Assfucked teen amateur bouncing on cock

Assfucked teen amateur bouncing on cock
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Full Circle Chapter Seven "Whatever it is you're doing don't fucking stop you're driving me wild" she moaned loudly as her breath came is gasps. I couldn't believe that she had slept through all that.

Well she was awake now and I was just getting started. I locked away in the back of my brain her reaction to light anal probing because that was certainly something to explore later. If she acted the way she did with a light bit of pressure how was she going to act toward actual penetration? I withdrew my finger from her anal region and gently inserted it between her nether lips slowly dragging it to the top where I circled her clit getting closer and closer and closer without touching.

I inserted a second finger and started gently probing until I felt that magical spot found on every woman her G-Spot and then I began moving my fingers rapidly in and out making sure that I caressed that particular area with every stroke in and every stroke out. Faith began to move her hips up and down in synchronization with my fingers and we would build up quite a rhythm until another orgasm flowed through her and then we would start all over again.

I could feel every time that she was getting closer to a massive orgasm so I inserted a third finger and then finally a fourth finger into her now sopping wet pussy and when I felt her build up and up and up I mashed down on her blood engorged clit. Faith let out what I can only describe as a blood thirsty battle screech as she slammed her pussy against my hand time after time shuddering all the while.

Faith reached up and grabbed my ears and pulled my head down to meet hers kissing me with a level of passion I had rarely felt then looking me squarely in the eyes with a voice so distorted by passion that it almost sounded like the growl of a mighty feline beast she exclaimed FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME NOW!!!!DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID!!!!I SAID FUCCCCCKKKKK MMMEEEEEEEEE!

I grabbed her up in my arms and pulled her on top of me so that she would have better control as her near virginal pussy impaled itself on my passion engorged cock! I raised her up and centered my cock directly under her and spreading her lips I nestled that huge cockhead of mine between them.

In a matter of seconds my entire cock was drenched by her constantly flowing juices. Faith wiggled her butt in a series of tight little circles followed by a dip as she lowered herself on to me and then up as she pulled back half the distance she had just gained only to begin the cycle all over again. The feeling was magnificent like a combination of being jerked off, while being sucked while being fucked and holy mother of god was she tight. I had never fucked a woman as tight as Faith was and it was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Finally she hit bottom and I thought she was going to lose it. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she began cooing oh, oh, oh, oh as her upper body collapsed on to my chest. She lay like that for several minutes, although it seemed a lot longer, pulling her pussy up maybe an inch before lowering herself down and her mouth sucked one of my nipples into it.

She laved her tongue over my nipple ten, twenty, thirty strokes with it becoming harder and more sensitive with each one then taking her teeth lightly bit it.

My cock pulsed inside her pussy once, twice, a third time as she nipped me with her teeth then she raised her body up, off my chest, and pulled her pussy up until just before it popped out she dropped all the way down, squeezing me with her glorious tightness, until our pubic bones met with a jar.

Time after time she repeated this and when I tried to match her rhythm with my hips she hissed in a voice that commanded instant acquiescence "Don't You Dare Fucking Move!!! So I lay with my hard cock standing straight up as she and her pussy rode me. She picked up more speed and started rocking forward every time she slammed down and backward as she withdrew. I could feel her beginning to tense as her motions took on an even more frantic pace and the fiction caused by the rapid up and down motion was rapidly bringing me to the edge.

I reached up with both hands and grabbed her breasts firmly grabbing them and pinching each nipple between my middle and ring fingers as I kneaded her flesh.

As my cock swelled and I could feel the cum start rising up my cock the muscles inside her pussy began trying to suck my cock deeper and the vice like pressure of her pussy intensified.

I could take no more and grunted out I'mmmmmm ccccuuuuummmmmmmiiiinnngggggg! And as the first blast issued from the tip of my cock she slammed down one final time and began convulsing. Jet after thick jet of my boiling hot cum shot into her grasping pussy filling her completely.

Other than the gasping of her breath she was completely incoherent babbling out a string of disjointed words as she tried to make sense of and find those words that expressed the intense pleasure she was feeling as one powerful orgasm after another rocked her body.

Her head was whipping from side to side and her long red hair was lashing my upper body with such force that under any other circumstances would have been extremely painful.


Her whole body was shaking and quivering and as it once again crashed on to my chest her eyes rolled up and she lay there shaking, completely oblivious to everything around her as wave after wave of her orgasm washed through her.

How long we lay like that I don't know Faith was completely unconscious lying on top of me as the sweat from her exertions dripped off her and rolled off my body. Finally I rolled to my side and my now flaccid cock oozed out of her abused pussy and with it came a flood of my cum and hers that had been dammed inside her soaking the bedding beneath us. I held her closely to me as her body continued to twitch periodically and kissing her forehead fell asleep.

For the second time in as many days I awoke with Susan sitting beside me stroking my head and when she saw I was awake she smiled and kissed me.

"Thank you" she said looking deep into my eyes "for being the kind, wonderful, and loving man I know you are" and she tenderly kissed me again. Then she asked "Coffee?" and handed me a mug of her Jamaican/Hawaiian morning brew, hot, black, and strong enough to melt a horseshoe it was just what I needed!

I glanced around and not seeing Faith asked Susan "Where's Faith? "Faith got a call earlier from the hospital that another of her expectant mothers was ready to have her child so she went" replied Susan. "Christ not alone I hope" I said. "No, no" replied Susan "Paul and Sam are with her and will stay with her until she is ready to leave." Susan went on saying "Now lazybones, it's time for you to get up.

It is now 0730 and Stephen and Jackie are here, Roger and Mike went to pick up the other four men and bring them back here, and Billy is expecting the contractor who is going to install the vehicle barrier to arrive any minute." "If you hurry you have time for a shower and shave and if you are real nice I'll even scrub your back, but we don't have time to fool around that will have to wait until tonight" she said.

Groaning only a little I climbed out of Faith's bed and gathered up my clothes and pistol then I nakedly followed Susan to the elevator for the journey to the fourth floor. Once we arrived I walked over to my clothing bags and selected my wear for the day and padded into the bathroom where Susan was already waiting for me in the shower.

Stepping into the shower Susan hit a button on the control panel and the water started falling from this large round showerhead. She grabbed a scrubby and washed every square inch of my body and after I had rinsed off I did the same for her. After rinsing herself off Susan again pushed a series of buttons on the control panel and said to me "Five minutes only" and then the water hit.

Coming from at least fifteen different directions all at once the water alternately massaged and pummeled my body and it was wonderful and it ended all too soon. When I stepped out Susan was waiting for me with a large fluffy towel that she commenced to dry my body with. I slipped my arms around her waist and pulling her close kissed her "You keep treating me like this and you'll never get rid of me" I said as I lightly stroked her back with my fingers eliciting a slight shudder from her.

I brought my hands down her back and softly kneaded her ass cheeks then slipping one hand around to her front ran two of my fingers up her slit and gently massaged her clit bring forth a deep moan from her. "My, my" I said as I brought my fingers up to my mouth and licked them "You're soaking wet sure we don't have time to fool around." Susan broke from my embrace and pushing me away when I would have followed saying "We don't have time right now!" "You have made love to me, my daughter, and my granddaughter over the past three days and you still want more?

You're an insatiable satyr." I thought about that as I went and dressed. Was I insatiable and what had come over me. During the preceding thirteen and a half years I had precious little sex especially after Carol really took sick and yet here I was acting like a randy teenager with an overdose of testosterone coursing through my blood.

Hell I had barely copped a feel with Susan and I was already half erect and looking over at her as she slipped on a pair of shorts I knew that if she were to give me the slightest signal I would gladly haul her into bed and jump her bones. I don't know what was happening, but I sure wasn't going to try and over analyze it either rather I would simply go with the flow as it were.

Finally both of us were dressed and we headed back down to the second floor. Stephen and Jackie were sitting in the front room with Cyn chatting and when we finally arrived several rude comments were made at my expense, but I took it all in stride. I went over to the coffee pot and poured another cup and asked Cyn what was planned for breakfast. She said that she was waiting for Roger and Mike to get back with the other four men then she was thinking of something simple like pancakes and sausage to feed the entire crew.

