Naughty raven in red dress shows fingering skills

Naughty raven in red dress shows fingering skills
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Hi I'm Alice, not my real name, but the story Im about to tell is real. Im 5'6", black hair, very pale light skin with very small pink areola surrounding perfect nipples on my taunt double C'sfull lips, light brown eyes and a tight ass. My pussy is trimmed short but not completely bald. I am a bit of a tease and most guys would tell you Im one of the sexiest things they have seen since I love tube tops and short skirts you can regularly see peeks of my firm tummy and belly button ring.

I was about 21 at the time of this story. My boyfriend Jacob and I had been together for about a year and a half and we had a relatively good relationship, which couple doesn't fight or argue but he treated me well and I think I loved him. He had recently started a new job and he seemed to enjoy it, being a welder in a new steel plant being constructed. His only complaint was that there was one particular co-worker - Dennis, who frequently crossed the line with his jokes and crassness.

I did a bit of digging on facebook, to see who was crossing my man, and came across Dennis he made me think of Puff Daddy when I saw him. My pussy got a bit wet when I saw his pictures because I secretly wished I could have a black lover, something I never did before because of it being 'wrong' and I didnt want the stigma. Jacob complained frequently of how Dennis was rude, unmannered and ignorant, any couldn't understand how Dennis bed so many white women.

You see Dennis loved only fucking white girls and boasting to the other white guys, knowingly humiliating them with stories of how he ruined the pussies he fucked, and how he was hung like a horse and that he worked like a donkey but had a cock as big as a donkeys' as well. Jacob vented to me but and his stories only made me wetter and wetter thinking about Dennis' cock. After a few weeks on the job, Jacobs Company had its Christmas party, some of the guys were bringing dates and Jacob asked if I wanted to come.

I honestly had no bad intentions and didn't believe I would do no wrong so I consented. The night of the party, which was held in a lounge that had a dark dance floor, a cocktail room / restaurant.

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I wore a white tube top, no bra, a thong and very short skirt, six inch heels and had my hair and nails done. I honestly did it for my man because I knew the lounge had a dance floor which was extremely dark (from previous trips there) and would be fun to tease him on it. When we got there we hung out with his other white friends and their dates. From time to time I saw the man whom I easily recognized as Dennis checking me out.

I smiled politely and he took this as an invitation to come over and shake my hand. He looked at Jacob and joked, "Small Dick you cant satisfy all of this" gesturing to me. We laughed, a bit uncomfortably, and continued our social interactions.

Throughout the entire evening whenever I looked at Dennis's direction he was eyeballing me. Jacob and his friends started drinking, and the more they drank the more he ignored me. Jacob had a tendency to over do the drinking and when he did he got wasted.

I asked Jacob to dance but he snapped at me that "cant you see Im with my friends, you are so needy". In front of everyone I felt insulted, hurt retreated to the dance floor and propped against a wall, the area I was at wasn't completely dark so people could still make me out, I felt like crying.

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Feeling sorry for my self I decided to leave but as I turned to walk out a strong hand grabbed me. "Leaving so soon, sugar, at least let me get you a drink?", turning around I saw that it was of course Dennis. I thought about it and decided I would get a small measure of revenge by taking the drink so I conceded.

I saw Dennis walk to the bar and get the drinks, unknown to him, I also saw him reach into his pocket and add a few drops of something into my drink.


The minute or so I took him to get back a million thoughts went through my head on whether or not to say something or not but when he got back, I didn't say anything, I took the drink and drank it in one swing. He looked pleased. "Do you wanna dance baby?", he said and lead me to the darkest part of the room, without waiting for a reply. I cant remember the song, but I knew regardless of the song the way I was going to dance.

I shoved him against the wall and started slowly to gyrate my ass against his crotch, he held onto my waist.

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We danced like this for a few minutes and I felt his hard cock against my ass, then I turned around and wrapped one leg around his waist and began dry humping from the front. He cupped my bare ass, then with his other hand he pulled the tube down exposing my tits, thankfully it was totally dark where we were. He took my nipples in his mouth, alternating between left and right.


He then began stroking my wet slit with the hand that was previously cupping my ass. Whatever he put in the drink made my pussy very hot but I was aware of everything I was doing.

After about 15 minutes he righted my tube and I fixed my skirt and panties.


We headed out the door together. He took me into his car and we drove about 10 minutes into a lonely spot in the road and pulled over. The entire drive there he had my tits out and had me spread with one leg out against the door and one on his lap, while he finger fucked me and I rubbed his erection over the crotch. When we pulled over he again took my nipples in his mouth and the only time he spoke was when he said that my tits were perfect.


My cunt wanted cock so I took out his massive prick. It was at least 11 inches long and I could not wrap my hand around it. I began sucking it, and from there he thoroughly used me. He took my mouth how he wanted, putting his cock in as deep as I could go, which was about 8 inches, I sucked his balls and he pulled it out then put his ass up, it was the first time I rimed a man. After half an hour of making me worship him he finally took off my thong and made me lick the wetness on the crotch. He then wrapped it around his shaft and made me suck him off some more.

While I was doing this he took my wetness between my legs and massaged it into my nipples.

He pulled me off, deeply kissed me and swallowed my entire tongue. His mouth went from nipples, to belly button ring to pussy then ass. He then stayed on my pussy, tongue fucking, caressing my clit with his mouth and making me cum twice, both throbbing orgasms. He then placed me in the missionary position on my reclined seat, putting one of my legs out the window. He didn't wear a condom, and I wouldnt dream of asking him to as I wanted to feel every vein in his hard wood.

The pain and pleasure was so intense, I came instantly.

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After a few minutes of slowly riding me he started to enter deeper, looking down I saw about four inches of cock still outside. He then began to increase his fucking rhythm until I could swear I didn't see any more cock outside. The pain of the big cock was surpassed by the satisfaction it gave my cunt.

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After ten minutes of him entering me I felt his cock head expanding, and his hot cum filling me up, he poured it in without even attempting to ask permission, I was not on the pill. He pulled it out and made me suck him to hardness once more. While I was busy he totally stripped me, then he opened the doors and lead me to the side of the road, he arched my back putting me on all fours, he brutally fucked my hot pussy hole, fingering my asshole and making me scream and squirt with pleasure.

Anybody driving by would have seen us, thankfully no one did. He took me back to the party almost two hours after, shooting twice in my cunt and once in my mouth.

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Everyone knew or guess what had happened. Jacob was humiliated and we broke up immediately. I saw Dennis once after, but that is a story for another time. :)