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Shemale morena linda e deliciosa
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THE MEAT (Male Erotic Allround Therapy) John was an average man in is late thirties, who had most things in life sorted out. One thing that was missing in his life though was an intimate relationship with a loving woman. He had a couple of romances before, but none was quite fulfilling for him. He just didn´t seem to find the right partner.

His last relationship was already through, and his ex had a new boyfriend by now, whom John couldn´t stand, but she still seemed to care for John, since she thought he was a nice guy.

John was indeed a nice guy, but he had a few things that bothered him, sexually. He had always been jealous of the men with large sexual organs, being sure that women prefer larger sizes for the intimate pleasures, and he was sure his own cock and balls were too small. In the past, girls and women used to make fun of him, calling him tiny-dick, or peanut-balls-guy. He was also almost totally bald, only having little hair left, on the sides and on the back of his head.

He was worried about that, too. A few times John heard women say, that excessive masturbation leads to the loss of hair. So, once he had the experience of his life, which set off his whole life on fire. It happened once, that John was enjoying his sun on a beach one nice summer day. He lay there on the sand, watching couples hug and kiss and play games in the ocean. The sun was shining on his body, including his balding hair, which he never cared to cover.

The weather was so nice that the beach area was overcrowded with people, and it was hard to find an empty spot to lay down.

The hot sun and the almost naked bodies contributed to the heightened horny feeling for John. Just next to him there lay a couple, right up one place. He noticed that the boyfriend of the lady was often leaving her, to go swimming far into the ocean.

But the girlfriend didn´t care, and was just laying there, enjoying her sunbath. John threw occasional glances in her direction, and as the woman was positioned really close, he could almost smell her feet! Yes, her feet were almost touching John´s face.

Of course, the lady did not even notice this. She simply enjoyed the laziness of the day, and casually wiggled her pretty toes in John´s direction. There were some bags next to her feet, and the woman used to touch and roll those bags with her feet every now and then. And so it happened, that the lady perhaps mixed the bags with John´s head, and yessssss, John suddenly felt a hot soft female sole flatly step on top of his head and move it slightly around, as if John´s head was some old bag or something.

John grew so excited by this, that he actually had an orgasm in his pants. The lazy lady´s foot rubbed his balding head, slapped it, and rolled it this way and that! John was having time of his life, but not too long. Very soon the lady´s boyfriend came back to her, and John heard them argue over this incident. The angry boyfriend said. - Gee, don´t you know we love having female feet on our heads and faces?

Why did you wanna make me jealous like that? Especially the bald guys like that treat. I´m gonna kick your ass tonight when we get back home. - John grew red in his face, but he was still very excited.

- Sorry, Tim, but i thought it was our travel bags! I didn´t know i was stepping on his head! Sorry, ok?

Shall i excuse myself in front of the guy? I feel so bad. - No, don´t excuse! You just made him the happiest man on earth, you silly bitch. You just wait till we get home.

.John heard them leave, as he pretended to not hear their conversation, acting as if he was sleeping. John´s head spinned. The sun boiled his head, and his nose could still remember the sweet scent of the female feet on his head a minute ago. That evening John came 4 or 5 times, masturbating to this special event, replaying it in his mind over and over again, remembering all the details of it.

The feel of the lady´s feet on his bald head. The sensation of her actually moving his head by her feet, as if it was belonging to her, as if his head was a bag with some dirty clothes.

The rubs and slaps by her feet. Even a few scratches on his skin, caused by her toenails! The aroma! It was as if her feet were either moisturized or treated with some kind of lotion or parfum. He fell in love with those feet, with their feel, scent, view. The jealousy he felt, that the other guy is probably now touching her feet in their car. The slight egoistic high from the fact, that this other guy got jealous himself, over his girlfriend´s act.

This guy knew his girlfriend made John the happiest man on earth! Wait a minute. How come? Somehow it was true! John never was this happy in his life. And he could not understand, what it was that made it this way. He always thought, that there is nothing much in sex, besides sticking it into a girl, and leaving one´s seed inside her. The feel of an ejaculation is nice, sure. But still this one single experience, although not sexual, was way much more powerful and sharp for John, resulting in his happiest high ever.

But John still was very lost as to the logics of it all. His brain could not concentrate. Something touched his being very deep inside, and he was never actually even aware of such depth before. Perhaps sex and life itself is not only ejaculation? John felt a strong connection between erotics and the female feet. And so how come this other guy figured out John was the happiest man on earth? Did he know about this feet thing, too? Did he perhaps enjoy his girlfriend´s feet sometimes, too?

Did she step on his head, just like on John´s today? Or was there anything else about feet, that one could do? This incident on the beach was so nice somehow, so pleasurable. Since he lived alone, John was masturbating like crazy, losing his seed in vain, dreaming about women and different erotic scenes.

His former girlfriend, Laura, recently found out that there is this place in the nearby township, where men can be simply improved, especially guys who masturbate a lot, and who are not so sure of themselves, - so they said.

Since this place was a research project, and not yet approved by the gouvernment, it was not listed in the ads, and Laura couldn´t find it in internet, either. She only heard about it. So she managed to talk John into driving along with her, to see what kind of place this was. She told John that she found a place which can change him for the better, for his own good, so that he can later have a successful relationship.

John stubbornly thought he knew better anyway, but agreed to drive along. So they finally found the place. On the entrance there stood the four letters: MEAT.

- Is this some kind of a farm or something? - smiled John to Laura, as he saw the abbreviation. - Let´s go inside and find out!

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- Laura was quick to answer. Inside they were greeted by a nurse who introduced herself as Melinda. She was wearing a nurse outfit with a short skirt and flip-flops. She was very pretty. And there was something about her, that John perceived as some air of dominance. It was as if she kind of looked down at him a little, with respect and care, but still a bit queen-like.

John loved it when women were like that, as he subconsciously felt that all the women are somehow queens. However his male ego was struggling with this idea a lot, telling him that no, he must control, manipulate and use women, take advantage of them, as if they were gloves to wear and then change for a new pair. The nurse looked a little younger than John, and this made it even more impressive, as most men are usually attracted to women a bit younger than they are.

John looked down and saw her beautiful feet. He always liked female feet, but never had the balls to do something about it, and it bothered him all his life, especially after that one episode on the beach, many years ago.

John used to have this feeling of very mixed emotions, when he saw some female feet close to him, especially when those feet were very beautiful, like this nurse´s feet were. It was a special kind of high for John. Visual high. But on top of this high feeling, John clearly felt a lot of other things.

Things which were not so clear for John, but which caused him to experience his most beautiful feelings in life. Melinda smiled at his obvious admiration, then took them to her office and offered them tea and coffee. They proceeded to the introduction of the MEAT, and very soon Laura became quite sure that this was the right place for John.

The nurse was explaining meantime some facts and details of the MEAT establishment. - We receive most kinds of men. A lot of wives and girlfriends bring in their husbands and boyfriends to us, in order to slightly improve them. Nowadays men are spoilt by our society, and women have troubles coping with their unruly partners, and so we help those loving and caring women.

We also receive men who are single and who can´t find partner for some reason, or who have problems and complexes about sex, erotics, women. Normally such single men are dying from their frustration and often even become depressed because of this. What happens is each healthy single male wants and needs a lot of sex, each day. But since they got no partner, it is not possible for them to have any kind of sex. Even usual masturbation doesn´t help much, as it leaves the man still very unhappy and empty inside, besides, it has this feel of guilt and wrong doing about it.

Men feel guilty when they masturbate, and most of them think, that women laugh at the masturbating guys. So we help those men relieve the anxiety caused by the sexual frustration, by teaching them to direct their sexual energy into other pathways in their bodies, through special exercices. However we also point out to them, that they have to get used to the sensation of their sexual desires being unfulfilled, their erotic needs not met, their sexual organs being controlled and stimulated by our nurse personal, as we accompany them on this hard path.

We discovered, that unfulfilled male´s sexual desire can work magic for the frustrated man, as well as for his wife / girlfriend. It is this compressed desire and strong need to get rid of the sexual pressure inside, that actually drives a man through his life.

Once relieved of this very special and uncomfortable kind of pressure, a male gives up, relaxes, lays back, gets silly and lazy, and loses all his motivation whatsoever. So we help guys get used to this new and wonderful feeling they get here, as well as we greatly intensify this feeling, too. We work on their sexual, erotic, emotional, behavioral and attitude problems, while we train their sexuality. We mature and fully develop the male testicles here, too. - Melinda gave John a smile here, when she saw John´s face turn redder and redder.

- Usually these important glands remain immature and underdeveloped in the most grown up men. They work at only about 10 to 20% of they full capacity. Hence so many misunderstandings about why some men haven´t got balls enough for certain things and events in life, since it is these little glands that form the basics of male´s personal power in life and his personality.

Besides, a man with ripe eggs can and will satisfy his woman much much more beautifully and lovingly, whereas a male without fully developed eggs will only try to empty them as often and as fast as possible, thus wasting his chance for a real thing, and leaving his woman unsatisfied.

So the men become more confident after out course, and much more sexually self-assured and stronger, thus getting more chance to meet the right partner for them, once outside of the MEAT.

We also get a portion of males who have commited sexual crimes in the past, and so they spend some time here, instead of a regular jail. These males are punished and corrected here, and come outside very much changed. The overall and prevailing idea of our therapy, is that through the ages the society has mutated into a kind of wrong direction. And so we concentrate on eventually getting back on the right track. It is easily achieved through working with the sexual glands of the men we treat.

John started to move impatiently in his sit, showing signs of anxiety. He suddenly felt that there was a tremendous power hidden inside the females, as he was listening to Melinda. The kind of power which had to do with sex, and yet not straight forward sex, but something else. He also felt this power in Laura before, on occasion, but mostly then, when she denied him sex for some reason.

But now that he heard Melinda tell them about the basic idea about the MEAT, and upon a brief reflexion about the testicles thing Melinda just poited out, John grew ever more worried and fearful about his own testicles somehow. Would he be ok to handle this all? Would his balls be nicely trained here? Would he enjoy this, or would it be painful? As if knowing what kind of thoughts John had, Melinda assured him, that she personally would make sure his balls are correctly worked on, trained and enlarged, and in fact she might even work on them herself!

John looked very shy and lost. This pretty nurse would WORK on his male glands?! He was confused, and didn´t know what to think at all.

So he sat there like stupid, staring at Melinda´s bare feet. She smiled again, and asked John to stand up and take his clothes off, so that she could see his balls. It was ok to do so, since Laura was his ex and saw him naked many times before, anyway. John became red again, but complied. He took down his pants and underwear, and was now naked in front of the both women.

Melinda moved a bit closer to John, and observed his sexual apparatus for a while. Meantime Laura commented on the "not-so-huge" size John had there, and the fact that all through their relationship she wished herself a larger and stronger cock and bigger eggs, which in the end led her to change John for another guy, who obviously was bigger sexually than John. After a brief look that Melinda took at his organs, she let John dress himself up again, and told him that yes, just as she suspected, he was exactly the right case for the testicular development course here, because his eggs in their present state and shape were clearly way too weak and too small.

John could never imagine anything like that! A lady, a nurse, inspects his balls! And then comments on how weak they are! This made him even redder yet, so he was visibly breathing hard, but all excited somehow. Melinda smiled at him and calmly assured. - It´s ok, John. A lot of men are in the same situation as you are. Too much masturbation, too weak eggs, too little sex, no women, no fun in life. We will fix it for you! - What are the terms and conditions of the stay here? - asked Laura, also visibly excited, perhaps by the sight of the genital inspection by Melinda.

Or maybe even by some certain erotic thought or fantasy she might have had here in this room, when told about the male development course. - It is all payed by insurance, and there is nothing to worry about. We have been successful for many years now. It´s only that the official gouvernment has still its doubts about us, since the gouvernment are mostly men anyway.

And so they all should be subjects to the MEAT treatment, which they fear like crazy. Can you imagine all those politicians and gouvernors being treated here? Can you imagine our nurses squeezing their balls every day?!. - Actually no, i can´t. - admitted Laura. - I still don´t have a clear idea of how exactly your therapy course proceeds.

Is it about squeezing the guys´ balls as much as possible?. - No, of course it is not just sqeezing the balls, although i must admit that the balls do get the most attention here in the MEAT. It is the whole and wholesome therapy course, involving varieties of stimulating and activating factors.

Each particular course, each case depends on a few things, - replied Melinda with a smile. - Depending on the patient´s main reason for being here, depending on his past deeds and behaviours, depending on his attitude towards women, also depending on the size of his cock and balls, and some other important factors. Laura smiled at the thought, but John grew ever more worried and uncomfortable somehow.

What kind of treatment? - he thought to himself? What are these nurses doing to the men? Do they squeeze our eggs every day here? Will i be considered a small sized guy here? Maybe i should better leave now?. - Please don´t worry about a thing, - said Melinda to Laura. - John will step out of the MEAT a totally different person soon. One year is a sufficient time enough, to correct a male.

The only thing that might possibly bother him, just as it bothers most of our patients, is the fact that his sexuality will take on a completely new and higher level, involving all his being, changing him from the inside, and not just his sexual organs. In addition, his testicles will have to work overtime, due to the training methods here, which will cause them to change their size and feel. And so, talking about the possible bothering factor, it is this feel in the testicles, that a lot of males have at first troubles getting used to.

With the time though, every guy gets used to this sensation and begins to enjoy it a lot. Apart from this, there is nothing to worry about. And even this is not a worry! Instead, this is a pure pleasure!. - Eggs? Worry? Bother? New sensation? Training? Change size? - John´s brain seemed to have only one brain cell.

He could not make any sense out of anything here. So he sat quiet and listened to what the sexy nurse had to say. Here is a form, please fill it out. John began answering the questions in the form. Laura could see the form, and his answers there, too. The questions were mostly of sexual nature. And Melinda asked John to answer honestly, otherwise the therapy might take the wrong course for him.

He went on writing down his answers. The both women smiled at him. How often do you masturbate? John put down his honest "twice a day". What are your most common and desired erotic fantasies? John got even redder in his face. Laura watched with her smile, as John was writing about his top sexual fantasies. She couldn´t see all he was writing, but a few words she could clearly see there. Something to do with domination, humiliation, whipping, feet, mild genital torture, etc.

