Yonitale massage with beautiful skinny brunette olivia p

Yonitale massage with beautiful skinny brunette olivia p
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Author's note: Wanna know why I posted this? Well the new book is out in hard copy And e file version.

So, why here?

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Oh because a little birdy didn't like the second chapter of the other one! Hope this helps make up for it. Enjoy! Chapter 2 Breaking Barriers I awoke later that night for some odd reason and found myself walking into the living room in just my boxers. Heather was there under a blanket, with it pulled up to her neck just watching a movie.

I had no idea what movie it was but I sat down on the couch next to her. "Joshy, Will you snuggle with me, while I watch this?" She asked. And instantly my desire kicked into overdrive. What was it about Heather that did this to me? Now, I had stopped thinking of her as my twin sister. "Sure." I said sleepily. She lifted the blanket for me to get under and behind her without lifting it far enough to see what she was wearing. I snuggled up to her back and put my arm around her to realize that she was in a pair of spandex shorts and a bikini top.

She let out a slight giggle as she got the blanket over us. Within a few minutes she wiggled her butt into my crotch as we laid there, I can only assume to try and get closer, but it was far from doing that, as my cock jumped to attention, sticking out of the front hole of my boxers.

She felt it grow to its full size and let out a small gasp. She rocked her hips against me again, letting my cock slip into a wonderful position where it sat against her pussy and throbbed. Only the thin fabric of her shorts were separating us now and I could tell that she was definitely feeling it.

My hand instinctively reached down to her crotch and my fingers began to rub her through her shorts. She pushed her crotch against my hand, as I rubbed her most sensitive spot through her shorts and kissed her neck. I began to actually smell her arousal as I moved my hand from her crotch, with a moan of protest from her, to her waist band.

I didn't waste anytime slipping my hand in and starting to tease her naked clit. As I teased her she grinded against me, teasing my cock with her cloth covered pussy. With my free hand, I reached up under her bikini top and began massaging her breast. She let out a soft moan. Suddenly she stopped grinding on me, and arched her back, as I felt a hot liquid shoot against my finger as she squirted in her shorts.

"Oh god, Joshua." She moaned. "That felt beyond wonderful.

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I've never felt that good on my own." She said as she sat up. She got to her feet, letting the blanket fall to the floor. I wasn't sure what she was doing at first, but then she stripped off what little clothing she had on, and I followed in suit.

I repositioned myself on the couch and she laid down on top of me, before passionately kissing me. I couldn't quite believe how fast she was moving on this.

The night before she hadn't wanted it, wanted to think with her mind and not her body. "Joshua, I can't stop wanting this. As much as I've tried to think of this, I can't come up with a good enough reason to stop. Joshua, I love you and I want this." She said as she reached behind me and positioned me at her entrance.


"I want you to be my first." She pushed her body back, taking the tip and only the tip inside her. It was just between the lips of her pussy, and I couldn't believe she was doing it.

"Wait, Heather, what about protection?" I asked, remembering what Becky had wanted. "I don't care about protection. I've always wanted you like this. I wanted to be your girlfriend even though society is against it, and I've always wanted to be the mother of your children." She said, blushing brightly.

"I love you, Joshy, in a way a sister shouldn't love her brother, and it feels normal." And with that, she sat up, impaling herself on my cock, burying it completely inside her virgin womb. Her naked body illuminated only by the television, and I found myself in awe, and in love with my twin sister as she began bouncing on my cock, fucking me for the first time ever, both of our virginities lost to each other.

She was right, it did feel normal. Here was my sister, who I was thinking of not as a sister but as a lover, or a girlfriend, riding me, and I was enjoying it fully with no guilt. I put my hands on her hips and helped her bounce on my cock, when we heard a noise and stopped. We looked back towards the entry way of the room. "Well I can't say I'm surprised. If anything I'm surprised you two took so long to do this." A voice said.

It was our mom's voice and she became illuminated by the tv as she entered the room. She was only wearing a robe. "You're… not mad?" Heather asked. My cock was throbbing inside her. I wanted her to keep going, but I took this as a moment to breathe and calm down a little so I didn't cum so fast. "Why would I be mad? We all have urges and your brother is a very attractive young man." Mom told her as she walked over to us.

"Because it's incest?" Heather asked. "Honey, if it weren't for incest, none of you would be born." Mom told her.


