Me la presta el marido Mientras el graba

Me la presta el marido Mientras el graba
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Straight Teen Friends SHORT STORY ___________________________________________________________________________________ :) It was a Friday, my friend & I had plan to go to a party that night with a couple of other friends. At the time we were both 15.

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After school he told me that if i could picked him up because he didn't had a ride. I told him I was going to ask my mom. Later that night her text me if i was going to pick him up and I told him to be ready like at 8pm. After my mom picked him up she dropped us off at the party. At the party their were a lot of girls my friends and I started to get numbers and we dance with a couple of girls.

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As the night was getting better and better we decided to stay at the party a little later. He called his mom to ask her for permission to stay longer, She said she it was too late for her to be driving. He really wanted to stay, so I told him that if he wanted he can stay at my house, because my mom gave me permission to stay till the party ended.

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He right away asked his mom for permission to sleep over, she said yes. When the party ended my mom picked us up and headed to my house.

In my way to my house I was texting a girl I met at the party, She was fine, and a big freak. When we got home we went straight to my room. Bryan asked me who you texing with, I said that girl from the party. She was sexing me. She kept asking for a naked picture. My friend told me to ask her if she had a webcam, so I did.

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She told me she did, and we started webcaming. The girl really wanted to see my dick. I was shy to take it out in front of my friend, I told her that my friend was next to me. She got even more turn on and told us to get naked.


She took her bra off. At that point me and my friend where hard. So my friend told me he was down but to not tell no one. So we decided to get naked. The girl started to finger her tight wet pussy, she told us if we could dock for her, it was weird at first but it felt so good. Docking was the best filling ever. (docking is when 2 guys rub their tips) We started to sword fight with our dicks. She was soo turned on.

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Then we both cummed in front of each other. After we cummed my friend asked me when we can do that again, I told him when ever we sleep over again.


We are both straight and after this we became best friends and we jack off together (no homo) once a moth. It feels great to compare cocks. I never thought i would ever do that but I did and I do recommend it. Just try it, it wont make you gay as long as you both guys are straight and your just doing it for fun.

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. I'm 18 now, and I will do it again { I was a great felling } If your straight and would wanna try it comment with your "Skype, Facebook, Or email" (NO HOMO) Only if your straight.

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Include your age. ___________________________________________________________________________________ . .leave me comments.


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