She also mentioned that we were going to have to do a major shop since there were so many extra mouths to feed. "A lot of it Daddy" she said (which earned me a couple of strange looks from Stephen and Jackie "I can take care of ordering over the internet and simply go by later and pick up what we wanted, but there are certain staples that we are going to have to push a cart through the aisles to get." She went on saying "Grandma and I can put the list together and do the online buying while you show Stephen through the houses and when we are done we will start breakfast for everyone." That sounds like a workable plan I said then asked Cyn "do you know when Roger will be back?" "Well he's been gone nearly an hour so I would expect he'll be here very soon" replied Cyn as the door to the stairway opened and Roger came through.

"Speak of the devil" I said. Roger came over and shook hands with Stephen and was introduced to Jackie. He poured himself a cup of coffee and after sitting down said "Mike and I picked up Chris, John, Lenny, and Robert and Mike is getting them settled in." "I spoke with Billy downstairs and he has just finished telling the contractor what we wanted." "The contractor had a suggestion and I thought it a good one so I gave him the go ahead on it and he promised the work done by 1700 hrs today." Roger finished up saying.

"What was his suggestion" I asked Roger and in the background I could hear several jackhammers being used. "Basically he suggested digging a trench two foot by two foot and then drilling eighteen inch diameter holes another foot down from that" said Roger "He would then fill the holes and trench with a heavy rebar cage and center the upright pipes in the holes before doing a continuous pour to fill everything in." "That would give us a monolithic block anchoring everything together and while one crew is digging the trench the other can be putting the cage together." "That's excellent Roger" I replied "Now what about the blast fabric for downstairs." "I talked with my supplier" said Roger "and he is sending a crew to do the prep work that should be here in another hour or so and then bring and hang the fabric this afternoon." "Once again that's excellent, do you want to take the tour with Stephen and I as there a couple of things I need to go over with you" I asked.

"That works for me although I may have to leave early if Billy calls to deal with the fabric installers" responded Roger. With that bit of "housekeeping" out of the way Stephen, Roger and I took the elevator to the basement. I showed Stephen the running room and Roger was immediately interested in getting one for his headquarters. The rest of the basement was pretty straight forward and Stephen took detailed notes.

When we got to what I called the armory and range Stephen took lots of notes and I pointed out the freight elevator in the corner. Stephen asked about the contents of the safes and I said that I thought that each safe should be emptied and the contents securely boxed to prevent any damage from occurring. Stephen agreed and made more notes. We moved into the range and I told Stephen that I believed the steel could stay, but he said that since it was all bolted together and not welded he would figure on taking that too.

Moving up one floor we looked at the soda fountain/store and pharmacy before moving over to the garage area. There I told Stephen that everything was going to go and in addition to the vehicles parked here Susan had another storage facility across town that held another twenty or so vehicles and perhaps fifteen or so motorcycles that would have to be moved as well.

Stephen made special note of that and we moved up another floor. Since Stephen had already seen part of the second floor living quarters we stayed on the garage side and looked at Faith's medical practice and decided that everything that wasn't nailed down was to go.

The third floor was fairly empty and what was there was already pretty much boxed or crated so that wouldn't be a problem. The fourth floor was a duplicate of the third with the exception of the laundry area, but again Stephen didn't think there would be any hidden problems there. As we were going from floor to floor Roger and I discussed the overall defense of the building and I told him of the reinforcements we would be getting on Wednesday night and suggested that we share the intelligence we had with Detectives Jones and Smith of the BCPD Gang Taskforce.

I said that I thought it would be to our advantage especially since there was, in all likelihood going to be some shooting going on around here. I said that while we would still catch some heat for what we did the exchange of this type of information could help cover our butts especially since we didn't intend to use lethal force unless it was a matter of life or death.

Roger wasn't really keen on the idea, but he saw the rationale behind it and agreed it wouldn't hurt to do a little cya. We also agreed to move the briefing back until lunch to allow for Faith and her two bodyguards to get back from the hospital. We moved over to Susan's domain and Stephen again made copious notes about the furniture, which were mostly antiques, and he breathed a sigh of relief when he found out that Susan's monster round bed was in fact a waterbed.

The bathroom took a lot of time as he documented what was staying and what was going and he paid special attention to the custom tub and custom shower with its waterfall. The dry sauna presented no problem he remarked. We dropped down a floor into Faith and Cyn's territory and that, according to Stephen, was pretty straightforward until he came to the computer room. He made a special note to make sure that complete backups were done before anything was disconnected or moved since the servers there held all of Faith's patient records and all of the pharmacies records as well.

We rode the elevator back to the second floor where Stephen took note of everything in the dining and sitting areas before he moved into the kitchen area.

There he was met by his wife Jackie who told him to make sure that he made a complete list of everything that was there from the commercial ranges, Sub-Zero Freezers and walk-in cooler to the huge double sink, sunken tile floor with floor drain, and the two commercial grade microwaves. She also said for him to make note of the tankless water heaters and the remotely controlled spotlighting for focused light in one particular spot.

Finally it was done and as Stephen collected all his notes and place them in a folder he said to me that he should have a workable plan, including manpower and equipment estimates, ready within a week to ten days. I told him that was fine and asked that he coordinate everything with Marty and SgtMaj as they were going to handle the acquiring of both men and machines. He also said he would give me an estimate of how long it would take an experienced crew to pack everything and how many bodies I would need.

Stephen also made the suggestion that the garage area be used for initial staging and said that if we could move out those vehicles and sports equipment that weren't being used to the other storage facility it would give us better than six thousand square feet to stage stuff in.

I asked Stephen and Jackie if they would stay for breakfast and Stephen said he had to beg off as he had a luncheon engagement with his department head to discuss classes and curriculum for the coming year at the Academy. Jackie said that she had a lovely time and would like to return to visit after all the unpleasantness was over and was told by Susan and Cyn both that she was welcome at any time as was Emily.

They both thanked us and took their leave with Roger escorting them down to the garage and making sure the door was secured after they had departed. We sat down to huge stacks of pancakes served with fresh creamery butter and real one hundred percent pure maple syrup and piles of freshly cooked link and patty sausages and several pounds of bacon. There were several large bowls of freshly sliced fruit, sweet rolls and jars of jellies and jams.

Gallons of milk, fresh squeezed orange juice, and pots of coffee rounded out the meal. We hadn't been eating but for a few minutes when Faith walked in with her two bodyguards and space was made to fit them at the table. I turned to Roger and said that since everyone was here we might as well hold the briefing now as later.

Taking a healthy slug of coffee Roger asked for everyone's attention and said "This is the first time that all of us have been gathered together in one room and I know that all of you have heard bits and pieces of what is going on here. First off I know that the Colonel is the one that originally initiated contact with each of you and that you came at his call because of your respect for him.

Well Billy and I are here for the exact same reason, he called we came and now that we are here he has turned operational control and planning over to the Company that Billy and I run and I suggested that I "hire" each one of you as a sub-contractor.

Each of you has worked for me in the past and know that each contract carries a substantial insurance policy with it that would go to your families should something unforeseen happen.

This is the primary reason I asked the Colonel to allow me to offer each of you a contract and if any of you are not happy with this arrangement let me know and we will pay your travel expenses both to and from and a small check for your trouble, otherwise I have contracts for each of you to sign after the meal and this briefing. Now with that out of the way lets get down to business. We have been hired to provide primary protection to these three Ladies sitting alongside the Colonel and to the Colonel himself should it come to that.

Now why, you're asking yourself, do these folks need protection and I am going to tell you. Several months ago, six to be exact, some of the local wildlife in the form of members of the local chapter of MS 13 tried to do a b&e on this property and they were foiled by what was here at the time.

Susan, the owner of the property, wisely took it upon herself to do some serious security upgrades including security glass in all the windows, remotely controlled metal security grating over the exterior windows and doors on the first floor, a heavy Plexiglas security barrier for the Pharmacy, and steel doors with keyless entry and remote security locking.

It was a good thing she did for less than a month later a second attempt was made. At this point Susan had remotely controlled and focused security cameras and a number of HPS security lights installed.

Then four months ago things took a serious turn and three bangers tried to pull an armed robbery of the place. The security devices worked as they were designed to and Susan and her daughter Faith were able to look the three would be bad guys inside the building until the police arrived.

