Spicy doll gets sperm shot on her face eating all the jizz

Spicy doll gets sperm shot on her face eating all the jizz
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[b]Misty Goes Gang By Will Buster Okay, so I'm a cock craving slut. I admit it. For the last two years I've been fucking Dan morning noon and night, at least on weekends.

Week days it's just mornings and evenings. I don't know why, but I just can't seem to be able to get enough cock. Fortunately for me, Danny really is a hot hunk with his solid thick nine inches and his muscle bound frame. I met him when he was doing some life guarding and the rest, they say is history.

As time went on, I let him know that I needed more than one cock at the same time. I don't know why, I'm just built that way.

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It feels so good to have my pussy filled with his dick while another hard piece of man meat is slicing into my little ass hole. Either that or I make sure I use my vibrating dildo when I'm alone with Danny boy. Danny has been a sweet heart about the whole thing to. He's not jealous or anything. He doesn't mind sharing my body with his friends for these salacious get togethers.

My blonde hunk Danny knows what my young, vivacious body needs and craves. Besides I give him even more pleasure between gang bangs because those hot studs keep showing me new and very exciting tricks. I just love that full feeling when my two itchy little holes are stuffed full of thrusting man meat. It feels so great that I just cum and cum and cum all over those probing, slamming dicks!

So here I am once again, spread open like an April lily. I've finally got my wish, actually my three wishes. Danny invited two of his friends to join with me this entire weekend and I'm having a fucking ball! I have nothing on except my ear rings and some foxy fish nets. I keep my slutty groin perfectly shaved for all cummers!

(Pun intended) Danny's got his long tool stuck deep down my gurgling throat. I just love the way his blonde hair swirls around his face like some devilish halo. His wild blue eyes are boring into my gaze as he fucks way down into my mouth making me gag and choke with his urgent strokes. My sweet Danny enjoys deep throat and I love to supply him with that exotic, sexual technique.

I crave the taste and texture of his warm, firm flesh as it fills my hungry, naughty mouth. I play the uninhibited fuck girl and I need him to squirt his rich cum straight into my gullet and then I can guzzle it into my belly.

If Danny is a whore master, then I'm his willing and subservient whore! Dan won't slow down.

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My hot fuck boy keeps thrusting that warm cock deep into my gagging throat. His vigorous, thrusting manhood occasionally makes me choke a little but I'm grinning up at him as I suck his glorious rod.

But I digress&hellip. At the moment, while Danny is sliding his prick down my eager gullet, Roger is urgently shoving his huge, black dick all the way through my pussy hole! That powerful cock tip of his, just surges right into my wanton womb.

I just love how full I feel with all that dark meat stuffed deep inside me. I scream for him to fuck me harder and harder when Danny lets me catch my breath. I love how Roger needs my wet, tight pussy. God how that stud is stretching me open!

My muffled cries mix with the sounds of my gurgling gagging sucks as he pounds me towards yet another wild climax. Roger sits across my hips and slams straight down into my writhing cunt. I shudder with one orgasm after another as fire shoots from my cunt to my throat and back again.

Roger is clutching my pair of 34 c tits, holding them for much greater purchase so he can bang my little fire box even deeper and faster.

Oh God how I love the way that big buck is banging the living daylights out of me! My body is being used and to add icing to the carnal cake, Frank is lodged deep in my aching anus as I rim him to glory! Frank is a friend of Dan's from work and he's the tall, dark and handsome type with impertinent gray eyes and a Catfish Hunter style mustache. As Frank fucks deep into my tight rectum, Roger moves out of my pussy some and the two studs work me with an exciting alternating rhythm that just drives me wild.

First, Frank goes in and Roger retreats. Then Roger pounds into me while Frank regroups. They enter and re-enter my fuck holes, heedless of my feelings. They take pleasure from my little teen body like pirates pillaging a precious treasure.

They won't stop or slow down. They will have every inch of me and I love it, every ball busting second of it!


My screams are muffled by Danny's thick cock. Stars are swimming before my enticing green eyes and my red hair is mussed and lies all over the pillow that is supporting my head. The three jocks man handle me because I'm petite and delicate. I hear them grunting and moaning with extreme joy as they keep pounding their fuck meat deep and hard into my pliant, acquiescent body. Roger is a freshman football jock at the local college.

Not only does he have a nice, thick cock but he's so strong. His powerful hands grip me and hold me in place while he takes me without restraint.

He knows I love it, they all do. Roger has such big muscles to. Sometimes when the others need to rest a bit, he can stand straight up and hold me to his waste and fuck me while I wrap my arms around his neck.

