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Kishimoto is da man and owner of the Naruto series. Hey guys I'm glad that you love the story I just wish that everyone that read the story could review it.

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RR Written by Dragon of the Underworld Revised by Evildart17/Darkcloud75 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Way I Dreamed It Part 2 Chapter 17 Kakashi was standing in the forest reading his book to pass the time; Pakkun was sitting next to him waiting just like Kakashi.

Kakashi used Pakkun to try and pick up Naruto's sent but it was useless with so much rain falling any scent was washed away. When Sakura found Kakashi to ask him to go look for Naruto in the forest he wasn't alone. It just so happened that Gai was with him and so was Lee and like the nice guys they are they decided to help look for Naruto.

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Kakashi had already gone through a large part of the forest and had found nothing, so now he just waiting for the others. Kakashi continued to read his book waiting for the other two to return, the rain had let up considerable only small drizzles were falling. Kakashi felt a breeze blow by he looked up knowing that with the weather the way it was right now only Gai and Lee would have caused that breeze.

"Lee, Gai did you find anything" asked Kakashi. Gai and Lee looked at Kakashi and nodded, "If Naruto was here in the forest then we definitely think we found the location he was at" said Lee. "What did you find that would make you think that?" asked Kakashi. Gai pulled out a piece of paper; it was the cover of a ramen cup. "There were three of these scattered on the ground" said Gai.

"I see, but you didn't find any trails did you" said Kakashi. Gai looked at Lee; Lee gave Gai a nodded telling to continue. "We didn't find a trail but we found something else. . You should come check it out" Said Gai as he led the way to the location.

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When they arrived Kakashi noted right away what they were referring to, on the ground were various footprints two sets of small footprints, which Kakashi could only assume were the twins, and then there were about five other sets. "If Naruto was here he definitely had some company" said Kakashi. "Who do you think they were?" asked Lee.

"Well looking in on the situation I would say that these people came to get Naruto and the only people that I know off that are after Naruto are Akatsuki or Sasuke" said Kakashi.

"What ever happened here definitely happened at least an hour ago, the prints still look fresh, if the prints were old they would have been washed out by the rain" said Lee.

"Your right these footprints were made because of the rain and judging by the number of footprints it's not Sasuke" said Gai. "We have to look for them" said Lee. "Well it seems that Naruto and company just disappeared and due to the rain we don't have any way to track them, we have no lead Lee" said Gai. "We have to tell the Hokage then we have to make sure that Naruto is definitely missing before we can do anything, for all we know he might already be back at the village" said Kakashi.

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Naruto was lying flat on the floor unconscious, while the body next to him was completely dead.

"I told you nothing would happen" said Itachi. "Just because nothing happened, doesn't mean something won't happen later" said Kisame thinking that they had risked too much using Naruto to seal the other demon. "You should take him back to the cell till Pein and Konan arrive, then we'll perform the jutsu to extract both demons" said Zetsu. "You guys do realize that he now has three sources of chakra in him each one larger then the next one, Kisame is right nothing happened now but something is sure to happen soon, he's going to overload on chakra and if he doesn't release a lot of that chakra it will start to decay his body from the inside out, but that's if he doesn't blow up first" said Tobi.

"I guess we'll just have to hope that the others get her soon" said Itachi. "Itachi you talk like this isn't an important matter, if he blows up it's not going to be a simple explosion, he has enough chakra to possible blow up a quarter of a country" said Kisame.

Itachi ignored Kisame and grabbed Naruto taking him to the cell where the girls were waiting for their father. "I still think we should have used one of the kids that way we wouldn't have to risk anything now we risk loosing the last two demons if that fucking idiot dies" said Kisame. "Your right if everything blows Pein is sure to kill us" said Zetsu. "That's if we survive the explosion" said Tobi.

"I think we should keep an eye on Itachi" said Kisame; the other two just looked at him. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "Demon brat" "You Hokage Ha" "You'll only bring us down" "How is a loser like you ganna protect people if you can't eve do a simple bunshin" "Dobe" "Protect people, all your ever going to do I hurt people" "A hero.

. You. . A true hero is what we had before you came along demon" "Dieing would be the best thing you can do for everyone" "How can you protect a village if you can't even protect two kids" "If it wasn't for you, Akatsuki wouldn't have captured those girls" Naruto stood in darkness looking straight ahead to the only source of light, a dark red light, after hearing all those remarks Naruto turned from one direction to another trying to find out where they came from, but there was nothing anywhere.