The cameras inside worked so well that Susan then decided to put them on the outside of the building as well, a very good decision as you will see. It turned out that one of those captured was the local head of the MS 13 chapter, the second was his war chief and the third his brother or cousin or some such.

Roger paused for a minute and poured himself another mug of coffee. It was after the arrest, trial, and conviction of these three that things started getting ugly. Threats have been made and this past Saturday an abortive attempt was made to firebomb the buildings. Eleven of the twelve attackers have been identified, thanks mainly to the exterior security cameras which took beautiful shots, and warrants issued for their arrest.

Late the following afternoon the Colonel and the Ladies were on their way to a dinner engagement when the Colonel spotted a tail. Quick action on the part of the Baltimore City PD led to the stopping and subsequent arrest of six bangers. Five were arrested for the attempted firebombing and the sixth was wanted on a murder charge. Again, due to quick work by the BCPD Gang Taskforce, intel was gathered that said there was to be an attack on these buildings sometime late Thursday night or early Friday morning.

This was confirmed by information gathered by Faith from two mothers whose children Faith has just recently delivered who were linked to members of the gang. Now we are here and it's our job to protect this place and its occupants until such time as they can move out of here which we are hopeful can be accomplished within the next couple of weeks. "Now" he said as he wrapped up "are the any questions?" Chan raised his hand and asked "What level of force are we permitted to use" I nodded to Roger and said "Chan, as distasteful as it may seem we are to avoid the use of lethal or deadly force in every circumstance except when it comes to defending your own life or that of the Ladies." I went on "There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that groups like MS 13 are the scum of the earth and should be eradicated by whatever means necessary, however, I am not the one calling the shots and until society wakes up to the dangers these gangs represent our hands are tied." Roger asked if there were any more questions and after hearing none handed out the assignments.

"Each of the women" he said "were to have two bodyguards with them any time they left the building." "The only exception is when they are with the Colonel and then one from each pair will accompany them" "We will set up an assignment roster for manning the rooftop and duty in the garage and pharmacy and we will be going on a two on four off rotation" "Now" he said "I need all of you to meet me in the garage in fifteen minutes where you will be given your toys for this operation." The briefing broke up and I stayed with Susan, Faith, and Cyn for a few minutes and then started for the elevator.

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I got about five steps in that direction when there was a large and loud throat clearing sound behind me and when I turned back around Susan "Excuse me sir, but didn't you forget something." I guess I was a little slow on the uptake because Susan walked over to me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and pulled my head down for a kiss. She then whispered in my ear "Tonight you are mine" "I've missed you the past two nights and we're going to make up for that tonight." No sooner had Susan let go of me than Faith took her place and kissed me deeply with a lot of tongue.

I could feel my cock starting to stir even more as she nibbled on my ear lobe and very quietly whispered that last night was fantastic and if she hadn't gotten pregnant right then she would be very surprised. Then she said "Daddy can we fuck tonight" I looked her in the eye and said "You had better ask your mother" and let go on her.

Of course Cyn was waiting and she jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist. She caught me off balance and I stumbled backwards until my knees hit a couch where I fell over backwards. Cyn rode me down as she kissed me and didn't even bother to whisper as one of her hands moved over my groin and squeezed my cock saying "My ass has never been so filled and I want more." I looked her directly in the eye and said "You had better ask your grandmother about that." I gave her an another squeeze and rolled her off me before getting to my feet.

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I had to spend a moment rearranging my now fully erect cock into a more comfortable position and looked up to see three pairs of eyes watching my ever move. The look in their eyes immediately brought to mind the saying "Lamb to the slaughter" and I found that I could readily identify with that thought. "Ladies I have to go" I said hurrying over to the elevator and stepping in. "I will see all of you a little later this morning" and pushed the button and code for the ground floor garage side.

I stepped out into the somewhat narrow hallway and hurried down it to the garage door thankful that my cock had subsided somewhat. When I entered the garage I found all the men clustered together admiring the BMW touring bikes and I called them all over to the back of the Suburban.

I told them, as I opened the back of the truck, split into pairs and for each pair to grab a footlocker and take it to the freight elevator. When that was done we went down and I opened the door to the armory and had them take the footlockers over to where the cleaning stations were and set them down.

I pulled out my keys and unlocked each one throwing the lids back as I did. Three of the lockers each contained six Ruger 10/22's chambered in .22 Magnum. I had bought these rifles a number of years ago when Ruger had first released them as I was a big fan of the round.

Each had been modified by adding a twenty-two inch competition bull barrel, Volquartsen competition trigger assembly and bolt, extended magazine release, and a Hogue Over-Molded Stock. The rifles mounted an EOTech XPS2-RF holographic sight. An extra competition bull barrel, three thirty round magazines a gunsmith friend made for me, a bipod for fixed stability and an eight inch titanium suppressor that matched the threaded end of each of barrel rounded out the accessories for each rifle.

The bottom of each locker was filled with boxes of both solid and FMJHP ammunition. The fourth locker contained eighteen Kel-Tec PMR-30 pistols in .22 Magnum with two spare magazines and a shoulder holster. Only two modifications made to each pistol. First the trigger pull was lightened from approximately five pounds to a little more than two and three quarters pounds and second each of the stock four point three inch barrel was replaced with one of five inches to accommodate seven tenths of an inch of threading for its six inch titanium suppressor.

The fifth locker contained three heavily modified Anschutz Luxus Series 1516d rifles in .22 Magnum. Each had a custom thumbhole stock with an adjustable cheek-piece, a two stage competition trigger, a twenty four inch threaded heavy barrel, and mounted a Leupold VX-II 3.9 x 33mm Rimfire EFR Riflescope. Each rifle also had its own eight inch titanium suppressor. In addition to more ammunition the bottom of both lockers also had several sets of NVG's (night vision glasses).

A couple of spotting scopes, a pair of laser rangefinders that were good to a thousand yards, and two dozen communications headsets with six channels on each. Looking at the men assembled around me I said "Each of you will be issued one of these rifles, a pistol, and a headset that are to be with you at all times from now on" "On the other side of that wall" I said as I pointed to where the range was "is a target range and I want each of you to spend some time there getting familiar with these weapons." I looked up at them again and said "Sam, you and Jose are both rated as snipers and I want you to use the Anschutz rifles" "That's all I have for you, if you have any questions see Roger or Billy" I said coming to my feet "and they will get in touch with me if they need to." I bent over and snagged a pistol, holster, a couple of extra clips, a couple boxes of the hollow points, and a headset and headed for the elevator.

I stopped on the second floor and no one was around and it was the same story on the third floor. I rode the elevator to the fourth and found Susan, Faith, and Cyn all sitting on Susan's bed and it looked like they were just finishing a heavy conversation.

I put my weapons and gear down and as I walked over I asked "What's up." Susan looked at me and said "The girls and I were just discussing sleeping arrangements and since neither of them is comfortable with so many strange men in the house, even though they know nothing would happen, we have decided that they will sleep here until the men are gone." "Ah Ok" I replied thinking to myself "What the hell else was I going to say No" That would have been a very stupid answer on my part and the thought of sleeping with three extremely fine looking red heads in the same bed had gotten the attention of the beast for he had started to stir.

"What are your plans for the rest of the day" asked Susan. I looked at my watch and then looked again to make sure that I was reading 1000 hrs because I sure thought it was a heck of a lot closer to noon.

"Well" I replied "since it's still a good ways until lunch I thought I would take a short nap until then." "Why is there something you need done Susan" I asked her. "No, not really." She responded "Faith and I have kitchen duty for the next cycle and then it's Cyn and Faith, followed by me and Cyn as it was this morning." "We got all of the online ordering done and this afternoon we need to go and do a major shop for food for the next 5 days that is relatively easy to prepare Can you go with us?" "Are all three of you going?" and seeing them nod yes I said "We will have to take two vehicles since at least some of your bodyguards will have to go with us." Faith chimed in at that point saying that she would need to go by the hospital to check on her patients, but that could be done either right before dinner or immediately after.

"Not a problem" I replied "Now, if y'all will excuse me I need to get a bit of rest before lunch." And with that I kicked off my shoes and dragged off my socks before heading into the bathroom. I stripped off my shirt, making note that I would have to wash some clothes soon, and threw it and my socks in the laundry hamper Susan was letting me borrow. I did my business in the head and walked back into the bedroom with my trousers in hand to find Cyn laying under the top sheet.

