Una mini mamada en el Chevy

Una mini mamada en el Chevy
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Chapter 1 It was an incredible Saturday. Not a cloud in the sky. Dave had just finished his workout and was looking forward to taking a dip in the pool. They had just opened the pool for the season and he enjoyed the first dip the most. Dave and his wife both took great pride in how they looked. They both exercised daily and watched what they ate. Their 13-year-old daughter was a regular chip off the block. Dave had just put on his suit and proceeded to go out to the pool where he saw his daughter Miriam and her close friend Jen.

He could not believe what he saw. Jen was just 1 month old then Miriam. Dave's wife Debbie has just bought Miriam a new bikini and he realized there was not much to it. He could not believe how turned on he was getting looking at his daughter and her friend. He did not remember them turning into such hot babes. Jen's parents Jack and Liz moved in a few houses down from them when their daughters were just 4.

Debbie went over to welcome them to the neighborhood. She told them that her daughter was also 4, so she talked Liz into letting Jen come over for a play date. As soon as the 2 girls met the felt an instant connection. They were best friend from that very moment. They did everything together. If you saw one you knew the other was close at hand. When his wife Debbie came out he noticed that she also had a new bikini on, and boy did she look hot.

This was just too much for him. 3 hot babes. He knew this was going to be a long day. He tried his best to not let anyone know he was checking out all the hot flesh around him.

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His wife noticed right away. Of course she did pick out Miriam suit with the idea of her getting noticed. She was not thinking Dave was going to be so turned on by his own daughter. The idea of him drooling over their daughter made her wet. After about 30 minutes of sun and swimming Dave decided to go up stair and change. Debbie followed 5 minutes later and found him looking out the window and watching the girls.

She came over to the window to check out the view. "So how do you like your daughters new bikini?" "It's looks ok," he said trying to down play it. "Your such a liar. I can see how turned on you are. To tell you the truth I'm kind of turned on by looking at her too." She leaned over and kissed her husband.


As they kissed he began to let his hand roam all over her firm body. He reached around and undid her top and started squeeze her firm breast, and tease her nipples.

Then his hand ran down her firm stomach and slid into her bikini bottom to find his way to her pussy. He could not believe how wet she was.


He pulled down them down and wanted her to lie down so her could eat her, but she want to watch the girls while he licked her wet pussy. It took no time for her to cum while he ate her. He then got behind her and started to fuck her from behind. They both could now watch the hot young teens while he fucked her from behind. "Fuck me, fuck me hard. Please fuck me as hard as you can Dave." "I can not believe how turned on you are. I love it." Then Debbie started to role-play.

"Oh daddy, fuck me dad. Please fuck me like you fuck mommy. Fuck your little Miriam. Make me cum daddy.

Fuck me like the daddies little slut that I am." This really turned him on. He could not believe she had cum 2 times already while fucking her.

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He could not take it any more. "Daddy loves fucking his hot little slut. I just so love fucking you Miriam. Daddy is going to fill your hot little pussy with his cum. Here it comes baby, take my cum like a good girl." He then shot his load deep into his wife. He must have squired 5 times into her before he was done. He was not sure but he thought she came again while he shot his load. "That was so fucking hot baby," Debbie said. "That was some of the best sex we have had in awhile.

Looking at my daughter is turning me on way more then it should. Her friend Debbie is hot too. I have not tasted pussy since my college roommate. Remember her? We had some great 3 way with her" "How can I forget. That was my first 3 way. I so loved when the 2 of you sucked my cock. The first time was incredible. Then watching the 2 of you 69 was mind blowing." "Well I'm thinking that 13yo Debbie looks taste.

I so want to eat her pussy. I have not felt like this in a long time. But, I really want to rip off the little bikini and teach her about lesbian love." "I'd like to pop her cherry and teach her how to suck cock and fuck like a cheap little slit. Not much chance of any of that happening. So what are the girls doing now Deb?" "I don't see them anymore. Maybe they came inside for a bite. I'll go check on them." "Maybe you should put some clothes on, looking at you and thinking of his hot daughter Jen is giving me a new boner.

I'm going to want to stick someplace nice and warm real soon." "I want you again too, but it will have to wait till later" Debbie went down stairs but could not find the girls.

Then she heard them talking down in the family room in the basement. She opened the door a little so she could hear what they were saying.

"Miriam did you get a look at your dad? I mean I've seen him swimming before but, I never noticed how fucking hot he is. Your dad is such a stud. I could almost make out the size of his cock. I'd love to get down and suck his cock. I'd let him fuck me and pop my cherry with that cock. You have no idea how wet I am thinking of him." "JEN!!" Miriam shouted. "Stop that. That my dad you're talking about!!!

