BBW Plays With her Pussy While She Rides Cock

BBW Plays With her Pussy While She Rides Cock
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Laura and I decided to go to the next meeting and greet.


It was a month later. I could hardly wait. I guess this group had them once a month. Laura said she wanted to get fucked and suck a cock at the same time.

I asked her if she wanted one of the guys to be me. She said yes. I asked her " What guy would I be?" She said " I want you to be fucking me." I said So you will be blowing the other guy.

Will you swallow his cum?" She said " Of course, why not." I said " Do you want to be on all fours like we saw in the movie or laying on your back or your side?" She thought for a moment and said " Like in the movie, on all fours." I said "Do you want me to cum in your pussy or would you like me to save it for your mouth?" Laura said " I want you to fuck me hard and cum in my pussy." I told her that it sounded like fun.

There was about the same amount of people there as last time. A few new faces. We ordered our drinks. Darlene and Joe were there. They spotted us and motioned for us to come to their table. There were 4 other people there.

3 women and 1 guy. Introductions were made. The couple were Sandy and Tom. Both overweight, neither very good looking. One girl's name was Robin and the other's was Vicky.

Robin and Vicky were both married. They said that their husbands were not here tonight, but they are usually with them. Robin was slightly overweight with blonde hair to her shoulders. Slightly shorter than me. An average looking face. Vicky did not look like she belonged there. Vicky was probably 5 to inches taller than me.


Red hair to her shoulder blades. She had a very pretty face. She had large breasts on a slender body. She was very pretty. In fact, she was downright stunning. We all talked and eventually Darlene said "You kissed Laura after she gave you a bj." I said "I guess so.

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Why?" Darlene said "Tom won't kiss me after he cums in my mouth." Tom said " No, I won't." Robin said the same thing. Vicky said " Al won't kiss me after I suck him, even if he doesn't cum." Darlene said "Doesn't it bother you?" I said " I guess I never really thought about it." Vicky said "So if I gave you a bj right now, you would kiss me?" I said "Yea." Vicky said "Would you care to prove it?" " I said "Sure." I was thinking that I was going to get a blowjob from the hottest lady in the group.

Vicky said "We could get a room." I asked Laura if it would be ok. I told her she could come with us if she wanted to. She said she would wait for me. She said it would be ok. Robin said she wanted to go along. She said "I have got to see this." I thought, two women. I already had a hard on. We got to the room and Vicky came over to me and gave me a kiss. She reached down and undid my pants. She went down to her knees and pulled my pants down. I took my sneakers off and stepped out of my pants.

My cock was hard and standing straight out. Both her and Robin said it was bigger than their husband's.

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Vicky grabbed my cock and squeezed it. Vicky then licked my cock. Slowly, her mouth engulfed my cock. I reached down to get a feel of her tits. I asked her to remove her shirt. She stood up and took her shirt and bra off.

What a visual treat. She had a fantastic pair of tits! She kissed me again. She went down to her knees and swallowed my cock.

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I watched my cock slide in and out of her mouth. Robin got behind me and grabbed my ass. Two women giving me attention at the same time. I massaged Vicky's tits.

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They were real. Not artificially enhanced. I had all I could do not to cum right then. I thought, I need to slow things down or I am going to cum already.

I said " Hey you two, I have my pants off, time for you to also." Vicky released my cock. She stood up and took her shoes off and pulled her pants and panties off. I just stared at her pussy. A patch of red pubic hair. Pubic hair is such a turn on for me. Meanwhile, Robin was stripping. Robin was shaved clean. Her tits were not very large, but her nipples were hard. I so wanted to put her hard nipple in my mouth and suck it.

Vicky went back on her knees and swallowed my cock. Robin got back behind me. She was pushing my ass forward. Vicky's hands were on the back of my legs and pulling me toward her. Her head was moving faster. All mouth and no hands on my cock. What a sight. I could not hold back any longer.

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I squeezed her tit. I warned her " I am going to cum." I pumped squirt after squirt of hot cum in her mouth.

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I stopped cumming and she stopped sucking. My cock came out of her mouth and she swallowed. She said " That was a big one." She stood up.

Robin swung around and put my cock in her mouth. She milked the last bit of cum from my cock. I thought I may as well give her a good show. I put my hand behind her head and pulled it to me.


I aimed my lips to hers and kissed her. I probed my tongue inside her mouth. Our lips parted. Vicky said " Wow, I don't believe it." I did the same to Robin. We got our clothes on and headed back to the bar. As we walked, Robin asked me if I was going to the next meeting and greet. I told her that I was planning on it. Vicky said " Do you do that a lot?" I said " I never really thought about it. I guess so. I also like eating a pussy that I just fucked." Vicky said " Really." I said "Really, as long as it's my cum.

Why not? I is not going to hurt me. I draw the line on someone else's cum." Vicky said " I don't believe that." I said " Why don't you believe it?" She said "Guys don't like eating cum." I said "I like doing it if it excites the girl. I have been with women who day it is such a turn on." Robin said "Would you care to prove that." I said " I would love to." Robin said "Well, let's go back to the room.

We have it for the night." I told her I had to check on Laura.