La polla de hijo sabe rico

La polla de hijo sabe rico
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Once the orgasm subsided, I regained my composure, straightened up and as I was about to leave the stall I heard my Aunt Leslie calling her husband.

"Are you here baby?" "Yeah, I'm in the stall with Buck!" She approached but I couldn't see them. They were in the stall right around the corner and if I left mine, I would be discovered.

I had to wait it out. "I thought Lily was with you. Didn't you guys go horse back?" "We did, but it didn't go so well. Poor thing fell of Angel and hurt her pussy." "Really, how did that happen?" "The saddle is too big for her. Guess it must have stretched that tender little pussy of hers. You know how it is when you are aroused? I think she kicked Angel instead of squeezing him he said laughing. The little guy started galloping like there was no tomorrow, I had to rescue her" he said chuckling.

"Is she OK?" "Sure.

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I licked her wounds and made her feel all better." "I'm sure you did baby, I'm sure you did." "Did you know she was still a virgin? " "She told you? Yes, Michelle told me and I think Mike has plans for her." "Yeah, he told me" he said chuckling. "You didn't pop her cherry now did you?" "Of course not, I just licked her pussy to make sure there was no injury.

I was tempted to fuck her sweet and juicy pussy with my tong, but I resisted. You know me, I'm not into children and besides, my cocks is way too big for her little slit. My tong would barely fit in there. And there is Eric." "She's 18 Joe, no longer a child, even if she looks like one. And I LOVE your big beautiful beast baby." I couldn't see them but I imagined Aunt Leslie stroking his robust organ as I distinctly heard him moan.

"Talking about Eric said Aunt Leslie; he called earlier to speak with his little princess. If you see her, you give her the message?" I heard kissing and grunting and Aunt Leslie said; "Wanna fuck baby?" "I always want to fuck you, but give me a few minutes, my balls are empty." "Our little virgin is making you horny and licking her got you off?" "Nah, nothing like that!

I had a visit from Father Leon just now, he came to collect my cock" he said laughing with his husky voice. "I just need to recharge the beast. The holy man is obsessed with my cock and begged to make me cum and he licked me dry. You know me, I can't say no to shooting my load.

At least not when my balls are full" he said laughing. "I love to make you cum too baby. Save some juice for me tonight.

I need to feel that big beast in me before the show this week. You are going to be tired for a few days after that" she said giggling like a little girl. They laughed and she left. They had such an open and honest relationship. I was blown away. He told her everything from licking my pussy to making the priest cum.

I was impressed.

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But that also meant that she knew her husband, "my uncle" had put his mouth on my pussy. How could I not be embarrassed? And what was that show they talked about?

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I needed to act as if nothing happened. I waited until Uncle Joe left the stable not to get caught. When it was safe, I ran as fast as I could and took the first entrance to the mansion and went up to the second story where all the bedrooms were. Mine was at the end of the hall. All I wanted was to get there as soon as possible so I could sit and think about what was going on in this place.

As I approached my destination I heard moaning. Oh boy, here we go again I thought and without fail, my pussy felt a jolt. The door was closed so I put an ear to the door. I could hear a buzzing sound with a female moaning and grunting. I noticed a peep hole in the door so I got on my knees and looked through it. Sure enough, Aunt Leslie was lying on her bed, naked, legs wide spread and she was pushing this huge fluorescent green thing in and out of her pussy with one hand while playing with her tits with the other.

The green thing stopped buzzing. I heard Aunt Leslie say "fucking batteries". She pulled the giant green monster from her pussy, got up, and opened a drawer to get some fresh batteries, recharged and the green thingy started buzzing again.

Not only was it buzzing, loud, but it was gyrating like a contortionist. She looked at it, smiled, assumed the legs wide open position and inserted the green monster in her pussy.

It took only a few minutes of self-fucking until her body started jolting and she exclaimed Oh my God, Oh my fucking God, OhOhOhOhOhOhOhOhOh. Her back arched, her legs stretched to their limit she exploded. I could take it anymore. I ran across the hall to my bedroom, jumped in the shower and instinctively took the shower-head and put it on my clit until I climaxed.

Twice! Diner was about to be ready. I could smell roast chicken coming from the downstairs main kitchen. It was wetting my appetite. I changed and was about to go out on the balcony when the phone rang.

I had not noticed there was even a phone in my room. I picked it up. "Hello?" "Miss Lily? Hello, this is Maggie, the cook. There is a phone call for you on line 1." "Thank you Maggie." "Oh and Miss Lily, diner will be ready in 15 minutes." "Thank you Maggie!" I hung up and took line 1.

"Hello?" "Hi princess, it's Daddy. How are you?" "I am doing great Daddy." "I thought for sure you would have called us by now; too busy" he asked? "Are you having a good time?" "I sure am.

Your family is great Daddy. How's Mom?" "She's OK. She says 'hi'." I heard my Mom say ''Hi'' in the background. I answered back. "So? How do like Alabama so far? Anything special happened?" Flashes of my Uncle Joe's mouth on my pussy, of his cock being engulfed in Max's mouth, of him finger fucking his gorgeous wife and docking his dick with a Holy Man all came to mind. Not to mention Cousin Michelle sucking on her brother's beautiful slick dick. If Dad only knew; after all he had sent me here thinking he was protecting me from my perverse grandpa who had been caught beating his meat while watching me explore my own body.

Only Dad did not know about that last part. Only what he saw. "No, not really Daddy. Anything happening back home?" While talking to my Dad, I put the house phone on speaker and went to the bathroom to brush my hair.