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"Can they be right" Naruto asked himself. "Doubting yourself. What is it that you're afraid of?" "I'm not afraid" said Naruto. "That is what they all say to hide their fear" "Who are you?" asked Naruto, this voice he hadn't heard it before.

"You don't know that you're afraid because you don't know what it is that you're afraid of" That was the last thing he heard from the voice. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx When Itachi reached the cell he opened it, the seals allowed the door to be opened from the outside, once he place Naruto in the cell he closed it.


Itachi turned and walked away but before he was completely pass the cellblock he stopped; he didn't do anything he just stood there for about thirty seconds. "What is he doing?" Emi asked Saya. "Nothing, he's just standing there" replied Says. Once the thirty seconds were done he continued walking till he was gone. Both girls were kneeling by Naruto with tears rolling down their cheeks waiting for his to wake up, he hadn't moved. "Emi we have to do something, we have to help daddy" said Saya.

"But do you really think we could do something, I mean we know several jutsus, and grandpa taught us Jyuken, but how can we use that go get out, were sealed in" said Emi. "Don't forget the amount of chakra we have plus mommy has been teaching us chakra control too" said Saya. "But daddy already tried and he couldn't do anything" replied Emi. "Come on Emi it won't hurt to try" said Saya. 'She's right I guess it won't hurt to try" thought Emi. Both girls stood up and walked towards the cell door and activated their byakugan.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx While still in limbo Naruto heard two voices yet again but this time they repeated something that he heard before. These words weren't directed at him it was almost like a memory replaying in his mind trying to make him understand something.

"Impressive that you've become able to see me, here inside Naruto. .


. Such would be the power of that accursed Sharingan. .

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. And your forsaken ancestry" "Well, it would appear this isn't the first time you've gazed into eyes such as these; which would make you Kyuubi no doubt" "Eyes with such power and chakra more sinister then my own you're a lot alike to a certain Uchiha Madara" What in the world was the meaning of this memory? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hinata knew that something terrible was going on, but she just didn't want to thing that anything bad would actually happen to Naruto and her little girls.

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Sakura and Ino had already left, Tenten was the only one that stayed behind to help Hinata with the situation. Little Kenshin was asleep in the girls' room while Tenten comforted Hinata in the living room. Tenten was sitting down on the couch while Hinata was lying down on the couch with her head on Tenten's lap. "Hinata everything is going to be ok" said Tenten. Hinata had tears down her eyes; in her state she really couldn't do anything.

A bit earlier Lee had stopped by to tell them the situation and what they had found in the forest. Lee had already checked the village and did not find him, which only meant that Akatsuki did take Naruto and the girls. Lee was on his way to the Hokage tower to meet up with Gai and Kakashi so they could report everything to Tsunade that way they could start a search.

Hinata lay there not saying anything for a while. "I wish I could do something" Hinata finally spoke. "Naruto won't let anything happen to the girls you'll see" Said Tenten. "Naruto is only one, how will he protect the girls against so many" said Hinata. "There is nothing that has ever kept Naruto down and this is not one of them you'll see" replied Tenten. Hinata sat up and hugged Tenten. "Your right.

. Thank you" said Hinata. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Kyuubi manifested in a human form stood in his cell with his back to the deep end; he pondered the situation that Naruto was in. Kyuubi knew that if he didn't do something Naruto would surely die with in the hour. This would be the perfect time for them to complete that deal they talked about but with Naruto on the verge of loosing himself they couldn't do that.

Kyuubi knew that Naruto had taken on another chakra source but he did not know were it was coming from or who? Kyuubi quickly turned around; he could feel the other source of chakra near. He walked slowly towards the darkness he scanned the area but saw nothing, but he knew that something was there.

He didn't have time for this he need to help Naruto. Kyuubi was ganna turn around and walk back till he heard a voice. "What's wrong Kyuubi?" ". . Who are you?" "Who do you think?" "You're the other source aren't you?" "Don't tell me you've forgotten about me" At that moment a pair of dark green eyes appeared on a far corner of the cell and began to walk towards Kyuubi.

He could hear the foot stop get nears, and that's when a very familiar figure came in to view. "Hachibi" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Yes I love it when I end the chapters this way, now your ganna have to wait for the next one. The Next Chapter will probably be the best chapter up to date. So many things will happen in the next chapter, the next chapter might be a long one but that depends on how many reviews I get.

Like always REVIEW, that means everyone. Remember I take criticism, opinions, questions, advice, flames to, and love.