I don't like you thinking of him as some stud. Besides if he's anyone stud he's mine. Well my mom that is. Jen I hate to say it, but if he were not my dad I'd let him fuck me too.

I'd love to give up my cherry to him too. But he is my dad and I can't do that. Or can I?" That last part she said with a devilish smile on her face. Debbie could not believe what she heard. Those 2 sweet little girls are on the verge to becoming little slut. They just needed a little push. And she was in the mood to make this happen.

She was going to come up with a plan where she would get to teach both girls about lesbian sex, and Dave would be busying teach cock sucking and fucking 101. I think it's time to get out a couple bottles of wine to get us all in the right mood. She went back upstairs and found her husband taking a shower and decided to get naked and just in with him. "Dave you will not believe what I just heard. Those 2 sweet little girls where talking about how they both want to get fucked.

And they both are hot your cock. I think there is a good chance you'll get to pop 2 cherries tonight, and I'll get to taste 2 hot young pussies. How does that make you feel?" Looking down at her husband's stiff cock she already knew the answer. "So what do we do now Deb?" Well I was thinking about fixing lunch for all of us. I think they are old enough for wine with lunch. Maybe 1 or 2 R rated movies after lunch. If things get really hot I have a good X-rated movie we can also watch.

I want to see how hot we can get the girls. I want their little pussies begging for attention. Then I'll take Jen while you take Miriam. Then we can switch. Damn I'm so turned on I cannot stand it. Fuck me right now her in the shower." Jen and Miriam could not believe they were drinking wine with lunch.

It tasted good, and made them both feel grown up. It also made them feel funny, a little light headed. They also started to feel a little horny too. Miriam felt her pussy itching for attention. She wanted to go to the bathroom and rub her pussy but there was too many people around.

Jen was feeling the same way. All they 2 girls could think about was how hot Dave looked in his bathing suit. When lunch was done Debbie told the girls they could not go swimming for awhile so why not go down stairs and watch a new movie she just picked. She told them she had not seen it yet but that it was supposed to be good and a little racy. She lied. She had seen it a few time, it was an R rated movie with lots of sex scenes.

Since it was only R rated there was no scenes with hard cocks, but their were scenes show a few guys naked and their cocks hanging down. Lots of cock sucking and fucking. You just could not see much of that action. The all went downstairs to watch the movie. Deb made a big batch of popcorn and brought a fresh bottle of wine and 4 glasses. The movie started and with in a few minutes the 2 teens got their first view of 2 big cocks.

There was even one scene that showed 2 hot ladies having sex. Deb and Dave watch the girls as their eyes almost popped out of their heads. Debbie made sure the girls glasses had wine for them to drink.

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The 2 girls were still in their bikinis. They should have been dry by now. Their bikini bottoms were so wet from pussy juice it was noticeable from across the room. This turned both Dave and Debbie on, Dave was hard and Debbie's own pussy was leaking and making her bikini bottom just as wet as the 2 girls.

When the movie was finally done the 2 girls just wanted to find someplace they could be alone and rub their horny littles pussies. Neither one of them had ever been so fucking horny in their lives. Debbie had other ideas.

She then pop in another movie. She said this one was not as naughty as the other. She lied again. This was a very dirty XXX movie with lots of hot sex. Including 2 girl on girl and 1 old guy young girls action. Well if the girls were hot before their little virgin pussies were on fire now.

Dave had gone upstairs before the movie was over and was waiting for his daughter in his bedroom. He heard her run up the stairs and knew she was going to find a place to rub her burning pussy. That was not going to happen. He called to her and asked her to come into his room. When she got their and saw her father lying in the bed almost naked. After all the sex she saw in the movies she was almost drooling at the sight of her father. "Come on over and cuddle with your father.

You know it has been a while since we just cuddled and talked about what is going on in your life." She really wanted to go and masturbate but she did not want to miss out on the opportunity to get close to his sexy body. "Miriam, you and Jen have become 2 lovely young ladies. I cannot believe I have not notice how hot the 2 of you have gotten." She could not believe her father just said he thought she was hot. If this was just some guy she would have leaned over and kissed him.

She just smiled up at her dad and said "you know your pretty hot too dad." As soon as she said it she could not believe she just said that to her own father.

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What he must think of her. She found out quickly. He leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips. Not a long one, just a nice little kiss which she returned warmly. She just smiled at him and did not move.


He took a chance and leaned in again and gave a longer hot kiss which she again returned with just as much warmth. She could not believe she was kissing her own dad like this and must wanted more.

