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Gringo gregory naked in morelia spanks own ass
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I sat at my desk and wrote.

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Ugh, I hated English homework. It was bad enough I barely saw Kate today, and even worse that Chase followed me around all day trying to explain to me how a modern version of our school would be way more attractive than it was now, even though I thought our school looked fine.

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I heard the front door open. My parents were both already home and my sister was her voice lessons. Great, another way to make her voice LOUDER than it already is. I heard the door creek. I perked my head up and turned it to see Kate standing in the doorway with her hand on the door. She had a look on her face that I hadn't seen before; A hint of lust with a romantic accent, like she saw something she had a hankering for.

She walked towards me as the light from the window flooded into the room and added a bright, radiant outline to her already-perfect body. Kate bent over in front of my desk chair and kissed me immediately, without saying a word.

Fearing my parents walking in and killing the moment, I closed the door and pressed my thumb against the lock.

Kate's hands held my face. Her hands were cold against my warm face, but it felt nice knowing they were HER hands. I held onto her waist and stood up, pushing my chair and making it roll back and get out of the way.

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I pulled her close to me so our bodies pressed together; every curve in her body was exaggerated when it intertwined with mine, and I knew she could feel the bulge growing in my pants. Kate slid her hands down my face and onto both sides of my jaw. She traced my cheeks with her fingertips, and slid her palms lower so she could trace my jaw. They slid down my neck and down on my shoulders with a tight grip. I kissed her harder, making sure to massage her lips with every muscle in the area of my mouth.

I slid my hands across her waist and onto her back, letting them gently fall down to her butt. She didn't hesitate, so I gently squeezed and caressed it with the slightest bit of hope that it would turn her on.

Kate was losing her breath and could barely keep up with the paces of our kisses. I slowed down a little, thoroughly giving her what she seemed to desperately need. I stepped forward as she stepped back, and I pushed her into the wall. Her hair and back stuck to the wall while I leaned my body against hers. My hands trailed off from her butt and onto the fly on her jeans.

Playing with the button, I pulled away and looked at her. She stared at my hands and stuck her hips out a little, waiting for me to pull them down. I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans as quick as possible. I kneeled down and jerked them down, letting them hit the floor abruptly.


I stood up and she held onto my chest with her nails. I held onto her firm, full butt while she kicked her jeans off of her ankles. I pulled my hands away and played with the fabric on her shirt. She played with the buttons on mine, struggling to unbutton them fast enough for our quick pace. I watched her while she pushed my shirt off my shoulders.


I pulled my sleeves off my forearms and threw it on the floor. She stared at my chest for a second before I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and let them hit the floor. She stared at the lump in my boxers that I had tried to cover at first. She pulled my hand away to get a better look at it.

I worked her shirt up her belly and under her bra until she lifted her arms for me to pull it straight up and off her head. She stood in her bra, which gave me enough cleavage than I'd ever seen for her. I reached around to unhook it and see even more. I fiddled with the hooks on her bra. She giggled and took my hands in hers and showed me how to unhook it. I pulled the straps off her shoulders and threw it on the floor, looking up as fast as I could to stare at her breasts.

I stared for a long time, then slowly lifted my hands up to her chest to cup her boobs in either hand. I gently squeezed it. She closed her eyes and let the pleasure sink into her beautiful body. She made deep breaths until I kissed her. When she had enough, she grabbed my hands and pushed them onto her panties. I slid my fingers into the waistband of her panties and pushed them down off her hips. I gently grazed my fingers against her groin, experimenting whether that felt good for her or not.

She didn't react. I pulled away from our kiss. "Mmm…Kateee&hellip." Kate pushed her hands into my boxers and yanked them down. She slid her hand back up, barely touching my dick with the back of her hand.

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Kate stared at my dick for a long while before I stepped into her and wrapped my arms around her. I pressed my lips into her ear. "You're beautiful…" I gently kissed her neck, then over to her shoulder.