"I hear you rocked moms world last night, or at least that's what grandma says, but she won't tell me all the juicy details will you tell me?" she asked with this sexy puppy dog look on her face. "Cyn my love, if there is one thing that I will absolutely not do is discuss with one woman what I did in bed with another woman" I said smiling at her. "God" I thought to myself "she looks sexy as hell laying there on her side with the pale green satin sheet pulled up so that it just covered her breasts." Her red hair was splayed out over her shoulder and the sheet followed every contour of her body.

I could feel the beast starting to stir once again as I climbed on the bed and flopped down with my head hitting the pillow next to her.

"Oh pooh" she said as she rolled away from me "You're no fun!" I was beat. I had been getting up early and going to bed late and it was starting to catch up with this old man. I settled myself down and had just about drifted off to sleep when I felt a couple of fingers walking up my thigh. I raised my head and looked down my body and saw that Cyn had slithered her way next to me and was now in the process of stalking my cock. I say that because she was pretending that her hand was some sort of animal with her index and ring fingers being the legs and the middle finger pretending it was the nose sniffing along a trail.

I had to smile as I used to play a similar game with my daughter when she was very young and I would pretend to be sniff looking for her tickle spots, but I doubt Cyn was playing the same game. She would sniff along and pretend she lost the scent then cast around before finally finding it again all the time getting closer and closer to my cock. Then her middle finger raised up like it caught a strong scent, turned until it was pointing directly at my now semi-rigid cock and pounced.

She grabbed a hold of my cock and pretended she was wrestling with it. It was a titanic battle with her hand getting thrown off repeatedly, but she always attacked again until finally she pinned my cock down against my lower abdomen and held it there while she brought up her other hand.

She would let it rise up a bit and then pretend she had a hard time keeping it down. She went at it for several minutes before it "escaped" and when it was pointing straight up she captured the head between her lips and tried to swallow it. Goddamn that felt good as my hips bounced upward off the bed. Cyn forced my hips back down by throwing her body across my lower legs and began bobbing her head and lips over the head of my cock. I reached downward to pull her lower body up to my face and she slithered out of reach and intensified her sucking.

I was amazed for she had taken nearly two-thirds of my cock in her mouth without any evident discomfort and as she slowly withdrew my cock from her mouth she would lightly drag her teeth as her lips came over the bottom of my glans. It was painful, but somewhere between there and when that signal reached my brain it turned into pleasure.

She would suck for a bit and then swirl her tongue around my head at its most sensitive part before dropping down and taking my balls in her mouth. I was as rigid as a steel post and I could feel my cum starting to boil. Cyn worked her way back up my shaft licking, sucking, and nibbling as she ascended all the while rotating the palm of her hand over the very tip of my cock.

Then her lips once again surrounded my cockhead and I could feel I was ready to explode and told her I was going to cum. She redoubled her efforts with her head moving faster up and down than a plunger in a butter churn and I started to cum. Just as my ball sack drew up prior to releasing its first blast she sunk her index and middle finger up to her palm in my ass and pressed on my prostrate.

My hips lifted off the bed as this monstrous wave of pure pleasure washed through me and my cum poured out of my cock into her mouth. It felt as if every nerve in my body was saying "Tilt, tilt, tilt" and they were all connected to that stream of cum flowing out of me. I never wanted it to end. Cyn swallowed every drop sucking until I was completely soft. Then she crawled up my body, gave me a kiss, and told me to go to sleep.

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I had learned not to argue with the women of this family so that is exactly what I did with Cyn curled up in my arms and my hand on her breast. When I woke up it was nearly dark and I wondered just what the hell had happened.

I crawled to the edge of the bed, got out, and headed for the bathroom. To my surprise I found it occupied, or rather I found that humongous tub, full to overflowing with bubbles, occupied by three lovely red heads. Faith saw me first and exclaimed "My God, he's alive" and Susan and Cyn made other inappropriate remarks. "Why didn't you wake me up" I asked?

To which Susan replied "Oh believe me we tried, and tried and tried again. We would have had better luck with a stiff at the morgue I think." "It was almost like you were in a coma" said Faith. "We tried calling and shouting your name, cold wash cloths, hell we even put three ice cubes up your ass and all you did was wiggle for a bit with a smile on your face, but nothing worked." said Susan "Why I even called your eldest son and talked with him for nearly an hour and he is the one that said to just let you sleep." He asked if you had been under a lot of stress recently and said that you used to sleep like that only when you were totally relaxed and felt safe" Susan went on "and after Cyn told us what she had done we all agreed that you were probably very relaxed." "What about all the shopping and all the other stuff we had planned to do today?" I asked.

"Oh that's already done and I even went and saw my patients at the hospital and everything" replied Faith. "We had French Dips made with fresh baked bread for dinner along with homemade potato chips and fried dill pickles and baked beans from our crock." "Susan even made to fresh peach pies for dessert" she said "and we even left some for you.

"Oh" said Cyn "before I forget a Sgt Conners called for you and said that he would be heading this way at 2000 hours and would call you when he got to the city." I looked at my watch and was amazed to find that it was already 1950 hours so my plans for joining them in the tub had to be put on hold for the time being. I went and took a leak and headed back to the bedroom knowing that I would have to wash clothes tomorrow.

As I walked through the closet I saw what looked to be all my shirts and t-shirts hanging up along with all my jeans and trousers and below them were my shoes and boots. I turned around to go back into the bathroom and there the three of them were with big shit-eating grins on their faces and nothing else on save for a patch of bubbles here of there. "We thought that since you were sleeping we might as well wash your clothes" said Faith "so we did." "and instead of putting them back in your suitcase and clothing bag I thought to hang them up in here" said Susan "and I gathered up all your shoes and boots from around the house, even those in your truck, and put them here as well" chimed in Cyn.

"Do you like it Daddy?" I didn't say a word, I just went over to the three and gave them a group hug and let me tell you it's an awesome feeling to have three pairs of tits and six hands roaming and caressing your body.

Dressed I went downstairs and saw Roger and a couple of the guys sitting in the front lounge area and grabbed a seat near him so we could talk. "Sorry I crapped out on you today" I said. "I had only intended to lie down for an hour to wake eight later." "Not a problem" he replied "You've been running on the ragged edge for a while and you're not used to it anymore." "The vehicle barrier is in place and looks good and we got the blast fabric hung and fastened over all the downstairs windows and those on the second and third floor as well." "That's great" I said looking up and seeing Susan, Faith, and Cyn heading my way.

Susan had a wooden tv tray in her hands, Faith had a plate with a rather large sandwich on it in one hand and in the other hand another plate piled with chips, baked beans, and dill pickles, and Cyn was carrying a tray on which sat a bottle of Negra Modelo, a glass, and a ramekin full of au jus for dipping my sandwich in.

Susan set the tray in front of me, then Faith placed the plates of food, and Cyn set the au jus down and poured my beer. The bread was warm and soft and piled high with thinly sliced roast beef and sauteed Vidalia onions with fresh horseradish on the side. The chips were crisp and lightly dusted with sea salt, the baked beans were smoking and the au jus could have been served as a soup. I had just taken my second bite of my sandwich when my phone rang and before I could even answer it Susan had snatched it out of my hand.

I listened to her give directions to whom I imagine was Sgt Conners on how to find us, asked what he was driving and its color, and told him we would keep an eye out so he could enter the garage in a timely fashion. After she had hung up she said "Sgt Conners and two others are about fifteen minutes out in a dark green Dodge 2500 Mega Cab 4X4" and she looked at Roger and asked if he wanted to let his people on the roof know so they could tell her to open and close the garage door. I wolfed my sandwich is about eight huge bites and scarfed the baked beans in about four for which Susan and Faith both chewed my ass off and nearly chugged the beer straight down (another ass chewing) before grabbing the plate with the chips and heading for the garage floor.

Roger and Billy both joined me and about five minutes later the garage door opened and Sgt Conners rolled in along with Cpls Bain and Phillips. The garage door closed immediately behind them and after they had parked the three of us walked over.

After they had bailed out of the truck I introduced them to Roger and Billy and told the three of them that Roger was in overall operational control. After shaking hands Roger said that the first thing they need to do was get issued weapons and headsets so the six of us headed down to the armory.

