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New amateur teen masturbates on webcam
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and fantasy. Any resemblance to real persons, places, or events are coincidental. This story is not intended to be an accurate reflection of any particular lifestyle.

Night 3 I woke up with Slut snuggled up against me. I drifted happily until I realized I smelled coffee. Groaning, I woke Slut by fingering her pussy until she came, screaming and squirming.

"Thank-you, Master. I think that is one of the best wake up calls I have ever received." She crawled from the blankets, her braid coming loose in bedhead, and her leash dragging behind her.

"I will have your coffee ready for you when you come out, Master." When I stepped out of the tent into the bright day, the guys applauded. Slut was kneeling at my chair, coffee in her hand. I sat down and took my cup, sipping it as I stroked her cheek. "What's for breakfast?" They all laughed, Mike looking a bit forlorn as he reported, "Breakfast? Dude, it's almost noon. You to lazy lovebirds slept all morning after keeping us up all night.

They made me cook and clean up because Slut was busy." He didn't look up, and the other two were looking at me so missed the blush on his cheeks and his cock twitching. I chuckled. "Hey, at least they didn't spit you between them on their cocks like they would have her." The blush got deeper, and this time they noticed. I touched Slut's shoulder and nodded to the fire. She smiled and started to get to her feet when we all heard the engine.

We all stopped and looked at each other as the engine sound got louder. Our gazes all landed on Slut, who was looking squarely at me. Steve finally broke our silence.

"Well, this should be interesting." We all laughed and I motioned Slut to carry on. The engine stopped just out of sight and we heard a couple doors open and close, followed by some low voices and the bark of a dog.

I sipped my coffee, watching the road, and chuckled when two sheriff deputies walked into camp, one holding the leash of a good sized sheppard. I waved them in, pointing to a couple of the ice chests. "Come on in Deputies. Have a seat. We have water, beer, and some coffee that's been on the fire since this morning sometime." They stopped, looking around a little surprised, especially the lady officer.

"Um. Hi. Deputies Davis and Simmons. We're responding to reports of a woman screaming?" the male deputy said. His eyes locked on Slut as she bent over the fire as she started lunch. "Is everything okay here?" We all looked at each other again, except for Slut, who was turning a very deep red, and we started laughing. I finally caught my breath. "Yes, Deputy Davis, as far as I know, everything here is great." I introduced myself and the guys, then pointed at Slut.

"Those screams were either a mountain lion that ranged way out of its normal territory, or our little Slut here, Gail Jeffries." The others looked at me in surprise. "What!?! We did do SOMETHING last night besides fuck like teenagers. Damn." Slut blushed again, all of the guys laughed, including Deputy Davis.

Deputy Simmons did not seem to appreciate the humor, and since she had the dog's leash and her hand on her side arm, I thought it might be a good idea to try and diffuse her.

"Slut, I need some fresh coffee, and Deputy Davis might appreciate some. The others need beer. Once you're done with that, take my phone and Deputy Simmons and check in. The Deputy will have some questions for you. Answer her honestly and completely." Slut looked at the other woman, then nodded to me.

"Yes, Master." Everyone thanked her for their drinks, then she motioned Deputy Simmons to follow her in the direction of the stream. Simmons looked at her partner, who nodded, then followed Slut, giving me dirty looks over her shoulder as she went. I smiled until they left the camp, then turned to Davis. "So, I imagine that walking into our little site came as a bit of a shock." Davis sipped his coffee, his eyes taking in nearly every detail of the site.

"A bit. Honestly, I expected to walk into a deer camp or a slaughter house. Seeing four naked men, a woman who looks in perfect condition besides being naked and cuffed, and a spotless camp would not have been my bet. Ever." Mike and Tim looked at each other uncomfortably, and Steve looked serious. "Seen much of that out here?" Davis nodded, looking down for a moment before looking at each of us, his gaze settling on me. "Care to tell me what is really going on here?" I smile, bowing my head a little.

"My pleasure. My friends here and I take a week every year to get away from our real worlds. Tim and Mike are programmers, I'm a contractor that works on their server hardware, and Steve is my accountant.

This year, Slut, or Gail, walked into camp trussed up and naked. She agreed to be our sextoy for the week. She checks in with her friends every day and has a safe word if things go too far. The screaming that was reported was mostly likely her while one of us were balls deep in her." The Deputy looked at me for a good thirty seconds, blinking, processing.