"Your father was my brother, and Rachel's and Becky's father was my cousin." I could feel Heather's pussy getting tighter. "Heather, if you keep clamping down like that, I'm gonna cum fast." I warned her. Heather let out a soft moan and began bouncing on my cock again. "I had always expected you to at least be fucking your twin sister, Joshua, and maybe your other sisters as well." Mom said.

"I haven't fucked Becky or Rachel yet, though they…" I started. "Oh I know. Your sisters are very open with me." Mom said. "I know all about you eating out Becky and her giving you a blow job. I also know Rachel wants you too. They've both even told me that you've seen them naked." My cock throbbed at this, and I felt myself getting close.

"In fact Heather told me how she felt for you when she was ten and her descriptions of what she wanted to do with you were very… erotic." "Really?" I asked Heather.

All she did was nod as she closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of my cock inside her, knowing that at least for the moment, she was getting what she had wanted for so long. "Joshy, I'm getting close." She whimpered. "I want you to cum when I do. I want to feel your cum spraying deep in my womb." "You know you might get knocked up today. You're at mid cycle. Which means you're on a fertile day." Mom warned.

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"I know. I want it." Heather said. "Joshy, I'm about to cum!" I grabbed hard on her hips and thrust into her with all my might. She screamed out as I did, and we came in unison. She was squirting in a stream out of her clit as she came. My cock was erupting like a garden hose with full pressure inside her. I could feel my cum spraying deep into her womb and filling it up. She collapsed on top of me, as I kept cumming, letting out a long moan as I did. "Oh god, that felt so good." I said as my cock stopped spasming inside her.

"I never thought my first time would be like that." Heather said. "I have a feeling that you're gonna have many more times like that with your brother." Mom said. I looked over to her and saw her robe was now open, and she was sitting in front of us practically naked.

"Mom his cock just felt so perfect." Heather said as she pulled me out of her. I just kept my eyes on my mother's body. Mom gave Heather a passionate kiss as Heather pulled herself off of me. What happened next really blew my mind. My mother climbed on top of me and began grinding her body against mine until I was hard again.

"I hope you've got enough left in you for another round." My mom said. "It's been a while since I've had a dick as big as yours inside me." She said with a grin.

She and Heather kissed passionately again. "Hope you don't mind the rest of us sleeping with Joshua." "Not at all Mom." Heather said. With that mom lifted up, positioned my cock and lowered herself on it.

My mom's pussy was hot, wet and tight. Holy shit was she tight. Mom quickly began bouncing on my hard cock. She grabbed my hands and put them on her C-Cup tits. Her nipples were a bit bigger as were her areolas. Her pussy wasn't as well trimmed as Heather's, Rachel's or Becky's. I couldn't believe it was happening. Like I said, my mom was a definite MILF. Any of my high school friends would've loved to have been in my situation right now.

My mom rode my cock for a few minutes then pulled me out of her. I was kind of surprised that she did until she laid down and motioned for me to fuck her in missionary position.

I was happy to do so, taking in the sight of her hairy pussy before doing so. As I fucked her, I sucked on her neck and massaged her tits. Soon I was grabbing her ass with both hands as I got close. I started to warn her but she just wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into a passionate kiss.

I felt her juices squirt from her pussy, covering my balls, which pushed me over the edge and I came inside her as hard as I did with Heather. After I was out of breath and exhausted. My cock hurt from the sex, and I was dizzy. "That felt so good, baby. Mommy needed that." Mom said seductively. "But I might have…" I said. "Yeah you might have just knocked me up, but I'm not too worried about it. Your sister is the same way." Mom said. "And the orgasm you gave mommy was just wonderful." I slowly removed myself from my mom's cunt and the three of us got cleaned up and staggered back to bed.

I couldn't believe that we had just done all of that. I drifted back to sleep with the thought of my twin sister and my mother being knocked up with my child. I spent the afternoon in the basement working out. I was on my back using my Bowflex to work my chest. I didn't even hear her come down the stairs, but soon found who I thought was Rachel at first, straddling my waist. She was wearing a pair of spandex shorts and a work out bikini top with her hair pulled back in a neat ponytail.

