Teen ass toyed by oldie

Teen ass toyed by oldie
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Jarrett heard the notification ping from the other room and went to check his message. To his surprise, she said she had completed the first thing already. His visit would have to wait until afternoon though, as a reward he'd have to get her something special from town. He checked the monitor and sure enough, her clothes were on the table by the door and she was curled up naked or her bed.

He started to type his reply. "What do you like to eat? I'm heading in to town to get a few things, I get you something you like." He was hoping to have as normal of a conversation as possible, considering the circumstances. "Pizza." A response, but not as long as he'd been hoping for. "What kind? I know kids a picky about what they eat. And what do you like to drink?" "Cheese.


Dr Pepper" she replied quickly. "OK. Be back soon to see you." He was so excited when he returned from town, he forced himself to put all the groceries away first, then poured a glass of soda, grabbed the pizza and headed downstairs. He didn't pick up the last bag he had though, that would wait for his next trip, his special surprise from the adult store.

"Hi. I've got your pizza and soda. I know you'll never like me, but I'd like you to not be scared of me. I don't have any plans to hurt you at all. Come eat." She stayed curled up on the bed, trying to hide herself as much as possible. As much as she liked being naked, she'd never let anyone see her before. She was sure her adventurous, naughty side would take over soon, but not right now. She slowly shook her head 'no'. "Would you be more comfortable if I took off my clothes too?

It wouldn't be a problem, I'll stay on this side of the room, you can eat, and we can talk." She'd never seen a man naked before, sure she'd caught glimpses of her dad, but never a really good look.

She felt that stir in her pussy she gets when she needs to rub herself, but she was too scared to answer him. "If you change your mind," he assured her, " you know how to reach me. I'll come visit you for each meal, if you need anything or want something specific to eat, just let me know." With that he left her to eat. "And check your tablet later, I'll leave some videos on what the next thing will be." When he closed the door, she reached between her legs to play with herself a bit and was surprised to feel how wet she was already.

She was hungry too, so she decided that her playing could wait. As she ate, she thought of what he would look like naked, and what else he would be asking her to do, it was all too much for her to take. She crawled up on the bed and sprawled out. "Now for me to feel good" she thought as she grinned to herself.

She was still wet, so it went fast, her first touch was a slow slide down her slit, briefly hitting her clit and then down through the opening of her pussy. She closed her eyes and let her fingers explore the wetness, up and down, back and forth across her clit. Soon she started arching her back, preparing for the finish, she started rubbing faster and harder across her button. She shuttered softly and sighed. "Not my best, but it will do" she said to herself.

She rolled over, grabbed the tablet and open the 'Seven Little Things' to see if he'd given her a clue on what the next thing was. This time there were several pictures and videos along with a text file. She clicked the text file. "The second thing is still not very hard, but it does take a little more for you to do it. Look at the pictures and video's.

This is what I'm expecting next. When you're ready, let me know, our visits will continue as normal until you do." She opened the pictures first. All were girls with their hands between their legs or in their pussies. The videos were the same, girls playing with themselves, mostly with their fingers, some with vibrators. She'd never dreamed that someone would want to watch her do that. She knew it made her feel good, but why would he want to watch?

She woke up to the door opening, he came in carrying breakfast which he sat at the table then went to his chair across the room. She didn't hide herself today, she went and sat down and began eating.

"Good Morning" He said. "Thought you might like a hot breakfast today instead of cereal." "Thank you" she replied. "I've been thinking since I'm always naked, you should be too. You don't have to now, but when you come back." "You know, I don't even know you're name.

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Will you tell me?" He asked. "Sarah" she replied without hesitation "What should I call you?" "Why not call me J. Listen, I may not make it for lunch on time, so I brought a snack for you also.

Don't worry if I don't show up until later, I have some business to finish." He explained. When she finished, he took the dishes and left the snacks on the table. She went back to the bed and waited for him to leave.

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When he did, she grabbed the tablet and watched the video's again. Then she sent him a message. "When you come down tonight, I'll be ready for you to watch me.

Remember I asked you to be naked from now on too." Jarrett got home sooner than he expected, but it was still two hours after lunch. He worried about Sarah not getting her lunch, so he made a quick sandwich before he checked his messages. He was pleasantly surprised with her message. As he made his way to her room, he stopped to undress in the hallway before he opened the door.

When he stepped it, he noticed she really perked up and watched him carefully.

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He set the plate of the table and went to his chair as usual. "Eat first, then we'll decide on what else we'll do later." She made her way to the table and sat facing him with her legs apart so he could see her sweet hairless pussy.

She forced herself to eat, she really didn't feel like it, she was so nervous and excited at the same time. Finishing her last bite, she walked to the bed. As she was walking, she said "You can come sit here too if you'd like" She jumped on the bed, rolled on her back, closed her eyes and started to run her hands down her belly.

She felt Jarrett sit on the end of the bed, so she knew she could begin. She started as usual, by running her finger the length of her slit, top to bottom. She was so wet, she wondered why this made her even more excited than being alone.

Jarrett didn't say a word, just sat and watched as this young girl began to masturbate just for him. Her hands knowing rubbed and caressed her pink pussy. Moving with expertise from her clit to her hole, back and forth. Occasionally she's stay on her little clit and rub in circles, her moans became a little louder, and more frequent. Her back would arch with her sighs as she moved her fingers over her wet pussy.

It wasn't going to be much longer, her breathing picked up, her hand moved faster and came back to her clit more often. Her body started to stiffen as she let out a little grunt of satisfaction. Her fingers flattened and rubbed her clit frantically.

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She convulsed two, three, four times and she let her hand fall to her side and let out a deep breath. Through her breathing she asked "Is that what you were wanting to see?" She looked at his smiling face and then to his rock hard cock.

She gasped at the sight of her first real dick. He answered, "It was better than I was expecting, you know what you were doing.


Have you ever seen a man naked before?" "My dad, but it never looked like that." Pointing at his dick standing straight up. "That's what happens when a man sees something he likes" He laughed.

"I'll be back down with supper in a few hours, do you want anything special for dessert? You deserve it." "Maybe a bowl of ice cream" she said as he walked towards the door. "I'll be sure to bring one." He said as he opened the door.

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"Check your tablet in the morning, I'll make sure to have the third thing ready for you to look at."