Bbw strip and playing with vibrator

Bbw strip and playing with vibrator
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Author's Note: These short fantasies started off as weekly mini-stories for my readers, but the newsletter was shut down because autoresponders do not accept adult content. I thus decided to publish these fantasies for free for my readers to enjoy. It is meant to entertain, so please do not leave hateful comments if everything is not perfect.

I am only human after all. Have you ever had one of those fantasies? You know, the ones that feel so real you begin to wonder if you are actually imagining them? Well, I do… because I have them all the time! Sometimes, they turn into a story, but mostly they remain trapped inside my brain.

That is, until now… December 26th 2013, 1:00 PM: Boxing Day! Some people love Boxing Day, others hate it. I do both. Being an avid cinephile (movie lover), Dec. 26th is my favorite day of the year. Sometimes, the sales are so good that I spent up to $1000 in a single day. But this year was a small one; only $300 :(. Okay, time to get back to the story before you start to think I am some sort of shopaholic.


So I was standing outside (in the freezing cold) alongside a hundred other people, waiting to be let into Walmart. Finally, the doors opened and I was dragged along by the mass of people.

Determined to get my hands on Assassin's Creed III, I hurried over to the electronics section. Unfortunately, only one employee was assigned to this section, so it took over half an hour before a copy of the game was finally put aside for me. But my troubles were nowhere near over as I would have to spend another half hour in line just to pay for the damn thing. A sigh escaped me as I got in line. That is, until I noticed the barely-legal blonde standing before me.

Although I could only see the back of her, I could tell she was hot. But I did not realize just how hot until a guy cut through the line, shoving her backward.

"Wow!" I gasped in amazement as she turned to apologize.

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She was hot; really hot! "Sorry," she said, but I was far too busy struggling to keep from moaning—wave after wave of arousal had started washing over me—to respond.

My lips curled into a smile as I realized what was about to happen. Moments later, the fantasy began. Unlike the real me, the fantasy me was unable to resist the sight of that beautiful blonde standing before me.

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Letting arousal take over, I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close. I could see the shock in her eyes as I leaned forward, soon pressing my lips against hers.

"Mmm?!" she moaned in surprise as I thrust my tongue into her mouth. Not wasting a second, I began moving my tongue around, exploring her every nook and cranny.

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A few seconds went by with no reaction from the hot blonde. That is, until she did something I had not even considered; she started reciprocating my eager tongue strokes. "Mmmmm!" we moaned in unison as our tongues danced around in each other's mouths.

But the blissful experience did not last long; after only a few seconds, she broke the kiss.

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"What the fuck are you doing?" she almost shouted. I sighed. So much for flawless seduction.

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Although I would normally have tried to seduce her, I decided to opt for another approach; pulling back, I smacked her across the cheek. Hard! Her eyes widened in shock as her jaw dropped open in utter amazement. Unfortunately for her, I did not give her any time to recover. "Shut up and lick my boobs!" I ordered as I ripped my blouse open, revealing my braless breasts.

Unfortunately, the beautiful blonde was still too shocked to understand what was happening. Taking things into my own hands, I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her forward. Less than a second later, I had forced her to her knees and inserted a nipple into her mouth.

"Mmm?!" she moaned. Before she could even think of pulling away, I ordered her to lick it. Too confused by the unexpected turn of events, she did as told. "That's it," I moaned encouragingly as she began tentatively flicking her tongue back and forth.

After only a few flicks, I saw her demeanor go from shocked fear to arousal-fueled eagerness. Within seconds, she was eagerly licking, sucking and biting one nipple while her fingers massaged, pulled and pinched the other.


"Mmmmm!" I moaned blissfully, too aroused to realize the other people in line had begun to gather around us. Most seemed shocked, but a few looked aroused.

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I let the barely-legal blonde stimulate my nipples for another few seconds before grabbing a handful of her hair and roughly yanking her head back. "Lick my pussy!" I ordered as I reached down and began unzipping my jeans.

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Within seconds, my pants were around my ankles, revealing my panty-free pussy. It was not until I felt dozens of eyes on my labia that I realized everyone in line had gathered around us, eager to get a peek at my privates. I could not help but smile as I realized it was undoubtedly the first real pussy many of those video game geeks had ever seen. "I guess they're in for quite a show," I thought to myself as I beckoned the kneeling blonde forward with my index. That was all it took; moments later, I felt her tongue come into contact with my labia as she buried her face into my crotch.

"Fuck!" I moaned loudly as I felt my arousal skyrocket. A shiver ran through me, almost making me lose my balance. Luckily, I managed to remain upright as she forced her tongue past my lower lips.

"FUCK!" I yelled blissfully as she began tongue-fucking the shit out me. My breath grew increasingly short as my moans grew ever-more powerful. There was so much arousal coursing through my veins that it only took a few seconds before I felt an orgasm grow deep within me. Moments later, I released the first wave of cum, sending an impressive amount of orgasmilk flying into my lover's mouth.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned as wave after wave flowed into her oral cavity. Before long, it became too much for her to handle and the sweet nectar was forced out of her mouth. Cum flew in all directions, raining down upon both us and our eager audience, until. Someone shoved me; hard! Snapping back to reality, I felt myself being pushed forward. straight into the hot blonde before me! "Goddammit!" I swore as I glanced over my shoulder to see the same man as before—the one that has shoved the blonde into me.

I considered calling him an asshole, but he was long gone before I could.

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"Sorry," I apologized as I turned back to my fantasy lover. "It's all right," she said, obviously having witnessed the incident. Before I had a chance to come up with a witty comment, we reached the front of the line. Less than a minute later, the hot blonde had vanished into the crowd, leaving me alone and horny.

Fortunately, I soon forgot all about her when an impatient client told me to 'Hurry the fuck up! By the time I was done paying, it was already 2:00 PM. An entire hour of my time had been wasted for a game; one lousy game (okay, the game is not lousy, but still.)! With all the movie deals still waiting for me, I shook the arousal from my body and got to work. Although that was just the start of the long day of shopping I had waiting for me, it was worth it; I got great deals on tons of hot movies and.

a great fantasy! ***** Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. A new fantasy will be published each week, so make sure to check back every so often.

Have a horny day, Barbie Lez