I turned around and picked her up, setting her on the bed. I held onto her waist. One hand led itself up her belly and over her boob where it gently grazed her nipple with my palm, and up onto her shoulder. I slid it up, tracing her jaw, and slid my palm onto her cheek. Running my fingers onto the temple of her head, I pushed her hair back. I laid on top of her with either leg on the side of her waist so my dick wouldn't interfere with her…area.

I kissed her again, running my hand down her thigh. She quivered against my touch, grabbed my butt, and pulled me close. My dick pressed against her private region, and she gently rubbed her hips back and forth to feel it against her. Kate played with my dick while we kissed.

She gently tickled my balls and giggled when it jumped and danced around, still never breaking our long, passionate kiss. Kate spread her legs apart for me. I thought about protection; I knew I would be able to tell when a good time to pull out would be.

Hmm… I grabbed onto my dick and guided it into her hungry, wet vagina. It stretched out for the head of my cock and Kate opened her mouth.


I took it nice and slow, setting both hands on either side of her head to prop myself up. We both looked down and watched. She stared as I slid further and dug my balls into her ass. Kate moaned into me while I gently started to slide my cock back and forth inside her. I kissed her neck over and over in assurance, trying to make her comfortable.

She sat like a zombie while I stroked in and out of her. Kate tilted her head back and opened her mouth. I slid faster and faster into her, turning my small strokes into thrusts to feed her eager, hungry pussy. Kate started to pant.

"Its okay…It'll be over soon…"I wanted to comfort her and make her more comfortable with this, considering it was only the second time we've done this.


Kate didn't say anything. All I wanted was for her to speak her mind and tell me what she was thinking so I would know what to do to make her like this. I thrusted into her faster, pushing the warm air from my mouth into her neck.

I ran my hands up and down her little skinny arms to warm her up and calm her down. Kate panted harder and harder with every thrust I gave to her. I went faster, picking up the pace during every short amount of time it took for me to push back into her little love canal. I felt the back of her vagina.

I slowed my strokes down a little so I could massage the back of her with the head of my cock. Kate moaned louder this time, trying to stay quiet to stop my parents from hearing. She panted harder and harder. I couldn't take the guilt. I knew how much I was hurting her precious little body, how much I was abusing it at such a young and innocent age. I knew she never did anything like this before in her life and she wasn't used to this, and neither was I, and I knew what we were doing was wrong.

I woulve stopped, I should've stopped, But I couldn't. I pushed into her harder, abusing her little pussy even more than before. Every time I thought about how much it mustve hurt her, it only drove me to pushing harder, and faster. She moaned again, tugging on my hair. I gently shook my head to get rid of the piercing pain from her grabbing onto me.

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"Harder, baby. Ohhh…yeahh…harder!" I panted. I, of course, obliged, and gave her what she asked. I picked her up and slammed her back into the wall to thrust into her.

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The harder I went, the tighter her pussy became. "Ohh Katee&hellip. Youre soo tiighht…" I rubbed her back up and down the wall, knowing her back would turn red after I was through with her. I started to pant, quieter than Kate was, though, and felt my balls tighten.

I knew I had to time this perfectly. "Ohh… Ooooh Kate! UNNGGHH… Im gonna…&hellip." I pulled my dick out from her pussy and came on the floor.

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THAT wasn't planned. I wanted to hold Kate. I wanted to tell her it was okay and that she would get used to the permanent empty space in between her little legs. I needed to clean this up before it dried. I ran to the bathroom and grabbed paper towels, noticing the blood on my dick.

I turned on the shower and used the hose to wash the blood off, then dried my dick. I grabbed the paper towels and walked back into the bedroom to clean up the gooey surprise my dick left me on the ground.

I threw away the paper towels and walked back into the room. Kate laid on the bed, with her eyes closed. Her chest was still heaving, and her arms were up above her head, stretching her chest out. The sun from the window peered in and hit her perfectly again, but different this time.

She seemed happier, more vibrant than usual. The thought occurred to me that maybe she was as in love as I was.