I thought it was Rachel at first, because Becky hated wearing her glasses but Rachel loved them, and this time, Becky was wearing them. "So have you thought about the other night and the email I sent?" Becky asked. "Oh, Becky. Sorry, thought you were Rachel." I said, letting the straps ease back. The freckle wasn't there, so this was definitely Becky. "Wait… it was the blasted glasses wasn't it? Or has Rachel started teasing you again? I thought she stopped." Becky said.

"No, she still does it, just in a more… what's the word… sophisticated way." I said. "How so?" Becky asked. "Oh she'll do things like mounting my waist while I'm working out, in a skimpy bikini and then talk to me pretending that I'm not looking at her body.

Or come to me with a question in very form fitting clothing and do a variety of poses that while not revealing would get a man's juices flowing. Or recently, she's started walking around the house stark naked, just to see me pitch a tent in my shorts. Why?" I said. "No reason, I just might have to get some pointers from her. Any who, I might have mentioned something that night to her." She warned me.

"Yeah, she knows, so does mom and Heather. No one cares. You're an adult, Becks, you can do what you want." I told her. "Yeah she came to me about trying some different methods of falling asleep and I can't think of anyone else to come to. So I figured the constant masturbation sessions I'm having are getting to me. I need to work out this extra energy." Becky said. "Well why don't you?" I asked. "Why don't I what?" She asked.

"Work out." I said. "Would you show me how to use this thing then? That's why I came down here looking for you." Becky said. "Sure." I said. I started showing Becky some of the basic exercises showing her which areas it would work out by touching her body. I didn't know if this was some roués for her to get me to grope her, or just she wanted to work out, but I was fine with both. I helped her stand up after showing her the basics. "So do you think that you'll be working out on the machine?" I asked as I wiped it down.

"Maybe. I'll see if I'm up for it." She said. "Why do you wipe it down?" "Keeps it lasting longer and not smelling like ass." I said. "Oh, that makes sense." She said. "And regarding the other night, I'm perfectly fine if you need something along those lines again. I had done some soul searching and asked some people who know regarding these types of matters." I said.

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"So yeah, if you wanna pursue this kind of thing, just let me know." I said. "People? What people?" She asked. "Mr. and Mrs. Stricker." I said. "Really, why would they have insight on that?" She asked. I leaned in so that I could whisper in her ear. "They're brother and sister." I whispered. She grabbed my face and kissed me, passionately. I don't know how long she had been waiting to do that, but she did it.

Her tongue soon found its way in my mouth and explored a bit before she broke the kiss, and looked up at me, blushing brightly under her cute glasses. It almost made me forget I was half a foot taller than her. "I'm sorry, I should've asked first before doing something like that." She said. "No, it's alright Becky." I said. "It's just, I've had a crush on you since I was a kid, and that's why I always shied away from guys. They just didn't measure up to you." She said. "I'm not sure why I'm saying this now, but when I took your cock in my mouth the other night, I knew I wasn't gonna find a man to measure up.

It just felt perfect having you in my mouth." She turned away from me and looked towards the floor. "Josh, I love you in a way a sister shouldn't love her brother." She said. What could I say? I felt like that for her. I wanted to be in a relationship with her… It felt odd for the moment. I loved her in the way I felt for Heather. I put my arms around her, and took the chance to reach up her bikini top to fondle her tit.

I massaged it, before teasing the nipple a bit making her moan in pleasure. "Becky. You don't know how much I want you. I wanna put you over my weight bench right now and fuck you until you scream." I whispered.

"But what about taking it slow?" I asked as I pulled my hand away so that she could turn around and face me. "I was wrong, big brother." She said turning back to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me again, passionately, consumed by her desire. She jumped up, wrapping her legs around me. I put my arms around her and my hands on her ass as we made out. She broke the kiss. "You really want to stop?" She asked.

"No." I said reaching down to her shorts. I grabbed at the seam that went down the center, right where her pussy was. "Wait! What are you doing?" She asked as I pulled and tore a hole in them, large enough for my cock to have access to her pussy. I pulled down my shorts as she stayed wrapped around me, and quickly started teasing her outer lips with the head. "No! Don't tease me!" She whined. "I want to hear you tell me what you want." I said.

"I want you to take me. I want you to fuck me as hard as you can and fill me up with your cum. I've wanted you to do it since I was a teen. I wanted you to fill me so full and knock me up so I can walk around with a big pregnant belly and let everyone know I was yours." She moaned. "Please, fuck me!" She begged. I arched my hips and slowly slipped the tip in between her pussy lips, making her moan. I grabbed her hips and forced her down the rest of the way on my cock, making her scream out.