When the door was opened and they stepped inside the armory the three of them just stopped and slowly scanned the room and I heard Bain tell Conners that he would just about give his left nut for just half the equipment in the room. It would set him and his brother up in the gunsmithing business in a big way.

I issued each of them a rifle and pistol and could see that they appreciated the work that had gone into them. When I opened the fifth locker and pulled out the Anschutz 1516d rifle Conners eyes lit up like a neon sign. He handled it almost reverently and said "Before I joined the Corps and we were trying to make it by hunting and running trap lines I dreamed on day of having a rifle like this because I knew that if I ever got my hands on one our luck would change for the better." For some reason I liked these men and told the three of them to meet me on the second floor after Billy got them settled in the bunk room as there was something I wanted to discuss with them.

I had a plan in the back of my head and wanted to see if it would work. I went upstairs and pulled out my laptop and did some serious research and then a made a phone call back home.

The fella I was calling was the gunsmith that had done the work on my rifles and pistols and was an absolute master. I remembered the last time I was in his shop he was bemoaning the fact that youngsters today weren't interested in learning a craft like his and that he had been trying to find an apprentice to teach his trade to since he wanted to retire in another three to five years.

It was 2100 hours here, but only 2000 hours there when I made the call. "Hello" said Tommy Schorne in his somewhat gruff voice, "Can I help you?" "Hi Tommy this is CT" I replied "How you doing old man" "Old Man my chapped ass" he snapped back "Jest cause you're three weeks younger than I am doesn't give you a right to call me old" "Now jest what the hell can I do for you." "I know it's difficult for someone of your age to remember anything," I answered him back, but do you remember bitching at me about not being able to find yourself an apprentice." "Course I remember you damned, danged jarhead I still ain't been able to find one." "Why" he said.

"Well I might have found you not one, but two of them and they're from around your neck of the woods." I said. "Do you recall a couple of young men, teenagers really named Jeff Bain and Jeremy Phillips" I asked.

"Sure I recall them" he said "They came into my shop with an old, busted up twelve gauge shotgun with a trigger problem and a battered single shot twenty two with a busted firing pin" "They wanted to watch me do the work so they could fix it if it ever broke again." "Their momma wasn't much, what with three kids by three different fathers and not married to a single one of them and they pretty much raised themselves with the older boy now let me think Jason, yup Jason that was his name watching out for all of them" They weren't dumb, jest poor and around here that's how some folks treated them" "I seem to remember, well it must have been nearly eight years ago, the two younger ones got caught doing something stupid and were given the choice jail or service they took service and I'll be damned if that older boy didn't enlist right alongside them." "Again I ask why." He said "Well Tommy I ran across them and they happened to mention that they were interested in starting up a gunsmith shop when they got out seeing as how they had both completed the basic and advanced armorer's course the Marine Corps taught" I said "and you know damned good and well that they really aren't going to know shit about anything except military weapons." I answered "What I would like you to do is offer them apprenticeships" "Well CT I would sure like to, but I haven't got enough work for two, much less three" Tommy answered.

"Tommy, I am well aware of that fact as I am about the fact that some of those so-called shooters with their fancy two thousand dollar 1911's and three thousand dollar super-duper hunting rifle won't let you touch their guns even though you have forgotten more than the folks they take their stuff to will ever learn and all because you haven't got that goddamned piece of paper." I said to him before continuing "No Tommy, what these boys need to do is go to one of the accredited gunsmithing schools and get that piece of paper and I'll pay the cost of it provided you don't say a word as to where the money is coming from." Tommy was so quiet it almost sounded like he had fallen asleep before he finally came back on and said "All right CT, I still need to do some thinking, but you can offer them a job in my name when they get out." "Meanwhile you and me will sit down and hash this thing out." "That sounds great Tommy and I really appreciate it a hell of a lot" I said.

"Hey man we brothers have to stick together," "Semper Fi" he said hanging up. It never fails to amaze me, even after all these years how close the Brotherhood of the Corps really is. Sure there are some who don't believe in it, but I have found that I have never lost when dealing with another member of the Corps be they on active duty or former Marines.

I took a quick ride to the fourth floor where I found Susan, Faith, and Cyn watching some show on HBO that didn't interest me in the slightest and told them what I was doing and that I would be back after I had my meeting with the three brothers and took another walk around the building. They were all yawning and said that they would probably be in bed by then and not to make too much noise coming in. I gave each one a kiss goodnight and went back to the second floor. I had just poured myself another cup of coffee from the universal pot when I heard the three of them come in from the hallway.

I called them back and offered them something to drink before we all moved back into the dining room and sat at the table. Turning first to Jeff and Jeremy I said "I understand that you are both interested in opening a gunsmith shop back home, is that right?" The two brothers looked at one another before nodding their heads yes.

"It's also my understanding" I continued "that you have both been through the Corps armorer and advanced armorer courses and correct me if I am wrong, but all that really qualifies you to do is work on military class weapons right" "Yes Sir" responded Jeff "but we figure that we should be able to figure out what we need to when the time comes." "Boys and please don't take offense when I call you that as I have nearly forty years on either of you" I said, "to be brutally honest your business wouldn't last a year and you know why." I had their attention now "The reason it won't last is because that cowboy with his three thousand dollar Kimber isn't going to even trust the cleaning of it to someone that doesn't have a certificate on the wall saying you graduated from this or that gunsmithing school" "But Colonel" said Jeff again "We don't have that kind of money and wouldn't know where to come by it." "What would you say if I told you that I had arranged apprenticeships with one of the premier gunsmiths in our part of the country" I asked.

"Apprenticeships that also included enrollment in a two year gunsmithing course at an accredited school." I had been wondering when Jason was going to get involved and now I had my answer "What's the catch?" asked Jason. "The catch as you call it Jason is this" I said "I want ten percent of the gross for the first three years, fifteen percent for the next three, and twenty five percent for the four years after that." "I think" I said, "that this is a very fair arrangement, but if you have a counter offer I am willing to listen." "Who is the gunsmith" asked Jason, "and why is he willing to do this now?" "Jeff and Jeremy both tried to get jobs with him at one time or another and while he's a nice old man he didn't have anything" "What's changed" he said.

"The gunsmith is Tommy Schorne and he has forgotten more about guns and how to fix them than most of the instructors at these schools know combined" I said "and as for why well you said the operative word old. Although Tommy won't admit it he is getting old and he needs the help and he has no kin that are even remotely interested in taking over his business when he passes on." "I want you guys to talk it over among yourselves and let me know something in the next couple of weeks" I said, "Now Jason I have an offer for you and I want you to think long and hard before you answer and we will talk about it on Saturday provided we aren't dead or burned out.

"Ok Colonel what do you have" asked Jason. "Jason I don't know if you are aware of my total land holdings in both Alabama and Tennessee, but combined the total amount of land including the main farm encompasses more than eight full sections and includes a considerable amount of frontage on the Tennessee River." " What I need" I said to him "is a property manager who is capable of determining not just what crops to plant and when, or whether to increase or decrease my livestock herds, but also someone that can undertake and oversee limited development of the waterfront." I paused for a moment and then said "I would like to offer you the job." I sat looking at him for a minute or so while that sunk in and then said, "don't think of it in terms of if you are qualified or not just whether you would be willing to take on the challenge and I would appreciate it if you would let me know what you think on Saturday as well." That's all I have right now guys and I would really appreciate it if you would hold all of your questions until Saturday because this old man has to go to bed.

I said and shook hands with the three of them before getting on the elevator and punching in the access code for the fourth floor. Even though I had slept a good portion of the day I was still mentally and physically exhausted. When the elevator arrived and I stepped off it suddenly hit me like a body slam I was going to be sleeping with three generations of the Marshall Clan and I knew that they were going to want to play.

I almost turned around and took the elevator back down, but knew that I couldn't really escape. I walked back to the sleeping area and stripped off my clothing then headed for the bathroom. After taking care of what I needed to do and having brushed my teeth I went back to the bed and started to climb in, that is when Susan stopped me. "CT" she said quietly while motioning me to stop as she slid over to the edge of the bed "we need to talk." She got up and put on her robe while handing me the one I had been using.

