Suney keen xxx full storys sexy

Suney keen xxx full storys sexy
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Can you imagine coming home one afternoon and thinking the house is empty. You are feeling even more horny than usual so you lie down on your bed, close your eyes and slide your hand into you panties to start rubbing your cunt.

You settle into your favourite fantasy and start imagining that it's your father's fingers between your legs. You'd love to feel his thick fingers sliding between your cunt lips and into your hole. Your fingers are rubbing faster, but you can feel that I'd not enough. You can imagine the feel of his fingers, but you want to be able to smell his body, hoping he has left a dirty shirt lying around you get up and walk to your parents bed room, you know you always cum harder if you are wearing one of your Daddy's shirts.

Just as you reach his bedroom door you're startled to hear a noise coming from inside the room. You had thought the house was empty, but your mum or dad must have come home early.

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The noise sounds weird, like quiet gasping. Who ever is in there didn't shut the door properly, squinting through the crack between the door and the door frame you can just see your daddy lying on the bed. He's gasping because he's wanking himself.

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You watch him sliding his hand up and down his cock. You cant tear your eyes away from it. It's longer and much thicker than any of your boyfriends have had. Your hand is back between your legs rubbing your clit at the thought of feeling his cock stretch your cunt.


Mesmerised by him wanking it takes a few moments for you to notice his other hand is holding some panties. you know they are yours because you'd been wearing them yesterday, he's holding them to his face while he's wanking himself off. The realisation that your daddy must be imagining fucking you almost makes you cum right there.

Now you really have to get his cock in your cunt. An idea comes to you. You sneak out of the house, then come back in, banging the door, calling out "hello" to make sure he can hear you. You smile when you hear him moving about upstairs. You hope you interrupted him before he had time to cum, thinking he'll have a bigger load for your cunt. You rush up stairs, calling out, asking who's home and manage to see him darting into the toilet, trying to hide a bulge in his trousers.

"I'm just going to the garden to sunbathe" you tell him. In your bedroom it takes all your self control to keep your fingers out of your cunt, but instead you put on the smallest bikini you have. It was small last year, but now your tits are growing the top hardly covers your nipples.

The bottoms are just a triangle of cloth and string. You tie the bottoms as tight as you can, pulling them tight against your cunt so they clearly show your lips. You hear your dad coming out of the toilet and bump into him in the hallway.

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"Look Daddy, last year's bikini still fits." you say "What do you think?" you ask and pull the bottoms up tighter against your cunt. You smile sweetly at him and give him a twirl, letting him see your nearly naked body.

"I'll just be outside" you tell him, then turn and head down stairs and out into the garden. Your parents can see about half the garden from their bedroom window, normally you try and find a spot that has the sun and is out of view, but this time you lie down right in the middle.

You lie on your front, facing away from the house and pretend to be enjoying the sun, although with your legs slightly open you hope that your dad is staring at your ass. Lying there you are imagining your dad staring out of the window, imagining that he is wanking himself looking at you. You can feel your cunt getting wetter and wetter.

"Dad" you shout. "Bring the sun screen.

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Dad!" "Dad" you shout, "I need it" It seems to be taking him ages to come down stairs, must be trying to get is hard cock to relax. You hear him coming towards you, and reach to untie your bikini top. "Do my back Dad" you tell him.

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The first touch of his hands gliding over your back almost makes you groan out loud. He rubs the sunscreen over your back for just a moment then stops. "That's not enough Dad" you tell him. "Do me properly" "You have to kneel down next to me, I want it all over" He keels down and starts rubbing the cream over your back "And my legs" you tell him. The touch of his hands on the back of your thighs is almost enough to make you cum. He must be able to smell your cunt by now it's so wet.

When he rubs the tops of your legs you open them more, imagining his hands going up further to your cunt. It's now or never you decide, with his hands on the backs of your thighs, you reach round to grab his wrist, and pull his fingers between your legs to rub against your cunt. "No!" he stammers, and tries to pull his hand away. You hold his wrist firmly, pressing his fingers harder against your cunt. "I saw you wanking with my panties earlier" you tell him.