Are you comfortable with the size of your cock and balls? John grew even more redder. The two ladies smiled again, as they watched John put down his honest "no" to this. A few more questions, and it was over soon. The nurse took his filled out form, briefly read it, and informed the guests, that this is a very typical answering pattern.

The vast majority of patients put down very similar answers somehow. A lot of men actually having persistent and neverending needs and fantasies about being sexually dominated and controlled be women, which comprises a wide range of practices and activities, mostly of a playful nature, including foot fetish, humiliation and denial in some form. Perhaps you know this from your own experience as a couple, that when you deny your man sex and pleasure, especially at those times when he seems overly horny and after you, then it kind of sends him off into a trip of mixed emotions and unfulfilled desires, resulting in his ever growing passion for you, am i right here or not?

- Melinda asked her both guests with another smile. - I guess so, - Laura replied, while John was getting ever more worried and anxious about the whole thing here. - And in many cases the MEAT personal helps the patients discover and live out their deeply hidden and almost unconscious desires and dreams.

We discovered, that it does the man much good to uncover and live out his fantasies and dreams and desires, although only partly, not completely. This way the man gets to experience the peasures of his eroticism to some degree, but at the same time it does not give him his total satisfaction that he is looking for, thus letting him feel ever deeper and stronger passion for us, women, and at the same time making the man more steerable.

As you probably know, we are doing research here, too. It goes parallel to the therapy. One helps the other. We research male sexual behavior patterns, their drives, fantasies, needs, subconscious levels. And we experiment with different forms of stimulation and denial for the men here, so as to improve their personal strength and attitude.

We employ a lot of different ways of contacting male sexuality. One way of doing so is through a psychedelic session, for example. Just imagine, please, how intimate and deep can a session become, if a patient is given a dose of psychedelics just before the session. A high male patient with some trippy feelings inside, next to one of our nurses., believe me, it can get very interesting.

Another way is a role-game. Most patients are very happy and open, once in a company of a dominating woman next to them. Whatever we do, we do it for the best of our patients, though.

The one word describing it the best way is correction. We sexually correct the males! - Correct? - shouted John. - Why correct me? I am all good! I am normal! I don´t need this! I am leaving. And he stood up to go. As he was stepping out of the office, Melinda assured Laura that there is nothing to worry about, and that John will be successfully delivered to his new place of stay.

And yes, through the glass door Laura saw that John was suddenly approached by a few big strong black men, who took him to his final destination, his own personal chamber, which had number 11. Laura thanked the nurse and left, all excited somehow. She even wanted to start her own private course of such therapy, - at home with her new boyfriend.

Although his cock was ok, and he satisfied her needs well, he still had some attitude problems. And so there were a few things to correct in him, since i wanna keep him on a short leash and under my heels. - thought smiling Laura as she drove home. John was very angry in his chamber about the whole thing. He didn´t want this therapy, and he decided he´d escape anyway, today or tomorrow, but he´d escape!. He closed his eyes, and repeated the whole conversation with Melinda and Laura over again, in his head.

The pretty nurse! Her dark hair, her feet! Her smiling, her tone of voice, her manners. The form to fill out. The basic things and facts about the MEAT. The therapy course, the correction, the balls activation. John still was angry about the fact that he was sitting here, but something about Melinda was so soothing and positive and pleasant, that John eventually gave up on his anger, and slowly drifted into a kind of dreamy fantasy. He visualized the pretty sexy toes of the nurse. Somehow he felt a very deep inner sensation about them, something he never felt before.

What is it? - thought John to himself. - OK, she has pretty feet, but so what?. And as he was trying to talk himself into not being attracted to the nurse´s feet, he found himself catching whiffs of some exciting foot scent near him. The room was half dark, and he knew that he himself was very fresh and clean, with fresh socks, and just showered before they got to this place.

He was lying on his bed, face down into the pillow. And yet the sense of some sweet foot fragrance reached his nose real definitive. He turned his head to the side, and he almost passed out from the surprise: right next to his head, next to his pillow, - were silently seated two perfect feet of the nurse! Her pretty toes pointed to his nose, and they were really close to his face! .John´s face bacame red in an instance. How and when did she come in here?

He was staring at those wiggly toes, and the room was in a total silence for like an hour or so. What the f.k is this? - thought John to himself. Why is she doing this? What should i do?. He felt himself like a donkey that was being whipped to move, but was stubborn enough not to move. Should i ask her to leave? Should i start shouting at her? What is this? Feet in my face! .He was trying to get himself very angry.

But somehow he liked this sensation of being right next to those beautiful toes, being able to smell them, look at them. Suddenly the nurse broke the silence and said calmly and very seriously, without a smile.

- You may also touch them, if you can! This hit John´s brain like a hammer. Touch! Is she crazy? Why would i touch her feet? Who does she think she is, anyway? Why does she think i wanna touch them? And this "if you can"! She thinks i am too shy to do it, or what?. Millions of thoughts like mini flies and spiders were flying and rolling inside John´s head for a few long minutes.

He was totally lost. He felt like he was being masturbated by this pretty sexy nurse, who seemed a little younger than he was. Still, come to think about it, the idea of touching the beautiful nurse´s feet actually brought joy over John. He had always had fantasies about touching and kissing female feet, but none of the women he knew allowed him to do so.

The only occasion being that time on a beach, and even that occasion was a pure chance, it just happened with him, without his doing or asking for it. - If i am next to her feet anyway, i may as well touch them, too, why not, they are sexy! - thought John. - Where can i touch them then? - asked the perplexed newcomer. - Well, most guys don´t ask me this, they simply touch. - was the nurse´s replay. That threw John into another spin of craziness.

No way! Most other guys! Who does she think she pretends here to be? What if the most other guys, too, were in the same stupid situation, and were confronted by touching her feet? How many guys did touch her feet anyway? And what does this feet thing does to her? Is she a foot fetishist or something? John was lost again, but felt something very hot inside of him, a hot desire to actually touch her feet.

Although he masturbated today in the morning, he still felt like wanting more, especially now, when next to the nurse´s feet. He felt an urge for an erection, and he also felt a strange sensation in his balls.

Some kind of pressure and swelling there, which seemed bigger when John concentrated on the nurse´s feet. - So may i, then? - tried to seem casual and relaxed, John was obviously very over excited and even high somehow.

- Sorry, you time is up, John. Perhaps the next time some day, - was the nurse´s answer, as she stood up, gave him a smile, and left his room. John thought he´d die from anger and mixed emotions he had.

- This bitch played with me, and then left me like that! No way! I will kick her ass tonight! Next time she´s here, i will rape her! - thought the crazed John.

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.All of a sudden, the TV in his room turned on, although there were no remotes, and he never touched the TV, either.

On screen, there came the introductionary programm about the MEAT. A sexy female voice was explaining ways, methods and details of the erotic therapy.

As it turned out, each of the three floors of the huge building had its own purpose. On the first floor, where John now was, the males were kept who were brought in by their wives and girlfriends. All of those men had one thing in common. Their viwes and girlfiends were not satisfied with them somehow. Some men were not satisfactory sexually, while others were really good in sex.

Still their negative attitudes, or their stubborness, or their mean egoistic behavior made their partners decide to bring them here, to the MEAT.

The aim of their therapy being the correction of their act towards their partners. As the female voice went on about the inhabitants of the first floor, there were also the visionary examples of some first floor cases. John could see a guy on TV, being treated for a weak sexual drive.

He could not believe his eyes, when he recognized the same nurse, Melinda, who was treating this guy! As the sexy voice explained the variety of methods for treating different cases, from mild to strong, some moments of the treatment were actually caught on tape, and so one could see a fragment of it, including the patient´s response.

John watched, as Melinda was slowly masturbating the patient. She moved her hand along the shaft of the guy´s cock, smiling at him at the same time. The voice was saying that this guy was a masturbation addict, and he was losing his semen thoughtlessly. This being the cause of his weakened sexual drive. As a part of the therapy, the nurses masturbate him a few times a day, but without release of sperm anymore. The nurses are well educated and experienced as to not let the ejaculation happen again anymore.

At the same time they keep the patient as near to ejaculation as possible. Such stimulation is a very nice way to increase the sexual drive in a male. His whole being is erotically activated, and ready to get rid of a portion of semen, which however is not allwed, and so, this left inside unhappy semen gives the man the power, drive and all the other good things he needs to develop.

John could not believe his eyes. He always loved masturbating, and he was sure every man did, but this! This was like., taking masturbation to another level of being. He watched as Melinda gently moved her hand on the guy´s cock, up and down, non stop. The camera showed a close up view of the guy´s face. His face was bright red, his eyes with mad expression, and his mouth open. It was as though the man wanted to say something, but could not, only his mouth was trying to move in some weird fashion.

The nurse worked some more on his shaft, making sure she rubbed the sensitive cock head all around, tugging on the low hung testicles every now and then. When she saw that the patient was close to coming, the experienced nurse slowed down a little, and manipulated the guy´s eggs in some fashion, causing the guy to not come.

And then she went on with masturbation, on and on. The voice said that the proper daily masturbation usually results in a couple of near-orgasm experiences, preferably without the usual few drops of pre-cum, a clear liquid each male produces, mostly in his prostate, but which is not sperm itself.

The pre-cum shows that the male is very excited and not far from coming. Not all males have strong enough prostate gland, so when it is weak, it leaks its own juice, the pre-cum, just as the male´s weak testicles leak their own sperm. So there was also a punishment for the cases, when a man could not keep his pre-cum inside, too. The masturbational training did not allow any leakage from the patient´s cock whatsoever.

For some patients to hold back their pre-cum was much more difficult than to hold back the sperm inside, while being masturbated. And so John saw the nurse´s fingers collect a few drops of pre-cum off the tip of the cock, and rub them into her own beautiful feet!

John tought he´d explode then. Those feet, that were next to his face a few minutes ago, those feet were creamed by some other guy´s juice?! No way! He felt some very strong sensations inside, but could not make anything of it yet.

He only felt the power of this all, of the nurse, of the therapy, of everything in here. One could see on the TV, that Melinda spoke to the masturbated male, probably informing him of the punishment for the pre-cum released. And yes, the TV showed the close up view of Melinda´s hand now holding a thin wooden stick. The patient was obviously told to hold away his cock, and so he did.

Melinda began rythmically smacking his testicles with the stick! John´s erection almost became an atomic disaster. The voice went on to the other patient´s case. Another nurse was this time in there. Another patient, too. The voice said, that this older man was not sexually intersted in his wife anymore, due to his own overweight and unhealthy life-style. Indeed, the man was fat, and one could see the guy was not happy about himself.

The slender petite nurse, dressed in short skirt and a T-shirt, was barefoot. The man was totally naked, as he stood up in front of the nurse. His fat belly was hanging out, and contrasting with his huge body, were his small genitals. His cock very small, and his balls hardly seen at all.

The voice proceeded to say that for this guy, the general activation and stimulation is prescribed. John watched as the nurse made the fat man do push ups and squads in front of her. The man breathed real hard as he was finishing his 10th push up. On the eleventh or twelvth, the man could not do it anymore, and he simply lay on the floor, right next to the nurse´s bare feet.

The nurse smiled at him, and touched him with her foot. - C´mon, move! Go on, another 10 push ups!. The female foot pushed the fat guy´s face around. The guy seemed excited, but still could not continue the push ups.

The voice explained that the genital activation is often one of the best ways to activate a man. The nurse stepped forward, told the fat man to roll onto his back, and started to kick his balls. John almost passed out from such a sight. This petite nurse was causing some egg pain to this fat guy, and the guy was so weak that he could not even protect himself.

After a few minutes of ball kicking, the fat guy understood, that he´d better find some energy to do the asked push ups for the nurse. And so he did. The nurse then thanked him, and pointed her toes towards the old guy´s face. The guy greedily kissed her foot! The nurse smiled and left the room. John could not make it all. Why feet, why ball kicking, why this all? The voice proceeded, explaining about the rules and regulations in the MEAT.

Masturbation was not allowed in this place at all, except as part of the therapy, and only done by the nurses. Each attempt to secretely masturbate was severely punished. This rule being one of the most important here. Any male caught masturbating could easily become a case for castration / egg removal. All men knew about this, and very rarely did some fearless guy risk his eggs in favour of some 2 minutes long wanking pleasure.

The voice continued to say that the male eggs are to be always overfilled with semen with no exceptions. The masturbationary practices were all without release. They were all about the no-release. John could not understand this. He was sure, that once a man was excited, he had to come then.

He knew that when a man was left un-cum, then it bothered so much! The voice said, that the males are gradually trained to resist ever higher levels of manual stimulation, until they can be masturbated for 12 hours nonstop, without coming. This way, the whole male reproductive system is trained, as well as his will power, as well as his perception of women is changed for the better. The patients with small cocks and balls were normally serving the nurses, and such small-sized guys received little masturbation pleasure from the nurses.

Because usually the nurses prefered larger cocks for their handling. The measurements were made in the beginning of each male´s stay in the MEAT. The size of unerected and erected cock was taken. The resistance level of the patient´s eggs was tested. The height of the eggs in the egg-sack, the size of each egg. The TV showed one of such tests. One saw some guy there, fully erect after being masturbated by a nurse.

The nurse then put his hard cock on a nearby table, stood herself upon this table, and gently covered the hard cock by her bare foot. The voice explained, that if the erect cock is shorter than the nurse´s foot, then this male is checked in as "small".

The small guys were subject to more intense egg stimulation. The eggs produce testosterone, the male´s main hormon. The more the testosteron a male has, the bigger his sexual organs become, since this hormon influences the growth of muscles and sexual organds directly.

Then the guy´s eggs were tested. The nurse still stood on the table, and asked the patient to put his both eggs on the table edge. Holding the guy´s head for her ballance, the sexy nurse slowly stepped on his ball with her one foot.

