Sweetie bawdy cleft fuked thraldom

Sweetie bawdy cleft fuked thraldom
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Ami was alone inside one of the cars of a subway train. Typically they were loud and crowded, but, since it was late and most people were in at home by this hour, the train was close to empty. As she sat, reading her book by the yellowed fluorescent lights, she felt something. She felt like she was being watched. She looked up to see a man, or maybe an older boy, sitting across from her. She couldn't see his face, the lighting not very good on the other side of the car.

"I don't remember seeing you get on," she commented, more to herself than to the man. The stranger said nothing in response. Ami shrugged and returned to reading her book.

Then, she felt the same strange feeling. She looked up to see the stranger was gone. "That was strange. I wonder where he went." She didn't realize he was sitting right next to her. "Excuse me, miss, but what may I call you?" Ami looked up, startled. "Oh, I didn't see you there. You can call me Ami. What can I call you?" "Master." She turned in surprise, to see two red eyes staring back into her own.

She dropped her book and stood up. "What's the matter? Why do you back away from me?" "Wh.why did you say that? Who are you?" "A better question is, who were you?" Ami thought, trying to remember. "I, I don't know. Everything is so fuzzy now, I can't remember anything." "Good. Now, relax." The man jumped to his feet and grabbed her.

".and submit." With that, he forced his mouth over hers and invaded her lips with his long, thin tongue. She tried to push away, but he was too strong for her. She tried to scream, but couldn't. He began to tear into her clothes with what appeared to be claws, letting the pieces fall unceremoniously to the floor.

Soon enough, she was wearing only her long socks, her underwear, and her glasses. He dropped her to the floor.

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His shape slowly began to change, from that of a young man to something much more sinister. He grew in size, his skin's color changing to dark purple hue. His eyes grew more sinister, his teeth turned to fangs.

He had claws, wings, and three-toed, clawed feet. He let out a monstrous roar. Ami was beside herself with fear. She tried to crawl away from it, but he grabbed her leg and lifted her high into the air, upside down.

"Don't run from your master. You shall learn to enjoy my presence." He drew her close, running his lizard-like tongue up along her cheek, up her neck, and up onto one of her breasts, pushing it under her bra to slither across one of her nipples. She shuddered, half in fright, half in pleasure. "Sense your pleasure." She wriggled, trying to get free of him. "Tsk tsk, we can have this, can we?" He grabbed her around her waist and flipped her upright.

She pushed at his monstrous hands, trying to slip from his grip. "Your resistance only makes me harder!" Ami looked down to see the biggest, most intimidating looking cock she had ever seen. It was almost three inches wide, and over a foot long "No, wait, please! That will never fit, you'll rip me to shreds! Please, have mercy!" "Mercy is for weaklings. I have none." He lowered her so that her pussy lips were resting upon the head of his monstrous cock, the fabric of her panties the only thing keeping them from touching.

"Please! I'll do anything! Anything! Just don't.please don't." He began to prod at her opening, pushing just a little deeper this time, stretching the moistening fabric. She kept on saying things like "Please, no." and "Have mercy." Eventually, when he had had enough of her pleas, he yelled "Silence." She stopped, whimpering.

"Now, suffer!" As he thrust his monster cock deep inside of her, tearing through her underwear as if it were nonexistent, she screamed in surprise and pleasure. His head rested against her cervix, and it wasn't even all of the way in yet.


"It's.so.big." Ami said, marveling at how it could fit inside her tight vagina. "The better to fuck you with, my dear!" He pulled her all the way up, so his head was just inside her pussy lips. "Wait, what are you." He didn't let her finish.

He slammed her back down, his erect cock slamming into her cervix. He pulled out almost all the way, and forced her down again.

And again. Her moans grew louder with each thrust, her grasp of the situation loosening. The pain of having her cervix forced in this manner, it felt as if she were being punched in the gut, over and over. But the pain slowly began to give way to pleasure as his speed increased with each push. Each more powerful than the last, and each brought an increasing amount of pleasure.

