Sultry Chicks Get Banged by Bad Stepdads

Sultry Chicks Get Banged by Bad Stepdads
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So it begins: This is the tale of Mitchell and the summer he spent with his way ward father.

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Mitch sighed roughly as he shoved the rest of the clean clothes he was taking with him to his fathers for the Summer. "You will have fun Mitchell, you always do so stop throwing a fit." His mother commented as she walked past his door, a grunt pushing from his chest at her words. Yeah maybe he would have fun, however he was not looking forward to his fathers increasingly odd behavior towards him. Mitchell was twelve years old and his parents had been divorced since he was six.

His father moved to California while his mother stayed happily nestled in the East Coast.

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I know what you're thinking 'How could you send a six year old back and fourth unsupervised on an airplane?' but it wasn't like that. His mother would get on a plane that went half way where his father would be waiting to get on the second plane with Mitchell. This got both of his parents to see each other for a few moments and out of their houses.

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That was the best part of these trips for six years in Mitch's mind, they had to speak with each other. The right with his mother was always a little on the boring side, she spoke about being safe and keeping up with his studies. Her biggest fear was that he wouldn't study for his vacation, forget everything he learned, then be a low life uneducated waste of skin like his father.

Her head shook as she rested back against the seat of the plane, Mitch flipping through the channels on the television he had. She was so scared he would turn into that monster. Mitch reached over slowly to shake his mothers arm as she had dozed off a little. "Mom two minutes until we land." He smiled a little as he looked over the noticeably changed land under neath them.

"So weird how you can fly for five hours and feel like you in a completely new world huh mom?" He asked her with a bright child like smile that instantly made her smile as well. "Yes Mitch." She replied as they sat back and made sure their seat belts were fastened tight. He held onto her hand just as tight as their seat belts had been on the plane as they walked off, backpack on his back. His mother was still going on about safety and such which made his eyes roll.

"Moooooom." He droned out. "You do realize I am twelve now right? Also. Dad's gunna be right here to pick me up.

No big deal." He smiled at her softly as her head shook but she did admit he was right. Then out of a crowd of people that was busy searching for where to go next a deep voice rang out.

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"MitchELL!" The sound making Mitchell's mother frown and squint, and Mitchell light up like a christmas tree. Releasing his mothers hand he zoomed through the people and tackled his father tight, his father being a tall and thickly muscled man.

Real heavy, built like a football player and just about as smart. Mitchell's mother slowly made her way to them and nodded her head lightly. "Well. Nice to see you Jack.


Take care of my son." Was all she said before kissing Mitchell's cheek and running off to catch her plane. "Pssht. She means MY son, at least for two months you are little man." He chuckled and set Mitchell down on his feet. "We better run." Was all he said as he glanced at the clock that was on the wall, both of them sprinting to get to the gate just in time.

"We made it!" Mitchell let out with a hard huff from the run. "Sure did." Jack replied as he winked to the flight attendant and boarded to find his seat.

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As soon as the plane was in the air Jack had already managed to get that same attendant to his seat five times. They giggled and flirted which made Mitchell shake his head and sigh, plugging in his headphones to tune them out.


As the flight got about an hour into it Jack had told him he needed to "go to the bathroom" which really meant "see you in thirty minutes". Mitchell nodded and frowned deeply but sat and watched the television. Jack's massive body was pressed tight against the attendants as she unbuttoned his shirt.

One of his large hands easily grasping her ass completely for a moment before speaking with a heavily amped voice. "Get on your knees bitch." She smiled and turned around, her body smashed against the glass as he whipped out his eight inch, four inch thick monster.

Unable to see it she couldn't be prepared for that log that was entering her ass. He smiled as he moved to sit back in his seat, his hand resting on his sons knee, giving her a tight squeeze.

One that made Mitchells eyes open wide, the odd smell of hormones flying off of his father body. Jack smirked as the woman flailed unhappily with no where to go, only spit as lube as he bursted open her pucker.

His thick member forcing it's way into her body, her dainty hands gripping the mirror as he thrusted roughly to slam all of him inside. "No." She said, which only made him laugh as he slammed more and more against her. His balls tightening harshly as this excited him more and more. "Whore's don't choose." He told her as he some how made her bend and pressed his skin all the way to hers, shooting a hot load into her ass and then pulling out.