She was very careful and slow in this, as the purpose was to find out, just how much of her weight the tested egg could take. When the nurse saw the male begin to give out noises, she withdrew her foot, and proceeded to the second egg. John was shocked. All of this made him extremely excited. He needed his orgasm again! And his hand found its usual way inside his pants. As he started to touch himself, suddenly a siren went off, and in an instant or two, a few nurses appeared inside his chamber.

He was still aroused after the just seen TV introdiction, and he was just about to masturbate and relieve the pressure inside. But the nurses seemed angry somehow, and began opening their handbags. They reminded him that there was no masturbation allowed there, unless he did not want to have his balls anymore. So as his first punishment, he received a syringe with some liquid in it, - a syringe into each of his balls!

The ladies secured him to the room table, took hold of his right egg, and injected the syringe needle in it, sqeezed out the substance into his right ball, and then repeated with the left egg the same thing. John never had a needle in his eggs until then. The sight and feel of these females putting some stuff into his balls was too much for him.

The nurses left, and John started feeling the strange feelilng inside his eggs. They swelled up, grew harder, bigger and heavier. They also lowered in the egg sack, while the sack itself was now tightly stretched and shiny. John thought that his egg sack might break, if it stays this way. And the sensation was such, as if a moscito or a bee stings the eggs on the inside!

The sensation grew stronger. It was as though tens of bees were inside his eggs and were stinging him! John was rolling around in his bed, waiting for this feeling to leave. But it didn´t go! .Suddenly Melinda stepped inside. - Well, John, i am sorry about this, but you were warned, no masturbation here.

Next time you try to do it, and i am taking your both tiny eggs out, - got it? I will use scissors to disconnect those useless peanuts from your body, John. - Melinda said in a calm but sure tone of voice, totally seriously, even little angrily.

- You stupid bitch! - was angry John´s replay. With that, Melinda waited until John was on his side, and then swiftly kicked him in his eggs! John´s eyes almost left his head. Not only did his eggs hurt from all this bee stings, but also this bitchy nurse kicked him there! That sexy beautiful foot he was so much in love with, hit his most sensitive male area, and that happened during such a dramatic caught-trying-to-masturbate event, right after the stinging syringes in his balls!

That was more than he could take, and he spasmed into an ejaculation. Melinda observed calmly, as his seed was leaving the cock. She then informed him about his future punishment for this. From now on John was subject to the third floor of the MEAT, his correction being quite hardened and merciless.

It was the floor, where sexual criminals and offenders were kept and corrected. Overwhelmed by all of this, and with his eggs on fire, John was transmitted to the third level of the building. This time his personal chamber was number 31. - OK, now what happens next? - the unfortunate man was trying to imagine. - More ballbusting or what? And he decided to himself, that he would take revenge on that bitchy nurse Melinda. Somehow he knew that she was treating him purposely rudely and mercilessly, - so he thought.

The room TV broadcast showed the third and the second levels overview. The second level was a pure experimential place. The males were tested in a variety of ways. The longest time one can go on without ejaculation. The longest time one can withstand a masturbation until one almost loses it. The 12 hour long masturbation, non-stop, where a male is asked to deliver a single drop of his semen by the 6-hours-mark, and another drop by the end of the 12 hour session.

Test for masturbation while with heavy weights on the eggs of the man. Tests for ball resistance, where each tested ball was put under high outside pressure. Tests for physical strength and its connection to the sexuality in a male. Tests for reactions to different syringe solutions for the testicles. Tests for egg-weights, where the weights have been adjusted to the eggs, and so the tested male had to resist ever heavier weights on his eggs, carrying them around the house.

There seemed to be all kinds of testing, which had to do with male sexuality. In addition, all of the patients of the MEAT, from all three floors, were collected together every evening, inside the cinema hall, a huge room resembling a movie theatre.

This hall was on the second level, and so this showed that it had to do with experimental practices somehow. What happened every evening before bed-time was that all of the patients were sat into their seats in the hall, for their daily visual and audio stimulational correction. On the large and broad movie screen there were actually played movies and cartoons! All of them were of erotic theme, and contained scenes of domination, humiliation, and regular correctional training, - so that all the males together had this chance to observe it, and by the end of each movie each patient was asked to write his own perception of the just seen movie or cartoon, reflecting on the meaning of it, and attitude towards it, with comments and questions from the patient.

The nurses then collected all these patients´ responses, studied them the next morning, and this served as a kind of feed back in some fashion. The nurses then could see better, what each patient feels about some particular scene or movie, his thoughts, questions, likes and dislikes, etc.

The TV showed a bit of one such collective movie-watch-together. John saw quite a lot of men seated there in the hall, he didn´t know the MEAT had so many patients simultaneously.

This time on the large screen there was a cartoon. It obviously had educational purposes, John figured out. The cartoon voice was explaining that it is always good for each man to remember some kind of picture in their heads.

A picture of the real relationship between a male and a female. John grew very interested by this idea and was all ears. One could choose any picture for himself, but the one thing in common was a slight superiority of the female over male. There came a few common examples. A woman riding a bicycle, a woman riding a horse, a woman riding a donkey, a woman driving a car, a woman flying a plane, a woman maneuvering a boat, a princess and her slave, a female boss and her employee, a female teacher and a male student, a nurse and a patient (upon bringing this example all of the patients suddenly broke the silence, stood up and started happily chanting Yesss, Yessss, Yessss, we love our nurses!!!!).

The cartoon voice went to say that in each of this examples, a bicycle, a car, a boat, a plane, a donkey, a horse, etc, - represents a male, whose only purpose, task and pleasure in life is to carry out his direct duties, carryng his woman around, or behaving accordingly in case of students, slaves, patients, etc, - so that their woman is always happy and satisfied. The voice took one such example for a closer inspection for all. The bicycle case. John could see, how the cartoon female rode her normal cartoon bicycle for a while, moving her legs on the pedals there.

Then there came a slight change in the picture. The voice said that the male´s testicles can be compared to the bicycle´s wheels. And yes indeed, out of both bicycle wheels there were suddenly two very large male eggs! And instead of the actual bicycle metal frame, there now was a man! Situated just so, that his legs and body made out a kind of new bicycle frame, his head being the bicycle´s steering piece, and his both balls being the wheels.

The cartoon woman sat comfortably on her new bicycle - man. The wheels - eggs gave in a little bit, but remained intact, just a bit more compressed. And the woman´s feet were on the pedals, that led to the wheels - eggs.

The voice then explained that every man should have his eggs under high pressure, just like a normal bicycle´s tyre is, so that the riding woman has no problems riding around. The weak and empty eggs being compared to flat or worn out and useless tyres. The female feet being only one thing that moves, meaning that through her feet a woman can actually move the whole male - female structure.

And the connection from her feet to his eggs meaning that a constant stimulation and activation of the male´s eggs by her feet leads to the result of the male riding her around on his back - frame.

The voice went on to point out that in some relationships the woman keeps her feet off the man´s eggs, away from them, with the result being no moving at all (her feet off the pedals, the bicycle stands still of course). And in some relationships where the woman is moving her feet real activ, around the male´s genital area, - resulting in a very high speed of her bicycle - man.

In yet another cartoon example, a donkey one, no feet pedaling was needed at all! With the reigns leading to the male´s eggs, and with the female feet occasionally kicking the male´s butt or sides, no real effort was needed to get the donkey moving. In such a case, just as in the bicycle case, too, the size, strength, pressure and activity of the eggs would make a big difference.

A donkey male with big strong low hong overloaded eggs will definitely ride much better and faster, than a male with empty or small or weak eggs.

And it is then up to a woman, which kind of transportation she chooses for her life.


They are all good, but one thing must be definitely sure is male eggs pumped up to their highest degree of pressure possible, and always kept that way. Upon this the cartoon woman jumped off her cartoon donkey and took a few steps towards his butt. One could see the donkey´s butt from behind, as well as his swollen oversized testicles hanging loosely down there.

The testicles were bigger than the riding woman´s head each. The rider slapped each huge egg a few times, then separated them from each other a little bit, sideways, and then tried to lift one egg up.

The egg was so heavy, however, that she couldn´t lift it up even one inch! She punched the egg with all her might, with a fist, and then she kicked it hard with her foot, too! All through this testing time the donley male stood still without any move or sound. This being a good sign that his testicles are now so well trained that they are almost immune to anything in the world.

The happy riding woman then gave the donkey her right bare heel for kissing, and one could see how the suddenly excited male donkey began ecstatically licking and kissing the female heel. His saliva drooling, his whole body shaking with pleasure, his cock having an erection, and his whole self being in Nirvana. The woman then withdrew her heel from the donkey male´s mouth, jumped on top of him again, moved the reigns, and off they ran again!.

The voice went on to explain that each of the transport categories had their advantages and disadvantages. And that it was up to a particular woman to pick up and use the best suitable transportation for her. Some of the males being more like donkeys, some - more like horses, some - more like bicycles, some - more like cars, some - more like airplanes, some - more like rockets, some - more like students, some - more like patients, some - more like employees, etc., although in a lot of cases the males in the relationships seem to act as if it is them, the males, who ride, drive, teach, heal, give orders around.

And so it was up to the particular woman, too, that she gradually made her male realize what the real picture of reality is, who on top is, and who the princess is.

And just like it was widely used inside the correctional MEAT Academy, just as freely and openly should any woman at all use the vulnerability and accessability of the male eggs, in order to stimulate, correct, activate, direct, praize or punish her own male partner.

The cinema hall voice got silent for a minute, and John could see and hear the patients seated there all agitated and excited about this all, beginning to write their own thoughts and feelings about the just seen cartoon. The voice in the TV in John´s room came back to life again, saying that this daily movie / cartoon watch is a part of educational and mental training for all the patients of the MEAT.

And that the nurses mildly correct those patients, whose answers and reactions they found inappropriate somehow. One episode was shown there. Two nurses held a conversation with a patient, who seemed to wrongly understand the movie he saw last night in the movie hall. The patient was sitting on a chair, naked, with some weights attached to his balls. His egg sack stretched, the weights almost touching the floor.

Just in front of him were seated the both nurses. One of the nurses held a cane in her small hand. Whenever the nurses disliked the patient´s answers, there followed some mild but naughty caning, aimed for the patient´s right egg.

Hie eggs were separated by a rope, so each egg could be addressed directly and separately. And since he also had weights on his balls, there was this double discomfort he was experiencing, weights and the caining. After a while the patient seemed to reconsider his point of view for some reason, and was freed of the weights then. He left the room very happy now. The voice added that although his eggs hurt a lot by now, his mind is much more in the right shape definitely.

All through this programm, John felt ever stronger sensations of how own eggs want a similar kind of treatment from the nurses. This seemed so straight forward, so naughty, ao open, and so deep! John realized now that he missed a lot in his life already, by not being born in this MEAT house, in the first place. And he even felt proud that the other men, all the men outside of the MEAT, didn´t have a chance to experience such a supreme pleasure he was experiencing here.

But come to think of it, the actual pleasure was somehow. different from a usual pleasure. It was no real sex, in fact there was no sex here at all. It was not ejaculation pleasure, either. On the contrary, it seemed to have to do with the testicles and the psyche, the mind. John was having these thoughts on and on, as he continued to watch the introductionary TV programm.

.On the third floor things got different. This was the place where males with criminal past were kept, males with very agressive qualities, males who repeatedly hit and molested their wives and girlfriends, males who cheated on their wives and girlfriends, and males who simply did not attend to the general rules and regulations set by the MEAT authorities.

All these and similar cases were subject to the most serious correctionary measures. And since the overall stay in the MEAT was about a year, one could only imagine, that when confronted by daily erotic correction practices, no male could escape actually being so nicely and positively corrected, that they came out totally different into the world again. John suddenly saw all this. He saw the meaning behind all of this.

He felt the female power over male genitals, he felt the superiority of the females, and he knew that sooner or later he, too, would be a totally different person. A sexy voice from the TV introduced the most common third floor practices to John.

The most severe one, the voice proceeded, was castration. The nurse personal was allowed to castrate a male, if his wife / girlfriend allowed it, and of course, if the offence or crime commited was so bad as to go for this extreme punishment. There happened an average of one castration per month, and the nurses collected the removed eggs as a souvenir. The huge collecting glass jar was a kind of conservation, which could easily keep intact the separated male testicles for a few years at least.

The jar had a few dozens of eggs in it already. They were floating easily in some special conserving liquid there, looking more like fishes than like male eggs. John watched as a few nurses surrounded the castration table upon which there lay a man, totally naked, on his back. The voice explained that this particular male has had several rapes and a few hard sexual molesting cases, along with some sadistic tortures done by him upon the women he was involved with.

The voice grew calmer and quieter, as if not to interfere with what was going on on the TV screen. The guy was secured to the table, his hands and feet and head firmly attached to the table, so he could not move, let alone escape. The sexy nurses were ready for the castration. The voice then calmly explained the details of the upcoming operation. For the worst offenders there was no narcosis, no sedation.

The man had to feel everything full time. The particular method for the castration was chosen by the castrating team on place, depending on their perception of the offender.

Although the most third floor males were getting their daily syringe into their eggs in order to correct their behaviour even more, there were still some very hard cases, who just seemed to not take seriously the therapy and the nurses. They broke the rules over and over again, and they molested and angered the nurses, too. The voice said, that each castration procedure is usually shown to all of the males of the TEAM, in order to keep them on a leash, to show them what may happen to them too, - should they break the rules, try to masturbate, or misbehave any other wrong way.

So, for this guy, the voice went on, the method of "pulling out" was chosen by the females. That meant actual pulling out the testicles off the man so much, that the egg cords would break. The team began. The voice went quiet again, as the main castrating nurse began separating the man´s egg-sack from his body.

She expertly cut off his egg sack, and in a few moments the freed skin was laying on the table next to the instruments. John could see how the nurses squeezed out the guy´s testicles, so that they actually hung loose outside his body, uncovered now, after his egg sack had been removed. Each of the nurses in turn took hold of the guy´s exposed eggs, and proceeded to handle and squeeze it for a while.

After each nurse had her fun with the freed nuts, the main castrating nurse then took each egg firmly in her hands, and began pulling them away from his body. John could see, how the egg cords got stretched to almost two feet or more.