As he forced her up and down, her breasts wobbled in accordance, bouncing up and down. One even managed to slip free of her bra, which became loose and began to fall off of its own accord.

And then, with one final thrust, he broke through. As his cock forced its way inside her uterus, Ami reached her first orgasm, a body-shaking ordeal. She shuddered and winced, and lost all control. She screamed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as her limbs began to go limp, resigning herself to the demon.

She was at the mercy of this beast, which, as it had said, had none. He began pumping at a furious pace, her now-limp body bouncing along with every thrust.

There was a small bulge in her stomach every time he thrust, and it slowly got larger. Just as the monster's new toy was reaching her orgasm, the monster himself reached his.

He grunted, he shuddered, and let loose his thick load of warm seed directly inside her womb.

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She moaned in ecstasy as she felt his fluid filling her. Her uterus began to expand, causing her stomach to bulge. He roared once as the last of his seed filled her.

Then, pulling her from his cock, he dropped her to the floor.

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His warm, sticky seed began to flow from her womb, creating a large puddle on the floor. She was breathing heavily, panting almost. New thoughts were invading her mind; it was like he was speaking to her, but in her own voice. To turn herself over to him.

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Give into him completely. And as she lay there on the floor, his seed leaking from her ruined womb, she realized that this was all she wanted.

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All that she had ever wanted. She could hear him clearly in her thoughts now. She heard his call to be his, and felt ecstatic. She was glad that he had saved her from her own ignorance. In minutes she had recovered, and was standing before her master, looking up longingly into his eyes.

The experience had transformed her and, with his overwhelming aura of dominance, she could do nothing more than to submit.


"Again, master. I want you to fuck me again! I want to feel you inside me. I want you inside!" "In good time, my dear. But we must get away from here first. Dear, what is your name?" "My name.is no longer my own. I am whatever you shall call me, master." "Then you shall be named Jade." Jade pulled away what little left of her clothing, and knelt before her master, worshipping him silently.

The monster looked over his new conquest, content with his work. She had been just as weak-minded as he had sensed her to be, and breaking her had been all but too easy. "Next time," he thought, "I should take on more of a challenge." The monster took Jade back to his lair, where he tied her arms behind her back. He forced her down upon her knees, pushing her face into the rocky ground; she didn't care, however, she was his now.

She was convinced that whatever he did was in her best interest; that is was his way of showing his love for her. His now-erect cock poked at her tight asshole, slowly stretching it wider with every push. "Enough master! Why do you tease me so? Fuck me!

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Please! As hard as you can muster! I want you inside me!" Her master happily obliged, forcing his way deep inside her, stretching her to her limits.

She screamed, which was followed by mad laughter. "I can feel your pulse! You stretch me to the limit yet I want more! Master, do your worst!" The monster forced his cock in deeper and deeper. She moaned with every thrust of his hard, pulsing cock. "I feel you pushing my organs aside to make room for your cock. I feel it bulging out, trying to push its way through my stomach." As he pushed deeper, the bulge in her abdomen grew.

"I wish that it could reach my brain, so it could blow my mind. Master! Don't stop!" He began to thrust faster, tearing up her tiny opening.

She began to bleed from his ferocity, but still she yelled "Fuck me harder! Harder!" The demon himself was having trouble keeping up with her cravings. She was panting and moaning now, as her stretched, ruined asshole bled freely. And then, in one final, powerful thrust, the monster roared, and unloaded his massive load of seed deep inside her.

Perhaps he had overdone it on the telepathic suggestions. She appeared to have been reverted to some base state, capable only of lust and desire, devoid of any thoughts past her own pleasure. No matter. She was still useful, although not quite what the demon had hoped for. She would keep him satisfied until he found a more suitable concubine. "I can feel it fill me! Master, you fill me!" She screamed out in ecstasy. Then, some of the monster's seed began to flow out of her nose and mouth, making a puddle of the rock floor.

She collapsed, panting. Her demon master also sat back, out of breath. Jade managed to say two words through all her panting. "Master.again."