Fresh Teens mess with their pussies

Fresh Teens mess with their pussies
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It's a warm Thursday morning and I look around confused for a minute do to the fact that I have no clue where I am. As I start to sit up from the bed an arm pulls me back down and Imelda latches on to my side. "Usted es cálido, se recostó. ¿Has dormido bien?," Imelda says to me groggily. "I have no clue what you said but it sounds sexy," I reply to her smirking. I watch Imelda's head rise up of the bed suddenly and her eyes bolt open, she sees me in the light and starts chuckling.

I have no clue what she's laughing about but I let her enjoy her moment before she rolls onto me lying on my chest. "I'm gonna get you some breakfast," Imelda says crawling out of bed and pulling on a pair of basketball shorts and a tank top. I watch her leave the room before getting my phone and checking the time, eight thirty in the morning and I've got messages. Loretta is asking if I'm okay, so is Abigail. I send them both a text saying that I'm perfectly fine and to tell Mark I'll be ready for the Gym and tattoo parlor by noon, hopefully.

Loretta responds back with her newly minted mothering of 'I'm so glad you're safe' and offers to pick me up. I decline and hop on face book through my phone, Kori's online and I send her a message asking if she's okay and that I'm missing her. It takes about a second for my message box to be full, Kori dumps a bunch of information about how she's missing me badly and she's crying at night, apparently she grabbed one of my old shirts from home and has been sleeping with it.

I tell her that I'm missing her too and that I would do anything to be there with her but things are complicated down here and the time with my mother is getting better. Kori tells me how her mom is going to send her away in few weeks to go visit her Aunt or something and that she doesn't know if she'll be back by the time I get back from here.

I tell her everything will be all right and that I'll figure something out so we can be together sooner. We say our goodbyes and I relax on the bed a little longer before Imelda comes back in with a plate of eggs rice beans and tortillas. "Mom is making breakfast, you should go say hi," Imelda tells me sitting on the bed with the plate.

I pull my jeans on and head into the living room and round the corner in the kitchen to see a short Latino woman dishing up a plate before turning and seeing me standing there. I watch her eyes get wide and decide to speak first. "Hi Ma'am, I'm Guy, your daughter said I should come out here and say hi," I tell her holding out my hand.

I see her face go from shock to rage before I have to duck as she hurls a pan from the kitchen at my face. "¿Qué demonios estás haciendo en mi casa, imbécil? He pagado mis cuentas malditas y por qué no llevas una camisa?," is what gets screamed at me by Imelda's mother as I duck for safety down the hall.

Imelda hands me the plate as I get back to her room and I can see she's trying to keep from laughing her ass off. She pats me on the back and I watch her head into the hall and start speaking to her mother in Spanish.

I sit down on the bed and start eating when I suddenly realize that it's real Mexican food with real Mexican spiciness. I devour as much of it as I can before I realize that I really need water or a fire extinguisher.

I head back into the living room and as soon as Imelda and her mother see me they start laughing as her mother gets me a glass of milk. "Not like taco bell spicy huh," Imelda says chuckling. Once the fire in my mouth is mostly subsided Imelda translates for her mother as she apologizes for trying to kill me and I shake it off.

They mostly talk amongst themselves before Imelda's mother leaves for work. "I'm sorry but nobody has ever actually walked out of my room to meet my mom," Imelda tells me half apologizing," but that was really fucking funny." I let her have her laugh as I attempt to finish my plate and after taking it to the sink.

I follow Imelda back to her room to get my clothing but watch as she sits down on her bed and takes off her top. I didn't get to see them much last night but Imelda's breasts have some nice small nipples, breasts worth marveling at as I walk up to her and she undoes my jeans. Imelda takes my cock in her hand and gently sucks on the head for a few moments before crawling backwards up the bed sideways and pulling her shorts off.

I crawl over up Imelda's tight Latino body and gently lick her nipple which gets her to moan. I feel her hands working their way down my body and one starts trying to pull my cock into her pussy. I keep myself outside for a few moments as I enjoy rolling her nipple in my mouth before trailing kisses up Imelda's chest and neck. I don't even have to line my cock up with Imelda's pussy as the head bumps her and pushes inside. Imelda moans at the intrusion and wrapping her arms around me pulls me in the rest of the way.

Last night was hard and rough but this morning I'm savoring the tight and warm feeling Imelda's pussy is giving me. I start to move slowly and patiently making sure she feels every bit as I push in and out of her pussy. I push one of my arms down under Imelda's leg and start to take deeper thrusts adding just a little speed to our tender moment.

I look at her face and see she's got her eyes closed and is smiling lightly; I decide to shake things up a bit and gently kiss her on the lips. I feel her freeze in shock at the kiss before warming up and turning a light peck on the lips into a passion filled lip lock that causes both of us to start bucking our hips together.

We break the kiss and I feel Imelda kiss up my neck and nibble on my ear. "Vamos nena, dame lo demás, vamos vamos vamos," Imelda whispers almost pleading in my ear. I get the rush and tingle at the base of my cock as I drive in hard and deep shooting cum inside Imelda's warm pussy. I can feel her shaking from my haze and think Imelda hit her own orgasm shortly after I started mine.

I let Imelda's leg down and we lay there in bliss for a few minutes just holding each other in the warm morning.

"Okay, let's get showered and I'll get you home before I have to go to work," Imelda tells me as we get up from her bed. We share a cool shower and get dressed, me in the clothes I wore last night and Imelda in a black t-shirt and blue coveralls with the top tied around her waist. She locks up the house and getting the directions we're off fast on her bike heading for 'home'. We're on the bike for almost an hour before we hit the neighborhood and get to the gate; I press the call button and wave at the house.

We head in after the gate opens up and once I'm off the bike Loretta is out the front door to greet me. "It's almost ten and you're just now coming home," Loretta starts in," I should have just come got you last night. Where were you?" "I was with her, we got done with the movie and it was easier for me to stay with her than ride us both back here," I tell Loretta pointing at Imelda who is still on her bike.

I turn back to Imelda and after getting a quick kiss and number exchange watch her head out the gate and peels off down the road. I head back inside with Loretta where she proceeds to give me the 'concerned mother' speech.

I see Bethany watching from the second floor with some interest but not as much as Abigail who is waiting for me I think at the base of the steps. I let Loretta finish before stepping away wordlessly and head back to my room. As soon as I'm in my room I hear the door close after me, I turn and see Abigail has followed me from the stairs.

"Can we talk a little bit," Abigail asks quietly. "Sure, you okay," I ask offering her the couch.

I let her sit while I start to change into some workout clothes. Abigail looks more nervous not than when I caught her in my room the first night. I figure this is big for her so I close the door before sitting down on the couch opposite of her. "Okay, I know you're pissed about the date mix up," Abigail starts to tell me," but when I asked Carlos what really happened he just brushed it off as his cousin wasn't here and that you were pissed about missing the time with everyone else.

Is that true?" "No it's not, when Carlos and I talked about the date it was a double date only," I inform her plainly," Here's what you need to take from this, Carlos really likes you. He likes you so much that he'd risk his own safety messing with me when we've made a deal." "So what do I do about Carlos," Abigail asks me. Now that isn't what I expected, I can sabotage him right now.

But again I'm stuck in a 'what does that do to Abigail' conundrum. I sit and think about it for a bit longer than I expected when Mark Jr. bursts through my door. "Dude, you ready to go cause we got weights and a tattoo to get done today," Mark says barely acknowledging his sister.

"Man I'll be down in a few, we're trying to have a conversation," I tell Mark a little ticked. I watch him shrug about the two of us and as he leaves my room I make my decision about Abigail and Carlos.

"Honestly I think you need to do what makes you feel best. Carlos likes you a lot and if you don't like him then you should walk away but if you really think there's something there then I say go for it," I tell Abigail with brutal honesty. "Okay but what about the deal he 'broke'," Abigail asks me almost worried. "That's between me and him, don't worry about it," I tell her as I get up, grab my bag and head out of my room.