The nurse´s hands with the eggs in them actually reached the guy´s knees. His eggs were as far as his knees, but still attached to his body.

The sperm cords were trying to save the eggs, still resisting the nurse´s hands, not giving in, not giving up. Then the nurse took another step away from the guy, pulled a little harder, and everybody saw how the sperm cords could not resist so much pulling, and they broke in the middle, with a swooshy sound. The now loose empty cords disappeared inside the patients body again. The nurse was holding the both eggs in her little hand, and was showing them to the guy, now castrated.

The guy screamed and cried even more, as he saw his eggs separated from him. The nurses then went on to fix the wound and calm the guy down a bit. The voice informed, that once castrated, a male actually ends up being a man, so he is treated as a eunuch from now on. Also, each castrated man is far less agressive and unbehaving, than an uncastrated one.

The eunuchs in the MEAT were doing all the dirty work in the house, as well as serving the nurses, attending to all their wishes and whims. The nurses of the MEAT on all three floors enjoyed the oral services to their feet, that the eunuchs and some other patients were giving them daily. One of the most common practices throughout a day was feet cleaning and refreshing. Whenever a nurse felt like it, she could ask an eunuch or one of the patients to lower himself in front of her, and refresh her toes in his mouth.

Or to clean her feet by his tongue. The females simply liked the feeling of their toes being washed inside a male´s mouth. Apart from the pleasant feeling, this also gave them some certain superiority over males, which they enjoyed a lot. There were a few eunuchs in the house, on a regular basis. They were shown to the rest of the inhabitants, egg-less, but well-behaved now.

Another form of castration was called "lady´s heel". What happened was a man lay on the floor, face down, legs spread wide apart. The castrating nurse positioned her foot over the male´s egg so that her heel would press right down into one egg at a time. The nurse eventually put her whole body weight on that one heel, and, as a result, the pressed egg would pop. Normally this popping sound was the sign that the egg was broken.

Then the nurse did the same with the other egg, too. And only then did the skilled nurses open the guy´s egg sack, to take away his both popped and useless eggs. In some cases other methods were used, according to the particular patient.

Sometimes the nurses only took out or disabled one of the eggs during castration, leaving the other one intact. This way the healthy egg had to work overtime, making out for his lost twin brother. Another offender was this time on the table, secured and prepared the same way as the first one. Only this time it would not be a castration. The offence being not so bad, the nurses received OK from the man´s wife to greatly enlarge his eggs.

The enlarging tests were successfully made on the second floor, and showed that a male with artificially enlarged eggs actually began to act out the way any male with large eggs would act. The most common examples are animals. The bull, donkey, elephant and some other animal kingdom´s male eggs are definitely huge.

This leads to a heightened drive in life, as well as agressiveness and dominating behavior. And the human males tend to copy the animals somehow. The tests showed that a human male can successfully sustain having his enlarged eggs reaching the size and weight of a water-melon each. This guy on the OP table had very small eggs, and on top of that, he was very misbehaving.

His wife complained a lot, that he would only empty his small eggs inside of her, without ever trying to pleasure her. He also cheated on his wife repeatedly. And at last he was also caught masturbating. John watched as the nurses opened his nut sack with a scalpel. They carefully took his small eggs outside of his sack, and started pulling the egg cords.

They wanted to make sure his eggs are some distance away from his body, for the better enlarging operation. His eggs were as small as peanuts. One could see the nurses laugh about it.

Once they made sure his egg cords were stretched outside his body at least a feet long each, they put his both eggs upon his belly. Then one nurse took a syringe and the needle entered one egg. The guy was anesthesised, so he did not feel much anyway. Then the nurse emptied a whole syringe of liquid into his one egg. The egg literally enlarged about 5 to 6 times, and looked like a large apple by now.

The same happened to the second egg soon. In the end, the man was seen laying down still, with his two apple-sized testicles laying on his belly. The nurses closed the wound on the egg sack meantime.

The man was to carry his now enlarged eggs outside of his sack! The camera then showed the next day after the operation. The same man was seen as slowly walking down the hall, naked from the waist down.

Three or four nurses walked in front of him and by his sides, to observe the effect of the operation. John´s eyes almost exploded again, as he saw the two very large eggs hanging low almost next to the guy´s knees, as he walked on. The eggs grew bigger yet overnight, and were now almost the size of a melon each. They were visibly also very heavy.

And the guy had problems walking, as his each step caused the heavy egg-melons to move around his knees. His new eggs actually were in the way for him. In addition, the eggs´ weight was so great that his sperm cords were stretched to their maximum, and so the guy had to be real careful as to not do any sharp movement, because then who knows, perhaps the cords could suddenly break. When asked in a brief after-OP-interview about his feelings and thoughts, the guys responded that he had no thoughts right then.

But the one feeling he had was that the tension and pressure in his eggs were so strong and so much, as if there stood an elephant on his eggs all the time.

The interviewing nurse then informed the guy that this feeling will eventually increase by a few times very soon, but then the patient usually gets used to the new sensation, and can soon carry his enlarged eggs very comfortably outside of his egg-sack. His swollen melon-eggs looked like they were about to burst. One could see the veins almost popping from all the tension they were in.

The nurse touch his melons with her hand, and pressed down quite hard on them, causing the egg cords stretch even more for a minute. She told the guy that he should actually try to train his sperm-cord-muscles, - trying to contract and then loosen the cords. If he did not train the cords, then it was possible that his melons would soon lower themselves to the ground. That way people could actually step on them, by an accident, causing him some pain and anger.

When the guy protested that he did not want this to happen like that, and that he would complain to the police and such, the interviewer asked the guy to spread his legs. The guy did, and one could see his eggs hanging right in the middle between his legs so low, that they almost touched the ground.

The nurse smiled, as she lifted her bare foot up a bit, and started to play soccer with his melons. It looked like a football, in fact, two footballs.

The nurse kept slightly but steadily kicking both his eggs, one after another. And John could see the melons flying around. The nurse informed the guy then, that eventual outside pressure on his melons is a nice counterpart to his inner pressure, and that should he still want to complain or something, his egg-melons would be used in a real football match, instead of the usual balls.

One other common practice for the third floor offenders was ballbusting. The male to punish had to stand in front of the ballbusting nurse, his body naked, his legs widely spread. The nurse then kicked his balls repeatedly, many times. Even when the male was already on the floor, the nurse continued to issue him strong kicks into his testicles. This practice, seemingly very cruel, brings about the best results in the male.

The pain in the eggs leaving the patient with no other option but to never repeat the offence again. Most third floor patients received their daily bullbusting from different nurses available at the time. Sometimes two or three nurses busted some guy´s balls simultaneously, together. Normally the ladies were barefoot, although for the worst offenders heavy and dangerous boots were worn, causing the male much more pain.

One other cute way for correcting the bad males was testicle transplantation. During such a surgery, the offender´s eggs were removed, and instead of his eggs, some other eggs were given him. This could be some animal´s eggs, or even eggs of some very old just-died-man.

In such a case, the offender would wake up after the OP with different eggs. And from then on, his behaviour would be smoothened through the distorted action of his new testicles.

Yet another good option for the nurses was such, where inside the male´s eggs there was implanted a special double chip, in fact one small chip for each egg. The chip was operated through remote control, by the nurses. And so whenever the male with the chip was misbehaving, a nurse would simply press a button, and send some pain shock directly into the bad guy´s eggs!

The chip was capable of doing a lot of effects in the eggs. Apart from pain, it could cause burning eggs, itchy eggs, over-compressed eggs, over-heated eggs, frozen eggs, shaking eggs, and over-horny eggs. The last effect was the one the nurses enjoyed the most doing! What happened was that through pressing the "horny" button on the remote for the chip, the male´s eggs began really feeling as horny as about 100000 times the usual feel a male has. Of course, the chip made it an artificial feeling, but for the patient it made no difference, - the male with the chip really felt like he wanted sex 100000 times sharper and stronger than usual!

So whenever misbehaving, or upon improper cleaning of the nurses´ feet, the females often applied the "horny" function, and the unfortunate male was sent into some crazy horny madness for hours. Once this even caused one guy lose his mind. The voice went on, to comment on the next case. The camera showed a big strong guy, on his knees, with a nurse on his back, riding him as a horse inside his chamber. The nurse was small, barefoot, and held the reigns in her little hands, directing and maneuvering the horse-guy around the room.

John noticed that the reigns went to the guy´s testicles instead of his neck. He grew impatient and excited again, as he observed the petite nurse kicking the guy in his sides by her little feet, - just as the usual horse-riders do! In addition, the girl moved her hands this way and that, making the horse-man follow her commands. The voice explained that this horse-back-riding is a part of the overall training for all of the men in the MEAT.

Every male had to go through it, no matter what. But in case of offenders or misbehaviors, the riding was made so uncomfortable for the male that it really was a punishment for him. One of such causes was the knee and hand discomfort, when the male was ordered to move faster and faster.

His knees and hands were soon in pain. Another cause was the reigns, of course. The experienced riding nurse did her best to tug on the male´s testicles just so much, that he has no other choice than to move on as directed, since no male can withstand strong testicular tugging. When a guy was out of breath, or became tired somehow, the girl´s heels on his sides, and the reigns on his eggs were reminding him, that he better move on.

The petite sexy nurse was ordering and riding this big guy around! She even put her feet on his head. This looked like she was a queen, and he was her horse or donkey. What a picture of female supremacy! The sexy TV voice said, that many males were actually really treated and trained as riding ponies or horses, and that they practiced a lot just outside of the MEAT building, in the back yard.

The nurses often made the male horses compete with each other. The fastest male horse with a nurse on his back received some kind of a prize, the slowest usually received ballbusting session, as a sure way to improve his speed next time. Oftentimes, a variation of such horse-back-riding was shoulder-riding. It was when a nurse positioned herself on the neck and shoulders of a male, sitting on top of him, her legs in front of his body, her hands on his head to direct him.

Such shoulder-riding was very common in MEAT and was widely used on all floors, since it allowed the nurses to basically not even have to walk anymore. Instead, whenever and wherever they wanted, they called any male which was around, got on his neck, and ordered him to move in the desired direction. The mule-man then walked, carrying the nurse on his shoulders.

This way the speed was basically just like a normal walking speed, and it was also an additional physical training for the males in the MEAT. Nurses enjoyed making the men work out, exercise, do push ups and other things for them. The ceilings were very high in the MEAT, and so the height of the carried nurse was not a problem. The voice said, that this kind of shoulder-riding was common amongst some ancient folks long time ago, and that our present society would only profit a lot, if this same pracitce came back to life again.

Just imagine the beautiful picture of our men carrying us around, all round the world, - the voice suggested . John thought about it for a minute, and agreed to himself, that it´d be nice that way. Another practice, which all of the males were subjects to, was caning. The voice explained that a regular caning / spanking / whipping is very good for all males anyway.

It betters the blood circulation in the sexual area, it stimulates the men mentally (the sound and view of a female nurse spanking a male), and above all it reminds the men of their attitude towards females.

In case of bad offenders, the caning was made very hard. The offenders were caned by the rotating teams of the nurses, who each had her turn to whip the male. The usual practice was three times a day, an hour long session. The first sessions usually opened the skin on the butt of the offender. The following sessions kept the wound open and slightly more inflamed. The offender was often asked about his behavior as the session went on, and when he mentioned his crimes and wrong doings, the nurses usually verbally accompanied their caning.

John suddenly saw and heard: - Yes, i had to rape her, because she did not want to have sex with me, and she also thought i´d never rape her. - Swoosh, swoosh, ouch, ouch, the whip did its job on the butt of the offender, and the whiping nurse went on: - So you think you may do it again then? - I dunno. Swoosh, swoosh, ouch, ouch. - Well, let´s see how much more you can take from this. We are at your service all night long this time. Swoosh, swoosh.

John could see how the skin on the butt opened, and there began some bleeding. The guy was obviously in pain, and yet he did not regret his crimes.

The voice went on to inform, that usually after a week or two of severe caning and whipping, any bad offender begins to reconsider his behavior.

Gee, thought the perplexed John to himself. What kind of place is this? Is it a torture place or something?. As if heard by the unseen personal, the voice went on to say, that the actual purpose of the whole MEAT thing was correction only. No real punishment, no real torture. But correction, directed at the male´s behavior and attitude, as well as at his sexual act in general, - all done through activating and manipulating the areas of his body and mind, related to the sexuality.

The new method, recently re-discovered by the leading scientists, showed that the best results and effects are achieved, when a man is addressed not verbally, not emotionally, not in any other usual way, but when addressed directly at his sexuality. The leading team of scientists, mostly female, was still researching this topic, trying to make it a serious discipline and study, just like psychology, for example.

The basics were already laid, but the experimental practice was still taking place, looking for some new and better options and ways for the most common cases. .The following 9 months John spend going through all kinds of the therapeutical and correctional procedures and practices on the third floor. On a daily basis, he was ridden as a horse, caned, syringed into his eggs, and a few other things.

Sadly for him, for his horse-riding sessions, instead of that petite small nurse he saw on the TV, he was ridden by a very fat and heavy nurse, who was also not too friendly to him somehow. In fact she did not even talk to him. She simply strided him, sat down on him, and ordered to move around. Without a single word the fat nurse was pulling on his testicles as she rode him.

John did his best to accomodate her wish, but she was way too big for him, so this resulted in constant egg pulling. Once she got off of him, she only said to him this. - If you are as slow tomorrow, then i´m gonna put some weights on your eggs, too! The next day John was even slower than before, because he was very tired and not completely recovered since yesterday. The fat mean lady however, kept her promise, and on the third day, right before she got on top of him again, she secured some 10 pound weights down onto his eggs, which were almost touching the floor.

Then she got on top of him, kicked his sides with her fat heels, and pulled the reigns. John almost lost it, as he felt his eggs not only being pulled down from the 10 pound weights under his eggs, but also being pulled in another direction by the reigns. This time, however, he was faster, as he could not imagine another ride like that. The following day the fat lady came in with some little bag.

