warm I didn't want to move ever.

I was too perfect. But just like Satan, the little alarm on her phone just had to fuck up my paradise. Ali stirred and cuddled closer. ".lets just skip school." Ali muttered. "it's friday anyway." "I know I wish we could, this is perfect. Im so comfortable." I said with the sleep still in my voice.

"but my mom will freak if she finds out I'm gone." "No. Your mine. I'm kidnapping you. Your my bitch now." Ali said sounding so tired it came off sounding drunk. I laughed. "Okay, I want to stay here with you anyway." I said lazily Ali reached over with disgust and turned the alarm off. I wanted to stay in bed with her forever, but time was against me and I had to make it home before my mom noticed I was gone. We got up and got dressed in our clothes from last night.

It was almost painful to see Ali cove up her incredible ass but her yoga pants. My sperm still stained the front of them.

"Okay get home, and ill see you 3 period okay?" I asked "Okay." Ali smiled. She kissed me deeply before she gathered her things and headed next door. I headed out into the cold morning. I jogged home in the morning mist as my body felt the burning lack of sleep.

I decided not to risk it and just climbed into my bedroom window. My sanctuary again, I looked at my full size mattress with longing but resisted I had to get ready. My room in all of its comfort now however seemed slightly more empty. Ali now consumed my thoughts more so than Sara had in the last six months. I wanted Al to be in bed waiting for me.

I had to focus, I cleared my head and stripped down out of my clothes to my boxers and grabbed my towel to head for the shower. I was hoping my mom would be asleep still so I could shower and eat in the peace and quiet. Peeked out my door and saw that my mom's light was on. She had been awake, I was hoping she still had not noticed my absence so I crossed the hall and hopped into the bathroom, my head and eyes ached from lack of sleep, I only must have gotten less that three hours.

I would need a few energy drinks to make today happen. Then it hit me. The thermos. Ali was still going to give Sara a mouth full of old sperm in her coffee. I cursed my twisted mind for being excited about it but I figured it was going to be the start of some new things in my life.

I was going to start just doing what I wanted and needed to do to take care of myself. And I was going to be with Ali. I had to break it off with Sara as fast as I could today. I couldn't go on longer being with her. Part of me was afraid of what she might do, especially when I eventually would be publicly dating Ali. I figured I should space it out a little, for no ones sake but Tracy, she was the only person who's opinion I cared about in this situation.

I decided to grab my phone back in my room. I opened the door looked around. No sign of my mom leaving her room yet. I bolted to my room and grabbed my phone, I had a text from Ali. Ali- "The swimmers have gone down the hatch. Don't think she noticed. See you at school sexy boy ;)" I managed to get chills every time she called my that, I liked it more than dude.

I quickly text back. Me- "Your so twisted and I love it, ill cya at school beautiful ;)" I looked and saw that Sara had text me saying good morning.

I almost didn't reply and then I almost wanted to text her telling her I new how much of a slut she was and that I had masturbated onto and had eaten out her sister Ali, but in the end I decided to stick with good morning as well for the time being I was working on a plan of how to fully realize my revenge on her.

I put my phone away and turned to go back to the bathroom. Only now to see my mom standing in the doorway. This might get bad. "So how did you sleep?" My mom asked. She looked around my room and then back at me coldly. "Fine." I said "Yeah you look like you did.

I'm sure slut-face slept real well too." she said glaring her emerald eyes at me. Her raven black hair was freshly straitened and laying on her shoulders covered by her red bathrobe. Her arms were folded over her chest. She took one step into my room. "You were gone all night." she said My heart dropped and my nerves began to tingle. I knew lying to her would only make it worse. "You found the window huh?" I asked in defeat. "Yep, and I checked your room.

The pillows, really? Did you think that was really going to trick me? I may not be sober all the time but I'm not stupid." she said in her husky tone she liked to use. I could only thank the stars she wasn't totally wasted already but as she walked a few more steps in I could smell a hint of the drink she had for breakfast, I almost sometimes felt like it was just going to come out of her pores eventually.

"Do I at least get points for creativity?" I joked, if I hadn't been so tired I wouldn't have risked it. I was so tired I was startled by her hand as it grabbed my face. "No points, you don't get points for that kind of creativity Zachy-poo." She said mockingly as she pinched my cheek hard. I winced in pain and pulled my face away. But she grabbed me again. Her breath smelled like vodka, it seemed to roll off of her wet lips. "Awe did that hurt, baby?" She said as she gently kissed the same spot she pinched.

Her hair brushed my face, and my body began to flex as memories flashed across my mind. She suddenly stopped and smelled my face then my chin. I froze. The realization then hit me that I only had rinsed off my face a little from when I ate out Ali.

My mom could easily be able to smell. "Pussy? You were eating pussy last night?" she growled. She tightened her grip on my face and shoulder.