He opened his mouth a few times on false starts before he finally got out, "No shit?" The guys laughed and I nodded.

"That's why I had her go with Simmons before anyone had time to say anything. Simmons will get the same story from her, with more or less detail. Plus, Simmons can talk to Slut's friend on the phone, who will also corroborate. Two things I've learned about the truth over the years- one, it doesn't change, regardless of who tells it; and two, it can be weirder than anything the imagination can come up with." Davis laughed at that, nodding and sipping his coffee.

"And I suppose you're all naked just out of convenience?" Tim spoke up, "Well it sure isn't so I can look at Dave's pudgy ass, or Mike's prissy one." Mike tried to look hurt, but could not keep from giggling.

We all laughed some more, and Davis, seemingly satisfied about our answers, let the conversation drift onto other subjects. We all chatted away companionably for a while before the ladies returned.


They were chatting away, Slut smiling, Deputy Simmons looking a little confused, but considerably less hostile. Slut put my phone back in the truck, checked on and refilled everyone's drinks, poured coffee for Simmons and a bowl of water for the dog, then knelt at my chair and clipped her leash to it.

The last got an odd look from Deputy Davis and a surprised one from Deputy Simmons. I ran my fingers through Slut's hair, which she had taken out of the braid and pulled back into a loose ponytail. "Everything okay, my pet?" Slut nodded, smiling.

"Yes, Master. Deputy Simmons just wanted to know about what was happening, and to ensure I was neither being harmed or held against my will. She still does not understand why I am here, but believes it is my choice. I hope you don't mind, Master, but I suggested that she might stay a night or two and observe, if she wishes." I frowned at her a little before looking at the other men.

"The suggestion was sound, Slut, but it was not your place to make the offer to her. If she does decide to stay, she will get to see you punished. Unless you would prefer your punishment now before they leave." The guys looked down, Davis frowned, and Simmons started to look angry again.

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Slut's chin lowered to her chest. "I am sorry, Master. I should have suggested the idea to you, and let you make the offer. I will accept my punishment now, if it please you, Master." I tilted my head slightly. "It is because you think I will be nicer to you with them here, Slut?" She shook her head a little, "No, Master. It is because I shamed you to them, so I should be shamed in front of them." I smiled and nodded. "Get my belt from my tent, then lay over the ice chest." She unclipped herself and moved quickly to obey, settling herself so her ass was toward me and her face to the Deputies.

Davis piped up, "Um, Mr Wilcox, this really isn't necessary." Simmons was livid. "You can't do that. Andy, stop him. She doesn't deserve this. She did nothing wrong, dammit!" I stood behind slut, belt folded in half and tapping my leg softly. I looked over at Simmons. "Did she or did she not offer for you to join our camp?" Simmons bit her lip a little and nodded.

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"She did, but she, she was trying to help me understand." "I understand that Deputy. And I agree that it was- and still is- a good idea, and you are both welcome to say, though it will mean a supply run is in order.

Where Slut went wrong was to offer to you. She should have suggested it to me or one of the others, so that we could make the offer. It was not her place. She knows that, accepts that she acted wrong, and is willing to accept punishment for her wrong actions." Davis stayed silent, but watched Simmons and I like a tennis match.

Simmons looked at Slut laying over the chest, then at the belt in my hand, then at me. "What if I suggested it?" I smiled. "If you make the suggestion, then she lied to me, and still deserves to be punished. More so, actually, because she already knows not to lie to me, ever." Simmons took a step forward, looking almost frightened. I sighed, a wicked plan forming, and I had to fight not to smile.

"Deputy Simmons. As her Master, I am responsible for her care, and that includes disciplining her when need be. The only thing you can do at this point to keep her from her punishment is to take it in her place.

She has earned twenty swats." Slut whimpered and my friends winced. "However, because I agree that she had a good idea, I am reducing it to ten. If you have a problem with that, you have three choices. One, shoot me. Two, get in your truck and leave so you don't have to watch. Three, take her punishment for her." The camp was silent save for the dog lapping at the water bowl. Slut was shaking her head, everyone else was looking at Simmons, who was looking back and forth between me and Slut.

Seconds ticked. Simmons looked at me when she made her decision, and kept her eyes on my as she unhooked her gun belt, holding it out toward Davis. Davis took it and started to say something, but quieted at a look from his partner. Simmons walked over to stand next to the ice chest. "I will take her punishment, then." I somehow kept a straight face as I nodded and said two words.