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Looking in the full length mirror I noticed I had scratches on the back of my legs. Was it a result of my powerful orgasm on a bale of hay earlier today maybe? I smiled and put on some lip gloss, looked at myself and something had changed. I looked, different. Certainly felt different! I bent over and looked in the mirror to see if there was any cleavage. I don't think what I was seeing qualified as cleavage. I was hoping in time my breasts would get a little bigger.

I lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties and looked at my pussy. A few strawberry blonde pussy hairs where trying to grow, but I thought it looked gross. I made a mental note to find a razor and get rid of them.

I decided not to put back my panties.


I spread my pussy lips and my clit popped out. It was still swollen and it was rubbing against the fabric of my panties and making me horny again.

I took a facecloth, put some cold water on it and pressed it against my inflamed clit. It felt wonderful. I was about to start rubbing myself when my Dad's voice brought me back to reality. "Are you listening Lily?" "Of course Daddy, I put you on speaker phone to brush my hair.

I'm getting ready for diner." "OK well, I'll let you go then. Daddy loves you princess." "I love you too Daddy." I hung up, took a deep breath and decided to postpone my solo performance and went downstairs. My sense of smell had not deceived me. On the table was a huge plate of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and all the trimmings that usually go with it when you are a southerner.

The food was all laid out on the table; all we had to do was dig in. Aunt Leslie and Michelle were sitting next to one another and seemed to be deep into conversation with Michael. My handsome cousin was on the other side of the table and signaled me to come and sit near him by patting the chair next to him.

When they saw me, their conversation stopped and they greeted me. "There you are" said Aunt Leslie. I've been looking all over for you.

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Did you speak with your Dad?." "Yes, I was just on the phone him. He says hi!" "Joe told me you had a little accident while mounting Angel? Are you alright little one?" I'm sure my face turned beet red but I composed myself and answered as if I wasn't aware that she knew her husband had licked my pussy earlier on that day. "I'm fine Aunt Leslie. Thanks for caring." "Joe has ordered a new saddle for you. It should arrive in a couple of days." As she said that, Uncle Joe came in the kitchen, kissed his wife and sat down at the head of the table.

It was clear he was just coming out of the shower and hadn't taken much care in drying himself off. He had jumped into fresh clothes and joined the family for diner. You could see drops of water coming from his full head of hair rolling on this neck and under his white t-shirt. His muscles where rippling through his shirt, and that view distracted me from looking at his cock.

Why was I so drawn to this man? "So little one, are you going to be OK here alone for the next 3 days?" "Alone?" Aunt Leslie answered before I could say more. "We didn't have time to tell her yet baby. She turned to me and said: you see, every year we host this special auction. It's a big event and all proceeds go to a different charity each year. Normally we would ask you to tag along, but you need to be over 21. It will be Michael's first time she said, looking at her gorgeous son affectionately." "That sounds amazing.

Don't worry about me, I'll be just fine. It will give me time to settle in and take a tour of this beautiful place." "Don't spend all this time in your room. You need to explore the mansion. There are so many things to do around here. If you like to read, there is a library. If you prefer movies, we have a small theater.

Did you see the pool on the roof" said Michelle? "There is a pool and a library? I said". "And a theater with a huge selection of videos of all kinds said Michael with a wink. The entertainment wing is on the East. It's just above the veranda where we had brunch yesterday." "That sounds fantastic. And don't worry about me; I can cook my own meals." "Nonsense, Cook will be here said Aunt Leslie.

The farmhands need to eat too. This place pretty much runs itself. If you need anything, just ask Cook. She will get it for you." "Thanks, I appreciate that." Michael hadn't said one word. He kept looking at me with seductive eyes.

He was brushing his legs on mine 'accidentally' causing a surge of electricity down my body. His right arm was still in a cast but he had managed to eat by himself. If I looked down, his left hand would slowly slide on his cocks as to entice me and it worked. I chocked on my last bite and had to look away. He was making me uncomfortably horny. Why was he teasing me like that all the time? Trying to make conversation I asked him: "Where is that auction?" "In a town nearby. Actually, it an undisclosed location.

Only those going know where it is." "I see. An undisclosed location." Obviously, I was getting nowhere. The evening went by rather quickly. Uncle Joe was telling tales of him and Dad when they were growing up in Montgomery. I learned that Dad left home at 18 to study to become a lawyer. Uncle Joe, loved the country, could not stand the city and had moved to a small county and started this place with only a few bucks in his pocket.

Today his farm was one of the biggest in the state. He was a well respected man. Everybody loved Uncle Joe. "Look at the time said Uncle Joe; it's 20 past midnight already. We are leaving at 4 this morning. Better rush to bed kids. We'll see you in a few days Lily." "I'll just stay behind and finish cleaning up.

Have a safe trip everyone." "You don't need to little one said Aunt Leslie." "I know, but I'm glad to help out." I cleared the table, put the dishes in the dishwasher, made sure everything was spotless and went to my room. It was dark in Michael's room, he was probably asleep already.

I felt disappointment. I lay in bed, trying to fall asleep, wondering if Uncle Joe was fucking Aunt Leslie like he had promised her. I imagined her lying at the foot of the bed; legs spread wide and his huge cock sliding in her wet pussy, pushing hard until the tip of his monster hit the roof of her vagina.

When the pain from his thrust would subside, he would slide in and out of her glistening pussy, sometimes in slow motion, sometimes hard and deep.


He would put saliva on his fingers, pinch her clit between his thumb and middle finger until she buckled and would then rub it in round motion while fucking her forcefully. Their moans would be loud and passionate and when they would cum, their bodies trembling from their internal explosion, his semen mixed with her juice would drip from her filled pussy.

He would then get down between her knees and drink every drop of their love juice until she came a second time to the touch of his loving tongue. With a finger on my clit and my hand cupping my hot pussy, I resisted the urge and fell asleep, exhausted.