I put it on and followed her to the front where we sat on the edge of that monstrously oversized couch. "What's going on love of my life?" "To be honest" she replied, "I really don't know for sure." "Since last Friday," she continued, "when you suddenly reappeared in our lives, a tremendous number of changes have taken place and I guess I just need some time with you to reflect on them." "How so my love" I asked her while gently slipping my arm around her waist. I have always been a very self-reliant person, ever since I kicked faith's father, that bastard, in the balls I have been on my own." "I've made some mistakes, you being one of them." I started to say something and she put a finger to my lips to silence me before going on.

"But we have always made it through any adversity." "When I finally allowed myself to start dating again and I met Mike things finally started looking up for me." "Faith was grown, she had finished medical school and had a child of her own and I could start living for me." "Neither Mike nor I wanted children" she continued, "and to be honest at forty-eight I too old by then to safely have one." "We had been dating for three years the first time he asked me to marry him, but I wasn't ready and he, the sweet, gentle man he was, said he understood and said he was willing to wait until I was ready." "We had finally decided to tie the knot when he returned from Iraq and then he was killed." Tears were streaming down her cheeks and I just pulled her closer to me as I stroked her hair.

"Suddenly I found myself adrift without an anchor and since I had enough time in decided to get out of the military, not that it really mattered as his estate left me more than financially comfortable," she said as she paused to wipe her eyes with the hem of her robe, "and I made the decision to return here." "Using some of his money I bought this building and the one next door, had them both gutted and renovated to my designs and the three of us moved in." Susan paused again and got up and pulled two bottles of water from the small fridge, handing me one.

After taking a drink and blowing her nose she continued with her narrative. "The old Marshall's Pharmacy sign was still hanging out front and I had that completely redone as well." "Life was good" she said, "I re-opened the pharmacy and Faith had her clinic next door and I thought that things were wonderful again." She paused for another drink and said "Then things started to change." "At first they were minor; a little more violence on the street and Faith said she was starting to notice that more of the women and girls she was seeing had minor drug problems." "What we didn't know was that there was a major gang war taking place all around us and one gang was taking over the turf that had belonged to another." "We were pretty insular at the time and our only real interaction with the community was with those people who came in to get prescriptions filled or to see Faith." "That all started to change between the last eighteen months to two years." She took another drink and said "I started to notice that the pharmacy was receiving a great many more scripts for controlled substances." "Customers, mainly older people, were coming in to have prescriptions filled for oxycodone and mscontin who had never done so before." "I started keeping specific track of who was writing these prescriptions and discovered that the vast majority were coming from three doctors so I called another pharmacist I knew and trusted in the area and asked him if he was seeing a similar pattern." "About nine months ago I felt I had enough evidence and contacted a friend who is relatively high placed within the DEA and shared my findings with him." "He told me that he would look into it and about two months later there was a big sting operation and all three of the doctors I knew of and several more were arrested." "I had asked my friend to keep my name out of it, but someone, don't know who, at the local DEA office tipped the press and the next thing I knew there were reporters and a camera crew from one of the local stations invading the store." Angry now, Susan took another long pull on her water bottle and went on.

"I really tried to downplay my role in the whole thing because I knew how dangerous this could be, but Christ that night my store and I were the lead story and I was made out to be the one solely responsible for busting this drug ring." "That night all the windows downstairs were busted out and the front and side of the building were covered with graffiti and gang tags." "That is when I had all the glass replaced with security glass and I started carrying a pistol with me at all times" she said.

"Two days later one of the women I had gotten to know came in and told me that she had overheard her grandson and a couple of his lowlife friends talking about 'getting even' with that red-haired 'puta' at the store." "That's when the attempted break-ins took place and I installed the metal gratings put over the windows and door, and had some of the security lights and cameras installed along with the heavy plexiglass and steel door installed in the pharmacy area." Susan started crying again and I wrapped her in my arms and simply held her.

"After those three assholes tried to rob me I naively thought it might be over since the gang's two leaders had been arrested" she said, "but they are like a fucking hydra, you cut off one head and three more appear." "The girls and I were trying to figure out what to do, but we felt trapped." she said "we had no place to go and no idea on how to move all of our stuff." Then, turning to me, she said, "that's when a blast from the past walked into my store and turned out to be my knight in shining armor!" and she kissed me on the lips.

"I think," she said after our lips parted "that somewhere, deep in my sub-conscious, I knew that I loved you and perhaps like Faith always hoped that you would show back up in my life" and she kissed me again with a bit more passion. "I know that since you arrived on my doorstep I have felt more loved and protected than I ever have before in my life and" as she began kissing my face and neck before nibbling on my earlobe and breathing warm air into my ear she said "I am never going to let you go." "It doesn't matter," she said slipping a hand inside my robe and caressing my chest and ribs "whether we are married or simply live together I am yours forever." I could feel the beast between my legs begin to harden as she massaged my chest muscles and then focus her attention on one of my nipples.

She would stroke over it and then flick it with her fingernail and I became even more aroused as my nipples are extremely sensitive to touch.

Susan rolled my nipple between her fingers and when that brought a small moan out of me slowly slid her small hand down to my crotch.

Her hand slid over the head of the beast bringing him fully to life and with one finger she wiped the drop of pre-cum that had leaked from the tip and brought it to her mouth. As her lips closed over her finger she said "Hmmmm that tastes good" and she untied the robe's belt from around my waist and parted it. She slid to the side of the couch and lowered her head to my cock licking it with her tongue as she slowly went down the shaft. I parted my thighs and she went lower licking first one ball and then the other with her tongue before sucking the pair into her mouth.

I let out another small groan and after sucking on my balls hard one more time, eliciting another and louder groan from me, she retraced her path back up and around my cock catching the small river of pre-cum flowing from my cockhead. When she got to the top she swirled her tongue around the base of my cockhead causing my hips to move upward involuntarily and centered her lips directly over the tip and sucked like she was trying to pull all of the pre-cum out of my shaft.

God was it an intense feeling. She broke her lip seal and suddenly stood up untying her belt and dropping her robe in a puddle at her feet.

She then laid back down on the couch with a pillow under her ass and her legs parted and knees raised. I looked at her and could see how horny she was and as I dropped my robe and moved toward her she said very softly "I want you to make slow, passionate, and languorous love to me." "I don't want it hard and fast but soft and gentle and I need you in me now.

As I slowly moved up her body I made but one brief stop. Her pussy was laying there wide open with its lips a deep, dark red as her passion inflamed them and I couldn't resist giving it a long and slow lick starting at her light brown rose bud and slowly moving upward toward her fully aroused clit. The smell was otherworldly it smelled so good. I don't know what it is but the smell of an aroused older woman is, to me simply intoxicating.

The combination of her musk and the peach/rose bubble bath was heavenly and I could / would have stayed there all day simply licking and admiring, but a light tug on an ear was enough to remind me that greater pleasures awaited me. As I climbed further up I paused once again. This time the objects of my attention were her pert breasts and the nipples that topped them.

Using both hands I gently massaged each breast and using my mouth and tongue gave each a a light flick of the tongue and a gentle suck. My lips fastened upon Susan's and as our tongues began their dance of love she reached between us and with her hands took my cock and dragged it first up and then down between her pussy's inflamed lips, making sure it was coated with her juices, before placing its head into her.

With a gentle yet firm thrust I slowly moved into her and although she was initially very tight her interior walls seemed to magically pull back and even though I am as thick as I am I slid right in causing us both to gasp. I laid there for a couple of seconds savoring the warm wet heat and velvet smoothness of her pussy and as I did I could feel her walls contract until they were grasping the entire length of my shaft.

The feeling was simply wonderful her pussy wasn't too loose nor was it too tight it was like the feeling you get when you put on a nice pair of comfortable leather gloves. She rippled her muscles once like she was milking my shaft and I slowly pulled out until the head of my cock was nearly out and then slowly I thrust back into her.

Her hips rose slowly to meet my cock and within a matter of half a dozen strokes our rhythms matched. We kept a nice slow pace going, her hips rising to meet my thrusts and pulling back as I withdrew.

Every so often I would shift position slightly and periodically she would ripple her pussy's muscles. We would kiss and nuzzle each others necks giving each other light nips with our teeth and sucks with our lips. Nothing hard or painful simply signs of the affection and love we felt for each other.