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"Oh gods yes!" She yelled as I took her virginity. I walked us over to the work out bench and laid her on it, and began pounding away at her pussy making her moan with every thrust. "Joshua! I'm gonna cum!" She yelled. I picked up my pace, as I felt her squirting, out of both holes. Her clit was spraying like a hose and her pussy was shooting her juices all over my balls, which only made me cum harder inside her. Again, I was cuming like a hose was spraying.


"Oh my god Joshy. That was wonderful." She said with tears flowing from her eyes. I kissed away a tear and noticed a mark under her eye. I wiped away the make-up covering up a large freckle. Remember, the only difference I've ever seen between Rachel and Becky is that one freckle. "Rachel?" I asked. "I'm sorry, I lied to you. I just wanted it so bad." Rachel said.

"Becky and I came up with this whole idea for you to finally make love to me." "I wish you hadn't lied to me, Rachel. I would've gladly fucked you senseless without the lies." I admitted. "Especially since you've been doing your best to enthrall me at every chance you had." Somehow I wasn't angry or upset that I had been deceived.

I was happy that she loved me this much. "I love you so much, little brother." She said. "I love you too, Rachel, but still you should've just been honest." I said. "I know, but I didn't want to risk you saying no to me." Rachel said. "I wouldn't have. I would've made it more memorable. I skipped out on a lot of foreplay because I thought you were Becky." I said.

"Well, you'll just have to pleasure me with foreplay next time." She said 'matter of fact'-ly. I pulled out of her, making her moan in disappointment but her legs were still around mine, and after a moment, she knew what I was up to when she heard a rip and I slipped the head of my cock into her tight asshole. "Wait, Joshy, have you ever done this before?" She asked. "Nope." I said being honest. "Be gentle." She said. "I will." I said as I slowly began slipping my cock into her ass until I was buried to the hilt.

Her ass was as tight as her pussy. "So was this Becky's idea to disguise yourself or was it yours?" "Mine. Becky just went along with it. After hearing you, mom and Heather go at it last night, I just couldn't hold back anymore." Rachel admitted.

"So is she disguised as you, up in your guys' room?" I asked. "Yeah." She gasped as I began slowly slipping in and out of her ass.

"You wanna help me with something then?" I asked. "Only on one condition." Rachel said. "What?" I asked. "You gotta promise me that we'll keep making love like this in the future." She said. "Anytime you want it." I said, pulling out of her ass and kissing passionately. She released her hold on me, and took my hand as she sat up.

She was blushing brightly as she examined her shorts, realizing the holes didn't show normally. She stood up and led me up to her bedroom door. She stopped, ran back to the bathroom and came back, with her cover up fixed. She opened the door to find Becky laying on Rachel's bed. I had pulled up my shorts before we opened the door. Becky was wearing a pair of Rachel's glasses and reading a thick book.

She was dressed in a see thru white baby doll top with black panties and no bra, and a pair of socks that had the tops pulled down to cover her ankles. She had a bit of makeup on to simulate the freckle beneath her eye. Rachel led me over to the bed, and before Becky could protest, she had her panties off, and had my head in between her legs, licking at her clit. "Rachy (Pronounced: Ray-chi)!

I told Joshy what you told said before about wanting to have him make love to you, and he's all for it." Rachel said trying to sound like Becky. Again before Becky could protest in any way, Rachel had pulled her into a passionate kiss and began groping her body as I ate her out.

It wasn't long before her pussy convulsed and she squirted into my mouth. I got up and put the tip of my dick inside her pussy lips. "Joshy wait!" She tried to protest, but Rachel pulled her into another kiss. Becky kept one eye open and kept it on me as I slowly slid my cock in, and past her resistance until I was entirely inside her.

Her eye went wide as she felt my cock pressing against her cervix. Rachel broke the kiss with Becky who was panting hard not sure of what to say or do. I had taken her virginity like Rachel had wanted me to do, but she wasn't Rachel, she was Becky, who had wanted me to use a condom.

This time, I was ready for that. "I… Josh…" She muttered. "What's wrong, Becky? I thought you wanted this too." I said before I leaned in and sharing a passionate kiss with her. I was keeping myself as still as possible.