She opened it, took a syringe out. John thought. - Oh no, not again!. She saw this look of his, and said to him. - Yes, John, i am giving you some tingy tingy in each of your eggs.

Remember the initial bee stings you had? Well, this is another kind of liquid, but it is quite similar to the first one. In addition to the stingy effect, your eggs will also be feeling very strong pressure, as if they are going to burst soon.

This pressure is gonna help you ride faster and smoother today, - got it?. John got it, and took a syringe in each egg. The fat lady smiled, as she saw the initial shiver, when the needle went inside the first egg. - If it was up to me, i´d make every single male on Earth have such a syringe in the eggs daily! - said the fat woman, as she quickly emptied the syringe into his balls.John thought that lady was too much somehow.

Still he rode so well and fast, that in the end the lady even let him lick her fat heels. This was the first time he was ever allowed to lick a female foot! The fat lady was so assertive to make him lick her heels, that he almost orgasmed when he actually did it. Her heels were fat and crispy, as if she never cared for them, the skin there very rough and dry. John began rythmically moving his tongue over the fat lady´s heel.

He enjoyed it tremendously! - I want you to soften my heels by your tongue. I know you love doing this, so i am kind to you today, letting you actually lick my heels. Do it for another 10 minutes. Now, that´s a good boy. Remember where you belong, and it´ll be all good, - she said, as she was leaving him. Belong at some lady´s feet? John was perplexed and lost again. However, John grew ever stronger daily, having to carry this big fat woman on his back for about an hour each day.

And not only just plain riding. This mean lady was making him actually do things, follow her orders and commands, just as if he was a real horse! She made him go slow, then fast, then turn around, then run, then gallop, then walk again, then stop, then run, then stop, then gallop, then even jump! And jump he did, with the fat lady on his back! Unhappy with his too hard landing, and also with his not-so-positive attitude about it, the fat mean lady would empty yet more and more syringes into his eggs!

Although the liquid injected each time was not a lot, still it had some strange effects on John´s eggs.

First of all, the mean lady always seemed to insert the needle into one same spot all the time! It was on each egg´s end, where it hurt the most! And through daily needling like that, this spot on the eggs grew first very painful, but then later it grew kind of numb!

The lady injected different liquids each time, and she was telling John about the possible effect he´d feel soon. She also assured him that the liquid dissolves inside the eggs quickly, and leaves no after-effect or side-effects at all. Most injections were part of punishing measures, as they hurt the eggs. Additionally, each different type of liquid had its own special qualities, which resulted in the patient feeling all kinds of possible combinations inside his balls.

Some males got their daily syringe in the eggs in the morning, while others got theirs during the day, often when involved in some other correctional procedures. John got his syringe often during his horse-riding session. And so this fat lady gave him his most syringes in the MEAT.

John seemed to ride his fullest and best for her. And strangely enough, the lady really seemed to feel it, and so at times when John was just a bit lazy or slow, he would get his next syringe which hurt some more somehow, whereas if he rode real nice for her, then his syringe would be almost soothing.

John thought this to be impossible like that, but it seemed to be true somehow! The fat nurse never gave him her heels to lick again though. She only once commented on this, saying that it is best for his eggs, if he does not lick feet for some time, - this way the eggs had more drive to work harder and enlarge faster. .Besides horse-riding, John took daily caning from different nurses.

His butt was all red and hurt. The pretty caning nurses skillfully opened the skin on his ass chicks with their canes, so he had problems sitting down. He was also occasionally masturbated with no releaf, and so very soon he was already very horny as well. Come to think of it, John was basically going through an average therapy course in the MEAT. He realized, that his basic correctional training included a few key practices at the same time, spread out through the day, almost non-stop and without days off.

The activities included general physical exercises in the gym, supervised by one of the nurses there; caning and bullwhipping in the stable; horse-back riding and shoulder riding; occasional masturbation; ball-busting; egg-cords resistance training, where some weights were hung to the men´s balls while the patients were doing their daily activities; dancing and singing lessons, where a few naked males, often also carrying weights on their eggs, were taught to dance and sing by a teacher-nurse; cleaning works in the building; polishing nurses´ footware and washing the nurses´ clothes; and learning to carry out nurses´ orders the most effective way possible, where nurses ordered the males around, giving them all kinds of different orders and tasks to accomplish, things to do, weights to carry around, problems and puzzles to solve, etc.

This went on for 9 months or so for John, eventually easing out with the punishing measures, and increasing with erotic stimulation for him. But one thing which was totally missing for John, was FEET! And what was worse, is that John saw how the nurses made some other guys clean and refresh their precious toes, orally, but never ever did it happen to John himself!

He wanted this experience so much! He dreamed of it. And he never understood how come the other men got to feel the female toes inside their mouthes, but he, John, not yet! This fact alone was bringing him down a lot, every single day. Although daily horse-ridden by the fat nurse, and even kicked in his sides with her heels, although daily observing the pretty feet of the nurses in the MEAT building here and there, - all this time he was never allowed to kiss or lick a female foot.

Was this an order from Melinda, whom John didn´t see since her ballkick in the beginning. Was she making him suffer like that! Why? Eventually John got so much frustrated about it, that he even asked a patient, who just finished refreshing some nurses´ toes in his mouth, about this experience.

The happy man answered John, that the experience is worth gold, and makes up for any kind of pain or discomfort a man can otherwise experience in the MEAT. John grew even sadder after this short talk with the lucky guy.


Once he even asked a nurse about it, about why he was not told to clean some nurse´s feet. The nurse smiled at him, commented on how his eggs must have become stronger, since he managed to ask this question so directly, and then informed John, that it is a general rule in the MEAT, that patients with small testicles are not allowed to kiss female feet or clean them, just as patients with small cocks were masturbated not as often as the males with big cocks.

The nurse smiled at John, excused herself and left him standing there. John could just see her sexy round heels, smacking her flip flops with her each step she took, as she walked away from him. Another nurse was passing by, and overheard a part of this conversation about feet kissing. She came closer to John and tried to calm him down a bit, verbally.

She told John, that yes, due to the very erotic and sexy shape, look, feel, aroma and taste, - the female feet are so precious amongst most men. And that by enjoying the flavour and sensation of a female foot on his face or inside his mouth, a man actually becomes a fine portion of loving energy from the kissed woman, as well as her feromones and some minerals, which are to find on the kissed foot.

All of this makes the feet kissing experience very unique and dear, and so not all of the males are actually introduced to it, not everyone deserves it! Especially the small-egged males, for the reason of better motivation, - proceeded the nurse. She then explained to John, that this strong wish, this desire, this need, this obsession, this passion for female feet is eventually making his eggs work harder and more actively, produce more power, more sperm cells, and even enlarge themselves a little bit, so that there is a chance in the future for the male, to experience the pleasures of feet kissing.

.The most precious and pleasurable sensations he felt during his stay at the MEAT so far, was when nurses masturbated him, training him to not leak his juices, all the while employing ever more exciting and teasing moves on his cock. This one pracitce was so good that it made John forget, for an hour, all the discomforting and hard practices he had there otherwise.

The skillful nurses manually stimulated his cock different ways, at times commenting on his small cock, while other times saying that small cocks, too, needed some stimulation sometimes. Jonh´s eggs felt tremendous pressure of all the unreleased energy inside, but surprisingly for him he found out, that such a dry masturbation does relieve some portion of his sexual pressure, as if letting it out somehow. And the nurses indeed assured him a few times, that such a no-relief-cock-handling lets a man experience almost all the pleasures of the usual sexual experience, while at the same time training and pressurizing his testicles each time.

This being achieved through rederecting the man´s semen back into the eggs. The sperm had to return to their homebase, the eggs, thus causing the testicles extra discomfort and overload. The masturbating nurses enjoyed training the patients this way a lot, just as the males were enjoying being manipulated by these naughty women. The pleasure itself was so much, that the eventual egg discomfort was not even felt at all during the session.

It was only later, some hour or two after the session, that a male felt the returning sperm inside his eggs, which caused him a great deal of pain and heaviness down there.

Apart from some occasional ball kicking, and carrying weights on his balls, John discovered that his achy overloaded glands were actually left mostly unattended lately, besides the daily syringe dose. He had no option but to try to become a better servant to the nurses, once he realized that by being so, some small portion of the compressed energy inside his eggs actually gets out of them, as if taking on another form.

Some kind of transformation of the sexual energy into ego-less serving the nurses. Also the nurses told him occasionally, that this was the best way to cope with his frustration and pressure inside, since there was absolutely no other way to get rid of it.

So John was a very different man already, very different from the John who entered the MEAT 9 months ago. Then suddenly he was moved to the first floor again. He was laying down in his number 11, dreaming of the Melinda´s feet. During all this 9 months time, he happened to realize a lot of things for himself. Things about women, sex, erotics. A few things still didn´t come together in his mind though.

How come these small petite females took advantage and control over bigger and stronger men? How come the females actually did change the men in such a manner, that he never thought possible?

How could the ladies be so assertive and mean to the men? How did they know male weaknesses and hidden areas?

Why did they deny orgasms to the men? Why did they bit up the eggs so mercylessly, that the man was left with no choice but to change for the better?. Such and similar questions were floating inside John´s head, as his eggs ached from the unrelieved pressure. He was already quite used to this pressure in his balls. In fact he even enjoyed it. He discovered, that the nurses were right to not allow the men ejaculation.

This way the whole male system was so much more energetic and positive. At the same time all his senses grew sharper. And his erotic passion was no exception. His sexual drive was much better than before, and he tought and felt that he´d love the woman of his life so much now!

Only sad thing was that this woman was not there yet. However, driven by his pressurized state, John could not help himself but dream about Melinda´s feet. Ever since he entered the MEAT, Melinda´s feet were his one most and singular attraction and love. He wanted to kiss them! They seemed to be the center of his world somehow. So sexy, so beautiful, so tasty, so charming. Was it ok, if i tell her i like her feet, when i see her? Would she laugh at me?

Maybe i should actually ask her to let me kiss her feet? Does she know how much her feet drive me crazy? But what if the other guys, too, kissed her feet? Does she also enjoy the refreshment of her toes in some guy´s hungry mouth? John could not process the idea of the other men kissing Melinda´s feet. He felt jealousy, anger. He remembered the feeling he had, when he saw on TV the scene, where Melinda masturbated some guy. All of a sudden, the door opened and yesssss, there stood Melinda, holding some small bag in her hands, smiling, wearing the same nurse outfit, and flip flops.

Her toenails were bright red and shiny. John swallowed from the sensation and his face turned red again. The last time this bitch kicked him in his eggs. He thought of revenging upon her. But these feet! After that fat lady´s feet, these feet seemed like . jewels. Melinda saw his look and smiled at him. - It is ok, John, that you like my feet. Most guys here in the MEAT do!

I remember the time when you missed your chance to touch them. Please concentrate on your eggs this time. I guess, you wouldn´t like another strong kick in your achy balls, would you John?.

With that, she took a DVD out of her bag, put it into the room TV, pressed play, and there it went. John watched some erotic episodes with Melinda! The picture was very clean, and he could see that Melinda was half naked! He looked at the real Melinda next to him. She smiled back at him, looking a bit shy this time, and then moved his face gently towards the screen again, with her hand.

John observed, as some huge black negro guy, seemingly young, enjoyed his time with Melinda´s feet! The black guy slowly licked the soles of the nurse´s feet, up and down, down and up, many times in a row. Melinda was holding the black guy by his head, as if directing his actions the right way, the way she wanted. Then he sucked on her toes for like ages! The nurse murmured with peasure. Then the black guy proceeded to kiss and eat her feet, making sure her feet are all wet with his saliva, and softened by his mouth.

Melinda in the TV moved her pretty foot up and down the black guys mouth, as if to f.k his mouth. John could see that the guy´s lips stretched so much, that almost half Melinda´s foot disappeared inside his mouth. John looked again at the real Melinda. She smiled at him shyly, again, and said to him. - John, it is ok, that the other guys could have my feet, while you can´t.

Please let this not bother you.

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You simply can´t have all you want. You don´t have the balls enough. Do you think you could take it, if i f.k your mouth with my feet? I don´t think so. Besides, although your male eggs have been trained and a bit enlarged during the past 9 months here, they are still way too small.

Perhaps you didn´t know this, but the guys with small eggs may not have my feet. Sorry about this, John. I know this is an uncomfortable thought for you. - She smiled again. John could not believe this. He felt again the same donkey feeling! It was as if this nurse was masurbating his whole being! On one side he was angry and mad and almost bursting with histerics at her, but on the other side, he was so much under the influence of the just-seen-episode, that he could not even move.

Only his erection showed a sign of life. - John, I know that you have been nicely masturbated here, getting a little bit of your needed pleasure. Yes, it was not as often as you´d like it to happen, John, but still it was better than nothing, right?.

- she smiled again. - I also found out, that you leak much more pre-cum juice, than is actually allowed during the dry masturbation. That means your prostate gland is not so strong yet. - smile again. - Bitch, what does she have for me this time? - thought anxious John to himself. - Well John, from now on you are getting your masturbations even less often. Your cock has already received its share of stimulation more than enough. Instead, I want you to concentrate on your eggs, as well as on all the fine sensations and emotions you must be experiencing by now, due to the fact that you are not allowed your release for already 9 months or so.

Now this is a very fine practice, done in some special cases. And you are actually lucky I am doing this to you, John. As a thank you, I might let you kiss my feet once, at some time in the future. But only maybe, John. So, I am going to manipulate your overfilled testicles for a while, John.

The now-totally-lost John thought he was gonna pass out. Not only his eggs were really really in trouble of all this pressure, not only his cock stood up like crazy wanting some sex, but also this petite naughty nurse was about to actually manipulate his eggs!.

Melinda gave him a few minutes to process this thought. Meantime, on the TV there were other episodes with Melinda in them. All kinds of erotic play, besides hardcore sex. She was riding a horse-guy, she was letting a few men orally please her feet, she was masturbating a huge black cock, she was whipping some guy´s ass.