We would kiss and our tongues would briefly duel one another before parting and staring into each other's eyes before bring our lips together again. Time had no meaning to us as we were lost in each other and the intense love we both felt. Occasionally Susan would tense as another orgasm washed through her and her pussy would briefly contract around my cock and every now and again I would stroke a little faster and she would tighten her muscles slightly and I would feel my ball sack pull up as if I were ready to come.

We would reach that brink and then back off to resume our slow fucking. How many times we did this and how many times Susan had an orgasm didn't matter we weren't keeping score, there wasn't any contest. We would both let out soft moans from time to time as the pleasure we were feeling would briefly intensify and at times we would simply hug each other with us barely moving.

Then Susan whispered in my ear "We're being watched" and flicked her eyes toward her feet. I slowly raised my head and arched my back as if stretching my back muscles and I looked in the mirror on the end wall. In it I saw both Faith and Cyn standing completely nude each with a hand in the others pussy and the other on each others breast with a look of pure, wanton, and naked lust on their faces. Without saying a word to each other I increased the pace and force of my strokes and Susan rhythmically tightening the muscles of her pussy as she began milking the length of my cock.

As the friction increased so did the tension within us and I looked down at Susan and said softly "I'm going to cum" and she, looking back into my eyes, said "So am I." It wasn't an explosive orgasm, but it was one of the more, if not the most, intense orgasms I have ever had in my entire life! Susan was shaking and shivering as wave after intense wave coursed through her body and my cock simply streamed my cum into her as if I were pissing and then Susan, using that absolutely remarkable control she had over her pussy muscles began really milking my cock.

She would tighten her muscles around the base of my cock and slowly move them inward. It felt as if a ring, slightly smaller in circumference than my cock was had magically been snapped around the base of my cock and then slowly drawn upward to the tip. Each time she did that L would shudder and another stream of cum would flow out of me and into her welcoming pussy. Five, six, seven times she did that I lost count, but finally there was no more to be drained from my balls and we held each other and shuddered together one last time before lying in each other's arms.

We were both exhausted and dripping with sweat and exerting nearly the last of my energy I rolled us on to our sides. Holding her as tightly as my fading strength would allow I looked into Susan's eyes and said "I love you" and she said the same thing to me. Suddenly we were joined by the two naked female bodies of Faith and Cyn. "This is so not fair" said Cyn to her grandmother and Faith said to her mother "You agreed to share him this evening and you didn't!" Faith looked at me and said "Do you know you guys were in here fucking for more than an hour!" "There's no way" I replied, "maybe since Susan and I came in here it's been an hour, but we haven't been making love that long." "Yes way!" Cyn affirmed "We know because we stood there and watched you for at least forty-five minutes and now look at you!" "You're exhausted and I'm horny as hell!" I felt that the two of them were somewhat unfairly picking on us.

I didn't know what they had planned or decided amongst themselves and said so. "Look" I said, "I love both of you very much and care very deeply about you, but Susan is the woman I love more than anything else in the world and she will always come first before anyone or anything!" " Now I may be tired, my balls drained, and it's doubtful that my cock will rise again tonight, but if can give you to an orgasm tonight and promise you a better one at some future time will you be satisfied for now?" The pair of them looked at each other and simultaneously said "Yes!" and grabbed my arm to pull me up off the couch!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa" I said, "I need a shower, something to drink, and maybe something light to eat because I am exhausted and I need to restore my energy. So if you'll take care of the food and drink I'll get a shower and we can take it from there." In a flash the pair of them was up and I was treated to the sight of two gorgeous bottoms running to the back to get their robes.


It took Susan and I a bit longer to get up off the couch and retrieve our robes and by then the two of them were back at the elevator with their robes in hand. "Wait a second" I called out to them before they got on. "There's a strong chance that there may be some of the men still down on the second floor" I said.

"I know that a couple were watching TV when I came up and a couple of the guys either going on or coming off their guard shift may be there getting something to eat. Now that slowed them down and both of them ducked back into the bedroom area to grab panties, shorts, and a top before putting on their robes. "Hey" I said as they were getting on the elevator "make my drink a Dr Pepper if you would." Susan and I chuckled to one another as we headed into the bathroom.

While Susan got the shower started I grabbed a couple of the big fluffy towels and laid them out for us and then joined her under the water. We gently scrubbed each other clean with numerous breaks for a bit of kissing and hugging and maybe a tad of fondling.

The beast was truly out for the night because he didn't even stir when Susan and I did a little bit of dueling tongues. I looked at Susan and said "Woman you wear me out" and her response was "Good, then I know you're not going to be wandering anywhere on me." We kissed again, climbed out and dried each other off before grabbing our robes and heading back to the bedroom.

Faith and Cyn were back with the food and drink both looking a bit flushed. "We would have been back sooner" said Cyn, "but you were right and there were half a dozen men down there play cards and watching TV and a couple were trying to make sandwiches and not doing a real good job so we stopped and whipped up a couple of dozen turkey, roast beef and ham sandwiches for them and showed them where the drinks and ice were." Faith chimed in and said "We also received three marriage proposals, but told them that you were our sugar daddy and we weren't about to leave you for anything since you took "real" good care of us." "So come on daddy eat up so you can take "real" good care of us." I sat down to eat and took a couple of quarters of roast beef and a couple of the turkey sandwiches that the girls had fixed and a drink and began munching away.

The pair of them sat side by side looking at me with such an intense hunger in their eyes that it was almost scary because I knew their hunger wasn't for food or at least not for the type food I was eating at the time.

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I took my time, chewing slowly before swallowing, to draw it out as long as I could teasing them. They had been squirming for at least twenty minutes and I could see a dark patch in the crotch of their shorts growing a little bit bigger as time passed and I could smell the musk of an aroused woman in the room, in this case two of them.

Finally I had eaten and drunk enough and tossed my napkin on my plate. Instantly they were on their feet. "Now remember girls we need to make sure the food is put up properly because we don't want to waste any" I said to them and you could feel the tension rise in the room. "Take your time and do it right and I'll meet you in the bedroom when you are done" I tossed over my shoulder as I headed toward the back with Susan on my arm.

We had no sooner gotten out of easy earshot when Susan jabbed me in the ribs. "You know CT' she said "You can be a real bastard when you want to." I turned and looked at her, gave her a light kiss on the lips and said "Yup!" "The more excited and aroused they are the faster they are going to cum and the faster they cum the faster I can wrap you in my arms and go to sleep." We didn't even make it to the sleeping area before the two of them had me in their hands and were leading me to the bed.

No sooner did we reach the bed than their tops came off and as they reached for their shorts I yelled "STOP!" "That's a present that I want to unwrap myself" I said. I sat on the side of the bed and had them stand in front of me. "Tonight you want me, but it will be under my conditions or not at all," I said to both of them "Do we have an understanding I said?" They looked at each other as if unsure how to answer me so I said "Now don't worry your pretty little red heads I'm not about to go all kinky and weird and do a master/slave routine on you, but I expect that when I tell you something I will expect to be obeyed" "Now do we understand one another" I asked?

Faith looked at Cyn for direction since she was far less sexually active than her daughter and when Cyn said yes she agreed she followed suit. "Now" I said "for the first infraction you will get two swats on your bare ass with my hand, the second four and the third eight and it will continue to double for each one after that." "I want the two of you to stand there and not move unless I direct you to do so." I said as I reached for Faith's shorts.

Grabbing the bottom of them I tugged them down over her ass and let them puddle at her feet. I turned to Cyn and saw her rubbing her thighs together in anticipation and I said to her "This is a free one Cyn, but from now on when I say don't move I expect you not to move, including your thighs." Then, instead of pulling her shorts down I turned back to Faith and slowly removed her thong panties.

Once they got to the point where they would fall freely I let them go and stuck my face in her pussy giving it a lick from bottom to top.

Faith gave out a gasp as my tongue touched her pussy and wiggled. "Your free one Faith" I said "No movement means no wiggling either." I reached up and grabbed her nipple, pulling on it as I rolled it between my fingers. "You may now get on the bed Faith and lay on your back with your legs spread wide, your knees raised until your heels touch your ass, and your arms straight along your sides." I told her.

As Faith scampered to obey I looked at Susan. She was leaning back against the headboard with a couple of pillows behind her and a light coming up from the back of the headboard focusing its narrow beam of light on a book in her hands.