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"You go sneak off in the middle of the night and ate that slut Sasha's pussy?" She had begun to almost yell. This was bad, very bad I could see the anger in her eyes.

She shoved me hard over my chair. I hit my desk and then the ground as my chair tipped over and cracked. I was so tired and off balance that she got the best of me, I had to stand up before she kicked me or something like it. I rolled over and slid to my feet. "Don't do that mom." I said in a shaky voice. "Don't what? Don't punish you? Like you deserve to be punished?" She yelled. "You don't leave a note or anything and I have to worry about you wile your out with a skank." Normally her getting Sara's name wrong and calling her a whore would make me mad, but after last night I got a little bit of humor out of it.

If only I didn't have my dad's code of never hitting a woman running through my brain I would have fought back, a long time ago, before anything happened after the first time she ever touched me. But I was just a kid then, and my dad was gone I didn't know any better. I walked for the door to get out hoping that would be the end of it. "I have to get ready for school." I said as I passed her. A hand shot out and grabbed my arm. She pulled me back with freakish strength and I toppled onto my bed hitting my head against the wall.

I grabbed my head and started to stand but was shoved down again. ". Just leave me alone." I said "No, school wont teach you what I need to teach you. And knocking sense into you wont work ether." she said in a motherly tone. "Looks like you need an old lesson that you must need to be reviewed again." she said looking at me with her insane eyes.

She reached down and pulled the belt from her bathrobe. It fell open enough to see she was only wearing a bra and panties underneath. I held my breath as she took a step closer. "Sweetie you need to remember that if your going to pleasure any girl, its going to be your mommy first." She said as she smiled a demons smile.

She slipped off her robe and stood in front of me in her black bra and panties that stood out against her fair skin. She bit her bottom lip and crawled over top of me. She stared into my eyes with such power that I felt helpless. She moved her face next to mine. Her porcelain skin inches above my almost naked body. "The only good thing about you having her a little girlfriend is that you get some practice and some confidence, but this is a little to far for my comfort." she cooed as her mouth was just hovering above mine.

"Tell me. Have you actually lost your virginity now?" I was afraid to answer her, but in my hesitation she found her answer. She gasped. "You have?! I am going to strangle that fat blonde." She said. "That is just cold, Zachery, I cant believe you.

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I was saving that for a special occasion and a little rat came in and stole it from me." "You were the first of everything else, and you already took more than that away from me." I couldn't hide my anger.

I hated the power she had over me, I hated the erection I had started to grow with her slender frame hovering over me, her ample breasts, her milky skin and her touch that was always warm in the none of the ways a mothers should be. "you could have just left me alone. Im happy you didn't take at least my virginity.

Its one thing I can keep from you." I said with a cool hate. "Awe baby, my baby boy. That just makes me sad to hear." she said as she lay down on top of me fully. Her skin pressed and melted onto my skin, her legs slithered around mine, her stomach pressed down so I could feel her breathing, her ample breasts resting on my chest, her eyes, cutting into me. Her lips seemingly always red and moist, her damn pink tongue, that had explored every part of me. She was a beautiful, White skin, black hair, green eyes, a model's body aged into a young mothers frame, still slender with wide hips a cold face, twisted with beauty and evil.

I hated it all. Her warm pussy rubbed on my cock that was quickly fully erect. I was breathing hard and fast.

And keeping my face away from hers. "You bitch." I said She faked a sad face "Honey, that makes me sad, but at least I know that no matter how much you claim to hate it, I can always count on part of you telling me the truth." she said as she humped me a final time so that my cock slid out of the front of my boxers. "Your so strong, stronger than me, even, so why have never pushed me away, why don't you push me off of you now?

I know that deep down you want me." she kissed my lips but I kept my mouth closed firm. "you need me, as much is I need you." she licked my neck. And whispered into my ear "You have been waiting for the day that I make love to you." she licked inside my ear.

My heart was racing and I broke into a cold sweat as my mom reached down and slid my cock past her tiny panties and to the opening of her pussy. She looked into my eyes. "i love you, I just want to show you how much." she whispered, her mouth dangling above mine. I hated her, and everything she did, but I couldn't fight it. She kissed me and my mouth opened almost on its own, she moaned her victory.


She then pushed down as I penetrated her. Her warm pussy slid down with ease as feeling her over whelmed me. She gasped, and hugged me tightly as she started to rock herself back and forth as I was inside of her.

She wrapped my tightly in her arms and held my mouth to hers. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and I winced but kept my mouth open. My will was nothing, and I felt paralized as her pussy sucked my dick in like a hungry mouth.

The feeling was pleasurable and I hated it. She pulled her tongue from my mouth and smiled. "God you … feel so uh. good, my sexy little boy.

uh. uh." She moaned as she smiled. Hearing those words, "sexy boy" those were not her words. Ali's sweet face passed my mind, and I thought about how much I she had shown me. How I told myself that I was done living like this I was going to to stand up. "sexy boy." those were Ali's words for me, not HERS! A fire roared in my chest and came out of my mouth as I grabbed my mom and stood up and flipped her to the floor.