"Fine. Strip." "Wait? What!?!" The shock on her face was almost more than I could handle. "Her punishment is ten swats with my belt while laying naked on this ice chest. If you are accepting her punishment for her, then strip. Otherwise." I let my voice trail off, keeping my eyes locked to hers. She looked at me, holding my gaze, trying to stare me down for a full minute before she lowered her eyes and started unbuttoning her shirt.

I smiled and nodded, tapping Slut's ass lightly with the belt. "Get up, pet.

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Get everyone drinks, and get the salve from the first aid kit. I think your saviour will appreciate it, and it will start to pay your debt to her." Slut let out a small sob and moved to the tasks I'd given, never getting off of her knees.

Simmons, for her part, made quick work of her clothing, tossing everything except her boots into my chair. I chuckled at her show of defiance, even if it would eventually put her more at my mercy. Her face kept coloring as a new bit of her flesh was exposed.

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Conversations went on around us, Davis and Steve discussing what was going to happen. I took the time to stand back and appreciate the Deputies body. Her dark blonde hair was cut short, she had on only a light lip gloss. Under the standard cut uniform, she had on a sports bra and grey boyshort panties. As she finished removing all of her clothes, I noticed her skin was an even, dark tone.

She tanned, but there were no tanlines. Interesting. She stood naked in front of me, her hands fidgeting at her hips like she was resisting the urge to cover her thick but well trimmed bush. I stifled a smile and pointed at the ice chest. She moved slowly, trying to mimic the position Slut had taken, her thighs against the long side of the ice chest, tits hanging over the opposite end, hands bracing her on the ground. I used the belt to tap her calves softly and she spread her knees farther apart.

I nodded and moved around to in front of her, going to one knee and leaning close. I spoke softly, "That's good. Here is the deal. I am going to give you ten spankings with this belt.

I want you to call out the count. If it gets to be too much, I want you to say, 'Uncle'. If you say it, we stop. You can get dressed, everything will go on, and you will have served the punishment.

Do you understand?" She nodded, a small sniff coming. I shook my head, "Deputy Simmons. " I looked at Davis, who mouthed her first name, "Dana. I need to hear you say it. I need to know that you really do understand. Otherwise you can get up and Slut will accept her spankings." She whispered, "No. don't. I understand. If I can't handle it, I say, 'Uncle'.

Can I ask a question, first?" She looked up at me, and I could see the tears ready to fall. I couldn't tell she were more afraid or humiliated. I nodded. "How many can Gail take?" I smiled, looking over at the slut. "Slut? How many spankings with a belt have you been given before safe wording?" "Master, I have never used my safe word for a belt.

I've been counted as many as fifty, but that was after having to start over once or twice." I watched Simmons' eye get wide at hearing that before nodding. "I'm ready then. um. Master?" I had to smile. "Just 'Sir' will do. You are neither collared, nor owing to me. She calls me Master because I've claimed her and she has accepted my claim." I stood up and moved behind her, noticing the swelling and sheen between her legs.

I looked around the camp. "Anyone else want to offer themselves? No? Then here we go." I closed my eyes and took a calming breath, centering myself. I took a couple of test swings against my calf to gauge the strength of the swats. I could see Simmons twitch at the sounds. I pulled back and let the first one fly. Firm, but not full power. She was new, scared, and not warmed up, so I took it slow.


When it connected, her head came up and she shook. I could see her bite her lips to keep from crying out. I cleared my throat, loudly. "One, Sir," she said through her teeth. "I will give you that one, because you have not been trained. If I have to remind you again, we start over from one. Am I understood?" She nodded. "Yes, Sir." I looked over at Davis, who was watching, fascinated. The other guys were watching, too, smiles on their faces and stiff cocks letting me know they were enjoying the show.

Slut knelt by my chair, leash clipped, looking down and watching, as a good submissive can only manage to pull off. I returned my attention back to little Dana. I swung again, a little harder this time. Again, her head came up and her body shook. "Two, Sir!" she called out, a little louder than she probably wanted to. "Good girl." I said, letting my pleasure show in my voice. I swung again, a little harder still. "Three, Sir!" Her ass began showing pink stripes where the belt landings overlapped.