Mark Jr. is waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs like an anxious puppy. We head to the garage and as soon as the doors are up Mark tries to set a land speed record out of the driveway. It takes us about twenty five minutes to get to the gym that Mark goes to and once inside I realize that I'm not in my dad's workout dungeon anymore. It's a three floor building with a running track on the roof and a pool to go along with every piece of workout equipment imaginable.

Mark checks us in and leads me off to the weights. I didn't work out much with weights when I'd be working out with my Dad but Mark proceeds to go down the whole list of 'how to bulk up'. I can see that this is the big thing for him and play the attentive student like I've never had a work out session in my life. It takes some prodding but I finally get Mark to let me work on definition and not becoming a steroid monster.

Total time on the weights is maybe forty five minutes and when I'm done I feel awake but not too sore thankfully. As we head to the contact room that I read on the guide Mark finally notices my bag. "Hey man why did you bring your own stuff, they have loaner gear here," Mark asks as we enter the room. The Contact room is more than I could have hoped for; heavy bags, floor mats for sparring, speed bags, and the human looking contact dummies.

I take a seat on a bench and get my shoes and socks off before getting my feet and fists taped up. Mark sits down and looks at me curiously as I line up with a speed bag and get some warm up punches in. I go through the speed bag and the heavy bag and see Mark looking out the door way.

I stop and head over to him to see him staring at some women on cardio machines. "Dude I think they're older than you," I whisper to him joking. "MILF pussy is still good pussy," Mark says turning to me," and besides that girl you were with was at least nineteen." I shrug at the comment, didn't really check with Imelda on how old she was when we were together. I get my tape off and back in the bag before hitting the showers, which draws more grumbling from Mark. "Okay, if you want to smell like ass in your car then go right ahead, I prefer to shower," I tell him heading in.

It's my second shower of the day but it's the one more needed, I get fully rinsed off back into my clothes before trying to rejoin Mark in the hallway. I'm out in the hall and Mark is nowhere to be found, I grab my phone from my bag and text him but get no reply. It takes me about two seconds to figure out he's trying to or getting some right now and this could be a while.

It's past noon and I'm getting hungry thanks to my workout when Mark finally shows up at the front. "Hey Guy, been waiting long," Mark says with that college jock tone.

"Man I hope you carry condoms or something," I reply as we head out the door. Back in the car and another twenty something minutes later we're at the tattoo parlor. Once I'm inside the girl at the front waves me back to where Smitty is finishing up a tattoo on a woman's ass.

"Take a seat kid I'll be with you in a second," Smitty tells me waving me to a chair. I take my seat and chill out while Mark pays and chats up the girl at the front, I swear he's got sex A.D.D.

I look at the wall art work for a bit when the grandfather sits down next to me and we start talking. More of him talking and me listening as he goes over his time in the war, his marriages, his times across the country. I listen politely and ask very few questions when Smitty gets to me and reclines my chair so that he can get to work on the coloring. I tell him about an addition I want on the tattoo and after going over the basics Smitty gets it underway.

I didn't feel any major fatigue from working out before my tattoo got started but with the addition and five hours in the chair for color that doesn't look like shit I am starving and exhausted. Thankfully Mark is still there when I get back to the front and he just stares at me as I endure the new pain in my side.

"Okay, so why the tattoo," Mark asks as we get in the car. "Honestly, I never would have done it after the start of last year. Now I love it, it's a tribute just like my special request from your Dad," I tell Mark proudly. I can see he's confused about what I said but it doesn't bother me much on the ride home and once inside we're greeted by the smell of cooked food.

I run up the stairs and change into one of my new shirts and a pair cargo shorts on before heading back down to the dinner table. Loretta sees me wearing the new clothing and I can see her face brighten a little. It's another pleasant dinner with everyone and Mr. Delauter asks me to come into his office afterwards. Once we're all done eating I follow him in and close the door behind me before taking a seat facing his desk. "So here we are at the one week mark and you haven't made me regret agreeing to this deal," Mr.

Delauter starts in while taking his seat," So when does the other shoe drop and you decide to make everyone here miserable?" I'd like to think that he's trying to surprise me but I'm certain that I'd be looking for a double cross too if I were him.

"Well that won't happen sir, I keep my word and I hold my end of a bargain even when other people turn it around on me," I tell him plainly," I get why you're concerned cause my special request just came through a few days ago and now you think that I can just do what I want to the rest of you." "Well you could, it wouldn't be the first time," Mr.

Delauter tells me matter-of-factly. "Not who I am, I was told that I was going to have to spend six weeks down here and I will. We came to an agreement that for a few nice things that I would make things generally better when I was here and I have. I'm not wanting to hurt anyone here, even you," I tell him plainly emphasizing the last two words. I can see Mr. Delauter trying to see if I'm being genuine or not.

We sit in silence before Loretta interrupts us to see what's going on. Mr. Delauter tells her that everything is fine but she's not buying it and lets me leave so she can talk with him privately. I get back to my room and see I left my phone in the bag the whole time.

I check my messages and see a text from Imelda asking if I'm busy Friday night, I reply that I am now. I get a text with a time and to look like a hard ass. I hop back on my phone and hit the face book app. I talk with some of the people back home and let the girls know how things are; I take some extra time to speak with Kori. She's feeling a little better and she has plans to go hang out with Katy and Liz on Friday.

I tell her to 'behave' and she replies with 'I'm waiting for you so I won't have to'. I chuckle at the reply and am glad she's feeling better as I pocket my phone. The rest of the evening passes uneventful and I get a solid night's sleep. Next morning I'm sore as hell and almost ignore my alarm to wake up and run. I can feel my muscles aching as I start my laps around the grounds.

The run gets easier as I go and I decide to pass on the rest of the work out after thirty minutes of running before heading back inside. I head up the stairs and almost get back to my room when I see Bethany's door cracked open slightly. I glance in and Bethany sleeping lightly in her bed wearing a simple night shirt and panties. I smile with an idea and head back to my room, once there I grab my phone and send Bethany a good morning text.

It takes her a minute to reply with 'why wake me up so early', I tell her I need a rub down and put my phone away before stripping down to my boxer briefs and laying down on my bed. It takes a few minutes but Bethany creeps in with a bathrobe on and closes the door before locking it. "Too much working out made you sore," Bethany asks crawling on the bed and straddling my hips. I nod at her question smiling, Bethany smiles back and undo the bathrobe showing me her perky breasts and pink panties.

I sit up a little and start to suck on Bethany's nipple getting a moan for my effort. "You need hair so I have something to hold onto," Bethany whispers rubbing my head. I take Bethany's hips in my hands and start grinding our crotches together, keeping my mouth on her breast as much as possible. Bethany pushes me off and back down before taking my boxers down and pulling her panties off, stroking me with her hand.

I watch as she takes my hand and sticks two fingers in her mouth sucking on them hard before taking my hand and now wet fingers and having me rub her pussy. I moan a little with Bethany's hand stroking me hard and buck my hips a little against her hand; she smiles to see me reacting to her and pulls my fingers away from her pussy.

"Mind if we do something a little fun and different," I ask Bethany smiling. "Maybe, am I gonna get in trouble if I say yes," Bethany replies rubbing my cock head against her slit. I reach over and take my phone off the nightstand flipping it on and turning on the video record function on; I get distracted by my cock slipping inside of Bethany's pussy.

She's warm and wet thanks to my fingers and wastes no time biting her knuckle and bouncing on my cock in a steady rhythm. The room fills with moans and light slapping of our hips together. I marvel at the beauty of Bethany's body as she bounces and wonder about her boyfriends in the football team.

After a bit of bouncing Bethany shifts into a grinding motion while taking her knuckle out of her mouth and looks at me curiously.