John´s head was more than dizzy. Melinda slowly turned John in the desired direction, told him to spread his legs for her, and took hold of his testicles. Smile. John felt the warm sensation of a soft female hand covering and feeling his overfilled eggs. Melinda slowly felt her way through each one of his eggs, carefully testing them for their tense or sensitive spots.

She felt his both egg cords. - Nice job, John. Your eggs are almost ready. Good boy. I can feel you are overloaded, and in need to release a lot.

I can see your eggs are already quite enlarged. But we are gonna work on them some more, John. - smiled the sexy nurse again. And as John was watching the ever more arousing scenes with Melinda in it, her feet in all sorts of erotic interplay with other guys, Melinda´s hands gently pulled and tugged, squeezed and rolled, raised and lowered John´s eggs.

The sensation was so sharp and strong, that John actually did pass out for a minute. Melinda then gave him a sharp egg slap, so he came back to normal right away. John could not believe how such a thing as egg handling can be so exotic and so pleasant. It was almost like sex. And sinse he did not have sex, this WAS sex for him! This was exactly what he was missing all this time! The soft touch of the nurse´s fingers totally inflamed and intoxicated the man.

She was then feeling his eggs a little more insistently, a bit harder, a bit stronger. She smiled again, as she saw a slight sign of discomfort on John´s face. - Hurt here? - Uhu - Mmmm. And she continued massaging and activating the sensitive spots on his eggs.

John was not in this world somehow. The sensation of such treatment was way too much for him. And he saw the different scenes on the TV, where yet another guy was kissing Melinda´s feet. But as if she was feeling his inner anxiety about her feet, she gave him just a bit more of a pressure on his eggs, as if to show him he should get rid of all his negative emotions.

This sexy nurse was holding him by his nuts, was moving them around and how! Suddenly the agressive male came out in John again, and he began protesting about the unfair treatment here.

Just as Melinda´s ears caught this outbreak of anger, her pretty fingers increased the pressure on a sensitive point, and John felt an almost pain-like sensation there, which made him regret his outbreak right away.

She smiled and reduced the pressure again. - Tomorrow, John, you are getting your testicles nicely caned! - another smile, and she left his room. John never felt that silly before. A few preventionary measures took place very soon, as well. This time Melinda herself administered them. The most common punishment and prevention, apart from butt caning, - was ball caning. Not as cruel as ball busting, it could go on for hours. Very easily done, the male´s eggs were either tightened by a rope, or put into a kind of an adjustable rubber ring, so that they actually stood out away from the body.

This was a perfect position for the ball caning. The nurse would then step next to the male´s genitals, and proceed with slow, middle-strength caning, upon his eggs. The woman aimed for the eggs, either both, or one by one separately. And she used a wooden stick, a cane, to do it. The force applied was not too much, so that the time of the procedure could be stretched out for a few hours. However, after a few hours of such caning, the male eggs were on fire, and visibly enlarged.

The nurses found this to be the most perfect practice for the mid-level offends, and also just to keep the males on a leash. So the next day Melinda was there, holding a stick in her hand, smiling at John.

- If you kiss my feet real nice before we start, then I might be not so severe on you. She smiled, as his face turned redder than a tomatoe. But the thought of being allowed to actually kiss her feet took over. - May i, please? - asked a red-faced John. - No, you may not! - smiled the naughty nurse. - I changed my mind. Besides, your eggs are not as strong as i´d like them to be, i found out yesterday., so no, John, sorry, but not this time.

He could not believe his ears this time, again. However, he was getting used to the idea, that there are women on this planet, who are like this, like HER, like this sexy naughty nurse on front of him. Gee, how he wanted to have her, to have his way with her. But as if reading his thoguhts, the sexy nurse said to him.

- No, John, sorry, forget it! Also, sorry to tell you, but your eggs will probably never ever feel ok anymore.

You see, even if you ever do relieve your eggs, there will still be the same pressurizing unhappy feeling in them. We have injected a special liquid into them recently, and it will never actually dissolve inside your eggs, so it will stay this same way for ever. This is another reason why you must get some strong and sharp outside stimulation, John.

- Melinda said this with a smile, again, and went on to the prophylaxy. John was secured to a special stand, his hands and feet tightly attached. The TV was moved and set in front of him in such a manner, that he could actually watch it again. The nurse pressed the button, and on screen there came on the scenes of Melinda caning and whipping the other guys! At this moment the first hit touched John´s eggs.

- Do you like this, John? - asked the sexy nurse. She knew exactly how much she hurt the testicles. She knew that one single hit was hardly noticeble at all, but when done for the whole hour or so, then the eggs were really feeling it and how!

Not too much, not too soft, she proceeded on and on and on, eventually and slowly increasing the strength of each hit. Her cane was wooshing in the air right before it smacked the reddened egg sack. At first she hit his right egg for 10 minutes or so, then switched to his left one, then both together, then back to the right egg again but from a different angle now, trying to cover most of the surface of the egg by her hits, then to the left egg, and so on, keeping some certain pattern of her caning all the time.

John was watching her hand punish his eggs, then watch her punish the other guy´s eggs on the TV screen, wondering if that guy was feeling exactly the same thing John was feeling now or not.

The cocktail of thoughts and emotions and images went through his head. - You are doing fine, John. Most guys begin to cry at this time already. - the nurse said. Cry? Most guys? John´s brain worked way too hard to process the information. This pretty woman hurts his eggs, and tells him that the other guys are not as resistant. How many guys did already receive the cane upon their eggs from her? .In an hour or so Melinda stopped hitting his eggs.

She put her cane aside, and felt his eggs with her hands. The eggs were nicely reddened and enlarged, obviously having received a very intense portion of stimulation like the caning was. Melinda smiled at John, and asked him if this hurt more than the time when he received his first bee-sting syringe? John was completely lost again. The nurses knew that the very first syringe was always the most hurtful, and that each following syringing was not as bad for the patient, although some certain substances in the injected liquid did cause temporary pain inside the eggs.

This bitch has just hurt his nuts for an hour, and she is now asking him how much it is hurting. His sexual desire and frustration were still there, but now it took shape of some mixture. There was also this dull pain in his eggs now. But surprisingly for himself, John discovered that by now he actually wanted to be a. a slave, or a servant to this wonderful sexy woman. And this his desire grew so strong that he was actually in a kind of out-of-body experience from this all.

He was in love with her!. - Tomorrow, John, we go on with your testicular therapy. By tomorrow your eggs will still be in pain and swollen, but I´m gonna be real nice on you. - said the pretty thing and left his room. John could not sleep that night. He visualized her toes entering his mouth, he almost felt their taste and aroma. He almost saw for real her red toenails scratching his nose and cheeks.

He almost felt her beautiful round soft smooth heel pressing into his mouth, until it made its way inside, staying right there, for John to chew and suck on it. Melinda´s feet from all possible angles ans views moved in front of him, near his face, near his genitals, on his chest and belly. He also almost felt her riding him, just like that fat mean lady rode him before. But this time, with Melinda on top of him, he definitely felt she was the right person to carry around on his back.

Not too heavy, not too light. He even felt the reigns pulling on his testicles in his half-dream state now. Although his eggs hurt from the caning, he could clearly feel another sensation there, the one of being pulled on. John actually started to enjoy all the sensations his eggs were able to produce! Besides, he began to realize that all these correctional practices made a lot of sense somehow, and were extremely efficient.

Also, he could never imagine that it could be so pleasant. So he was looking to the next day, waiting for Melinda to treat his eggs again. He was almost praying for this. Is this a correction place, or is this a pleasure place? - was asking himself John. No, castration is definitely no pleasure, unless., unless one really enjoys it. And John remembered the stories of castrations where it was good for both parties in the end.

The ladies were happy and satisfied, and the castrat was brought to justice and corrected. The next day, after having done all the daily activites, like working in the kitchen and in the garden, cleaning the part of the building, polishing the shoes of the nurses, and receiving his daily morning syringe into the eggs, this time it was the "pain-reducing effect", - John was ready for the upcoming egg therapy. Melinda appeared in his room, this time no DVD´s or canes in her hands.

- Hi, John, here we are, let´s start. As she touched his still swollen testicles, she gave him a reassuring smile again. - This time, John, i´m gonna work on your psyche a little bit.

- Psyche? How come? How this? Will this hurt? - No, John, you are a grown up man, and even if it hurts a little bit, you will be ok to stand it, right? .Melinda began to slowly move his swollen eggs around his sack.

- Does this hurt? - she asked him, as she increased the intensity of her moves. - A little, yes. - answered the red-faced John. - It is ok, John, don´t be ashamed of this.

I know you like this a lot. In fact, I know you want this to never ever end, right John? .John could not handle such a direct and open talk. And so he said in an angry tone. - No, i don´t like this, just do your job, please. Melinda did not say anything to that. She continued gently massaging his swollen aggs through his sack, smiling again. After a while she asked him. - John, so how come most guys outside the MEAT ejaculate so often, while you don´t anymore? Aren´t you missing the feel of ejaculation?

Well, the research shows that when a human male is not allowed ejaculation, John, then such a male becomes very much similar to a donkey male, for some reason. Not on the outside, of course. But innerly, John, donkey males are known for their unique character and behavior.

Is it ok, if i sometimes call you donkey-John? - Uhh, mmm, uhhh, mmmmm. - John didn´t know what to say to this. -You see, I told you that a donkey is a good look-alike for you, John! Most donkeys have huge cocks and balls though. So in this sense, John, you are even not close to a donkey now, sorry. - John could hardly contain his mixed emotions about this all, but the feel of Melinda´s hands skillfully manipulating his overloaded balls was so pleasant, that he could not do anything at all at the moment, neither could he even think properly.

- John, do you still remember the feeling of your hard cock inside some girl´s mouth? Or have you forgotten it already? Please don´t think about this a lot, I simply asked you.

I personally like a lot to suck cock, John. I simply do! However I prefer to suck large black cocks. I also like the feel of warm semen in my mouth. Shame that you are not allowed to cum, John. I am sure you´d love to feel your cockhead in my mouth, right John? - The poor man was out of his mind from such obvious teasing.

- You know that every real man, a man with balls, has to have his cock sucked daily, right John? Well, perhaps your balls are not as developed yet, so you are unfortunate enough to not have this pleasant experience, right John? - Melinda smiled at him, as she manipulated his eggs and gave him a bit of a sharper sensation there. John could not believe this somehow. He thought he was dreaming or something.

- Do you know, John, that the guys with small eggs are supposed to be even more active and persistent in life, just to compensate for this disadvantage they got? - John´s face again turned much redder than tomatoe juice. - Yes, i guess. - Well, John, i am going to slightly increase the pressure on your testicles, while i´m massaging them. Please remain calm even if it hurts a little more, ok? .With that Melinda went on to actually separate the eggs from each other, and take them one by one at a time.

She knew that his swollen eggs were achy already anyway, after the last night´s caning from her. Plus the daily syringing, plus the neverending inner sexual pressure, plus the neverending verbal and visual stimulation, - all of this contributed to the extreme and uncomfortable heaviness in the testicles.

So she had to be careful not to cause John any more pain. She was feeling each egg from all possible sides and points, moving her hands and fingers in all possible ways and directions, as she handled his eggs. Doing this, she casually asked John about things he did before and then later regretted, things he wanted to do, but never did yet, asked him about his unfulfilled desires and fantasies.

All the while she was manipulating his eggs accordingly. Increasing the pressure sometimes, as if to show John that she was not happy to hear what he had to say.

The other times she made some other moves, soothing and gentle, pleasant and almost orgasmic for him, when she seemed to like what he was saying to her. When she sensed a lie, or some other negative emotion from him, she immidiately treated the egg accordingly sharper and meaner. But when John apologized to her for his former mistakes and such, she went on with caressing and mild sensations for his eggs. John wondered to himself, how come that his whole life, at least at that moment in time, - was literally in the little hands of the sexy nurse?

And what was much worse, is that he could not do anything about it, neither did he wanna do anything about it. In fact, he never felt happier in his life before! Not even when he was orgasming like crazy, a few years ago, when he was simply an orgasm addict. Melinda went on to explain to him, that although his general condition and attitude have been greatly improved, his eggs more in shape, his mind more alert and active, - there is still a lot to do for himself.

She accompanied her words by the occasional stronger pokes or pulls on the egg she was working with. She informed him that he is supposed to always remain in this unreleased and insatisfying frustration. The more this frustration is, the more drive and actual power to accomplish things in life he has. To compensate for his small eggs, John should be doing more things in life, especially when it comes to women.

- Women love big and low hung testicles, John. We also love large cocks. Sorry, but we do. Please don´t take it personally. And she continued to squeeze and tug and move around his swollen eggs. John finally got it!

Only through such a direct addressing to him, through and via his eggs, could he see and understand a lot of things about women and sexuality, because such a direct stimulation made sure all his attention was concentrated on the subject. Besides, the fact that a pretty woman was doing it to him, made the experience almost surreal.

Things he either never knew or dismissed before. And he was tremendously thankful to this skillful sexy nurse for all of this. The next day the session took place in a similar manner.

Only this time another element was added. Her feet!!! As Melinda handled his still swollen eggs, John observed the sweet tasty toes of the nurse, as she wiggled them freely in front of him!

She took another angle for therapy today, so her feet were right in front of him this tim. John could see and smell them! Saliva oftentimes left his mouth during the session, as he was simply intoxicated by the sight of the nurse´s bare feet. The next session the following day was the killer for John. Melinda kept her word and actually let John kiss her feet!

An not only just kiss, but he could have the whole hour of their session together with her beautiful feet! - John, i want you to kiss my feet now! - Melinda said casually, as if she was asking him to bring her an apple to eat. - Begin with my toes, kiss each one of them separately, then kiss between them, then kiss the whole surface of my sole, especially the heel, then go on to the other foot. Take your time, John, don´t be shy, and remember that my feet are very spoilt from all this male oral attention I am getting here.

So be really good, or else I take them away from you. - she said with a smile. John was passing out. The FEET, HER feet! The jealousy, the erotic tingling sensation in his eggs, the tone of her voice, her attitude, as if she was some princess and he was just her slave.