Again, a little harder. "Four, S. Sir!" The tears had started, she shifted her hips as the true ache began to sink in. I swung, just a little lighter, as I'd found where I wanted to be. "fff.Five. Sir." she sobbed. I could see her clawing at the ground with her fingers, her toes flexing. A fine sheen of sweat started beading on her skin. Smack. "Siiixxx. Six, Sir," she sobbed. I frowned. The redness was building too quickly across her ass for my comfort.

I lightened the swing again. "AAAAHH. Un. no. Seven, Sir!" I nodded. She was at her limit. She probably wouldn't make the full count now, regardless. I thought about the next swing. Do I let her off easy, or go hard and push her to say Uncle?

I swung again at the same level as before. She screamed, "AAAHHHEEEIIIGGHT. SSIRR!" Her body was shaking, sweating, her face was a wreck of tears and pain. I looked at Slut, and she shook her head. "Dana, are you okay?" I asked. "We can stop, if you want. You have done well, and I will accept the punishment as complete." She lay sobbing, shaking, but shook her head. "No. Finish," she managed. I shrugged. I swung. The sound of leather across abused flesh echoed almost as much as the scream that followed.

"nine, sir," she whispered between sobs. Her ass was a series of angry red lines. I swung a last time. I waited. She cried out, and she sobbed. The color of her butt told me she was already looking at an uncomfortable few days trying to sit. I waited. I counted to ten. "I guess we start over, since you could not keep count." The only sound was her crying. I swung, lowering my strik a little, coming across the top of her thighs.

She screamed out again, "One, Sir!" I smiled, an idea forming of what she was doing. I swung again a little lower still.

The belt dipped a little between her legs, touching her puffy pussy just a little. "owowowowowow. Two Sir!" Swing. "Three, Sir!" We continued. I moved my strikes down her thighs, then back up. Her legs and ass were turning a beautiful series of red shades. She got to nine, and again stopped counting. I just kept swinging, giving her time to catch her breath a little and call out. Without prompting, she started over at one. The third time she failed to count number ten, Davis called out.

"Dana! What the fuck? Say 'ten', already!" Dana shook her head, and whispered, "one, sir." And so it continued. At number fifty, she finally said, "Ten, Sir! Thank-you, Sir!" I nodded and smiled. "Good girl.

You've made me very proud, and impressed the other Misters here today. Slut, tend to her." I went and sat in my chair, not moving her clothes first. I looked over at Davis, who was shaking his head, drinking a beer, and watching Slut and his partner.

"You're wondering why, aren't you, Deputy? Why she wouldn't let me finish?" He nodded. "She wanted to prove she was strong as Slut. That she could handle it. Not to us, or to Slut, or anyone else. She had to prove it to herself." Davis looked at me, then at Dana again. Her sobbing had lessened, but she was still leaning over the ice chest, panting as Slut rubbed the skin lotion over the abused flesh.

Simmons would whimper and flinch as my pet would massage the salve in, but the relief was obvious on her face and the coloring of her ass and legs.

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"She is a beautiful woman in a job normally dominated by men, so he has to be tough to be respected in your eyes. Then she meets Slut, who has submitted herself not only to be naked and used and all the things that are supposed to show a woman as week, but willing to take a punishment for not doing so. Slut showed her a paradox she couldn't understand, strength in surrender. It started out just protecting Slut from the mean man, but when she found out that Slut took fifty spankings, she had to know what that took, and if she was strong enough." Davis' eyes got wider as I went on, looking at Dana in a new way.

Slut looked at me, and Dana just kept her eyes down. "Dana, you are welcome to stay, and I will further give you another choice. If you want, you can stay as an observer from the Sheriff's department to oversee the welfare of Slut. We don't have supplies or bedding enough, so you'll have to either pitch in for our supply run, or go and come back with your share." I smiled. "Or, you can stay under the same conditions as Slut.

Steve will drive you into town. I will pay for the extra food we will need and a dog collar. He will then drive you home, where you will leave everything you have, wear only the dog collar, and Steve will bring you back here. For the rest of your stay, you will be Steve's pet, and subject to whatever he says. Likely it will be similar to Slut, which means you will have more sex by tomorrow morning than the average porn star has in a week. You will have your safe word, and the same conditions of its use.

"Deputy Davis, you are also welcome to stay. Again, either as oversight, or as one of us, and with all the privileges we enjoy over our camp toys.