"Aren't you going to record this or something," She asks confused. Shit I forgot the phone; I pick it up and watch her shift back to bouncing and holding her breast with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. I nod and she closes her eyes and starts moaning and bouncing faster.

I get Bethany's body in the shot and start recording then let her know with a signal that I'm recording her. "Watch me cum, I'm cumming all over this big cock in my pussy," Bethany says doing her best porn star impression. It takes her a few seconds but not too terribly long before I feel her vagina clamp up and Bethany grinds her hips against me in orgasm.

I let her relax while saving the video and putting my phone back. I see Bethany's face get a dopey grin as she pulls her pussy off my cock and lowers her face onto my cock taking the whole length in fast strokes. I try to take a handful of her hair but get stopped as she grabs my hand and looks up at me with her pretty green eyes. Green, I marvel at them when I get the tingle at the base of my cock and grunt hard as Bethany leaves half my cock in her mouth and I shoot ropes of cum in her mouth and throat.

I watch her take my cock out and swallow before she starts to deep throat my cock in long hard strokes that make me want to cum again if possible before Bethany lets my cock out of her mouth and starts getting dressed.

"Don't want to cuddle for a bit," I ask smiling contentedly. "No, not this time. I still know that you'll be gone in a few weeks, I will say that it's really fun having you around," Bethany says pulling her robe on and quietly leaving my room.

Wow, I just got served the 'too attached notice' and I chuckle at it as I get my underwear back on and wrap a towel around myself before heading to the bathroom and getting a quick shower in.

Once I'm back in my room I flag the video as 'Private: watch then delete' and send it off to Katy. It takes a few minutes but as I get a reply back from her with a 'Ha Ha, that's what I like to see'. The rest of the day goes pretty smoothly and into the Friday morning with everyone but me having some reason to head out so I decide to head out with Loretta again to the shelters, I make sure to grab my coat and phone before we head out.

"I'm really glad you are getting along with everyone at the house," Loretta tells me as we head down the road. "Your husband thinks I'm going to screw him over and make your life miserable before I leave," I tell her letting her know what happened between him and me this morning. "Yeah, he's not good with people when it comes to deals. Always looking for the other person to turn on him first," Loretta says as we pull into the shelter parking lot.

As soon as we're out of the car I can see girls watching from inside the building. I hope they're looking for Loretta and not me but I see a few familiar faces staring in my direction as we head inside. Once we're in and I get my visitors pass the Latino woman heads into her office and start to go over removal notices with the door closed. It takes me a few minutes before I realize she's talking about removing some of the girls at the shelter.

Apparently one of the girls got pregnant and a couple others have been caught with marijuana in the back area along with regular cigarettes. I keep my curiosity about the situation to myself as Loretta says that she'll handle the situation personally and takes the list of names.

"Well Jackie's not on the list did you want to head out while go over this or did you want to sit in," Loretta asks me. "Wait, are you just going to throw them out," I ask concerned. "Not all of them but Clara being pregnant puts her in a move out situation unless she agrees to abort it and Kelly has enough strikes against her record to be evicted effective immediately," Loretta tells me going through the folders.

"Clara might need this place to get her fixed up right," I ask. "Yes but some girls really want to keep their baby and that means risking a place in a young mother's home and those are usually full," Loretta tells me somberly.

I let her get the first girl Clara, a pretty little mixed girl with dark curly hair and a very full figure. I can see why the guys like her. She is all nerves as her and Loretta talk about who the father is and what her options are. "I know you're trying to help me but my boyfriend will dump me if I get an abortion.

It's against his religion," Clara tells us exasperated. "Mom may I please just ask a few questions," I interrupt stunning Loretta in her seat," Is your boyfriend living on his own and does he have a job?" "Yes, I've been to his place and he's got some money," Clara replies quickly.

"And you've been dating him how long," I ask plainly. "We've been together since I was seventeen," Clara answers wondering where this is going. "Why aren't you already living with him," I ask finally. "Well he gets so busy with his job and he really needs some personal space but when we're together everything is perfect. He treats me real good and pays for food and lets me sleep over every once in a while," Clara says proudly.

I shake my head and see Loretta's face, she can see what's going on too but poor Clara is so close to her 'man' that she can't see the truth. I turn her chair to face me and ask for her hands and once taking her hands into mine.

"Clara, you're chances of getting into a home for single mother's is about as good as mine are winning the Miss Universe pageant. Your boyfriend is playing you, he keeps you at a distance so he can be with other women and only lets you come over when he's got nobody else probably," I start in seeing the horror on her face," I can honestly tell you right now that your boyfriend has probably got at least one other girl pregnant and either he ditched her or made her get an abortion.

This baby you have isn't going to save your relationship or bring him closer to you. He'll do what he does best, cut ties and leave you behind." Clara looks scared out of her mind and tears start rolling down her face as Loretta takes her from me and hugs her letting her cry. I feel like crap but someone had to tell her before she set herself up for a painful breakup with a child to boot. Once Clara is done crying I watch Loretta sit her back down and discuss her options, she won't have to leave today but she has two weeks to make her decision.

I watch Clara leave the room and Jackie is on her immediately talking with her and trying to calm her down. Jackie and I share a knowing smile and I close the door to Loretta's office. "Well that was afterschool special worthy," I say sitting down in my seat. "I'm technically not allowed to say things like that but I guess you can," Loretta says to me smiling," you called me Mom." I smile; I know I called her mom.

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I figure after her actually acting like one towards me I should try it out and see if she's okay with me alternating. I ask for a little time and if I can sit in on the meeting with Kelly.

Loretta nods and I head out to one of the common rooms and find Jackie and Clara still talking. They both look at me, Jackie smiling and Clara still fearful of what I said. I sit down on the little table in front of them. "I'm sorry I had to be the one to tell you that, but you needed to hear the truth," I apologize to Clara.

"Why tell me all that then apologize," Clara asks timidly. "I don't like hurting girls but someone had to tell you the truth. Even if you help someone with a painful truth you should apologize for causing them pain," I tell Clara somberly.

Clara nods and gets up to go to the bathroom leaving Jackie and I alone. Jackie takes me by the hands and sits me next to her before giving me a tender kiss on the lips. She's definitely feeling better that the last time we were together.

I let her cuddle in before starting the questioning. "You know Kelly at all," I ask with no hiding my intentions," Loretta is planning on kicking her out for drugs and cigarettes." "Cigarettes ruling are bullshit, we can smoke here as long as it's outside," Jackie starts in," And if they kick her out she'll get violent." "She has a history of this I take it," I ask concerned.

"Well it's her fourth shelter she's been at, the last three when she got kicked out she hit two of the counselors and the last one she bit and administrator in the hand," Jackie tells me a little horrified," She'll probably have to leave in handcuffs if she gets violent this time. I heard after she bit the administrator they put her in Juvie for six months." I think about Jackie's run down of Kelly for a second.

If Kelly gets violent what the hell can Loretta do other than wait for the police to come, hope Kelly doesn't get out of hand or do too much damage? I know I can't let it happen; someone needs to put her down before shit gets out of hand. I start formulating a plan in my mind but I know I'll need Jackie's help and probably some back up. "I'm not going to let her hurt Loretta," I tell Jackie who stops cuddling me and look at me curiously," I am going to need your help.

I need someone to get that big bathroom cleared and something to keep the sound from getting out or at least keep people from getting close to the room." I see Jackie start thinking hard about what she can do before nodding in agreement and heading out of common room and out back. I follow and see her talking with some of the other girls and gesturing to me before I see the girl who played lookout the other day nod and smirk at me.

I don't know what she told them but Jackie returns to me nervous. "We can do it but Kelly's pissed some of the other girls off by stashing her shit in their stuff and if you want help they want Kelly to hurt," Jackie tells me nervously. Shit, let Loretta get into a fight or play hardball with a girl who's treating the others like a bitch.

