Trai đẹp sục cu khủng

Trai đẹp sục cu khủng
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She had a small travel bag for the weekend, but that was mostly for show. For clothing all she had, all she needed was what she wore there.


She wouldn't be wearing them long enough to get dirty, so she could wear them to leave as well. As for during the weekend, she wan't sure yet, but it didn't look like she would need clothes. He didn't live far and the bus brought her almost directly in front of his house, so it wasn't a big deal to jump the bus on Friday and evening and again on Monday morning or Sunday night.

The big deal was that she was going to do something she had only dreamed about.

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Online she had met a man, he was called The_Gentleman_Master. The name had intrigued her and she had started up a conversation.

At first she thought him a bit odd. He had the older generations grasp of manners calling her dear and offering sound advice. Not to mention he turned her on. He had sent her a pic and though he was considerably older than she, she had been aroused.

She in return sent him a pic and he had made her feel beautiful. They talked all the time, and no matter what subject they spoke of only one dominated the conversation.

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Sex. Not even just sex but sex that he artfully spinned until she was creaming at the thought of being spanked, or tied up.

At first she was frightened of her reactions.


Ashamed, but The_Gentleman_Master knew this, and talked to her until she felt much more comfortable. Then one day he had dropped the bombshell. He had asked her if she would like to go through training and truly be his. She had demured and he agreed with her that she wouldn't make a good slave. new_slave_waiting: Why not? The_Gentleman_Master: don't take offence, your just not the right type The_Gentleman_Master: Online is different than IRL.

It was those simple lines that had dared her enough to change her mind and accept his offer. She had almost back out but she was here now. Her outfit didn't reflect her mission. She was wearing a pair of comfortable jeans and a Bon Jovi t-shirt. The only hint at where she was going and what she was going to do was the fact that she wore no bra. Her breasts pushed against the material making her nipples plainly visible. When she got to the house she knocked timitdly, her head screaming "not to late, not to late" and her pussy screaming "yes yes yes".

The man who opened the door was most definatly The_Gentleman_Master. He matched the pictures, but he was larger and taller than she had thought. His size was intimidating. As soon as he saw who it was a large smile covered his face and he invited her in.

The house was lovely, but she really didn't notice that. He invited her to follow him to the living room and offered her a glass of wine. They sat in large, overstuffed chairs and chatted. His gaze never left hers, and though thier conversation had nothing to do with sex her pussy was growing wet. "Are you wet already?" The_Gentleman_Master asked her and she stared at him helplessly.

On a computer it was easy to tell him. All she wrote was Yes Master, I am very wet for your hard cock, mouth, and fingers. But now, the word yes wouldn't even come from her frozen throat. He smiled at her, almost like he knew what was going on. And perhaps he did by the paniced look on her face. Either way he offered her his hand and told her to stand. She stood and he asked her to please remover her top.

She almost laughed aloud. He was asking her? Yeah right. She was tempted to say no, but fearful of the reation she would recieve. Online they had always included pain. Mostly spanking, but this scared the shit out of her now. She knew it was one thing to think of being spanked and another to be spanked. She didn't know is she could do it without crying. She also didn't know how he would react. She pulled her shirt over her head releasing ehr breasts. They swung lightly as she brought her arms down, but he caught her.

Holding her ams up at the side of her head. He staed at her breasts beofre ducking his head and sucking the nipple on one of her breasts. She moaned without thought and moved forward a little so he could suck on it harder. He bit down on her nipple and her back arched into him.

He gave a satisfied grunt and pulled her closer to him biting into the nipple until she cried out. Then he switched to the other nipple. She was moving her whole body against him now. She pressed her pussy against his pants. He pulled her jeans down to her ankles and bent her over the sofa.

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He smacked her ass, once. twice. then entered her pussy before she had time to worry. His cock was large and it filled her completly.

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She was trembling and almost screaming in pleasure now. "Harder" She cried out and he did. Thrusting inside of her until she cam on his cock. Then he came deep inside of her.

He showed her the bathroom and where to put her clothing. For the rest of the weekend she would remain naked. She would learn how to please him, then next weekend she would do so without step-by-step instructions. This weekend was starting off great!