Again, you'll have to help with the camp supplies. One of you might want to take the dog back to the station, though." Simmons had composed herself enough to stop crying, though she still winced when she moved. "Actually, he's mine. I bring him along on long days because I don't have a sitter, and he tears up the house if I'm gone too long. I'd like him to stay, too, if that's alright." I chuckled, looking at Steve, who was beaming. "You are staying then?" She nodded, and I looked at Andy.

"Are you?" Deputy Andy Davis looked at his partner, maybe for the first time. "Yeah. I think I am. I can run in and pick up all the supplies when I drop off that beast for my truck. I can take all of her things with me, too, so she can start adjusting without me being here." She looked up at him surprised. "I didn't say I was. that I was going to do that." Steve chuckled. "Well? Are you going to be my sex slave or not?" Dana blushed, looking around at all of us.

Finally she lowered her eyes and nodded, "Yes, Sir. I will." Mike clapped, Tim cheered.

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Andy just shook his head and smiled. I got up and handed all of Dana's things to Andy, offering to throw in some money. He shook his head. "Getting to experience this will be well worth the cost of some food, pal. I'll be back soon, with a nice new collar for your new slave." "Make sure it's nylon. Leather wouldn't be good out here, and we don't have a padlock to properly secure a chain." I said.

Steve nodded agreement. "What about cuffs? Your Slut has cuffs." "Mister Andy, Sir? My cuffs and collar were special orders, gifts from my parents." "Your." Andy trailed off. The rest of us just looked shocked. "I'm going to love to hear this one later, Slut." I said. She blushed and nodded. Andy left, still shaking his head.

I waited until the sound of his truck was well away before turning to Steve. "Well, bud? What do you want to do with your new pet?" Steve grinned. "Well, in the proud tradition you started, I think I'm going to test her out. Get a good claim on her first.

And, since she is all positioned, I think I'm going to start now." I laughed and waved Slut over to me. Tim and Mike moved over to get a good view. The big dog lay down behind Slut, sniffing at her. She squirmed a little, but said nothing. Steve went to his knees in front of Dana, his cock already hard and throbbing. He stroked her hair and her throat. She opened her mouth, closing her eyes.

"No, pet. Open your eyes. I want you here, now, not retreating into some part of your mind where none of this matters." She opened her eyes, looking up at him, a little afraid. Slowly, Steve slid is cock between her lips, letting her adjust to it as he pushed deeper, backing out to let her take a breath, then pushing farther. Drool started dripping down her chin, sliding down his balls.

Sooner than I expected, Steve had gotten all of his huge shaft into her throat and had started a slow, rhythmic fucking of her face. Tears started running down her cheeks, but she kept her eyes open, watching him. Her hands had moved from gripping the ground to holding his hips, even trying to pull him into her faster. He wouldn't let her, keeping his pace slow and steady.

She whimpered and he pulled himself out completely, moving behind her. Dana coughed a little, spitting and swallowing, panting. She looked over at Slut and I. We both nodded and smiled, and she smiled back. Steve pushed her knees farther apart, spreading her spittle along the slit of her pussy. He laughed. "She's already wet." Slowly, he pushed his dick into her pussy, keeping a firm grip on her hips. She moaned, her eyes drifting closed before she snapped them open again.

Steve was buried in her with a single push. "Oh, fuck, man. She's tight, but she was ready. I didn't think she was this turned on already." He started fucking her in earnest, grunting.

Her cries were rising, her breathing coming quicker, her eyes fluttered closed, but we were all sure she wasn't mentally running away.

Steve shifted his right hand to her shoulder, pulling her harder onto his impaling shaft. He started panting. "Oh. man. not. going. to. laaAAAAHH!" He rammed forward, pushing her hard enough that the ice chest almost fell over.

Her scream of pleasure matched his, their bodies shaking and shivering at their mutual release. He leaned down over her, kissing her shoulder, his hands wrapping around her chest, caressing. Softly he said, "Mine. Bitch.

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That's your name now. Bitch." She shivered again, nodding, and panted, "Yes, Sir. I am your Bitch." We all applauded, even Slut. She even crawled over and gave Bitch a long, open mouthed kiss- which Bitch returned. She smiled, and whispered, "Welcome, sister." Then Slut screamed. We had all been focusing on Steve, his new Bitch, and Slut. What we missed was Bitch's dog, the big sheppard, had gotten a bit agitated during his owner's claiming.