"I've been wet ever since." You push his hand down, forcing his fingers inside your bikini bottoms and between your swollen cunt lips" "I hope I stopped you before you managed to cum" you tell him.

"Now I think we better go inside and you can tell me what you were thinking about" With that you stand up and walk towards the house, your biki top falls to the floor and you waggle your hips shaking your ass as your father follows. As soon as you are through the doorway, you stop and bend forward, pulling your bikini bottoms down, showing your father your ass, your cunt lips just visible between your legs. You step out of your bikin bottoms, pick them up and turn around.

You can see your little show has had the desired effect, there's a huge bulge in your fathers trousers. "Oh daddy is that for me?" you ask, kneeling down and un zipping him.


His cock springs out slapping your face. Your fingers can hardly close around his thick shaft, you open your mouth and can hardly get the head between your lips.

You moan with pleasure as the scent of his cock fills your nostrils and your tounge gets its first taste of him. You open your mouth as wide as you can, trying to suck more of his dick into your mouth.

Your hand strokes his shaft, its so much thicker and longer than any of your boyfriends, you know you cant wait to feel it stretching your cunt. You are torn between sucking the cock in your mouth and getting the first taste of daddy's spunk and the raging desire of your cunt to feel him filling you. Before you can make up your mind it seems that daddy has decided for you, you feel his body shiver, hear him gasp and feel his cock swell then pulse in your mouth.

A shot of spunk hits the back of your throat, then another then another, your mouth is full of cock and spunk, so much more spunk than any boyfriend has given you. You try to swallow it all but there is so much it is oozing out of your mouth and dripping down your chin. You desperately try to suck more spunk from your fathers cock, but feel him start to soften and shrink.

He shudders and pulls out of your mouth, than gazes down at you. You stare up at him, cum dripping down your chin then smile "Thank you daddy, that's lovely, but you are still going to fuck me" "That was wonderful baby, i've dreamed of this for so long.

I was so jealous every time you went out with a boy, and every time I found your stained panties I wished it was my cum dripping out of your cunt, but I'm a bit old, I dont know if I can get hard again for a while" "Dont worry daddy, let's go to bed and see what happens.

As for my panties, it was mostly just me I've only fucked a couple of times, but I always got so wet thinking of feeling your cock inside me. I'd always have to make myself cum as soon as I got in from school every day." Upstairs in your fathers bedroom, he lies down on the bed, you kneel between his legs and start to lick his cock. Even soft it seems bigger than any boy's cock you've sucked. His pubic hair stiff and wiry is so tactile when you run your fingers through it, his balls big and heavy the reason he filled your mouth with spunk.

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"Come here baby, kneel over my face. I used to lick your cunt as a baby, it always made you smile, but I've not been able to for so long, I've not even seen you cunt for years. Let me lick you, let me taste you". As soon as you straddle your fathers face you love the feeling of his hot breath on your cunt.

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His tongue feels so stiff and rough probing your cunt lips. If you were wet before, you are dripping now, his face must already be soaked. He must be enjoying licking your cunt as much as you are because his cock starts to stiffen. It's not long before it is filling your whole mouth. This time you are determined to have it in your cunt, but. his tongue is so good at working on your cunt. Daddy's cock was all soft when you started sucking and you could get it all in your mouth, but now it is getting hard and swollen, its filling your mouth and pressing down your throat.

H'es still not rock hard, but you can feel that your cunt is so wet he must be able to slide in. With a huge effort of will you pull yourself away from his tongue and turn around.

You love the feeling of lying on him, he feels so big and strong beneath you, your tits squashed against his chest, your legs open wide straddling him, his cock trapped between you gently pulsing, growing, stiffening. You love the heat of his cock against you, slide down his body, catching it between your cunt lips, the head rubs against your clit making you groan in anticipation.