His thrusts are so powerful that even Danny can't match the sheer energy that my big black hunk can supply. Frank on the other hand, is more like the dark and silent type. His cock is not as thick as Roger's but he sure knows what to do with it. He is superb at anal. He just greases that shaft up, pries me open and fucks my tiny ass hole as if it were another cunt. Frank is a very bad boy because he just loves to cram my rectum and fill it full of his man juice. Of course he likes fucking my cunt to, but he enjoys it much more after Roger has made it oozy and squishy with his cum first.

Frank has often told me that he likes to fuck sloppy cunt, so I am more than willing to make sure that I give him what he needs. Again and again, as the week end proceeds, almost continuous male climax explode deep in my cunt and sore rectum. I've lost count of them. I just go with the flow and submit my holes and mouth to their complete use. I've told them they can use me all week end and they take me up on my offer. My pussy is already sloppy from several jolts of cream that the boys have injected into it.

The same can be said for my poor little ass hole to. Cum is oozing out of both my holes and I've already swallowed probably a quart of cum down my eager gullet. I need their insatiable, collective lust.


My young, 19 year old body craves it. Dan cries out and I taste his salty and warm juices flow down my esophagus.

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He throws his head back and calls me a cock sucking whore and a foxy pig. I don't care what they call me as long as I can ingest cum or have it rocketed deep into both of my dirty little orifices. My sudden abdominal shuddering coupled with my choking sounds trigger Roger and my cunt is suddenly re-filled with a river of his lust.

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It pours into my itching womb as if it were jetted into me with a power hose. Frank soon follows with his own spermy contributions to my already clogged anus and then we rest awhile for the next sensual festival. It's a good thing I take the pill or else I would have had three kids by now and they all would have been different colors! You see I've been fucking boys since I turned fifteen. Before I graduated, I'd done half the Bradford High football team.


I'm just a sucker for those big jocks. I love their strength and impetuous love making. I've been taken in back seats, on the sides of cars, on a bed of pine needles and anyplace else that you can think of. But so much for past achievements…… ****** This time I'm going down on Roger's big, slick dark brown dick. God he tastes so good and I know he's going to fill my throat with his cream soon.

I keep bobbing up and down, tickling his balls, fingering his anus and deliberately making slurping, choking, salivating sounds that always turns on my lovers. Sometimes my head is forced down from the powerful impacts of Danny and Frank. But mostly it's from Roger, holding my head and forcing me to suck down to his hairy root. I can tell that he just loves having his big prick thoroughly sucked by me. I'm straddling Frank with the reverse cowgirl position while Danny easily probes my tender anus from above with his merciless cock!

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Frank and Danny fuck me like I'm some masturbatory meat that is their strictly for their pleasure. In and out, their thrusting dicks alternately send electrifying jolts up my carnal passages. I can feel their massive, bulging, cock heads as they force their way deep into my convulsing body. Sometimes I release Roger's dick with a popping noise and scream out, "fuck me! You God damned horny studs! Fucking slam me! Stretch me open!" Then Roger grabs my sweat damp hair and forces my gagging throat all the way down his staff and I devour him.


My finger creeps further into his clamping anus and finally Roger screams as he jets his seed past my tonsils and right into my belly. I love how rich and creamy his sperm tastes. I just love it.

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As more and more of his spunk is shot into my greedily gulping throat he calls me a fucking cum swallowing tramp, a pig, a God damned fucking anal whore and all the rest. I know he loves to fuck every part of me like the other boys do. I love being their hot little toy.

Danny is the next to go because my anus is so tight and I grip his cock real hard, giving a high quality rim job that quickly drains his nuts.

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He screams, "Misty you fucking slut! Yes!" He grabs my hair and forces me to yelp as he shoots every drop of his ball juice into my fucking guts. The sex sounds and my convulsions soon take their toll on Frank and he empties his load into my vibrating pussy hole until at last he lies there limp and satisfied. It's time for lunch anyway and it will give all of us a chance to recoup in preparation for the afternoon festival.

Then they can fuck and totally fill me all over and over again. I just love hot week ends! So if you want to visit me and join in sometimes, just contact Danny at apartment 609 in the Slater building, downtown Boston and I'll give you a post graduate education in every kind of squirming, writhing lust.

Danny will want to be a part of it of course, so don't be bashful. Around here we're one big happy family and you can do anything you want to me as long as it feels good. Hmmmmmm! This thirsty girl just Loves swallowing cum! So stop on by and we can fuck!