She was screaming, but not calling for him, so he was confused. He could smell the arousal of two different females. Then one of them presented itself. The smell of sex had him excited, so he went for the offered pussy. My Slut. I've seen the videos of women trying to get their dogs to mount them, missing, dry humping, and being more frustrating than satisfying until they somehow managed to hit the right spot. How they, as a species, manage to survive is a mystery to me. Except for Barker. The Deputy's sheppard had to be the only dog I've seen that hit a cunt square on the first attempt and managed to stay in it.

The fact that it was into Slut was at once disturbing and exciting. I was too shocked at first to react. By the time I could move or call out, Barker was in full rut, Slut was tits down ass up and moaning as she was getting pounded. I went to her side and she looked up at me. The look on her face told me all I needed. My Slut was humiliated, getting fucked by a beast, and loving every second of it.

I touched her face and smiled, going back to my chair and watching. Steve had pulled out of Bitch and moved to his seat, pulling Bitch with him. Bitch was crying, repeating, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Slut turned her head to face me, and I savored the look of ecstasy and abandon on her face. Her eyes went wide, her moaning solidifying to a long, "Ohh mmmyyy ggaawwwwWWWDD!!!" She clawed at the ground, but it was too late.

The dog's knot had expanded enough to lock the dog inside of her abused cunt. Barker had stopped pumping his hips, and Slut whimpered, "it's so hot! fuck, there's alot. oooh fuuuuccck!" Her body shivered and I could tell she was cumming. She lay there for a minute or two, panting, another orgasm rolling over her anytime the dog tried to move.

It took about five minutes for the dog's knot to shrink enough for him to pull his cock out, and it slid out with a gush of his semen spilling onto the ground.

Barker went to lay down, panting, and licking himself contentedly. Slut crawled over to lay her head in my lap, wrapping her arms around my hips. She caressed my cock with her face, whispering, "Thank-you, Master. That was wonderful, Master." I smiled down and her, petting her hair. Bitch was still crying, leaning on Steve's legs, but at least she had stopped apologizing. I looked at Steve and smiled. "Slut, why don't you take your new sister with you to get cleaned up.

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I'm sure she would like to freshen up herself before dinner." Steve nodded and smiled back. Slut looked up, smiled, kissed my cock, and said, "yes, Master." She slowly got to her feet and walked over to Bitch, holding her hand out.

Bitch looked up as Steve, who smiled and nodded. The new girl took Slut's hand, and the two went off to the stream, chatting quietly. The guys all looked at me and shook their heads, smiling.

"Damn, Dave. Are you fucking charmed this week?" I just shrugged, got a beer from the cooler, and sat back drinking it. "Why did you pick Steve anyway?" Mike asked.

"Because he was a cop before he was an accountant. He knows how cops think, so will be best able to anticipate the best way to push her buttons," Tim replied with a chuckled. I toasted him. The girls got back to camp, and Slut went to work making our late lunch. Bitch sat at Steve's feet, seeming content. Andy arrived just before the food was ready. He brought two sets of plates and flatware and food and bowl for Barker. We informed him that Bitch- he laughed at her new name- would not need any, as she would be eating like Slut does, out of a bowl like the bitches they were.

Slut blushed, Bitch blushed and almost cried. We all sat down to eat, and chatted away. The girls ate, though we made sure that Barker was tied well away from them to avoid his getting another round.

Once we'd finished eating, we explained the rules to the newcomers. The girls were available for anyone's use, but a girl's "owner" always had first choice. No skin or bones broken, and if they called their safe word, then the game stopped for them. Andy didn't wait long to toss his clothes in his tent once it was set up.

Steve seemed to take great pleasure in fastening the wide, pink, nylon collar around Bitch's neck, and Andy had brought a small padlock, which the two managed to use to secure the collar on her. Slut sat in my lap while I fingered her pussy. She appeared to have the night off, as all the guys wanted to take turns with Bitch. I think Andy had wanted to use his coworker for some time, because he took every hole with gusto.

I took my turn, as well, but only dumped a single load into her mouth before retiring to my tent with my slut after the sun went down. We lay talking for a long time, listening to the guys wear themselves out, then Steve taking Bitch down to the water to clean up again before they turned in.

We didn't have sex before sleeping that night. I just wrapped my arms around her, she slid my cock into her pussy, and we fell asleep. End of Night 3