She looked at me with shock and anger. "What the fuck do you think your doing?!" She growled as she stood up and raised her hand to strike me. I reached out and caught her wrist with speed I didn't know I had. I hid my shock but she couldn't. She quickly changed back to anger but I tightened my grip on her wrist inflicting a severe pain. My mom screamed out and grabbed at my hand to try and free herself. "Let go Zach, damn it!" She yelled.

I complied, only after I gave her arm another squeeze and threw her onto the bed. She landed face first as her hair whipped the wall. Her body tightened as her body flexed, her butt tightened as she got on all fours and looked at my with a fearful hate. "What do you think your doing?" My mom snapped. "you think your going to fight me back? After all the years iv loved you? Iv helped you grow, iv taken care of you and loved you, iv pleasured you better than anyone, and when all I want is to fully love you with my body you try and stop me?" She fumed and stood up.

"No, you won't feel me, you won't get to taste my love fully. And you won't taste anyones love fully ever again." She growled as she stood close to me looking into my eyes, she pushed her plump breasts up for me to see. "You won't get this." as she slid her hands over her breasts making them bounce back up, her boob job did wonders for her.

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Her hands slid down to her stomach that was milk white and smooth down to her wide hips. ".

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and you won't get to fuck your little girl anymore ether." she teased. She walked past me as I fumed, fighting my rage down from loosing all control. My brain flashed through memories of the past.

When my dad died, and mom got wasted, and beat my older sister, then she moved out. My mom beating me, after my 8th birthday, then later that night when I was in my bed, she apologized it was the first time she had hit me, she kissed the bruises, and then kept kissing me and climbed into the bed, and kissed my body until I forced myself to sleep.

And the days after, the slaps, the kicks, the touches, the kisses, my 13th birthday when she told my friends to go home after the party, the bottle of vodka she drank as she stripped herself in front of me until I was hard enough to suck on. I had to fight my hate and my lust. As she got to the doorway, she looked back. "You can't win Zachey, you are mine." She said as she smiled to her self.

And that was when I snapped again that morning. "I AM NOT YOURS!!" I roared as I whirled around to face her. Fear and shock flashed on her face. She saw a new look in my eyes.

I could not control the animal that just escaped. I started to run at her. She yelped and bolted out of the door and down towards her room. I slammed the wall and continued to chase after her. She reached her bedroom doorway and jumped in as she tired to shut the door. It was the only bedroom with a lock on it. I was to close, she tried to shut the door but I caught it and pushed it open.

My mom tripped and fell back on the floor. She crawled quickly towards the bathroom but grabbed her by the waist and bear hugged her to her feet.

I lifted her tightly, as she cried for me to put her down. She flailed and kicked but I had strength on her. Her feet touched the floor and as she tried to get away we both went forward into the wall. I put my arm up so her face wouldn't slam into the wall but the rest of my body fell forward. Our bodies pressed together one arm still around my mom's abdomen the other against the wall.

Her hair was in my face and her soft flesh was cool with her sweat, we both breathed hard as my cock was pressed partly at the entrance of her pussy. Only her panties blocked my entrance. My hate and lust were pooling together and twisting my judgment. I was not sure if I wanted to kill her or rape her right were we stood.

She breathed with fear and swallowed hard. ".what. has gotten into you?" She whispered as if afraid to speak. My hands wandered across her white flesh, my breathing was as if it was a growling of a lion hovering over his kill. My hate was building and her fear was feeding it. I could smell her sweat and feel her body lightly tremble from the was her ass rubbed my groin.

"Zach?" She whispered. I bit down onto her shoulder and tore her thin panties at the seam. I spun her over and she stumbled into the side of the bed. I pounced on her again and bent her over the bed, as I ripped the back of her bra open, I stepped back and dropped my boxers to me feet.

My mom stood there with her back end up and exposed her pussy was soaking wet. "You don't own me. I am not yours." I rumbled. "I don't I'm sorry I don't know what has gotten into you but." "You know! You know exactly what made me do this! Did you ever really think that it would never come to this?" I interrupted. The power filled me now. She stood there waiting, for me to take her. After she had taken so much from me. "Okay Zach, take me. I understand how it is now." she said as she slithered out of her bra.

She looked over her shoulder to see me but I was already crossing the room heading for the door. "Where the hell are you going?" She asked in a shocked tone. I stopped and with out looking said. "I'm going to school. What did you really thing I'd give you the pleasure of me raping you or something? It wouldn't be rape even, because its what you want, and I'm not going to give it to you like this. Cuz you haven't even seem the kind of payback I can give yet, bitch." As I walked out the doorway to go take a shower I new that today was going to be the start of a whole new world of opportunities.