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Young Eve Evans sucking BBC
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It was a Monday night. I was tired from work I grabbed something quick to eat and took a shower. I decided to turn in early. It was not later than 8:30. I no sooner got to the bedroom and the phone rang. I reluctantly answered it. It was Denise 2. She asked me if I would like to stop over. Tired or not, how could I say no. I said "Sure." I threw on some clothes and headed for her apartment. I got there and I thought that I better park far away, in case Denise 1 happens to see my car.

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Denise 1 and I were no where exclusive, and I thought she was having sex with others, but I did not know for sure. If she found out that Denise 2 and I were having sex, it may strain their friendship. i got to Denise 2's door and knocked. She opened the door and let me in. She said that she had to give Carly a bath and put her down. While she was bathing Carly we talked. She said she had mentioned to one of her friends about having anal sex.She said her friend had never tried it.

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Her friend said, " I can't believe you did that. Did it hurt?" She told her that it felt different and it may have hurt a little at first, but she liked it.

Her friend had said "I heard it hurts a lot, and besides, it's dirty."Denise told me she had explained to her that I let her do everything at her pace. Denise 2 said to her, He did not even get all the way in." Her friend asked her if she had "The Big O." She told her 2 times and it was nice that I was not being forced to do anything I did not want to do.

Carly's bath was done and she was putting her to bed. Carly fell asleep quickly. Denise 2 excitedly asked if we could go to the bedroom. I told her yes.We got to the bedroom and she took her top off.

She had no bra on.she took off her pants and she had no panties on. Meanwhile I was stripping. I did not put any underwear on in anticipation of this. My cock was already rock hard. She reached her hand under her breast and lifted it.

She sheepishly said, "Can you suck on this? It really felt good." I went over, put a nipple in my mouth and sucked. Her tit was hard. It must have been full.


I was getting a trickle at first. I started to caress her breasts. Slowly stroking it from her chest to her nipple. That did it. The milk started to really come out. I sucked for a couple of minutes and went to her other engorged tit. Milk was already dripping. I hungrly sucked the other nipple.

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i reached down to play with her pussy. it was wet. As I touched it, she squatted slightly for easy access to her pussy. I started probing for her clit. I pushed on it a little. I slid my finger into her pussy. When I took it out, I let go of her nipple and put my finger in my mouth.

I slid my finger out of my mouth and said "You taste great." Denise 2 said, " I have been looking forward to having all of you in me." Then she told me she had bought some flavored lube.She went to her dresser and got the strawberry flavored lube. She got back on the bed, handed me the lube and got on all fours.There she was again, on hands and knees, her pussy and tight ass in front of me and her milk filled tits hanging down to the bed.That view was awesome!

I crawled up and whispered in her ear " I want to lick your ass." She said "OK." I put my lips on her ass cheek and kissed. I kissed and licked, getting closer to her puckered asshole. I spread her ass cheeks and put my tongue on her butt hole. She leaned forward. I asked "Whats wrong." She said "That is my ass." I said " I know. I want to lick your asshole." She said 'That seems really dirty." I said "You thought that anal sex was dirty." She said 'That is different. You were putting your cock in me.

Now you want to put your.tongue in there." She then asked if i had done that before. i told her that I did. She then asked me if I liked it.

I told her "Yes, If I did not like it, I wouldn't have asked if I could do it. I said " What really makes it exciting is if the girl likes it." She was hesitant but said she wanted to try. I went back behind her and spread her ass cheeks, revealing her puckered asshole. I kissed and licked her cheeks, slowly working my way toward her hole. I touched the rim with my tongue.

Her tiny hole flinched. I put my tongue on it and licked. Denise 2 said "Oh fuck." I stopped. I crawled up to her and asked her if she would like me to stop. She said 'It seems so really dirty, but hot at the same time." I told her I could stop if she would like.

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She said "No, I want you to keep going." I then asked her, "Can I tongue fuck your ass?" She said " I don't know about that." I told her I would stop whenever she wanted. She said nothing. I took that as on OK. This time I asked her to spread he cheeks with her hands.

She reached back and spread her cheeks. I licked her hole a few times and pushed my tongue into her tight hole. I reached under and gave her mike laden tit a squeeze.

She pushed her ass into me. I pushed my tongue in and out of her ass. I massaged her tits. she said " I cannot believe how it feels." She started fucking me back. I reached between her legs and started to finger her clit. I said "Spread you cheeks far." She spread her cheek farther. I slid 2 fingers into her wet pink pussy. They slid in with ease. She said " Oh my god, I am going to cum." I could feel her body shutter and her asshole convulsing on my tongue. She was saying "Fuck,Fuck, Fuck!" She collapsed flat on the bed, breathing hard.

I laid on her back. She said I have never felt like that before. I can't believe how good that felt. We laid there for a couple of minutes and she said "I want your cock in my ass."I could hardly wait. She got back on all fours. i got the lube and lubed her ass and my ready to explode cock.

I positioned my cock at her back door and gave a little push. The head disappeared. She reached her hand back and pushed. She said "Wait." She relaxed and gave a slight rock backward. she said "It feels like you are bigger today." I said "I hope so, but really doubt it." She reached around and started squeezing the shaft of my cock.

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I said " If you keep squeezing like that, I am going to cum." She kept squeezing. I could feel the cum ready to gush out of me. I shot my cum in her ass.


It felt like it would never stop.I pulled out and rubbed the last bit on her hole. I had not been in that deep. she moved and some cum came out of her ass. It dripped out her ass and down to her pussy. It was in her pubic hair. fuck did that look hot. All that white cum on her brown ass and in her jet black pubic hair. If I was hard, I would have plunged my cock into her pussy and filled it to overflowing. I pushed the cum around with my cock. I rolled over and laid on my back to catch my breath.

She said " I am getting all of you in me tonight." She started to stroke my cock with her hand. She said "I saw Denise suck you after you were in her ass. would you like me to do that?" I said "Only if you want to." She brought her mouth to my cock, opened her mouth and put my cock in her mouth. She sucked my cock. I could feel it getting hard as she sucked. i said " If you keep doing that, you are going to get a mouthful." She stopped and said " Some other day. Tonight I want you in my ass.Se got the lube and lubed my shaft.She got on her hands and knees.

I got behind her. I grabbed my hard slippery cock and guided it to her tight little hole.


The head slid in. She rocked back. More of my cock disappeared. She pushed back again. Her ass was tight.I gave a push. She said " Is it in all the way?" I said "Not yet "I spread her ass cheeks. What a view. She said " You push it in the rest of the way." I grabbed her hips, arched my back and slowly pushed. My cock was completely buried in her ass.She said " Fuck, I think it hurts." I told her I could take it out, but she said no.

She relaxed and said " I want my ass fucked." I said " I think we need more lube." I slid my cock out and put a healthy dose of lube on my cock and the entrance to her ass. I got my cock to her back door.

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It slid in easier. I slid it in until it could go in no more. She said " Now fuck me." I grabbed her hips and fucked her ass.She said " It hurts, but I want you to fuck me faster." I pumped harder and harder. With each thrust, I tried to get deeper into her.

I exploded a load deep in her ass.

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I thought she was going to feel it spraying in her rectum. I left in in her ass until I got soft. I slid it out. I was spent. I rolled on my back to catch my breath. She swung around and put my cock in her mouth.

She milked the last drops of cum out of me.