Then his tongue started to lick her lips. That sent a wave of excitement throughout her body. She opened her mouth and let his tongue into her mouth. Her tongue found his as they kissed like that for about 5 or 10 minutes. During this time he let his hand explore the young firm body of his hot daughter.

He first pulled the top of her bikini up to expose her firm tits. He squeezed her firm tits and pinch her nipples. As he did that she moaned into his mouth letting him know how much she love it. She could not believe it when her father's hand started to move down her stomach and started to rub her pussy though her we bikini bottom. She knew hot wet she was and now her father knew how hot she was.

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When he slip his hand inside her bottoms and touched her pussy it was just to much for her. She broke the kiss and just moaned "Yes daddy, rub my hot pussy, oh daddy I'm so fucking horny.

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Please finger fuck your little girl and make me cum. I need to cum so badly I can't stand it. That's it daddy I'm cumming, I'm cumming hard, finger fuck me good." With that her body went into a spasms and she came for almost a full minute soaking her fathers hand, her bikini bottom and making a big wet spot on the bed. "Daddy, I can't believe what we just did. This is just so wrong yet I loved every second of it, and I want more." Dave said " this is just the beginning baby.

I think your pussy still needs more attention." With that he reach down and pulled her bottoms off and spread her legs so he could get a good look at that hot virgin pussy of her. "Daddy, we can't. I mean I want to in the worst way but what about mom and Jen. When if they come up stairs while your eating me." "Don't worry baby.

Your mother is very busy and won't be bothering us for a long time. He then pulled off his suit so that both of them were in bed naked. She had seen a couple of cock before but not one as big as her fathers. She reach out her hand and started to stroke it. "Oh baby. that feels so good. Stroke your father hard cock.

I want to eat your pussy baby." "Oh yea daddy please eat me. Can I suck your cock while you eat me? Please." He could not believe what a slut his daughter could be. He loved it. "Sure baby, I'll teach you how to suck and deep throat my cock." He could tell she was still new a sucking cock but had some practice. After some instruction she started to take it further down each time. Damn she was a quick learner. It did not take long before she was able to suck down all of his cock.

He could feel the head of his cock moving in and out of her throat. He did not want to cum there just yet. While she was doing that he proceeded to eat her hot pussy she came 2 more times. His face was very wet from his daughters pussy and he as in heaven over it. Even though he love the feel of his cock slipping in out of his daughter hot mouth he wanted to put in into her hot virgin pussy and give her, her first fuck.

"I need you to stop for now baby. I think its time to show you how good it feels to have a hard cock inside your sweet pussy. How does that sound to you baby?" "Oh fuck daddy yes, yes yes.

Please fuck you little baby girl. Fuck me like the girls on that porn movie. I want your cock inside me so much I can't stand it." "ok then baby. just roll over and spread your legs wide for me baby." He proceeded to position himself between her wide spread legs and started to rub the head of his cock up and down her pussy. He found the opening he was looking for and gently pushed the head of his cock into to her pussy.

She gave a little gasp as she felt him enter her. Till this time she had only slipped in fingers into her tight hole. She could feel her pussy being stretched wide as he entered her. Then he reached her hymen. He pushed against it a few time but he could tell this hurt her.

"Honey, I'm really sorry but this is going to hurt, but only for a minutes or 2." He then pulled back until he was almost out and pushed back in as hard as he could. He felt himself break thought the hymen and enter her virgin pussy. She gave out a yelp and started to cry a little. He just stayed like that with his cock buried deep into her pussy until she stop crying. "You feeling better now baby?" "Yes daddy. I'm Ok. Can we start fucking now?" He smiled at himself. He could not believe he was really fucking his own daughter, let alone her begging him to fuck her like the girls on the porn movie.

He started to slide in and out of her pussy. It was so wet and tight. It was incredible. As much as he love it, she was loving it more then he did. It was the best feeling she ever had in her life. She knew she was going to want to fuck him as often as she could. He continued to fuck her, making her cum 2 more times. He could take it more longer. He did not want to cum in her pussy, at least not until she was on the pill.

He pulled out of her pussy and moved so that she could take his cock into her mouth again. Now she could taste her pussy all over his cock, she loved how her pussy tasted on his cock. It only took about a minute of sucking before he gave his daughter her first taste of him cum, and boy did she love it. After wards they just cuddled. No long just father and daughter, now lovers. They both knew things would never be the same. "Daddy where is mommy anyway?" "Oh baby she is down stairs with Jen.

They are getting to know each other very well." "What do you mean daddy?" "Don't worry you'll find out soon enough." He just laved there feeling good about what just happen and thinking about what was to come. He was looking forward to repeating this downstairs with that hot little slut Jen.

Next chapter, Debbie teaches Jen about lesbian love, and what a quick learning she turns out to be.