John came back to reality, and bowed down towards Melinda´s feet. Slowly, very slowly he kissed the tip of her big toe on her right foot. He was very dizzy already. Then the other toes, then the sole, the heel, the other foot, - just as she told him to kiss her. This went on for a while, and then the nurse altered the foot session a little bit. Instead of him kissing her feet, she carefully brought her toes to his mouth, and positioned her foot between his lips.

Her toes found their way a little further into his mouth. With a smile, the sexy naughty nurse began moving her foot inside, in and out, in and out. - That´s a good boy, John. I am going to train your mouth a little, letting you get used to accept more of my foot inside. You mouth will eventually stretch some more, and so even more of my foot will be able to enter you there.

We are grown up people, John, so there is no need for shame or shyness. I know you love this. John was in Nirvana, as Melinda moved her pretty foot inside his mouth for what seemed like ages.

She also dared to put her feet on his whole face and head, rubbing his bald area with her heels and toes. Just as if she knew what went through his head, Melinda said. - It´s just fine, John. Women like bald guys, don´t be ashamed of it.

We enjoy feeling the hairless skin with the soles of our feet, rub it, scratch it. A male´s head is pretty much just like a penis head, John. So it is better with no hair, for our playful games with it. Besides, a bald man is much easier masturbated, we find.

I am talking about the all-body-masturbation, John, - and not about the cock tugging. Young boys and small-egged men are tugging on their dicks. But the real men are thoroughly masturbated by women, the kind of masturbation where your whole body is involved and stimulated. And in fact, your bald head corresponds to your cock´s head just perfect!

- she went on to explain to him the pleasures and the real meaning of male-female relationships, of the eternal play between the sexes, and of the superiority of the females. Although John could not understand much of this talking, especially with Melinda´s feet in his face, one thing he was pretty sure of was that this WAS the experience of his whole life.

Yes, today was definitely the happiest day for him, so far. Most probably he was the happiest man on Earth alive today. And all this was happening through some whimsical behaviour of this sexy nurse. After a while Melinda positioned herself on his wide bed so that she faced him and was half laying down herself, parallel to his body, with her feet next to his face.

At the same time her hands began their usual job on his eggs. John never knew this was possible like that. He had never even dreamed of that! - Well, John, today is definitely your day.

You´ve been a good boy so far, and so I let you give my feet a very nice tongue massage now. And just so that you know, in case I don´t feel ok during your oral service, you will feel my reaction in your own eggs, ok John, deal? .John lost all his speach power long time ago. Melinda went on to handle the heavy unhappy overloaded balls, as John did his best in feet licking.

There was an orgasm he had, a lot of them, actually, but without any sexual outcome, that is, without erection or ejaculation. It was an orgasm of another kind, another level, another world. As Melinda´s hand continued to work on his eggs, John gradually got used to the wonderful sensation of a female foot in his mouth and on his face.

It was 10000000 times better than he could ever imagine or dream about! He also realized that his overfilled eggs played an important role in his new-found pleasure. With empty eggs he could not have had so much pleasure, he was sure about that. Let alone, that with the empty eggs Melinda would never let him have it this way, either! And so, as the nurse´s hand manipulated John´s eggs, her toes slightly wiggling, John´s tongue was properly cleaning her both soles.

He was careful not to give her any unwanted sensation though, so he was very slow and shy at first. A few times, when his touch was not as gentle or adequate as she wanted, Melinda gave his eggs a certain squeeze or slap, and so John was instantly aware of his wrong doing there, so that he could change his way on her foot. The sexy nurse purposefully avoided touching his cock, making sure she was leaving him in this ever increasing state of unreleased arousal.

She knew he enjoyed it. And she knew this would only do good for him. This paradise went on for an hour, and then Melinda withdrew her toes from his hungry mouth. There was a woopsy sound, similar to one, when a cork leaves a wine bottle. Melinda smiled and commented. - John, you were almost as good as most other guys. Bye, John. The following day, Melinda stepped in with her bag in the hands.

- Syringe again? - John was curious to find out. - Your guess is right, John! - Melinda seemed happy that John guessed correctly. - Well, John, your eggs are by well adjusted to our treatment by now. This time I am taking you to a new level of experience. It´s possible that you´ll have very dramatic sensations through this session. If you´ll want to share your deepest and darkest desires and fantasies, your fears. - you are welcome to share those with me, while I am handling you.

OK, John? - Sure, Mam! - John happily assured her. - Mam? John, you are doing some great improvemants! Good boy! .With that, Melinda took the syringe out of her bag, and slowly put it on the table next to John´s bed. - John, what I do is I inject a black guy´s sperm into your eggs, before I manipulate them. It´s a fresh sperm, I just got it from my boyfriend, half an hour ago. - Boyfriend?

She has a boyfriend? And he is black? And she just got his sperm? How? Did she masturbated him? . - The very saddened John was trying to process all the latest information about this. - Yes, John, i do have a boyfriend. But you are welcome to adore and love me, too! I know what you´re thinking now. But it is not all that bad, John. This is the natural process, where the strongest males survives and passes on his genetic lines onto the next generation.

One way of testing males´ strength is through their testicles. And so this is exactly our case here. I am only giving you a little bit of my boyfriend´s semen, John. So your eggs should be alright in the end, I hope, since your cells are much more in quantity.

The black sperm cells will interfere with your own sperm, John, and actually cause the war inside your testicles. What happens is the other guy´s cells will attack your sperm. It will be pretty much like a real war inside your testicles. Your sperm cells must become very strong, agressive, smart, quick., only then do they have a chance to overcome the intruding cells.

This is the deepest possible male activation. You eggs will have no other choice but to mobilize all they got, on order to fight the enemy cells, John. Normally, usually, the most guys´ testicles overcome the intruding cells. It is very rare, that some eggs are defeated by the intruder´s cells. In such a case, an irrepairable damage to the eggs is made., and the eggs are then not functioning good anymore.

During this session, John, I am gonna handle your eggs with my hands, just like usual. I am on your side! I am helping your eggs, activating them manually, giving them some more energy for the fighting inside, energy I will be sending them through my hands. And massage is generally soothing for the areas where some very high pressure is developed, caused by those fighting scenes inside your balls. You may feel almost orgasmic sensations, John, since this feeling of fight is not what you feel, generally.

You will rather feel the increased pressure and itching, as well as some very unusual mini-explosions, heaviness and burning sensations there. Hard to explain, John, you will soon feel it all for yourself.

- With that, Melinda lifted the syringe up, and gently drove its needle into John´s right egg. John got quite used to the needles entering his eggs like that. He was also used to his eggs experiencing all sorts of sensations. But this new one! What is it like? Will my sperm cells be able to fight the intruder? What if not? Melinda slowly emptied half of the syringe into his right egg, withdrew the needle, and went on to his left egg. Almost instantly John´s balls were like on fire!

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He felt most extreme feelings there, ranging from a bomb explosion to a castration with no narcosis. The itchiness, the tightness, the pressure, the discomfort, the heaviness, the burn, the dull pain, and.

on top of that he also felt a sort of ecstatic feel, caused by his whole being entering another dimention, - since his eggs were temporarily out or normal order, fighting like they were.

He went through a series of orgasms, of emotional and mental nature. All through this session, Melinda held his eggs in her sweet hands, and helped them in their fighting inside. She gently massaged them, activated the cords, blew air on them, trying to cool them down, she even kissed them, too! In the end of the session, it was clear that John´s eggs won against the intruding cells. Although his balls were very swollen and achy by now, they did their job just fine, and the strange cells were eventually dissolved and removed from his eggs.

Melinda was also glad about this outcome. She commented on how he was a good boy, and gave him her bare heel to lick, for a minute. - Tomorrow, John, I am taking out your testicles, out of your egg sack, and letting you experience your eggs outside in the free.

For one month your egg sack will be empty, John, while your eggs are freed and open for me to mature them. I will also inject the enlarging liquid into your both eggs. The multiple enlarging injections will result in the permanent enlargment soon. Meaning that although most of the injected liquids dissolve and disappear, those repeated injections make your egg cells actively multiply and grow.

So in the end there is much more testicular tissue there, and much more sperm, too. - When she left, John was again in this state of cosmic space travelling, without any direction and with nothing stable and fixed at all. In addition, his dearest dream has just been blown up, the one of being together with Melinda.

She had a black boyfriend! She definitely let this negro kiss her feet! She even collected this guy´s sperm and injected it into John´s balls! What a wonderfully extravagant and sophisticated bitch she was! And John went into another one of his daily lucid dreams about Melinda. This time he visualized her still in school, at her last school year, with all of the boys from the whole school, including the male teachers, crowling behind Melinda with their tongues hanging outside of their drooling mouthes, trying to reach Melinda´s heels for a lick or two.

.She appeared with a special bag next day. - Hi, John, how are the eggs feelilng today? Ready for the extraction?

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Yes, John, this is almost like a castration, but not quite, don´t worry! Besides, to castrate you, I must have permission from your geirlfriend, or your criminal record in my hands, - which I don´t have nothing of this.

But to be honest, John, I´d take one of your eggs out, if I was to castrate you. I like making one remaining egg work double job. I also think that one-egged guys are cute for some reason.

- Melinda smiled here, as she watched John getting uncomfortable with this idea of having his one egg taken away from him. - OK, John, seriously now. Would you like some narcosis for this OP, John?

What I´ll do is I open up your egg sack, and I take your both testicles out. Then I close the hole in your egg sack and I slightly stimulate the freed balls, once they are outside. Got it, John? Please tell me now, if you think you don´t have balls enough to stand the pain of me opening your sack.

A lot of men went through this treatment already, but there were some weak-egged ones, who insisted on narcosis before the OP. How about you, John? . - John was all lost again, could not concentrate, let alone decide on narcosis or no narcosis for this occasion.

This supreme lady of his dreams was about to take out his male glands, and was telling him how some weak-egged men can´t stand the pain! John was having almost an out-of-body experinece again.

- No narcosis, please. - managed to squeeze out John. - Sure? - asked Melinda with a smile? - It´s gonna hurt a lot, John! - Yes, quite sure! - although in reality John feared like crazy! Still he wanted to seem strong and brave in front of Melinda, so he chose on no narcosis. The nurse secured John´s feet and hands to the table.

He was lying on his back, naked, and Melinda was standing next to his manly organs, smiling. Very slowly and without a single word, she opened his ball sack in front part of it, having made a vertical slice with her scalpel. John screamed in pain at first, but then could take control of himself again. - Good boy. - was Melinda´s comment. She then sliced some more, making the cut long enough for the eggs to pass through the opening she was making there.

John screamed again. Another small cut in his sack, and John could feel Melinda trying to squeeze one of his eggs out of the sack.

The opening was still too small, so Melinda had to do yet another cut, and finally the first John´s egg saw the real world, - the world outside of the testicle sack. John could feel how Melinda´s hands manipulated the freed egg loose away from the sack tissues, and then pulled it down, stretching the egg cord a little.

John could feel his right egg cord stretch and tense, beginning somewhere in his stomach, and ending with the now loose egg outside his sack. Melinda then dropped the freed egg on the table, as if it was some nose wiping tissue or something. And she took out the second egg in the same fashion. Soon John´s both eggs were happily sitting outside, on the OP table, between John´s legs, still attached to his body, but way to far from their usual place of stay, which Melinda was now quickly sewing together.

- Well, John, that´s a good sign! Your eggs are definitely getting stronger by day here! You did good without narcosis. Now I´m gonna work on your balls some more, getting them used to their new outside world. In one month though, I am putting them back in their sack again, John. So please don´t worry much about the whole thing. Sometimes what happens is the eggs become so big during their outside stay, that they won´t fit in their sack again! I hope this is not the case with you, John, otherwise I´d have to use some of your butt skin, in order to add onto your egg sack tissue.

Another option in this case would be, that you keep your eggs outside of their sack all the time! For the rest of your life! How about that, John? You could keep your balls either in your jacket pockets, or in a special carrying bag, next to your body. Like the idea? - Melinda was serious about it, but John was not in this wolrd somehow. Upon that, Melinda took hold of John´s right egg, and began handling it like she wanted to. The feel of the open egg was very different from when it was inside the sack.

The egg was much more sensitive, and it felt very fragile, too. In fact, it felt almost like a butterfly, - very light, soft, gentle. With her one hand Melinda was rythmically squeezing the right testicle, while with her other hand she was carefully stretching the egg cord. After a while she managed to move the egg down so much, that it almost reached John´s knee by now!

- Good boy! Your egg cords have been well stretched so far, so they are reaching your knees no problem, John! - She went on to the other egg, gradually stretching its cord all the way to the John´s knees, all the while massaging and feeling the naked egg as she did. After a while this session was over, and Melinda informed John that the next session would actually enlarge his eggs by a lot. .This time John was seated on the table´s edge.

His legs widely spread, and his balls loosely hanging down, over the edge of the table. They slowly swayed in the air, totally free from all sides, only having their egg cords in the upper part, holding them attached to John.

The eggs were about size of a chicken egg each by now, due to their exposure to the outside, the previous session.

Without the protecting shield of the egg sack the eggs were even more vulnerable and defenceless. Melinda first appeared with a syringe and quickly emptied the necessary amout of enlarging liquid into each egg, then gave John a few hours waiting time, until his eggs would enlarge like she wanted them to.

When she re-entered John´s room a few hours later, he was still in the same seated position, on the table´s edge. But now his eggs were really enlarged big time. Each egg was now the size of a big grapefruit at least. Melinda smiled at him, commenting on how pretty this looked on him. - At last you begin to look like a real man, John. - as she sat down right in front of him.

The over-sized balls hung freely over the table edge, with their cords obviously tightly stretched already. The liquid made its job and dramatically enlarged the volume of all the testicular tissue.

In addtition, this last injection was causing the egg cells multiply like crazy, and on top of that, the sperm production was far above normal by now. The enlarged eggs looked very happy in their new size, although also very pressurized and tight, hard and heavy, - just like the natural ripe grapefruits. Melinda seemed glad with the results. She began working on John´s enlarged balls, making sure she covered all of their surface.

She took each big egg in her both hands, and was making all sorts of finger and palm movements on the ball, starting with gently and easy caresses and proceeding to harder slaps and punches.