Just lift enough to reach and grab it and guide the head of your fathers cock into your cunt. You pause for the slightest moment savouring the feeling, the anticipation of what you are about to do, loving the thought of fucking your daddy.

The head of your fathers dick feels huge poking into your cunt. You ache to drop down onto it taking it into your cunt in one go, but you also want to savour the sensation of him sliding into you. You have to go slowly because he feels so thick, stretching your cunt more than any boyfriends cock has, but you can feel your fathers body trembling beneath yours you can feel his desired to fill your cunt with his cock.

After what seems like an age you've finally lowered yourself onto him, his cock deep in your cunt, stretching and filling your cunt more than any cock before. Your father grabs your hips, rocking your body back and forwards, his cock sliding in and out of your cunt, your clit rubbing against his stomach when you move. "Oh daddy" you moan, "You are such a good fuck". Daddy smiles up at you, enjoying your cunt as much as you are enjoying his cock. "Cum in me daddy, fill my cunt with your spunk daddy" He grips your hips harder, his body beneath yours bucks higher, his cock slides in and you of your cunt faster and faster.

You wish he could fuck you for ever, but you want to feel his cock spunking into your cunt even more. The thought of daddy's cum filling you is making you more and more turned on. Your clit tingles when it rubs against his body, until you can feel you are going to orgasm. Your cunt squeezes his cock making him gasp with pleasure. He fucks you harder, faster brining you both closer to cumming. Until with a massive thrust of his cock, he pulls you down hard and shoots his cum into your cunt.

the feeling of his cock pulsing inside you is enough to bring on your own orgasm. You both grunt, moan and groan together shivering and trembling with pleasure. Lying there, your fathers cum and cock still filling your cunt, you hear some one on the other side of the door. They must have come into the house while you were busy fucking.

They must have seen everything.


You're trying to think who it could be. Your brother? Neighbour? Best friend? Who is there? Who has just watched you fuck your father. ???? In a panic you try to climb off your fathers cock, but it's too late, the door opens and you see your brother standing in the doorway, naked, stroking his hard-on.

You're sitting on the edge of the bed, naked, your brother can see your fathers spunk dripping out of your cunt. You've caught him spying on you before and he's always looked at you as if he wanted to fuck you. Now it doesn't look like you'll have any choice. Your brother walks towards you, his cock swaying in front of him. He stops just in front of you, reaches between your legs, scoops your fathers spunk out of your cunt with his fingers and wipes it over is cock, then pushes his cock into your mouth.

His dick is no where near as thick as your fathers, but you love licking your fathers spunk of your brother's cock. He reaches to your cunt again, pushing his fingers inside you to cover them with your fathers spunk. Your brother pulls his cock out of your mouth and wipes your fathers spunk on his cock again. Instead of pushing his cock back into your mouth your brother pushes you back onto the bed, you lying on your back, your legs draped over the edge of the bed. He lifts your legs in the air, hooking them over his shoulders and pushes his cock into your ass hole.

Covered in your fathers spunk, his cock slides into your ass easily, the pressure of his cock in your ass forcing your fathers spunk to ooze out of your cunt. Your brother starts fucking your ass hole, gently at at first, but then deeper. sliding his cock all the way into your ass, it's lubricated by your fathers spunk running out of your cunt. Your brother starts to fuck you harder, faster and your father reaches over to play with your clit, his fingers running circles around your clit, then pushing into your cunt.

Your brother is fucking you faster, harder and deeper. His cock ramming in and out of your ass hole. You can feel he's not going to last long, he was probably wanking himself off all the time he was watching your father fuck you. Your fathers fingers are working you clit, getting you closer and closer to cumming. You can feel your brother fucking your ass more and more desperately, your fathers fingers are rubbing your clit then pushing into your cunt over and over again.

More and more the sensation is building inside you, getting closer and closer to your orgasm. The moment you start to cum your father pushes his fingers deep into your cunt, your brother rams into your ass.

Your ass squeezes his cock hard making him gasp and cum inside your ass.