Yeah, I make my decision in matter of seconds and nod. "Alright but I'm not going to hit her, and I need someone to get her to the bathroom since I can't go up there," I tell Jackie," wait till I'm in the showers to get her." I head back inside and pop into Loretta's office. I ask her if I she needs her door closed and I watch her nod as she focuses on her paperwork. I don't smile as I close it anyway. I head down to the shower taking my coat off and putting it down on a bench once I'm inside.

I hear the girls moving and I position myself behind the open door as I hear a loud girl stomping down the hall. I stretch my neck side to side and get my game face on, I've taken off my coat and button up shirt that Loretta got me and only have my camo pants and a tank top on with my boots when I hear 'Kelly' pop into the room. She gets about five feet in and I can see her, black girl, about 5'8" and has the word 'ghetto' written all over her; Large, fat ass and big tits in a pair of matching sweats with a zip up hoodie and a tank top, no shoes.

Her hair is in cornrows with a little bead at the end of each one. I let her get all the way in before slamming the door behind her; I watch her jump and turn around to see me standing there.

"Who the fuck are you," Kelly says startled. "I'm here to make sure you stay in the building and start paying attention when someone tells you listen," I tell her plainly keeping my voice calm. "Stay where?

Here? They can't throw me out cause I'll fuck that white bitch up if she even tries," Kelly says getting more hostility to her voice. "I can understand you've had it 'tough'.

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I realize that you're probably a pretty tough girl and have seen and done some 'bad stuff' in your life. Sadly as of right now that means absolutely dick," I tell her turning from calm to my smiling self. "Fuck you asshole," Kelly says covering the five feet," I'll fuck your lily white ass up and then get me some white bitch." I let her get the last word out of her mouth before doing something someone should have done a long time ago and slap Kelly causing her to fall to the ground and catch herself on the tile.

I see her shaking her head and holding her hand to her face, she's pissed. "Now as for the language that's just rude, I know I'm pale but the woman isn't a bitch," I tell her in a matter of fact.

"You fucked up asshole, I'm going to watch them put you in jail for that shit," Kelly says standing up. "Maybe, but then again you have to be the one to tell them that I did something and you won't," I reply smiling even bigger. "That fucking hurt asshole," Kelly says holding her cheek. As soon as she admits the pain I grab Kelly by the back of the head and with a foot to the back of her knees drop her down.

I quickly move around behind her kneeling and taking one hand pull her arm around her back and move my hand on the back of her head to her throat. "Now I'm going to talk you little bitch and you're going to listen. Call the cops after this, call anyone you want cause I don't care," I start in," it doesn't matter what you do or where you go cause I'll fucking find you, you're already in the system and that 'white bitch' is the one who birthed me.

All she's ever done is tried to help your sorry fat ass and now you're done treating her like shit." "Fuck… you… limp… dick…," Kelly gasps out.

I'm not even close to boiling but this bitch needs to learn some respect and realize when someone has you in a no win situation you fucking bite the bullet and do what you're fucking told. I stand up and walk her on her knees over to a toilet before turning her face to mine. "You think your bad Kelly, let me show you what bad really is," I tell Kelly before taking her head and jamming it into the mouth of the toilet.

I let her struggle as her face hits the water and I can feel her gurgle for a few seconds before I pull her out and after one gasp shove her face back in. I repeat this process for about a minute and pull her head out and turn it to the side. I give her a chance to cough out the water.

"You're sick you fucker," Kelly says coughing up water. I shake my head and tighten my grip before shoving her face back into the toilet. I let her slap at me with her freehand in between dunks. I know I'm pushing it but I keep the hard line and after another minute I let stop the dunks.

I let her cough again and I can see she's desperate to not get dunked again. "Please stop, I'll listen I swear. I'll do whatever you want, I'll fuck you and suck you off but please no more," Kelly gasps after coughing the last bit of water out of mouth.

"Kelly you will listen when Loretta tells you what the rules are. You will turn in everything you have and after that you'll beg and cry to stay here," I start in telling her what she's going to do," The reason you'll beg to stay here is because I'm out there, and when I find out that you're in my world I'll find something worse than a toilet to shove your face into.

Do you understand me?" "Yes," Kelly replies weakly. I let go of her head and arm, she rubs her sore shoulder and neck before standing up. I let her get to her feet before backing her up to the far wall and get in her face. I can see Kelly is more terrified of what may happen next than what I just did. "You will call me Sir," I tell her plainly. "Yes sir," Kelly says weakly. "Now why did I do this to you," I ask her keeping our eyes locked.

"Cause I deserve it," Kelly tells me starting to cry a little. "I don't want to have to come back here and do this again. You give anyone here more trouble and I promise you I'll come back and this will seem kind and gentle compared to what I can do," I tell her quietly.

I watch her nod weakly, I step back and grab a hand towel and give it to Kelly letting her clean her face up. "You start respecting the people who are actually trying to help you and next time I come by here I'll bring you something decent if you've listened," I tell her smiling lightly.

I can see she's still scared but I walk her back to the door and knock once on it before it opens and I see the door guard and Jackie standing there wide eyed. Both of them are looking at me like I'm some sort of monster but I let it pass. "Girls take Kelly upstairs and get her cleaned up, I want her to change her clothes before she meets with Loretta," I tell Jackie and her friend handing off Kelly.

I watch them head down the hallway and up the stairs before getting my shirt back on and taking my coat head back to Loretta's office. I get inside and she's working on some files but she smiles as she sees me, I guess she doesn't know that Kelly's had a change of heart yet. About twenty minutes of us sitting I see Kelly come into the office and knocking lightly on the door jam waits to be asked in.

She has changed into a t-shirt and bra with a pair of jeans. "Kelly you can come in, this is my son Guy," Loretta says welcoming her.

I get up and pull the chair out for Kelly and let her sit before stepping out of the office and close the door behind me. I head back into the common room and see most of the girls staring at me and whispering. I turn away and head for the back area and once I get behind the shed pull my hood up and sit down on the bench. I don't know what is going on with me but as some point I feel like crying.

I hear footsteps and see Jackie standing at the corner of the shed staring. I let her see my face and her fear turns to tenderness as she sits down next to me and lays me down with my head in her lap. I don't know how it happened but at some point I start shaking, through the whole of it Jackie just rocks my head and holds me close.

"You're not a monster," Jackie says reading my mind," Kelly wasn't going to listen to anyone unless she had no choice and you gave her none." "I didn't like that; I hate what I did it there. What's worse I didn't think about it, I just did it," I tell her sitting up. "You did what you thought you had to do to get through to her Guy," Jackie says taking my head into her hands," you didn't beat her up or rape her.

You took her and showed her that people need to be treated better." I shake my head and try to compose myself but I feel movement and see Jackie's got her shirt up and her back to me showing me her scars. "My older brother and Father did this to me," Jackie starts in," I got pregnant when I was twelve and it was the first time I didn't do what I was told by them when I went to the police. They hurt me cause they liked it, I didn't deserve it and they get to live away from me forever because of it.

You didn't force me the other day and honestly that's the first willing time I've been with a guy." Jackie turns back to me and sits down on my lap letting me hold her.

I sit rocking thinking about what just happened and what she said about her past. Some of the other girls come out to the shed and start talking. I get asked a few questions about what I do and where I'm from. I try to answer them simply and without too much information when I hear my name being called from the building by Loretta. Jackie hops off my lap and I give her a deep kiss goodbye, which stops all conversations with the girls, before heading back up to the building.

Once inside I see Kelly in the Latino ladies office going over paper work, I head into Loretta's office and see she's getting her stuff ready to leave. We say nothing as we leave the parking lot but the silence in deafening.

Loretta stops the car in a parking lot. "What happened with Kelly," Loretta asks me concerned. "I don't know, I just couldn't let her get violent with you so I adjusted her attitude," I mutter a little ashamed.