At the same time she was stretching John´s cords even more, training them to sustain the ever increasing weights of their eggs. Since the cords were laid over the edge of the table, there was this flattening and compressing of the egg cords exactly at that point, - on the edge itself.

Pulled by the egg weights, the cords were tightly stretched and tensed. Melinda took care of that, too. She eventually repositioned the cords, spread them wider apart a bit, so that this time another part of the cord would be on this edge spot.

She massaged the whole of both cords, pulling and tugging them in all directions. John was asked to train his egg cord muscles, trying to resist Melinda´s hands pulling the cords down away from John. John tried to pull it back, employing his inner belly muscles. But the pull from Melinda´s hands was obviously much stronger, and so John gave in to her. But she still made him try again, more and more, - training him to strengthen his cord muscles.

The enlarging liquid was still making its job, and the eggs were now even bigger in Melinda´s hand. She explained to John, that as the liquid activates the enlarging process on the inside of his eggs, she is applying the outside stimulation on them, too, so that the inner reactions are twice or three times as intense. And indeed, John´s eggs got very hot. In fact so hot that Melinda had to use gloves, so as to not burn the skin on her hands.

Inside the balls, John felt like they were burning on some barbeque grill. The eggs got visibly very red, almost like huge tomatoes, and were still enlarging! The cords seemed to be on top of their capacity to hold those huge eggs, and to still transport blood to and from them. Melinda changed the connecting point on the cords again, so that there was not too much tear for the cords, as they were even more pulled and stretched over the table by now. Finally the sexy nurse stood up, smiled at John, and told him, that the following few days there would be more enlarging for him, so that he better get some good rest and sleep.

The next days went on in the similar manner. Melinda first injecting the enlarging liquid into John´s eggs, then coming back to him a few hours later, and then working on ever enlarging balls and ever stretching cords. On the last day of the enlarging series, John got his 10-th enlarging injection.

During these 10 days, John´s eggs mutated from grapefruit size to watermelon size each. Each of his one small and weak eggs looked like a huge watermelon by now. Or like a busketball each! So when Melinda appeared this time in his room, there was John sitting on the table´s edge, with his two busketballs between his legs!

And not only the size was that of a busketball. The tension, the pressure, and weight, the feel of each ball was exactly like that of a busketball. Besides, having to cope with such an extreme weight, the egg cords gave in and had to stretch to impossible limits.

And so now, with John sitting on the table, his knees over the table´s edge, his feet in the air, his body laying back a little, - the watermelon-eggs were almost on the floor!!!!!!!!! That made about 4 feet of the cords for their stretch! Melinda was really happy to see this picture. She commented again on how this suits John so well, and on how the males should often experience some uncomfortable feelings, for the sake of their women. She sat down in front of him, as usual, and his eggs were now between her feet!

The were still in the air, some way off the floor, totally round, slowly rotating around each other, as the two cords were now so long that they began entangling and overlapping each other.

Melinda miled at John, and slowly disentangled his egg cords from each other, so that they were sticktly parallel to one another, without touching. She asked John about how he felt. When John replied that it was as though a few elephants were jumping on each of his eggs and also on the inside of the eggs, Melinda commented on how the other guys gave her some similar answers recently.

She told John that this was their last enlarging session, and so there was only a few inches left for the eggs to reach the floor. And that she would pull them all the way down now. That way she could step on them, one foot on each busketball egg, and proceed with the session accordingly. John agreed of course. So Melinda stretched the cords even more, to their maximum possible degree, pulled each huge watermelon ball down, then added the power of her feet on top of that, too!

She put her both sexy feet on each huge ball, and began pressing down. After a while the cords gave in to her pressure, and soon the busketball eggs landed on the room´s floor. Melinda kept her feet on them all through the session.

- OK, John, we are on the floor now. Can you feel it?

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- John felt something like as if the whole of his barbequed balls were pressed into a sort of industrial press, a kind of like the one which presses old useless cars onto one compact piece of metal. And it was true for John: the eggs were tightly pressed to the floor on one end, while on the other end they had Melinda´s feet pressing them on top! .Melinda repositioned the egg cords for John, careful as to not break them, since they were literally just like two violine strings by now, so highly pulled and stretched that she could almost play music on them.

And she did! She told John that a week earlier she could play a simple song on some patient´s over-stretched egg cords, for some few minutes. But unfortunately enough, she did some rough move with her fingers, and one of the cords broke on the guy. However, with John, she´d be very careful.

And so having taken one cord in her hand, between the table-edge-point and the busketball egg on the floor, - she started using the guitar picky movements with her other hand, trying to make a sort of melody out of the John´s stretched egg cord. Then she tried it with the other cord, too.

John could hear some kind of a few melody lines there, although he was not so sure that his cords were as nice as some music instruments to play on. Well, as the session went on, Melinda was introducing John to the new sensations in his watermelons. Holding his egg cords firmly in her sweet hands, Melinda actually stood up and was now standing on John´s busketball eggs!!!

The eggs gave in a little, just like busketballs would, if one stands on them. Having made John used to this feeling, and still holding his stretched egg cords in her hand for her ballance, Melinda then began jumping on John´s eggs!

She was in the air for a second, and John could see her feet over the table edge. Those feet he loved so much! Then the next second Melinda was landing with all her body weight, right on top of those two busketball eggs! This went on for some 10 minutes, until Melinda got tired of all this jumping around. Then she sat down again, her bare feet on top of John eggs, his egg cords between her big and second toe of each foot.

She wiggled her toes a little, as if playing with over-stretched John´s egg cords. His two huge busketballs were totally red and over-compressed from all of this. The vains stood out sharply, almost popping, the cords being so much stretched that it seemed impossible, and the sexy feet of the mean nurse repeatedly stamping and kicking and pushing and even rolling John´s eggs around!

By the end of the session Melinda could actually play football with his balls. Just as she was kicking one ball, she went on to kick the second one. By this time the first kicked ball was coming back to her, so she was kicking it again. Then the second one, then again the first one, and so on and on and on.

- Well, John, that´s a good boy. And she left him sitting there, with his watermelons on the floor. The remaining time with the watermelon balls John had to work on his physical shape some more.

Melinda would come into his room, jump on his shoulders, and have him carry her around the MEAT building with his watermelons out in the floor! What happened wad John tried his best to carry the woman he loved so much.

And as he was carrying her on his shoulders, his own busketball eggs were loosely dragged on the floor, right between and slightly behind his legs, - as he walked forward. The shoulder-ride in the MEAT was not all that easy. There were a few rules as to this seemingly innocent activity. The male was not allowed to do any wrong steps or moves, lose ballance or sway during his walk. Besides, the woman on top had to feel totally safe and comfortable, being carried around like that.

In addition, the man´s head was the control panel for the shoulder ride. The actual steering was a piece of art in itself. It was pretty complex. And so the carrying male had to pay all his attention to the signals he was receiving on his head. For example, if the woman on top wanted the male to start walking, she would slap the forehead of the man.

That was the signal the man must beging moving forward. If the woman wanted the man to turn, she´d slap his right or left side of the head, accordingly. If she wanted the male to walk faster, she´d give his forehead a few stronger slaps in a row.

To slow down, she´d slap right on top of his head. To maneuvre the male into some irregular or strange walking pattern, the woman could take his head with her both hands, and apply the rotating, twisting and pushing moves on his head, directing the male into the desired direction and speed. Oftentimes the shoulder-ride was turning into a shoulder-run, where the male had to start running with his woman on top. The same rules applied as to the shoulder-ride. Only there was this additional "comfort rule", which meant that the male had to run so smoothly and evenly, the the lady on top of him should not even notice his running at all.

So, with all these things in mind, and concentrating on following Melinda´s directions, John had to really forget about his watermelons on the floor.

And as he was carrying her on top of his shoulders, he would accidently step, kick and push arond his own busketballs.

He was lucky enough that Melinda stretched his egg cords so much, that the huge balls were just behind him, on the floor, being dragged around the building, and not directly between his feet. Otherwise he could not have walked or run, with the balls in between the feet, nor could he keep the ballance necessary for the shoulder-ride. John noticed that he was being taken videos and pictures of, as he shoulder-rode Melinda.

She then explained to him, that just as John watched the introductionary videos in his room once before, so this new video will be added on to the regular video files of the MEAT, and that the new patients will have a chance to see how the shoulder-ride with enlarged eggs functions.

Besides shoulder-rides and shoulder-runs, Melinda horse-rode John, caned him, took him to the MEAT gym where she supervised his muscle training, made him polish her shoes, and gave him his itchy egg-syringes, - on a daily basis. The other nurses were smiling and laughing, when they observed Melinda horse-ride John along the building halls. With him being in the horse position, on his knees and bend forward, his hands on the floor, - his watermelons were way behind! So instead of the reigns pulling his eggs like they used to do before, this time Melinda had to use a very long bullwhip, to simply apply it onto John´s busketballs.

The whil was just the length of John´s stretched egg cords, so it funcioned perfectly. Melinda had to sit the other way around though, facing his eggs but not the direction the were moving!

That way she could easily aim and hit the desired ball, in order to direct or motivate John, - with her bullwhip. This scene was also taken on camera, being the first time in the MEAT, when something of the kind was taking place.

The nurses applauded Melinda for her skillful directing the male horse, and for her precise hitting the huge balls, which were at least 6 feet away from her. All through this weird ride though, and since Melinda was seated the other way around on him, her feet were actually next to his shoulders now!

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And a few times John even caught her bare heels coming up around his shoulders so much, that those beautiful sexy heels almost touched his face as he rode! He could smell the crispy musky sweet scent of her feet. John was in ecstasy as he rode her this way, with her feet not too far from his hungry face. The recording camera also caught this moment on tape, and so the future patients will be accordingly taught and shown, how male´s passion for female´s bare feet can take one to some extremes.

There was also some caning and occasional profylactical ball-caning for John, too. This was also recorded on tape, since it was the first time, when during the ball caning the actual balls were outside of the patient´s chamber, while the patient himself was inside! What happened here was that Melinda told John to sit on the floor facing the door, inside his room.

Seated on the floor, John was smiling as Melinda took each of his heavy busketballs outside of his room, and placed them just behind the door on two special plates, - so that the balls would not roll or move around somehow.

The camera was recording, taking all sorts of close up views, as Melinda then began caning the busketball-eggs! John was inside his room and only felt the now usual ball handling. He was already very much used to this feeling, and enjoyed it a lot.

On the outside, Melinda was using a heavy metal bar, instead of her usual small thin cane, - to hit John´s eggs. The metal bar was rythmically hitting the balls, from all sides and angles possible. Since John´s balls were very much pressurized, the metal bar was flying off the beaten egg so fast and strong, that one could almost imagine that the metal bar was in more pain from this hitting, than the busketballs themselves.

It was as if the real busketballs were beaten. The air inside made the hitting object fly back fast. Melinda then commented to the camera that she matured these balls to their fullest, and that very soon each male in the MEAT would have to go through the same kind of egg maturing. At the end of John´s stay in the MEAT, Melinda had a little talk with John.

- We took you almost all the way there. Now your eggs are mature and ripe. And you are now more of a real man, John. You will have these extra-enlarged eggs for a while yet. Then I am sucking some tissue out of your balls, with a special syringe. And in the end I will put your balls back into your egg sack again, just as promised.

You eggs will never be the same after this, of course. They will always stay enlarged now, but surely not the size they are now! No, John, they´ll be about grapefruit size each, again. I am hoping to fit them again in your sack, but just in case they won´t fit, then please carry them around in the free somehow, ok?

Apart from being quite enlarged, your balls will be working their full capacity, producing more sperm for you, making you much hornier, and much more active, John. If you can´t handle this increased sex drive with your new big balls, you may get agressive and mad eventually. So you basically have a few options then.

You can always come back to us, and we will either work on your eggs some more, or castrate you, on your wish. You can also be a good boy and try to transform your increased sexual passion into the higher forms of energy, - this would be a good option for you, for sure.

And the last option would be, if you happen to find a woman, who will be willing to accept you with your huge eggs and your extreme drive for sex. She could then milk you as much as possible, using your sperm like she needs to. Or, if she is wise enough, she would then use your unsatisfaction and need to get rid of your pressure, - for her own pleasure and needs, leaving you always in this unreleased state of being.

This is definitely the best option you got, if you are lucky enough to find such a woman. I personally am one of such women, John.

And I have trained and matured my boyfriend so much and so well, that he is now so well trained, educated, developed, enlarged, - that I don´t wish myself another man anymore. I would perhaps take you on as my boyfriend, John, but only if I was sinlge, of course.

Sorry about this. I know how much you love my feet, and how much you are attached to me, John. I also know that there is little chance you come across such an expert egg handling anywhere else in this world, so you might miss this a lot, right John? Please don´t get upset though. You are now a mature man with great mature balls. Go into the world and be a good boy.

Engage your desires for the good things in life. .John spent his last few days at the MEAT with mixed emotions, again. His balls were coming back to their grapefruit size. His unfulfilled desires drove him ever madder and crazier. Melinda would come visit him occasionally, but not play with him anymore. She would only massage and kick his eggs for some time, and then leave. When the eggs returned to their desired size, Melinda skillfully returned them into their egg sack, closing the wound carefully.

The sack was very tightly stretched. No wonder! It had to contain two grapefruits in there now. And so the skin was all shiny from stretchy tension there.

When John walked, one could see his balls sticking out there, but John was proud of his new big eggs. He also gave justice to the nurses, too! By now, when his eggs were probably the biggest in the whole MEAT, apart from the third floor tortures and from the experimental enlargement, John realized that the nurses now did give him their pretty sexy feet for kissing! John was frequently asked to refresh some nurse´s toes in his mouth. He was asked to massage some nurse´s feet with his tongue, too.

He was now allowed to kiss and lick female feet a lot, especially the toes and the heel, - the parts of a female foot he loved the most. John was really having time of his life again. He became self-assure and strong. And he was looking forward to stepping outside the MEAT soon, hoping to find that one sinlge woman of his life, who´d accept and support his particular shape and size.