Mais um video mais melhor meu pau pra voce garotas

Mais um video mais melhor meu pau pra voce garotas
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I'm most certainly a horny, gay man. I've known this ever since I was a kid. When I was, I didn't really know what I wanted, other than wanting to have sex. And actually, I didn't even want that. I always imagined sucking a guy's penis.

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And the first time I did, I came in my pants. When he stuffed his dick in my throat, I felt a little bit of precum splash onto the back of it, and my cock nearly came then! When his hot cum slid down my throat, like I said, I came in my pants. I'm a large cummer, and it gets pretty messy when I do.

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I hadn't worn any underwear, so the cum was just seeping through my jeans. It was almost like I pissed myself, but you could kind of see some white coming through. The guy thought it was so hot that I came like that, that he fucked my mouth a second time. And three more times after that. I had a sore throat for the next week, but I had an erection for the next week, too. I love to masturbate, and that was a week in heaven.


But that's me as a kid. I'm still a large cummer, 10 years later. But now, I know exactly what I want. And I live the exact way I have wanted to live.

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Who am I? I am a slave to a master. A boy to his man, a son to his father.

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And, he is that first guy to put his penis in my mouth. Several years after that first cum, I entered into an agreement, almost a kin to a marriage. I agreed to be his slave. He provides me food and shelter, as well as sexual bliss from time to time, and deep physical pain. I provide him with my love and care, the submission of my body and sexual spirit, and anything else he ever needs. It's a highly unequal relationship.

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I am deeply in love with him. But he is a deeply violent man. He is a highly promiscuous man. When he isn't using me, he's sleeping with someone else. When he's not sleeping with someone else, he's drinking. And when he's done drinking, he's beating me. I don't mind that he is a physical abuser.

Better me than someone who doesn't like it or want it. But he does have his moments that I know no one else sees. There is the occasional night he'll allow me to sleep with him (but typically only after I take an unusually harsh beating), or the rare night he'll allow me to masturbate (only typically when he knows there will be a little bit of blood in my cum - he loves when that happens), or the even more rare night he'll beat me on the back porch (which are the only times I ever leave the apartment).

The last time I was outside was a little over a year ago, when he beat me on the back porch. There was a condition that I wasn't allowed to make a single noise, because he didn't want us to be heard by anyone near by. He was particularly drunk; his breath smelled so much of whiskey, I thought I was drinking it. He was particularly angry; something went wrong at work, he didn't get the promotion he wanted, and he fucked his boss trying to get it.

The whiskey on his breath was particularly pungent, like I said. And unfortunately, it made me dry heave. That noise was breaking his rule. He hadn't even struck me, and I broke the only rule. So, in a calculated move, he threw me through the glass door, breaking it. He punched me several times in the face, and I couldn't see straight for a week after that. But, after the punches and being thrown through the glass door, I fell unconscious.

I woke up, several hours later. I was blinded, and my ears and mouth covered. I was dazed from what I figure was a concussion, and I quickly realized I was feeling an extreme pain in my penis. It was so painful, I didn't even realize it at first.

I tried to scream in pain, but with my mouth covered, and stuffed, I couldn't make a real sound. He had rather beaten my penis. And he also put salt on the wounds, to enhance the pain.


But he was also sending a current of electricity through my penis and scrotum. Some how, the electric current made it seem such that my penis was cumming.


I felt my penis twitching like that, and every time it did, it was very painful. I stayed in that position for quite a long time, though I never found out how long it went. At some point in the middle of it, I felt him paddling my scrotum.

It was almost like my testicles were his golf balls. Eventually that stopped. And at some point, he released me from my bondage.

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He hasn't let me go outside since though, and he slept with even more people after that. He did kiss me, though. And for that, I still love him, because despite the horrible beating to my scrotum and penis, I still got my dick a little hard.though it was rather painful.

When I look at my penis right now, I see the scars left behind. It's not very attractive, but I know he likes the work he did to it. I like to think that the scars spell his name, because, after all, I am his property, and what isn't more important than a man's penis? He still beats me like he has.

Though he does have more people over, and shoves me into his closet more often. But that doesn't matter. Because I love him. He gives me the life that I have, the life that I want. I don't mind any more, because that's what makes me happy. My penis was scarred; he put his name on it, and I will always be his.