"Guy did you fight her or something," Loretta asks me turning on the mother tone. I tell her the whole scenario without looking at her. I go into all the nasty details without stopping and after I'm done there's silence in the car again. I feel Loretta's arm around my shoulders and she's rubbing my back. "Still the same Guy who punched a boy in the nose for saying him Mommy was lazy," Loretta says quietly," You always were a little fighter, got your butt kicked when your Father and I were married but you always got a shot in and bloodied their nose first." I'm shocked that I'm not some to her monster, I just confessed to water torture and she's calmly telling me that it's normal for me.

I don't know what's worse; the fact that she says its okay or that I'm starting to justify it to myself. "Now tell me how you knew to do that with the toilet," Loretta asks as we start to head back home. "I read a lot on the internet. There are a lot of things they put online that have no filters for age or don't even bother to check," I tell her calming down.

It's about two in the afternoon when we get home and Loretta is busy getting Rosa to help her with the dinner preparations. I head up to my room and send Kori a text message telling her I really need her here right now cause I feel like I lost a little bit of myself.

A minute later my phone goes off and it's Kori replying to my message with 'How dark did you get' and 'was it necessary'. I reply that it's like Special K and wait for a reply. Her next message reads,' Baby I'm going to be back up here when you are in August and I'm going to wrap you up and get it out of your system.

We like you because you're a good guy but you're not too good. Katy is here and she says if you feel bad it's okay because it's not who you are just what you do. Your girls love you. We're here if you still need to talk'. I read the message a few times before turning a moment or relaxation into a nap. I get that 'not alone' feeling and wake up to Loretta sitting on my bed, I check my phone and see it's four in the afternoon. Loretta is smiling at me and I don't know what's going on but she decides to let me in on her secret.

"Kelly is cooperating with Mrs. Martinez and is being given a month of heavy supervision to see if she is fit to stay at the shelter," Loretta tells me smiling," Clara still needs time but Mrs.


Martinez says she's looked at the paperwork and processing for the pregnancy termination." "Yay me, for my next trick maybe I can kick a puppy," I mutter resting my head on the bed. "No you did some good today, I never agreed with a no choice parenting method but I can see you've turned out just fine with it since I wasn't there to nurture you," Loretta says rubbing my leg. I let her console me but we're interrupted by my phone going off, it's Imelda saying she's out front and wants to know if I'm ready.

Shit we had a date but I thought she was going to be here later. "Damn it, Imelda's here. I need to get ready so we can head out, she wanted a date tonight," I tell Loretta rolling off the bed and start changing.

"I'll take care of this honey, you just get something decent on and we'll be waiting downstairs for you," Loretta tells me smiling and heading out of my room.

I pause to think what she's going to tell Imelda but decide that either I get one angry woman or two if I don't hurry. I put on some deodorant and a pair of my jeans with my tight black 'Dead Reckoning' t-shirt before heading down the stairs in the main area.

I see that everyone is outside and Mr. Delauter has a grill out and is cooking while the women all talking amongst themselves at a table. I see Imelda seems a little off in the setting considering she's wearing a black leather jacket and what look like racing pants and boots.

I step out the door and I see Imelda's face brighten a little. "Your mom told me that I can eat dinner with you guys before we head out," Imelda tells me with a smile and a minor look of concern in her eyes.

"Sure, saves some money and time finding a place," I reply sitting down next to Imelda. I let the girls casually talk about what's going on with Abigail and Carlos; I barely pay attention to their conversation until I realize that I'm being asked a question. "What did you ask," I say shaking off my dazed expression. "I asked if you were still upset about Carlos pulling the switch on you for the date," Imelda asks me with all the girls staring. "Honestly I'm pissed about the switch but not the result.

It's more about giving your word on something then breaking it that has me pissed off," I tell the girls and Loretta plainly. "And that's why I trust you in my car," Mark Jr. decides to but in the conversation. The girls all groan and Bethany shoves her brother a little. Mr. Delauter brings burger patties and hot dogs from the grill and joins us at the outdoor table so we all can eat.

It's a good meal and some mild conversation as Imelda warms up to everyone pretty well. We both finish and I take Imelda back up to my room so I can change into something she might like better. "So where are we going," I ask showing her my shirts.

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"Somewhere I feel right at home and it'll do me some good to bring someone along who isn't scared of loud noises and a lot of people," Imelda tells me smiling cryptically.

I shake my head and she decides on a red t-shirt with 'hungry' on the front in black letters. I grab my coat and a roll of knuckle tape, I get the feeling I might need it as we head out and I say goodbye to Loretta and the girls.

Once on the bike and out of the gate Imelda redefines speed on a motorcycle for me as we go barreling down the highway for about hour before finally getting exiting on an off ramp into a more isolated location. Even with the roar of the engine on her bike and the helmet on I can hear the bass and music blaring from what looks like an old airport. We ride past empty hangars until I can see at least two hundred people and more cars and bike than an auto lot. We pass lowriders, street racers, bike racers and even a biker gang with American muscle bikes.

I feel like just stepped into a Vin Diesel movie with everyone lining up around cars and making it a point to be seen. Imelda parks her bike and we get off just in time for me to see we're next to Carlos and his crew; they have a couple lowriders with neon lights and are relaxing.

Well everyone except for Carlos who gets visibly uncomfortable as I take the helmet off and pull my hood up. "Baby hang out here with the boys I need to see if I am going to be making money tonight or not," Imelda tells me before heading into the crowd. I make it a point to not move from my spot by Imelda's bike and sure enough I see Carlos get up from the front of what I can only guess is his car and head in my direction.

"Hey Guy, didn't know you'd be coming by here," Carlos says holding his hand out in a greeting. "Didn't know I'd be coming out to something like this," I say taking his hand. Carlos and I shake but when he tries to pull his hand away I keep him locked in the shake and pull him closer to my face.

"Don't even think I forgot that shit you pulled. I like Imelda a lot but you and I have unfinished business and I plan to collect," I tell Carlos so only he can hear me," but not tonight." I see him nod and I let go of his hand so he can head back to his crew. I'm feeling really out of place until I see a few familiar faces over by the biker gang, Smitty and his Dad are here along with Smitty's daughter who looks really good in a leather top and a jean skirt.

I'm almost staring at the women too hard when I catch a voice in my direction. "Hey money, you took this bike off that psycho bitch," I get asked by a tall black guy in yellow racing leathers. The guy is a little taller than me but he's not much better built than I am.

His hair is in dreadlocks and he's got sunglasses on in the middle of the fucking night, his entourage is more girls than guys and it's all the colors of the race rainbow as far as I can tell. I want to answer him but I see Imelda walking back to me and her bike. "No I didn't lose my bike to him, he's my other ride," Imelda says behind the black racer.

"Well shit crazy bitch I'm thinking I want that bike in my stable since you never have any real money to bet on," the black racer says then raises his voice," I'm challenging this bitch to a race, what do you have to bet with or are you gonna leave so I can get some real racing done?" I can see Imelda's pissed but she reaches into her coat and pulls a stack of bills out holding it up so people can see.

I watch a biker come over and taking the money he counts it out. "We got a grand here," the biker yells out," bike or money Blaze?" "I got the money, I'll get it from my rig if I lose," Blaze starts in," but I ain't gonna lose am I chica?" Imelda is pissed but I place my hand on her shoulder and she starts to breathe deeply calming down.

Blaze and the biker head off and I watch as people start placing bets, I don't look at odds or the bet takers. I'm focused on Imelda who looks a little worried. "I'm guessing he's good," I ask her.

"It's his bike, I can take him but I gotta be perfect for a mile, that ain't easy," Imelda says taking her helmet. I stop her from putting the helmet on and take Imelda's head in my hands, I close my eyes and rest my forehead against hers and start to speak. "May you have love that never ends, lots of money and lots of friends.

Health be yours, whatever you do and may God send many blessings to you," I say to her softly before kissing her forehead. "Did you just wish me luck or something," Imelda asks looking me in the eyes. "I don't need to wish you luck, I'm Irish. We invented luck," I tell her smiling. I see Imelda get her focus back and watch as she gets her helmet on and moves her bike out to the starting line.