Mainly because I knew that if I started really having sex with her, I wouldn't stop for a condom. "Nothing, I wanted this." She said, trying to act like Rachel for a moment, but then she realized I had called her by her real name.

"Wait, you called me Becky." She said as I got back in a kneeling position. I slowly pulled my cock from her after reaching in my pocket and pulling out something.

I opened the package and slipped the latex cover over my cock before I leaned back in. "Yeah, you also wanted me to use a condom. I wanted to let you feel it first before putting it on." I said. "How'd you know?" Becky asked. "That it was me?" she continued as I teased her slit momentarily then slid it back inside her. She moaned as I bottomed out again. "Rachel's make up wiped off when she came hard during our session in the basement." I said.

"Wait? Session? I thought you were just gonna give him a bj?" Becky panted at Rachel. "He didn't really give me a chance. He sort of took it to this level because he thought I was you." Rachel admitted before kissing Becky. I began thrusting in and out of Becky's tight pussy. Becky put her hands on my back and raked her nails across it as I pounded away.

I began thrusting hard and fast as her pussy got hotter and hotter. It was overwhelming. Usually the condom would stop the heat until a woman was at her peak, or so I've learned since then, but Becky was truly aroused as I fucked her.

"Oh god, I'm close." Becky said. "Me too." I said. I was holding back as much as I could until she grabbed me, pulled me into a passionate kiss and began grinding her hips against mine. I couldn't hold out any longer. She wrapped her legs around me as my cock went off like a hose again.

After a moment or two, she released her death grip on me, and I humped a few more times before pulling out. "Wow! That was terrific, Becks." I said, her eyes growing wider.

She was surprised, and tears were flowing down her cheeks. "Oh my god." She said covering her mouth. Rachel turned to see what she was looking at.

"Well, I'd have to say it's been taken out of your hands, now Becks." Rachel said.

I looked down to see what they saw. The condom was bunched up around my cock. It had burst while I was having sex and when I came, I had filled my youngest sister's womb with my incestuous seed. Becky's head fell back on the pillow as I sat down and pulled off the broken condom and threw it in the trash. "You don't get it Rachy!" Becky cried, as she pulled herself into a sitting position with her knees to her chin.

"What you don't think you're ready to be a mom? It's not like you're alone in it! You have Joshy, Heather, Mom and Me to help. Your life isn't over!" Rachel pointed out. "Besides that, we're all fertile today, and Joshy has cum in all of us! You heard Mom and Heather!" I was stunned. All four of them were fertile and I came inside them all. Any one of them could be pregnant now, and we wouldn't know for sure. Becky was still upset, but calmed down as soon as I put my arms around her.

"I would love for you to be the mother of my children, Becky. I love you." I said.

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She pulled back and kissed me, not as a sister would kiss a brother but as a girl would kiss a boy she loved. "I love you too." She said after breaking the kiss. Becky and Rachel began talking openly in front of me. I determined that incest definitely was running in our generation in our family.

I wasn't sure how this whole pregnancy thing might play out, but I was definitely up for it. Becky just needed some more emotional support, and Rachel was happy enough to give it to her. The two of them had been fooling around for about a year in secret, and had always talked about getting in my pants apparently. Though it had been Rachel who really wanted to get pregnant right away and not Becky, though both were definitely a possibility now.

As the two chatted away about what would happen next, I got up and made my way downstairs to the bathroom to get cleaned up. I took a hot shower and got ready for a nightly jog. I got suited up in my running gear and threw my work out gear in the washer before heading to the door only to be stopped cold in my tracks.

Heather was standing there, completely naked, in front of the door. "I wanted to warn you." Heather said. "Of what?" I asked. "I don't want you going over to Johnny's looking for trouble. I ended the relationship with him. I didn't say what I saw, just told him that I've found someone else. So he might come to you and ask." Heather said. "Okay, Heather." I said before giving her a kiss on her lips. Johnny lived right up the road from us, so there was definitely a possibility that I ran into him on my jog.

She stepped aside and I started out the door and down the steps, before too long, I saw someone in front of me on my jog and recognized who it was. It was Jessi. I took her by the arm as I jogged and she realized it was me and I wanted her to come with me. We jogged to Mr. Stricker's wooded area. It was time to play my hand with Jessi.