She had a slight smile on her face as if she was enjoying the proceedings and when she saw me looking at her the smile got bigger. I turned back to Cyn who was standing there so stiff she was almost vibrating from the tension. I reached over and tugged her shorts down and let them drop and did the same thing with her thong. I stared at her beautiful, clean shaven pussy and reached out with a finger slowly inserting it between the lips of her pussy and slowly dragged it up the entire length stopping at her clit where I barely grazed the tip of it.

She let out a long, low moan and I knew that she wanted to shudder in the worst way, but wouldn't as long as I was looking at her. I eased my finger down her slit and then sunk it into her pussy as far as it would reach.

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After I pulled it out, covered with her delectable juices, I told her to turn around, spread her legs, and bend over at the waist. When she had done as I had told her I took a moment to look over her truly shapely body.

She really was magnificent creature with her shapely legs and thighs, nicely rounded ass, flat stomach, and pert breasts and I thanked all the gods that I was blessed with not one of these beautiful beings, but three. When Cyn bent at the waist her sweet, pink rosebud was revealed for all to see and I took the finger that was coated with her juices and prodded lightly before slipping it inside her ass.

She let out another long gasp that quickly turned to a moan as I began sawing my finger in and out very rapidly. I only did so half a dozen times and pulling it out gave her a light smack on the butt and told her to get on the bed as well in the same position as her mother. I took a short break and went to the front to get another drink of DP. I looked in the fridge and pulled out a bottle and when I looked in the small freezer section I found a bowl full of ice cubes.

I pulled it out and added a second bottle of DP, nestled down in the ice and returned to the bedroom. Setting the bowl of ice and drinks down I quickly ducked into the bathroom and retrieved a couple of small hand towels. Back in the bedroom again I took a long pull on the bottle and after wrapping several cubes in one of the towels I popped one in my mouth. Susan saw what I was doing and gave me a wicked smile as I worked my way past her to Faith, who was the nearest.

I set the towel with the extra cubes to the side and lowered my mouth over one of her nipples sucking it in. She involuntarily shivered when my cool lips came in contact with her skin, but that was nothing compared to what she did when that ice cube came in contact with her warm nipple. She let out a tremendous gasp followed almost immediately by a low, loud moan and a bucking of the hips as I swirled that rapidly melting cube around first one then the other nipple.

It was then that I had a flash of an idea. I rearranged both women so that their heads were lying side by side, but their bodies in completely opposite directions. I could now work on one without the other seeing what I was doing and they had only the sounds and their imaginations to try and decipher what was happening to the other.

I retrieved my drink and the ice cubes and moved over Cyn. I knew she suspected that I was using my cold lips from the soda bottle on her mother, but that was all. I did the same thing, taking a big drink where she could see me and then when I leaned out of sight I slipped another cube in my mouth.

I moved over Cyn's cheat and zeroed in on one nipple, fondling her breast and rolling her nipple until it was rock hard and swollen to the size of a cat's-eye marble. I slowly lowered my face and felt her shudder almost imperceptibly as my cold lips came in contact with the burning flesh of her nipple.

I greedily sucked the nipple into my mouth and immediately put the ice cube right on top of it. This time the shudder was anything but imperceptible. Her hips and chest bucked and a loud drawn out Hiiiissssssssssss flowed out of her mouth as she tried to cram more of her tit into my mouth.

I alternated from mother to daughter, daughter to mother until all the cubes in the towel were gone and their nipples were so tender and sensitive that the slightest touch brought an instant response.

It was now time to bring this play to a close in two acts. For the first act I selected the mother as the centerpiece and as I settled prepared to put my head between Faith's thighs I grabbed a pillow and slid it under her ass for better elevation of her pussy and asshole for if I remembered correctly it was hyper-sensitive to touch.

I had Cyn straddle her face and commanded Faith to lick Cyn's pussy. Once she had a nice rhythm going I jumped right in with lips, tongue, fingers, hands, and of course the ice. I immediately began licking Faiths pussy like there was no tomorrow.

Starting at the very bottom I formed my tongue into a hardened trough and slowly licked upward channeling all her juices into my mouth and down my throat. I kept doing this over and over as I watched her clit grow progressively bigger. Cyn meanwhile was having the ride of her life because every time I would do something to Faith's pussy she would ram her face into Cyn's pussy and lick like there was no tomorrow.

I could have continued like this all the night long, but I wanted to go to sleep with Susan in my arms so I began the final portion of act one.

I began letting some of Faith's juices escape my ever questing tongue and dribble down coating her pretty little rosebud with her super slick juices and I began to gently probe it.

Slowly at first, no more than the tip of my finger, then to the first joint, and soon the second. Moving around and round gradually stretching her sphincter muscle until my finger was fully in and then I eased back out and as she thrust back against my plunging finger I slipped an ice cube into my mouth and another two into the hand with a finger in her ass.

Finally I was ready and as I quickly shoved first one and then the second ice cube into her ass followed by my finger I moved my face as close to her clit as I could get lodging my tongue between my lips and the tip of my tongue lightly touching her clit. Then I took a deep breath and blew a raspberry at her clit and that was all it took. The combination of the ice and finger in her ass, a thumb in her pussy and the ice cold spray and vibration from lips and tongue on her clit was too much for her already overloaded senses and as she surged up off the mattress with a earthshaking scream on her lips, throwing Cyn to the side, she was already completely unconscious.

Susan and Cyn immediately crawled to her side and made sure she was ok and comfortable then they turned and looked at me. Susan knew of the ice, but Cyn still didn't and I silently prayed she wouldn't let my secret out, especially since Cyn was next. Since Faith was no longer able to participate I asked Susan if she would mind getting her pussy eaten by Cyn. Once I got Cyn down on her back I had Susan straddle her, effectively blocking her sight of just what I was doing.

I quickly gathered some more ice cubes in a fresh towel, as the other was soaked, and worked my way between Cyn's thighs. I again slid a pillow under her ass and started working on her already sopping pussy.

Cyn was really working on her grandmother's pussy because Susan was making a steady moaning sound and it appeared that she was having an orgasm on a regular basis. I already knew that Cyn was anal-erotic and thoroughly enjoyed having fingers or a cock in her ass so I immediately slipped two fingers into her pussy to lubricate them and then slipped them in her ass.

She let out a loud moan and a strong shiver as an orgasm quickly ripped through her. I kept stroking my fingers in and out and slipped my thumb into the lower portion of her pussy where I rubbed my two fingers and my thumb together because I knew it heightened the sensations Cyn was feeling.

I once again formed my tongue into a trough to capture all of her sweet juices and paid particular attention to her engorged clit flicking it regularly with my tongue and the fingers of my other hand. I kept on and on licking her pussy, varying the depth, length and pace of my licking and I could feel, by the subtle tightening of her body's muscles that she was rapidly building toward a massive orgasm.

Reaching into my towel I grabbed three ice cubes on the bed directly below her asshole so I could quickly grab them with the hand already in her ass and pussy. I slipped two more in my mouth and kept one in my other hand. It was time to bring act two to a close. I quick pulled my fingers and thumb out of her ass and pussy respectively, grabbed the cubes and rapidly one after another shoved them into her ass followed by the two fingers and stuck my face in her pussy where I released another cube directly into her pussy followed by my thumb.

I then inhaled her clit and holding it in place with my lips and teeth started swirling the fifth cube over and around her clit with my tongue. The sixth cube, the one in my hand I reached out with and quickly slipped it into Susan's ass. Her yell and rapid squirming served as a beautiful counter point to her granddaughters wild convulsions and super loud moaning and as I mashed her clit between my tongue and the ice cube her eyes rolled back and she passed out.

I checked to make sure she was still breathing, tucked her in beside her mother, and turned in time to block a fist thrown at me by Susan. "You unmitigated bastard, you foul, disgusting, morally reprehensible, thoroughly evil creature in human form" she said "I would gladly watch as you were slowly executed by the death of a thousand cuts while hogs ate your entrails, impaled on a dull wooden stake, drawn and quartered, and your remains fed to a horde of starving rats" she said to me before getting really nasty.

I pulled her spitting mad body to me and as I lay beside her with my arms wrapped around her I kissed her, pulled a sheet over us, and said softly in her delicate ear "payback for a cold shower sure is hell isn't it my love," snuggled a little closer and went to sleep.