Carlos and his crew are with me on the starting line and I see Blaze ride up on his bike, it's definitely flashier than Imelda's bike. I watch as one of the girls from the biker gang heads out to start the race. Imelda doesn't even look at anything but the road in front of her and all the only noise I can hear over the crowd and engines is Hector screaming in my ear at Blaze in Spanish.

The biker girl's arms go up and then sharply down and watch as blue flame comes flying out of the back of Blaze's bike. He's off like a bullet and Imelda is hot on his heels as they scream down the road. I can't see whose leading but I see the flame on the back of Blaze's bike die out and after a few more seconds I see both bike turning around, Imelda is heading back up but Blaze has stopped his bike at the end of the race line.

The biker who took the bets get's off his cell phone and yells that Imelda is the winner. I let her get her bike back to Carlos and his crew as people are cheering her victory, I let her bask in the moment before I see her take her helmet off and tackle me into one of the cars kissing me with passion.

I wrap Imelda up in my arms and after a minute we stop kissing but she's all smiles. I watch Blaze walking his bike back up with a few of his friends and the biker start to talk to him about the money when he brushes him off with later. "What happened," I ask Imelda. "He used Nitrous right at the start and I think I heard him blow something out. It'll be a while before that bike goes anywhere on its own," Imelda tells me displaying her engine knowledge.

More races follow and even a lowrider bounce contest gets going with Carlos and Hector synchronizing car bounces. I head over to Smitty and his Dad's group and get to talk with them a little bit before introducing them to Imelda. They keep calling me her bitch since I rode behind her, I just smile and let the joke go. It's about ten at night and Imelda's talking to the biker who took the race bets about her payment.

Apparently Blaze hasn't come forward with his half of the money.

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Imelda gives me an angry look and I get over to her quickly. "Blaze hasn't paid up his money yet, that's two months' rent and change for Mom and me," Imelda tells me getting angry. "Hey can you come with us over to Blaze so we can get her winnings," I ask Smitty and the biker. I see Smitty nod and the four of us head over to Blaze's truck.

He's got a nice full cab truck and his bike is in the bed but most of his girls have left and I can see he has a drink in his hand as he's cursing at his boys. "That is such bullshit; no way I could lose to that bitch. What the fuck happened to my fucking bike," is what Blaze is saying as we walk up.

"Blaze it's been a couple hours and you said you have the money now pay up or we take the bike," I hear the biker say to Blaze. "Fuck that, I got money but that bitch must have sabotaged my bike somehow. I ain't paying shit," Blaze retorts. "I fucking beat your ass out there fair. Don't get pissy with me because you don't work on your own bike like a real racer does," Imelda says with venom. I watch Blaze turn away from Imelda and put myself in front of her waiting for the next shot to come in.

Blaze turns and throws his drink into what he thought was her face and instead hits me square in mine. People start to take notice of the confrontation and are moving around to watch. I wipe the beer from my eyes and lock eyes on Blaze. "Okay, money now Blaze or we take it out of your bike and your hide," Smitty says starting to get in between us.

I turn my head and look at Imelda, I'm angry and she can see it. Almost wordlessly she knows what I want to do and nods her head. I turn back to see one of Blaze's boys hand him a money clip full of cash. "Here, maybe the bitch can buy herself a fucking kitchen set or something with this," Blaze spits out handing the money off to the biker.

"Double or nothing," I say loud enough for everyone to hear. I watch as Smitty and the biker both turn to face me with an interested look on their faces. Blaze's boys look up from his bike and Blaze himself just looks confused. "Double or nothing what, you want to me to foot race the bitch or something," Blaze says confused.

"Double or nothing, you and me, one on one. No weapons, winner is the one who makes the other say I quit or knocks his opponent unconscious," I tell him declaring the challenge. The bikers start to talk amongst themselves and I can see Smitty's Dad wave him over. They talk for a minute before Smitty gives the biker who took the bets the nod of approval.

"Well Blaze he called you out, and it's a fair challenge," the biker says to Blaze. "What the fuck this ain't a fucking club house fight," Blaze says turning around and walking to his truck. "I swear I smell burnt nitrous and vagina coming from your truck Blaze," I almost laugh as Carlos yells the insult loud enough for everyone to hear.

Blaze freezes in his tracks, I can hear the crowd booing him but I don't look at anything else. I keep locked on Blaze as he turns around and takes out another group of bills from his money clip and hands it to the biker.

"I'm gonna fuck you up man," Blaze says taking off his coat.

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The ring takes very little time to prepare. It's a bunch of biker's in a circle with a crowd surrounding them watching. Carlos says they're taking bets but Imelda is more set on taking my coat and shirt as I start to tape my hands up. "One question babe," I ask Imelda finish my tape job," Knock out or I quit." I watch her puzzle at the question before giving me a kiss and backing behind the biker wall smiling.

All I have on are my boots and my jeans as I wait for Blaze to get in the 'ring'. After a minute I see him in some track pants and sneakers but no sunglasses this time a wife beater tank top.

I know that people are cheering; I can see the bet taker talking calling the contest but all the sound has left my ears except for my pulse. It's a deep drum thumping slowly; I'm feeling calmer now than I have in almost a year, calmer now than when I planned out Derek's payback or Kamran's personal sex show. I watch as the biker steps back and slowly move forward keeping my hands to my sides as I see Blaze put his fists up like he's boxing. I don't move as he bobs around, I don't match his foot work as he starts to shift to the left and right, I stand there waiting and soon enough I see an over shoulder punch come straight towards my face.

I side step the swing and keep moving as the next two shots come at me. I can see him confused at my lack of offense but Blaze decides to keep the offense up by trying to put his shoulder in my gut and grapple my waist to take me down.

I don't let Blaze hook his hands by putting my arms under his and pulling a double under hook, I can feel him struggle and quickly shift my hips and throw him on his side. Blaze rolls to his ass and stares up at me for a second before slowly getting up with his back to me, I crouch down and as he turns fast to tackle me again throw a front kick connecting squarely with my right foot to his left check.

The kick causes his feet to fall out from under him and his body slams to the ground hard. I back up and watch Blaze stir on the ground before starting to get up, he's wobbly and a little disoriented but I don't press the advantage as he finally gets to his feet. I finally raise my hands up, towards Blaze keeping my arms extended and palms down. He goes back to his boxer stance and I watch as he steps forward gingerly.

I deflect a few bad jabs from Blaze before ducking under a right hook and grab Blaze's whole body up in a double leg take down. I don't follow him down as the impact takes the wind out of him; I stay on my feet and grab his right leg as it up in the air.

I lock an ankle breaker with one arm holding his leg and the other taking the toe of his shoe and pulling it violently to one side. As soon as I lock it in I can feel Blaze start to thrash around, I rotate my position to roll him on his stomach and as soon as he start tying to crawl away I hook Blaze's upper leg in a grapevine with my legs and keep wrenching the hold.

I still don't hear the crowd, I don't hear Blaze screaming and thrashing around, I only hear the drums. My heart beat drumming that primal rhythmic beat as I see the biker checking Blaze then throws his hands up; two sets of hands pull me off my death lock on Blaze. I'm on my feet and I can see Blaze being helped up, Smitty is patting me on the back and some sound is coming back to me.

I want blood, I want to grab Blaze by the head and smash his face into the ground. I want to scream until Imelda gets in front of me and puts her face in front of mine and stares into my eyes. "It's over baby. It's all over, you can breathe now," Imelda says to me over and over. I slow my breathing down and can hear people talking and exchanging comments about the fight.

I nod over to Smitty's dad and he waves me over to where the bikers are congregating. I head over to them while I let Imelda collect the winnings. "So who's been teaching you how to fight," the old man asks me.

"My Dad, seven years plus change now," I say pulling my shirt on. "And you're only seventeen," the old man shakes his head," take this." "What's it for," I ask quizzically. "We like you kid, you're ready to fight and you made some of the younger guys in the crew take notice on how to handle their shit," the old man tells me smiling.

The old man hands me a small rectangular patch with the word 'Pariah' on it in black letters on a white background, I thank him and he tells me to get that sewn on before I come back into his shop again. I don't really understand what happened but when I get back to Carlos and Imelda their friends see the patch it's Hector who flips out. "Holy shit you got a patch from the Union," Hector says excitedly. "What the fuck does that mean," I ask taking a bottle of Gatorade from a cooler.

"It means that you're a friend of the Union's. They like you enough that you're welcome with them," Carlos explains to me. Yay, now I'm a friend to a bunch of old men on Harley's. It could be worse though, I could be Blaze. Imelda and I hang out for another hour and as it approaches midnight I can feel the strain from the fight in my muscles.

One thing I learned from my Dad is that even if you never get hit you can still pull a muscle or get hurt just from hitting someone. I can tell I might have over extended my kick and my forearms are sore. Imelda says her goodbye to Carlos and we hop on her bike before heading back home. I don't even feel the ride home but about half way there I start to feel Imelda's ass against my crotch, I defiantly like riding behind her as we pull into the driveway at home.

"Okay, you're coming with me cause I need attention and we need a victory party," I tell Imelda before getting off her bike. "Wait, you want me to stay here with you," Imelda asks surprised. I nod and see her face change from surprised to happy as we get inside the front door. We both creep inside and quietly get up the stairs and into my room. Once the door is closed Imelda and I crash into each other furiously pulling clothing off and kissing deeply.

We get down to our underwear as she throws me on the bed and crawls up my body reengaging our frantic and passionate kissing. I'm running my hands across her ass as Imelda grinds he hips against mine and kisses on my neck nibbling a little bit as she goes.

I squeeze her asscheek and get a moan, but not from her. We both stop for a second and look around the room when I think we both see someone huddled up by the end of my couch. "Who the fuck is that," Imelda says sitting up from our make out position. I pull Imelda off me and sit her down before walking over to the far end of the couch. As soon as I'm there I can see Abigail in a t-shirt and panties with her legs pulled up against her chest and a very nervous look on her face.

"Abby what are you doing here," I ask her. "Ummm I wanted to talk to you when you got home," Abigail says nervously," I can go." I watch Abigail start to get up but Imelda is off the bed and a topless Latino girl makes most people freeze in place. I sit Abigail on the couch and Imelda heads back to the bed and sits down. "Well I'm here so what is my little freak stepsister wanting to talk to me about," I say smiling.

"It's not like that; I just wanted to talk about Carlos. I tried calling him but he stopped answering his phone and earlier today he told me how he fucked you over, all of it," Abigail says with a little pain. "Okay so you know what my cousin did, can we get on with it cause Mamá es caliente," Imelda says in that sexy accent of hers.

I watch Abigail's face get a little flushed and apparently I'm the only one in the room who doesn't speak Spanish. I can see she's driving at something and I'm losing patience along with my hard on.

"Okay Abby, what is it you really want," I ask Abigail crouching down. "Well I want it to be done with the two of you so I can actually be a girlfriend," Abigail says nervously," I can't do that if you're going to just find him and beat him up over this.

So I decided that I was going to tell him I'd be his girlfriend tomorrow after I had sex with you tonight." "Oh shit that is awesome," Imelda cackles out rolling on the bed. I shake my head and chuckle a little too. I start to think of how to tell her no but Imelda stands me up and lays me down on the bed before going over to Abigail and stands her up.

"Okay, tomorrow we tell Carlos that you're his girlfriend but that Guy had you before he did. It'll burn him a little but he'll have to accept it or I'll kick his ass," Imelda says finalizing the plan," Now strip we got a man to please." I watch as both girls strip naked and I honestly couldn't get much harder on my own as they crawl up the bed.

Imelda pulls down my underwear and my cock springs free startling Abigail a little. I watch as Imelda starts slowly jerking my cock as Abigail is mesmerized by the sight. "Well get in there and start sucking girl," Imelda tells Abigail who looks shocked at the thought. I watch Abigail as she leans in and starts to take my cock in her mouth, slowly and nervously working just two inches in her mouth. I can see she's unsure of what is happening as Imelda takes the lead pulling Abigail's mouth of me and using her own to take five inches hard and fast.

Imelda bobs her head up and down quickly before stopping and letting Abigail try again. I watch as Abigail gets to three inches and is moving faster this time when Imelda takes the base of my cock and starts pumping. I sit back as they continue with the lessons. First Imelda bobs her head down twists her mouth and comes back up, then Abigail does the same thing. Then Imelda goes down deep and starts to drool a little on my cock before coming up slowly, and then Abigail does.

"Best thing is to make eye contact, if he starts moaning look up at him," Imelda instructs Abigail," he'll clench up in your mouth and all you have to do then is keep working an inch or two and use your hand till you get used to guys cumming." They continue sucking me off with Imelda licking my shaft while Abigail works the head with her mouth.

The exchange is almost maddening when Imelda finally stops them both and moves Abigail to straddling my hips then moves behind her holding her perky little tits. I watch as a hand trails down Abigail's body and starts to rub her clit. I watch as Abigail writhes in Imelda's arms as she gets her pussy worked over. "I didn't know you had experience with other girls babe," I ask Imelda joking.

"I don't, but most girls like the same thing. Get us hot the first time and we'll let you come back for more," Imelda says kissing Abigail's neck," it's time to fuck her." I take hold of my cock and start rubbing it against Abigail's pussy, she starts moaning and as soon as I find the entrance I feel her tight pussy lower onto my cock. Abigail's pussy is hot and wet as we start moving slow and deep; I get to the last inch and can't push any further.

Imelda is still behind Abigail helping her move while rubbing her clit. "Don't move Guy, let her have this one," Imelda purrs working Abigail's pussy. I remain still like I'm told and feel Abigail tighten a little then start speeding up, her slow strokes turning into hard bounces with a deep grind at the end of each one.

I grunt every time I hit bottom but Abigail doesn't notice as she starts moving a little faster. I see Imelda nodding and I take the hint to grab Abigail's hips and we both hold her in place as I start fucking her pussy in fast thrusts.

I watch Imelda cover Abigail's mouth to muffle her screaming and watch her exhale some long grunts and a wet feeling starts to cover my hips. Abigail just squirted on me and I can smell it as I feel that tingle in the base of my cock before grunting and with a final slam shoot my load in her pussy.

Abigail and I grind against each other as our orgasms subside and just as I start to relax Imelda pulls Abigail off me and starts working her mouth on my cock hard and fast trying to get me back to a fuckable hardness.

I just came and it's a sweet pain that I am enduring as I get worked over by Imelda's mouth. Imelda finally stops and marvels at my re-hardened cock. "Now I'm getting my turn," Imelda says. I sit up and roll Imelda onto her back, I watch her spread her own legs wide and hold them there as I sit on my knees and start rubbing my cock up against her slit when I feel her asshole.

I get a wicked idea and push a little when Imelda snaps out of bliss and glares at me.


"Not enough tequila for that," Imelda growls," Maybe before you leave but fill me up now." I can hear a little desperation in Imelda's voice and push against her pussy hole only getting my head inside. I feel Imelda start to move her hips against me trying to get more inside her.

I hold where I am for a second and suddenly slam my whole cock into Imelda's tight pussy. I feel her clench up and Imelda gasps loudly as I start hammering her pussy hard and fast. The slapping of my balls against her ass fills the room along with our grunting.

I hold one of Imelda's legs for her giving her a free hand which she uses to reach up and take me by the back of my neck. I take my free hand and grab the back of her head so we both are locked into a test of wills to see who cums first. I keep fucking Imelda's pussy hard when I see a third hand reach in and start rubbing Imelda's pussy, I see Abigail's face has a smile I've only seen on Katy's face back home.

Abigail's got a wicked idea and I make eye contact as she leans to my ear and whisper's 'slowly'. I slow down to a crawl only thrusting an inch in and out of Imelda who is now clutching my head desperate for me to finish us both off. Abigail leans next to Imelda and starts say something I don't understand again. "Creo que quiere tener a su bebé? Dile a dejarte embarazada y voy a decirle que te folle duro y correrse dentro de ti. Dígalo," Abigail says to Imelda coyly. I see Imelda's eye widen and she starts shaking her head.

I can feel Imelda tightening up and her grip is painful as she starts shaking me to get me to speed up. I've never seen Imelda helpless like this and Abigail seems like she's enjoying herself as she starts talking again. "Le dices que quieres ser su perra y tendrá a su bebé o te lo saca y comienza él masturbándose para que no llegue una carga.

Voy a dejar que se lo dices en español decirle en español," Abigail says to Imelda rubbing her clit lightly. Imelda looks desperate and i almost want to speed up when I feel her hand on my neck relax and she desperatly looks into my eyes. "Oh Cristo, quiero ser tu mujer, y tener sus bebés, te quiero cum en mí y me hago la mujer," Imelda says to me in a pleading tone.

"Finish her Guy, she needs it," Abigail says backing up from us a little. Both Imelda and I let her legs go and I lay directly ontop of her as she wraps her arms around my back and her legs around my waist. Imelda starts kissing me hard and passionatly as I thrust furiously into her pussy. I can feel that tingle again and I think Imelda feels something too when I hit my orgasm she locks her body up and we moan loudly into each other's mouths as we shake with the power of our orgasms.

I don't know how long we're laying there but the whole time Imelda's kissing me and rubbing me like I just got out of another fight. I get face to face with her and see she's happy and crying a little but not in a bad way I hope. We finally untangle our bodies from each other and I roll onto my back and nearly black out due to exhaustion.

I know I'm not out long when I hear more moaning, Imelda's moaning again but I know it's not me as I look over at her and see Abigail rubbing her pussy. Abby is the first to notice me and I see her smile. "Does it get you hard seeing a girl play with another girl," Abigail asks me smirking. "What the hell has gotten into you," I ask her confused. "I'm getting all that revenge out of your system," Abigail says stopping her fingering of Imelda.


I look at Imelda and see she's still blissing out from everything earlier. I get up and and Abigial gets on her knees with me and as soon as we're face to face she takes my cock in her hand and starts jerking it slowly to get it hard. I feel a pinch as she starts fondling my balls and leans forward to lick my nipple.

"I've had you soft and it was good. We just had some good sex a bit ago but if it's revenge then you need to fuck me hard," Abigail says emphasizing her last words while squeezing my hardening cock," You fuck me like I'm a whore, fuck me hard and make me like it.

Then you're done with revenge on Carlos and I tell him that it's all settled so we can move on." I'm hard and stunned at what I'm hearing, I suspected she was a freak the first night when she was smelling my underwear. Now after her second time with me and a threesome at that she's telling me to make her cum like she's in heat and make it harder than she's ever had.

I'm set aback a little bit by the boldness I'm seeing in Abigail but my cock isn't backing down at the thoughts racing through my head. I take her by the back of the head suddenly and wrench her head back before lowering my head to her breasts and bite her nipple lightly. Abigail starts writheing and I take my free hand and spread her legs a little before shoving two fingers into her pussy.

"Don't you make a fucking noise," I growl at Abigail between biting her nipples. I see her hand come up to cover her mouth but I grab them and hold them behind her back with the hand I had on her head. She's still got a little cum in her from our fuckin earlier as I take the two fingers from her pussy and stick them in her mouth. I watch Abigail choke on my fingers a little and after a second I take my fingers out and lightly slap her on the cheek.

I turn Abigail to the foot of the bed and lower her body down so that she's on the bed but her head is hanging off, her arms are still behind her back and her knees are together with her ass up in the air. "Now no matter what you don't make a noise or I'll put my whole cock right up your ass then shove it down your throat," I tell Abigail harshly. I watch her head nod up and down lightly in agreement before taking my whole cock and with no warning slam the whole thing hard into Abigail's pussy.

I feel the magical wall that kept my last inch out previously give way and now I just start pounding away using Abigail's arms like a handle as I fuck her pussy mercilessly.

The bed is shaking with the energy of my movements as I fuck Abigail like she said she wanted. I lose myself in the moment, Abigail near motionless except for her head bobbing off the bed, light groaning coming from her mouth as she tries to keep from crying out. I don't realize it until it happens but Imelda's is up next to me and starts kissing my body lightly while rubbing Abigail's back and ass. "I'm gonna really want to see her cum like a bitch, can I help," Imelda asks me almost purring.

I nod my head and watch as Imelda gets off the bed and kneels down before Abigail and lifts her head up so they are looking face to face. I'm still pounding Abigail's pussy as Imelda leans in and whispers something into Abigail's ear before taking what I can assume are Abigail's panties and shoves them into her mouth gagging her. Imelda moves back onto the bed and starts rubbing Abigail's ass again favoring her crack and asshole more and more.

Imelda takes her freehand and pulls Abigail's head up so that she's looking straight ahead. "Ask the little whore if she's ready to cum," Imelda tells me sucking on her middle finger. "Whore, are you ready to cum like a bitch," I ask Abigail in between thrusts. I hear a groan of 'MmmmHmmmm' from Abigail's gagged mouth. I see Imelda smile as I speed up then watch as she takes her wet middle finger and starts to push it into Abigail's asshole.

The intrusion into her asshole makes Abigail start thrashing harder back and forth as Imelda and I hold the rest of her in place and I start hammering harder into her sopping wet pussy. Imelda let's go of Abigail's head and takes the underwear out of her mouth then regrabs her head. "Tonight what are you Abigail, tell him what you are and he'll cum," Imelda asks smiling wickedly. "I'm Carlos's girlfriend and his whore, I'm pussy for him to abuse so Carlos doesn't get beaten up," Abigail blurts out painfully.

I feel the tingle for the third time tonight and start pounding Abigail's pussy trying to break it. As I erupt inside Abigail's pussy I take my hand off her wrists and grab Imelda by the back of the head and kiss her furiously. Our tongues battle as I continue to shoot my load into Abigail's now worn out pussy.

I start to feel light headed and Imelda leans me backwards on the bed still in a lip lock. I fall out of Abigail and hear some moaning as Imelda breaks the kiss and moves to the foot of the bed. I feel Abigail getting moved up to me and see with some clothing on get laid down facing me. There are some tear marks on her face and when she sees me notice them she starts to smile. "It's okay, that was intense and I cried a little," Abby says softly," I also came like I wanted you to make me come." I shake my head and get latched onto by Imelda who is in blissful cuddle mode as she pulls the covers over us.

Keep my focus and after I don't know how long I feel a hand touch my face and see Abigail smiling as she gets up and waddles out of the bedroom. "So I guess you and Carlos are settled," Imelda says quietly in the dark. "Yeah, what about us," I ask her puzzled by all the hidden messages during sex tonght. "I want this, I don't care what I have to do or who I have to go through anymore," Imelda tells me with a scared tone," I want you Guy." I kiss her lightly and hold her close, I know It'll be hard but I found someone just different enough from Korinna, Katy and Mathilda that can relate to my rage.

I am going to have to explain how things work with all my girls and that there is a no favorites and no jealously ruling that breaks what I do with any of them. It's early in the morning and I drift off into a deep sleep thinking about Kori and the rest of the girls as Imelda keeps me warm in my now home away from home.

For those who have been reading and wanting some major plot movement this is just a sampler to lead into the end of this series for our brooding hero. I will keep the anonymous comments and votes open but still prefer to have people PM me with their own thoughts and ideas. I love putting out this series for you and there will be more than 4 chapters till this one is over.